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My films

Experience A little off the centre ( March 2008) The story of a boy and his struggles with traditional society. We follow him through his journey as he finds out how to live how he wants to without letting the restricting forces of society stop him. Shot on Sony Handycam Direction, co-Writer, Camera, Edit

Why Cinema? My interest in cinema developed into a passion around the age of 16, when I was first exposed to some films from around the world, which were a little different from what I had easy access to. Since then, this passion has grown, and I have transformed from being just a film viewer to someone who thinks about the craft of film-making. I’ve always had an urge to create. I want to be able to produce that one moment of magic - that one moment so overwhelming you make an entire film to achieve it.


Why Cinematography?

Name Ranabir Das Father’s Name

Subir Das

Address Telephone Email

B-250 Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700045 09830026751


Don Bosco Park Circus, ISC Batch of 2007. I.C.S.E Percentage:- 79.2% I.S.C Percentage:- 85 %


St. Xaviers College Kolkata, B.Sc Degree in Mass Communication and Videography, Batch of 2010. Grade:- 1st Class

My interest in cinematography originated from a general interest in film and a developing interest in photography. I find the very idea of recording anything from real life and being able to view it again in reel life quite fascinating. I want to study cinematography to be able to one day have total control over the look of what I’m recording. I want to have the power to create beautiful images out of anything, even nothing.


I have been working with Filmshop, a Television Commercial production house for the last 3 years assisting Mr. Anik Dutta (Director) and I am presently his Chief Assistant. During this period of time I have worked in 32 commercials. The cinematographers who have worked in these commercials include Mr. Avik Mukherjee, Mr. Shirsha Ray and Mr. Soumik Haldar. The commercials I have worked in are:2007 Biskfarm (Biscuits)- 6 TVCs 2008 Biskfarm (Biscuits)- 8 TVCs 2009 Sunrise Mustard Powder Biskfarm ( Biscuits)- 11 TVCs Tata Photon+ 2010 Kothari Vests- 2 TVCs Safed Detergent Powder- 3 TVCs

Mahesh Aney

I have done a summer internship with Mr. Mahesh Aney where I have worked as his 4th Assistant in the film ‘Phillum City’ directed by Mr. Deven Khote. During this time I observed him and his team at work and contributed in whatever way it was possible for me to. I also observed the usage of various equipments such as the Jimmy Jib and the steadycam.

The importance of being idle (November 2008)- A modern day documentary based on the rant of a Calcutta youth about everything around him and a poetic description of what he feels about it. Shot on Sony Handycam Direction, Camera, Edit Babloo learns to fly (Jan 2009) An improvised nonsense verse in video where our anti-hero Babloo tries various methods of flight. Shot on Sony Handycam Direction, Camera, Edit

Other Projects Pablo (March 2009) The film explores the emotional landscape of a young artists’ mind in an ambiguous journey to find himself. Shot on Sony HVR- Z1P Camera Running Circles ( May 2009) Romit finds himself in a unfamiliar place with everyone around him behaving in a rather odd manner. He meets Maya here and takes a liking for her. They spend a few hours together and start getting along very well, around which time she disappears without warning. Romit sets out, trying to find this girl he just met as things get more and more bizarre and gets tangled in an ever-changing, vast web. Shot in Sony HVR- Z1P Direction, Writer, Camera, Edit You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows (March 2010) Ishan has somewhere very important to go but for the life of him can’t remember where it is. He meets a lot of people and travels with them to wherever they are going. Things slowly start to not make much sense as he meets more and more people. Just when he’s starting to get comfortable he is reminded of his initial destination Shot on Sony HVR- Z1P Direction, Writer, Camera, Edit

Magic Wallrush

Magic wallrush is a street exhibition that has been held in Calcutta on 5 occasions. It is for anyone and everyone and because it is on the streets it is easily accessible. Today, it is an organization based in Calcutta that supports, promotes and curates alternative art. It develops non-traditional ways of connecting art with the public and tries to help individuals and organizations to bring about a positive change through art and design. I have been involved as a photographer and a photo curator for all 5 chapters that have been received well locally and nationally.

Ongoing Projects Bhooter Bhobishyot Bhooter Bhobishyot is a Bengali feature film, which is being directed by Anik Dutta. The shooting of the film is scheduled to commence from the 5th of December. The senior crew includes cinematographer Avik Mukherjee, Art Director Indranil Ghosh and Editor Arghyakamal Mitra, all of who have won National Awards. I am working as an Assistant Director in the film. Thirdeye The Third Eye Project is a constantly evolving interactive new media art installation conceptualised and designed by Magic Wallrush Studio.The outer structure, engineered completely out of steel pipes and chrome metal sheets and the central shrine consisting of three scrap metal sculptures arranged in a circle of Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwar representing the cosmic cycle of creation, preservation and destruction . Each sculpture houses a video projector projecting onto a three way prism shaped screen in the middle where three separate videos, shot entirely in the streets of Calcutta in a documentary style, based on the three themes are played simultaneously. The installation brings together artists from a number of disciplines, combining architecture, sculpture, video arts, sound design, light arts, painting and interactive electronic art. I am involved in the project as the video artist; co-directing, shooting and editing all three shorts.



Magic Wallrush is a Calcutta based art commune.

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