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Sew All 1000

Sew All 400

Sew All 100 • Sew All 1000m available in 80 colours, 400m and 100 m in 180 colours Extra Strong 300

Extra Strong 100

• Extra strong 300m in 8, 100m in 50 colours • Extremely strong and even and works well on all sewing, over-lock and coverlock machines • Oekotex certified – sustainably manufactured

MG9124 – 100m (110 yards) MG9135 100m (110yards) MG9125 – 400m (440 yards) MG9134 300m (330yards) MG9126 – 1000m (1100yards) 100% Polyester core spun Versatile machine sewing thread available in normal and extra strong and in 5 spool sizes. High Quality Aerofil 120 Sew All is excellent value for the best finish on fine to medium weight fabrics. Aerofil guarantees optimum sewing properties and glides through fabrics, making production, even of clothes, sports and work wear, easy and simple.

Please check out the EQS website for all colour options available

Aerofil 35 Display

Aerofil 120 Display 900 x 100m spools in 180 colours Each unit measures 1692 x 448 x 263mm (83.6” x 17.6” x 10.4”). The 3 drawer base unit is supplied free of charge (included in size above).

Displays 250 x 100m and 40 x 300m spools in 50 colours, size 423 x 448 x 236mm (33.3” x 17.6” x 10.4”). The 3 drawer base unit is supplied free of charge (included in size above).

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Madeira Cotona No. 30

Madeira Cotona No. 30 MG9330 Machine Embroidery Thread made from 100% Cotton

• Matt natural finish for large embroidery dery projects idery machines • Works on home sewing and embroidery ilting • Can also be used for piecing and quiltin ercerised cotton • Made from 100% Egyptian double merc • Available in 60 solid and 10 variegated ted ccolours – something for every customer’s taste MG9330 200m (220 (22 yards) solid colours, 400m (40 yards) rds) variegated colours 100% doub ouble mercerised cotton Machine embroidery and quilting thread made de fr from high quality Egyptian n co cotton. Cotona No. No 30 gives a natural and refined lookk to any embroidery design and also makes an excellent machine quilt quilting thread. It is suitablee fo for all domestic sewing machines. Cotona is ssupplied in multiples of 5.

Colour Chart

505 05 Softt Ice

513 13 Petunia unia

510 10 Cappucci uccino

Display Options

512 Sunset

508 Blue Lagoon on



511 Sunrise

509 Amazone

514 Mocca

506 Coral Fish Cortal Fish

507 Savanna

60 more solid colours available. See all the colour col options on the EQS website.

Cotona 30 Display Coto MG9330 330D for solid colours

Coto otona 30 Display MG9331D for or va variegated colours (400m)

The displayy co contains 5 x 200m spools. Size 423 x 448 x 263mm (17” x 17.6” x 10.4”). It can be prese resented on its own or combined with other modular units. A 3 drawerr base ba can be supplied free of charge if required. req

Table top unitt dis displaying all 10 variegated threads . 5 x 65mm (7.9” x 19.9” x Measures 201 x 505 2.6”) and is delive elivered with 5 spools of each colour.

European Quiltin uilting Supplies Ltd 11 Iliffe House, se, IIliffe House, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5LS Tel. 0116 271 1 0033, 00 Fax 0116 271 0099 Email Sales@eqs

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Madeira Metallic Mouliné No. N 4

Metallic Mouliné No. 4 MG9834 Hand Embroidery Yarn Glistening textured highlight for hand embroidery

• Easily strandable ble into four – the right thickness of threa hread for every project titch packaging – no • Cut, pull and stitch tangling of strand ands n waste • No loose ends, no • Surprisingly soft ft – comfortable to work with 4 col colours – something • Available in 24 for every custome omer’s taste MG9834 834 20m (22y (22yards) 60% Viscose Visc – 40% metallised Polyester Metallic llic No. 4 adds metallic shine and a festive tive look to embroidery. A metalli tallised embroidery floss which can be wo worked as simply as Madeira eira cotton floss Mouliné. It is very ery soft and supple and may be divided d in into four strands for easy embroidery emb onto different textures. Think hink of it as a metallic Mouliné liné! Available in traditional golds and silve silvers and striking colours. rs.

4007 07 Pure re Gold G

Colour Chart

4004 04 Brass ass

4002 White Gold 4024 Antique Gold

4010 Pure Silve ilver

4011 Bright Silver

4026 Amber

4003 Rose Gold

4022 22 Gold ld D Dust

4000 Silver Dust

4042 Antique Silv Silver

4029 29 Bronze onze

4028 Copper

4052 Malachite hite

4021 Brocade

4057 57 Emera erald

4065 Turquoise

4012 Amethyst yst

4013 Coral

4014 14 Ruby by

4036 Sapphire

4033 arine Aqua-Mari

4060 Black Pearl

4061 Granite

Display Options

Meta etallic Mouliné No. 4 Tab Top Display Table

20 colourss of Madeira Metallic Mouliné No. o. 4 floss are featured on this table top display. There are 5 spirals of each colour in the display, with only a sm small footprint: 365 x 295 x 238mm 23 (14.4” x 11.6” x 9.4”.

Metallic tallic Mouliné and Perlé Table le Top T Spinner Display

24 colours each ach of Madeira Mouliné Metallic No. 4 and an Metallic Perlé floss are featured on this table top display. There are 5 spira pirals of each colour and the display fits nicely icely on your counter: 1000 x 290 x 190mm 190 (39.4” x 11.4” x 7.5”).

European Quiltin ilting Supplies Ltd 11 Iliffe House, se, IlIliffe House, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5LS Tel. 0116 271 1 0033, 00 Fax 0116 271 0099 Email Sales@eqs

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Ma Madeira Mouliné 6 Stranded ed CCotton

Mouliné Stranded Cotton MG017 Hand Embroidery Yarn Soft and shiny cotton thread for hand embroidery

• Soft thread, for all types of embroidery stitch packaging – no • Cut, pull and stit tangling of stran trands • No loose ends,, no waste • 10m instead of ttraditional 8m • Available in 369 solid and 10 variegated colou olours – something for every customer’ er’s taste

MG017 10m (12ya yards) - 100% mercerised stranded Cott Cotton Mouliné né 6 strand cotton floss is made from fines inest high quality long staple Egy Egyptian cotton, guaranteeing beautiful ul so softness and lustre. It is dyed d by using processes that do not involvee an any carcinogens or banned d AZ AZO dyestuffs. The result is a superb qua quality thread which is fast in colo colour and fully washable to 95°C (2100 F). Absolutely tely effortless to strand, Mouliné is a plea pleasure to work with and ideal eal ffor traditional needlework activities. Mouliné né is the preferred choice for classical cros cross stitch, satin stitch, shadow w em embroidery and the number one choice oice for hand embroider idery and smocking.

Colour Options

With 359 59 solid and nd 1 10 variegated ted shades – the Mouliné World’ss yo your oyster!

Display Options

Moul ouliné Tower Display

369 colours urs of Mouliné, 1890 skeins. Size ize 2055 x 670 x 580mm (80.9” x 24.4 24.4” x 22.8”). Small footpr otprint, mounted on rollers for flexible ble p placement

Moulin liné Wall Display

369 colours off Ma Madeira Mouliné, 1890 skeins. Size 1640 40 x 800 x 400mm (64.6” x 31.4” x 15 15.7”). Wall mounted

European Quilti uilting Supplies Ltd 11 Iliffe House, se, Iliffe House, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5LS Tel. 0116 271 1 0033, 00 Fax 0116 271 0099 Email Sales@eq

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