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014 1864 - 2


Prahran Market is Melbourne’s oldest market dating back to 1864. This month 3004 News takes a step back in time as Prahran Market gets ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The market is steeped in history which will be on show to the community in a photographic exhibition and commemorative book. Everyone is invited to join in the market celebrations later in the year.


Publisher’s note

Publisher Susan Riley melbmedia@optusnet.com.au M 0412 045 993 Editor Chelsea Arnold editor@magmedia.com.au Advertising enquiries Susan Riley melbmedia@optusnet.com.au M 0412 045 993 Paul Andrew lorcymedia@bigpond.com P 03 9370 0040 Feature writers Tom Elliott, Ozker O’Connell, Senior Sergeant Steve Bills, William So, Dr John, Anita Roper, Chris Koehn, Ray Sweeney Photography Kon Iatrou Ikon Images Ph: 1300 794 194 www.ikonimages.com.au Design Smith & Rowe studio@smithandrowe.com.au P 9525 3933 Printing Almar Press, Brunswick Phone 9380 4228 This magazine has a distribution of 10,000 - connecting residences and businesses in the St Kilda Rd Precinct. 3004 News is published by: Melbourne Media Pty Ltd The Foundry Suite 305 / 399 Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 PO Box 107, Collins St West, Melbourne VIC 8007

In this issue of 3004 News, our editor Chelsea Arnold brings you special coverage of the candidates vying for you vote in the 29 November State Election. Meet the candidates and read about their priorities for the Prahran and Albert Park electorates.

Also in this issue we introduce a new columnist, Ozker O’Connell, managing director of Oz Concierge. In each issue, Oz will lift the lid on some of St Kilda Road’s best sights, sounds and secrets in his column, Concierge Communique. As always I appreciate your feedback and welcome your stories that we can share with our 3004 News readers.

Be sure to make the most of the fine weather and even finer events to be had along our boulevard this Spring.

Susan Riley Publisher 3004 News

No part of this publication may be recorded, stored in a retrieval system, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of The Publisher. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information in this publication, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this publication. The opinions in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of The Editor or The Publisher. ©Melbourne Media Pty Ltd.


Prahran Market celebrates 150 years



Melbourne United’s Lucas Walker



Your guide to what’s on



State Election 2014


Club 3004



NGV puts best fashion foot forward



We invite our readers to submit ideas, stories, happenings and other material relevant to the St Kilda Road precinct. Email us at: chelsea@magmedia.com.au or retro mail to: PO Box 107, Collins St West, Melbourne 8007 S P R I N G 2 0 14 55


150 Y


014 1864 - 2


Your guide to Election 2014 Bid to break cycle of bike accidents

your guide to the st kilda road precinct

Cover image: Prahran Market celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Photo: Prahran Market

Cover image: Image courtesy ??

For advertising enquiries contact Susan Riley: 0412 045 993 or Paul Andrew: 9370 0040 ISSUE 55



Plan to break cycle of collisions

St Kilda Road is the state’s most dangerous road for cyclists. There were 117 reported bike collisions along St Kilda Road from 2008 to 2012. More cyclists are injured by car doorings – where drivers or passengers open vehicle doors in the path of cyclists - on St Kilda Road than any other road in the state. In a bid to combat the problem, Port Phillip Council is calling for funding for separate bike lanes to prevent bike riders from being injured. Of all collisions on St Kilda Road, doorings account for 39 per cent. These figures do not include near misses or minor accidents which are not reported. Port Phillip Mayor Amanda

Stevens said the council was seeking State Government funding to provide greater safety and comfort for bike riders, who make 1.2 million bike trips annually along the busy thoroughfare. “Council believes the best solution is to introduce Copenhagen-style bicycle lanes to move bike riders out of the dooring zone. Addressing this safety issue is critical as increasing numbers of bike riders are using this key transport corridor.” The plan involves installing two metre-wide bike lanes on the outer service lanes along St Kilda Road from Linlithgow Avenue, Southbank, to Carlisle Street, St

Kilda. A metre-wide raised island would separate bike riders from parked and moving car traffic. Under the proposal, car parking would be retained in the service lanes during the offpeak, with two through lanes of traffic flow in peak hours. No change is required to infrastructure along the central St Kilda Road lanes and no net reduction in peak hour vehicle capacity along St Kilda Road is expected after the implementation of separated bike lanes.

Group – Inner Melbourne for supporting the council’s proposal. “This is a transport priority for us. We are eager to make a start to reduce injuries and encourage more bike riders to reduce traffic and tram congestion along transport corridor,” she said. The total construction cost is $12 million. Ongoing maintenance costs are expected to be around $40,000 per annum to cover the repair and replacement of new signage, clearing of hazards and cleaning.

Cr Stevens thanked the RACV, Bicycle Network, Amy Gillett Foundation and Road Safety Action

Keeping St Kilda Road safe By Senior Sergeant Steve Bills Isn’t it great to see the sun finally starting to show as we move into spring.

The 3004 area has to be one of the most beautiful areas in spring particularly along the St Kilda Road Boulevard. Of course with the nice weather comes more people jumping on their bikes and riding to work and two things arise from a police point of view – bike collisions and bike security. Most bike collisions come from drivers not seeing the cyclist and while it’s easy to blame the driver, there are a few things that cyclists can do to reduce the chances of a collision. One of the easiest is obviously to make yourself seen – bright clothing and displaying a flag on your bike all help drivers to see what’s coming. Perhaps one thing that may not be considered as much is anticipation by the cyclist. While you may well have right of way and not end up being at fault when the collision occurs, the cyclist will always end up being worse off. So as a cyclist you need to anticipate what might happen. When I was taught to



drive, my parents instilled in me that I needed to believe that I was the only one that could drive and everyone else on the road had no idea. Their reasoning was that if I was anticipating that other road users would do the unexpected then I would be prepared for it. It’s no different when you’re on a bike – perhaps it’s even more important. The other major concern is around the use of headphones. If you ride with earphones in listening to music then you are losing your peripheral awareness. You fail to hear what’s going on around you and if that happens then you will be unable to prepare for the unexpected. Bike security is the other major issue for police when the warmer months start. It amazes me the number of expensive bikes that are secured so poorly. Why bother spending all that money on a great bike if you’re not going to spend the money on good security for it? Likewise, unless you are actually storing your bike inside your apartment, you still need to secure it in the carpark or foyer of your building. Developers and building owners will tell you that your building carpark is secure but if you actually look at how slowly

the carpark gate or the foyer sliding doors take to close you will realise just how easy it is for someone to follow in behind a car or a person without anyone really noticing. If your bike is not secured then they can just walk in and ride out. ‘till next time, Steve

Thought for the day…

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

Bertrand Russell







s r a e Y 150

1864 - 2014


RETROSPEC TIVE LOOK AT TH E MARKET A central marke t place in the mu nicipa

Market Celebrates

MILESTONE Melbourne’s oldest market, Prahran Market is gearing up to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

To celebrate the milestone, a 150year coffee table book, an historical photographic exhibition and a threeday birthday bonanza will help mark the market’s longstanding history. Prahran Market’s General Manager Christopher Young said the market has proven to be an important part of the local community throughout history. “The market has such a long and vibrant history within Stonnington. It has touched so

many local residents, traders and businesses,” Mr Young said.

“We are calling on those residents, traders and customers to join us in these festivities and celebrate the huge milestone that 150 years represents.” A photographic competition will launch in October with amateur photographers being invited to take their own creative photos of the market. Photographers have the chance to win a $1000 cash prize. The top 20 photographs selected will be displayed alongside the historic photographic exhibition via social media or on the Prahran

Council in 1864 lity of Prahran was organised by in Greville Street the Prahran where a smaller 1891 that the Pra Prahran Marke hran Market op t began. It wasn’t ened in its curren until t Commercial Ro The market was ad location. extended in 192 3 at a cost of 80, Great Depressio 000 pounds. Ev n of the 1930s had en The little impact on distribution point the market. It bec of groceries, clo ame a thing and boots for the unemplo In the years of Wo yed. rld War II, most of the men in the wives and childr market went to en took on the war and their hard job of buyin g, carting and sel On Boxing Day ling the produce. 1950, the fruit and vegetable sectio Shortly after the n of the market fire the Prahran was gutted by fi City Council beg re. an talks to updat After the fire the e the complex. council erected a temporar y rep until 1972, that lacement struct they appointed ure and it was no Gunn Hyball Pty t The final stage Ltd to complete was completed a new market. in 1976 at a tot al cost of $6.5 mi llion. In 1994, counci l appointed an ind ependent board the market, free to run from political int erference. W hile other Me lbourne markets were experiencing Prahran Marke a downwards tre t became home nd in food retaili to Australia’s foo discover new and ng, d experts. Prahra unique produce n became a place and a place to lea to rn about the late st cooking trend s.

Market website as part of the celebrations. The photographic exhibition is planned to launch in Harvest Hall in October.

and live art installations creating atmosphere and theatre.

In addition, a three-day Birthday Bonanza from 5-7 December will delight shoppers and traders alike with a constant stream of live entertainment including buskers, dance performances, singers, cooking demonstrations

While Prahran Market’s celebrates its anniversary on 3 December, as this falls on a non-market day, the main focus of celebrations will be held on 5 December.

The historical coffee table book will be published in December, with all proceeds from the sales, going to Very Special Kids.

There will also be horse drawn carriages to take customers around the surrounding market streets and a vintage-up photo booth for customers to create their own historic market images.

For more information about the celebrations visit www.prahranmarket.com.au ISSUE 55


Concierge Communiqué


- At Your Service Oz O’Connell Concierge Manager

Yve – 576 St Kilda Road, 3004 Welcome to our first communiqué, we hope you find our comments and suggestions valuable to help you enjoy living in Melbourne – ‘the world’s most liveable city’. With a touch of old-school charm that one associates with five-star service that Yve residents enjoy 24/7.

I have a few days off next month, what’s something interesting I can do? Why not try the Art Gallery? Jean Paul Gaultier in Conversation is at NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne 3004. In an Australian exclusive, Jean Paul Gaultier shares stories of his life and career; from his childhood and first collections to recent runway shows. I am having some guests over for lunch where is the best market to buy some fresh produce?

The following questions and answers will help The Prahan Market is close by in Commercial you enhance your quality of life in our lovely city. Road and is renowned for being one My wife has a 50th birthday coming up, where can of the best markets in Melbourne. I take her close by for dinner to celebrate in style?

The Willows. It is quite an experience at 462 St Kilda Road Melbourne 3004. The Willows has been an icon of St Kilda Road since 1890, recognised by the National Trust in 1974. I have five colleagues coming for a business meeting and lunch where can we go for lunch with some privacy? Bistro Bikini at 568 St Kilda Road – perfect for this occasion as they have a great Italian menu and a private dining area for small groups up to eight.



I have some friends visiting from the UK who are sports enthusiasts. Where would you recommend I take them?

I recommend all sports fans visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground and go on one of the MCG tours. We hope this information helps you enjoy your life in Melbourne, until next time. Concierge at Yve are provided by Oz Concierge, the concierge and building management specialists.

The Melbourne Tigers have been adored by basketball fans since they joined the NBL in 1984. In May, the club, based in Queens Road, changed its name to Melbourne United. Twenty-nine-year-old, 6’7” forward, Lucas Walker told 3004 News about the team’s hopes for the season ahead which begins on 12 October. How long have you been with Melbourne United? I have been with Melbourne United, or Melbourne Tigers as we used to be known for my entire professional career. I started training with the group before I went to college in America. I was 19 when I went to the USA for five years and each summer I came back and would train with Melbourne. Has it always been your dream to play basketball? I think I was more interested in playing football, to be honest, but basketball had some opportunities that couldn’t be passed up. Why do Melbournians love basketball? I think it’s the number one participant sport for juniors in Melbourne. If I’m not mistaken, there are more 230,000 kids playing basketball in Victoria. I think it’s for the same reasons as my parents got me involved in basketball. All sports are good for creating solid habits and teaching responsibility and commitment.


Lucas Walker Melbourne United Why should we get behind Melbourne United and come along to a game? It’s fun and fast-paced. It’s an exciting sport. Our team has a fantastic crowd following and we really engage with our supporters. Clinics are held at half time, there’s pre-game activities, mascots, and face painting for the kids. It’s a great environment for the whole family. You travel around the country to games, what’s so special about Melbourne? Even though I was born in Tasmania, I love Melbourne. I like to go out and eat at the different restaurants and cafes around Melbourne. At the time of going to print, United was undefeated in preseason. How do you think United will fare this season? We finished third last year and we’ve got really high hopes for this season. We’ve got a pretty experienced roster. There’s a mixture of guys who have played in the Olympics, some just back from the European leagues, and then two imports from the NBA. I’m really excited about what the future holds.

Round 1 of the 2014-15 season kicks off with Melbourne United v Cairns at Highsense Arena at 2pm on Sunday, 12 October.




Fans take to the turf

Melbourne Marathon Potted Potter

Vault: The Non Stop Performing History of Circus Oz

It’s not very often you get a chance to have a kick-to-kick on the hallowed turf of the MCG. On Sunday, 28 September, the day after the 2014 AFL Grand Final, the MCG will be open for everyone to enjoy. MCG Open Day is a free event, allowing sports fans to gain rare access to the ground. There will also be an opportunity to access parts of the stadium that are normally off limits. Visitors can also visit the National Sports Museum (cost $5), or have their photo taken on the AFL premiership dais with the 2014 replica premiership cup (cost $10).

It’s the race that stops the city. On 12 October, Melbourne will come to a halt for the 2014 Melbourne Marathon. Registrations are now open for the Medibank Melbourne Marathon, Flight Centre Half Marathon, The Coffee Club 10km, ASICS 5km Run and 3km walk events.

No celebration of circus in Australia would be complete without recognising the huge contribution of Circus Oz, a company that since 1978 has been a constant presence on our nation’s stages. Now, a remarkable exhibition presents the fascinating history of Circus Oz. In a multi-screen kaleidoscope of interactive exhibits, never-beforeseen archival footage, storytelling and mixed-media artworks, Vault offers a unique insight into the personalities and performances that have shaped one of our greatest performing companies.

When: Sunday, 28 September Time: 10am to 3pm Where: MCG, Gate 3 (National Sports Museum entrance), Brunton Avenue, Richmond. Cost: Free Details: www.mcg.org.au



When: 12 October Where: Batman Avenue Details: www.melbournemarathon.com.au

The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into 70 hilarious minutes. This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a fire-breathing dragon, endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic!

When: 28 October-2 November Where: Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne Cost: $60-$85 Bookings: 1300 182 183

When: 10-26 October Where: Gallery 1, Arts Centre Melbourne Cost: Free Details: www.artscentremelbourne.com.au

Reel Health International Short Film Festival

Taste of Melbourne

The Production Company has announced additional performances in its season of Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman masterpiece, La Cage Aux Folles. Todd McKenney is Albin, the star attraction of La Cage Aux Folles, a nightclub in St Tropez. Georges, played by Simon Burke is his partner. The show also stars Rhonda Burchmore as Jacqueline, Marg Downey, Aljin Abella, Emily Milledge and Robert Tripolino.

The Reel Health International Short Film Festival (Reel Health) is a wonderful night of entertainment that explores the concept of genuine health issues and how they affect communities. It is a project of two interacting elements: an avenue for storytellers to deliver their passionate message in a professional and engaging environment – as well as a night of wonderful entertainment for the audience that should provoke conversation for the betterment of our communities.

Taste of Melbourne will return to Albert Park for four days of foodie heaven. Taste of Melbourne gives visitors the chance to experience more than 15 of Melbourne’s latest, greatest and hottest restaurants all in one location. Create your dream tasting menu from a choice of 60 bite sized dishes, take part in one of the many interactive masterclasses, shop from 100 boutique artisan producers, or simply soak up the festival atmosphere while enjoying live entertainment in the alfresco setting.

Geographic Live

When: 21 November to 7 December Where: PlayHouse, Arts Centre Melbourne Cost: $24 to $119 Tickets: www.theproductioncompany.com.au

Behind every great National Geographic story there is a great storyteller. National Geographic Live is delighted to present extraordinary adventurer Bryan Smith live on stage in Extreme Adventure on the Edge: Vertical Feats and the Man Who can Fly. An award-winning filmmaker, adventurer and conservationist for the National Geographic Channel, Bryan Smith will share exhilarating adventures and gripping moments from his assignments in the world’s most remote and dangerous places, showcasing never before seen images and film footage.

When: Saturday 4 October Where: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne Bookings: 1300 182 183 or artscentremelbourne.com

When: 21-22 October Where: 21 October at The Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins Street, Melbourne, 22 October, at The Capitol Theatre, 113 Swanston Street, Melbourne. Price: Adults $30, concession $20. Bookings: www.reelhealthfilm.com


La Cage Aux Folles National

When: 13-16 November Where: Pelican Park, Albert Park Lake Tickets: From $25 Details: www.tasteofmelbourne.com.au




Taste of Germany

hits the Village

Don your Dirndl and Lederhosen and grab your Bier Stein because Oktoberfest is almost here. Australians have very much embraced the German festival as their own. And in tradition with Village Melbourne’s own beer history, Ormond Hall will be transformed into an authentic Bavarian Beer Hall to celebrate the famous German festival. Off the back of two hugely successful events last year, Oktoberfest is

back at the stunning art deco Ormond Hall. Be entertained by Alpine Cocktail performing traditional Oktoberfest tunes along with all of your favourite hits. Enjoy a range of Oktoberfest beers along with gourmet German sausages from the Mutter Krause Food Truck. Village Melbourne offers some great corporate packages so why not encourage your colleagues to come along after a long working week.


When: Saturday 18 and Friday 24 October

Where: Ormond Hall,

Village Melbourne, 557 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Cost: Tickets are $15 and

include an Oktoberfest Stein.


www.villagemelbourne. com.au/whatson

speak to us about your christmas function! don’t miss out december dates are filling fast





Think Pink in October Within the limits of 3004 is one of Melbourne’s hidden secrets – The Living Centre, the jewel in the crown of the Think Pink Foundation. The Living Centre is a non-clinical wellness centre within the heart of the St Kilda Road business district, providing support services to those diagnosed with breast cancer. Support includes sessions with a breast care nurse, counselling, massage, wig fitting and other support services – all free of charge. The breast cancer journey is an emotional and physical roller coaster and a breast cancer diagnosis can bring a range of unexpected emotions. There is also sometimes concern about body image, sexuality and changes in physical appearance that may be challenging issues to cope with for some patients. For others, a breast cancer diagnosis may bring financial hardship. Uncertainty and fear for the future, changes in personal and family relationships, a sense of isolation – these are just some of the normal feelings that may be felt when one is diagnosed. It was these feelings that led chairwoman of The Foundation and Founder of The Living Centre, Irene Hendel to set Think Pink on its course. When Irene had her second brush with breast cancer in

2003, she underwent daily radiotherapy for six weeks. It was during this time she came into contact with many women who were, due to their breast cancer, finding it difficult to hold down their jobs and make ends meet financially. At Think Pink, these circumstances re referred to as “cancer induced poverty”. “It was on my second journey with breast cancer whilst I was sitting in the hospital room every day for six weeks, waiting to receive my radiotherapy in 2004, that my thinking started to shift from the support of research for a cure – to how do we help and support these women who are diagnosed and being treated for the disease today,” Irene said. In September 2006, Think Pink set upon the task to raise sufficient funds to establish its own unique state-of-the-art, independent and non-clinical wellness facility called The Living Centre. The Centre officially opened in September 2010. Its mission is to provide practical support and to enable a better journey through breast cancer for patients and their families and make a difference today.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Think Pink Foundation will be launching a signature fundraising program with Brunetti outlets. Think Pink will launch the Pink Lid Campaign – choose a takeaway coffee from Brunetti’s City Square, Myer and Carlton stores and they will serve it with a pink lid, donating to The Living Centre.

You can join in at your work place or home. The pink lids and matching cups are available to purchase online – 100 or 1,000. Every day when you make your coffee, you will be making a difference to someone else’s day, supporting a better journey for them while living with breast cancer. It is an astonishing fact, but one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, so a place like The Living Centre is very much needed in the community.

Pre-order your pink lids and cups online at www.thinkpink.org.au There are other ways to get involved during the month of October by raising awareness in your community, by having pink lids next to your coffee machine, holding a fundraiser or hosted event in your community, or by attending and event, like the Putt For Pink Golf Day held with the support of Melbourne City Football Club.

Play your part and make a difference today to someone living with breast cancer. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.THINKPINK.ORG.AU





State Election



Melbourne Melbourne District District

Electoral District 2000-2001 Redivision

’ ’

’ ’ ’

’ ’


Richmond Richmond District District


Yarra Yarra Yarra River River River River Yarra Yarra Yarra River


The district is the smallest District in Victoria. It includes residential and well developed commercial areas, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Government House, Como Park and the Prahran campus of Swinburne University of Technology.

’ ’

’South South Yarra Yarra

South Yarra Yarra South



Rd Rd aa a Rd Rd Kild Kildaa Kild St St Kild St St St


Albert Albert Park Park District District


Malvern Malvern District District

’Hawksburn Hawksburn

Hawksburn Hawksburn

Punt Punt Rd Punt Punt Punt Rd Rd Rd Rd


Toora Toora Toora Toora Toorakkkkkk Rd Toora Rd Rd Rd Rd Rd

Orrong Orrong Orrong Rd Rd Rd Rd Orrong Orrong Orrong Rd

2000-01 Electorate Composition

’ ’

’Prahran Prahran

Prahran Prahran

1990-91 Electoral District

’Toorak Toorak

Toorak Toorak


Albert Park

’Windsor Windsor

Windsor Windsor





Danden Danden Danden Danden Danden Dandenong ong ong ong Rd Rd ong Rd ong Rd Rd Rd



District Boundary

Barkly Barkly Barkly St St St St Barkly Barkly Barkly St

Municipal Boundary Alma Alma Alma Rd Rd Rd Rd Alma Alma Alma Rd

Map Symbols

Main Road Street Rivers and Creeks Railway Line Railway Station

Caulfield Caulfield District District ’

’Balaclava Balaclava

Balaclava Balaclava

Carlisle Carlisle Carlisle St St St St Carlisle Carlisle Carlisle St ’

Hotham Hotham Hotham St St St St Hotham Hotham Hotham St


Map Map prepared prepared by by the the Victorian Victorian Electoral Electoral Commission Commission Vicmap spatial spatial data data provided provided by by Department Department of of Sustainability Sustainability and and Environment Environment Vicmap 2006 Copyright ©© 2005 2005 -- State State Government Government Victoria Victoria Copyright

specialising in planning law. I also have a background in small business on the Yarra River, having set up the first water taxi service over 20 years ago as well as Ponyfish Island cafe at Southgate. In Parliament I have served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and as Chair of the Law Reform Committee.

What are some of the unique challenges and issues the electorate faces?

Can you tell 3004 News readers a little bit about yourself ?

I am 46 years old, married with three school age children. Prior to my election in 2010 I was a barrister

s s

This content content is is provided provided for for information information purposes purposes only. only. While While every every effort effort has has been been made made to to ensure ensure accuracy accuracy This content is provided for information purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy Disclaimer: This content is provided for information purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy Disclaimer: This Disclaimer: This content is provided for information purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and authenticity authenticity of of the the content, content, the the Victorian Victorian Government Government does does not not accept accept any any liability liability to to any any person person for for the the information information provided provided and authenticity of the content, the Victorian Government does not accept any liability to any person for the information provided and authenticity of the content, the Victorian Government does not accept any liability to any person for the information provided and authenticity of the content, the Victorian Government does not accept any liability to any person for the information provided and


Prahran, South Yarra and Windsor. Parts of Melbourne, St Kilda, St Kilda East and Toorak.

The 3004 area faces traffic flow challenges that need to be addressed. Queens Lane has become intolerable during peak hours and I am committed to finding short term solutions as well as long term masterplanning for the area. The 3004 area is a great place to live but there are few community facilities and this is something I intend to address too. Maintaining our liveability is important to me and over half of the electorate is now protected by the toughest planning zone in the country, the Neighbourhood Residential

2010-present 2002-2010 1985-2002 1979-85

Liberal ALP Liberal ALP

zone, which restricts development to no more than two storeys.

What are your priorities for the electorate?

If the community wants to see a new secondary school delivered as well as the Melbourne Rail Link tunnel with an underground station in Domain and a link to the airport then these will only occur under a Napthine Government. The new Melbourne Polytechnic TAFE, the Gifted Student Academy at Melbourne High and the new secondary school are all education projects that have been instigated under the Napthine Government and not one of these has the support of the Labor Opposition.

What is your party’s solution to fix public transport woes?

The Napthine Government has reversed the decline in public transport that we saw under the previous government. There are 10 000 more public transport services per week now and reliability and punctuality are at record highs.

There are more trains, more buses and more trams now and the Napthine Government is in a strong position to deliver the Melbourne Rail Link which will set Melbourne up to continue to be the world’s most liveable city. Unlike the Labor rail tunnel plan, the Melbourne Rail Link is fully budgeted and works will commence by 2017. In parallel with public transport investment we will also fix Punt Rd congestion and complete the East West tunnel which is the missing link in our arterial road network.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Prahran voters?

It has been a real pleasure to represent you as your local Member of Parliament in the Napthine Government. Much has been achieved but there is still plenty more to do and I hope I get the opportunity to continue to deliver for the local community. I am always available to talk about local concerns and can be contacted anytime on 99819501.

More candidates follow on page 14... 12







Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne. Parts of the suburbs of Elwood and St Kilda.

Albert Park X Electoral District 2000-2001 Redivision

1950-present ALP 1947-50 Liberal/LCP



Can you tell 3004 News readers a little bit about yourself?

I live locally in the home my grandparents moved into in 1937 and the home my mum grew up in. It’s where I live with my partner, Sharon and our two children - Emma and Tom. My kids go to local public schools and our family is firmly entrenched in the local area. I have been the Member for Albert Park since 2007 following a career in government, community sector and representing working people. I hold the Shadow Minister Portfolios for Victorian Labor in Arts, Water, Youth Affairs and LGBTI Equality.

What are your priorities for the electorate?

We need an urgent investment plan in community and people. Victorian Labor will rebuild and invest in local schools after four years of cuts and neglect. If we are elected, Labor will build a new primary school in our first term of Government South Melbourne Park Primary School and also expand Albert Park College. In addition we will fix up the mess of




MELBOURNE MELBOURNE (C) (C) X ’Fishermens Fishermens Bend Bend

Fishermens Bend Bend Fishermens

Fw Fwyyyy Fw Fw eee Fw Fw Gate Gat Gat st st st Gat st We We West We

X XMontague ’ Montague


Williamstown Williamstown District District X

’Emerald Emerald Hill Hill ’Port Port Melbourne Melbourne




Albert Park Park Albert

’South South Melbourne Melbourne


Prahran Prahran District District

Albert Albert Albert Park Park Park Lake Lake Lake Park Lake Albert Albert Albert Park Lake X




’Middle Middle Park Park


XPrahran Prahran

Prahran Prahran X

Be Be Be Be Be Be ac ac ac ac ac ac on on on on on on sf sfieie sf sf sf sf ie ield ie ld ld ld ld Pd Pd Pd Pd Pd eeeee

XWindsor Windsor



X X Barkly Barkly Barkly St St St St Barkly Barkly Barkly St ’ St St Kilda Kilda West West




Carlisle St St Carlisle Carlisle St Carlisle St St X




Balaclava Balaclava ’St St Kilda Kilda South South


Brighton Brighton Rd Rd Rd Brighton Rd Brighton Brighton Rd

XRipponlea Ripponlea

District Boundary Municipal Boundary

Map Symbols Main Road Street Rivers and Creeks


Albert Park

Map prepared prepared by by the the Victorian Victorian Electoral Electoral Commission Commission Map Vicmap Vicmap spatial spatial data data provided provided by by Department Department of of Sustainability Sustainability and and Environment Environment 2006 Copyright ©© 2005 2005 -- State State Government Government Victoria Victoria Copyright


s s

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the long-promised Fishermans Bend school at Ferrar Street and do what this government has ignored - determine the contamination levels of the site and make sure the site is fit for a school for young people. We have committed $2 million to rebuild South Melbourne Life Saving Club in partnership with the Council making it a $4 million investment. We will protect precious open space and parkland from the development frenzy and funding cuts to Parks Victoria. Victorian Labor will put people first.

What is your party’s solution to fix public transport woes?

We will build Melbourne Metro Rail, roll out Homesafe - a plan for 24-hour public transport on weekends, provide free CBD trams and cap zone 1 + 2 fares at zone 1 prices for trams, buses and trains. In addition we have committed to removing 50 of the most congested and dangerous rail level crossings. Melbourne Metro will provide five underground stations in areas of Melbourne’s education and Health precincts - with a major station at St Kilda road Domain, will double the capacity of the city loop, ease congestion


Caulfield Caulfield District District

2000-01 Electorate Composition 1990-91 Electoral District

Railway Station

Four years of being ignored by the Liberal Government and a lack of investment in local education has meant local schools are at capacity. Our trams are overcrowded; cuts to critical Health and Emergency Services at the Alfred has resulted in targets not being met and ambulances ramping. If that wasn’t bad enough we now have the highest unemployment rate in 15 years. Now we see a developer freefor-all planned for Fishermans Bend by the Liberal Government, where 80,000 people will cram into high-rise highdensity towers without funding or plans for services. Our local services are bursting at the seams and we risk losing what is so wonderful about living in this community.



Yarra Yarra River River River Yarra River Yarra Yarra River

Electors: 37,702 Deviation: +5.13%

Railway Line

What are some of the unique challenges and issues the electorate faces?

Melbourne Melbourne

Rd Rd Rd aa a Rd aa Rd Rd Kild Kilda Kild Kild Kild St St Kild St St St St





The district has leafy residential areas, sporting and recreational facilities and the Fishermens Bend industrial area. It features Albert Park Lake, the Grand Prix Racing Circuit, and the cosmopolitan precincts of Fitzroy and Acland Streets.

XMelbourne Melbourne

Melbourne Melbourne District District

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba yyyyySt St St St


The 2014 State Election will be held on Saturday, 29 November. 3004 News editor Chelsea Arnold spoke to the candidates in the electorates of Albert Park and Prahran to discover the key issues facing voters.



Glenhu Glenhuntly Glenhu Glenhu Glenhu ntly ntly Rd ntly Rd Rd Rd Rd Rd


Electoral Boundaries Commission X

Brighton Brighton District District X BAYSIDE (C) (C) BAYSIDE

State of Victoria 2000-2001 Redivision September 2001

off St Kilda Road and Swanston Street and take people to where they need to go. This project is fully costed, with a business plan and has been deemed by Infrastructure Australia as the number one priority for Victoria. Do it once and do it right. The stark contrast is the Napthine Government’s East West dud tunnel that will do nothing to fix congestion on our road and their botched Melbourne Rail scheme. Building for it won’t start for years and it won’t be finished for a decade and we will see chaos in parts of South Melbourne and Albert Park.

Is there anything you’d like to say to voters? Our local community have a right to expect a representative who will champion their interests - and not be an apologist for four years of neglect and cuts. The local community needs a local champion who will advocate for their services and their needs. Someone dedicated to community and committed to fairness. We need a government committed to education, health, jobs and transport and services and to putting people first. We can’t endure four more years like the last four.

More candidates follow on page 14...

* All known candidates were approached by 3004 News to be included in this feature. At the time of going to print, not all candidates had responded or been selected.






State Election I have a background in social services, having worked for the Salvation Army and Department of Human Services.My qualifications include a Diploma of Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Social Science and PostGraduate Diploma in Social Research and Policy.On council, I have focused on fixing up Chapel Street through the Chapel Street Masterplan, improving cycling with $4.5 Million to be invested in cycling over 5 years and championing sustainability for residents through our new sustainability outreach program.

SAM HIBBINS - GREENS PRAHRAN Can you tell 3004 News readers a little bit about yourself?

I love living in Prahran and my work as councillor for the City of Stonnington.

What are some of the unique challenges and issues the electorate faces? The Prahran electorate is a great place to live but our area faces challenge to maintain its liveability and prosperity. Population growth and inaction from the state government has put a strain on transport, services and amenity.

University of Melbourne, running a scholarship program for Australian Indigenous students. I’m a passionate believer that our learning institutions – schools, universities, TAFEs – ought to be inclusive of people from all backgrounds. My family is originally from a fishing village in Scotland. I’m drawn to live by the beach, and to do everything I can to ensure that we take real action on Climate Change to protect our planet and our beautiful bayside suburbs.

DAVE COLLIS - GREENS ALBERT PARK Can you tell 3004 News readers a little bit about yourself?

Albert Park is my home and I love living here. I work as a lecturer at the

What are some of the unique challenges and issues the electorate faces?

People are drawn to Albert Park because it is a fantastic place to live. This liveability is under threat from successive state governments who seem to be asleep at the wheel in terms of providing schools, reliable and well-connected and since then have worked in Business Development and Corporate Affairs roles within Child Welfare and more recently at The Foundation for Young Australians. I come from a diverse background, my Mum’s family migrated from Italy and my Dad from New Zealand, my stepmum is from China, and my half-sister is bilingual and I hope to bring all these elements of diversity, to the Prahran area.

What are some of the unique challenges and issues the electorate faces?



Can you tell 3004 News readers a little bit about yourself?

I chose the Prahran area as my home over 9 years ago, and since then have made South Yarra and more recently Windsor my home. I first moved to Melbourne to work on St Kilda Road for EDS, 14


The peak hour crush takes its toll on locals, and we now have less train services in some part of our electorate than four years ago. While we have many school options, we don’t have a public secondary school as the former Liberal government closed and sold four schools locally, leading to overcrowding and lack of options for parents. While we have The Alfred Hospital in our electorate, ambulance waiting times in Prahran are

There also remains a need for social services and support for those who are disadvantaged in our community.

What are your priorities for the electorate?

My priority is to keep Prahran liveable and make sure the we don’t lose the reasons we love living here. We can do that by putting on more train and tram services to reduce over crowding and create more open space by making developers pay an increased open space levy.

What is your party’s solution to fix public transport woes?

Our position on public transport is clear. We will stop the East-West Tollway and invest the $18b in creating a world class public transport system that will have: • More trains and trams during peak hour when you need them

public transport, and planning that takes the views of residents into account.

What are your priorities for the electorate?

To ensure that our area remains a great place to live. This means that when we plan new development, in areas such as Fishermans Bend, we need to ensure at the outset that it includes all the ingredients that make a place great – good public transport, bike paths, schools, affordable housing, a wide diversity of people, public open spaces, and creative local businesses.

What is your party’s solution to fix public transport woes?

We are the only party truly committed to stopping the East West Toll Road, and instead make public transport and a serious investment into our cycling infrastructure the first priorities. Our alternative is to ensure that our tram networks are fully longer than many parts of Victoria.

What are your priorities for the electorate? I am committed to education locally - ensuring that we have a world class secondary school, that our local TAFE is rebuilt, and that local community learning centres are supported. I want to see small businesses in Prahran continue to grow. With unemployment at 7%, and youth unemployment at a 15 year high of 14%, not enough is being done to encourage that. I want local solutions to transport – the metro rail tunnel, station and tram stop upgrades, restoring services on the Frankston Line. I am also dedicated to keeping our community liveable and vibrant. People in Prahran should have a say in local development.

What is your party’s solution to fix public transport woes?

Labor will deliver a quicker, easier, and safer public transport system. For users in



• Filled in the missing links in our tram network including Park Street connection for easy access to South Melbourne, Docklands and CBD West. • Extended train lines to Airport, Docaster and Rowville.

• Safer cycling including separated bike lanes along St.Kilda Rd and secure bike parking at train stations.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Prahran voters?

Prahran is winnable seat for the Greens, we need at extra 2,500 votes to win. If elected, I be will be a strong independent voice for our community that will stand up for values we share. I’m standing for an economy powered by clean energy, educational opportunities for all through a strong TAFE sector and a prosperous, healthy community. connected, including a direct link from Park Street to Domain Interchange, that there are Copenhagen-style bike lanes all the way from St Kilda to the city, that there are safe storage areas for bikes at train stations, and that the train network extends all the way to Doncaster, Rowville, and the Airport. These investments will lead to less traffic congestion and less cars crowding our streets.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Albert Park voters?

Many people in Albert Park share Greens values and are increasingly disappointed with lazy government from both of the old parties. I want them to know they have a real choice this year. The best way to stand up for clean renewable energy, good educational opportunities, and liveable suburbs is to vote Green this November. Prahran, Melbourne Metro will provide direct service to Flinders St, with increased capacity, and new stations at Melbourne University, Royal Children’s Hospital, CBD North and CBD South. Under the Liberals Rail Link you will not be able to go direct to Flinders St and you will have to travel through an additional three stations to get into the City. Labor will also deliver HomeSafe, to provide all night public transport on Friday and Saturday nights. And it will remove 50 of the most dangerous level crossings in Victoria.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Prahran voters?

Labor will deliver a quicker, easier, and safer public transport system. Judge the Liberals and the current member on their record. Last election the Liberal’s promised four public transport projects including a rail link to Melbourne Airport, Rowville, Doncaster, and Avalon Airport. None of those have been delivered.


Club 3004

St Kilda Road’s very own business and social networking group, Club 3004, offers a great platform for well-established networkers to come together on the first Thursday of every month to discuss issues and ideas relevant to our St Kilda Road. Why not join us for a drink and a laugh after work?

Donna Demaio

Vincent, Isabelle and Buddhika

Cameron, Karen and Phil

Peter, Elaine and Robert

Jack, Marie and Sally

Eric, David and Gary

Janeen, Rob and Margaret

Kevin, Kathryn and Peter

Josie and Carmel

Romina and Matthew

Con, Brent and Chris

Prof Rob Adams

Chris Anstey and Jay

Bruce, Kelvin and David

Nell and Debra

Cr Oscar Yildiz

Laura and Cassie

Felix, Amey and Rodney

See more photos, participate in local activities and stay updated about Club 3004 events by our Facebook site: Club 3004 Club 3004 Sponsors

Our next event is THURSDAY 9 OCTOBER at Ormond Hall.

Our THURSDAY 6 NOVEMBER event will be held at Wesley College St Kilda Road Campus to showcase their amazing new Music School. Celebrate the Festive Season on MONDAY 1 DECEMBER, with the last event for 2014 back at our home, Ormond Hall.


Photography by Kon Iatrou, Ikon Images

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precinct round-up Parking fines revoked

The City of Melbourne will withdraw or refund 34,800 parking infringement notices as a result of an administrative error that led to parking infringements being reissued without the correct authorisation.

City tops world’s best It’s something we already knew but the Global Liveability Index has confirmed it – Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city.

Melbourne topped the index by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the fourth consecutive year. The EIU Liveability Index is the world’s most widely accepted

ranking of liveability, comparing 140 of the world’s major cities. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said Melbourne excelled in the five criteria: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. “To be named the world’s most liveable city for four consecutive years is a great honour and a testament to the enviable lifestyle that Melbourne offers,” Cr Doyle said.

“Safety, sustainability and smart growth have been the keys to Melbourne’s liveability and prosperity. Providing transport and infrastructure have been key elements in smart growth. “Melbourne brings together commerce, education, health, sport, cultural and residential areas, all of which can be accessed by foot, on bike, in cars or public transport.”



The council will provide advice, promotional material, prizes and free fruit boxes to participating workplaces and groups, plus connections with local bike shops in the lead up to the day.

In 2012, two administrative staff had their authorisation to reissue parking infringement notices revoked in error. The administrative staff were not aware their authorisations had been revoked and continued to reissue parking infringements. The error only relates to parking infringements reissued between 6 July 2012 and 30 June 2014.


The City of Port Phillip is looking to support 20 local workplaces, organisations and community groups along St Kilda Road to host their own events in celebration of Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, 15 October.

The error relates only to cases where the registered owner of the vehicle received a parking infringement and nominated someone else as being the driver at the time of the offence. This process requires the parking infringement notice to be reissued by a City of Melbourne employee authorised under the Road Safety Act.

Of the 34,800 parking infringements,16,200 have already been paid and will be refunded at a cost to the council of $1.46 million. A further 18,600 parking infringements that are still outstanding will be withdrawn. The net financial impact of the error is $3.2 million. CONTACT LISA PATON AT

workplacetravel@portphillip.vic. gov.au TO FIND OUT MORE.

The parking infringements to be withdrawn or refunded represent 4 per cent of the total parking infringement notices issued between July 2012 and June 2014.

Do you know how new technology can be used in your business? Port Phillip Business Excellence is holding a digital innovation and marketing seminar. Come along and hear from presenter Steve Sammartino who will share his thoughts, experience and tips on how you can utilise certain products to grow your business. Steve is a highly energetic and motivated entrepreneur who knows how to mix business with technology. He is a marketing and technology expert who has worked in marketing for the world’s largest companies. He is a business journalist and thought leader in the start-up and technology arena. Steve will:

• introduce emerging technologies and how you can use them in your business • show you how to thrive in our rapidly changing business environment

• share examples relevant to both big and micro business

• present in such a fun and unusual manner you won’t even realise how much you’re learning.

When: Wednesday, 17 September Time: 6.30-8.30pm Tickets: $30 (includes beverages/canapes) Where: The Deck at The Prince Hotel, 2 Acland Street, St Kilda Bookings:


or call the City of Port Phillip Assist phone on 9209 6777.

When building your personal brand it doesn’t serve you to have a scarcity mentality. If you have the mindset of onesize-fits-all and that one photo of yourself is good enough, then you will severely hinder the ‘Know, Like and Trust you’ journey that your target market must go on, in order to perceive you as a leader and an expert, in your field. Your goal when building your personal brand should be to have your target market see you as the go-to person so that they call you to solve their problems and of course purchase your products and services instead of your competitors which in turn, will greatly increase your bottom line. In order to build your Personal Brand you’ll need to consider these three key aspects: Publication: There is, what I term, the ‘Five publication avenues,’ in which you will be using your photos. 1. Website: Home, products/ services and About us pages. 2. Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin Twitter. 3. On-line: Newsletters, blogs, email signatures. 4. Print: Flyers, books, business cards. 5. Traditional Media: Press releases, media kit, magazines



Why ‘more is not less’ when it comes to personal branding

Audience: To whom are you speaking to and who is listening to you? Firstly, think of your target market and then consider the Five publication avenues with the view of fine-tuning what and how your audience, in each of them, wants and expects to see from you. This determines the visual message you prepare for them. Message: How will you present yourself in your various photos? Thinking of your dress sense, style, expressions and poses plus the way the photos are taken: Full length, ¾, ½ or Headshots, portrait or landscape. And, let’s not forget where they are taken: in the studio or on location and whether indoors, outdoors or both. All these variables will contribute to your message; hence your photos must be thoughtfully designed. Your personal branding journey is a continual process and an evolutionary one. So remember to stay fresh, be up-to-date and ahead of your competition in order build and maintain yourself as the key person of influence in your niche.


PR & Media Photographer

IKON IMAGES 1300 794 194





Too much Chinese interest

in our real estate Almost every day I receive anecdotal evidence of Chinese buyers paying well over the odds for eastern suburbs houses.

By ‘Chinese’ I mean individuals from the People’s Republic of China, not Australians of Asian descent. For the lucky vendors reaping the benefits of skyrocketing prices, this demand from overseas is obviously welcome. Yet for locals hoping to upgrade the family home, such competition appears unfair. With a few exceptions, Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) doesn’t allow non-residents to

buy established dwellings here. Instead, foreigners are encouraged to purchase newly built houses and apartments in an effort to promote the development of land.

It is clear that our investment rules regarding overseas investment in property are being flouted. Wealthy mainland Chinese seem keen to squirrel some of their money in a country not controlled by their own government. Australia has become the investment destination of choice because our economy is strong, our politicians not corrupt and we respect the rule of law. As a result of this demand, some local real estate agents are turning a blind eye at auctions where foreign buyers purchase sight unseen and appear to have unlimited funds at their disposal. Unfortunately for Australian under bidders at same auctions, there is no

authority with the power to intervene and ensure our investment rules are followed. FIRB lacks the manpower to monitor individual real estate transactions. The state and federal police have better things to do. And why would agents or auctioneers complain about demand pressure that delivers them higher commissions? The rules we have in place regarding overseas interest in Australian houses exist for a reason. No one apart from a speculator, for example, really benefits when a large home is purchased, shuttered and left vacant for years while the new Chinese owner hopes its price rises. Such an investment, while potentially profitable, does nothing to develop the local housing stock.

These strategies and solutions come about when you combine the technical expertise of a highlevel engineer with the strategic business approach of upper management. Commonly this is being realised in the adoption 18


of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who essentially uses his or her technical knowledge to develop board level strategies to improve business outcomes. The challenge facing small to medium business (SMB)

on Australian real estate. Such committees aren’t generally known for either making decisions following them through. For the sake of both local homebuyers who can’t compete, and respect for our FIRB rules, let’s hope this enquiry does its job properly.

Tune in and listen to Tom between 3-6pm weekdays on 3AW’s Drive. Tom Elliott is Director of MM&E Capital Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based hedge fund, and Beulah Capital Pty Ltd, a private wealth manager.

BEULAH CAPITAL P: 9270 9180 W: www.beulahcapital.com

Right now a Federal Parliamentary Committee is enquiring into the impact of foreign buyers

IT strategy for the small to medium business The IT industry has evolved considerably over the past several years with enterprises discovering new benefits to the adoption of modern effective technology solutions. These solutions include BYOD policies, cloud migrations and systems integration, all of which provide increased efficiency, productivity and ultimately, profitability.

By Tom Elliott

is competing with larger organisations that have the resources to implement such strategies. Hiring a CIO or IT director is just not a reality for a business with less than 100 staff. As a business dedicated to providing high levels of customer service we have had to adopt a new model that extends our services to SMB beyond the standard projects and technical support. Through the provision of an embedded or ‘virtual’ CIO (vCIO) we’ve been able to add value to our clients by providing them with the competitive advantage needed to keep up in competitive markets.

By Ray Sweeney In my opinion this approach is the undisputable future of outsourced IT. Technology has and always will continue to evolve, providing users with faster, cheaper, more efficient systems; these systems are more readily available than ever before. The secret to success is no longer having the best, it’s in understanding how to best utilise the resources you have. Ray Sweeney is the Virtual Chief Information Officer Team Leader at Premier Technology Solutions. www.premiertech.com.au

Twenty-nine businesses have been shortlisted in the CitiPower Port Phillip Business Excellence Awards. More than 100 applications were made to the awards, which celebrates best business practice in sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and customer service. There are 11 award categories and three additional awards, including Business of the Year, Hall of Fame, given to an individual who’s played a significant role in local business and the community, and the Business Excellence Leaders awards, given to recipients of multiple awards.

“The 18,200 businesses in the City of Port Phillip contribute many specialist goods and services to our communities, thousands of jobs and more than $11 billion to the local economy and that should be celebrated,” Cr Stevens said.


Best businesses vie for title “The 11 award categories have been created to ensure all businesses big and small from across the municipality have the chance to participate in the event. Shortlisted businesses will be visited over the coming weeks by the award judges to determine the winning business in each category,” she said. Winning businesses will be announced at a gala event held on 22 October.

A final category, the People’s Choice Awards, is based on nominations entered by customers who’ve received excellent customer service. More than 120 customer nominations were entered this year. Mayor Amanda Stevens said the awards are an opportunity to showcase Port Phillip’s business and community leaders.

Epicure takes the cake at industry awards St Kilda Road’s Epicure took out three accolades at an industry awards night recently.

The leading Australian caterer was named Caterer of the Year for Zinc at Federation Square in the Victoria Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering HostPlus Awards for Excellence. The Awards for Excellence are considered the most dependable and authoritative guide to Australia’s best restaurants and caterers, which has set the national benchmark for objectively recognising and promoting best practice.

Epicure was also named best Venue Caterer for its work at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and best Function/Convention Centre Catering for Zinc at Federation Square. Winning these two accolades enabled Epicure to compete for the major award of the evening, Caterer of the Year where Zinc was named the winner. David Mercer, Epicure’s Victorian State Manager for Leisure, Sports & Entertainment said the award wins once again reinforced the excellence for which his team strives. “This is a highly competitive market and we were thrilled to

be the only business recognised across multiple categories. It speaks volumes of the attention to detail all of our team works hard to deliver on,” Mr Mercer said. “It is wonderful to receive an award that is judged by our peers, and which continues to give our clients confidence that Epicure is consistent and at the top of its game in delivering excellence in hospitality.”

The awards are judged by a team of trained judges who anonymously visit the venues to determine the winners. More than 150 local caterers and restaurant and café operators were judged across 39

categories. Scores are based on the entire dining experience of that one judge on a specific evening. Epicure will now compete with other region finalists at the National Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering HostPlus Awards for Excellence. Restaurant & Catering CEO John Hart said the “the winners should be proud that they have been judged and rigorously reviewed in one of the most objective awards systems, which looks at the entire dining experience, rather than a single food or service dimension”.




Zone changes adopted by council The second stage of new residential zones to direct housing growth towards activity centres and protect neighbourhood character has been adopted by Port Phillip Council.

Councillors voted to request Planning Minister Matthew Guy to implement the updated zones in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme through a ministerial amendment. The council is waiting for Mr Guy to approve its Stage 1 amendment to introduce the three zones across Port Phillip. As an interim measure, the Minister applied the new General Residential Zone across Port Phillip on 1 July. Mayor Amanda Stevens said the second stage provided for additional and more diverse development potential, in addition to Stage 1. This approach followed community feedback that additional

housing opportunities should be considered in some areas. “We have listened to all views in our diverse community and have incorporated changes including asking the Minister to exempt density controls in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone to facilitate aged persons housing,” Cr Stevens said. “We are advocating to the State Government to make allowances to these controls as we believe it is important to facilitate housing for an ageing community.” “We believe these new zones will promote a more sustainable city by directing housing growth and density to locations which are well served by shops, services and public transport. We have also done our best to protect our community’s valued heritage, neighbourhood character and amenity.” Planning Minister Matthew Guy requested all councils replace

Residential 1 and 2 zones, which covered established residential areas, with one of three new zones: the Neighbourhood Residential, General Residential and Residential Growth zones.

New zones

Residential growth zone: Allows for increased housing growth and densities.

General residential zone: Allows for some multi-unit development

in areas with good access to shops, services and public transport. New development must respect neighbourhood character.

Neighbourhood residential zone: Provides for limited growth

in established residential areas that are more distant from shops and public transport, and protects heritage and neighbourhood character.

Fast fact

The City of Port Phillip is one of the fastest growing municipalities in metropolitan Melbourne with an annual growth rate of 1.5 per cent (2004-2011).

Clem Newton-Brown

Member for Prahran I recently hosted a feedback forum for residents living in the St Kilda Road/Queens Road precincts. It was great to meet many of you and to discuss local issues of concern.

are already underway regarding the implementation of some short-term fixes to reduce the number of non-residents using Queens Lane as a ‘rat run’.

One of the significant problems presented on the night was the traffic on Queens Lane.

In particular, consideration is being given to:

It appears clear that congestion has become unacceptable, particularly during peak hours. Following our meeting I raised this issue with the Minister for Roads, the Honourable Terry Mulder, who asked VicRoads to explore the traffic issues with the City of Port Phillip. I believe that a long-term masterplan for the precinct is required, however, discussions 20


Dwellings in a commercial or mixed use zone are not affected by the state-wide reform and all heritage overlays are retained.

• Full-time or peak period turn bans at the intersection of Queens Lane and Kings Way.

• Local area traffic management such as installing traffic calming devices along Queens Lane. • Left turn restrictions from St Kilda Road during the peak period.

• Review of traffic signalling and sequences. I will keep you informed as things progress.

In other news, the Prahran Secondary School Taskforce and community working group has recently been established and, over the past months, has been analysing potential sites for the Napthine Government’s $20 million commitment to build a new secondary school in our local area. I am pleased to inform you that a short list of sites has been developed and included on this list is the possibility of co-locating a secondary school at the Victorian College for the Deaf site on St Kilda Road. This is a very exciting time for many local families. If you’d like to keep up with developments, please send me an email clem.newton-brown@parliament. vic.gov.au and I will add you to my list to receive regular updates.

Regards, Clem Newton-Brown

Parliamentary Secretary for Education State Member for Prahran

3004 News’ Environment column

Light switch turns up results In my last column I wrote about our apartment building having LED lights installed in all its public areas. A total of 44 apartment owners took the opportunity as well. I thought I’d update you on the results. Under the State VEET scheme it cost us not a cent. At our AGM the managing agent, Alvin Diamond was able to say that the monthly electricity bills had dropped by a third from $1900 to $1200. Owners and tenants have been similarly pleased with their reduced electricity bills. Our property in St Kilda Road is now listed as a case study for ‘Smartblocks’, a national program funded by the Commonwealth Department of Industry to help apartment owners and managers smarten up their common areas (www.smartblocks.com.au) – the City of Melbourne is a member. Apartments are notorious energy guzzlers with residents, on average, using 25% more energy than people in detached dwellings. Alvin has a background in business analytics and wants his portfolio to be as efficient as possible – smarter and more cost effective. “Introducing energy saving measures is a no brainer,” he said.

Australand digs in for the environment

He invited the VEET provider to visit his other buildings. In one, 300 lights were switched to LEDs at no cost and 24 lights that required transformers were installed at a discounted rate. 65% of owners also took up the lighting offer. Energy reduction plans are afoot for all his buildings. He’s also negotiated a better deal for multiple buildings with an energy retailer.

Staff and management from St Kilda Road’s Australand, recently joined 330 students from Avondale Primary School to plant 330 Indigenous plants as part of Planet Ark’s National Schools Tree Day.

Alvin has four tips for reducing energy in strata buildings all based on engaging people:

Australand’s Residential Manager for Victoria, Rob Pradolin said that the day with the school children was about inspiring, educating and recruiting young Victorians about our environment.

• Start with quick wins – switching to LEDs is easy and pays for itself along with motion sensor triggered lights in public areas. • Put together a clear business case with data on financial benefits and payback periods to get owners corporations on side. Make sure owners and tenants know what is going on. • Negotiate with energy retailers for a better deal. • Investigate whether a solar system will be cost effective for your reduced energy use. We are currently examining whether a 10.5 kW roof solar system provides a good pay back over 20 years and if individual owners could also participate – shading could be an issue. More on this later. As an aside, in cooperation with the City of Melbourne our waste and recycling arrangements have been reviewed and significantly improved – six separate streams. What is your building doing? Until next time,

Anita Roper


Anita Roper

Students planted local natives in the school’s front garden further improving the landscape and contributing to Planet Ark’s countrywide initiative, Australia’s biggest community tree planting event.

“Australand has been developing communities for families to live and prosper for nearly 90 years and as a company, we are keen to see young students actively care for our unique land creating future generations

Eco-friendly accolades for Port Phillip

The City of Port Phillip took out two categories in the Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Sustainable Cities Awards. Mayor Amanda Stevens said the awards highlighted the great environmental work taking place and congratulated the Port Phillip EcoCentre and local volunteer Mary ‘Jess’ Jeyasingham on their wins. The EcoCentre won the Clean Beach/ Waterway category for its Yarra Plume and Sea Star Management Projects which improve the management of pollution and pests in Port Phillip Bay. The projects are delivered by a range of community and school groups, including Earthcare St Kilda, allowing locals to take action to protect native species and their habitats in the bay.

Ms Jeyasingham won the Young Leaders category for her work with the

of committed environmental custodians,” Mr Pradolin said.

Indigenous nursery Western Plains Flora supplied seven species of the small plants and shrubs. Mr Pradolin said Schools Tree Day allowed students to make a lasting contribution to the community’s natural environment

“The benefits of interaction with nature for children’s health, wellbeing and development are well-known and it ought to be promoted as a positive way in which kids are actively engaged outdoors,” he said. School principal Paul Mulroyan said the project enacts elements of the school’s philosophy ‘to share and co-operate with others’. “And be a responsible community member, finding reward in participation and doing our best.”

Port Phillip EcoCentre, where she’s volunteered for more than three years. The City of Port Phillip received more nominations than any other organisation, including Sustainable City of the Year. “The City of Port Phillip’s extremely proud to have been nominated for 12 projects in this year’s awards,” Cr Stevens said.

“Most importantly, we’re proud of the contributions made by our impassioned community members who engage in council’s sustainable programs. It’s because of that strong community support that Council has set strong goals in our Toward Zero Strategy, including reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, potable water use and waste contamination by 50 to 80 per cent by 2020,” she said. ISSUE 55



Culinary Corner By Chris Koehn “Good food is very often the most simply made food”.

Lamb A delicious sign of spring

Malaysian lamb curry with coconut and sugar snap peas 1 Combine spices in large bowl, add lamb; mix well.


From roasts and chops to stews and comforting braises, lamb has something to offer everyone at the table. Though we love a fool proof classic combination, let’s move beyond thinly sliced roast slathered in mint jelly and explore one of the many dishes that make this meat shine. Aaaah, lamb. Such a delectable taste for so humble a creature. Lamb is a very versatile meat and readily available. I am going to share one of my clients favourite lamb dishes.

2 tablespoons garam masala 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 tablespoon black mustard seeds 1 teaspoon ground tumeric 1 kg diced lamb shoulder (this cut is great for stewing and roasting whole)

For more recipes or any culinary enquiries you can contact me by visiting my website: www.myhomechef.com.au

2 Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in large saucepan; cook lamb mixture, in batches, until browned

3 Heat remaining oil in same pan; cook onion, garlic and chillies over low heat, stirring until onion softens. 4 Return lamb to pan with coconut cream and stock; simmer covered, 1 hour and 20 mins or until tender. 5 Uncover, stir in peas off the heat.

6 Serve curry sprinkled with coriander. Bon appetite!

Wine matters – It’s a worldwide affair By Guy Surkijn

If you were to bottle the entire world’s wine annual production and lay all bottles down side by side, how far would the line go? Perth? Hong Kong? London? Round the world?

According to the Organisation Internationale du Vin et de la Vigne (OIV) based in Paris, France, the world produced 26.5 billion litres of wine in 2011. If all of it was bottled, 35.3 billion regular 750ml bottles measuring on average 7.62cm in diameter would be filled, enough to be laid down side by side and build a bridge to the moon - seven bottles wide.

The 35.3 billion bottles of wine would also be enough to provide five bottles to each and everyone of the seven billion people that make up the planet’s population!.

Where does it all come from?The ’Old World’ still dominates the leaderboard. France alone produces 20% of the world’s production. Almost 50% comes from the top three producing countries being respectively France, Italy and Spain. Next comes wine from the ‘New World’, the USA and Argentina, who secure 4th and 5th places in the

rankings with approximately 7% each. Australia next? Not quite, China now ranks 6th producing an estimated 5% of the world’s production. Ranking 7th is our beautiful country, Australia, which with 4% of the world’s wine production is ahead of Chile, South Africa and Germany. Where does it all go? Most of it is consumed locally. According to OIV, just under 10 billion litres or 37.5% of the world’s wine production was exported. Here the ’Old World’ also dominates the leaderboard. Italy alone exports almost 25% of all wine

exports and more than three times as much as Australia. Italy together with the other two top producing countries, Spain and France, represent 61% of the world’s wine exports. Australia is punching above its weight and leading the ‘New World’ wine export. By shipping 700 million litres or about 65% of its overall wine production overseas, Australia ranks 4th on the export market almost neck and neck with Chile’s 662 million litres but well ahead of USA and Germany who each export just over half as much as Australia. So with Italy as the world’s wine export powerhouse, it is no wonder that we can enjoy a wide selection of imported Italian wines. From the Barolos, Barberas, Valpolicellas, Pinot Grigios and Soaves of the north to the Chiantis, Brunellos and Verdicchios of Tuscany and Marche and the Aglianico and Nero D’Avola wines of the south to name only a few, there is a plenty to choose from when savouring our pizzas, risottos and pastas.

Cheers to helpful neighbours. Our passionate staff will help you find the perfect beverage for any occasion. Specialising in boutique and individually selected wine, beer and spirits, we also supply to small and large businesses and the hospitality industry. Free local delivery.



shop 3 / 401 st kilda rd melbourne 3004 ph 9820 8889 fax 9820 8883

Can you croon a tune like Michael Bublé? Can you belt it like Bon Jovi? If not, don’t despair, you don’t need to be a superstar. If you can hold a note, join a choir.

Choirs are good for your soul and better for your love life. Even if you’re lacking in musical prowess many choirs don’t require auditions nor expect you to read music.

Why not check out Melbourne Singers of Gospel (MSG)? The secular choir sings soul, blues, gospel and pop. MSG rehearses in Port Melbourne and there is always space for more men. If you want to get uplifted all night long, get to “Music in Me”, MSG’s annual gala performance with funky house band, The Soul Train, at South Melbourne Town Hall on 15 November.

The health benefits of singing are welldocumented and widely accepted - singing together makes you happier, healthier and sexier. But where are all the men?

Women everywhere have discovered these secrets and join choirs in droves, now it’s time for the blokes. Singing means deep breathing, increased blood flow and therefore more oxygen is circulated throughout your body. Endorphins, the brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals are released and moods are elevated - stresses slip away.

Your brain could also benefit as singing helps form new neural connections. Singing makes you feel more confident and alert

More than 140 hand-crafted garments created by one of the world’s best haute couture designers will be on show at the National Gallery of Victoria from next month. The NGV will host the Australian exclusive exhibition The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. NGV Director Tony Ellwood said the exhibition afforded Melburnians the chance to experience an exquisite world of fashion. “Jean Paul Gaultier’s radical designs break down stereotypes and clichés, questioning preconceived standards of beauty and challenging societal, gender and aesthetic ‘norms’,” Mr Ellwood said. are “The results exquisite works of art; exuberant, witty, surprising and dramatic. This is a unique chance for our visitors to experience the world of Jean Paul Gaultier; a world that


Choir calls out for more men as you blow away your work-day cobwebs.

As you sing and move and get into the groove, you get the same positive physical effects as exercise but without expensive gym memberships and designer trainers.

But, best of all, as you sing, oxytocin, the ‘bonding’ hormone is increased making you ready to meet new people and form friendships. If you are happier, calmer, friendlier, healthier, more confident, surely that will lead to more success in the bedroom?

For more information visit www.msgchoir.com.au

extends beyond the catwalk into the realms of art, music and film.”

created for Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett.

The exhibition, featuring accessories, sketches, stage costumes, photography and excerpts from films, runway shows,

Arts Minister Heidi Victoria said the exhibition, which has already wowed crowds in New York and Montreal, will give visitors an insight into the creativity and craft of the groundbreaking French fashion designer.


with haute couture concerts and dance performances, will help illustrate the intriguing story of this unrivalled fashion designer as well as the influences, passions and obsessions that feature in his work.

Renowned for his unconventional and playfully irreverent designs, Gautier’s NGV exhibition will include exclusive material not exhibited in previous venues, such as pieces from his recent haute couture and readyto-wear collections and stage costumes worn by the likes of Madonna and Beyoncé. In another exclusive feature for the NGV, a section on Gaultier’s Australian muses is being specially developed and will include brilliantly executed pieces

“Featuring over 140 superbly crafted garments spanning Gaultier’s incredible career, the exhibition includes the first dress he created in 1971 through to recent works created for some of the world’s most glamorous men and women,” Ms Victoria said. “The exhibition promises to be another show-stopper and I look forward to welcoming it to Melbourne.” The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk is curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot and organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in collaboration with Maison Jean Paul Gaultier.

The exhibition will open on 17 October and run until 8 February. ISSUE 55



Ask Dr John

Q: Hi Dr John, I’m a 45-year-old woman, and my teeth are falling apart. I’ve got some missing teeth and can’t eat properly, and my remaining front teeth are chipped and broken; one of them looks grey and I was told this needs a root canal. I am tired of not being able to smile or eat, and am worried about the process and costs to repair my smile. Can you help? A: We can absolutely help you. Not being able to smile and eat comfortably can be quite distressing, and we can definitely help you reconstruct your smile in terms of form and function.

This smile makeover process involves first undergoing a thorough dental exam to check what is required, and x-rays and scans to check bone condition; this includes a complimentary interview with our treatment care coordinators who will go through with you exactly what your wants and requirements are from your dental procedure. Based on the dentist’s assessment and your requirements and preferences, a treatment plan is provided where you can see a complete breakdown of procedures required and the corresponding fees. At this stage again you would be meeting your treatment care coordinator to go over your treatment plan; they will be able to answer any questions you may have about your treatment and fees. We can absolutely understand your concern about the process and the fees, and that is the reason why we have a team of treatment care coordinators who are available to explain this process and fees with you. We believe in absolutely transparency, and your freedom of choice in selecting your treatment options.

If this is something that makes you smile, the first step would be to make an appointment with our Smile Angels who can provide a complimentary information session to discuss the procedure and prices in detail and will also organise for you to see a dentist to assess your suitability for the smile makeover procedure. Dr John Hagiliassis is the principal dentist at Freedom Dental Spa, a long standing dental practice serving the city of Port Phillip and Melbourne for over 30 years and offers high quality dentistry and six star service in a relaxing spa like environment. If you have a dental question for Dr John, please email info@freedomdental.com.au with Ask Dr John in the subject line.

Freedom Dental Spa, 6/37 Albert Road, Melbourne, 3004 Phone 9867 5555 or Email info@freedomdental.com.au


St Kilda Road Medical Centre

St Kilda Rd Sports & Physiotherapy Centre

Services available:

St Kilda Rd Sports and Physiotherapy Centre hosts a team of experienced physiotherapists, massage therapists and dietitian. Their vast knowledge and experience provides a solid foundation for the effective care of a broad spectrum of clientele, from recreationally active individuals to elite level athletes in all sports including gymnastics, tennis and triathlon. Though our therapists are capable of assessing and treating a wide range of injuries, they also have particular specialist expertise in the treatment of spinal, shoulder and hip injuries. Appointments are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Please call us to make an appointment or enquiry.

• General Practice • Men’s and Women’s Health • Family medicine • Accredited Travel Vaccination Centre • Acupuncture

• Nutritional medicine • Preventative Medicine • Dietitians • Physiotherapy – Sports and Rehabilitation • Remedial Massage

We offer: • High quality medical care • Female and Male practitioners

• Established for over 15 years • Dorevitch Collection centre on site

Phone 9869 2000 Level 1/391 St Kilda Road (Between Domain Rd & Toorak Rd) e: info@phm.org.au www.skrmc.com.au 8am – 6pm Mon – Fri, Sat 9 – 11am Consultation by appointment only


We can also offer payment plans (required pre-approval) to ensure that finances do not become a barrier for you to achieve and maintain oral health.


St Kilda Road Medical Centre

Phone 9869 2030 Level 1/391 St Kilda Rd (Between Domain Rd & Toorak Rd) e: physio@phm.org.au www.skrphysio.com.au Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm Consultation by appointment only

not just band-aid solutions

By William So

I got a call from my editor, she wanted to know the best way to treat hayfever.

So, I go and ask a doctor,

She said, “Do a patch test and desensitisation, which protect you for the next five years.”

Then I go and ask a naturopath, He said, “Horseradish, Garlic, Vitamin C and Echinacea.”

Next I go and ask a pharmacist, She said, “Antihistamine, eye drops and nasal spray, most would cover you for 24 hours.”

Then I go and ask a homeopath, He said, “Allium Cepa, Arsenicum album, Euphrasia and Nux vomica, listed here in alphabetical order.”

Last I go and ask my darling wife, Pandora,

She said, “Put me in a hotel penthouse suite, air conditioned 24 hours, free from pollen, dust and mice, I shall stay there till summer.”

Benefit from our years of experience & knowledge for your long-term health and well being. Our philosophy is simple. We provide ‘Quality and Care’ to ensure our customers receive the best healthcare advice with value for money and reputable medical products. We are dedicated to providing professional pharmaceutical advice… our finger is always on the pulse for your good health..

Pharmacy 517 517 St Kilda Rd (Corner Commercial Rd) P 9866 4892 • F 9866 2133 Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm Saturday by appoinment Email pharmacy.517@nunet.com.au


A Spring Poem

• Self-Care Health Information • Prescription (Rx) • Vitamins • Passport Photos • Photocopy & Fax

At Pharmacy 517, we don’t have customers, we have friends. It’s how we connect with our friends that allows us to make a difference in their lives.

The cycle of change: Denial

By Dana Atkin Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

Change can be difficult for many people. Even our biology, our body is

hardwired for survival. And because we’ve survived up until now with things exactly the way they have always been, then why should we change anything, right? There is a process that we all go through with every change. We tend to resist it because of our built-in survival mechanism. We fight it because we worry that if we change one thing, then maybe other things will change, leaving us powerless. Sometimes change is thrust upon us and sometimes we choose to change wether consciously or subconsciously. Every change, regardless of how it comes about

goes through a series of common steps, including denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and letting go. This month, I’m going to talk about the first step, denial.

Often, the denial step is missed because it usually comes before the desire to change has been realised. We deny there is any problem with the current situation - be it weight, work, home or health - and we continue with things the way they are, often looking for other, not-so-healthy ways to satisfy the unfulfilled circumstance. Our inability to recognise that something needs to change is

frustrating to not only ourselves but also for those who love us. Then, when those we love speak up about the issue at hand, we get defensive because it’s true and we’re not ready to face it, or change it. Consider this. Where in life have you been feeling defensive lately? Could your defensive approach to the situation be because on some level, there’s an element of truth to what the other person is saying? Is it something you’re willing to work through now? If not, write it down somewhere so that when the time comes, you have a beginning point.




Motoring review by Paul Maric

Since storming on to the scene in the year 2000, Toyota’s big-SUV, the Kluger, has been a raging success. Available in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, the Kluger’s success has come down to size, versatility and V6 performance.

Toyota Kluger

Fast forward 14 years and the Kluger remains a success story for the Japanese car company. The third generation Kluger has undergone a styling change with more masculine angles and better use of interior space. Starting from $40,990 for the entrylevel front-wheel-drive Kluger GX, the range continues on to the $67,990 top-spec all-wheel-drive Grande. I drove the volume selling $44,990



four-wheel-drive GX model to get a feel for the entry-level range.

Inside the cabin, the Kluger still feels like a step up into a larger SUV. This gives drivers the feeling of power and height over other cars on the road. There’s also a newly designed cabin that features soft-touch finishes and an updated steering wheel. Much like the second generation, the new Kluger is very spacious inside. The front seat and second row passengers have a large amount of leg and headroom to play with. There is also a third row, which increases the seating capacity of the Kluger to seven. But, don’t expect to fit adults or large teenagers in the third row.

Boot space is very impressive (as you would expect for a car this size). With the third row erected, there is 195 litres of space. Drop the third row and space increases to 529 litres. If you go even further and drop the second row of seats, luggage space increases to a whopping 1,171 litres.

Under the Kluger’s bonnet is a familiar V6 engine. The 3.5-litre V6 engine is the same as the last model, but Toyota claims that fuel consumption has decreased to 10.6L/100km (from 11.0L/100km). The engine is mated to a very smooth shifting six-speed automatic gearbox. At just over $40,000 for the entry level Kluger, the segment is filled

with options. Buyers can try the new Nissan Pathfinder, Mazda CX-9, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Territory. Given the competition, the Kluger scrubs up very nicely on paper. While the fuel consumption was a little higher than expected, Toyota offers a front-wheel-drive version that is more affordable and uses less fuel. The Kluger is a clear winner in a fiercely competitive segment. Paul Maric is a Melbourne-based, independent motoring journalist and mechanical engineer. Visit: paul.maric.id.au Follow Paul on Twitter: @paulmaric

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