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Magliner Provides Customers with Long-Lasting MaterialHandling Equipment Magliner is a leading manufacturer of material-handling equipment, including hand trucks, bottled water trucks and stair climbing dollies. Headquartered in Standish, Michigan, the company supplies customers around the world with products that help them work easier every day. Over the course of seven decades, the name Magliner has become synonymous with innovation, quality and value.

Magliner’s equipment is highly durable and lasts for several years. Devices available through the company’s online store include the following: 

Hand Trucks: Magliner hand trucks are among its best-selling products. Customers can select units with double pistol grip handles, horizontal loop handles and features that make transporting heavy loads easier. Magliner offers general purpose hand trucks as well as units designed for handling beer kegs, soft drinks and other specific items.

Stair Climbing Dolly: Magliner battery-powered stair climbing dollies give people the ability to move loads up and down stairs easier. Its lifting mechanism pull with the person using it while ascending stairs and serves as a brake while descending. Users simply press a button near the dolly’s handle to switch between ascend and descend modes.

Dollies: Magliner pallet dollies allow workers on factory and warehouse floors to manually move hundreds or even thousands of pounds without the assistance of a fork truck. Customers can choose between pallet dollies, which comein non-tilt and tilt designs to enable turning; and lighter-duty caster dollies, which deliver 360-degree maneuverability.

Lift Hand Trucks: Magliner’s acclaimed LiftPlus line of battery-powered lift hand trucks give workers the ability to lift up to 350 lbs. on a daily basis. Customers can select a lift hand truck with forks or a platform.

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Magliner provides customers with long lasting material handling equipment  
Magliner provides customers with long lasting material handling equipment  

Magliner’s lightweight, top-quality hand trucks allow for the safe and efficient transportation of heavy objects and materials.They give you...