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March 2016

Dressing for Success or How to Get That Dream Job

Do You Think Confidence Equals Success?

How to accept where you are and move to the next level

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Barbara Viteri

4 Simple Ways to Change Lives Daily

Building her Designerlebrity™ Brand on Confidence

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Unlocking the Power of an Intentional Life



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Barbara Viteri – Building her Designerlebrity™ Brand on Confidence

How to Find a Mentor for Success

The Tiny Adjustment That Could Change The Course Of Your Next Interview

How to accept where you are and move to the next level

10 Reasons Why A Gratitude Journal Could Be Your Best Idea Ever (And Why You’ll Want To Start Today)

4 Simple Ways to Change Lives Daily

Rekindle Your Relationship With Mindfulness 7 Ways To Form A Healthy Relationship With Money, Which Doesn’t Own You

Dressing for Success or How to Get That Dream Job Leading A Balanced Life - Yin and Yang Philosophy

To Do It Right You Must Know The Key Benefits Of Eating Healthy

Three Steps to Live a More Powerful Life

How to Gain Self-Confidence Naturally and Enjoy a Happy Life

Do You Think Confidence Equals Success?



From The Editor Maciek Banaszkiewicz


ast week I attended an NLP event called Change Your Mind Change Your Future. It was organized by The Performance Partnership, a training center in London run by a world-leading expert in the field, Mr. David Shephard. I must say that I have attended a few NLP trainings in my life, but none of them was so full of valuable content delivered in just 2 days. For the first time, I saw, live on stage, a man cured of his phobia in just 20 minutes!

emotions from events in the past, delete limiting decisions, and literally put goals into your future in such a way that they happen just the way you want them to. There was a lady cured by David from arachnophobia, which changed her life. Because of her fear of spiders, she had been struggling her whole life. It is possible to get rid of phobia within 1 hour. My question is why, in Western society, it is estimated that there are as many as 55% of women and 18% of men who feel some degree of arachnophobia? If you would like to attend the event but cannot During the training, David was make it to London, you can get a dc set hypnotizing us and using Time Line and other materials on the Performance ® Therapy , which is a collection of Partnership’s website. In this issue techniques developed by Dr. Tad James. we feature Mr. David Shephard. Find Time Line Therapy enables you to very out more about what he can do for quickly and easily release negative you on page 5. Also in the issue…

Maciek Banaszkiewicz

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Barbara Viteri – Building her Designerlebrity™ Brand on Confidence


ave you ever wondered if you could build a brand with no clear vision of what it will be, but confident it is meant to be? Well you need to learn how one brand builder is doing just that, building her brand from a place of confidence. Her name is Barbara Viteri and she is the creator of Designerlebrity™, a rapidly growing pop-culture style community fascinated with all things interior design. She is a game changer in the interior design industry as she boldly publicizes both creative and critical dialog on what makes interior design so captivating.

With no clue how to pursue this venture, she started the process with self confidence, intuition and a thoroughbred work ethic which paid off. Barbara landed the industry’s first web talk show that spotlighted her brand and propelled her success. She became a contributing design editor for publications and is now a highly sought after speaker for design engagements across the nation. All accomplished within her brands first year of conception. Now she is estimated to partner and sign lucrative deals that span from television to product lines.

In 2014, Barbara decided to trademark the name, Designerlebrity™, an affectionate term she calls celebrity interior designers. Noticing the design industry taking a turn for the worst in a saturated market of DIY’ers and self proclaimed design professionals on false informing television shows, she felt the need to create a movement to bring back the respect of the art and highlight the masters in their fields, Designerlebrities.

I was a hard-headed kid that never turned down a dare. Not that I accepted every dare, but the dares that proved a point. I grew up in a very tough neighborhood so maybe that had something to do with it, but I just knew I was going to get out of there and create my own wealth. In fact that was the mindset of all the kids growing up in public housing. We never talked about being poor we talked about what we are going to do when we got rich. That epitomizes blind confidence. It’s the mindset of taking on a dare and proving your point. I currently have this idea of making a name into a brand with no clear vision on how to do it, but Designerlebrity™ is my dare with plans to make more than just a point, but an impact.

If there is ever an example of confidence proving to show success in building a brand, the creator of Designerlebrity™ is it. She shares a few pieces of advice and personal experiences on building a brand from a place of confidence more than seeing the full picture. Be prepared as she is unfiltered but boldly authentic. Meet Barbara Viteri.



CONCUR YOUR FEARS This sounds like given, but as the old saying goes, “it’s easier said than done”. We all have fears to concur both in business and in life. Honestly it is a total mind-screw. I personally breakdown my fears and purposely put myself in situations to concur them. It’s truly the only way to get over your fears. I’m not comfortable with public speaking yet now I get paid to produce speaking engagements across the nation. That’s because for over two years I asked organizations in my industry to let me conduct small speaking events for them for FREE! I may still be a little uncomfortable with public speaking, but the repetition of doing things that makes me uncomfortable also made me more confident. If you are having a hard time taking that first step, just listen to Jay Z’s song, On to the Next One, loudly or something motivationally equivalent and that may put a peep in that step.

HYPE VS SUBSTANCE We all heard the saying “Fake it till you make it”, but that can only take you so far. At some point you don’t want to become the saying “Don’t believe the hype”. You can have the best idea on the planet, worth billions in your opinion, but if you are not properly executing that idea and seeing tangible results, you my friend are building up the hype. My brand is just over a year old. I’m part of a small industry that has never even heard of Designerlebrity™ yet let alone the general public, but what keeps the opportunities coming is the substance I have built in such a short period of time. From landing an online talk show, Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri on The Design Network, to getting award acknowledgment for my articles in The Typical Female Magazine, to even making the cover of this magazine. My small brand has substance and if I ever lose confidence in its success, I look back at what has been accomplished to help get my grove back and build more confidence to avoid the hype. Create substance while you create hype, because you can only negotiate from a place of power. It’s a winning combination.

SELF CONFIDENCE MAGAZINE LOYALTY MATTERS You can not set a price on loyalty. In business and in life you want to feel confident with the people in your inner circle. Think about the people you truly divulge information to? Why do you speak to them? Is this person a spouse, best friend or even a business partner? To feel confident in your day to day decision making you depend on the loyalty and honesty of those people you can count on. You never want to think they don’t have your back especially if you are a type of person to have theirs. I’ve had friends turn into opportunists and sacrifice our friendship for personal gain. I’ve been in business for a long time and I will be honest, it is the most hurtful experience and I don’t deal well with it. I immediately cut them off or put them at arms length. Once the trust has been broken it is unrepairable in my opinion. People may think in business it is impossible to keep this trait, but I assure you people in business count on it. Great business collaborations are built on it and your peace of mind will thank you for it.

FOLLOW YOUR GUT We all have these trigger senses within us. I can not stress this enough, but you need to learn to trust them! Call it a gut check or sixth sense, but many of my most successful moments were because I listened to my gut. Also many of my most disastrous moments were because I didn’t listen to my gut. The goal is to learn how to listen and then make your all important decisions. This may sound harsh, but if I meet someone and can’t put my finger on why I should not be their friend, business partner or whatever, I don’t pursue the answer too long, because after years of honing in on my gut reaction, I intuitively know the answer. It’s difficult to explain, but I assure you it is a good skill to develop. Learn to listen to your gut and trust it. You will feel more confident in your decision making because of it.

Get in touch:


l Barbara Viteri established Viteri Style Management™, LLC in 2012, combining her innate understanding of office organization and functionality with tech savvy software. She has worked with the design industry’s leading experts to develop secure reporting tools that allow the designer to track orders, manage projects, and simplify accounting to be accessible remotely from any mobile device. This translates into optimum efficiency and an increase in the designer’s market visibility, which ultimately leads to a boost in profitability. l A native New Yorker, Barbara’s talent for developing practical business management solutions for boutique design firms coupled with her no-nonsense personality has led her to become a top adviser in the industry. l In 2014, Barbara seized the opportunity to launch Designerlebrity™. As Creative Director, she is cultivating an innovative digital platform spotlighting celebrity interior designers. She partnered with The Design Network (2014) as the creator, executive producer, and Host of “Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri”, a cutting edge talk show introducing celebrity interior designers on both online media and syndicated television. l Expanding her brand into editorial, Barbara became the contributing interior design editor for The Typical Female Magazine (2015). Her columns granted an all access pass to Designerlebrities and started a new platform focusing on up and coming designers she appropriately labeled; the |POTENTIALS|™. Her features have been linked and recognized by PopSugar and HGTV. l Besides her roles as CEO and Founder of VSM and building her brands, Designerlebrity™ & the |POTENTIALS|™, Barbara conducts and develops speaking engagements for prominent design industry events. She has graced the covers of RISE, W2W magazines and now Self Confidence Magazine and is continuously featured in major trade publications and television segments.




Unlocking the Power of an Intentional Life

by Chris Cook


f there is one thing that will jumpstart the momentum of your everyday life, I believe it’s intentionality. Whether you realize it or not, the majority of life is lived in-between significant events and milestone moments, not in them. If you discount the value of your everyday life, you’ll easily slip into autopilot, waiting for that next “thrill” moment. In fact, your commitment and consistency in your everyday life is what creates momentum for milestone moments. You see, there is treasure to be mined in the process, in the in‑between, so to speak, if you’ll have the courage and determination to seek it out.

You are a Treasure, Not Treasure Island At the foundation of creating more intentionality in your everyday life is understanding that you are a treasure. This isn’t ego-stroking flattery that breeds self-importance­­. Instead, it is a call to take notice of the real significance and value your life contains; a God-breathed uniqueness that emanates from the very core of your being. This uniqueness gives birth to dreams, ideas, strategies,

and innovations that the world needs, and that is precisely the point: you are not an island unto yourself. You’re a vital component of your community and nation at-large. Simply stated, you and I have the distinct privilege of being contributors to something much bigger than who we are individually. Whether you’re a business executive, student, highly skilled surgeon, stay-at-home parent, full-time nanny, political figure, or professional athlete, you can add value to those around you every single day if you so choose.

Don’t Lose Your “Why” It’s easy to lose your sense of purpose in what you do when you lose sight of why you are doing it in the first place. A couple months ago, I was involved in a project that required a broadened range of my skill set. Aspects of the work were monotonous, but from the onset, it was my intention to improve the efficiency of a few key systems therein and execute with excellence. Three weeks into the project, however, I faced an internal challenge: would I give-in to the monotony and settle into a slow-simmer of task fulfillment or would I rise above the temptation and add value to people who could truly benefit from me on a broader scale than what I initially set out to do? The answer was found in asking myself a few important questions:

“Why am I really here?”

“How can I be a contributor beyond the task at hand?”

“Whose life can I positively impact?”

That simple exercise engendered clarity and focus, and I got my “why” back. What I learned is that there will always be an opportunity to find treasure, even in the routine, if you purpose to look for it.

SELF CONFIDENCE MAGAZINE With that, here are five keys to harness the power of intentionality in your everyday life:

1. Intend to Set Better Goals Effective goal setting isn’t reserved exclusively for big dreams and longrange aspirations. Setting goals in your daily life is a catalyst for focused effort and intentional living that will yield tangible results. The November 1981 issue of Management Review released an excellent training acronym in which they proposed a S.M.A.R.T. way to write goals and objectives. Your goals should be:

3. Intend to Give (Be a Contributor) The gifts, talents, passions, dreams, and resources you possess are not to remain hidden. Invest them into the lives of those around you. Look with intention for an opportunity to make someone’s day awesome. As I said earlier, you and I have the privilege of being contributors to something greater than ourselves.

4. Intend to Be More Grateful

Specific Measurable / Meaningful Actionable R ealistic Time-bound (write them down with as much detail as possible)

Measurable/Meaningful (quantify the result; define the success of achieving the goal)

(use action words to describe the goal) (challenge yourself, but don’t create lofty, unattainable goals)

(set a date and plan to deliver on that date)

Two of the most important words in your vocabulary are “thank you.” Maintaining an attitude of gratitude, especially in the small things, keeps your priorities in-check and opens the eye of compassion to those who are less fortunate. The gasoline in your car, groceries in your refrigerator, heat from your furnace, and even the friends in your life are tremendous blessings not to be taken for granted.

5. Intend to Be Adaptable Learn to see life from the perspective of others. Be open to new ideas, new skills, and new strategies. Don’t be narrow-minded. I trust that you have been encouraged to believe that your normal, everyday life is significant. You can live each day with intention and focus by seizing the power of intentionality and harnessing it in your life. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Intend to Grow Learn something new on a regular basis. Your ability to remain teachable in life will open doors to expanding your personal potential in a powerful way. Ask great questions. Read great books more often. A few I highly recommend are: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently, and The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles (note: strong language). Spend time with people you respect, experts in a particular field, and leaders you admire. Work on improving your strengths. I believe that investing time in your strengths produces exponentially greater results than spending the majority of your time on those things that don’t bring high return to your life. Allocate 15-20% of your time to areas in which you are weak while investing 80-85% of your time and energy into things that will accelerate your convergence zone and maximize your total output.

Article Source lll

Christopher Cook is a consultant and leadership coach. His purpose is found in helping people unlock and develop their personal and professional potential through his personal growth blog, CHRISCOOKis. com and his podcast Win Today with Christopher Cook, available on iTunes. Visit now to receive exclusive access to a free digital resource.



How to Find a Mentor for Success by Lori Rochino


hat’s the one thing many successful people have in common? Rarely do they ever achieve greatness on their own. There is always a team of people working behind the scenes. The key person is usually a coach. Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn when starting out. Brendon Burchard had Brian Tracy. Even professional singles tennis players don’t win on their own. They have their coaches and entourage sitting on the stands supporting them. Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic hired the best so they could be pushed to greatness. While not all of us can hire a whole entourage, we can seek help to make us better succeed in some area of life.

Mentor type

One / multiple mentor(s)

Ask around

ROI Onlione courses

Go social Volunteer


Here are 7 tips on how to research and find the best coach for your professional and personal growth.

1. Decide what kind of mentor you need.

4. Grill happy mentees. Did they get a good return on investment from the coaching they received? Look at testimonials on the coaching web pages and seek them out. They may have some advice so you could make an informed decision.

Mentors are not a “one-size-fitsall” kind of thing. There are many mentors out there from all walks of life and in many different areas of expertise. First of all, you want to decide what kind of outcome you want. What area of business or life needs your immediate attention? Do you need help with strategy, sales, finances, marketing, technology or team building? Do you have a personal goal and need help with mindset, productivity, performance or work/life balance?

5. Take online courses from the entrepreneurs you most admire.

2. Decide if you want to work with one mentor or several different mentors.

7. Volunteer.

If you have one big, specific goal, like getting a promotion or launching a business, then it might make sense to focus on one mentoring relationship. If there are several aspects of your business or personal development goals you want to improve, consider taking on a couple mentors or how ever many you can handle at one time in terms of time and money. You can also spread them out based on the deadlines of your strategic objectives.

3. Ask around. Whether in your company, associations, or social gatherings, you never know who may know someone who knows exactly who you’re looking for. You could also go to your local chamber of commerce or check up the business meet-up groups in your area.

In some ways, they’re doing you a service by offering a more cost-effective way to work with them. Courses are usually a more affordable option than 1:1. While you may not get super catered advice to your needs, you may have some access to the coach via a Facebook group or email access. And if you do choose to invest in their higher priced coaching programs later on, you will have already tested out their teaching framework and know if it’s worth your money, time and energy.

6. Go social. Use your business Facebook groups and other social media platforms like Twitter. You could do a hashtag search or interact in the groups you already belong to. I’ve found success with this approach in the past.

If you belong to a professional association, you have a chance to get in touch with many people - especially if you’re on a committee. Use this as a way connect with people in your niche. If you volunteer for a professional event, you may have access to high level speakers who you may be able to approach for ways to work with you. Finding the right mentor or handful of mentors doesn’t have to be a daunting process. It does take some time and legwork, but if you’re clear on your outcome and who you want to work with, it can be such a rewarding experience. Once you find someone who is the right fit for you and your goals, you’ll be on a better path to succeed.

Lori Rochino is based in the greater Philadelphia area. Her work has appeared in SUCCESS, Huffington Post and Examiner. She’s the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload. As a Declutter Coach and Design Visionary, she helps empower women entrepreneurs overwhelmed with physical clutter in business and life by organizing them from the inside and out. Her website is Follow her @LoriRochino on Twitter and Instagram. Article Source lll



How to accept where you are and move to the next level Well this year of sweet 16 has been off to an amazing start for me and I hope it is for you too. It has been a full month of coaching and facilitating for me (lots of retreats and workshops), which inspired a new insight that I am compelled to share with you today.

by Christine Hasler


fter witnessing so many (including yours truly) on the path of transformation, I have noticed there are developmental phases to personal growth. It’s important to know where we are in the process so we can:


Not have expectations to be further along and move into acceptance of where we are in our journey.


Understand the phase that is ahead of us so we have direction in terms of where we are headed.


Accept where other people are in their journey with more compassion and understanding.

Curious about what these phases are and which one you are in? Then be sure to watch today’s vlog where I explain each stage. **

Here’s a quick overview of what I explain in more detail in the vlog.

** Note: every person is different, this is not a one-size-fits-all model but one I find fits many. You also may go back and repeat the phases when an expectation hangover triggers new awareness or new insights inspire new learning.


Asleep Most of you reading this are either past or at the end of this phase because if you were asleep, you would not resonate with my work. So, yay! You are awake!! But I bet you remember being asleep when your old story, conditioning and fears ruled you. In this phase it is common for us to play the victim and believe we do not have the power or ability to change our own life. Blame, over-responsibility, fear, and lack of fulfillment are common when we are asleep. Then something happens and we move to stage two….

Phase Two

Awakening Usually after a good old-fashioned Expectation Hangover we reach a point where we are so disappointed or thrown off course that we wake up and start paying more attention to why we are the way we are. We begin to learn that the results in our life are not just random. This is when new tools, teachers and experiences come into our life that help us wake up. We begin to start connecting the dots of our own life. We also begin to understand that all of us on this human journey are here to learn, grow and remember who we really are. This is a time full of “ah-ha” moments – some which are exciting and some which are downright surprising.

Phase Three

Integration This is a doozy and the longest phase because this is when we shift from knowing things to actually changing things. If you feel like you have a lot of information but things in your life are not shifting, welcome to the integration phase – it’s time to roll up your sleeves!! Awareness is not enough for transformation. We must change our belief systems & behaviors @christinhassler (TWEET THIS!) This is a time when we drop our story and upgrade our programming. It is a time when we do the courageous emotional work to heal old issues so they no longer define us. It is a time when we take all the tools we have learned and actually use them, consistently! This is also the phase where we get a lot of do-overs, which are opportunities to respond to a similar situation in a different way. One of the most powerful ways to heal and break a pattern is when we are experiencing it. The awareness phase provides us with great “aha” moments but it often takes actually being in the kind of moments that trigger us for transformation to occur. Do-over’s are necessary for integration so that awareness moves from just a concept to something you can actually apply to change your programming. (You can read more about do-ers and get some examples here.)

Phase Four

Acceptance We move into this phase once our programming has been shifted. We think, behave and feel different. We are not a new person, in fact, we are more authentically ourselves than ever before because limiting beliefs and old stories have been dropped. Does this mean we are totally evolved and never have anything to work on? NO! We are still human, yet we have integrated so many tools and shifted so much that when expectation hangovers happen, we move into acceptance. We stop fighting with reality and either accept it or change it. We are happy with ourselves, our lives and no longer triggered by the things we used to be triggered by.

Phase Five

Application & Service In this phase we are not as focused on working on ourselves or changing our own lives. Instead, we are focused on a bigger vision and changing the lives of others. We feel called to share the love we feel. The truth that we are light and love is not just something we know, it is something we feel. Many people want to jump to this phase when they are actually still in the integration phase so, please, be patient with yourself and your journey. There is no “gold star” or rush when it comes to your evolution.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a one-size-fits-all model but one I find fits many. There is not one phase that is better than the next because they all are rich with learning!!! You also may go back and repeat the phases when an expectation hangover triggers new awareness or new insights inspires new learning.

Article Source lll

Christine Hassler grew up in Dallas, graduated cum laude from Northwestern University and received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Christine is active in volunteerism and loves living a healthy lifestyle. She currently resides in Los Angeles and loves spending time with her family and friends in Austin, Texas.



The Tiny Adjustment That Could Change The Course Of Your Next Interview

Ever heard the phrase fake it till you make it? Turns out there’s some truth to it. Here’s a simple tip to make your next job interview, speech, or negotiation more successful. by Janah Berger


ould standing like Superman or Wonder Woman make you more likely to be hired?

Imagine you’re about to walk into a big job interview. You spent months working your connections, sending out resumes, and trying to find an in. Finally they called. They liked what they saw on paper and now they want to meet you to find out more. So you put on your best suit, brush your teeth till your gums hurt, and arrive 20 minutes early just to make sure you’re ready to go. But now you’re nervous. What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t have enough experience? What if someone else is more charismatic? Your head starts spinning as you hide in the bathroom trying to muster up the courage and conviction that will get you hired. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to increase your chance of success. Power posing.

Powerful people tend to be more successful and get what they want. They’re more assertive, confident, and often come off as more poised and polished. But some intriguing research shows that how you stand (or sit) can actually make anyone feel more powerful, and lead to similar effects.

Practicing such power poses right before an interview can also increase performance. Holding these body postures for just a couple minutes, for example, led people to be evaluated more favorably and increased their chances of getting hired by 20%. All because they gave better presentations.

In the wild, higher status animals often take expansive, open postures. To assert their rank, chimpanzees puff themselves up to seem larger. Peacocks fan their tail feathers to attract mates. We see the same displays in the human kingdom. The confident speaker strides across the stage, voice booming. The boss puts his or her feet up on the table to show they are in charge.

So the next time you’re worried about a job interview, an important presentation, or a tough negotiation, take a few minutes before and strike a power pose. Not right in front of the interviewee (that might not go so well), but in the bathroom, backstage or before leaving home.

But it’s not just that powerful people take these poses, merely enacting such powerful poses can make anyone feel more powerful. Expansive, open body postures can increase testosterone, decrease stress, and make people feel more in control. Merely standing tall for a few minutes with your hand on your hips, for example, or leaning over a desk (or sink) with your hands firmly placed on the surface can make people feel more to more confident and assertive.

Faking it might just help you make it.

Article Source lll

Jonah Berger is a professor at the Wharton School and author of the New York Times bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch On.



4 Simple Ways to Change Lives Daily

by Gaynete’ Edwards


t’s easy to take and to ask. This week in a very short blog post, I will share how we can assist others, and change the world, one small action at a time. There is much to say about a philanthropic heart. To give of our time, labor, and/or money to better the position of another in need is truly a beautiful thing. To give it kindly, without expectations of receiving anything in return, is even better. Regardless of whether you believe in the principal of causality—the idea that what you do now (positive or negative) comes back to you at a future date—giving back should always be a no-brainer.

Below are 4 simple ways to change lives daily. 1. Give of your time:

2. Give of your Resources:

3. Give Financially:

4. Remember, Small Things Matter:

Many people think giving time has to be stressful or that it doesn’t count, but this does not have to be the case and it can definitely make a huge difference in your life and in the life of the person you’re giving your time to, if done with the best of intentions. Try spending some time reading to a loved one or assist a neighbor in the yard. These small things can create a world of change.

Simply being the middleman (or middlewoman) connecting someone in need with the person who can help them can greatly change their life. Share your connections!

If donating financially, research the best fit for your dollar. What are you passionate about? Once you figure this out and make a donation, follow the money, being sure to find out exactly how it will be used and following up to see if it has been done. Even if only donating a minimal amount, don’t be afraid to ask the question.

Often times, we forget about the little things that can leave great impact. Smiles are free, so give them away in abundance, you just never know who needs a warm, genuine smile. Also give compliments away by the dozens if you see a gorgeous lipstick color on someone or if you are enjoying the scent of someone’s cologne. These little things can make someone’s day! If you’d like to dive deeper into giving and doing amazing things to shake this world for the better, then I invite to you to participate in my free 7 Day Good Karma Challenge.

Article Source lll

Gaynete’ A.M. Edwards, best-selling author of Lucky Code A Guide for Winning at Life is a mom, model, inspirational blogger and the founder and CEO of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries




10 Reasons Why A Gratitude Journal Could Be Your Best Idea Ever (And Why You’ll Want To Start Today)


By Clare Josa

e have all heard about the ‘attitude of gratitude’ and how we’re ‘supposed’ to think positive thoughts. But how on earth do you do it? How do you take the ‘stuff’ that life throws your way and turn it into smiles instead of sulking? Here are 10 reasons why you might want to use a gratitude journal to help you with all of this - and why you’ll want to make a start today.

fire off all of those stress hormones and create the same physical, mental and emotional tension, whether or not the event is currently happening. So how about spending time getting it to fire off happy hormones, instead?

A gratitude journal can be an elaborate book with a beautiful cover, or it can be a simple notebook, it doesn’t really matter. What counts is that you write in it regularly and keep it somewhere that you can review it, whenever you want to. Here are 10 reasons to keep a gratitude journal - and how it can change your life, starting today!

It builds up your strength, for when things don’t go so well. Gratitude can be thought of as being a mental and emotional ‘muscle’ which you can build up with daily exercise. If stuff goes wrong in life and your gratitude muscle is weak, you’ll struggle to find a silver lining in those storm clouds. But if you already have a strong daily gratitude habit, then your gratitude muscle will be resilient and well-trained, meaning life’s challenges don’t knock you off course as much.

It’s fun! Keeping a gratitude journal is fun! Just imagine doing it every day for a year and then looking back to experience the great stuff that happened in your life! Sure that’s worth a few minutes of your time, each day? Your body feels every thought you think. Whether you’re living in a stressful situation or just thinking back to one, your body doesn’t notice the difference. It will still

It can help you sleep better - and dream happier! Psychologists have proven that our thoughts, as we fall asleep, set the tone for at least the next four hours of dreaming. Surely it’s better to spend the night dreaming about things that make you feel good, rather than reliving your worries and stresses? It can change the way you think. When you decide to keep a gratitude journal, you are making a commitment to yourself, to turn your Monkey Mind’s thought habits towards conversations that inspire you, instead of grumbling and criticising.

It can turn you into an optimist. Having a generally optimistic attitude towards life has been shown to cut your stress levels and to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.By consciously looking for what is going well in your life, you are training yourself to have a more positive outlook. It can help with ‘emotional first aid’. When ‘stuff happens’, it can be difficult to keep things in perspective and it’s all too easy to drown in the drama of the stories your Monkey Mind is telling. Your gratitude journal give you back your perspective and help you to more easily handle whatever is going on for you. You can see what’s great, not just what’s gone wrong. If you have a long-term habit of letting your Monkey Minds grumble and gripe, then it becomes a world expert in pointing out everything that is bad and wrong and broken in our lives - and the wider world. Keeping a daily gratitude journal helps you to rebalance this, by also being able to see what is good and right and wonderful in our day-to-day experience of life.


It helps you let go of old limiting beliefs. We tend to see what we expect in life - and what we expect is limited by our beliefs about what is possible and likely to happen. These beliefs work as a filter in your brain, passing through evidence to support them and rejecting evidence that would contradict them. If you use your gratitude journal to deliberately write down examples of “life being good” and “I feel happy”, then over time old limiting beliefs will melt away. And finally... starting a gratitude journal is something that the ‘future you’ will thank you for! Imagine zooming ten or twenty years into your future, having kept a gratitude journal for all of that time. Do you think that the future you will be a different person to the one you are today? Do you think they might feel happier? Less stressed? More positive? Healthier? More vibrant? Generally more fun to be around? Or do you think they’ll tell you that they wish you had never taken the time to spend a few minutes a day on gratitude and that they wish you had stayed stuck feeling stressed, miserable and grumpy? How about taking the first steps towards that ‘future you’ today - and starting your gratitude journal?

How To Start Your Gratitude Journal? You can choose any notebook for your gratitude journal, but most people like to choose one that feels special. So you could go and buy one in your local store - or order one online. Then choose to write (or draw pictures) of 3-5 things you feel grateful for - ideally every day.

The main thing is that you make the decision to get started - and that you take some action. And how about going a bit deeper than just writing stuff down each day? There are plenty of inspirational resources over at the Miracle Of Gratitude They include: A gratitude journal, which brings you the ‘how to’ of gratitude, in bite-sized, practical chunks - as well as a Readers’ Club, with reader-only bonuses and a supportive online readers’ forum Monday Morning Gratitude Emails - to start your week with a smile on your face plus inspirational articles, videos and online courses to inspire you to make the miracle of gratitude an easy and life-changing part of your daily routine! Brought to you, with love, by Clare Josa - Author - NLP Trainer - Meditation Teacher - Happiness Experimenter

Clare Josa is the author of numerous books and the creator of a wide range of online courses, as well as face-toface workshops. They help you to dump your old excuses, let go of limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and give you the kick you needed, to take inspired, practical action towards living the life of your dreams. Article Source lll



Rekindle Your Relationship With Mindfulness By Dr. Linda Miles


oo often in a long-term relationship partners stop the very behaviors that connected them with one another and not because they stop loving each other but because they begin to take the other one for granted. Sensual and gratifying behaviors are lost, such as looking deeply into one another’s eyes, mouth to mouth kisses, sexual innuendo, offering your partner focused attention, active listening, random compliments, gifts, etc.

Their daughter, Jan, shared that she thought all parents went to sleep laughing and sharing affection at night because her bedroom shared a common wall with her parents’. Joy and laughter are forms of mindful connection to one another in the present moment.

What is it that you have stopped doing? What has your partner stopped doing? What behaviors would you like to rekindle in your relationship? How can Mindfulness help you rekindle your relationship?

In order to have a relationship as successful as theirs, mindful training is a plus. Mindful training includes practice of focusing on the breath to calm down and experience the present moment, and deliberately sending compassion to self and others.

Mindfulness is a practice of awareness in the present moment. Dr. John Gottman, relationship expert and researcher, describes successful long-term unions as a “string of pearls” made up of mindful moments of connection and appreciation. The happiest and healthiest couples do not necessarily spend a lot of time in conversation but they have a myriad of ways of mindfully connecting with one another in the present moment. Walton and Kathryn were a couple who maintained mindful connection for 60 years despite financial hardship, two jobs, and four children. Their laughter was their prosperity during hard times. Their joy and pleasure in one another was the wealth in poverty. Their love was the antidote to sorrow.

When Walton was dying, he told a group of us who stopped by the story of how he and Kathryn had a hurried wedding so he could go off to the Second World War and that she was still his sweetheart after 60 years. She sat beside him and beamed. Walton and Kathryn are an inspirational couple who maintained a mindful connection over time. We have all seen such couples but what lessons can we apply to our relationships?

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, partners should make a habit to manifest affection towards one another. Physical affection boosts testosterone in a woman and oxytocin in a man and increases his bonding with her. Just mindfully thinking about your partner with feelings of loving-kindness can boost the pleasure chemical dopamine and lower stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol. You get a kind of pleasurable chemical shower. One of the most effective acts is mindfully kissing on the mouth. That is because lips are incredibly sensitive. “Of the 12 or 13 cranial nerves that affect cerebral functions, five are at work when we kiss”. (Scientific American). In addition, kissing on the mouth allows for exchange of saliva that can help boost the immune system of both partners. Human beings are wired for connection, so practice mindfully bringing yourself into the present moment to enjoy all the sensations generated by an intimate kiss. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, partners should make a habit to share affection daily. Physical affection boosts testosterone in a woman and oxytocin in a man and increases his bonding with her. Sex therapist, David Schnarch, recommends a type of mindful intimate connection called “eyes open” sex so couples maintain prescient awareness of one another during the sexual experience.

SELF CONFIDENCE MAGAZINE Dr. Linda Miles, is a highly regarded psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. Her book The New Marriage, Transcending the Happily Ever After Myth was a finalist for the Foreward Book of the Year Award. She has written many articles for professionals and published in national magazines such as Parents and Entrepreneur. Follow me on Twitter at drlinda03 or http://www.

PRACTICES Physical affection and sex offer a myriad of opportunities to practice mindfulness with your partner. As you kiss on the lips, notice how your body feels as you attend to the sensations of the present moment. Remember what behaviors you had when you first fell in love and mindfully repeat those behaviors. Mindfully look into your partner’s eyes with compassion for his/her struggles. Find ways to connect mindfully with your partner in the present moment through laughter, mutual memories, walks, and shared affection. This becomes a positive bank account of emotions so, when times are hard, you have these connections. Initiate sexual contact and use all your senses to experience the moment. Look into your partner’s eyes, play special music, savor the touch of skin, smell scented candles or massage oil. Always return to the sensations of the present moment. It is possible to mindfully cultivate a compassionate awareness of your partner by following these steps: Sit quietly for five minutes at a time and pay attention to your breathing. Since mindfulness is a practice, it is better to do this for longer. However, short segments can also be helpful. Feel the breath moving into your heart with kindness and care and repeat: “May I be free of suffering. May I be at peace”. Allow yourself to be healed. Continue repeating “May I be healed. May I be free of suffering” with each breath. Imagine loving kindness with each breath. Continue breathing as you focus on your loving kindness and relating to yourself with tenderness while sending well-being into your mind and body. Repeat for a number of breaths: “May I find my greatest joy. May I heal into my true nature”. Now bring your mind to your partner and imagine that you can send them warmth and kindness. With each breath think, “May you be free of suffering. May you be at peace”. Continue the breathing of connection and this wish for their happiness and wholeness, repeating: “May you be free of suffering. May you know your deepest joy, your greatest peace”. Continue and picture your partner’s presence with a wish for their healing and deepest joy. To rekindle your relationship, mindfully pay attention and treat your partner as you treated him/her in the beginning. Don’t take him/her for granted and most important: enjoy Article Source lll




7 Ways To Form A Healthy Relationship With Money, Which Doesn’t Own You By Wayne Elsey

Too many people spend money they earned... to buy things they don’t want... to impress people they don’t like.


Will Rogers

lthough the economy looks fine for some, if you talk to many of your friends and family I’m sure they’re not feeling the love of the economy. People are working much longer hours for a lot less pay than they were before 2008. That’s the reality. I’m not sure it’s going to change much any time soon. In the meantime, families have concerns about money and for many this is an ongoing topic which causes incredible strain and pressure.

Many of these people can’t get past the idea of where they are supposed to be versus the reality of where they are.

It’s a tough thing when you want to do something for yourself or your family and, day after day, you simply find yourself as a cog in a wheel that’s spinning with no benefit to you. Even if times are tougher and the financial gains have gone to a few, it doesn’t mean that your life has to slowly come apart. Here’s the deal: Yes, we all need money to live. And, we all absolutely have to put more in to get close to what we had before the economic recession. But, it’s been nearly 8 years. It’s definitely time to move on in the “new world”, which is really not so new. After I wrote my motivational book last year, I heard from people who were really suffering. I hurt for them. We all should.

One of the biggest things I see with the countless people out there who’re looking for something better is their relationship with money. They think that money owns them! Because of it, they don’t see any other “way out” than working longer, harder and in greater poverty to the grave. Family vacations never go beyond their local neighborhood. It’s a big deal when the family gets to Disney World and it’s mind-blowing if there is a trip overseas. In many ways, that’s what some think they deserve, because they view money, their boss and the work they do as their master. They see no alternative in their life. It’s just simply what it is. It’s not. Money does not own you. Your boss does not own you. Your job does not own you. The first thing to living a healthy life is to have a reasoned relationship with important aspects of it. That includes money.

I know families lost jobs and economic stability. Families were undone. And, some people ended their lives rather than live in whatever they perceived to be as poverty. I do a lot of traveling and I’ve had the opportunity to speak to people all over the world. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity. There’s nothing I enjoy more in the course of my business or personal day than to connect with people. But, sometimes I just want to tell someone who is clearly suffering to get it together, if at all mentally and emotionally possible. We have all had nearly 8 years now in living life through a different lens. In fact, if this new reality were a career, that’s a solid amount of experience in living and operating in a new reality.

Forming a Health Relationship With Money You have to get all of the emotion around money out in the open: whether it’s fear, anger or jealousy. Be aware, these are all toxic feelings. They actually make you miserable. Negative feelings affect your health and well being. If you’re looking to make and save money, you need to own money, not the other way around.

SELF CONFIDENCE MAGAZINE Then “grip & rip” and follow the principles I use in life:

1. Change Your Attitude Change your attitude about money. That’s the first place you have to begin. Become aware of the negative and toxic feelings that arise when you’re talking or thinking about money. Then, you have to commit to forget about those feelings. Place them to the side every time they arise. Anger, jealousy or fear - all these emotions have to go out the window of your life. You have no time for these things anymore. If you spend beyond your means, cut it out of your life. If you hold every cent as if it’s the last one you’ll ever make, end that too. If you buy all of those books and tapes out there that tell you how YOU will be rich in as little as one month - save your money! Earning money does not arrive on a magical train that comes into your station in a month or two. It takes work, commitment and planning. All of these are extreme emotions, not healthy and toxic. 2. Take Ownership Once you’ve decided to take control of your relationship with money, you have to own that relationship. That means this is YOUR relationship. It’s no one else’s. It’s not your wife’s. It’s not your bosses’. Your relationship with money and how you’re going to manage it going forward is all on you. You have the power. If you’re suffering from hypertension and are thinking of working two jobs so your kids can get the latest and greatest electronics, you’re in deep trouble. Your kids want you around. They don’t need the latest smart phone. They need time with you. Take care of your health first. Forget about the second job. Your life is more valuable than a new electronic toy or the most expensive sneakers for your kids. If they don’t understand what’s happening, have that conversation with them. Trust me, they’ll understand if they get less stuff but more of you. Kids are smart. Trust them.

3. Erase “I Can’t” and the Excuses People have had mountains of debt, and they’ve figured a way to get through it. They’ve had jobs that they don’t like, and they’ve managed to open up their own businesses or change careers. When people get older, I do understand that things get tougher. Decisions we’ve made do have consequences, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change your life. It absolutely does not mean that. So, put all the excuses to the side. When you find yourself answering a question by explaining how much you’d like to be able to change things but you can’t, stop it. It’s not easy. I’m not selling you a bill of goods and telling you it’s easy. It’s not. But, you can change your life, beginning with your relationship with money and everything that flows from it, one step at a time. 4. Get Off the Couch I always say this to people who know me: “Get off the couch!” You know the difference between the haves and have nots? It’s not the size of their bank account. It’s in the drive they have, or don’t. If you’re working a job you simply can’t stand and you’re not doing anything to change your circumstance, well, if you’re not helping yourself out, why should anyone else? Why are you not chipping away at the situation? Get off the couch. No one is going to lend you a hand if they don’t see you moving. You’ll get the respect and support of your family and team once you begin to move. As it relates to money, if people see that you’re doing something positive with your relationship with it for the better good, they’ll eventually support your efforts. It may not happen overnight, though. Remember, people within your own family may also have a toxic relationship with money. But, eventually people will understand the importance of moving and not standing still.


5. Commit Life is not easy. Neither is ending a relationship with money that is one sided. You have to commit yourself to it each and every day. So, when your kids are asking you for the latest toy and you realize you don’t have it, you’re going to have to hold firm. When you wish you could eat out with your friends, but you have a bill that’s $500 waiting to be paid by the end of the month, you’ve got to keep focused on your priorities. You’re going to be tested often. You have to stay the course. And, if you happen to slip one day, you have to get right back on the path. A commitment will help condition your mind consistently to get control of your relationship with money. Remember, nothing is won without consistency and persistence. That means you’re committed to your goal. Stay with it. 6. Do the Work Most people do not achieve what they want to in life. Most people will not change their relationship with money. Why? The answer is simple. It takes work. It’s not easy. Many people will do anything to not have to take the hard way through things. That’s understandable.

Who wants to suffer? But the reality is that there’s no real way to have a healthy relationship with money unless you do the work. It may take you a very long time to get out of the mess you’re in. That alone may continue to keep you believing that “something” will change. But, it doesn’t work that way. It takes work to accomplish anything worth accomplishing in life. There’s no magic pill for anything. Stop believing there is. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Put that somewhere you can see it. Begin the journey.

7. Accept the Consequences And finally, accept the consequences. The path from Point A to Point B is not a straight. And if it is, it’s certainly not going to be straight all the way to Point Z. Get my drift? When you start doing something for you, you will get challenges. It might be that the new job you obtained was not at all what they said it would be. Or, it might be push-back from people you thought would be your best supporters. Whatever it is, something will test your commitment to change your relationship with money. Stay the course. Trust your instincts. At some point, you will realize there’s no turning back. That will mean you’ve got momentum. Keep going. Do what it takes. Do whatever it takes to tame your bondage to money. Money is great, but never allow it to own you.

Wayne Elsey is the author of “Get Off the Couch: Grip & Rip and Break the Barriers Holding You Back in Life” (Free Digital Download)

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Dressing for Success or How to Get That Dream Job By Md Abdur In this era, CEOs can be as casual as they prefer or as formal as they want. This is the era where it’s hard to know how to be appropriately dressed for the job. If you want to look appropriately dressed for your job, here are some tips for dressing for success. When you wear the right clothes for your job, your confidence will get a boost. A study published in the “Journal of Experimental Social Pathology” proves doctors with lab coats scored higher on attention than those who did not. When it comes to getting ahead, image can make a major impact.

Designer Pieces = Success

For the trendy

Designer labels are always connected to financial success. People relate financial success with the characteristics that help them achieve prosperity such as discipline, intelligence, and hard work. With these subconscious interpretations, we can make a person believe we have a higher salary and more opportunities. It also shows commitment to the job if you buy high-quality items.

If you want to look trendy, you have to be trendy. The idea is you spend a lot of your time keeping up with the trends. You look like you care more about your clothes than about your job. When you dress trendy, people will feel more comfortable in trusting you. Younger audiences will feel as if they can relate to you because of your trendy outfit.

Suits for the conservative

Someone with a young and casual look comes off as relaxed and easy to talk to. You’ll look like you’re not moving up and you’re not putting in some effort. Looking young does not impede your performance. I know someone who is at her most youthful look yet she is the most powerful person in the company.

These days, wearing suits is pretty much for lawyers and politicians. However, women in the corporate environment should wear a suit, especially during big meetings. This will make you look more competent and more trustworthy.

For the sloppy genius Men can pull of an “eccentric genius” look but women haven’t been able to do it successfully. There is no dress code for a successful woman professor. You can use casual Chinos or blend it with a scarf. You want to make an impression as if you don’t care what clients will think, especially if you are a financial planner.

For the young and casual

Feeling sexy Ask yourself: “If I were going to a nightclub after work, would I need to change everything?” If the answer is no, you might be dressed inappropriately and you’re probably wearing too much makeup. The idea is conveying something about yourself instead of the clients who you are supposed to be representing. Midtight skirts and dresses will look good as long as they are not too tight. It’s also safer if you pair them with opaque tights.




To Do It Right You Must Know The Key Benefits Of Eating Healthy By Josef Bichler


here are certain factors that control your health when it comes to eating. These factors and benefits unfortunately are often not recognised or overlooked. Most of us are very busy during the day and we give not much thought about the food we eat. Healthy eating is very important, although it does not come naturally with all the opportunities available of fast and take away foods. There are a number of benefits, eating healthy helps anyone to stay physically fit, have less illness and feel better. You can lower the risk of getting many diseases like diabetes and heart disease just by choosing healthier meals. In addition you will sustain a healthy weight without going hungry or any lengthy starvation plans. In this era of rampant obesity, healthy food is one of the easiest and most reliable weight loss plan.

Make time for this now; many are saying, selecting types of food and cooking takes effort and time. Yes, it does take more effort and time now of which you will safe later. Indulging over years in wrong foods, adopting bad habits and lifestyle, it is unavoidable that illness will strike. The time saved in not preparing and selecting better food in the first place is now spent in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals. I’m sure most everyone can agree that life is not always fair, but it makes it even worse when it is self-inflicted.

There is indisputable evidence that food is your medicine. The following is a broad explanation on the benefits of eating healthy foods. One of the advantages is that you will be able to meet your nutritional requirements. However, make sure that you eat fruits, grains, beans, vegetables, proteins, oils, milk and other dairy products. There are minerals and vitamins in healthy foods that can enhance your immune system. This will help to prevent illnesses which is linked by eating unhealthy foods such as diabetes and cancer. The immune system is the most important driver in your body to prevent illness. A good immune system can only develop from eating healthy and being on the right diet. Among other benefits of eating healthy is that your energy levels will increase; your body will improve on how it functions and at the same time it will improve this so important immune system. If you eat healthy, stay active, include some sort of exercise, you will be living longer and live a very vibrant life. Exercise is a dirty word for many, the thing is, exercise doesn’t have to have horribly, long time-consuming or boring activities. There are plenty of options, walking in fresh air is one of them.

SELF CONFIDENCE MAGAZINE There is a combination required of exercise and choosing fruits that are rich in vitamin C will help ward off colds and viruses. You will recover quickly when you fall sick when you eat a healthy diet. Thus, make sure you consume natural foods, rather than foods that come packaged. Healthy foods will make you feel well. Vegetables and natural fruits will help in maintaining better energy levels to last all day. You will have a good muscle tone, nicer glowing skin and thinking more clearly as you enjoy leisure activities. People who eat a balanced diet find themselves having a better social life compared to those who do not consume healthy foods. Mental alertness is among the benefits of eating healthy. You should refrain from taking junk foods that will end up clouding your mind, hence making you feel lazy and increase your weight. Healthy diets for the brain are similar ones that keep the cardiovascular system healthy. You should eat plenty of foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, make sure that you take vitamins, minerals and any other nutrients that keep your body working in top capacity. If you are overweight, healthy food will help you lose weight naturally and at the same time staying at that level with little or no effort. Many people who lose weight with unhealthy diets gain it back again once they go back to their usual eating patterns. If your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and proteins, you will be able to gain your ideal weight and sustain it. The above are just to summarise of eating healthy. Stay consistent in what you start and you will feel that change for the better. The most important step to a healthy life is the change to a healthy diet, persist with it and you’ll be amazed what different it makes.

My name is Josef Bichler I have a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. I have corrected my own health problems with the use of alternatives only. I have helped many others achieve their health objectives through lifestyle changes, the meaning of right supplementation and understanding the benefits of eating healthy. For more ongoing health information subscribe to my free weekly newsletters, this also gives you the opportunity for comments, suggestions and questions you may have, as well download my free e-book report to help making better food choices: Article Source lll


Leading A Balanced Life - Yin and Yang Philosophy By Bryan Chau


umans must also comply and do their best to live a balanced life. Remember, nature’s method for informing you that you’re outof-sync and imbalanced is through stress, illnesses, fatigue, etc. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to seek harmony and balance within their own lives. To do so effectively, requires a general understanding of “yin & yang.”

What Is Yin & Yang? Yin & Yang consist of two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy where “Yin” represents the feminine, dark, and negative and “Yang” represents the masculine, bright, and positive. Through this philosophy, everything is seen in pairs where one compliments the other in perfect harmony. In essence, yin & yang is everywhere and everything. Not only are they opposite in nature but also reliant upon each other to the point where one wouldn’t exist without the other. Examples also include the sun and moon; cold and hot; passive and active; day and night; inward and outward; soft and hard; up and down; healthy and unhealthy.

compliments to others. Unfortunately, when you receive compliments from others you have a hard time acknowledging and accepting them. In an effort to lead a balanced life, you must learn to not only give love but also receive love from others. Bryan Chau: I’ve Another prime example worn many different could be seen with hats. As a versatile philanthropy. Regardless if we’re speaking of celebrities copywriter, I’ve sailed or entrepreneurs, individuals the marketing gamut. involved with philanthropic From conceptualizing activities are aware that the excess that creative advertising was given to them should be paid out ideas elevating client to others. Through volunteer work products and services to and other charitable donations, the next level, to writing rich these individuals strive to create and engaging copy for social a balanced life by giving a portion of the wealth that media, e-blasts, public relations, they’re blessed with web, video and print production to help others less – you name it, I’ve done it. fortunate.

How Can This Help Me?

Of course, other As mentioned, failure to lead a methods exist for creating a balanced life balanced life could be detrimental. It and the solution really depends on your personal could cause stress and illnesses, situation. As a general rule, people could enjoy a along with negatively more balanced lifestyle by doing these 5 things daily: impacting your focus, Meditate attitude, emotions, and Dedicate 15 minutes each day to reflect on past experiences relationships. Therefore, and use those lessons-learned to improve for the future. it’s vital that people Nature strive towards a Allocate about 30 minutes each day to walk and enjoy state-of-equilibrium the beauty of Mother Nature with all your senses. where all aspects Water of their lives are This is the essence of life, so balanced as much make sure that you drink at as possible. By least eight 8-ounce glasses using the yin & worth per day to remove yang philosophy, toxins and to hydrate. individuals could Food re-balance their Make sure that you lives by either have a nutritious diet giving what that also includes the was received consumption of healthy in excess or by foods, such as fruits and vegetables. receiving what was Exercise given in excess. Whether through Tai-Chi or Yoga, people could learn to balance their mind, body, and spirit by exercising. To illustrate, let’s say you’re To end this post, I leave you with a quote from Ellen DeGeneres: an individual who enjoys My point is, life is about balance. The good giving

and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada.

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Three Steps to Live a More Powerful Life By Tim Wolski


ost of us are living below our potential. We let opportunities slip past. We don’t ask for what we want. We don’t give all we can. We desire more, but we don’t make it happen. We are all capable of more. I know that you are capable of more. Reaching higher potential is simple but will require work and action. Here are three steps to live your life to the fullest.

1 First, know what you want. It sounds simple and obvious but many of us are living through our own personal zombie apocalypse. We let inertia carry us through life. So fearful of change and the unknown, we continue doing the same passionless job day after day, year after year, until much of our life has slipped by. Knowing what you want can be an intense process. Start by questioning yourself and writing everything down. What excites you? What do you despite? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? What keeps you in bed when you should be up? Track your thoughts and feelings for a week or two. Then read over it and look for patterns. Look for those negatives you need to eliminate from your life and start dreaming up positive alternatives.



Second, create an action plan. Once you understand what it is that you want, break it down into a number of manageable steps and objectives. Draw a path between where you are and where you are looking to go. Create a strategy that supports your goals. Understand that everyone has three budgets: Time, Energy (physical, emotional, spiritual) and Income. In the short term, these budgets are largely fixed. That is spend an extra hour doing one thing, then you are going to spend an hour less doing something else. Look for those few vital behaviors that will lead to the greatest benefit. Create daily habits around those vital behaviors. For example, getting in shape may require a daily activity habit. Growing a business will likely require a daily habit of calling potential customers. Measure your input.

Third, work your action plan. Success comes from a combination of motivation, determination and positive habits. Create an environment that will lead to success by eliminating or minimizing obstacles. Your environment and associates should make it easier to do the positive actions and more challenging to do the negative actions. Create obtainable milestones and simple habits. Enlist someone to help hold you accountable. Stop frequently and make sure you are still on track to accomplish your goal. If not, adjust as necessary. Reaching any goal, whether it is a personal, financial, health or relationship goal, can be reached using this process. Don’t make the process more complicated than these three steps and don’t delay. Get started today.

Live More. Laugh More. Earn More. Business/Life Coaching Tim Wolski Wolski Success Partners http://www. WolskiSuccessPartners.

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Do You Think Confidence Equals Success? By Kim Ravida


f you said yes, you would be on the right path to your success. Confidence plays a huge role in our personal and professional lives. When we are confident and feel good about what we are doing and how we are doing it, we do more of it and that brings more success.

Take weight loss for example. I have several clients who felt a lot of doubt about whether they could get in shape and be healthy. (By the way, doubt is the antonym of confidence.) What they learned was that their success was directly related to confidence. And oh yeah, once they started to see that, boy did they get amazing results! Don’t take my word for it. Just ask 22-year-old Torey Krug a Boston Bruins defenseman who played most of the season in the minor league. Inserted into the Bruins lineup during the playoffs due to injuries of veteran players, he scored two amazing goals in his first two games. He was asked by a local broadcaster what he thought attributed to his success. Torey’s answer: confidence. Keep in mind this kid was no Wayne Gretzky out of college. He went undrafted. Could he have felt doubt, sure, but he didn’t because he knows the road to success is paved with confidence. “Ya but... “ I can hear you saying. It’s normal to feel doubt, uncertainty, hesitation and all the feelings of ‘I can’t’. Here are three tips to help you feel more confident so that But really, what if you could? What if what you want to achieve seems to simply appear. you could feel confident right now no matter what? How would that change Tip 1: Think back to a time Tip 2: Keep the reason Tip 3: Get the support you need. when you felt really great you want to reach your Ask a trusted friend to hold you your outlook? What would you do? about accomplishing some- goal top of mind. When accountable to your actions and thing. Was it when you fiyou know why you are behaviors. Don’t forget to have Kim is a Certified nally got off the couch and doing something, it is them help you though the rough Professional Coach took a walk or got the comuch easier to stick to points, too, when you aren’t feeand Fitness Instructor. urage up to join a group it. If you decide you are ling the confidence you want to She helps busy women exercise class or began a finally getting off the reach your success. Hire a coach. take the mystery out of weight loss program and seesaw of diet and exer- A coach is someone who is comlost weight right away? cise and making chanpletely on your side, they have diet and exercise and Whatever it was, tap into ges that are part of a your best interests at heart and teaches them fun and effective ways those feelings. Those are healthy and fit lifestyle they are not attached to the outto lose weight, eat better, and look and your touchstones for re-write down your whys. come which means they are solefeel attractive in their bodies. Kim’s calling a feeling confidenThey might be because ly there for you and your success. clients have the energy to play with ce and ultimately success. you want to: look great, A coach can help you through Write down those feelinfeel energized, join in the doubts and to feeling and their kids, manage their household and gs and read them regularfamily outings or partibeing confident faster. My clients business, control their lives, stop feeling ly - daily is a good idea and cipate in your life again have reached their goals becauguilty about themselves, and find their first thing in the morning rather than sit on the se they stepped up and worked true happiness. If you haven’t read and often last thing in the sidelines. Write them all with me. I also have a coach, and Kim’s story, please visit her website evening (and during the down and then-just like I can personally attest to having day if needed). This helps your feelings of confiway more confidence and sucyou maintain a high level of dence-review them ofcess simply by having a coach on so you can ‘meet’ her and confidence. ten. my side. get to know her better.

Then, drop Kim a line at kim@ as she is eager to get to know you, too.

I challenge you this week to pay attention to when you are feeling doubt. How and when does it appear... and what follows? Can you turn it around and stride confidently toward your success? I bet you can.

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How to Gain Self-Confidence Naturally and Enjoy a Happy Life By T S Gill


o you know that there are proven methods to gain selfconfidence naturally and enjoy a healthier life? It is true; you no longer have to suffer from the influences of your negative thinking patterns. You can learn how to control your thoughts and start rebuilding your natural confidence, the confidence to succeed in any endeavor, just like you did when you were a child. You can learn how to boost your self-confidence and overcome all the overwhelming feelings of anxiety, stress and depression!

Once upon a Happier Time... Long ago, during your childhood there was a time when your confidence soared, you believed in yourself and the things you could do. You believed you could do anything, be anything you wanted, and then one day those around you influenced you and your self-confidence. Those who already established their negative thinking patterns that made them feel miserable, sometimes feel they have to share this negative aspect with others. One thing is sure about misery that it loves company, so before long, they influenced the way you think about yourself, the way you think about the things you can accomplish. Perhaps, everyday after that your self-confidence was trampled on by what others think and do.

You Are Able Make a Difference in Your Life Today! If you are sick and tired of feeling so depressed or you are ready to shake off the overwhelming feeling associated with anxiety and stress, you can make a difference in your life today! There is no need to continue feeling yourself so miserable and sad. You can learn how to increase your self-confidence naturally as you work towards boosting your self-confidence. However, it is totally your choice whether you want to do something that will make you feel better about yourself and the life you are living.

Things you can do to Boost Your Self-Confidence Today and Everyday

Replace Negative Thinking with Positive Thinking One of the most important and influential things you can do to boost your self-confidence today is to stop any type of negative thinking pattern. Negative thinking is counterproductive when you want to make a substantial difference in the way you feel, the way you think and the way you live your life. Rather, you should learn how to replace negative thinking with positive thinking. When you begin to think positively, you will notice that you feel better and that things in your life are beginning to come together to work for you rather than against you.

Learn How To Relax You can learn how to relax by incorporating various things into your everyday life. For example, you may want to consider learning how to meditate and visualize more positive things into your life. Learning some helpful breathing techniques can be helpful for relaxing. Interestingly, when you learn and practice various breathing techniques, visualizations or meditation methods it will be easier for you to incorporate positive thoughts into your life. While using such resources and techniques you can begin to create the type of lifestyle you know you are meant to have.

There are proven methods to gain self-confidence naturally and enjoy a healthier life, you just need to make up your mind to take advantage of them.

T S Gill is a researcher. His main focus is to help people to gain their self confidence naturally. For more information and guidance please visit: Article Source lll

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Self Confidence Magazine  

Here it is new issue of Self Confidence Magazine.