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welcome to athens 2/athens

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens, dedicated primarily to its patron, the goddess Athena, dominates the centre of the modern city from the hill known as the Acropolis. Everything you know about the Ancient History of Athens is connected to this place. The Acropolis monuments are among the most important in the world. These unique masterpieces of ancient architecture combine different orders and styles of Classical art in a most innovative manner and have influenced art and culture for many centuries. The Acropolis of the fifth century BC is the most accurate reflection of the splendour, power and wealth of Athens at its greatest peak, the golden age of Perikles. Open Daily 08.00-20.00. Last admission 19.30. Entrance fron Dionysioy Areopagitou str.


acropolis museum All antiquities formerly crammed in the small museum atop the namesake hill were transported during 2007 in a mammoth-sized operation. The last exhibits were placed into their new positions in April 2008. The exhibition rooms house the most important artefacts of the classical period, as 4/athens

well as other treasures that were previously kept in storage for lack of space. The museum has divided its roughly 4,000 artefacts in five collections: The finds from the slopes of the Acropolis Hill, antiquities from the archaic period, the classical period, the post-classical era and the Roman period. Some of the most emblematic ancient Greek antiqui-

ties are displayed: The archaic Kouroi (male statues) and Kores (female statues), a vast number of pottery, marble sculptures of maidens and athletes, the Parthenon frieze and all its surviving parts. Visitors will also have a chance to admire a collection of artefacts dug out during the excavation process on the ground floor and

inspect the ancient city-beneath-the-city. Archaeologists uncovered ancient roads, houses, bath houses and workshops dating between 3,000 BCE1,200 BCE, all of which can now be examined through a glass floor that extends from the outside area to the main hall. The route one follows forms a spiral pathway leading from the ground floor where the archaic artefacts are exhibited upwards towards the Parthenon marbles and back down through the Roman era. The top floor houses the Parthenon frieze which is displayed in its original, 2,500-year-old fulllength entirety, placed at the same angle as it did when it was on its original location, to maximise its effect on the viewer. The pieces missing from the frieze, famously known as the Elgin Marbles, have been replaced by duplicates. Greeks have been very vocal in requesting the originals back from the British Museum where they have been housed since Lord Elgin hacked them off the ENTRANCE from Dionysiou Areopagitou, Makriyanni, Tel: +03 210 9241043, Mon 08:00-16:00 / Fri 08:00-22:00 / all other days 08:00-20:00 / Entrance: â‚Ź5 / Fri: Restaurant open till midnight /

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands



THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

best museums in town benaki museum The private museum in the city’s chic neighbourhood of Kolonaki is housed in a beautiful 19th century neo-classical mansion, donated by Greek benefactor Antonis Benakis. The first floor is dedicated to Palaeolithic and Bronze Ages, the Cycladic, Mycenaean and classical era. There is a vast collection of tools, marble vessels, golden jewellery and painted pottery, glassware, ceramics, funerary stele, murals, Fayum portraits, as well as a large collection of roman statues. Don’t miss the Fayum “Portrait of a Young

Man”, an expressive portrait of a male form from Antinoopoli of Egypt, painted with the encaustic method on linen. It dates from the 3rd century CE and many components of the new wave in Greek painting have their roots in it. The museum has two more annexes: The modern art division at Pireos Street and the Islamic Museum in Kerameikos (see descriptions below). 1 Koumbari Street, Kolonaki, 210 3671000, / Ticket: 6 Euros, temporary exhibitions: 3 Euros / Metro: Syntagma


byzantine & christian museum One of the most impressive collections of Byzantine and postByzantine era artwork is housed in the Byzantine Museum, whose aim is to acquire, save, conserve, record and showcase artefacts of early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval and modern religious art. Its 25,000 items date from the 3rd until the 20th centuries CE and originate from Greece, Asia Minor and the Balkans. Collections include among others, sculptures, icons, wall-paintings, ceramics, textiles, manuscripts, drawings and chalcography. 22 Vasilisis Sofias, Kolonaki, Tel: +30 210 7294926 / Tickets: 4 for temporary exhibition / Metro: Evangelismos. 8/athens

museum of cycladic art (mca) As its name suggest, this museum showcases the largest collection of the gorgeous white marble figurines of Cycladic Art, which have influenced modern sculptors with their grace, abstractive form and sleek surface. Most of them were discovered in tombs but their meaning is still debated. These figurines are mostly female, with hands crossed in the front and slightly bended knees. The seated figure raising its cup in toast is of exemplary technique, as well as the violinshaped representing body shapes in the third millennium BC. Other displays show the marble vessels and basins used for

religious and everyday activities. On the second floor are exhibited artefacts from Mycenae up until the Roman era: Hydrias, glass vessels for oils, golden objects and amphorae from Attica. The third floor houses temporary exhibitions, while the fourth floor presents the Karolos Politis collection, a rich selection of about 120 artefacts covering all periods of Greek art until the 6th century AC. 4 Neofytou Douka street, Kolonaki, Tel: +30 210 7228321 / Ticket: 7, on Monday 3.5 / www. / Metro: Syntagma, Evangelismos the archaeological museum Start with the Prehistoric collection, which includes artefacts from

the Neolithic, Cycladic and Mycenaean periods, testifying to the long human presence in the area now known as Greece (6,800-3,200 BCE). The clay figurine of a man touching his head with his hand and the voluptuous female figurines are amongst the most famous Neolithic findings. As you marvel at the iconic Cycladic figurines in the next chamber, don’t miss the largest surviving female figure from Amorgos Island, as well as the exquisite harpist, made from dazzling white marble. Continuing with the Mycenaean exhibit, you will be stunned by the spectacular treasures discovered in Mycenae by German legendary archaeologist Heinrich Schlie-

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

ATHENS mann. The collection includes stone, bronze and ceramic pots, figurines, ivory and glass objects, as well as golden seals and rings from the vaulted tombs of Mycenae and other parts of the Peloponnese. The delicate golden funerary masks, cups and jewellery, as well as the carved ivory objects found in the royal tombs testify to the sophistication of the artistry, while the Linear B inscriptions provide information on the administrative organisation of the Mycenaean world. In this department you will also see the socalled Mask of Agamemnon, the famous gold mask covering the face of a man found in a tomb in Mycenae, originally thought to be the legendary king Agamemnon. Other masterpieces of the Museum are found in the numerous sculpture galleries, where the visitor can trace the development of Greek sculpture from the 7th century BCE to the early Byzantine period. Among other artefacts, you will see the threemetre-tall Kouros from the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio, the bronze two-metretall statue of a mystery God (said to be Zeus or Poseidon), and the bronze Hellenistic masterpiece of a young rider on a horse. The 10/athens

Museum also has an inexhaustible collection of vases, pottery, metalwork and small objects which were used in everyday life. Some of the most remarkable examples of fresco painting from the 16th century BCE come from Santorini, inspiring awe with their intricate details and vibrant colours. Some have been transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Santorini, but the Antelope, the Boxing Children and Spring will dazzle you with their vitality and figurativeness. The Museum recently opened its excellent Egyptian collection, considered the fourth largest in Europe. The

collection was donated by Ioannis Dimitriou in 1880 and Alexandros Rostovic in 1904. In total, the collection includes more than 6,000 artefacts. The visitor can admire the mummies, nine of which were donated by the Egyptian government in 1893, rare statues, tools, jewels, a wooden body tag for a mummy, a stunning bronze statue of a princess, intact bird eggs and a 3,000-yearold loaf of bread with a bite-sized chunk missing. The exhibition’s centrepiece is a bronze statue of the princesspriestess Takushit, dating to around 670 BCE. Further down there are also some exquisite Fayum funer-

ary portraits, with their characteristic expressive eyes. Last but not least, do not miss the collection of donors Antonis and Eleni Stathatos whose artefacts span from the 5th millennium BCE until the post-Byzantine era, and includes mostly pottery and jewellery. In 2009, a Cypriot collection of antiquities was inaugurated in the Museum, comprising of small statues, jewellery, jugs and pottery. In 2006 and 2007, new important additions were made. The Getty Museum of California returned two important artefacts which were considered to have been looted, after a 10-year-old legal dispute with the Greek government. These are a 4th century BCE golden funerary wreath and a 6th century BCE marble statue of a woman. Previously, Getty had agreed to return a 4th century BCE tombstone from an area near Thebes and a 6th century BCE votive relief from the island of Thasos. All can be admired today in the museum. The museum is presently showcasing a temporary exhibition of The Antikythera Shipwreck (see Mustsees for details). 44 Patision Avenue, Tel: +30 213 21448000, 2144856 / Tickets: â‚Ź7, free entrance on May 18th, June 5th, last weekend of September / http://www.namuseum. gr / Train: Victoria

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


the great outdoors lycavittos hill Athens being hilly, there are several points from where you can enjoy superb views over the city. One is the Acropolis Hill and the other is Lycavittos Hill, a sharply-rising limestone rock reaching 277 metres above sea-level. The birdseye-view from the top is amazing and encompasses Mount Parnitha in the north, the Acropolis Hill that crowns the city centre, and open views to the south all the way to Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf. Perched at the top is the small white-washed church of Aghios Georgios, 12/athens

which is beautifully lit in the evening. There is also the open-air Lycavittos theatre nearby, which hosts various theatre performances and concerts during the summer, as well as classy and pricey Orizontes caférestaurant, where you can catch your breath and enjoy the view. The fastest and most hassle-free way to reach the top is to take the two-minute ride up the funicular. The starting point is the corner of Kleomenous and Ploutarhou Streets in Kolonaki. If you are set on doing it on foot it is best to set out from Loukianou Street,

but bear in mind that there are no signs to point you to the top. sounio and the temple of poseidon The beautiful temple dedicated to sea-god Poseidon is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, not just for the well-preserved ancient monument, but also for the clear blue beaches surrounding it and the pictureperfect sunset. The route leading to Sounio is a sight in its own merit as you drive next to beautiful beaches and coves, small towns and cafés. The temple crowns a 60-metrehigh rock and was

built in the 5th century BCE, during Pericles’s “Golden Age”. The hill itself won its place in history when, according to mythology, king Aegeas jumped to his death from the cliffs believing his son Theseas had died in Crete trying to kill the Minotaur. The temple is made of marble and originally had 34 Doric-style columns, though today only 15 survive. The ideal time to visit is in the evening, when most tourists groups have left and the light is softer. Watching the sunset from the cliff and the blue sea underneath is an unforgettable ex-

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


perience. To get there: Take the tram from Syntagma towards Voula, from where it is best to hire a taxi. You can combine Sounio with a swim at nearby Legrena beach and a bite at one of the local fish tavernas. faliro and glyfada Starting from Palio Faliro and ending beyond Sounion, the southern Athenian seaside is a sight to see in its own right. Either you want to go swimming, or shopping and want to avoid the city centre, Glyfada is good for both. The tram runs along two lines towards the south of the city, one ending in the Neo Faliro district 14/athens

(close to Piraeus port) and the other line ending at the quiet suburb of Voula (towards Sounio). In Palio Faliro, the Trocadero park (Tram station: Trocadero) has been spruced up in recent years and transformed into a meeting place for couples and youngsters who take their leisurely walks around the area. It houses a beautiful open-air cinema, landscaped areas for walking, some pricy cafĂŠs, a restaurant and a few shops selling sports apparel. If you prefer to head towards Glyfada, you can stop at Alimos Marina for a walk amongst the sleek sail-

ing boats and a cup of frapuccino, or lunch at the spacious, open allday venue Kitchen Bar (3 Posidonos, Kalamaki, 210 9812004). The marina is also home to the nicely-decked Skippers CafĂŠ-Bar (Pier 1, 210 9880282) originally a hangout for windswept skippers. Taking the tram once again, you find yourself at the go-kart track of Aghios Kosmas (Tram station: Aghios Kosmas) where you can test your driving skills. On the way you will see plenty of public, as well as private beaches where you can enter for a fee that is higher on the weekends. When the tram takes a sudden left turn you

have reached Glyfada (Tram station: Platia Katraki), a somewhat Americanized neighbourhood where the first shopping centres and fast-food chains appeared in the 80s. Shopping is de rigueur here, with fashionistas visiting the boutiques daily and high-end brand stores spread around the main Angelou Metaxa, Lazaraki and Kyprou Streets. When you need to take a breather, pop into Vincenzo (1 Yannitsopoulou, Glyfada, tel: 210 8942310, 425), for the best Italian pasta in town. For more restaurants and bars in the area, look at relevant Food and Bar sections.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


the onassis cultural centre presents “the birds” by aristophanes at the ancient theatre of epidaurus 16/athens

Have you noticed that when the lights go out at Epidaurus, one can hear the steps of the actors approaching the orchestra, and somewhere in the background the sound of an owl? This time you will hear a hooppoe, a nightingale, a cuckoo, a hawk, a goldfinch, a heron... because The Birds are coming, only at Epidaurus! The masterpiece of Aristophanes, the author considered as the most prominent representative of ancient comedy and wrote some of the greatest works in the history of theatre, this August will be presented at the magnificent ancient theater of Epidaurus.

A great opportunity to watch a brilliant performance, with a talented group of actors under the instructions of the successful director Nikos Karathanos, while enjoying your holiday in Peloponnese, a region widely known both for her historic sites and castles as well as her beautiful beaches. On August 21 and 22 (9 p.m) the Onassis Cultural Centre of the Onassis Foundation goes to Epidaurus for the first time in the context of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival to present «the Birds», the play for which Aristophanes received the second prize in the Dionysia Festival in 414 BC, considered by leading scholars as the

the best of the surviving works of the greatest comedian in ancient greece for two performances with english surtitles, 19 & 20 august.

best of his surviving works. Written during a time when peace was strongly undermined (Nikiios Peace Treaty); the Sicily operation was ongoing and the political situation in Athens was managed by unsuitable politicians. The story of two men, Pisthetaerus and Euelpides, who leave their city, Athens, in search of a new one, ‘soft and plump like a feather mattress, or like the belly of a baby’. They find it in the country of the birds, which they call ‘Cloudckuckooland’. The birds welcome the two strangers. They give them wings. Together, they work with enthusiasm to build a wall up in the

sky to stop the communication between gods and humans. The happiness of this new state is based in this newfound idea. Imagination and reality, humans, gods, and animals come together in a world with a ludic seriousness, the fluidity of a dream, and the sweet melancholy of life. This is a production that aims at a clear approach of Aristophanes, wishing for the poetry of the leading comedian of Attica to be heard and loved again. A theatre company ‘that wants to fly, while falling’, seeking, daring, and confronting ‘an elusive happiness, so big that cannot be uttered or thought of’. THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


The identity of the performance Translation: Giannis Asteris, Direction: Nikos Karathanos, Adaptation: Nikos Karathanos, Giannis Asteris, Sets and Costumes: Elli Papageorgakopoulou, Music: Aggelos Triantafillou, Lighting Design: Simos Sarketzis, Movement: Amalia Bennett, Assistant to the Director: Ioanna Bitouni, Assistant Director: Marissa Traintafillou, Assistants to the Set Designer: Evangelia Tharianou, Myrto Kosmopoulou, Myrto Lambrou, Assistant to the Musician: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos, Production assistant: Tzela Christopoulou, Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens, Line Production: Yolanda Markopoulou, Konstantina Georgiou / POLYPLANITY Productions, With: Alexandra Aidini, Aliki Alexandraki, Fotini Baxevani , Konstantinos Bibis, Natassa Bofiliou, Maria Diakopanagiotou, Vasiliki Driva, Galini Hatzipaschali, Nikos Karathanos, Emily Ko-


liandri, Giannis Kotsifas, Ektor Liatsos, Christos Loulis, Grigoria Metheniti, Aggelos Papadimitriou, Foivos Rimenas, Michalis Sarantis, Aris Servetalis, Giannis Sevdikalis, Aggelos Triantafillou, Live music by: Marios Dapergolas, Sofia Efkleidou, Dimitris Klonis, Vassilis Panagiotopoulos, Dimitris Tigkas

Tickets and presale The pre-sale will begin soon by the Greek Festival. VIP Zone: 45 €, Zone A: 30 €, Zone B: 20 €, 15 € (Students), Upper Tier: 10 €, 5 € (Students, Unemployed), People with disabilities: 5 € Tickets can be purchased through:

 Credit Card Bookings via the Athens

and Epidaurus Festival Website www. No reservations are possible. Online booking is completed 1 hour and 30 minutes before the beginning of a performance. Online booking allows you to choose your seats depending on price and availability.

 Group bookings: up to 20% discount. Tel.: 213 017 8066, email:  The Athens and Epidaurus Festival Box Office

Monday to Friday: 9:00-17:00, Saturday: 09:00-15:00

 From event venues: the box office opens two hours before the scheduled performance. Tickets for all performances and events are available during the first hour. During the last hour, only tickets for the scheduled performance are available.

 Tickets can be delivered by courier. There is a charge of €3.50 per delivery. This service is only available in Greece.

 Ticket printouts can also be used.

 Transportation: to and from Epidaurus with 9€ only. Tel.: 213 017 8036, email:

Credit Card Telephone Booking Telephone Booking Centre: +30 - 210 32 72 000 | Monday to Sunday: 9:00 - 21:00

Telephone booking is available until 1 hour and 30 minutes before the beginning of a performance. On the day of a performance, telephone booking is available until 14:00. Tickets can be collected from the Festival’s Box Office, or event venues. They can also be delivered by courier. There is a charge of €3.50 per delivery. This service is only available in Greece.

 Main Box Office 39 Panepistimiou Str. (inside Pesmazoglou Arcade) Monday to Friday: 9:00–17:00 | Saturday: 9:00–15:00

 Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus Box Office Argolis Prefecture, Peloponnese Monday to Thursday: 9:00–19:00 | Friday to Saturday: 9:00–21:00 On the day of performances, box offices at event venues will only offer tickets for the scheduled performance an hour before the beginning of the event. You can also buy tickets in the following shops: SPG1672

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands



Must See Exhibitions 20/athens

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

ai weiwei Museum of Cycladic Art The artist’s first major exhibition in Greece includes a new artwork that responds to the museum’s collection. This is the artist’s first exhibition in an archaeological museum and follows a close collaboration between Ai Weiwei and the MCA. Significant works by the Chinese artist are displayed among the museum’s renowned permanent collection. The exhibition introduces Ai’s practice to the Greek audience

through some of his most canonical works and highlights his most recent activities from the past months that he has spent in Greece documenting the refugee crisis. The exhibition looks at his recurring use of particular materials which draw parallels with Greek counterparts, such as wood and marble. Amongst the iconic pieces on display are Divina Proportione (2012), Mask (2011), Cao (2014) and Grapes (2011). Museum of Cycladic Art 4, Neophytou Douka str.


the equilibrists Benaki Museum – Pireos Str. A project organized by the New Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, Athens, on the occasion of DESTE’s 33rd anniversary. This project continues the DESTE Foundation’s history of supporting talented emerging Greek artists. On the occasion of its anniversary, rather than focusing on its past, the Foundation is looking forward with a focus on the future of young art in Greece. “The Equilibrists” brings together work by a new generation of young Greek and Cypriot artists working in Athens and abroad. The artists were selected by the 22/athens

New Museum curators, Gary Carrion-Murayari and Helga Christoffersen, drawing on their own research and the recommendations of a team consisting of more than 20 advisors made up of curators, artists, and writers in Greece, and following trips to Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, London, and Berlin. Benaki Museum – Pireos 138 Pireos & Andronikou St. ceramics from china Benaki Museum – Koumpari str. For the first time in 35 years, the Benaki Museum presents to the Greek and international public highlights from its collection of Chinese ceramics. Ninety masterpieces of ceramic art belonging

to the historical collection of George Eumorfopoulos, donated to the Benaki Museum in the 1930s, testify to the global impact of Chinese civilisation, shed light on the course of contact between China and the West through art, and attest to the vision of the collector and his ties with Greece. Benaki Museum – Koumbari str. 1 Koumbari St. & Vas. Sofias Ave. dodona. the oracle of sounds Acropolis Museum The exhibition aims at furthering our knowledge regarding the oldest Greek oracle, tracing the way it operated, its role and importance in the ancient world, and at the same

time underlining the human need to predict the future. The exhibit’s narration begins with Dodona in the late Bronze Age. Clay and bronze artifacts illuminate the identity of the first inhabitants, the primitive cult of Mother Earth (Earth Goddess) and the establishment of Zeus’ cult. The main interest in the exhibition lies in Zeus and his predominant presence in the sanctuary. The central theme is the prophetic oak tree that with the rustle of its leaves would answer the agonizing questions of people of what lies ahead. Acropolis Museum, 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou Street

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


5 great beaches for swimming in Athens


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

karavi, schinias In the area of Marathon, close to the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre, you find this beautiful, organized beach. Inside these 30 acres visitors can find a beach bar, a restaurant, sports facilities, a windsurfing school, beach volley courts and private parking. Daily 09:00-21:00,, Free entrance grand beach and mediterraneo, lagonisi Relax at the golden coast of Grand Resort

Lagonissi, enjoy your cocktail at the Grand Beach bar, indulge in the special culinary creations at the Mediterraneo restaurant and have fun with your favourite water sports. Overlooking the Saronic Gulf, this 5-star hotel resembles an island, offering a unique coastal landscape. www.lagonissiresort. gr, Entrance: 15-25€ yabanaki, varkiza The renewed Yabanaki Beach is located in the central beach of Varkiza, which is

easily accessed by car. Yabanaki is a multiplex beach park offering a multitude of activities, as well as a café, bars, restaurants and many beach bars. Daily 09:00-undefined,, Entrance: 3,5-6€ astir beach Astir is the most cosmopolitan beach in Attica and a favorite of the Athenian jet set. Fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, relaxing sunbeds, beach volley courts, water skiing,

jet skiing and shops selling everything related to beach items. Daily: 08.00-21.00,, Entrance: 18-28€. α’ voula beach A vast, sandy and popular beach, the A’ Voula Beach is located approximately 18km southeast of downtown Athens, stretching all along the coastal Poseidon Avenue. It is one of the closest beaches to the city, with modern facilities and commercial shops. Entrance: 3-5€

ΣΥΝ Αθηνά

1. Tel: +30 2421500100

If words like fun, relaxation, exploration, freedom and a bit of adventure fit in your ideal summer holiday description then incrediblue holidays will blow your mind. The staff at Incrediblue will organize your dream holidays on a yacht and make sure you are treated like a king sailing around the Cyclades and exploring the beautiful Greek islands. All captains are carefully selected and fully trained to manage the yacht, keep you 26/athens


safe and maximize your onboard experience. All you have to do is choose among Incrediblue’s vast fleet your dream yacht, according to your desired dates and group size. Live your myth exploring the deep blue Aegean sea without having to spend a fortune. Imagine spending a week on the islands for less than 600 euro per person!

2. Zampano Sarri 18, Athens, Tel: 21 3023 3244

Located on the ground

floor of the eversuccessful City Circus Hostel, in a neoclassical building of the Theater District of Psirri, Zampano, as you can deduce by its name, is a unique place full of cinematographic references. Inspired by the main character of Federico Fellini’s masterpiece “La Strada,” Zampano takes traditional Greek cuisine to a whole new level, adding modern, creative elements to fresh, seasonal ingredients from all around the country, prepared carefully by the chef Chryssa Kataki . Enjoy your meal while

resting on authentic Viennese and French café furniture and taste Greek wines surrounded by brass light sculptures and funky zebra wallpaper, resting your elbows on an art-deco copper bar.

3. ΣΥΝ Αθηνά CAFÉ – RESTAURANT – roof garden Thissio Athens 210.34.55550

Finish your walk in the Thision area with a visit at SYN ATHINA. This neoclassical building at the foot of the Acropolis hill is the ideal all day cafe spot to have an iced

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

La Vista Optimista

Athens - nice n easy

coffee and power up on a tasty brunch. The restaurant serves Greek and Mediterranean dishes, all cooked based on traditional recipes. The wine list features fine Greek wines and the bar serves excellent cocktails. If you wish to visit SYN ATHINA by night make sure to make a reservation for a table on the terrace. The view of the Acropolis Hill is breathtaking.

4. DNA 2 Athanasiou Axarlian St. & Voulis St., +30 210 3310484

A classic shopping spot 28/athens


for Athenians the last 22 years, DNA imports some of the most sophisticated women fashion labels from around the world: tailor made local garments alongside cutting-edge European and American brands. Some of the brands you will find here are: Intropia (Spain), Molly Bracken (France), Karavan (Greece), Miss Mochila (Latin America), Star Mela (UK), Madame Shou Shou (Greece), Quintana (Spain), Orion (uk), Bonsui(uk), foteinh Karagianni (Greece),Doctor denim


5. Athens - nice n easy Kolonaki, 60 Omirou & Skoufa Str. T +30 210 3617201 Kifissia, 7 Papadiamanti Str. T +30 210 8082014

Well known for its philosophy of healthy food using the best ingredients, this organic restaurant bistro is the place to eat for those who are keen on enjoying every meal w hile taking care of their health and figure. In ‘nice n easy’, the cuisine is fresh,

the drinks are diverse and appealing and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. On the menu, you will find nutritional values and calorie measurement for each dish served as well as a fine selection of gluten free courses.

6. La Vista Optimista 95 Ermou str., Monastiraki, 210 325 0242

Our new favourite place in Athens is this new all-day café bar/ bistro operating on the terrace of Lotus -

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Mythical Heroes for Kids! A brand new series for children aged 4-8 by a fabulous authorillustrator duo that tells the incredible stories of the greatest mythical heroes of Ancient Greek times. Andreas Giovanos and Sofia Kominea co created this excellent series of books written in fun rhyme and illustrated in modern


comic/graphic novel style. Each book takes on the story of a hero from Ancient Greek mythology. The first books of the series focus on Theseus, Hercules, and Achilles. There are also fun activities for children to do at the end of each book.

Karakassis Optics

Athens - Pestemal

Center Hotel in Ermou str. The magnificent views of the Acropolis Hill is only one of the reasons we love this place. Ideal for coffee breaks and a light brunch in the morning, it is also the place to be in the evening for drinks and finger food under the stars.

7. Karakassis Optics

Le Greche

Situated in the center of Athens, Karakassis Optics was established in 1928, and since then their professional and experienced team is working hard to assist you in finding the best pair of vision and sunglasses. Frame clearance is on (on selected vision eyewear) until the end of the month, so don’t miss out!

50 Solonos & Omirou str Tel.: 210 3613366 Facebook: Karakassis Optics @karakassisoptics www.

8. Athens Pestemal

If you are interested in buying optical goods, this is your go-to place!

When it comes to summer and beach accessories, Pestemal is


100 Adrianou Str. Plaka, Athens. Tel: +30 213 030 14 33

the place to visit. Τhe excellent beach towels are the star product in Pestemal. Thanks to the colors and harmonious design, Pestemals can be used as scarfs, pareos, wraps, tablecloths, sofa cover, throws and many more. Their high moisture absorption, the ability to dry fast, the antibacterial characteristics and delicate texture, make them an absolute must-have for all seasons. Find them in a great variety of modern colors and designs, in a wholesale network of 400 stores throughout Greece.

9. «Le Greche» Il Caffe: 16 Mitropoleos Str. Syntagma, Tel: 216 7006458 Il Laboratorio: 2 Ap. Pavlou, Ag. Paraskevi 216 7006416

«Le Greche» produce fresh «gelato artigianale alta qualita» every day, throughout the year, using Italian craftsmanship and embracing the very best Greek and Italian raw ingredients. Maestri Gelatieri Francesco Palmieri and Evi Papadopoulou have created a fantastic variety of ice cream flavors and the reason why there is always a queue in front of

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

this Gelateria is quite simple: everything is excellent. A must try!

10. Passagio Cafe 143 El. Venizelou, Kallithea, Athens, tel: 210 9516605

Passagio Cafe


If you ever find yourself in the bohemian area of Kallithea pay a visit at Passagio, one of the best cafes in Athens. This place combines with great success all the best features of European capitals, such as London, Paris or Madrid. A cool place to enjoy your coffee and grab a snack, listening to fine music and watching passersby come and go.

11. Ride the Greek Seas with Phoebus

This old merchant ship was discovered by the artist and decorator Zannis Koukas and restored to its former glory. Now, a luxury cruise ship with a unique character. It is an ideal way to take short trips around Mykonos. Book an escape at the island of Delos, visit small ports and deserted beaches for swimming, take a day trip around Mykonos or attempt escapes at the nearby island of Rhenia, Tinos & Paros & etc. All trips come with music, lunch & BBQ on board and many more!

the greek islands

Welcome to the most beautiful place on earth!


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

boat is an experience on itself. Waiting patiently at the boat’s little door, stewards check your ticket to insular paradise and then up you go by the stairs to the boat’s salon. All of a sudden, you feel a strong urge to rapidly climb to the deck and snap a panoramic view of the port from above, taking it all in: the crowd outside still waiting to board, the packed cars and trucks with their engines on and port police trying to handle impatient travellers, eager for their vacation to start. Soon the boat horn sounds and that’s it! Anchors away! The trip has just started, and it’s about time to familiarize yourself with the usual Greek canteen queues and the world-famed Greek foam-covered iced coffee “frappe”. Once you take that first frappé sip the thought strikes you: how on earth are you supposed to spend

these long hours till you reach your destination? Couch and TV inside –assuming of course that you’ve managed to secure one of the most coveted spots by then– or the plastic-fantastic seats cum cool sea breeze sprayed on your face and sunbathing on deck? Dear traveller that is entirely up to you. During this trip two things are definitely going to happen: a necessary power-nap and the completion of all the necessary readings for your destination via this precise guide! Lifo Guide focuses on some Cycladic Islands, highlighting all the necessary aspects that make them unique. This year we’ve added a little extra, a Northeastern Aegean island, Lesvos. Noble Lesvos, bearer of an exceptional history and long tradition, has many treasured secrets that are yet to be revealed.

photo: konstantinos tsakalidis/sooc


h the Greek Islands! The Greek Islands are the very definition of summer vacation. They’re all about magical beaches, hidden coves and crystal blue waters. Unique experiences for friends, couples, loners and the mighty. Piraeus, Attica’s main port doubles as your summer magic portal, transporting you to these fairytale destinations. Even if you find yourself exhausted from the long journey, dragging your luggage with one hand and holding your precious ticket with the other while seeking shelter from the omnipresent Grecian sun, what you’re about to experience soon will definitely reward you. You have made the right decision and chose one of the many Greek islands – 1.400 mapped, 160 – 227 partially or fully inhabited. Travelling by


Charismatic and cosmopolitan Mykonos. Just get yourself there and the island will take care of the rest.


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Classy and chic, Mykonos entices visitors to an unpretentious extrovert experience stemming from its exceptional atmosphere and elegant aesthetics. Often called “the windy island”, Mykonos first became a must destination already in the 1960’s when celebrities from around the world flocked to the island. Mykonians enjoy sharing stories from the golden era that shaped tourism in Mykonos and made it the most famous Greek island. Definitely one of the top destinations for party animals: countless events take place during summer with famous DJs in Paradise beach. It is -along with Ibizathe most famous gayfriendly destination in the Mediterranean, boasting the most glamorous and vibrant nightlife in Greece, combined with the natural beauty of typical Cycladic landscapes; its picturesque corners, turquoise waters and local festivals where locals and tourists mingle offer an exciting combination of fun and relaxation. 36/mykonos

staying in mykonos Boats moor in Troulos, the new port and that’s where your exploration of the island will begin. Mykonos has two main settlements: the town of Mykonos or Chora, and Ano Mera. In Chora all roads lead to “Little Venice”, the seaside district with its elegant, beautiful houses with colorful verandas, staircases and wooden balconies

on the sea, a scenery reminiscent of Venice, Italy. Have a seat in a restaurant and enjoy local as well as international cuisine signature dishes. The Mykonos’ trifecta consists of nightlife, gastronomy and guess what else? Shopping. High heels are compulsory for all fashionminded visitors who wish to strut in Matogiannia, the main commercial street

on the island. Chic and luxury boutiques offer a wide variety of global fashion brands, with many exclusive collections intended only for the windy isalnd. Prepare for endless hours of shopping therapy: clothing, leather sandals, swimwear, jewelry, cosmetics, local herbs and many more. Ano Mera is within walking distance, but in a totally different

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


mindset. This low profile settlement manages to keep its distance from the bustling Chora, with its relaxing alleys, cozy cafes and fine dining in grill restaurants. An early morning walk around the old port, which used to be the main port of the island, to spend time watching the small colorful boats is a great idea, while anytime is a good time to roam the maze of whitewashed alleys smelling of jasmine and bougainvilleas. 38/mykonos

sightseeing & attractions Sightseeing may be limited but it is very interesting. Visit the Archaeological Museum (+30 22890 22325,

08:30-15:00) to see the ancient tomb statues, columns and vases (dating from the Prehistoric to Hellenistic times) excavated in Mykonos and the neighboring island of Rinia. The Folklore Museum (+30 22890 22 748 daily except Sundays 16:30-20:30), near Paraportiani church, keeps a beau-

tiful collection of old wooden furniture, photographs, maps, etc. The house of Lena, in district Tria Pigadia (+30 22890 22390) showcases the interior design of a typical 19th century house. Right next door, you can visit the Maritime Museum (+30 22890 22700, 10:3013:00 and 18:30-21:00) full of navigational instruments, boats, maps and coins from antiquity to recent times. The church of Panagia Paraportiani

is a strangely shaped

Byzantine church, consisting of five smaller churches and one of the most photographed places on the island. Finish your walk in the sights of the island with a visit to Ano Mera and the church of Panagia Tourliani founded in 1547. sea treasures Visitors looking for parties, frantic dancing and relentless flirting must go straight to Paradise and Super Paradise that hold the reigns of beach partying since

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


the ‘60s. Celebrities also have a penchant for the beaches of Ornos, Kalamopodi, Plidri, Psarrou and Plati Gialos. The wide beach of Kalafatis with its thick shadow, can be reached by car or bus. The tiny beach of Agia Anna and the protected from winds beach of Kalo Livadi are also good choices. In the southern part of the island, at the west of Kalo Livadi and 4 km 40/mykonos

away from Ano Mera is sandy Elia, the longest coast of Mykonos. If you seek privacy, the nearby Agrari is perfect and suitable for water sports. In the northern part of the island is another surf spot, Ftelia, and the beaches of Panormos and Agios Sostis, both with clear waters. Kapari beach offers magical sunset and Merchias offers a hard to find peace and quiet. Far from

the maddening crowd, are the beaches of Fokos, Mersini, Vathia Langada, Pano Tigani and Kato Tigani, where you will also need an umbrella for shade and a cooler with food and water.

getting there:

There are many daily ferry and catamaran services connecting Piraeus and Rafina ports with Mykonos. Mykonos Airport is also served by the main Greek carrier –Aegean Air– and many international airlines fly directly to the island. The airport is situated 4 km from Mykonos Town and you can reach it by taxi.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Ekaterini Jewellery

ď ľ1. Central Argyrena, Tel. + 22890 77306 Facebook centralmykonos

A fresh and buzzing place where you can start your day with a delicious Cycladic breakfast with local ingredients, all designed and ex44/mykonos

ecuted by chef Yiannis Gavalas. As the day progresses the scenery changes and people come here for a nice cocktail or a glass of wine while enjoying the fantastic sunset seated in the private balvonies of Central

ď ľ2. Ekaterini Jewellery Matoyianni, Mykonos town, +30 22890 78876, facebook: ekaterini jewellery design

The shop sells clothes from designer Ekaterini which are produced in Greece, as well as a wide range

of foreign brands. The youthful design and great value for money are present in the hottest trends in accessories like earrings, necklaces, colourful watches etc.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

RIEN by Penny Vomva

Mykonos Hotel Andronikos

3. RIEN by Penny Vomva Αtelier&boutique : Triptolemou 2-4 , Athens, Greece +30 210 3420622 Mykonos boutique: florou zouganeli 14, Mykonos, Greece, +30 22890 77230

The atelier was founded five years ago while the Mykonos boutique opened in 2012 by Penny, who’s passionate about the art of sewing and creating clothes, swimwear, jewellery, leather bags, all of which aim at making women 46/mykonos

feel comfortable with those items. The name means “Nothing” but signifies a lot. It signifies that fashion is not posing, nor trends, but rather what every person feels and each person has a different feeling to express. This is what Penny Vomva tries to accomplish: to reflect each person’s feelings on the clothes, swimwear and accessories. Her reputation has exceeded the Greek borders and now RIEN collaborates with

various shops across Europe, United States and Middle East.

4. Mykonos Hotel Andronikos Drafaki +30 22890 24231, email:,

Andronikos Hotel is an upscale, cosmopolitan resort situated at the edge of Mykonos town with splendid views of the Aegean Sea and the sunset. Andronikos is spread across a large area of 90000 sq. feet and is the ultimate

choice when it comes to Mykonos’ lifestyle. It combines easy access to the beaches and the town, newly designed spaces that inspire the senses, exquisite dining at the award winner Lady Finger Greek gourmet restaurant and a relaxed yet funky atmosphere at the popular Orange Blue Bar. Andronikos Hotel evolves into a new era of hospitality by introducing the “total hotel experience”concept.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto

5. Nesaea Agia Anna beach, Kalafatis, Tel.: +30 2289 072130

Based on the same philosophy that «nice n easy» brought in the Greek gastronomy, where everything is about health food and delicious tastes, a new project of its people starts its journey to Mykonos. With a name inspired by a female divine spirit of the Greek mythology, Nesaea, the new Mykonos restaurant, presents farm to table cuisine in its most creative and elegant version! Pure local ingredients of the Greek islands and a healthy living philosophy compose the most 50/mykonos


imaginative and tasty dishes, in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere by the sea.

6. Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto Livin Mykonos Luxury Suites, Drafaki, Tel.:+30 22890 23474 / +30 697 901 9584

Located by the pool of the brand new Livin Mykonos luxury hotel, Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto, the first tempura bar in Greece, created by the talented chef Ahmed Ahmed, welcomes every visitor on the cosmopolitan island who loves Japanese cuisine. Focusing on

tempura, the Japanese technique, acquired from Portuguese merchants toward the end of the 16th century, of deep frying seafood or vegetables dipped in batter, Ebi Tempura’s menu is based on a selection of fresh seasonal ingredients, skillful and meticulous preparation and exquisite presentation.

7. Koursaros Meletopoulou street Mykonos town, 2289 078140

Koursaros has been operating for 20 years in Athens, and now has moved to Mykonos. In the heart of Hora and only a short stroll

from Little Venice it is set in a wonderful large garden decorated like a pirate’s ship. Specializing in fresh fish and seafood the menu consists of Greek and Mediterranean recipes. There is something for every taste here. Beautiful surroundings, a relaxing atmosphere and excellent customer service, ¨Koursaros¨ is the choice that will not only cater for your romantic dinner but also your family outing. Koursaros restaurant, in Mykonos town, is the ultimate destination for sushi. Inspired by the excellent sushi chef Take Lee-Moo IL , will reveal pleasure to all sushi lovers.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Pepprer Souvlaki and more

Your Car Ride

8. Pepprer Souvlaki and more 18, Kouzi Georgouli. Tel: 22890 27019 Peppermykonos

It made its debut in 2013 in one of the most central places of Mykonos and ever since the people of «Pepprer Souvlaki and more» keep up with the same philosophy and faith in the best quality and emphasis on fresh ingredients. At its elegant place with handmade creations giving a great sense, somewhere between the characteristic white narrows of Chora, you will taste the flavours of a truly unique grill house 52/mykonos

Beit Matta

and rich plates based on the greek cuisine. As you can imagine by it’s name souvlaki here has a main position in the menu and it’s a real masterpiece!

9. Your Car Ride Tel: +306955138002, +306975724294

you to the beach or your professional appointments. There is a wide range of choice here: drive around with a Range Rover or a Mercedes GLK 300 or even a Mercedes Vito extra long 9!

10. Beit Matta

If you are looking for a professional and experienced driver to drive you and your family around the island this is the place. You can rent luxury cars with or without the driver. The prices are reasonable and there are automobiles that are ideal whether you need them for driving, @beitmatta,

From the shores of the Red Sea Riviera to the white sandy beaches of Mykonos, Egyptian handcrafts design house "Beit Matta"is sure to cause a stir in Greece. The design house renowned for its customized, all

handcrafted, creations inspired by rich Egyptian heritage flavoured with a global contemporary twist, will be showcasing select pieces from its latest collection this summer at DECORD (Mykonos - Skalado 84600). The collection features diverse creations blending uncompromising beauty with practical functionality. Lavish and authentic materials such as copper, ceramics and hand-blown glass are moulded to craft coasters, trays and shot trays, envelope openers, bookmarks, ashtrays, candle holders and ice buckets.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands



THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Santorini is akin to paradise on earth. And who wouldn’t want to experience that?


Magical, sensational, ecstatic. Every word used to describe Santorini fails its beauty. Every expectation one has prior to visiting Santorini pales upon arriving on the island. Even the most experienced travellers agree on one thing: This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. staying in santorini Visitors coming to Santorini, or Thera as it is also called, disembark at the port of Athinios. The first impression could both scare or excite you, but the narrow, steep and sinuous road leading from the port up to the town of Fira gradually unfolds the island’s natural beauty before you, as an ideal trailer of what comes next. The amazing town of Fira is the capital of the island and a fine example of Cycladic architecture, clinging on the cliffs 260 meters above sea, offering a unique and breathtaking view to the caldera. If Santorini is one of the top destinations in the world, it is in part due to the caldera and 56/santorini

its volcano. Luxury hotels, design boutiques, cocktail bars, picturesque winding streets, posh restaurants and a vibrant nightlife are what Fira is all about. The island carries a long gastronomic and viticulture tradition with many local varieties, which are the result of Santorini’s volcanic soil. Examples of that special produce are small tomatoes and zucchinis, white eggplants as well as many indigenous grape varieties. In fact Santorini vineyards are the only

ones in Europe that were never affected by phylloxera, and a visit there paired with a wine tasting session is a treat to every palate. The settlements of Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia are fabulous places to discover on foot, especially around sunset. Just manage to secure a nice spot about a couple of hours earlier, because sunset in Santorini is the most crowded time of the day; find a seat in a cafĂŠ, climb on a roof or head to the castle of Oia and enjoy

watching the sun set in the sea while others around you paint, take pictures or even write poems, inspired by the majestic view. sightseeing & attractions The archaeological site of Akrotiri (+30 22860 81939, 08:0020:00) is the most prestigious and bestpreserved prehistoric settlement in Greece. It was unearthed 50 years ago and is the most important archaeological site of the Minoan civilization situated outside of Crete. Akrotiri,

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

In Santorini, the beaches are unlike anything you might have seen in the rest of the Cyclades. Dark sand, deep waters and rocky bottoms – the result of volcanic activity – will make your aquatic experience quite special.

santorini which only recently re-opened for the general public, offers you a unique opportunity to visit prehistoric building complexes, streets and walls in good condition and see well-preserved objects that were buried underneath the volcanic ash caused by the massive explosion that nearly destroyed the island in the 17th century B.C. Many of the Akrotiri finds are exhibited in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira (+30

22860 25405, every day except Tuesdays, 08:00-15:00) and the Archaeological Museum

in the same area (+30 22860 22217, every day except Monday


08:00-15:00), which also houses sculptures and inscriptions from Roman times. At the village of Vothonas you’ll visit the Wine Museum Koutsoyannopoulos (+30 22860

31322,, nestled in a cave eight meters below ground. sea treasures In Santorini, the beaches are unlike anything you might have seen in the rest of the Cyclades. Dark sand, deep waters and rocky bottoms – the result of volcanic activity – will make your aquatic experience quite special. Perivolos and Perissa, the most cosmopolitan

beaches of the island, are located on the southeast side. Dark sand, beach bars, water sport facilities, taverns and hotels are their main features. Kamari is quite similar, while Monolithos is considered an ideal option for young families, due to its shallow waters. Vlychada, with its impressive rocky sculptures of volcanic rocks, is situated in the southern part of the island, as is the Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia) too. If you’re not careful enough your clothes may stain due to the intense red pigment of the rocks and the sand Quite close to

Kokkini Paralia is Aspri Paralia (White Beach), line with large white pebbles that may make it difficult for you to dive in, however you will be rewarded by its fine landscape of colored and peculiarly shaped rocks. fyi The ancient Greek name of the island is Thera. The name “Santorini” was given by the Frankish people, who conquered the island in the 13th century, and found there a church dedicated to Agia Irini (Saint Irene). Santorini owes its magic to the rare geomorphology caused

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

santorini by successive volcanic eruptions over the centuries that ended in 1950, changing the geography of Santorini to its current shape, creating Nea Kameni, a small island right opposite the town of Fira. No need to worry though since the possibility of the volcano to be reactivated is very slim. trips The most popular trip in Santorini is the boat trip to the volcano (daily routes from the old port of Fira) and the hot springs. Walk on top of the volcano, see the caldera from an impressive spot, snap some shots and swim in the thermal springs. Also a good idea for a boat trip is to the tiny island of Thirassia.

getting there:

All major ferry companies offer several daily connections to Santorini. Santorini airport is served by Greek carriers , while many international airlines (charter flights) fly directly to the island. Having said this, we firmly suggest getting there by boat. The experience of a cruise among the volcanic islets while approaching Santorini and the impact of that first glimpse of the caldera from below shouldn’t be missed.


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Night Flight


1. Night Flight Avis beach Kamari Santorini, Tel : 22860 30066 nfsantorini

This unique all day cocktail bar is the place to be. Have something to eat, try original cocktails from the 66/santorini

menu and enjoy one of the numerous musical events at the Night Flight in the fabulous Kamari beach. From 10am till the small hours of the morning, the feeling is pleasant, the mood lifted and the staff very helpful.

2. Yazz Perissa beach, +30 6940570457

Α beach bar restaurant you can choose for breakfast; try the fresh fruit juices and smoothies made of tropical fruits or some traditional. Greek reci-

pes. In the evening, it transforms into the absolute beach bar. Sun loungers on the beach, tropical cocktails and music nights with live bands or DJs complete the ideal scenery.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Mezzo Mezzo

Tango Bar

3. Mezzo Mezzo Imerovigli, +30 22860 21874

Mezzo Hotel is situated in a beautifully restored Cycladic home in the Imerovigli – Skaros area of Santorini, that was originally built in 1891 and restored to its present condition in 1979. It was only quite recently that a restaurant was added to the already excellent services of the Mezzo group. The restaurant offers a su68/santorini

perb gastronomic experience with high quality cooking inspired by the gastronomic tradition of Santorini and always prepared with local ingredients. In an elegantly decorated space offering breathtaking views of the volcano, the famous sunset of the island and Oia, Mezzo Restaurant is certainly one of the best choices in the area.

4. Tango Bar Marinatou str., Fira, email: mobile: +30 697 449 8206, & 694 5417 875

Tango Bar is something more than a bar. It’s an idea. An ideal destination for all those who truly want to have a good time during their stay in Santorini island. Start early and enjoy the sunset from the beautiful balcony listening to chill-out and lounge

music. As the night comes, a whole new world unfolds in front of your eyes when you walk through the door and down the steps leading to Tango’s beautiful veranda. Great music and refreshing cocktails that taste like summer set the tune. This year’s cocktail list is better than ever: Rich, simple and fruity, classic but with a special twist or even your own idea one thing is certain,

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

sabbia nera


the talented bartenders of Tango’s bar will aim to please you. Extra tip: Don’t forget to try this season's apple caramel martini (vodka, fresh green apple, caramel syrup) or honey mango margarita (tequila, mango juice, fresh lime juice, greek honey). 70/santorini

5. Sabia Nera Kamari beach, Santorini, +30 22860 33007

The name means Black Sand and is one of the best trattorias on the island, located in Kamari, by the beach. Lying on the custommade lounge chairs, you will enjoy your

swim while drinking coffee, juices and fresh cocktails and once you are done, you will dine in an ideal environment. Try Italian flavours mostly pasta and seafood, prepared by experienced chefs and have a glass of wine.

6. Sirocco Perissa beach, +30 22860 83020

One of the oldest restaurants in Santorini, famous for its fluffy pizza and Greek and Italian menu. Sirocco also offers the option of a set menu.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

To Cafenedaki tou Emporiou


7. To Cafenedaki tou Emporiou Emporio, Santorini, +30 6977863307, +30 6947453999

Walking in the graphic narrow pavements of the traditional village called Emporio where the time seems to have frozen in the olden times, on the way to the medieval castle, built in the 14th century, you will meet a monument of 72/santorini

exceptional beauty, the church of Jesus. There, in a place resembling a real-life oasis you find the beautiful traditional spot CAFENEDAKI. Here you can enjoy greek coffee made the traditional way, fresh homemade greek sweets and ice creams, also refreshing greek fruit salads and juices, greek beers and a great variety of local wines, cocktails based

on wine and greek traditional spirits.

8. Gecko Perissa, Santorini, +30 6944037523, +30 22860 83039

A beautiful restaurant serving fresh, home made burgers. All the ingredients are sourced locally from Greece. On the menu you can find the classic burger, cheese burger, bacon burger

along with greek style, BBQ, mushroom and vegetarian, 13 in all - or you can customise your own from a selection of 15 different ingredients. For that a healthy option you can order salads, greek, tuna, caesar and chef’s. Finish your meal with a nice selection of ice creams and desserts. Gecko’s house speciality is Tornado – Potato on a stick.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands



9. Bagiatiko King Thiras Str, Tel: +30 2286 022092 Μπαγιάτικο-Food-BarBayiatiko-Food-Bar

Bagiatiko Food bar is a new meeting point in the cosmopolitan Fira, in Santorini, for all those who want something good to eat, but don't like waiting. Greek delicacies such 74/santorini

as the famous souvlaki and gyros prepared with local meat are on the menu here as well as delicious burgers with the ingredients of your preference, refreshing salads and many more.

10. Paradox Oia , Tel.: +30 22860 71675


If you are a fan of Thai cuisine and visiting the beautiful Santorini, Paradox is one of your top choices. Located in Oia, famous for its magnificent sunset, this Thai restaurant and Bar will appeal in all of your senses. Asian - Thai cuisine is the key on its menu while you

can taste some burgers, all made with the best ingredients and in reasonable prices. Τaste the paradox salad, the fried rice with egg, the pad thai and tom yum koong soup (with shrimps). You should also try the pork, beef or duck dishes with green or red curry sauce and coconut milk.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Dandelion Travel


11. Dandelion Travel Tel: +30 697 2018404

If you are seeking a way to explore Santorini and enjoy as best as you can your holiday on arguably the most spectacular of the Greek islands, Dandelion Travel is the answer. Dandelion Travel was founded by Thomas and Vasilis in an effort to combine their love of traveling with their love of Santorini, and offers personalized, guided tours to those who like to explore with safety and a sense of luxury. At Dandelion Travel you can create your own itinerary and customize your tour on the island while it offers pick up services and wedding transfers.


12. Yalos Exo Gialos, Thira, Tel: 2286 025816 el/santorini-beach-bar

Located on the nearest beach to Fira, at Exo Gialos, a small, typical beach of Santorini with black sand and volcanic rocks, this all day bar – restaurant is totally a place to be. Yalos beach bar is what you need to enjoy all day long by the sea. Relaxing sun beds, refreshing fruit juices, coffees, signature cocktails, delicious snacks and Mediterranean dishes made with the freshest local raw materials will accompany you while you enjoy some moments of rest on one of the most beautiful Greek islands. And if you are planning your wedding on the island this a place for an unforgettable party!

13. Passagio Cafe Louka Nomikou, Oia, 2286 071330

Passagio Cafe

The success of Passagio café in Athens continues here in the Santorini franchise as well. This is a beautifull cosmopolitan all-day café bar located in a truly magical location. You can come here to enjoy fantastic coffee and snacks to get you going through the day or visit Passagio in the evening and enjoy a cocktail while the sun takes a majestic dive right in front of you. Excellent music will accompany your visit.



THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

An island that embodies all the elements of Cyclades, Paros is a natural masterpiece, refined by the hands of men!


White has always been the trademark of Paros, the third largest island of the Cyclades. The famous marble extracted from the mines of Paros has been famous since the ancient times and in fact many of the famed ancient Greek statues were crafted using Parian marble: Hermes of Praxiteles (Olympia Archaeological Museum), Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace (Louvre). Nowadays Paros combines all the elements that make up the Cycladic islands: It is cosmopolitan, indie, welcoming, traditional, up-tempo and bohemian. It is also the home of amazing beaches; in short, Paros is the paradigm of the Greek island experience. 82/paros

staying in paros Upon arrival visitors face a most pleasant dilemma: Parikia or Naoussa? Parikia is the main harbor, the capital of the island and the center of most activities. The white windmill of the port is your starting point in a walk through the maze of narrow, whitewashed streets, lined by picturesque white houses and little yards filled with geraniums and oleanders. The commercial part of the town is filled to the brim with stylish shops and cafes. Naoussa, the second largest town of the island, is equally full of life but a tad bit more picturesque. The fishing port with the stone bridge and the remains of the old castle are great for

leisure walks and ideal spots to snap a picture. Naoussa has that little bohemian something, which paired with its boutiques and fancy bars, makes it attractive to many celebrities as well. Eating is also a big thing in Paros. Its competitive gastronomic advantage is not only based on the succulent local recipes but the freshness of the local produce as well. Souma, a traditional local drink akin to raki, is a must. For those who are not so keen on hard liquor, local wine is a great treat; especially the Aegean varieties of Mandilaria (red wine) and Monemvasia (white wine). Don’t forget to taste the local cheese called “xinomizithra”.

sightseeing & attractions While in Parikia visit the Archaeological Museum (+30 22840 21231, 08:30-15:00) whose collection unfolds a six thousand years history. One of the gems of the collection is the Parian Chronicle, an ancient stone inscription recounting events from 1581 B.C. till 264 B.C. Right next to the museum are the ruins of three buildings of the Hellenistic period, with extraordinary mosaics of the 3rd c. BC. In the heart of the town is the venetian fortification, built by the Venetian Duke of Naxos, Marco Sanudo, over ancient temples. The most emblematic attraction in Parikia, and in Paros in general, is the famous monastery of Panagia

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Ekatontapyliani (+30 22840 21243, 07:3022:00), one of the most famous pilgrimages in Greece. The name of the monastery means “A Hundred Gates”, and tradition has it that there are 100 gates in there, 99 of which are visible and one hidden and closed. The Byzantine Museum is situated in the monastery (+30 22840 21243, 09:00-21:00), that houses valuable relics of the main temple. Lefkes is the most mountainous village in Paros, located in the middle of the island. Well known for its tavernas and the church of Holy Trinity with marble steeples. Every summer, a week after the Assumption, Lefkes celebrate the feast of karavolas that attracts people from across the island; people feast on snails, garlic and potato stew and dance ballos (a local dance of the Aegean) until the early hours of the morning. About 12 km from Lefkes is the village of Marpissa and the 16th c. BC monastery of Agios Antonios (Saint Anthony), with an exquisite wooden temple and a great view to the sea. One of Naoussa’s monuments is the 84/paros

Venetian fort, built by the Sommaripa Dynasty (15th c.) and a visit to the Historical and Folklore Museum (+30 22840 52284) is also worth the while for those interested in the tradition of the island. The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros (+30 22840 53573, is situated on the peninsula of Detis, on a 800 acres area that during summer hosts cultural events. sea treasures With a 120 km coastline, Paros caters to every visitor’s wishes. Starting from the north and the bay of Naoussa, you will find the beach of Kolimbithres with rare relief rocks that people use as sunbeds. The bustling, sheltered beach Monastiri is only a few minutes from there, inside

the Environmental and Cultural Park. The “twin” beaches of Mikri Santa Maria and Megali Santa Maria are in fact one long beach, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Nudists prefer the beach of Laggeri, about 1.5 km from Naoussa, while the sandy shore of Ampelas offers quality family moments, with some decent tavernas serving local cuisine dishes. Tsoukalia and Molos are considered ideal when there is no wind, the quiet and sandy Piso Livadi is equipped with tavernas, cafes, bars and accommodation choices, while Logaras is the favorite beach of the locals. The shore of Chrisi Akti (Golden Shore) is a windsurfer’s paradise. In the southernmost part of the island beaches are quieter and windless. Alyki is a

top choice for families, Pounta a must for kite surf and watersports, while Marcelo, very close to Parikia (you can also reach it by boat), looks like it’s coming straight out of an ad for Caribbean holidays. trips The ferryboat from Pounta gets you to Antiparos, the small island opposite Paros, in just 7 minutes. Check also the connections to Despotiko and Koufonisia.

getting there:

Ferries and catamaran services connect Paros with the ports of Piraeus and Rafina, and daily flights connect the island to the mainland.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Palm Beach

1. Palm Beach Beach · Paroikia, Kikladhes, Greece, Tel. +30 2284 093060

An idyllic place in one of the most beautiful bays of Paros, the bay of Agia Eirini, where you can sunbathe or relax on its sunbeds and its lounges. Discover the finger-food menu or enjoy a meal at the restaurant, trying both traditional and sophisticated plates prepared by its 86/paros


talented chef team. The menu is a perfect combination of French gourmet with a twist always in search of high quality local products. End your day with a refreshing cocktail admiring the splendid sunset.

2. Stylishious Naousa, Paros Tel: +30 2284055422

STYLISHIOUS is a new shop in the picturesque village Naousa, Paros. It represents exclusively the collection “alexSANDra

on the beach” by Alexandra Katsaiti. Her clothes are for all women who feel like a “forever girl” having an overflowing joy for life! Alexandra is a designer with lots of personality and a unique style that meets girly & sexy with a twist. The 2016 summer collection has the essence of Greece that takes us from the islands to Elegant Resort Styles, Sexy Beachwear & Casual City Looks. Her signature accessories, the

sun glass collection “alexSUNNIES” & her Greek style sandals “alexSANDALS”, point towards the Greek Islands! The entire collection feels like a summer breeze in the Cyclades, blowing with a retro feeling, bringing back memories of amazing childhood holidays, waking up the little girl still living inside us, urging us to enjoy the summer and enjoy life!

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Yria Hotel Resort

Koo Sushi Restaurant

3. Yria Hotel Resort Tel. +30 22840 24154

Hidden in the heart of the bay of Parasporos, Yria Hotel is one of the top holiday choices on this beautiful island of Cyclades. Υria Hotel is designed to reflect the cycladic architecture of the past, built using local materials and artifacts meticulously chosen for a stylish effect. It guarantees an ultimate Aegean experience, and boredom is out of the quesrtion. Spend some 88/paros


time in the library, exercise in the gym, have a refreshing spa or enjoy a tasty meal by the pool at Nefeli, and have a signature cocktail at Selini bar watching the magnificent sunset.

4. Koo Sushi Restaurant Naousa, Paros, Tel. +30 22840 53454 koosushiparos/?fref=ts

the team of the well known Barbarossa restaurant Koo Sushi is a certain hit for all those visiting Paros this summer. This is the only sushi exclusive restaurant in Paros managed by three sushi chefs straight from London’s Shaka No Hana by Hakasan and the Athenian Freud Oriental.

5. Barbarossa

Koo Sushi just landed in Paros and it is one of the best choices for Sushi fans. Created by

Νaoussa, Old Port. Tel. +30 22840 51391 / 6946 335840 www. paros.barbarossagr. com

Definitely one of the most famous places on the island. In bussiness more than five decades, this restaurant keeps serving delicious food. You will dine among the it crowd that often visits Barbarossa, while enjoying the view of the Castle. Perfect spot for fish and other delicacies, all created by Chef Joseph Sykianakis. Barbarossa’s bar is open till late for excellent cocktails and good vibes.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Cuore Rosso


6. Cuore Rosso Parikia, +30 22840 22920, +30 6983078276, facebook: cuorerossoparos

An authentic Italian pizzeria with a wood oven offering more than 40 handmade pizzas using special flours that make for a truly unique dough. Cuore Rosso offers a wide range of salami and cheese which are part of the regional tradition of Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, accompanied by the classic fried Gnocco. The menu includes salads, mozzarella from Campania, grilled cheese and homemade desserts, 90/paros


including an unforgettable tiramisù.The cellar offers a wide selection of Italian and Greek wines as well as craft beers strictly unfiltered and unpasteurized. Cuore Rosso has two dining rooms in a traditional Greek style and a cosy garden.

7. Ragoussis Naoussa sqr (bridge) +30 22840 051508 ,Mando Mavrogenous sqr Parikia +30 22840 21573, 6th km ParikiaNaousa +30 2284028326

Antonis Ragkousis is the fourth generation cook of his family, following in the footsteps of his forfathers. He built a beautiful

new place in Naoussa with pastries, sandwiches with fresh local ingredients, handmade ice cream, coffee and breads. In his open kitchen Antonis cooks with love. “Nothing is ready made. The ice cream is prepared with fresh local milk. The mizithropitakia with local cheese bought from local producers. The traditional zacharompaklavas on the shelves of the shop is a recipe of my great grandmother with a twist! This is a sweet made with honey and almonds. I use local honey enriched with dried fruit” Ragous-

sis is open 24/7 and on his menu there is something for everyone. If you visit Ragoussis after hours don't forget to try “vromiko” sandwich with bacon and fried potatoes.

8. Yemeni Naoussa, +30 22840 51445,

The tavern Yemeni in Naoussa remains faithful to the culinary tradition of Paros, since 2007. Nikos Evagelopoulos, along with his mother the excellent cook Mario Zuma, focused his cuisine on traditional recipes

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Marmitta Naoussa


made with fresh local ingredients. Mario prepares with love and care the hand-picked produce straight from her orchard. Visit Yemeni to taste fresh bread kneaded and baked by the staff, unforgettable stuffed gialantzi dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) as well as the traditional revithada, chickpea casserole braised in the oven. Don’t leave Yemeni if you don’t try the gemista: 92/paros

fragrant tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and herbs. The traditional moussaka with eggplant, potatoes, ground beef and homemade bechamel is divine.

9. Marmitta Naoussa

All the dishes served in Marmitta are made with local ingredients according to local or Mediterranean recipes. Service is extremely polite and prices are realy reasonable. Open from noon.

10. Kapari

Naoussa River, Paros, Tel. +30 22840 51721

A beautiful garden in Naoussa houses this excellent restaurant.

Greek Restaurant · Naoussa, Paros, Tel. +30 698 619 5204 paros

Once you cross the doorstep it feels like

being in your mom’s kitchen. And the food tastes like homemade. A family tavern serving greek cuisine and all the delicacies of Paros, with the best ingredients and local products of Cyclades. The current owners continue the tradition they inherited from their grandparents Kapari's menu is still as tasty, fresh and original as it was in the old days!

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Antiparos, the “satellite” of Paros, vibrates in two… frequencies: a cosmopolitan and an alternative one

antiparos On the southwest side of Paros, in the heart of the Cyclades lays the island of Antiparos. On a 35 km2 surface you can live, act and think in double tempo: a glamorous one, enjoying the sun and

sea with a cocktail in hand, and the alternative one, where you become one with nature, living in a tent by the sea, armed with your beach towel and a book, sipping your beer and taking a dip anytime you like.

staying in antiparos In the previous years, Antiparos was a destination for “rebels”, rockers and camping fans – actually, during the 70’s it was only here and in Mykonos that nudists could take “shelter”. Things have changed though. Perhaps it was the building of luxury villas or even Tom Hanks’ endorsement of the island that contributed to the fact that now Antiparos attracts more “upper-class” visitors. The island has two main streets. One leads to Agios Yorgis (Saint George) and the other one to Sifneiko, a beach in the northern part of the island. In Antiparos everything takes place in the main settlement, which is pretty much an extension of the port. This is where all the shops, taverns and trendy bars are located. In daytime, the village is mostly empty and everybody is at the beaches but when the sun sets the hordes of sunkissed tourists arrive, all hungry and looking for a table in the numerous taverns serving local cheese (xinomizithra) and rooster “patido” (a local dish of stuffed braised rooster with fried offal and cheese crumbs). However by far the best aspect of Antiparos is its nightlife: well-dressed, boho-chic people flood the local bars which stay open till 3 a.m. The fun goes on in the

only “after” bar (rather a disco) of Antiparos, which only opens after 3 a.m. sightseeing & attractions Follow the paved pedestrian street which leads to the square of Agios Nikolaos, where the castle of Antiparos is situated. Built by Marco Sanudo, the Duke of Naxos, in 1440 at his own expenses, it was meant to protect the islanders from pirate raids and to that end it was designed so as to make the exterior walls of the houses an integral part of the fortification. Some coats of arms are still visible on the houses, reminiscing the Venetian era. Inside the castle are located the Folkloric Museum (+30 22840 61417, 10:00-21:00) and three churches, the Baptist, the Nativity and Agios Antonios. A sightseeing tour in Antiparos wouldn’t be complete unless you visit its geological treasure. Local buses take visitors to the southeast side of the island to see the stunning Spileo (cave, +30 22840 61640, 10:0018:00). The descent into the cave requires a walk down approximately 400 steps, in order to reach the cave halls, full of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves have been visited by ancient poets (like Archilochus), French nobles, and even the first king of Greece, Otto.

sea treasures Along its 57 km coastline, Antiparos has beaches and shores to suit all tastes: isolated and calm, hip, water sports and activities, camping or nudism. The first, second and third beach of Psaraliki

require no more than a 5’ walk from the village. The first is organized and suitable for families, the second attracts youngsters thanks to its beach bars, beach- and water-sport fascilities, while those who favor small pebbles in the shore prefer the third one, also known as Panagia beach. Sifneiko, a beach renowned for its shallow waters and beautiful sunsets is situated about half a mile from the village. In the northeast of the port you reach Agios Spiridonas, popular among families with young children because of its shallow waters. Next stop, the quiet Kalargirou, offering both a sandy and rocky bottom and the camping beach of turquoise waters (nudism is allowed in one end). Having left the village behind and heading eastward, at about 3.5km from the port you find Glyfa, and its windsurfing school. Further southeast you encounter Apantima, a small bay with a rocky seabed, ideal for snorkelling. In the same direction, 8km from the port, you reach the popular and long beach of Soros, while Sostis and quiet

Faneromeni deserve your attention. Upon approaching the southwest side of Antiparos, in the St. George village, you find three beaches: sandy Kako Rema with a unique view, the organized Vathy Volos and the small beach of Ai Yorgis with fine sand. Beach hopping ends in Livadi, a long sandy beach, perfect for surfing when the winds allow it.

trips The trip on boat or kayak to the isle of Despotiko (with special archaeological interest), on the southwest side of Antiparos, is like one day tour to paradise. Rocky, lunar, majestic scenery with deep blue waters.

getting there:

There are no direct ferry services from Athens to Antiparos. You must take a ferry to Paros and from there it is a short boat ride to the island. Boats leave from the main port of Paros (Paroikia) every half hour during high season and are timed to coincide with the arrival of the large ferries from Athens. Alternatively, you can take the bus from Paroikia to Pounta and from there the open ferry to Antiparos which takes about five minutes to get to the island.

Camping Antiparos

Lollo’s Pizzeria italiana

1. Camping Antiparos +30 22840 61221, www.

Comfortable, clean camping site located in an area of lush vegetation right next to one of the most beautiful beaches of Antiparos. During your stay in Camping Antiparos you will have the privilege of enjoying breathtaking views of the Aegean sea 96/ANTIparos

and admire the famous sunset of Cyclades. The camping site includes a mini market and a self service restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine.

2. Lollo’s Pizzeria italiana Port of Antiparos, +30 22840 61215, +30 6981968699

Lollo’s Pizzeria in Antiparos brings unique Italian flavors to your plate. Stefano & Sab-

rina, the owners, are from Rome and they ‘ve brought with them the authentic Italian cuisine. Here you can sit in the delightful seafront of Antiparos and enjoy their delicious “Pinsa” that has been inspired by the ancient traditions of Rome and is baked in a wood burning oven using an excellent blend of Italian organic bread wheat flour and

without the addition of any animal fat. A selection of Italian Cured Pork Meat and Cheese, delicious salads, homemade fresh pasta dishes and homemade desserts both made with organic eggs. Fine Italian wines can be enjoyed too. Open for lunch till late in the evening and from June to September. Available take away pizzas.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

pantelis fish tavern

Pantelis Grill

3. Pantelis Fish Tavern Tel: +30 2284 061474 Pantelis-Fish-Taverna

This restaurant operates in the Sunday Hotel, situated right by the beach. "Pantelis" Fish Tavern, is one of the greatest choices in Antiparos for those who wish to taste fresh fish in a pleasurable environment! The surroundings are inspired by the treasures of the Aegean, creating a real island feel with fishing nets, pebles from thw local coastline, reclaimed pine planks. You can choose among local fresh fish, traditionally cooked dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, local specialities and especially live lobsters from the Antiparos region. 98/antiparos

4. Pantelis Grill Chora, Antiparos. Tel: +30 22840 61697, 6937445433

This is one of the very few restaurants in Antiparos that stays open throughout the year. Situated in the central street of Chora, it specialises in meat dishes, all prepared with local ingredients. A broad selection of cuts is offered daily for you to choose to be grilled. While tasting the local grilled meat dishes try some house tsipouro distilled by Pantelis’ father in the traditional way. Yogurt and sour cherriy jam is the dessert here and is realy delicious!



5. Anargyros Antiparos, +30 22840 61204

The oldest restaurant and hotel establishment in Antiparos (operating since 1925) continues to offer top notch hospitality to its customers. Your taste buds will be fully satisfied with the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, cooked with ingredients mostly produced by its owners. Anargyros is situated close to the beach and other hot spots of the island.


6. Despotiko Café-Bar Agios Georgios, Antiparos, +30 6974148276

Located just beneath Despotiko’s cove (which gave its name to the café), has a breathtaking view of the sea and the passing sailboats but also to one of the most wordeful sunsets of the Aegean sea. Start early in the morning and relax with a cup of coffee or some fresh juice, switch to fresh salads and beer in the afternoon and in the evening have a drink or cocktail along with some great lounge melodies. During the day everyone in Antiparos will pass by Despotiko’s cafe bar.


The paths of marvelous Syros, the Lady of Cyclades


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Right in the geographical centre of the Cyclades, Syros is the commercial and administrative capital of this insular complex, and still a far cry from a typical Cycladic island; its neoclassical architecture paired with the cultural and commercial heritage and a vibrant catholic community make Syros stand out from the other Aegean islands. staying in syros When visiting Syros by boat, you reach the port of Ermoupoli, the island’s capital and the administrative centre of the Cyclades. The most recognizable landmark of Ermoupoli consists of the two hills of the town: on the left the hill of Ano Syra, with the church of Saint George atop, and on the right the hill of Dili with the church of the Resurrection. To uncover the rest of its beauties visitors must wander the streets of Ermoupolis on foot. Do not hesitate to loose yourself in the narrow cobblestone streets, and you will be rewarded by the numerous mansions 104/syros

with carved marble façades and spend time window-shopping at the fine local establishments. During the 18th and 19th century, Syros, specifically Ermoupoli, was the financial, commercial and sea-faring center of the Aegean Sea. Nowadays the island may have lost its pivotal trade role but it remains a vibrant town, full of people, activity and life, without any sign of introversion. In Ermoupoli, most of the touristic activity takes place along the quay, from the Neorion shipyards, on the left side of the port, to the district of Nissaki, at the old Customs House. Here, by the moored boats you can enjoy your coffee, taste local fresh fish and of course the famous lokums of Syros (also known as Turkish delights) and nougats (a flat type of pie with nougat) for

dessert. The bars along the waterfront consist an ideal spot for late drinks. Let Markos Vamvakaris guide your footsteps in your Ermoupolis stroll. Vamvakaris –1905-1972, one of the most emblematic figures of the Greek rembetiko music – was born and raised in Syros and composed several songs about his home island. sightseeing & attractions The best place to begin your walk around the town of Ermoupoli is the Miaouli main square, a square surrounded by cafes, shops and adorned by beautiful neoclassical houses. The main attraction of Miaouli Square is the impressive Town Hall, designed by famous German architect Ernst Ziller. A picture on the Instagram-famed stairs of the Town Hall is a must souvenir for tourists. The building’s

interior decoration is equally majestic: keep an eye for the carriage of the famous Princess Sissi (the Empress Elisabeth of Austria) and the elaborate frescos, as well as the enclosed patio with the lounge, which strongly resembles a Parisian cafe. The Town Hall also houses the Archaeological Museum of Ermoupoli

(+30 22810 88847, Tue-Sun 08:30-15:00) which exhibits interesting finds from excavations in the area of Chalandriani, such as Roman and Hellenistic sculptures and vases. Visit the church of Transfiguration and the Metamorfosi, the oldest Greek Orthodox church in town, as well as the church of the Assumption, in the area of Psariana. The vestibule of the church, is adorned with an authentic painting by Domenicos Theotocopoulos, also known as El Greco. In the same

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

syros district, you’ll also find the town’s Casino (+30 22810 84400), one of the few casinos operating in Greece. A walk around Ermoupoli would be incomplete without a visit to Apollo Theatre, the local opera house, designed by the Italian archictect Pietro Sampo as a “miniature” of the famous La Scala of Milan. The Apollo was built to showcase the economic growth of Syros in the 19th century and even today hosts numerous cultural events and concerts. A little further away lays the church of Saint Nicolaos, with the twin bell towers, and the neighborhood of Vaporia, a district of fine houses, a heritage of the local captains of old Ermoupoli. The local shipyards, once a source of wealth for Syros, are situated at the southern side of the port. The Industrial Museum (+30 22810 81243, houses an exhibition of the complete history of industrial Syros, with various machines, accessories and other objects that testify to the industrial heritage of the city. The most picturesque and perhaps better preserved part of the town is the district of Ano Syra. Historically it has been the residential core of the vast catholic community of Syros, a medieval settlement with its own, strong identity and a char106/syros

acteristic architecture resembling a fortress – this was actually the initial purpose. Walking in the narrow streets of Ano Syros, you will encounter numerous multicolored doors and halls, as well as a museum dedicated to Markos Vamvakaris (+30 22813 60914), with photographs, manuscripts and personal belongings of the most important figure of the Greek rembetiko. The hill of Ano Syra is where you find most catholic churches and monasteries of the island. Visit the Jesuit and Capuchins monasteries, the church of Our Lady of Carmel and of course the church of Saint George, the catholic cathedral. An interesting trivia is that the Catholic community in Greece has received a special permission from the Vatican in order to celebrate Easter on the same dates as the

Greek Orthodox community, independently of the Catholic Easter celebrations around the world. sea treasures Syros is a relatively small island (approximately 102 km) and that makes it easy to explore from one end to the other. The coastal village of Azolimnos (about 5 km from Ermoupoli) is a recent addition to the “touristic” map of the island, in part thanks to its nice sandy beach. When southbound you meet Vari, another fantastic beach in a sheltered bay, greatly appreciated for its turquoise waters. The coastal road continues to Makri Gialos, with a number of nice bays and sandy shores (some of them are ideal for water sports), and Ampela, a beautiful beach with several options for food and drink. Moving north you

reach the town of Posidonia, also called Dellagracia, a village known for its mansions built according the European standards of the early 20th century. Follow the signs to reach two of the most popular beaches in Syros, Agkathopes and Komitos; the latter is probably the most popular beach among young people. The village of Finikas disposes of a narrow sandy beach with several fine dining options. A bit further away you find Galissas, a village nestled in a picturesque bay of crystal clear waters. The locals, as well as the wooden signs will show you the way to the “hidden” church of Saint Stephen, at the end of a 40’ hiking path, where you’ll enjoy perhaps the best sunset on Syros. The “beach tour” would ideally end in Delfini, an organized beach, and of course Kini, a little village that is also known for its Aquarium (+30 22813 60952) located mostly below sea level.

getting there:

Syros may not have an airport but it is the shipping hub of the Cyclades. Ferries connect Syros daily with the port of Piraeus and all other islands in the region.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Lila’s Guesthouse


1. Lila’s Guesthouse ioannou Kosma & Filikis Eterias, Ermoupoli, Syros, +30 22810 82738

An old stone mansion, which was restored in 2003, operates as a guest house with three rooms and three suites, equipped with everything you might need. The rooms also have an attic to accomodate a third person, while the suites are 50 sq. meters big. With two bedrooms for 4-6 people, a coffee maker, a fridge, a safe, air con and hair drier. The colour, the decoration 108/syros

Dyo zitzikia st' armirikia

and the furniture are aesthetically pleasing. It is ideally located close to the port should you need to take a trip to the nearby islands. It is also close to historical sites, the casino and nightclubs.

2. Filomila Azolimnos Beach, +30 22810 62 088 Μεζεδοπωλείο-ΤηςΦιλομήλας

This family owned restaurant has been operating for 13 years and belongs to the Aegean Cuisine network of restaurants. Filomila offers a menu of local food using only local produce based on Cycladic recipes. If you pay them a visit you will have the magical opportunity to dine right next to the sea.

3. Dyo zitzikia st' armirikia

Filomila’s is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner when visiting the Azolimnos beach.

Kini, Syros, Tel: 22810 71151 https://www.facebook. com/Dyo-tzitzikia-starmirikia-961547517218410/

beautiful village in Syros, this tavern is a great choice for lunch or dinner. Good food, traditional greek flavors and fresh, local products are the key point here. Situated right by the sea, beneath the trees, you will feel welcomed and breezy, whether you come in your swimsuit or dressed up a little bit more formally. Katerina and Yiannis will welcome and take care of you as if you were a guest in their home since they feel that the tavern is their home.

Located in Kini, a

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Shoot the Curl

4. Django 9, Chiou & Parou str. Ermoupolis. Tel: +30 22810 82801

If you crave for Ice Cream while you are in Syros, Django is the place to be. Konstantinos Karakatsanis is carefully chosing his ingredients from local producers, fresh fruit from the island and all over the world to make the most delicious ice creams in Syros. More than 75 flavors of ice cream with excellent taste all made from organic dairy. Appart from the classic flavors you must also try the special tsoureki, chilli and bitter, cinammon, lemon and 110/syros

poppy seeds, mexican chocolate flavors and many more!

5. Shoot the Curl 9 Peloponnisou str.Syros, Tel: 2281 075492 Shoot-the-Curl

This very special «Styling Bar» is a great space for anyone who wants to have a hair cut while on the island or maybe a stylish updo for a special night out. The people of «shoot the curl» will accomodate all your styling needs whether its new bangs or a hairdo straight from the ‘20s. This place will make you feel special and pampered. Check the monthly dates for live music and dj sets.


Elliniko Kafeneio

6. Elliniko Kafeneio Miaouli sg. Ermoupolis Tel. +30 22810-89248, 6936671094, 6936522837 Facebook: Ελληνικό Καφενείο

This place opened two years ago in the central square of the island and became an instant success. Based in an excellent newly restored building Elliniko Kafeneio (Greek Coffee shop) is the place to experience the greek way of life. Enjoy your coffee while gazing the magnificent town hall and when hungry try some of the local meze all 112/syros

cooked with local ingredients.

7. Podilato 1 sperhiou & milou, ermoupoli beach, syros, tel: +30 2810 89399

Come here for good coffee or come for a snack while you’re spending the day at the beach. For drinks and cocktails, Podilato is your choice again. The music played is classic rock, reggae, new wave, jazz, funk, ethnic, etc, while on special occasions we have DJ sets. To find all of the above, come to Podilato.



THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Lesvos is situated in the northeastern Aegean and is the third largest Greek island. It will take you several days to see everything but one thing is for sure; you won’t get bored. Starting from Mytilene, the island’s capital, you will discover traditional villages, archaeological and cultural sites, industrial heritage monuments, a rich flora and fauna, geological sites (the entire island has been included in UNESCO's Global Geoparks Network), hot springs and its vast religious heritage (over 110 churches, temples and monasteries), that act as poles of worldwide attraction for ecotourists as well as people travelling for thermalism and religious tourism.

Bountiful Lesvos, an island of impressive villages, rich history and traditions, unique monuments and a lingering taste of ouzo on the lips. Get to know it!

staying in lesvos You will catch your first glimpse of Lesvos in Mytilene. Both the port and the airport of the island are situated in its capital. Mytilene is also the hometown of Odysseas Elytis (Nobel laureate Greek poet), a city filled with eclectic mansions built by the local tradesmen back in the 19th c. when Lesvos acquired vast wealth through the export of olive oil and natural soap. Take a walk down-

town, across the main market in Ermou st. and the waterfront full of cafes and shops offers you a never-ending variety of images and quality moments. The waterfront is also the heart of nightlife; as daytime cafes turn into first class bars at night and stay open untill 3 a.m. Gastronomy is of paramount importance in Lesvos, and ouzo probably its best-known representative. One could say that apart from aniseed, the tradition and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Lesvos are also distilled and bottled in this strong yet ethereal alcoholic drink, linking the gastronomical past with the present in an unbroken chain. The world-renowned sardines of Kalloni bay and salted seafood are also a must-try and enjoy a high status in local cuisine. In summer don’t forget to taste courgette flowers stuffed with rice and herbs, a simple yet utterly delicious dish. sightseeing, attractions and villages The byzantine castle of Mytilene is an impressivly preserved fortification that offers unobstructed views to the town and the sea and must be included in your sightseeing tour. It’s also a great place to enjoy the sunrise! In the city you should also visit the gothic cathedral of Agios Athanasios

lesvos and the temple of Agios Therapontas, whose characteristic dome is a Mytilene landmark. The Archaeological Museum (+30 22510 40223)

is also worth dropping by, as well as the Museum/LIbrary of Stratis Eleftheriadis-Teriade,

(+30 22510 23372, www., in Varia. The Teriade Museum has a vast collection of drawings and paintings of world-class painters like Picasso. Time to visit the island’s countryside and there is no better point to start from than the preserved settlement of Molyvos (or Mithimna), in the northeastern part of the island (60 km northwest of Mytilene). It is a village built in stone and wood, famous for its views and for attracting artists from all over the world. The neighboring villages of Petra and Sykamia are also worth a visit. If you are in the lookout for tradition, then Agiasos is the place to be. Situated approximately 27 km west of Mytilene, it is a traditional village surrounded by orgiastic nature, full of picturesque corners, musical culture with a woodcarving tradition and the great church of Virgin Mary, which attracts hundreds of visitors and pilgrims. Eressos (89 km from Mytilene) is the birthplace of the ancient lyrical poetess Sappho 116/lesvos

and philosopher Theophrastus, and a meeting place of people with different cultural and social backgrounds from all over the world. The town of Skala Eressos is permanently in summer mood and you’ll spend most of your time here laying on the beach or enjoying a cocktail in the Caribbean style bars. You must also visit the village of Sigri and see the famous Petrified Forest and the Natural History Museum (+30 22510 47033, Mon-Sat 09:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-17:00) that highlights the unique geomorphological evolution of the Aegean. In the picturesque village of Agia Paraskevi, you’ll find the Industrial Oil Museum (+30 22530 32300, every day except

Tuesdays 10:00-18:00), which unfolds the rich heritage of Lesvos in olive oil production. In Thermi and Mantamados are located two of the most important monasteries on Lesvos, the Agios Rafail monastery (+30 22510 71259) and the Monastery of Taksiarchis (+30 22530 61214). Don’t forget to include in your ToDo list the thermal springs in Gera Bay, Eftalou and Polichnitos. sea treasures The organized beach Tsamakia and its beach bar are a good choice if you choose to stay in the town of Mytilene. Moving southeast and away from the capital, you find the beach of Agios Ermogenis with calm waters and Charamida, a shore with small pebbles, very

popular among young people. In the southern part of the island, near Gera Bay, is Tarti, a wide shore, and just before the town of Plomari is situated Agios Isidoros, a popular beach with trees, shade and crystal clear waters. Vatera is probably the most famous beach on the island, several kilometers long and therefore with plenty of space for everyone and every kind of touristic services. The sandy beach of Skala Eressos has sunbeds and sea umbrellas on a big part of it, but it is so wide that you can have your own space at any time. The westernmost part of the beach is popular with nudists. In the north, close to Molyvos you find the village of Anaxos with an awesome sandy beach, Chrissi Akti with its white sand and deep blue waters (but no services), while other quality choices are considered the quite beach of Tsonia, and Kagia with its reddish pebbles and cool waters.

getting there:

Lesvos can be reached by plane or boat. Daily flights are scheduled from Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as ferries from Piraeus.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Who wouldn’t like to star in “The Big Blue”?


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

amorgos It was not only the pristine waters and the typical Cycladic architecture of the island of Amorgos that made Luc Besson exclaim “eureka!” and film here a part of his famous film “The Big Blue”, twenty years ago. This island, the easternmost of the Cyclades, attracts you with its wild natural beauty and the energy of its environment. And its people still greet you with an effortless “kalimera”. staying in amorgos Amorgos is the 7th largest island of the Cyclades complex, with a surface of approximately 121 km2. The island’s capital is called Chora or Amorgos, and is located roughly on the middle of the island. At the western part of the island you find the port of Katapola (6 km from Chora), and at the northern part the port of Aegiali (15 km). In Amorgos the infinite blue commands the horizon and the locals honor their traditions. Local songs, dances and festivals (mainly during August) form an integral part of everyday life and find a way into visitors’ experiences as well. The famous local “simmered raki” flows abundantly while the traditional musical feasts start spontane120/amorgos

ously and do not end till dawn. Everywhere in town you’ll find charming little cafes and tavernas serving local delicacies like “patatato” (an Amorgian recipe with lamb braised in the oven with potatoes) and delicious fried pies. At night, visit the elegant little bars in town for one last drink. The port of Katapola forms a natural bay surrounded by three settlements: Katapola, Rachidi and Xylokeratidi. The pace of life here is as lively as in Chora with plenty of commercial and touristic activity but no nightlife. The other port of Amorgos, Aegiali, is a great starting point for excursions to the

picturesque villages and beautiful beaches of the northern part of the island. sightseeing and attractions The Archaeological Collection of Amorgos is situated in Chora, housed in the Gavras Mansion (+30 22850 71831, 08:00-15:00), it is a collection that sheds light in the history of the island. In the main square stands the Church Museum exhibiting holy utensils, icons, old books, etc. Hovering over the beach of St. Anna, the 11th century Monastery of Our Lady Chozoviotissa (+30 22850 71274, 08:0013:00 and 17:00-19:00) is literally carved in

the rocks nearly 300 meters above sea level. According to tradition, the icon of the Virgin came here from Chozovo or Chazovo in Palestine in a miraculous way. You must climb as many as 300 stairs to enter the monastery, but the hospitable monks will meet and greet you with a nice treat. The villages of Amorgos are a sight for sore eyes, true expressions of the Cycladic architecture. In the north you will discover four picturesque villages crowning the bay of Aegiali. The touristic Ormos; Potamos, southern of Ormos, offering awesome views of Aegiali; Lagkada, with its picturesque streets,

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

traditional tavernas and the little church of Agia Triada “hanging” from the cliffs; and the town of Tholaria, with its whitewashed streets, fine food choices, a spectacular sunset and limited but great choices for a drink. sea treasures Most of the beaches in Amorgos are lined with pebbles or rocks. Most are easily accessible, to the exception of one or two that require a map. The most popular beach is Agia Anna, the very same beach that “starred” in the film “The Big Blue”. A landscape of wild, raw beauty, with crystal clear waters quite close to Chora. The

nudist beach Kampi is located south of Agia Anna, towards the isle of Megalo Viokastro and can be accessed on foot. Next, you find the beach of Mourou, accessible by a hiking path. To get to the beach of Ammoudi you must hike for about 40 minutes, following a rather difficult path from the village of Arkesini. Next stop Paradise beach: a small bay with sand and pebbles, a few sunbeds and a canteen for coffee and snacks. The southernmost beach in Amorgos is Kalotaritissa, an organized, sandy shore with a real shipwreck, a perfect subject for great summer vacation souvenir pictures.

Heading north from Chora, you will reach the spectacular beach of Saint Paul, with a characteristic strip of sand stretching into the turquoise waters towards the isle of Nikouria. Next, following the road to Tholaria, you encounter sandy Levrosos, shaded by trees. trips At the beach of Kalotaritissa you can take a small boat (scheduled trips leave every hour until 18:00) and visit Gramvousa, a small, desert island with two sandy beaches. Boats from Katapola will take you to the beaches located inside the bay. Though you can also reach them by foot, a

boat trip will allow you to admire the beautiful aquatic scenery. Among the beaches to visit, Maltezi is the only sandy and organized, the rest are rocky and ideal for nudists and lonely types.

getting there:

Amorgos has no airport, but both ports are connected daily with Piraeus. Usually the boat trip takes 9 to 12 hours from Piraeus to get to Amorgos, or about 4 to 5 hours on highspeed boats.

Botilia Bar

1. Botilia Bar Ηora, +30 6936184321

Everyone comes here to see the garden, to try the different and imaginative cocktails and to sing/dance at the – mostly foreign – music, from all genres and all decades.

2. Tratarisma pastry shop Lagada village, +30 22850 73192, +30 6973270512

A lovely coffee-pastry shop set in a beautiful mediterranean garden awaits you in the village of Lagada. Antonis, the chef, prepares and offers every day a special breakfast and amazing delicacies! Come and enjoy the view of endless blue while tasting pastries, eastern sweets, tarts, cakes and all kinds of drinks!.

Tratarisma pastry shop 122/amorgos

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands


Where the aquatic paradise and geological surprises act as a natural antidepressant


THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Koufonissia Located between Naxos and Amorgos in the Small Cyclades, the Koufonissia islands entice every traveller in a different way. living in koufonissia The group of Koufonissia consists of two islands, the inhabited Ano Koufonissi (or simply Koufonissi) and Kato Koufonissi. The first one is home to the main town or Chora as it is called, has about 370 residents and that’s where all the commercial and touristic life of the island takes place. First-class accommodation, tavernas serving mostly seafood and beautiful shops without neon signs can be found here. The island offers as well some nightlife choices, however those are definitely low-key compared to the other Cycladic islands. Kato Koufonissi may be bigger but as it is largely uninhabited and that explains why visitors tend to consider it as an ideal deserted-island summer vacation scenario. Tourists flock here on rented and crowded boats in order to enjoy its limited yet magnificent shores where sun, sand and sea are the absolute protagonists. Koufonissia have for a long time been overshadowed by the other famous Cycladic islands, however that allowed them to preserve their pristine natural 126/koufonissia

beauty, in high demand now by the younger visitors looking for carefree vacation as well as wealthy boat owners who prefer to take their distances from the glitterati. Both come here seeking tranquility, crystal green waters and abundant fresh fish, as fisheries are not only the base of the local cuisine but also the locals’ way of life. Suffice to say that inhabitants of Koufonissia own the largest fishing fleet in Greece, in proportion to the population. In Koufonissia there are no paved roads and transportation is carried out by tour buses, boats (for aquatic

tours), motorbikes, bicycles or your own two feet. The last two options are probably the best in order to get to know the fascinating beauty of the island. Find your way to the top of the hill above Chora and enjoy the view to the bay and the characteristic whitewashed houses, typical of Cycladic architecture, and discover every possible sea nook and cranny of the islands... sightseeing & attractions Everything you experience in Koufonissia can be considered as a naturalistic and anthropological attraction. Fishermen

unloading their catch, the beautiful whitewashed alleys in town, the mills and the small picturesque churches offer unique views. But that’s not all. Nature gave the Koufonissia a great and spectacular geological gift: their caves, from which stems the etymology of islands’ name: “Koufonissia” means “hollow islands”. The result is attributed to a corrosive geological phenomenon due to the sea water on and in the rocks. Most of the sea caves are located in Ano Koufonisi, close to Pori beach. Gala is another geological phenomenon: approaching to Pori,

by boat or on foot, on the left edge of the bay, you will see a rock beneath which the sea has formed a small seawater natural pool. At the other end of the bay you find another scenic location, the “Devil’s eye”, a rocky cave swept by gushing seawater creating a dazzling effect. sea treasures Exotic beaches, with sand or covered in pebbles, all with crystal clear turquoise waters make up the aquatic scenery of Koufonissia. “Walk by the coast path and choose the beach you like” you’ll hear the locals saying, if you ask which one to visit. Megali Ammos is

the main beach of the village, with shallow waters, suitable for families, and with various taverns in a short distance from it. In the northeast you find the popular Foinikas, a campers’ favourite, while walking along the coastline you get to Fanos, a low profile beach, with a handful of sunbeds and a cafe-restaurant. The cosmopolitan Platia Pounta or Italida (=Italian woman) may be unorganized but who cares, the golden sand is more than enough. The part of the beach called Mikri Italida is a place where swimwear is completely optional. The coastal path in Ano Koufonissi

ends at the magnificent, quiet beach of Pori -where the famous caves are - at the northeastern edge of the island, a great spot for surfers. To visit Kato Koufonissi it will take you 10’ by boat and tickets are quite affordable. The most famous beach is sandy Nero, with palm trees and many nudists, while Lakki, Detis and Pezoulia make up the rest of the beach choices here. trips Make sure to buy a boat ticket to Keros, a point of reference of the ancient Cycladic civilization (spanning the period from approximately 3200–2000

BCE ). The island has no permanent residents, but its archaeological interest makes it a must visit destination. Boat owners have the unique luxury of being able to spend the night in Keros and enjoy a magnificent sunrise.

getting there: Koufonissia connect daily to the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. You can also get there by boat from the surrounding islands (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini) by local ferries.

THE lifo english visitors guide for athens and the greek islands

Getting to and from the islands


here are three main ports connecting the mainland to the islands presented in this guide; Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio. Piraeus serves: Syros, Amorgos (both ports: Aegiali and Katapola), Koufonissia, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Mytilene. Piraeus, Greece’s largest port, is divided in Gates, all marked with the letter E and numbered from 1-12, depending on your destination: E1 (Akti Vasssiliadi) departures to the Dodecanese islands: Rhodes, Patmos, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Karpathos, Tilos, Kassos. E2 (Akti Hetiona) departures to Crete, Samos, Ikaria (Dodecanese Islands), Chios, Mytilene (Lesvos). E3 (Agios Dionysios and Akti Kondyli) departures to Crete and Kithira, vehicles’ entrance. E4 Kithira, vehicles’ exit only E5 entrance for pedestrians. E6 (Akti Kallimasiotti Argosaronikos) departures to Western Cyclades: Sifnos, Kythnos, Milos, Kimolos, Sikinos. This gate is for pedestrians only, with direct access from the metro station via a bridge. E7 (Karaiskaki square, Akti Tzelepi) departures to Eastern Cyclades: Syros, Paros, Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Amorgos, Santorini, Ios and Rethimno (Crete) also. E8 departures to the ArgoSaronic Islands: Aegina, Poros, Methana, Hydra, Spetses and Agistri. E9 (Akti Miaouli) departures to Western Cyclades, Samos and Ikaria also. E10 only for exit of vehicles. 128/Getting to and from the islands

E11 & E12: Cruise terminal A & B Rafina serves: Amorgos (Katapola only), Ios, Kou-

fonisia, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini. Lavrio serves: Kimolos, Milos, Paros, Tinos, Syros

Kea, Kythnos, Lemnos (North Aegean), Chios (Mesta) Companies issuing ferry, high-speed and catamaran tickets: Blue Star Ferries (, T: +30 210 8919 800), Hellenic Seaways (, T: +30 210 4199 000, agency in Piraeus port, T: +30 210 4121830), Aegean Speed Lines (, agency in Piraeus port, T: +30 210 4125200), Sea Jets (, agency in Piraeus Port, T: +30 210 4190233), Nova Ferries (, T: +30 210 4126181, agency in Piraeus, T: +30 210 4126528). For live information regarding arrivals and departures from all three ports, call 14541 - Piraeus’ information line and wait for the phone portal to switch to English. After that, you will be connected to a telephone operator (service is charged). For airline travel: For arrivals and departures check Athens International Airport’s website (www.aia. gr) or call the information line at +30 210 35 30000. Weather forecast: Check the National Meteorological Service ( and click on the English button at the top right.

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