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mag mag kill The Challenge

WE WANT TO KILL ALL NEWSPAPERS BEFORE 21 December 2012 So here is a little game or a challenge (whatever you call it). This very page, a single page with no money, no contents, nothing at all, will kill (in term of visitors/readers) all the online version of newspapers in the world before 21 December 2012. The end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Why this stupid name MAG MAG KILL KILL? It is dedicated to Meyer’s cult movie: Faster, Pussycat Kill! Kill! Why this game? PAPER ECONOMY IS BASED ON NEWSPAPER POWER FREE AND REAL ECONOMY IS BASED ON FREE AND OPEN INTERNET Of course a real market needs real sharing and real freedom of speech. NEWSPAPERS ARE STRONGLY DETERMINATE TO CLOSE the INTERNET AND TO CONTROLL IT Rupert Murdoch and all other global publishers are for closed internet and the internet where news is available only by payment. They take money from politics, they decide global agenda and they want money from internet as well. NEWSPAPERS ARE NOT DEAD, THEY DECIDE THE GLOBAL AGENDA IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICS Every big news you listen on television or in other media is created by a newspaper. It’s normal that a newspaper has 100 times more journalists than TV or other media. IF YOU ARE HERE, YOU ARE FOR FREE AND OPEN INTERNET AND YOU CAN KICK THEIR ASS. Rules How can we measure the killing of each newsmagazine by this page? When the ranking of this page surpasses the website of online magazine we put the old magazine in the lower part of the clepsydra (trash of history). To kill a magazine, it’s necessary to have at least one better ranking in the following tools.

And who decide the ranking? I use available tools on internet but only if they can meet this three criteria: 1) The tool must be free of charge; 2) It should give a global ranking of each site; 3) The tool must be well known. At the moment, I use Alexa and Google page rank. Please let me know if there is any other tool available.

mag mag kill kill  

The End of all Newsmagazines by 21 December 2012

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