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Exciting Hunting and Fishing Destinations

Exciting Hunting and Fishing Destinations edition 2014

Exciting Hunting and Fishing Destinations edition 2014

Imagine a custom-built gun just made for you …

The Browning Custom Shop – where dreams are born From Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal in Belgium, Browning Custom Shop arms have been created by the hands of exceptional craftsmen using traditional techniques since 1897. Hand-made unique works of art of outstanding quality.

Foreword of the founder Are we dinosaurs? Are we, hunters and fishermen, the last generations of a species which is doomed to disappear from the face of the earth? Our American friends are certainly the masters in statistics and based on their numbers both hunters and fishermen are declining dramatically. We are with an estimated 258 million fishermen of whom 38 million are commercial and the rest recreational. We also seem to be with 52 million hunters of which 28 million just in the United States. But this last number is the relevant one! Only two decades ago the USA counted still over 40 million hunters. Apparently nowadays for every 100 hunters retiring from active duty only 69 new young hunters are added. I do not know any numbers for the old continent, but with the legislation getting every day more restrictive, I am convinced the loss is even greater!

Same is happening to the much larger fishing community where a certain lobby uses isolated cases of over-fishing to make any recreational fisherman feel bad. A few years back Safari Club International demonstrated that the hunters were the largest group of conservationists, both in numbers as by dollars invested. The anglers from their side started to promote heavily the catch and release practice and they achieved a significant turnaround. So who do our youngsters have to believe? Statistics show they do not believe us, the sportsmen! Last year I urged all parents to involve their children in the outdoors sports such as fishing and hunting as part of their education to integrate into the natural environment. Today numbers prove we are at the losing end. We must put greater effort in communicating those values to the next generations if we do not want to end up becoming the last specimen of a dying breed‌ Bruno van Marcke

B R O W N I N G ® PA R T N E R L O D G E S A Unique Sporting Challenge Awaits You ! L E S C O LV E R T S D E S A B O U R N AC – F R A N C E

Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private hunting estate that has been organising mallard shoots over the last twenty years or so on the principles of the large “English style shoots”. This type of hunting surprises and appeals to many hunters, who like shooting a few hundred cartridges on high-flying mallards. The birds fly over surprisingly high, which challenges top-shooters to equip themselves with full-choke guns. The estate is open from September 1st to January 31st and may be reserved by a single group of 4 to 12 guns.

CA M P E M E N T D E L’E L É P H A N T - B U R K I N A - FA S O

Hunting francolin and guinea-fowl at random is the speciality of the Elephant Camp together with “pass shooting” turtle-dove and sand-grouse coming in to drink at waterholes. The season goes from December through to March. Hunters will find a comfortable camp (with air-conditioning and a swimming pool). Enjoy all the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the African bush.


Only 45 minutes from Madrid, outstanding red-legged partridge shooting in Spain is at its very best on the La Fnca and Fuensauco estates, run by Javier Corsini who is one of the most respected shoot owners in Spain with his 30 years of experience. His professionalism, his rigour and his expertise are a guarantee that you will have a magnificent stay with a booty of between 500 and 2,000 birds, depending on the size of the party. Surrounded by an estate of 3,000 hectares, a luxury hunting lodge is ready to welcome you, with its gastronomic creations and top-quality Spanish wines that will really make your stay unforgettable.


The new KOULOUDIA air-conditioned camp, 3 hours away from N’Djamena offers exceptional hunting for teal, pintail, shovelers and African duck coming from Europe for the winter. The season goes from November through to March in the Lake Chad overflow areas, which are cultivated by villagers and where duck come and feed.

V E R AC R U Z - A R G E N T I N E

Located in the heavenly Mountains of Cordoba, El Colibrí Estancia de Charme is the right combination between the refinement of a high quality European style Lodge, a charming and hospitable homely atmosphere and the excitement of a different kind of leisure.

The BROWNING® B525 shotgun is already appreciated for its numerous qualities by over a million hunters, and especially for its unmatched sturdiness in the field. In collaboration with the «Magic Safari Lodges» label and the Orchape hunting tour agency, top-quality “small game” destinations are offered in France, Burkina Faso, Chad, Argentina and Spain. They have now become «BROWNING® Partner Lodges». Several B525 guns will be made available to hunters on each site. This free service, which offers hunters an opportunity of hunting with this mythical gun, also enables them to avoid all the problems and unpleasant surprises liable to occur when transporting firearms by air.




A bolt-action rifle created in the finest tradition of craftsmanship with an outstanding range of offerings – all settled around the innovative Helix bolt action system. The name is Helix Noblesse and it offers real linear bolt action. Safer thanks to the unique Helix breech and the closed receiver. Faster thanks to bolt action shooting with a conversion of linear movement into a helical rotation. The highest level of precision – even after toolless takedowns or changing the calibre. Now with a selected wood class 7 with a True-Oil finish, ebony onlays, a fluted barrel and a gold trigger. We believe that this Helix is (apart from love for nature) one of the best reasons to pursue the hunt. |

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WForeword elcome !

of the founder

When we were first contacted by Magic Safari Lodges, we at Nervous Waters

Nature a master to us all and it gifts us withWe changing colorsthink and smells that are and is David Denies were a little hesitant. didn’t really it behooved fluid passing of thethat seasons. nature but and we share remarkable us with to bethe part of a book listedWe so learn manythrough destinations, knew Magic experiences with our friends and family, and it provokes emotions incomparable with Safari was going to be a quality project, so we proceeded. What happened anything else. At Holland & Holland we value the work of Magic Safari Lodges, which next the wastrue thatvalues we heard fromand ourofclients. TheyMy told us they had seen us, and reflects of nature, our sport. belief is that conservation and they told us that they kept these books and used them as ready reference as ethical hunting codes are invaluable for our Animal Kingdom to continue to flourish and preserve this the age world old way life. sports Through education we must to teach our they explored ofoffield and travel. Over time,strive we found that younger generation the same respectthe that we had instilledSafari upon Lodges, ourselves. through browsing and reading pages of Magic our clients

have discovered new worlds, and traveled to destinations they would not have

Niels van Rooyen considered in the past. This was especially important for our destinations, Holland & Holland

since they are so diverse. For example, perhaps you are a passionate bonefish angler-but didn’t know anything about the golden dorado in Argentina?

The same is true with wingshooting, many lifelong waterfowl hunters didn’t realize you could hunt ducks in June and July…but in these pages they discovered the idea of duck hunting in Argentina, and that opened a new chapter for many wing shooters. We value our partnership with Laurent and Magic Safari Lodges, and we support them in everything they do to enhance and vigorously defend the sporting destinations they represent and showcase. We look forward to many more years of working with Magic Safari Lodges, and hope you enjoy your opportunity to discover some new opportunities and destinations between these covers. Sincerely,

If you like bonefish, you’ll love Dorado, and many anglers, through exposure in these pages, have “crossed over” and discovered a new passion for the golden fish of South America.

Fernando de las Carreras CEO Nervous Waters / David Denies Wingshooting / Red Stag Patagonia

Geovid HD-B 42. Revolutionary in every way. ABCŽ ballistics system ensures maximum precision – for every type of equipment microSD card enhances accuracy, using your specific ballistic data new, open ergonomic bridge new Perger Porro-System offers an extremely bright, high-contrast image precise measurement up to 2,000 yds (1,825 m) simple and convenient two-button operation

Makes every hunt a truly unforgettable experience. Discover more at

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Magnus 2.4 – 16 x 56. Maximum brightness – perfect in every detail. greater light yield than other premium riflescopes at low magnification factors excellent transmission and extraordinary contrast for confident targeting selectable day/night illumination with 60-step setting range bright, high-contrast, fine red dot panoramic field of view zoom factor up to 6.7x

Leica_Anz_MSL_1113_RZ.indd 3

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ER i 3 –12 x 50. Reliable and accurate. classic, all-purpose riflescope crisp illuminated reticle dot with precisely adjustable brightness and intelligent ‘auto off’ robust, proven construction offers utmost reliability and durability cutting-edge optics guarantee maximum resolution and outstanding contrast

Makes every hunt a truly unforgettable experience. Discover more at

Leica Sport Optics. For most demanding situations. Stalking in the mountains is perhaps the most demanding among all the different ways of hunting. To be successful harvesting a dreamed trophy reaching perfection is a must. After 18 years of professional hunting I have learnt that using the best optic equipment is what makes a difference achieving that dream. I always offer my clients a top hunting experience and never leave anything to chance, that’s why I rely on Leica optics to reach that goal. The Magnus rifle scopes series together with the new Geovid HD-B42 are the most precise, durable and reliable tool I can offer our hunters to ensure a successful and safe hunt. Ignacio de Navasques Great Spanish Hunts

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Kalahari Rangers >>

Murtoli >>

Experience the ultimate hunting safari. That’s what we offer at Kalahari Rangers. Situated in the well-known Kalahari region, the magic of the surrounding natural beauty, combined with the vast variety of vegetation and wildlife, leaves an overwhelming impression.

At the southern tip of Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, lies an immense estate in the heart of a valley carved by the Ortolo River. Its name is Murtoli, a secret destination whispered about by those in the know. The Murtoli Estate offers many inviting coves and an endless white sand beach that stretches over a dozen kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, a true paradise.

We have combined this wild and unique eco-system and its abundance of wild animals with true African hospitality in our luxurious lodge. You will enjoy the taste of African venison, lovely prepared traditional cooking, as well as tasty continental cuisine with a wide selection of only the best South African wines. We offer a diversity of exceptional trophy possibilities. Choose from more than 30 native species. Our trophies are of excellent quality and medals can be obtained for most of them. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

An Exceptional Hunting Ground The Ortolo Estate offers an exceptional hunting ground boasting two thousand hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with a widely varying landscape featuring mountains, forests and brush interspersed with prairies and swampland. Some fields are farmed and sown with grain, providing welcome feed for wild game, and the olive groves are kept invitingly free of undergrowth. Wild boar is the big game here and is hunted in the traditional beating method, with a pack of hounds and beaters, or from a hide early in the season. To be expierenced!

Great Spanish Hunts >>

GSH is a Spanish company with over 35 years experience organizing world-class hunting trips. They are specialized in red-legged partridge shoots, “montería” and in high mountain stalking in Spain and Europe.

France Safaris >>

Their driven hunts or “monterias” are world-class featuring 5 to 25 hunters which may shoot each 2 to 3 trophies per day.

Domaine de Laplanque, managed by France Safaris, is located in the south of France. The property is varied, mountainous and wild.   This estate has acquired an international reputation because of its exceptional and very large trophies of red deer, fallow deer and mouflon sheep.   Roebuck, sika deer and large wild boar can also be hunted here. Hunting is done solely by stalking or from hides.   The estate is reserved exclusively for one hunter, whether accompanied or not.   The Roques-Rogery family, owners of this lovely estate since the 13th century, are delighted to welcome guests to their château with friendliness, all desired comforts and refined French cuisine.   A superb hunting destination, in very pleasant surroundings, for outstanding trophies!

This company prides itself in their ethics and professional approach to hunt organization, as well as in offering a world- class service and total client satisfaction. Spain is a unique destination for mountain hunting enthusiasts, offering 7 endemic Capra species:4 Spanish ibex sub species ( Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda ibex), 2 species of chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian, and Mallorcan goat and also two Ovis species: Barbary sheep and mouflon. In addition, its permanently sunny and warm climate allows for year-round pleasant hunting.

Wild Hunting Company >>

WildHunting in Turkey is owned and managed by the Ekenler Family and currently run by two brothers, Kürsat and Temir. They are both extremely keen young hunters and have hunted extensively throughout Turkey and abroad. The Ekenler family has been landowners in Tarsus, Cukurova area for more than 300 years. Hunting is a family tradition, proudly passed from father to son and finally to us. We have always had a passion for the wild; this has been supported by their father who took Temir and Kürsat with him to many hunts all over the world. With some of the world’s finest species on our doorstep, we have naturally concentrated on big game hunting. WildHunting offers a total of 6 species of big game, which are natively found only on Turkish hunting land, this makes the hunting unique! Our family has controlled the shooting in large areas of the Taurus Mountains for generations. We therefore operate as a private family hunting estate, rather than an agent buying from different concessions all over the region. As a result, we have controlled, conserved and developed our areas in a manner that we believe to be unique in the whole country. This approach is key to our way of maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Algar Safaris >>

Patagonia, it’s a country in itself... Algar Safaris owns two private hunting properties that cover 85,000 acres (35,000 hectares) of pristine Patagonian steppe country. The hilly terrain and breathtaking views make Algar Safaris an excellent place to hunt for the various species we offer. The captivating surroundings and the wilderness of the country provide the most demanding and experienced hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience. We are located in the southern part of the Province of Neuquén, with paved road access from the airport in the beautiful city of San Carlos de Bariloche (two-hour drive). We recommend doing our hunts on horseback; however, for those who prefer or require it, hunting can also be done with 4WD vehicle. We encourage bow hunters to hunt with us; great trophies can also be taken with bow & arrow. We offer premium hunting, two new first-class lodges, gourmet cuisine, as well as the unforgettable experience of having a midday “asado” (barbecue) right in the middle of the hunting grounds. We are proud to own the world’s third largest Pere David’s population, being the only ones who can offer this exotic species in the wild.

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African Lodges Aru Game Lodge Blaser Safaris / Sney Rivier Lodge Buffaloland Club Faune Benin Club Faune Cameroon Forest Club Faune Cameroon Savannah Daggaboy Hunting Safaris Ekland Safaris Hunt & Fish Namibia Jofie Lamprecht Safaris Kalahari Rangers Le Chasseur Mauricien Pro Safaris Africa Ratelfontein Hunting Safaris Rhinoland Safaria Side by Side Safaris Ubique Game Ranch/Ubique Safaris


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Abaco Lodge Algar Safaris Alta Paraná Lodge Bair’s Lodge Chime Lodge Delta Fishing Trips Frontera Wingshooting Futa Lodge Jacana Lodge Kautapen Lodge La Dormida Lodge Los Crestones Lodge Montaraz Lodge Pica Zuro Lodge Pira Lodge San Juan Lodge San Pedro Lodge Uruguay Natural Hunting Villa Maria Lodge

European Lodges p.66 p.68 p.72 p.74 p.76 p.78 p.80 p.82 p.84 p.86 p.88 p.90 p.92 p.94 p.96 p.98 p.100 p.102 p.106

Bukovetz Château de Janvry Château Saint Michel E.J.Churchill European Outfitting France Safari Fjelljakt France Outfitters G&G Hunting Services Great Spanish Hunts JPB Adventures K&K Premium Jagd Lax-á Le domaine de l’Ortolo Les colverts de Sabournac Domaine de Montchevreuil Orchape Scandinavian Prohunters Soto Real West Highland Hunting WildHunting Company



Pacific Lodges Australian Buffalo Hunters Cardrona Safaris Treetops Lodge


North America Lodges p.160 p.162 p.164

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Vancouver Island Hunts

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Adventures p.170 p.174

ProfiHunt Prohunt Concierge

p.178 p.180

a bullet stands between Wyourhenlifeonly and death... You better make it count! Norma Precision Ammunition delivers the right combination of accuracy and energy to stop a charging bull at full speed. NORMA’s established African PH & Solids offer the finest

dangerous game ammunition available. Each round is meticulously loaded under the most rigourous inspection standards in the industry. NORMA’s full line of African PH & Solids calibers range from 9.3x62 to the .505 Magnum Gibbs.


Magic Safari lodges Challenge AT THE


5 of June th




For convincing penetration Lead core bonded (=fused) with the jacket for excellent penetration

for optimal response in the game‘s body


Sharp edge for cutting hair at point of impact

Ballistic calotte for flight stability and precision at long distance

Cannelure for a solid bullet seat Nickel-plated Tombak jacket for increased barrel life

– Convincing penetration – even with bone impacts – Preserves the meat – almost 100 % retained mass, thanks to Power-Bonding – Aerodynamic projectile profile and the ballistic calotte produce outstanding accuracy – Nickel-plated jacket to preserve the barrel – Rapid-X-Tip® for fast, controlled deformation

Simulated wound cavity in a gelatine block

Calibers: .270 Win., .270 WSM, 7mm Rem. Mag., 7x64, 7x65 R, .308 Win., .30-06, .30 R Blaser, .300 Win.Mag., .300 WSM, 8x57 JS, 8x57 JRS, 8x68 S, 9,3x62, 9,3x74 R


African Lodges

Aru Game Lodge Blaser Safaris / Sney Rivier Lodge Buffaloland Club Faune Benin Club Faune Cameroon Forest Club Faune Cameroon Savannah Daggaboy Hunting Safaris Ekland Safaris Hunt & Fish Namibia Jofie Lamprecht Safaris Kalahari Rangers Le Chasseur Mauricien Pro Safaris Africa Ratelfontein Hunting Safaris Rhinoland Safaria Side by Side Safaris Ubique Game Ranch/Ubique Safaris

Namibia Namibia South Africa Benin Cameroon Cameroon Namibia South Africa Namibia Namibia South Africa Mauritius Zimbabwe South Africa South Africa Tanzania South Africa South Africa

p.24 p.26 p.28 p.30 p.32 p.34 p.36 p.38 p.40 p.46 p.48 p.50 p.52 p.54 p.56 p.58 p.60 p.62


Aru Game Lodges


Situated in the wild expanses of Namibia, Aru Game Lodges offer the discerning hunter the experience of a lifetime. Aru Game Lodges are operated from two stunning and well established game farms, namely Veronica and Kalakwa. Covering a privately owned area in excess of 65 000 acres, the farms, diverse in landscape and ecosystems, offer an unforgettable and truly African hunting experience. A further 57 000 acres of additional hunting area adjacent to Kalakwa has been secured where we have sole hunting rights, bringing the total huntable area for plains game to 124 000 acres in total! A mecca for any hunter. We believe in a total self sustainable wildlife and we go to extra lengths to ensure a typical and realistic African hunting experience. Hunters will hunt under the supervision of a trained professional hunter, whose expertise and experience will both guide and inspire the trophy hunter. The owners of Aru treasure the principle of the fair chase, and hunts are conducted by stalking on foot, and hunters truly experience the thrill of Africa first hand. Please come fit‌  Our dangerous game hunting areas enable trophy hunters to hunt elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, leopard, and all other exotics for example black faced impala, reedbuck, lechwe, roan and sable, in addition to the range of plains game already available. These concessions are situated in the Caprivi.



With the vast African landscape as its backdrop, and the opportunity the come face to face with your prey, any hunting expedition at Aru is unique and unforgettable. The lodges are luxurious and fully equipped, offering 5 course buffet meals, a fully equipped gym, sauna and swimming pools. For the non hunter and observer we also offer a wide range of activities and specialties like horse riding, quad bike drives, game drives, guided walking trails, swimming pools, gymnasium and sauna. These activities are all included in the accommodation price. We also organize Windhoek shopping excursions, predator feedings on a cat and wildlife sanctuary close to us, guided Bushmen walks and we even offer very specialized treatments in our Beauty Spa at both Veronica and Kalakwa where we offer massages, manicures, pedicures and lots of other treats. This is your escape, and it’s waiting to happen. Come and experience it. Come smell our grass, come see our suns set, come hunt with us in Namibia.

Owner: Classified Manager: Gysbert van der Westhuyzen & Danene van der Westhuyzen Aru Game Lodges PO Box 9222, Windhoek, Namibia Tel: +26 48 1129 55 36 Fax: +26 46 2 56 00 55 Representative for France : VĂŠronique Berthault Tel.: +33 6 37 35 43 08 Affiliations:



Sney Rivier Lodge

Sney Rivier Lodge Namibia The Lodge Nestled in the heart of the Namibian bush, the Sney Rivier Lodge is a luxurious oasis that offers lavish accommodations, exceptional service, and the thrill of getting up close and personal with elusive wildlife. Built in 2009, it caters to those who seek an authentic experience and thrilling hunting adventures. The Sney Rivier Lodge lies at the foot of the Khoma highlands. The scenery is magnificent. Within sight of the main building and guest chalets is a watering hole where wild animals gather. The sense of place is enhanced by the architecture and interior design, as outdoors and indoors become one, strengthening the connection between hunter and nature. The Hunt The 30,000 hectare territory at your doorstep guarantees that you’ll experience a full spectrum of challenging hunting activities, from stalking over difficult terrain to hunting from a hide on one of the area’s countless rock hills. Our hunting guides and trackers make every effort to ensure your hunt is a success. They are experts on the local flora and fauna, and will fascinate you with intriguing facts about Namibia’s wildlife. Off-road vehicles are only used to take you to the starting point of your expedition or to pick up your trophies.



The Parcours In 2011, a professional sporting clay parcours was added to the Sney Rivier Lodge. It encompasses two scenic rock hills and six remote-controlled clay target traps, offering a varied parcours program. Shooting stands in different positions create varying levels of difficulty, allowing experienced hunters to hone their skills. Experts are on hand to help novice shooters experience success. Whether you choose to work on your shooting skills, try out new shotguns, or stage a competition with friends, fire away! The parcours can be reserved at any time, and our staff is always happy to help you. Ammunition (cal. 12) is available for purchase. Blaser F3 shotguns are available for trial. Ear protectors are provided.

Sney River Lodge Blaser Safaris Gmbh Europastr. 1 7540 G端ssing Austria Tel: +43 3322 429 63 +49 75 627 914 54 14 Fax: +43 3322 429 63 59



Buffaloland South Africa Motlala, nestled in the savannah bush of the Limpopo province, lies in an area of resounding natural beauty. This unique property can produce extraordinary hunting of game large and small.  There is also a whole spectrum of accommodation available, from luxury 4 star chalets with all the whistles and bells, to the comfortable and charming tented camp at Nyati Pools, in the heart of the bush.   There is also “Giraffe camp”, situated on the Eastern border of the Buffaloland Safari Ranch where, as the name suggests, giraffe are in abundance and can be viewed from just a few metres.  Of course, we shouldn’t forget the tiny prints left by the hundreds of species of birds when not in flight – and the prints of many happy guests leaving sweet memories in the soft African soil.   Before and after hunting hours, ladies and children will also appreciate the swimming pool as well as several famous attractions situated in the vicinity of Buffaloland such as Kruger Park, Blyde river canyon – 2nd largest


South Africa

Owner: Philippe Vastapane Manager: Jonathan Beretta

in the world, Cheetah Park, Silk Farm, rehabilitation centre for animals, to name but a few. And for the wild at heart, other adventures are just a stone’s throw away: elephant-back safaris, hot air ballooning over the Bushveld and white water rafting can all be arranged. For the avid fisherman, the freshwater species on Buffaloland include Bream, Florida Back Bass, Sharp Tooth Cat Fish, Yellow fish and Mudfish.   Whether you want to experience a wild game adventure or a honeymoon escape, we can tailor your safari to suit your needs and wishes – and we can assure you that you’ll have an unforgettable African adventure.

Buffaloland Hoedspruit 1380 Limpopo Province South Africa Tel: + 27 15 793 2821/3 Fax: + 27 866 848 065 Mobile: + 27 82 461 4007 Mob. J. Beretta: + 27 82 569 2743 Affiliations:



Club Faune – JP Bernon Safaris Benin For more than twenty years, we have been organizing big game safaris in the north of the country on the edge of Pendjari National Park, in Porga hunting zone. The hunt is physically demanding and requires hunters to be in good physical condition. It is primary focused on hunting Roan Antelopes, West Savannah African Buffaloes, Western Kobs, Nagor Reedbucks, Western Hartebeests‌ There are also other great endemic species of Western Africa such as Hippopotamus, Harnessed Bushbuck, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Oribi, Red-flanked Duiker, Western Bush Duiker and Warthog. We shoot one good Lion every year, hunted only by tracking or calling. Baiting is not permitted. This area boasts superb buffalo and roan trophies.



Owner: Jean-Pierre Bernon Manager: Cyrus Khoda誰

The accommodation is provided in a brand new camp that consists of 6 spacious tents, each with en-suite bathroom, equipped with fans. The camp is on the top of a hill and offers a magnificent view on the scenery of savannah land. It is located 15 minutes from Pendjari Park and uses solar energy. The hunting seasons starts in early January and ends in mid-May. Club Faune assures hunters pursue their trophy-of-a-lifetime in rich game areas while experiencing a first class, five-star hunt. With more than 20 SCI Top Ten trophies over the years, Club Faune has proven to be one of the most respected outfitters.

Club Faune JP Bernon Safaris 14 rue de Siam 75116 Paris France Tel: 00 33 1 42 88 31 32 Fax : 00 33 1 45 24 31 29 Affiliations:



Club Faune – JP Bernon Safaris Cameroon Forest Twenty years that we live our passion for hunting in the forest… A forest concession of 125 000 hectares in the southeast of the country, bordered by Central African Republic, is where we would take you hunting. (Phrase supprimée) Bongos, Forest Elephants, Western Sitatungas, Giant Forest Hogs and Dwarf Buffaloes are some of the most prestigious animals in the area, some of which make splendid trophies. The other animals allowed to hunt are : Yellow Backed Duikers, Red River Hogs, Blue Duikers, Bates Antelopes, Peters Duikers, White Bellied Duikers, Black Fronted Duikers and Bay Duikers. Forest hunting is exciting and the local Pygmy people, helped by their dogs, are fantastic trackers. Hunting is mainly on foot but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings.



Owner: Jean-Pierre Bernon Manager: Cyrus Khoda誰

During your safari, you may also encounter many of the protected species of gorillas and chimpanzees. The accommodation is provided in comfortable bungalows. The African chefs at the camp master the art of French cuisine and will surprise all your senses. The hunting season is from April to end of July.

Club Faune JP Bernon Safaris 14 rue de Siam 75116 Paris France

Club Faune assures hunters pursue their trophy-of-a-lifetime in rich game areas while experiencing a first class, five-star hunt.

Tel: 00 33 1 42 88 31 32 Fax : 00 33 1 45 24 31 29

With more than 20 SCI Top Ten trophies over the years, Club Faune has proven to be one of the most respected outfitters. Affiliations:



Club Faune – JP Bernon Safaris Cameroon Savannah Cameroon is a marvelous country for those who wish to hunt big game and we were one of the few to have guided there for over two decades. The safaris take place in the best hunting area for Western antelopes in all Cameroon. Situated at five-hour drive from Garoua, this beautiful land stretches on 200 000 hectares in the south of Boubandjida National Park. It is formed by a series of plains and hills and is covered by a bush savannah interspersed by three different rivers. The Lord Derby Eland and Korrigum populations are fantastic and the results are always of 100 %. A paradise for collectors, our savannah area is home to many plain game such as West African Savannah Buffalo, Lion, Western Roan, Bohor Reedbuck, Western Hartebeest, Central Kob, Harnessed Bushbuck, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Red River Hog, Oribi, Red-flanked Duiker, Western Bush Duiker, Warthog ‌



Owner: Jean-Pierre Bernon Manager: Cyrus Khoda誰

The accommodation is provided in a camp made up of 6 bungalows with en-suite facilities, a living room and a dining room with a view on a river. The cuisine is mainly based on French gastronomy.

Club Faune JP Bernon Safaris 14 rue de Siam 75116 Paris France

The hunting season starts in early January and ends in mid-May. Club Faune assures hunters pursue their trophy-of-a-lifetime in rich game areas while experiencing a first class, five-star hunt. With more than 20 SCI Top Ten trophies over the years, Club Faune has proven to be one of the most respected outfitters.

Tel: 00 33 1 42 88 31 32 Fax : 00 33 1 45 24 31 29 Affiliations:



Daggaboy Hunting Safaris Namibia Although based in Namibia, Daggaboy Hunting Safaris offers hunts in the rest of Africa as well, particularly for returning clients who are looking for those special trophies that do not occur in Namibia. Owned and operated by Dawid Muller, a well-known Namibian professional hunter who has been active in the hunting industry for more than 30 years, Daggaboy Hunting Safaris offers dangerous as well as plains game hunting opportunities on their exclusively owned hunting areas in Namibia. Hunts for dangerous game are conducted on their exclusively operated conservancy in the Caprivi region, bordering the Mamili National Park in the south and the Mdumu National Park on the northern side. Hunts for plains game take place in an open (no high fences) area of over 40 000ha in the Khomas Hochland area in central Namibia. The plains game hunting area being only 60km south-west of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, means that you will arrive at your hunting destination within an hour’s drive from the Hosea Kutako International Airport.



Owner: Dawid Muller Manager: Dawid Muller

Accommodation is offered in five luxurious double rooms in the hunter’s wing next to the colonial-style farmhouse on Dawid’s ranch, with en suite bathrooms and wireless access to Internet. Up in the Caprivi the accommodation is in en suite bungalows or tents (client’s choice) with running hot and cold water. Excellent food, complimentary beverages, alcoholic drinks as well as a daily laundry service is included in both areas. Daggaboy Hunting Safaris endorses the practice of ‘fair chase’ in hunting, so although 4x4 vehicles are used in the initial process of locating the game in both areas, all hunts and possible follow-ups are thereafter done on foot. Passion for what he does, and personal attention to every detail of your hunt and stay is what Dawid is known for to which the very high percentage of return hunters to Daggaboy Hunting Safaris is a testimony. So, you might arrive as a client, but you will definitely leave as a friend.

Daggaboy Hunting Safaris PO Box 3041 Windhoek Namibia Mobile: + 264 81 128 1215 Tel: +264 61 234 328 Fax: +264 88 616 308




Ekland Safaris South Africa Ekland Safaris is an exclusive property in the heart of South Africa’s Northern Province. Its location alone is enough to bring the dream of hunting alive, housing within its boundaries at least 20 species of mammal including white rhino, cape buffalo, elephant, lion and giraffe, as well as a wide array of antelopes indigenous to the area. However, Ekland Safaris is not simply a hunting delight. Rather, it’s a whole world of sensations spread out across its 35,000 acres: a place that stimulates the senses and proclaims the beauty of the African landscape through its own awakening. The development of a dreamlike camp was inspired not only by the natural beauty that embraces this concept, but also by a clear understanding of the symbiosis between an adventurous spirit and the inclination for comfort and luxury of a group of selected individuals that look for a personal reward in each experience. The estate offers many forms of enjoyment, and can accommodate every individual, hunters and non-hunters alike. It’s a unique experience for the whole family.


South Africa

Owner: Classified Manager: Wulf Schwerdtfeger

The lodges that discreetly integrate themselves in the environment are proof of our special keenness for detail. The architectural style embracing the concept of these lodges comes impregnated in the African spirit and reflects, in a grandiose way, the architectural beauty of the area. Above all, we put at the guest’s disposal a group of highly qualified staff - providing an unsurpassed service that’s guaranteed to delight every visitor we have, including a gourmet chef who’ll please anyone with a discerning palate through his varied and exquisite cuisine.

Ekland Safaris Po Box 3187 Louis Trichardt, 0920 South Africa Tel: + 27 155 178 300 Fax: + 27 155 178 306



Hunt & Fish Namibia Namibia Namibia has the largest diversity of biotopes in all of Africa, ranging from deserts such as the Kalahari and the world’s oldest, the Namib Desert, to red-coloured dunes (Sossusvlei) and sandy beaches along the Skeleton Coast or then again the subtropical marshes between the Okavango and the Zambezi. Twenty years of experience have taught us that all our guests like to discover all the different parts of this magical country, either by hunting or fishing in the different places. Therefore we offer you two hunting and two fishing destinations which we own or operate. Several combinations are possible, depending on the season, your availability and your mode of transport, all of which we would be more than happy to study together with you. Hunting the grandiose Etosha area and the massive Damaraland The southern border of Etosha National Park is well-known to hunters for its great variety of plains game. Our privately owned land covers a diverse landscape consisting of Mopani forests, dry river beds, acacia woodlands, plains, mountains, valleys and pans. You can hunt exceptional trophies and experience the magic of real hunting. Gold medals can be obtained for gemsbok, kudu and mountain zebra. The Damara dik-dik and the black-faced impala are even exclusive to this area. Leopards and cheetahs are considered the jewels of Etosha.



Owner: Classified

We have three types of accommodations, each giving you different experiences on your safari. One way is using our African safari lodge with all the five-star amenities typical to the Southern African triangle and with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding valleys and plains. For a more typical hunting atmosphere, we use a camp with several thatched rondawels, decorated with local artwork and en suite bathrooms. For those nostalgic for an ‘Out of Africa’ atmosphere, we offer a live version in the tented camp where as the night falls the bush comes alive.

Hunt & Fish Namibia PO Box 90538 Windhoek Namibia Tel +264 81 3032694

More to the west lies the Damaraland concession. As no fixed settlements are allowed, we use our 4x4 and tents to set up fly-camps in a moonlike environment.

All meals are served around a crackling fire under the clear African sky or under thatch in the central lapa, with unique game dishes. On the day you wish to take a rest from hunting, it is possible to go for a game drive in Etosha National Park or simply relax around the swimming pool and the spa of the main lodge. Affiliations:



Hunt & Fish Namibia Namibia Hunting the Kalahari dunes and Namib Desert South of Windhoek we own two hunting territories, each very representative of their specific biotopes. The Kalahari property features a combination of 74 sequential red sand dunes with the equivalent number of valleys stretching each over a kilometre wide. It is an amazing sensation to hunt in such countryside, as each dune hides a new spectacle of animals grazing in the next valleys. Here you can hunt mostly grazers such as springbok, gemsbok and wildebeest, all medal quality. Again accommodation can be provided in three different types of camps: the luxurious safari lodge with fivestar facilities such as pool, spa and restaurant; the comfortable bungalow of the hunting camp with its magic lapa and boma; or finally, real bush life in a tented camp. A few hours westward, we have our Namib desert property, which again is a totally different view from the Kalahari. Montana-like grass plains contrast with the red hills, which seem imported from Arizona. Hunting tactics change 100%, since here the hunter and the animals have little space to hide. So far our accommodation is in our dune hotel near Sossusvlei, 40 minutes away, from which we organise fly-camps on the property. All game here is natural resident game.



Owner: Classified

What’s the best season for hunting? There is no good, better or best time. There is only a period that is less comfortable because of high temperatures and a period less favourable to hunting. Therefore, we suggest:

Hunt & Fish Namibia PO Box 90538 Windhoek Namibia Tel +264 81 3032694

Etosha region: Damara land: Kalahari: Namib Desert:

March till October June till September April till October April till September




Hunt & Fish Namibia Namibia Fishing the legendary Skeleton Coast Set in the magical town of Henties Baai, on the edge of the Namib Desert, Fisherman’s Guesthouse welcomes fishermen and tourists alike. The lodge is the ultimate destination from which to experience the shore angling adventure of a lifetime. This beautiful lodge offers unforgettable accommodation a mere 200 metres from the beach. Listen to the sea, enjoy fresh air and cool evenings. Experience the different recipes for the catch of the day, accompanied by a glass of local wine. The nine comfortable rooms promise a good night’s sleep before the big fishing day. Renier De Villiers, our professional fisherman, will take you out on an unforgettable angling adventure. The once-in-a-lifetime experience is to catch a bronze copper shark (all the way up to 189 kg) from the sandy beach. You do not need to be an expert though, but let’s just say that the size of your shark will be determined by your patience and wisdom during this fight and not by strength or technique. Once the shark has been hooked, the pro will guide you on how to haul the catch in. If you want to change to edible fish for a day, you can catch big cobs as well as some locals, such as steenbras, galjoen or snoek. For the youngsters, the smaller sharks such as spotted gully shark are a good initiation before tackling the real stuff. Other activities our team performs are desert tours in 4x4, dune races on quads or shopping in Swakopmund and its harbour Walvis Baai.



Owner: Classified

Fishing the mighty Zambezi and the mysterious Okavango There are different ways to discover the unspoiled beauty of the Caprivi strip, locked-in between the Okavango and Zambezi rivers. They provide the perfect backdrop for some of the most unforgettable fishing experiences imaginable. We elected to build a lodge along the Okavango near Popa Falls. The fishing takes place up- or downstream from the lodge, guided by an experienced fisherman in a small but safe outboard boat. The main attraction is obviously the tigerfish; people travel the world just to fight this prehistoric-looking fish. Other species are different sorts of bream or buddle fish, and the area is also home to two rare fish species: the broadhead catfish and occelated spinyeel. Non-fishing activities include game drives into the Mgango game reserve or Caprivi National Park and boat trips on the river to view hippos and crocodiles. In contrast, the Zambezi has a lot more people living along its shores. A few years ago, we started to charter a houseboat in order to organise our fishing trips onto the river from this base. Experience taught us that the houseboat provided flexibility to move up and downstream, depending on fish density. Our success rate also went up tremendously. Although houseboat life is quite a different experience, all our guests just love it.

Hunt & Fish Namibia PO Box 90538 Windhoek Namibia Tel +264 81 3032694




Jofie Lamprecht Safaris Namibia “Quality Without Compromise. This is the standard to which we hold ourselves, as well as all with whom we do business. At Jofie Lamprecht Safaris, we pride ourselves in having the versatility to offer the discerning hunter and/or photographer exactly what they want, instead of making anyone fit into standardised safaris that are designed without you as the unique client that you are..... with unique wants and needs. Rather than simply focusing on selling what we have on one property, we utilize all of what Namibia has to offer and put together 5 star plains game and big game safaris in the best areas with the best trophy quality. Planning a photographic safari with us is a beautiful work in progress from the first conversation, where we provide you with destinations that are time tested and client approved, you decide which ones appeal to your sense of adventure, and you are on your way!� - J.L.S. Mission Statement Jofie was raised in the world of hunting safaris in the bush. Jofie shot his first Oryx at 5, sat in his first Leopard blind at 6 and hunted his first Cape Buffalo at 12 years old. Jofie graduated college with a degree in Hotel Operations & Management while working for two of the most prestigious 5 star hotels in South Africa.



Owner: Jofie Lamprecht Manager: Jofie Lamprecht

Jofie today is a dynamic and outgoing man who enjoys sharing his multi-faceted knowledge of Namibia with clients - young and old alike. The business is based in the capital city of Windhoek, Namibia. Jofie is proud to uphold the traditions of ethical and fair-chase hunting done on foot, leading many dangerous game safaris each season including Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, Crocodile and Hippo and plains game species including Cheetah. The age of the trophy animal is the primary objective, along with the experience of the African safari. Jofie’s clients currently hold twelve of Namibia’s top ten of all time. You can view these records at: An accomplished photographer, his work has been honored by being published in many hunting magazines and publications worldwide. One of his most famous images is used in a Krieghoff advertisement featuring a Cape Buffalo in black & white.

Jofie Lamprecht Safaris P.O.Box 22755 Windhoek Namibia Mobile: +264 811 298 765 Office (Namibia): +264 81 14 98765 USA Mobile (January): +1 214 88 64 941

Find Jofie’s photography on Flickr: Affiliations:

Find out more about Jofie his team on: Facebook: As well as these social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn & Pintrest



Kalahari Rangers South Africa The famous Kalahari region with its unique mystical powers and enchanting African ambiance has infatuated mankind for ages. Its hunting grounds are world famous and it’s also home to the San people who inhabited this area for millenniums and proudly named it themselves. This wild and unique eco-system, stretching over three Southern African countries, will unconditionally challenge the hunting spirit of man. Our 10 000 ha property lies at the entry of this enchanting paradise, where the dunes stabilized through vegetation, forms an African savannah, proudly hosting Acacia such as the Camel thorn, Black thorn and Sweet thorn, as well as the picturesque Shepherd’s tree and White raisin bush. Combined with breathtaking sunsets, the sandy Kalahari soil, and an abundant birdlife, a unique and unforgettable African experience is in the making. Hunt on foot like its historic inhabitants - the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Not only did they perfect the ultimate hunting skills through their respect and knowledge of nature, but their traditional way of hunting honor the principle of fair chase and you will experience the satisfaction of really earning your trophy. We offer a diversity of exceptional trophy possibilities Choose from more than 30 native species which include the Greater Kudu, Kalahari and Karoo Springbok, Gemsbok (Oryx), Impala, common and white Blesbok, common Duiker, Steenbok, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Cape Eland, Nyala, Tsessebe, Bontebok, Waterbuck, Sable and Roan to mention a few. Our trophies are of excellent quality and medals can be obtained for most of them.


South Africa

Owner: Family Van de Walle Manager: Jérôme Van de Walle

You will be accompanied by one of our experienced professional hunters, registered to hunt dangerous game and are all registered members of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA). The non-hunter will surely be entertained. Photographic opportunities are superb. The Kalahari provides a sensual combination of endless picturesque shows, directed by nature and performed by its own unique inhabitants. Incomparable sunsets, filling the early evening skies with millions of colors, endless stretching savannah with it’s diverse plants and trees, the vast variety of colorful birds and interesting animals like the Burchell’s Zebra, Ostrich and Giraffe will provide you with excellent photographic material. While hunting in this beautiful malaria-free part of South Africa you will be staying at a luxurious four-star lodge in spacious en suite rooms with air conditioning, dressing room and a lounge area. Discover true African hospitality while enjoying the taste of African venison, lovely prepared traditional cooking, as well as tasty continental cuisine with a wide selection of only the best South African wines. Our swimming pool, overlooking the Kalahari savannah, will provide relaxing and tranquil afternoons in the sun for the non-hunter. While enjoying a glass of Champagne you will observe the magic of the Kalahari changing its colors, sounds and smells. There is no doubt that the richness and beauty of the Kalahari and its unique hunting offerings will be imprinted in your memories forever.

Kalahari Rangers Po Box 2234 8460 Kuruman South Africa Tel: + 32 81 56 06 11 Fax: + 32 81 56 85 90 Mobile: + 32 495 65 72 86


Find your passion, follow your heart and come hunt in the Kalahari. Owner: Van de Walle family



Le Chasseur Mauricien Mauritius Geographical location: Mauritius is situated at 11 hours direct flight from Paris, four hours only from Johannesburg and it’s the perfect place to share a trip in family, while taking advantage of a 5 stars hotel in front of a blue lagoon and hunting a rare deer. Accommodation: We offer you two 5 stars resort and spa: the AWALI and the TELFAIR. In half board or in all inclusive (3 meals per day and all drinks included as champagne, 12 years old whisky, wine etc) you will take advantage of 11 restaurants, a green fee for free in the best golf of the south, 2 internationals spa, 6 swimming pools and 1 hot water pool. Hunting: The Java Deer (Cervus timorensis rusa rusa) and the brow pig are hunted by stalk, walk, and in driven in a 3000 Ha territory. The rut season from July to the end of August will reserve you an astonishing experience. Our estate with its undulating plains with its water falls and primary forest will make you live a magical experience. Our package includes: 7 nights in all inclusive or half board for two adults, the transfers from and to the airport, from and to the estate, two days of hunting (the other hunting days will be offered until you conclude your hunts), one golden medal stag (Rowland Ward and S.C.I), the guide, the local permit, the ammunitions, the rifle (Blaser R.93 or R8 all equipped with Swarowski Z6.i scope, Leica Magnus), the midday’s meals during the hunt (if 1/2 pension) and the first trophy preparation. However, all other combinations remain possible. Other activities: Swim with the dolphin and eat lobsters on the beach, tandem skydive, deep sea fishing, scuba diving on the coral reefs, snorkeling or under sea walk will be possible.   Your guide: Lionel BERTHAULT is the owner and P.H of Le Chasseur Mauricien. Certified A.C.P, PHASA and big game P.H for Tawisa in Tanzania, he’s official Rowland ward measurer, life time S.C.I member and the first 58 entries at the S.C.I belongs to his guest and was shot on his territories.



Le Chasseur Mauricien Ile Maurice Situation géographique: L’Ile Maurice est située à 11 h de vol direct de Paris et à seulement 4 h de Johannesburg. Cette destination vous permet de conclure un voyage africain avec votre famille en profitant d’un hôtel 5 étoiles en face d’un lagon turquoise, tout en chassant un cerf rare. Hébergement: Nous proposons deux hôtels 5 étoiles, l’Awali et le Telfair. En 1/2 pension ou en all Inclusive (champagne, whisky et vins inclus) Vous bénéficierez de 11 restaurants, d’un golf international gratuit, de deux spas et de 6 piscines dont 1 chauffante. La chasse: Le Cerf de Java (Cervus timorensis rusa rusa), le Cochon marron y sont chassés à l’approche, en battue et à l’affût sur un territoire de plus de 3000 ha. Le brame du cerf, de juillet à fin août, vous réservera des spectacles impressionnants. Notre territoire se compose de plaines vallonnées entrecoupées de cascades et de forêts primaires qui vous fera vivre une expérience magique. Nos forfaits comprennent: 1 séjour de 7 nuitées en all inclusive ou ½ pension (au choix) pour 2 adultes, les transferts de et vers l’aéroport, de et vers la zone de chasse, 2 jours de chasse (les autres journées seront offertes jusqu’à la conclusion de votre chasse), la taxe d’abattage d’un cerf médaille d’OR Rowland Ward et S.C.I, le guide, le permis local, les munitions, la carabine (Blaser R93 ou R8 toutes équipées de lunette Swarowski Z6i et Leica Magnus), les repas du midi les jours de chasse (si choix 1/2 pension) et la première préparation du trophée. Toute autre combinaison est possible. Autres activités: Nager avec les dauphins et manger une langouste en famille sur la plage, sauter en parachute, pêcher le marlin ou, plonger en scaphandre, avec des bouteilles ou avec masque et tuba le long du récif corallien… Votre guide : Lionel BERTHAULT, Directeur de Le Chasseur Mauricien, est depuis 10 ans guide de chasse à l’ILE MAURICE, certifié à l’A.C.P, la PHASA et guide de chasse pour Tawisa en Tanzanie, il est mesureur au Rowland Ward et membre à vie du S.C.I. Les 58

Owner: Classified Manager: Lionel Berthault Le Chasseur Mauricien Manick Lane, Palma road Quatre Bornes Mauritius Tel: (00230) 5 746 83 70


plus grands trophées mondiaux proviennent de ses zones de chasse et ont été prélevés par ses clients.



Pro Safaris Africa Bulawayo, Zimbabwe The Zambezi Valley is the best big game hunting area in Zimbabwe, if not Africa. Rifa Safari Area is arguably the best area in the Zambezi Valley. Pro Safaris Africa has the exclusive rights to for this magnificent area. With 45 km of Zambezi frontage on the west and north, and safari areas bordering on the east and south, Rifa Safari Area is surrounded by wilderness areas, and is secluded from any human encroachment. Everyone dreams of hunting Africa’s Big Five. Of these, the Cape Buffalo must be the most sought-after trophy of them all. Hunting them by tracking is the only true way to hunt. Hunting Cape Buffalo needs to be incorporated in a true African Safari with its vast areas and wide variety of dangerous game. The area is perhaps best known for its cats. Leopard are abundant and can only be hunted during daylight hours, making this more interesting and giving it the work that it deserves. Two of the top 10 lion ever taken in Africa have been taken in this area, making this the number 1 area for lion in Zimbabwe. Elephant hunting is perhaps the most physical hunt that one can ask for. Elephant is hunted on foot. Whether it’s trophy bulls, which can be anywhere between 40 lbs and 70 lbs per side, or the notorious tuskless elephant that you’re after, Rifa is the safari area that truly has it all!



Owner: Frik & Louis Muller Manager: Frik Muller

Hippo are abundant in the Zambezi River and is a unique hunt that takes you away from the everyday tracking of the Cape Buffalo. Keeping in mind that they kill more people in Africa than any other animal, one has to show them the respect they deserve. A hippo hunt should not be done without including its amphibious friend, the Nile Crocodile. This prehistoric creature has to be baited for the best results.

Pro Safaris Africa Box Ac 577 Ascot Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Our 6 Professional Hunters are all Zimbabwean with over 95 years of experience between them, thus ensuring your safety, and making sure that all hunts are not only conducted within the law, but within our own strict code of ethics.

Tel: +26 39 236 894 Fax: +26 39 254 638

The area has two luxurious tented camps on the banks of the Zambezi River, with all the luxuries of home. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and a sweeping view of the river with a cool breeze coming off the water. All rooms have invertors to ensure that the fans keep the rooms cool at night. A splash pool at the main camp is convenient for those boiling hot days. Both camps are run on generators, and all vehicles are equipped with freezers, ensuring that cold refreshments are always on hand. Affiliations:

Pro Safaris Africa has several other areas in Zimbabwe, so we can tailor a safari to suit your needs. Access to all areas is by private air charter from Harare.



Ratelfontein Hunting Safaris South Africa The Great Karoo Discover the vast open plains and inner beauty of the Karoo wilderness in central South Africa. Let us guide you on your ultimate plains game hunting safari on Ratelfontein Private Game Reserve, South Africa’s premier plains game hunting destination and home to 25 different species of game including the rare Arabian and Scimitar-horned Oryx, Red Lechwe, Indian Blackbuck, the four Springbok varieties and Sable antelope. The private reserve covers 38,000 acres and is home to more than 2,000 head of indigenous and exotic plains game. On Ratelfontein we believe in the preservation of wildlife and the protection of endangered species through the practice of sustainable hunting. Under the guidance of our resident professional hunter, your hunt will be tailored to deliver your trophy preference, whilst being carefully planned to pit your skills and endurance as a hunter against the challenges of the environment and instinct of the prey. Ratelfontein Hunting Safaris will also guide you for any Big Five trophies and select species not resident on the Private Reserve upon request.


South Africa

Owner: Classified Manager: Classified

Traditional hospitality Despite the passage of time, Ratelfontein is still the epitome of Karoo hospitality. The old homestead, so typical of the architecture of the time, continues to play the gracious hostess while the Ravine and Plateau Lodges are a blend of modern luxury and nature. Your stay allows you the exclusive use of the property with complete privacy, freedom, generous comfort and understated luxury for ten guests. Ratelfontein showcase the best of South African wines with memorable Karoo kitchen fare, a traditional combination of local and distinctive flavours. Conclusion

Ratelfontein Hunting Safaris P.O. Box 84 Richmond 7090 South Africa Jan Pickard: +2782 569 8282 Mobile: +2772 335 8113

You will not be disappointed. For more information please refer to Affiliations:



Rhinoland South Africa Rhinoland Safari is a hunter’s paradise where the luxury of the lodges, the crystal clear skies and the peaceful silence utterly relaxes you. Vast plains, teeming with the most superb African game, will thrill you. From the massive bulk of the white rhinoceros to the delicate little duiker, the choice of trophy will be all yours. Rhinoland Safaris are based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa on two pristine and privately owned nature reserves representing a plot surface of 9090 ha, which are located 200 miles northwest and 290 miles northeast of Johannesburg, and 40 km of the town of Ellisras, that has its own airport for private planes. Rhinoland Safari Lodge is located on our privately owned nature reserve in the typical African bushveld in the Limpopo province. It varies from flat open country to very dense bush. Creeks and gullies open onto marsh areas. The diversity of the terrain supports a large variety of birds and mammals. Animals like elephant, White Rhino, Nyala, Mountain zebra, hippo and the rare Black Rhino are just some of the wildlife you can experience. You will be accommodated in a luxurious game lodge with comfortable air-conditioned chalets with en-suite bathroom surrounding the pool area. There is an open-air bar, lounge and dining area under thatch for your leisure. Excellent cuisine, with personal supervision by a qualified chef and friendly African staff, awaits you.


South Africa

Owner: Philippe Vastapane Manager: Marius Kotze

Hunting begins either on foot or by jeep. However, when fresh tracks or animals are spotted, stalking on foot presents an exciting challenge. Riffle, shotgun, pistol or bow may be used. When an animal is shot it is immediately transported to the camp to be skinned and treated in preparation for the trophy. For avid trophy hunters there is a void in certain African Animal species. Rhinoland has filled that gap my making available the much sought after trophies of White Rhino, Blesbok, Waterbuck, Zebra, Nyala, Kudu, Gemsbok, Warthog, Sable Antelope, Impala, land and many others. The farm is not only known for its picture or hunter safaris, but also for its fishing opportunities. Rhinoland conducts safaris throughout the year depending on your particular requirements. Over 30 species of game are available including those that are only obtainable in South Africa. Professionalism and strict maintenance of accommodation, equipment and vehicles are of paramount importance to us. The complete success of your safari is our prime concern and our booking agent and dedicated personnel will organize your safari to meet your specific requirements.

Rhinoland Farm Spektakel 526 LR, PO Box 1014 – Lephalale Limpopo Province South Africa Tel: + 27 147 632 497 Fax: + 27 147 635 813




Safaria Tanzania Après avoir chassé en Tanzanie pendant 18 ans avec le même partenaire basé dans la Game reserve de RUNGWA, et en plus de la R.C.A., SAFARIA est maintenant en mesure de vous recevoir dans toutes les plus belles régions de Tanzanie. Titulaire d’un contrat d’exploitation exclusif sur deux zones de chasse à RUNGWA, nous aurons aussi grâce à notre nouveau partenaire, un accès privilégié à toutes les régions les plus réputées de Tanzanie : Pays Masai, Selous et Kilombero. La possibilité de pouvoir chasser dans tous ces endroits magnifiques et variés, vous permettra de pouvoir traquer l’ensemble des espèces chassables de Tanzanie, dans l’esprit d’origine du safari africain. SAFARIA: Finest Classic Safari



Safaria Tanzania After having hunted Tanzania for 18 years with the same Partner based in Rungwa Game Reserve, and in addition of C.A.R., SAFARIA is now able to offer you in all of the nicest hunting regions of Tanzania. Having an « exclusive user rights » for 2 hunting blocks in Rungwa, we also have, through our new Partner, priority access to the most famous hunting places of Tanzania: Masai Land, Selous, Kilombero.

Owner: Mr Yves Forestier Manager: Florent Mathieu Safaria Florent Mathieu Tel: + 33 6 33 620 136

Been able to access all those outstanding places will allow you to hunt all Tanzanian hunting species Under the original spirit of the true African Safari. Please contact us for more information, we are staying at your disposal to share with you our expertise and expérience of big game hunting in Africa. SAFARIA: Finest Classic Safari



Side by Side Safaris Eastern Cape, South Africa Side by Side Safaris is a Danish family owned and run business. Our hunting concession is located in the heart of game-rich Eastern Cape Province – one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of this magnificent country. We specialise in high-quality safaris where emphasis is on giving our clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience – whether in respect of the quality of the lodging we provide, the standard of our catering, the seriousness of the hunting activities or the class of trophies collected. Luxurious lodge Our luxurious lodge is situated high on a rocky hill centrally located in the beautiful Klipplaat grounds with an unrestricted view over the landscape and a large pond below where a variety of wild game come to drink. The lodge is located only two hours by car from Port Elizabeth International Airport. Eastern Cape Province is a malaria-free area. More than 90 different species We have access to several thousand hectares of superb hunting ground offering great biotope diversity ranging from dense forest to desert-like savannah with great variations in altitude. We are able to offer hunting on more than 90 different species, including several rare and exotic species. No other area in all of Africa offers similar diversity in the range of game available for hunting.


South Africa

Owner: Lene. Flemming & Bjørn Jensen Manager: Flemming G. Jensen

Why Side by Side Safaris? We have chosen the name “Side by Side Safaris” for our business as we feel that it perfectly summarises the values we would want our clients to associate us with: We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and we want to work together with our clients in ensuring maximum satisfaction and experiences for life – every time.

Side by Side Trust PO Box 88 Somerset East 5850 Eastern Cape South Africa

World class trophy art Side by Side Safaris is a sister company of award winning Diana Taxidermy, previously located in Denmark but now operating from Eastern Cape Province. Diana Taxidermy handles trophies from all parts of Africa and serves clients from most parts of the world.



y. c o

w w w.



n at



Visit to learn more.

Tel: +27 42 004 0002

a xid e



Ubique Game Ranch / Ubique Safaris South Africa Ubique Safaris, our South Africa-based hunting company, has been organizing high-quality hunting safaris for discerning clients from across the globe for the past 15 years. We pride ourselves in our high standard of quality and service excellence on which we have built our reputation over the years. Specializing in plains game hunting in South Africa, we offer our clients a wide variety of species in many different hunting areas across South Africa. Although rifle hunting is our main business, we also offer excellent bow hunting opportunities in exclusive areas. We also offer big game, including buffalo and rhino. The majority of our rifle hunting is conducted on and around our base area, Ubique Game Ranch, situated in the Limpopo Provence. Here we offer over 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of prime hunting areas. Our exclusive bow hunting areas cover over 7,000 hectares (17,000 acres). These areas have been developed with bow hides and offer the bow hunter a wide variety of species. We also offer bird hunting to those who would like to combine bird shooting with a plains game safari. Ubique Game Ranch is situated on the Springbok Flats, an area renowned for excellent variety and quantity of game birds, including guinea fowl and three different francolin species. Dogs are available to make these shoots unforgettable. Ubique Game Ranch is the home and base area for Ubique Safaris. It is situated on the Springbok Flats less than 250 km from Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg, Ubique is an easy 2.5-hour drive after your flight. The area is covered in pristine African bushveld, which is home to over 17 species of game animals, ranging from steenbok to rhino.


South Africa

Ubique is well known for high-quality accommodation. This is offered in two four-star lodges on the property. You will never be far from your hunting area, and most of the time you can hunt right out of camp. Sekelbos Lodge is the larger of our two safari lodges. Unique in structure and atmosphere, this stone and thatch lodge offers luxury and ambience in an idyllic bush setting. Built overlooking a waterhole, Sekelbos Lodge offers the discerning client a perfect bushveld experience. Fully air-conditioned and spacious chalets, together with a large open-plan lounge area, conference facility and swimming pool, provide our clients with all the facilities and luxury they could wish for. Ubique Safari Lodge is the smaller of our lodges and is generally accepted as the hunting lodge for smaller groups. Situated in the middle of Ubique Game Ranch, this lodge boasts a high standard and level of luxury. Accommodation is in three four-bed chalets, which are air-conditioned for the summer and have fireplaces for the winter. The swimming pool and a comfortable lounge, bar and dining area make this lodge a family and group favorite. All our hunting areas across South Africa have been carefully selected for quality of accommodation and service together with variety and quality of trophies available. At Ubique Safaris we offer you the complete package.

Ubique Game Ranch Marble Hall Limpopo Provence P.O. Box 1553 Marble Hall 0450 South Africa Tel:+27 156 670 579 Fax:+27 865 482 104



Bespoke is our nature... Azur Safari Imperial 600NE

Vintage Safari

L’ATELIER VERNEY-CARRON 54 Boulevard Thiers - BP 80072 - 42002 Saint-Etienne Cedex 1 - France Tel : +33 477 810 121 - email@verney-carron. com AP 220x170.indd 1

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South America Lodges

Abaco Lodge Algar Safaris Alta Paraná Lodge Bair’s Lodge Chime Lodge Delta Fishing Trips Frontera Wingshooting Futa Lodge Jacana Lodge Kautapen Lodge La Dormida Lodge Los Crestones Lodge Montaraz Lodge Pica Zuro Lodge Pira Lodge San Juan Lodge San Pedro Lodge Uruguay Natural Hunting Villa Maria Lodge

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Central America

Abaco Lodge Abaco Island, Bahamas



• The only lodge located directly on the world renowned Marls • No trailers, just short runs from the lodge’s dock, typically less than half an hour and as fast as five minutes • Tailing fish, and lots of them. • Surprising number of juvenile tarpon live here-providing regular hook-ups. Adept fly fishers will find permit, big ones, too.



Owner: Nervous Waters Abaco Lodge

• One of the most unpressured flats fisheries of this caliber in the Caribbean. • Abaco Lodge features individual private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. • Most knowledgeable guide staff in the Bahamas, they know the Marls intimately and they possess an uncanny ability to find fish.

• Latest Hell’s Bay skiffs, widely recognized as the ultimate flats boat, allow us to access the shallowest water in maximum comfort.

• Island culture and activities make Abaco Lodge a great place for the non-angling spouse or children. • Direct flights from south Florida make Abaco Lodge among the easiest bonefishing destinations to reach

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

Algar Safaris Patagonia, Argentina Alicura Lodge / Calcatre Lodge Patagonia, It’s a country in itself… Algar Safaris is Argentina´s leading outfitter and has an outstanding reputation in the hunting industry. Since 1991, Algar Safaris has always offered the finest Big game hunting in Patagonia. Algar owns two private hunting properties that cover 85,000 acres (35,000 hectares) of pristine Patagonian steppe country. The hilly terrain and breathtaking views make Algar safaris an excellent place to hunt the various species we offer. The captivating surroundings and the wilderness of the country provide the most demanding and experienced hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience. We offer premium big game hunting, two new first class lodges, gourmet cuisine, as well as the unforgettable experience of having a midday “asado”(barbecue) right in the middle of the hunting grounds. We are proud to own the world’s third largest Pere David’s population, being the only ones who can offer this exotic species in the wild. We are proud to say we offer the highest trophy quality you will ever find in our country, and the world. All trophies are awesome and guaranteed to make the record book. You will find more than 18 different species in our private ranches and we really offer the very best fair chase and also free range hunting. “Believe us, when you´re there, you´ll feel that there’s nothing but you between heaven and earth”



Algar Safaris Patagonia, Argentina

We are located in the southern part of the province of Neuquén, in Patagonia, Argentina only 60 miles (100 km) north of the beautiful city of San Carlos de Bariloche with paved road access from it. Accommodation is five stars level, and Alicura lodge was totally renovated. It has 6 master bedrooms with private bathroom. Absolutely top notch. There is also a chef who prepares delicious local and international cuisine. In addition, Algar safaris is the perfect place to bring a non-hunting guest, due to there are many activities for them such as sightseeing in Bariloche city or San Martin de los andes city for shopping or just for tourism, horse riding, bird watching and photo safaris. Services: • Premium accommodation • World-class cuisine • Valet laundry • Airport reception and assistance • Wi-fi internet in all master bedrooms • Premium gun rental • Official trophy scoring • Hotel reservation and extra activities advice

Owner: Liliana & Alberto Fernandez Manager: Mariano Fernandez Algar Safaris Av. Amancio Alcorta 2939 C1437HTE Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +5411 4912 7549 Fax: +5411 4912 7802



South America

Algar Safaris Patagonia, Argentina The majestic Red Stag is the most demanded trophy in our area and we are proud to say we offer the unique “Monster” red stags, which roam free and are found in abundance. We also offer fallow deer, Axis deer, Pere David’s deer (gold medal), Feral Oxen, Mouflon sheep, Hybrid sheep, Somali Ram, Black Jacob’s ram, Patagonian Dall, Patagonian Ram, Multihored sheep, Wild goat, Balearean Boc, Puma, Russian Boar and Water Buffalo. We recommend doing our hunts on horseback, however for those who prefer or require it, hunting can be also done with a 4WD vehicle. Final approach is done on foot. We encourage bow hunters to hunt at Algar as they will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vintage points. The hunting field and the hilly terrain is really broken with ravines and streams all around the scene where the animals come down looking for water to drink and pasture the valley which runs about 20 km through the center of the property. The tall grasses and bushes make the perfect camouflage for bow hunters’ activity. Bow hunters can shoot from 30 to 70 meters distance.



Algar Safaris Patagonia, Argentina Although Algar Safaris is very well known as a big game hunting company, we are proud to introduce the best wingshooting programs, which are easy to combine with the finest big game hunting. We offer high volume dove shooting in the world’s dove shooting paradise, Córdoba. Doves in Córdoba do not migrate, because of immense crop fields settled in the area, which provide them food supply anytime. It’s the perfect place for a high volume shooting experience. Hunters may expect to shoot up to 3,000 rounds a day.

Owner: Liliana & Alberto Fernandez Manager: Mariano Fernandez Algar Safaris Av. Amancio Alcorta 2939 C1437HTE Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +5411 4912 7549 Fax: +5411 4912 7802

We also offer the amazing mixed bag shooting (Dove, perdiz & duck hunting) in Entre Ríos province. Hunters will experience great duck hunting early in the morning, followed by a fantastic perdiz hunt with dogs and the possibility to shoot as many doves as they want in the afternoon. This unique opportunity to hunt 3 species during the same hunting day; every day is fantastic.

Finally, it’s important to mention that Algar Safaris has been supporting many important hunting associations across the US and the world, in order to contribute to protect the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation programs worldwide.



South America

Alto Paraná Lodge Ituzaingó, Argentina



• Welcome to the ultimate Freshwater Grand Slam: Alto Parana Lodge is one of few places on the planet •


where you’ll cast to hard-pulling Dorado, selective Pacú, and two species of Pirá Pitá ranging from 2 to 9 pounds-all in the same day. Great chances to catch supersized golden Dorado in the clearest sections of Argentina’s iconic Upper Parana River.


Owner: Nervous Waters Alto Paraná Lodge

• A first-rate fishing program-researched and designed by Nervous Waters and its team of top dorado • • • • • •

specialists-consists of two fishing sessions daily, and lunch and siesta back at the lodge. Learn the intricacies of fly-fishing for exotic species such as pacu and Pirá Pitá from guides who know the deal. Undoubtedly the best spot in the country to try dry flies on the hard fighting Pirá Pitá Custom-designed skiffs built for comfort, speed, and efficient fishing. High quality equipment available at the lodge. Beautiful scenery and an environment rich in biodiversity and unique habitats Ability to combine your Alto Paraná stay with deluxe Pirá Lodge offerings in the Ibera Marshlands-for the Dorado adventure of a lifetime

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


Central America

Bair’s Lodge South Andros, Bahamas


Bonefish Big bonefish are what made South Andros Island famous. But it was Bair’s that made it irresistible. Ideally located within striking distance of the island’s south and West Side fisheries, Bair’s offers anglers exceptional diversity across endless miles of bonefish flats. Upon arrival, you’ll find plush ocean-side accommodations, a smiling staff, and a team of veteran flats guides-focused on delivering you quality, quantity, and an exceptional fishing experience. Relax in style when your day’s done, with 5-star cuisine and services, a top-shelf bar, fully stocked fly shop, and a lodge designed for ultimate kick-back comfort off the water. Reasons to choose Bair’s Lodge

• Location, location, location… with remote and remarkable flats, intricate creek systems, and the all-season access to island’s fabled West Side (where big bonefish go to become beasts).

• No trailering: Access all the best fisheries by skiffs docked on-site. • The West Side offers one of the best opportunities in the world to land double-digit bonefish. • Plentiful wading opportunities



Owner: Nervous Waters Bair’s Lodge

• • • • • •

Minimal angling compared to other parts of the Bahamas. Veteran Bahamian guide staff, with more than two decades of fly-fishing experience. Convenient ocean-side wading flats located in front of the lodge. Great accommodations and a warm, friendly staff, providing top service since 1989. Direct, 45-minute flights from Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Congo Town make getting here a cinch. The best flats skiff fleet on South Andros: 16-foot Dolphins with lean bars and comfortable seats are at your service.

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

Chime Lodge Junín de los AndesPatagonia, Argentina



• Riverfront accommodations on the Chimehuin River-one of Patagonia’s top trophy trout waters. • Located within the boundaries of the 1.5 million acre Lanin National Park, you’ll find majestic landscapes dominated by the towering 11,300 foot Lanin Volcano.



Owner: Nervous Waters Chime Lodge

• Endless miles of opportunity with access to diverse trout waters on the Malleo, Collon Cura and Alumine rivers, and trophy lakes such as Tromen, Epulafquen, Huechulafquen, Curruhe and Verde.

• Customizable fishing programs at your fingertips, with more than 6 rivers and 10 lakes to intertwine into • • • • •

your itinerary Brown, rainbow, brook trout, and landlocked salmon all thrive here Float or wade… depending on the season and your fishing preferences options for both abound Sight-fishing for large trout in clear water Professional guides equipped with the best techniques for catching trophy trout Friendly staff, great service, awesome fishing

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America


• The only fly-fishing operation located within a double-haul of Buenos Aires. Fish for freshwater Golden Dorado by day and take in breathtaking city sights by night.

• Hosted by fly-fishing specialist Noel Pollak, who knows the species inside and out and will instruct anglers in everything from Dorado behavioral nuances to line selection, casting tips, and expert techniques.



Owner: Nervous Waters Delta Fishing Trips

• Custom designed fishing boats built for all-day comfort, while ushering you to and from the area’s top spots. • In addition to Golden Dorado, agressive Tararira are on the daily agenda. Be one of the first to tangle with tararira on the fly and get ready for impressive top water takes.

• Pack your binoculars. After pausing from great fishing in the Paraná River Delta… you’ll find a birdwatcher’s

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina

paradise and an amazing natural ambiance.

• And bring your appetite! Lunch is held at a traditional, riverfront Argentine restaurant—delivering one of the best Asado spreads in the city. Meals and drinks are included.

Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

Frontera Wingshooting Argentina We truly believe in our hearts that we must enjoy our time while we are living: spending time with family and friends, doing what we truly love and, why not, trying out new, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that add some flavor to our everyday lives. FRONTERA WINGSHOOTING was founded to help fellow hunters do just that. When Tomas Frontera was young, he realized the amazing potential in Argentina as a Wingshooting paradise, and his ambition became to share the opportunity of such amazing hunting experience, as well as our unique culture, with the rest of the world and offer everyone the chance of spicing up their life while enjoying some great time among friends and family. At FRONTERA WINGSHOOTING, our driving force is the goal of helping hunters live out to their dreams and experience hunting even better than they ever thought possible. That’s why we offer world class Argentine hunts accompanied with five star accommodations and service that is second to none. We run five operations: El Colibri: luxury dove lodge, located in Cordoba, Argentina La Zenaida: high volume dove shooting lodge, located in Cordoba, Argentina El Paraiso: rancho style dove shooting lodge, located in Cordoba, Argentina Veracruz: duck, dove, perdiz and dorado fishing lodge, located in Santa Fe, Argentina Montaraz: 17th century estancia for pigeon shooting, located in Cordoba , Argentina



Owner: Tomas Frontera Manager: Martin Carranza

Why we make a difference: • personalized and professional services • world class lodging • commitment to every detail • friendly and knowledgeable office team

• high volume game (dove shooting) • young and dynamic staff • traditional argentine cuisine • strategically located lodges

Unbelievable hunts, unforgettable and fun trips in a family environment. You will surely improve your shooting skills and as these hunts are full of opportunities for challenging yourself. And, as if all this was not enough, the FRONTERA WINGSHOOTING family has now grown and we are currently adding two brand new operations in Patagonia, in the South of our beautiful Argentina: PATAGONIXS, offering Red Stag and Quail hunting trips,  and  PATAGONIA FINS, through which you can book your next fly fishing adventure in South America. All this, along with FEELING PAMPAS, our own travel agency, that will assist you in booking hotels, tours and transfers during your stay in Argentina. So, if your dream is to go on a hunt that is unlike any other, FRONTERA WINGSHOOTING has a lot in store for you.

Contact Information: Av OHiggins 5500, La Santina, Cordoba – Argentina CP 5014 Toll free (From USA) : 1 888 236 1033 Tel: +54351 485 6811 Tel: +549351 231 8436 European Office: Affiliation:

Tomas, along with his professional, friendly staff, guarantee that we will leave you wanting to come back again and again!


South America

Futa Lodge Futaleufú, Chilean Patagonia



• Diverse fishing: from float trips on the Futaleufu River to intimate tributaries and hidden lakes where trout may have never seen a fly.

• Prolific hatches throughout the season. • Brown and rainbow trout with occasional sea-run species. • Trophy trout in addition to solid numbers in the 15-18 inch class.



Owner: Nervous Waters Futa Lodge

• • • •

Excellent homewaters fishing, accessed via your front doorstep – Great for afterhours fishing! Private and romantic lodge setting. Horseback fishing excursions. Uncluttered and relaxed pace at the lodge—no cars, engine noise, or pollution—just pure mountain air. Often likened to the American West… 150 years ago.

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

Jacana Lodge Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina Duck Hunting We designed Jacana to mirror the greatest duck clubs in North America. Then added a lot more ducks. An Argentine duck-hunting experience at an authentic, yet luxurious, estancia. Jacana Lodge, located outside Buenos Aires near Lincoln, was envisioned by passionate duck hunters who asked, “What if we built the best duck hunt ever?” And then did it. At Jacana, exceptional duck hunting is a season-long focus, where we hunt ducks twice daily, over decoys, from dry blinds. To say that the shooting is productive is trite. It’s exciting, it’s unique, it’s a North American duck hunt x10-every day.  Aside from thirteen unique species of ducks, the lodge is a home away from home, with stylish living spaces, and excellent food and wine. Duck shooting at Jacana features comfortable and well camouflaged dry blinds, quality species-specific decoys and all the boats, vehicles, and trucks to get you to where the ducks are each day.



Owner: Charly Lanusse & David Denies Wingshooting Manager: Charly Lanusse

The Shooting Experience best-in-class duck hunting over decoys, morning and afternoons. Morning hunts depart the lodge in the dark, but after a hearty breakfast-with everything from waffles to eggs Benedict made to order. Drive times vary depending on water conditions, but range from 10 to 45 minutes, max. Hunters are placed in dry blinds, or large dry, sunken “buckets� also known as pit blinds. Platform pallet-blinds are also used. Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 AM or later. Most days, duck hunters return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon departures for evening duck hunts. Evening hunts last until dark.

Jacana Lodge Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

Kau Tapen Lodge Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina KAU TAPEN


• Ideally located in the heart of the Rio Grande – the world’s best Sea Run Brown Trout river. • The first lodge on the Rio Grande-established 30 years ago—and still raising the bar by which all other lodges, worldwide, are measured.

• Five world records have been set at Kau Tapen. 27-35 pound trout are caught each season. 20 pounders are caught weekly.



Owner: Nervous Waters Kau Tapen Lodge

• The most pools per angler per day– only two anglers and their guide per beat and 4 to 8 pools per beat• • • • • • • •

different beats every morning and evening-lots of water to cover each day! The easiest river you’ll ever wade, with a gravel bottom and an even flow. Easy to read pool and riffle sequences on each beat. Kau Tapen can easily be fished with a 7 or 8 weight rod or with a two hander. It’s not just the Rio Grande that Kau Tapen overlooks, but also the Menendez River, which hosts its own run of Sea Trout with over 22 river miles. This river offers some of the best floating line fishing for sea runs, many of them over 20 lbs. Here, technical fishing is the norm. Each week starts with an evening warm up session–most anglers will catch a trout or two the first night they arrive The world’s best guides, local and international, to make sure we combine local knowledge with world class technique. A la carte menu, true five star accommodations, service and hospitality. Excellent equipment is provided so that you can fish in both style and comfort.

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


South America

La Dormida Córdoba, Argentina Dove shooting We set out to build the finest dove shooting lodge imaginable. Come and tell us if we got it right. With over 250.000 acres in our control, we are always under the doves, and we can customize shooting scenarios any hour, any day, year round. It’s not fair to play favorites. But while we love all our lodges, clients often tell us La Dormida is theirs. Maybe it’s the dusk-to-dawn dove flights, where birds cross the landscape daily—in waves measured in miles. Or perhaps it’s short drives to the rolling hills. Or the opulent field lunches served under the shade of canvas. It might also be the lodge itself, which is a near perfect manifestation of a sporting retreat-built from the ground up to accommodate only dove shooters. Or it could be the meals-dinners and desserts that guests often photograph with their phones. It could be that, too. Whatever it is, you ought to see it for yourself. The best dove shooting in the world coupled with the finest accommodations. Ideal for private parties looking for a top-shelf shooting holiday.



Owner: David Denies Wingshooting

The Shooting Cordoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world. The 100 square mile radius (160 km) around the lodge sees more than 50 million doves annually. The lodge has access to 55 shooting fields all within a short drive through the region’s rolling farmland. Your day starts at 8 AM with a hearty breakfast followed by a short drive to the shooting. In the field you’ll be assigned a “pick-up” boy, who will provide non-stop shells and refreshments and direct you to your shooting stand. Our head guide will also be on hand to assist and offer tips if required. Typically, you’ll shoot till noon then break for an incredible asado-style lunch, featuring Argentina’s wonderful beef and superb wines. Afternoon shooting continues until almost dark. There is no “quitting time”-good sense and tired shooters dictate when the day is through. Return to the lodge for cocktails and an early dinner. *Each day the lodge donates hundreds of doves to a local food kitchen that serves impoverished children in the area.

La Dormida Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911



South America

Los Crestones Lodge Buenos Aires, Argentina Duck, dove and Perdiz Hunting World-class duck hunting, with obedient retrievers and expert guides, plus perdiz over well trained pointers. Only 90 minutes drive from Buenos Aires international airport Los Crestones is located within easy striking distance of the international airport in Buenos Aires. Upon leaving city gridlock behind you’ll find ducks, perdiz, and doves in great numbers, and we hunt them all-with ducks being our specialty. Top guides and experienced bird boys are tasked with ensuring excellent hunts at all times. And after a full day in the field, return home to this classic working estancia and source relaxation, fine dining, and deluxe lodgings. Los Crestones is also located near excellent rangeland, offering hunters plenty of big game action, including wild axis and blackbuck deer. Dry blinds, professionally trained pointing dogs, and a crackerjack staff that can mobilize the equipment needed for a great hunt.



Owner: David Denies Wingshooting

The Shooting Mornings consist of hunting ducks over decoys in nearby ponds. Guests will depart the lodge in the dark-after a hearty breakfast, with everything from waffles to eggs benedict made to order. Upon arriving at the field you’ll hunt from double blinds, or large sunken “buckets” similar to individual pit blinds. Platform pallet-blinds are also used. A guide and retriever will accompany each pair of hunters, ensuring that all birds are collected during each hunt. Typically, you’ll return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon sessions commence. Afternoon programs vary. Hunters can target perdiz in the rich pastures near the lodge. Other days, you’ll double-up on duck hunting. When available, wild pigeon over decoys or low volume dove shooting round out the options.

Los Crestones Lodge Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911


*Our experienced guides work with a team of pointers to provide you with the best possible sport. We use mostly German shorthairs and English pointers, but you’ll also find Vizslas and Brittanys.


South America

Montaraz Lodge Córdoba, Argentina Pigeon Hunting The most exclusive pigeon shooting lodge in Córdoba. Personalized services and intimate attention to every detail make this pigeon shooting program unbeatable. We’ve always said there is sport; and then there is sport done right. At Montaraz, pigeon hunting takes place the way it is supposed to, with blinds and decoys and skilled scouting endeavors to ensure success. But doing it right doesn’t mean stuffy. This is hot-barrel pigeon shooting-and you’d better be ready for it. After the smoke settles you have Montaraz itself, a 17th century estancia and vineyard, with meals right off the pages of a gourmet magazine. The combination will satiate all comers. The world’s most experienced guns rank wild pigeons among wingshooting’s greatest challenges. And when you’ve shot them well over decoys, you’ve done everything right. The Shooting Decoyed pigeon hunts are the specialty at Montaraz, and the surrounding are of Cordoba is considered one of the best pigeon shooting regions in South America. The 50 square mile (80 km) area around the lodge sees more than 5 million pigeons annually. The lodge has access to 60 shooting fields.



Owner: David Denies Wingshooting

Your daily program generally starts at 8 AM, with a hearty breakfast followed by a short drive to the field. In the field you will be assigned a blind and a bird-boy, who provides non-stop shells and refreshments. Throughout the shooting session, you’ll be under the watchful eye of your guide, who’s available to assist you and provide instruction. Depending on the season, you’ll shoot till noon and then break for an asado-style lunch at the lodge, sampling Argentina’s wonderful beef and exclusive wines. Afternoon sessions continue until 5 or 6 PM. Return to the lodge for cocktails in the wine cellar followed by dinner. *Wild pigeons are both large and fast, which make calculating their speed and lead a bit deceptive. Pigeons are also wary birds, and there is an element of technique involved that calls for shooting closer to decoying ducks than with doves. Staying hidden and still in a good blind is the key to success. Our field staff is familiar with the ways of the wild pigeon, and they’ll build fresh blinds and deploy decoys in the correct fashion to suit the situation.

Montaraz Lodge Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911



South America

Pica Zuro Lodge Cordoba, Argentina Dove shooting Here, in the Dove Shooting Capital of the World, experience equals success. We pioneered the Cordoba area in 1982 and we’re still here today. Pica Zuro offers flawless style and comfort from which to enjoy awe-inspiring shooting. Live like Royalty in the dove shooters Kingdom. Despite its stately 19th century facade, Pica Zuro remains a modern launch pad for dove scooters from across the globe. It is grand, it is comfortable, and it is close to the doves. Each day, shooters leave the pastoral setting of the lodge and move to the hills and fields, where doves fly in spectacular numbers. Upon returning to the lodge, our skilled chef assures that meals are fit for a king. Pica Zuro’s staff-including guides and tenured field assistants-see to every detail, so your focus remains down the barrel of your gun. Short drives are the norm: Pica Zuro is positioned to reach hundreds of private-access shooting locations within minutes.



Owner: David Denies Wingshooting

The Shooting Cordoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world. The 100 square mile radius (160 km) around the lodge sees more than 50 million doves annually. The lodge has access to 55 shooting fields all within a short drive through the region’s rolling farmland. Your day starts at 8 AM with a hearty breakfast followed by a short drive to the shooting. In the field you’ll be assigned a “pick-up” boy, who will provide non-stop shells and refreshments and direct you to your shooting stand. Our head guide will also be on hand to assist and offer tips if required. Typically, you’ll shoot till noon then break for an incredible asado-style lunch, featuring Argentina’s wonderful beef and superb wines. Afternoon shooting continues until almost dark. There is no “quitting time”-good sense and tired shooters dictate when the day is through. Return to the lodge for cocktails and an early dinner.

Pica Zuro Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911


*Each day the lodge donates hundreds of doves to a local food kitchen that serves impoverished children in the area.


South America

Pira Lodge Iberá Marshlands, Corrientes, Argentina



• The world’s most exciting freshwater species: Golden dorado are beautiful and brilliantly menacing at the same time.

• An architecturally-renowned lodge with direct access to the Esteros del Ibera—nearly three million acres of largely unexplored marshland, including creeks, rivers, lagoons and freshwater flats, all teeming with fish.



Owner: Nervous Waters Pira Lodge

• Diversity of fishing scenarios: the Marsh, the Headwaters and the Corriente River each offers different fishing experiences.

• Crystal clear water throughout the entire fishery throughout the season, which leads to great opportunities for sight casting and sighted fishing.

• Friendly, bilingual guides with knowledge about the Dorado and his habits, and years of experience boating in the vast Ibera. They’ll make your days on the water unique and productive.

• The only featured freshwater Dorado destination in South America with state of the art Hell’s Bay flats

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911

skiffs, to deliver anglers quickly and safely to the most remote areas of the fishery.

• Spectacular abundance of flora and fauna make for a naturalist and fisherman’s dream destination – over •

350 bird species are seen regularly. Non-angling activities in this tropical paradise include horseback riding, a sparkling swimming pool, and bird watching—which combined make for a vacation within a vacation. Affiliation:


South America

San Juan Lodge Paysandú, Uruguay Mixed-Bag A mixed-bag standout: ducks, doves, and perdiz over pointers in friendly Uruguay Estancia San Juan is perched majestically atop a knoll, with striking views of the Uruguayan countryside. Whether by design or chance, San Juan is the epicenter of a shooting resource desired by almost every sportsman that has cradled a shotgun-a perfect mixed-bag location, where duck marshes and dove fields are linked to smart accommodations by short drives on good roads. Teeming with perdiz, ducks, and doves, the region offers the ultimate Uruguayan mixed-bag, where you’ll perfect the art of shooting several species throughout the day. Add to this variety genteel country living, warm personalized service, and delightful daily menus. Your hosts are Bernardo and Mercedes Barran, who’ve greeted wingshooters with enthusiasm and grace for two decades. Imagine being a guest at an elegant family home. Then imagine that same family had some of the most diverse and rewarding shooting anywhere.



Owner: Bernardo & Mercedes Barrán & David Denies Wingshooting

The Shooting Shooting at San Pedro is highlighted by a variety of game-hunting options. Uruguay offers avid wingshooters a rare treat: one consisting of upland, marsh, and mixed-bag pursuits-all in the same day. Mornings typically consist of wild partridge or perdiz hunts in short-grass pastures, and over well-trained English setters. Or depending on wind and weather, you can take aim at ducks and big, wild pigeons on ponds or in nearby fields. Afternoon itineraries may include high-volume dove shooting under a flyway or near a big roost that lies just minutes from the San Pedro Estancia. Note: When planning your shooting holiday to Uruguay, please consider the following seasonal limitations as a guideline.

• • • •

Perdiz hunting runs May 1 to July 31 Duck hunting runs from May 1 until September 15 Pigeons generally run from May 1 to September 15 Dove shooting is available and productive year-round

San Juan Lodge Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:

*Your host and guide is on hand to provide you with challenging shooting, while bird boys attend to hunter necessities such as providing shells and refreshments. Each evening, return to the lodge for cocktails and dinner. Drive time to hunt locations is usually between 10 and 35 minutes for perdiz, duck, and pigeon fields. Dove hunts are also positioned within a short drive from the lodge.


South America

San Pedro Lodge Paysandú, Uruguay Mixed-Bag *The most exciting game birds in Uruguay. Perdiz hunts over staunch English Setters, ducks over decoys, and doves. Plus the same top level of service and shooting you’d expect from David Denies. The first time visitor to Uruguay often expects the dreamy, uber-rural setting of a genteel ranch home in the countryside. The countryfield setting of Uruguay’s plains suggest dormers and gingerbread trims. But in San Pedro the angles, and levels and modern exterior belie the comforts that lie within. In addition to the modern finery of the lodge, shooting guests will appreciate that San Pedro is located near a vast network of lagoons and rivers surrounded by agriculture. This creates excellent conditions for resident and migrating ducks, while acre upon acre of short pasture fields offer perfect perdiz habitat. You’ll also find quick access to both sides of the biggest dove roosts in Uruguay. *Like vegetable soup in a silver bowl, San Pedro offers the best ingredients in an elegant presentation. So good, you’ll want to come back for seconds.



Owner: Bernardo & Mercedes Barrán & David Denies Wingshooting

The Shooting High-quality hunting and shooting at San Pedro Lodge, in Uruguay, offers wingshooters a rare treat: Welcome to the land of upland and marsh mixed-bag pursuits-which occur all in the same day, every day. Mornings typically consist of wild partridge or perdiz hunts in short-grass pastures, and over well-trained English setters. Or depending on wind and weather, you can take aim at ducks and big, wild pigeons on ponds or in nearby fields. Afternoon itineraries may include high-volume dove shooting under a flyway or near a big roost that lies just minutes from the San Pedro Estancia. Note: When planning your shooting holiday to Uruguay, please consider the following seasonal limitations as a guideline.

• • • •

Perdiz hunting runs May 1 to July 31 Duck hunting runs from May 1 until September 15 Pigeons generally run from May 1 to September 15 Dove shooting is available and productive year-round

San Pedro Lodge Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 877 260 4332 (Toll free for USA) Fax: +5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:

*Your host and guide is on hand to provide you with challenging shooting, while bird boys attend to hunter necessities such as providing shells and refreshments. Each evening, return to the lodge for cocktails and dinner. Drive time to hunt locations is usually between 10 and 35 minutes for perdiz, duck, and pigeon fields. Dove hunts are also positioned within a short drive from the lodge.


South America

Uruguay Natural Hunting Uruguay In almost full moon… 11hrs, Tired eyelids…, A single male enters - What is Laurindo? - “Male” it is, but I do not see the tusks! I thought: Good, tomorrow we are leaving,!..., and I hunted the greatest boar of my life. Carlinhos said: another like this, not even in 100 years. Oh God! Meanwhile, Carlinhos with Eduardo were grabbing with nails and knives Lucio’s wild boar… Great night! Great hunting!

Jose Brugger

It is a special place! The super attention, and very familiar. There are no words to thank you. We´ll be Back!

Miryan Beneventano



Owner: Genwell S.A. Manager: Mathieu Jetten

Rincon de los Matreros Very pretty property with an enormous amount of animals for hunt. Very good and comfortable facilities, also very good service with first class food. The attention to the guests, hunters also is excellent.

Lamberto JosĂŠ Ramenzoni

Thank you very much Laurindo and Mathieu. We hunted a wild boar of 150Kg and 22 cm of trophy; on the following day, we hunted a beautiful trophy of feral goat. Friendly atmosphere, excellent food and first class organization. Be sure I will return. Perhaps already the next year‌

Uruguay Natural hunting Av. de las Americas 5029 Zip code: 15001 Canelones-Uruguay Mathieu: +598 99 379 433 +598 26 046 129 +33 650 38 76 73 math.

Mit Weidsmannsheil, Gicallino Rocco Aloise, Villach.


South America

Uruguay Natural Hunting Uruguay We were impressed with the beauty of the site, excellent hospitality and we had the happiness to hunt trophies of great quality: Red deers, fallow deer and mouflon. Congratulations for the initiative and event… …And until soon!

Luiz Duvoisin, Marcelo Roesler y Charles Duvoisin

Thank you very much for the stay and for the affection of all of you. It was my first hunt and I liked it very much. Thanks to all, hug.

Paulo. Campinas



Owner: Genwell S.A. Manager: Mathieu Jetten

If something good exists in life, this stay is one of them. For me it was a great opportunity to obtain trophies, one of them was a wild boar with 22 cm of tusk, the greatest hunted until today, thanks to the team that accompanied me in this experience. Thanks for the hospitality Dario Andre Mazzachini

After hunting in Rincon de los Matreros, I reached the conclusion that our Uruguayan brothers took much in taking the initiative to create a big game hunting lodge, but that when they did it, they did it very well. Congratulations to Enrique, Mathieu and to all the team for the affection, joy and professionalism. Surely I will return many times.

Uruguay Natural hunting Av. de las Americas 5029 Zip code: 15001 Canelones-Uruguay Mathieu: +598 99 379 433 +598 26 046 129 +33 650 38 76 73 math.

Lucio Flรกvio S. Paz


South America

Villa Maria Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina



• Reasons to choose Villa María Lodge • Space for only 6 anglers and private access to 20km of the best fly water on the lower Rio Grande, an exclusive haven for small groups of discerning anglers.

• Villa Maria is a spey fishing paradise with long, flat pools teeming with sea run browns fresh from the sea • The most pools per angler, per day–only two anglers and their guide targeting different beats morning and evening.



Owner: Nervous Waters Villa Maria

• Diverse fishing options make it possible to find a pool where wind is a help–not a hindrance. • Each week starts with an evening warm up session–most anglers will catch a trout or two the first night they arrive.

• In order to maximize your time on the river, there is a cabin on the river bank for lunch and siesta, a • • • •

stunning setting in the wilds of Tierra del Fuego which allows angles to fish more and drive less. The best service and hospitality, a la carte menu, true five star accommodations Over 80% of our anglers are repeat guests. Excellent equipment is also provided so that you can fish in style and comfort. The world’s best guides, local and international, to make sure we combine local knowledge with world class technique.

Buenos Aires Office: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 Piso 2, Oficina 228 CP 1425 Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +1 917 338 7186 Fax: + 5411 4807 2911 Affiliation:


Suppliers of Luxury Clothing and Accessories for all Country Pursuits

Suppliers of Luxury Clothing and Accessories for all Country Pursuits


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European Lodges

Bukovetz Château de Janvry Château Saint Michel E.J.Churchill European Outfitting France Safari Fjelljakt France Outfitters G&G Hunting Services Great Spanish Hunts JPB Adventures

Bulgaria France France United Kingdom Austria France Sweden Belgium Italy Spain Luxembourg

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K&K Premium Jagd Lax-á Le domaine de l’Ortolo Les colverts de Sabournac Domaine de Montchevreuil Orchape Scandinavian Prohunters Soto Real West Highland Hunting WildHunting Company

Germany Iceland France France France France Sweden Spain Scotland Turkey

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Bukovetz Bulgaria We invite you to experience your adventures with us in Bulgarian private hunting preserve „Bukovetz”. Situated in the middle of the Balkans, on an area of 29 000 hectares free mountain land, our hunting preserve offers unforgettable moments, noteworthy trophies, lovely memories and emotions. Here you can enjoy the delicious cuisine, comfort of the hunting lodge, to feel the thrill of the real hunt and to get wonderful trophies. The habitats of Red Deed, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Roe Deer and Moufflon are kept by both tranquillity and virgin nature of the hunting reserve. The wealth of the wild fauna is also presented by the partridge, pheasant, hare and all hunting kinds of migratory birds. It is possible to combine the hunt for big and small game within one day. The vast meadows and the century-old forests, the great number of cornfields and the professional hunters offer successful hunt from a high stand and by stalking, so as a driven hunt too. The convenient well heat- and noise- insulated raised hides and hunting high stands enable the complete privacy in the wild nature. The preserve has two hunting lodges- type “Residence”, luxury category, which are built in the typical for the region architectural Bulgarian National Revival style. The first has 12 rooms for accommodation with own toilets and bathrooms, cosy dining- room, so as external barbecue.



Owner: Gimel JSC. Manager: Mr. Gueo Doundarov

In the second hunting villa there are 6 rooms, lounge, dining- room and SPA center, which conduce to relax after the hunting day. In the hot summer days you can rest in the swimming pool or external Jacuzzi, or just to have a cooling drink on the open- air bar. In the trophy hall you can play billiard, backgammon or cards, to have a quality drink around the blaze of the fire-place and to watch new hunting videos! For the horses fans we offer riding on open-air riding- school, so as a ride in the mountain too. And the anglers may revel in a successful draught in the river near the hunting lodge. Here you will have the unique chance to enjoy the silence. Your morning can be troubled only from the mountain stream babbling or the birds’ songs, and if you feel, that somebody touches you tenderly, don’t be afraid - this is the mountain air, which surrounds you everywhere.

Bukovetz 21 Arsenalski Blvd Sofia 1421 Bulgaria Tel English: +359 889 616 333 Tel French: +35 9888 90 78 58 Fax: +359 2 963 08 73

The perfect service, the unique culinary recipes, the cosiness, the silence and the calm will make you forget the time and to unite with the nature. We are expecting you! Be our special guests!



Château de Janvry France The Chateau de Janvry is a family-owned property located 30 kms from Paris, France. Over the last 70 years, we have welcomed generations of shooters from around the world who come to enjoy Janvry’s unique hunting experience where distinction, shooting expertise and excellence will transform your day into an unforgettable shoot. The Chateau de Janvry offers a wide variety of hunting capabilities on its beautiful and challenging terrain. Our breathtaking drives have been meticulously improved over the years to optimize every shooter’s experience. We shoot pheasants during our season running from mid-October to the end of January. Big game stalking or driven hunts can also be arranged, rifles and bows are welcomed. Our guests can chose amongst multiple types of hunts at Janvry: formal driven hunts, walking hunts or a combination of walking and driven hunts. While all hunts are syndicated, we also welcome and accommodate proprietary bookings.



Owner : Baroness Reille Manager : Baroness Reille

Our signature hunts, high quality driven English style pheasants, start with a lunch served in the formal dining room of the Chateau, followed by 4 to 6 drives where pheasants (but also partridges and ducks) fly at majestic heights. The day closes with honors given in front of the Chateau and a cocktail reception or a dinner hosted by the Baroness Reille.

Château de Janvry 1 Place de l’Eglise 91640 Janvry France

Shooters can choose to come alone to join a group of shooters or privatize the Chateau de Janvry with fully customizable packages. We can cater for 200 to 800 bird’s bags, depending on the time of the year, groups of 6 to 12 guns, with loaders and much more.

Tel (FR) : +33 6 14 10 19 55 Tel (USA) : +1 310 924 2155

We can arrange or provide transportation, hunting licenses, insurances, loaders, shotguns and ammunition. Lodging at the Chateau is possible for small groups. Accompanying guests are also welcome to enjoy the unique Janvry experience. Join us at the Chateau de Janvry where French traditions and hunting savoir-faire come together and make hunting at Janvry so unique and memorable.




Château Saint Michel France Experienced hunters usually need to go far to hunt big deer. This is often a long and troublesome trip, and sometimes accommodations are rough. As of this year, a new destination in France has opened, offering some of the biggest and most beautiful deer. The Saint Michel property, in the Nièvre department, located between Beaune and Saint-Honoré-les-Bains, will welcome you to its magnificent park. You will stay in a fully renovated castle with all the comfort of a five-star hotel. Everything is done to perfection, be it the rooms or the meals. The owner Antoine Feidt, himself a very experienced hunter who has travelled the world, will personally welcome you and make it possible for you to shoot one of his exceptional deer. The deer are originally from Germany, and they were imported to France 10 years ago. They have been pampered and well taken care of in order to make this livestock so amazing today. They have been treated naturally and kept in the wild. Many stags have 30 points or more and go up to gold medals. For the first time, Antoine Feidt is opening this exceptional domain where he will, I am sure, prove the beauty and the quality of his deer. You will either hunt game from a hide on watchtowers or by stalking. The best calibres for hunting here are .300 Winchester, 9.3 x 62, etc..... A French hunting permit or license is mandatory. You will be hunting with the owner, who will gladly explain the evolution of his livestock and his theories on genetics. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover these unique deer, and should you shoot one of them, it will most certainly become one of the most admired pieces in your trophy room.



Château Saint Michel France Certains chasseurs expérimentés vont au bout du monde pour chasser de grands cerfs. L’avion et les transfers sont souvent très longs et éprouvants. Or, depuis cette année, une destination en France permet aux amateurs de trouver  de très grands cerfs, le domaine Saint Michel. Situé dans la Nièvre entre Beaune et Saint-Honoréles-Bains,  un château complètement rénové vous accueille sur un territoire magnifique,  offrant un confort digne de 5 étoiles: chambres, suites, repas, tout est merveille et délices. Antoine Feidt, le maître des lieux, lui-même chasseur hors pair, mettra tout en œuvre pour vous faire tirer un de ses plus beaux cerfs. La souche, venue d’Allemagne il y a plus de 10 ans, a porté ses fruits et la qualité et la beauté des cerfs est remarquable. Nourris tout à fait naturellement, ils valent le coup d’œil, plusieurs faisant plus de 30 cors, certains allants jusqu’à la médaille d’or. Cette année, Antoine Feidt ouvre pour la première fois son domaine. La chasse se déroule uniquement à l’affût, sur de grands miradors ou au pirch. Les calibres recommandés sont: 300 Win - 9,3 x 62  - etc. Un permis français ou une licence est obligatoire. Vous chasserez avec Antoine Feidt, il se fera un plaisir de vous expliquer l’évolution de ses cervidés et sa théorie génétique en rapport avec son cheptel.

Owner : SCI St Michel Manager: Antoine Feidt Château St Michel 58250 Remilly France Contact: SCI St Michel 5, Rue du Mullerthal 7640 Christnach Luxembourg Mobile: +352 621 16 98 98 Fax: +352 87 83 40

Profitez de cette occasion unique pour découvrir enfin de magnifiques cerfs...Nul doute que si vous venez en chasser un, il sera une des pièces maîtresses de votre trophy room.



E.J. Churchill United Kingdom The E.J. Churchill Sporting Agency continues to go from strength to strength and now has more world class shooting venues available to its clients than ever before. Be it the thrill and excitement of shooting driven grouse, or the challenge of high pheasants, we have the venue to suit and at a range of prices to suit all budgets. We only deal with estates that we know and trust, and so in turn can vouch for the quality of sport and hospitality that our affiliates provide. Moreover, we are all passionate about shooting and with many decades of experience between us, can utilise this unique area of expertise to the benefit of our clients. We know our game. What We Offer We are the UK’s leading agency providing shooting for individual guns and small groups, as well as full teams of shooters, if you are looking for grouse, high pheasant or early season partridge we can find the right day for you.


United Kingdom

Owner: Sir Edward Dashwood Manager: Rob Fenwick

Our extensive knowledge, expertise and contacts in the British shooting world have enabled us to offer shoot days at almost all of the UK’s best shooting locations. Whether you are looking for a day at one of the ‘big name’ shoots or something a little more private and exclusive, our experienced team will help and advise you right from the start, ensuring that your day is tailored to just how you would like it. Overseas Visitors We welcome individuals and full teams coming from abroad, whether coming for one day or one month, and specialize in looking after all of your shooting needs, from licenses, hotels and transport to gun hire, clothing and in-field instruction.

EJ. Churchill Park Lane Lane End High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP14 3NS UK Tel: +44 1494 883 227

Come and visit us at our world class shooting ground, located on the West Wycombe Estate just 40 minutes from the centre of London.



European Outfitting Austria and Central Europe The goal of European Outfitting, founded by PH Bernhard J. Sรถllner & Philipp Kunze, is to provide its clients with access to the best hunting concessions available for the individual game animal they seek, while delivering the finest service in the region where hunting takes place. Big Game: Austria and Central Europe is known as one of the leading hunting as well as tourist destinations worldwide. The unique hunting tradition and culture dates back hundreds of years. For decades European hunters and landowners have been following old game management traditions. Due to these strict trophy management methods, record trophies are harvested every year at the countries, top estates. Our Name stands for traditional European Big Game hunting for Red Stag, Mouflon Ram, Roe Buck, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Chamois, Alpine Ibex and European Brown Bear with world-class trophy qualities. We are also well known for typical European Driven Hunts for Wild Boars. In our areas in Austria we take up to 100 Wild Boars during one day with a group up to 10 guns.



Owners & Managers Bernhard J. SĂśllner Philipp Kunze

Wingshooting: The quality of classic European driven Duck, Pheasant and Partridge shoots especially in countries like Czech Republic & Hungary are well known by experienced wing shooters around the world. The culture, tradition and knowledge to organize these hunts dates back to the 19th century. Experienced shooting parties of seven to ten guns can expect to bag up to 1.000 or more Birds per day. Our exclusively managed Hunting Lodge is located only 2 hours from Vienna International Airport. The private character of the Lodge provides outstanding lodging, cuisine, wines and SPA for the hunter and the hunter’s attendance. Best shooting season is September to December. We strive to deal with each client on a personal basis and all our guests are guided by us personally. Hunting with European Outfitting stands for perfect service, outstanding trophy quality and highflying birds.

European Outfitting Maurer Lange Gasse 80-82 3/3 A-1230 Vienna Austria Tel: +43 664 911 40 24 +43 664 886 11 203 Affiliation:



France Safaris


“When they say that first impressions last then we can say that this experience was achieved at Laplanque”; “exceptional trophies”; “a home away from home”; “their hospitality is unparalleled”; “what a wonderful team”; “incredible family Château with beautiful interiors and exteriors”; “a very fair chase hunt”. These are just a few examples of our favourite extracts from the Laplanque hunting estate’s visitors’ book, written by hunters who have stayed with us and left entirely satisfied. The Laplanque Hunting Estate is located in the south of France (an hour and a half from Toulouse Blagnac airport) at an altitude of 600 meters (1,950 feet) in a magnificent, unspoiled rural region rich in traditions, gastronomy and surrounded by charming villages that we are delighted to help our guests discover. Château de Laplanque has been in the Roques family since the 13th century and has been lovingly maintained ever since. The Château offers many comfortable reception rooms and bedrooms filled with original furnishings, all in a pleasant homelike environment. The fully fenced 350-hectare (860-acre) estate has always been dedicated to hunting. The terrain is rough, the environment wild and the biotope highly varied. Our grassland areas alternate pine, chestnut and holly with birch forests and heather-covered cliffs which all combine to make for difficult and exciting hunting.



Owner & Manager Didier Roques Rogery Guillaume Roques Rogery

France Safaris was founded by Didier and Guillaume Roques Rogery. Both Guillaume and Didier are largegame enthusiasts with an impressive portfolio of experience. They have put an enormous amount of time and effort into selecting the species Laplanque has to offer which includes red deer stags, fallow deers, mouflon sheeps, sika deers and wild boars. The trophies acquired at Château de Laplanque are classified amongst the biggest in the world. Our red deer stags have antlers that can exceed 18kg in weight and 42 points, our fallow deer have heavy, long and very wide palmate antlers while our most impressive mouflon sheep have thick and wide horns, often exceeding 90 cm in length.

France Safaris Laplanque 12240 Pradinas France Tel : +33 (0)6 76 85 48 19

The hunting season starts the beginning of September and finishes the beginning of February. We stalk and hunt from hides depending on the conditions. Château de Laplanque’s estate is exclusively reserved for one hunter and his or her companions. Affiliation:

France Safaris is delighted to welcome hunters and their companions from all over the world to hunt exceptional trophies in a magnificent setting and show them the riches of a region overflowing with charm.



Fjelljakt Sweden Fjelljakt – Professional Nordic Hunting is an organisation with great expertise in all aspects of hunting in the Swedish mountains. We have been active for about a decade and ever since we started, our philosophy has been to provide top class hunting packages. All people within Fjelljakt are selected carefully and are masters in what they do. We are privileged to work in western Jämtland. The nature here is astounding, with open vistas that extend all the way to Norway. Jämtland Is one of the last real wildnerness in Europe. We offer you an opportunity to explore it with us. We have chosen to focus on moose and game bird hunting, as our 15,000 hectares of hunting grounds have an almost unique game population. Our Hunting Villa lies at the heart of our 15,000 hectares of hunting grounds and is the base for our hunts. The Hunting Villa was built in 1896. Medstugan Hunting Villa embodies a genuine sense of hunting traditions. Hunters have stayed here since the turn of the last century. Over the years, Medstugan Hunting Villa has attracted both royalty and big game hunters from foreign lands. This beautiful heritage building is our starting point every morning, whether we leave on foot or by helicopter after breakfast.



Owner: Johan Persson Manager: Johan Persson

TROPHY HUNTING FOR MOOSE Our most exclusive hunting product is one-on-one hunting with a barking moose dog. This type of hunting is suitable for people who dream of shooting the “big bull”. You and a tracker/dog handler hunt alone over large areas, waiting for the dog to find the moose. There are few hunting methods that bring about such a rush of adrenaline. This package also includes ”calling for moose” in the dawn to increase your chances of success. We also offer driven hunts for moose. We hunt using experienced trackers/dog handlers. Depending on the wind and weather, we can choose whether to hunt with the dogs leashed or unleashed. All drives are conducted in beautiful open moutain terrain. GAME BIRD HUNTING We offer ptarmigan hunts using pointing bird dogs. Hunting takes place on the open mountainsides or in the neighbouring forests of mountain birch. This hunting method necessitates a great deal of walking in the mountains, but the breathtaking surroundings mean you soon forget that you are also getting a little bit of exercise. Ptarmigan hunting is very sociable, as you have time to chat during the day; it is only in bird situations that discipline and a cool head are necessary.

Fjelljakt Vågen 125 830 02 Mattmar Sweden Tel.: + 46 730 447707


Welcome to our world



France Outfitters


Welcome to France. A country that seduces travellers with its cultural heritage, gastronomic art de vivre and lyrical landscape. With over thousands years of history, hunting has become part of French tradition making France a privileged hunting destination. France Outfitters is the specialist in hunting travels in France. We give our clients the great opportunity to combine exceptional hunting experience with all the treasures France has to offer: towns and cities of art and history, picturesque villages, seaside resorts, high mountains, idyllic countryside, finest food and wine as well as exploring quintessential and romantic Paris. From the Jura pine forests to the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Alps, you will have the chance to hunt the major European mountain game species such as Alps chamois and the famous but uncommon Pyrenean chamois. In the Massif Central, the extinct volcanoes scenery is the new homeland of the largest wild living mouflon sheep population of France. Introduced in 1970, the flock has successfully adapted to its new habitat and spread. Today, mouflon hunt is considered as one of the hardest mountain hunt. Dedicated and passionate hunters ourselves, we will guide you through the deepest forest to stalk the largest trophies of red stag, fallow deer, roe deer (including the Gers roe deer whose trophy size is amongst the biggest in Europe) and wild boar.



Owner & manager Vincent Levannier

You will hunt on the best areas in the country whether on private estates or free ranging areas. Important game birds in Europe since the invention of firearms, grey partridge and pheasant are challenging game that request excellent shooting skills. Our clients will be offered the possibility to take part to driven grey partridges, Reeves’ pheasant, common pheasant and wild duck shoot. Being part of a big game driven hunt is probably one of the most exciting ways to hunt. Wild boars driven hunts are traditionally organised in France. Very sportive way to hunt since it requires fast decision-making and great self control as well as shooting on moving animal, it is also an unforgettable experience highly recommended. France outfitters will take care of finding you the best accommodation whether you wish to live like a king in a “Relais et Chateaux” or to relax in a bed and breakfast in the countryside. Ultimate destination for food and wine lovers, join us to France for an amazing lifetime hunting experience and a great tourist destination alone or in family.

France Outfitters Maison forestière de la Mare des Grès 76380 Canteleu France Tel: +33 6 79 04 63 01




G&G Hunting Services


G&G Hunting Services is a service provider specialized in the organization of hunting events in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the high quality of its wild game and reserves, and the very best in hospitality. G&G Hunting Services was established in 1997 by Giorgio and Graziella Paraporti, two experienced hunters who share a passion for hunting tradition and good living, and take pride in their approach to life and business. They both believe that to be a hunter should also mean to respect nature and wildlife, to preserve and improve the habitat in which animals live, and to make the word HUNTING a lifestyle. The species available at our hunting reserves in Italy are: pheasants, red- partridges, grey partridges, ducks, hares, wild boar, fallow deer and roe deer. G&G Hunting Services organizes these hunting activities in Italy: Hunts with pointing dog Pheasant and red partridge hunting driven Hunting of big games (fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar) Wild boar hunts in Tuscany G&G Hunting Services specializes in the organization of daily Hunting Drives based on many years’ expertise. It is with this expertise and a high level of professionalism that Giorgio and Graziella welcome guests from all over the world, and offer a service tailored down to the last detail, providing hunters and their companions with Land Rovers for use in the reserves; an experienced louder who remains with the guest throughout his stay, taking care of the weapons, cartridges and loading of the guns during hunts; high



Owner & Manager Giorgio & Graziella Paraporti quality game; rest periods between drives, with excellent Italian wine and regional specialities; highly trained labradors for retrieving game; an end-of-stay photograph as a memento; and a characteristic lunch out in the countryside. Individual drives (of which there are at least 10 in each hunting area) involve a maximum of 10 places situated at a distance of about 30 metres apart to ensure the safety of each hunter. The success of a hunting day is based on the perfect balance of professionalism, the quality of the game and grounds, and the friendly attitude of our staff who are happy to see to all the needs of our guests the hunters and their companions. Hunting area where G&G Hunting Services organize hunting driven in Italy: • •

Rocca dè Giorgi (Lombardy region, 1 hour’s drive from Milan) Gavi – La Centuriona (Piedmont region – 1 hour’s drive from Milan)

G&G Hunting Services s.r.l. Via Tosi, 3 27030 Ottobiano Pavia – Italy Giorgio Paraporti: +39 335 6280756 Graziella Paraporti: +39 339 5833561

WILD BOAR HUNT IN TUSCANY (Vicchio di Mugello – 20 Km outside Florence) Hunters and their companions can stay at the splendid 1600 century villa formerly owned by the Medici family at Vicchio di Mugello, 20 km outside Florence, for typical Maremma-style wild boar hunts (which are smaller but quicker and of a very high standard of quality). The hunting season: between November 1st and January 31st. The number of hunters is restricted to 10 per group, to ensure the safety of the persons involved. These ten hunters are also provided with 50 well-trained bloodhounds for chasing packs of Maremma wild boar, adding to the thrill and excitement of the hunt.



Great Spanish Hunts Spain Spain is the perfect country for hunting and one of the best tourism destinations in the world that brims with contrasts and boasts a wealth of art and culture. The sportsman-tourist will have the chance to enjoy hunting at its absolute best with a sunny weather even in the winter months, while also experiencing the artistic and cultural treasures together with excellent cuisine and wines. We are a Spanish company with over 35 years’ experience organizing world-class hunting trips for companies and private individuals.  Our offer for red-legged partridge shoots, “montería” or big game driven hunts and stalking is perhaps the most exclusive in our country.  Our company prides itself in our ethics and professional approach to hunt organization, as well as in offering a world-class service and total client satisfaction.  The GSH team is made up of 35 highly experienced and sensational professionals, whose dedication and hard work make every trip or hunt unforgettable and unique experiences.   



Owner: Javier Corsini and Ignacio de Navasqüés

Spain offers the opportunity to hunt 14 big game species most of them native to our country and is a unique destination for mountain hunting enthusiasts, with 7 Capra species (four subspecies of Spanish ibex: Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda ibex, two species of chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian and the Mallorcan goat) and two members of the Ovis genus: Barbary sheep and mouflon. Also we have three beautiful deers (Spanish red deer, European roe deer and European Fallow deer), wild boar and iberian wolf. In addition, its permanently sunny and warm climate allows for year-round hunting without suffering the rigours of the bad weather found at other destinations.  We operate in the prime hunting regions in the country, in private and national hunting reserves, specializing in large trophy hunting.    “Monteria” or driven hunting is the oldest and most traditional form of hunting in Spain. This type of hunting includes drives for deer, wild boar, fallow deer  and mouflon and is unique thanks to its color, beauty and excitement with large parties of hunters, hounds and mounts. Our driven hunts or “monterias” are world-class. They usually feature 5 to 25 stands offering 2 to 3 trophies per person per day. 

Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés

Great Spanish Hunts Almagro 29 28010 Madrid  Spain   Tel: +34 91 700 45 50  Fax: + 34 91 702 43 33  Affiliations:



Great Spanish Hunts Spain  The red-legged partridge (Alectoris Rufa) is a Gallinaceous fowl endemic to Spain considered the most sporting and challenging bird in the world by hunters due to its beauty, audacity and fast and erratic flight. The driven partridge shoot is a shooting style with a long and deeply rooted tradition in Spain, which allows the hunter to enjoy the red-legged partridge in a far more challenging way, since the speed and height reached are unbeatable, putting more than one expert wing shooter to the test.  Our shoots are some of the best and most famous in the country. Groups of 3 to 10 guns usually bag around 1,000 birds per day or even double that amount depending on their shooting skills. Thanks to the wide range of estates we manage and their  diverse and beautiful landscapes we are able to offer some of  the most spectacular and challenging drives to be found in  Spain. Featuring birds with fast and erratic flight, both low and high flying, we can offer drives that allow hunters to enjoy very varied and challenging shoots. A pair of 12 and 20 bore double-barrel matched shot guns is ideal for this type of shoot. We work closely with top gun manufacturers to offer you the best quality guns on-site, therefore avoiding the inconvenience of travelling with them. 



Owner: Javier Corsini and Ignacio de Navasqüés Manager: Ignacio de Navasqüés

Two of our locations, La Flamenca and Fuensauco, are just 35 minutes by car from Madrid international and private airports, making them very accessible from the world’s capital cities. Tacones, another of our prime locations, is in Toledo province in the heart of La Mancha, land of Don Quixote, famous for its wild partridges, just 1 hour 15 minutes from Madrid.  In southern Spain, the province of Cádiz, and thanks to hard work and sacrifice over the past 35  years, we manage over 90% of Spain’s wild red-legged partridge, a true treasure trove in this day and age.  Our partridge shooting season runs from 15 September to 15 March.    At GSH we believe in offering the highest level accommodation featuring quality service and the most select gastronomy. This is why we place very special attention in these aspects, ensuring the hunting trip is a unique experience for both hunters and their companions. Our magnificent lodges on all of our estates are fitted out with all possible comforts and luxuries, and are completely equipped to satisfy all our guests needs.

Great Spanish Hunts Almagro 29 28010 Madrid  Spain   Tel: +34 91 700 45 50  Fax: + 34 91 702 43 33  Affiliations:



JPB Adventures Hunting Consultant



Hunting Consultant

JPB Adventures offre un service personnalisée dans l’organisation et l’accompagnement d’une clientèle de chasse exigeante. Basée sur une solide expérience dans l’univers de la chasse (brousse, presse cynégétique, organisation de voyages et de safaris, assurances), JPB Adventures propose un ensemble de services et de conseils en s’appuyant sur le tissu relationnel international d’un passionné qu’est Jean Philippe Bourgneuf. Nos domaines de compétence: • Voyages de chasses à la carte pour des chasse individuelle, de groupe ou en famille, avec une expertise sur l’Argentine, le Québec et l’Afrique ( initiation et grands safaris). • Journées ou séjours découvertes de la France par la chasse au petit et grand gibier. • Préparation et conseil aux voyages de chasse: armes, optiques, munitions, téléphone satellite, taxidermie et cours de tir (maitrise armes africaines ou tir des oiseaux de haut vol) • Lancement de produits, organisation de challenges de tir, chasse, lobbying. • Assurances spécifiques : collection d’armes, salles de trophées, voyages de chasse et propriétés. • Accompagnement dans l’investissement et la gestion de domaines de chasse à l’étranger et en France. Ils nous font confiance : / / / pour Caesar Guerini et Fabarm / /



JPB Adventures offers a personalized service and personal guidance for the distinguished hunter. Based on a solid experience of more than 20 years in the hunting industry (on the field, hunting magazine, ceo of a hunting agency and managing a hunting insurance company), JPB Adventures offers you the services and advice based on an international network and the knowledge of a passionate hunter; Jean Philippe Bourgneuf. Our fields of expertise are:  • Tailor made hunting trips for individual hunters, groups or family hunting trips with a special knowledge of Argentina, Canada with Quebec and Africa (African Safaris of a life time). • Hunting trips for small game as big game in France for a day, a week and tailor made to your wishes. • In preparation to your hunting trips and Safaris we offer the following services & advice for: rifles and shotguns, ammunition, optics, satellite phones, taxidermy, shooting advice & shooting lessons on high birds and dangerous game. • Product launch or special events, organization of exclusive clay shoot days and lobbying. • Insurance for: rifle and shotgun collections, trophy rooms, hunting trips and hunting estates. • The search of your dream hunting & fishing estate worldwide for a personal use or as investment.

Owner & Manager: Jean Philippe Bourgneuf JPB Adventures Hunting Consultant 34 A Blvd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte L-1330 Luxembourg Email : Tel: +33 (0)6 86 33 34 99

They trust us: / / / for Caesar Guerini and Fabarm / /



K & K premium jagd Germany K&K Premium Jagd works as a hunting agent based in Germany. Since several years we offer worldwide destinations in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe - trophy hunts and driven hunts for hoofed species as well as traditional wing shooting. Over the years and due to long-term relationships from prior professional engagements, we have carefully selected a number of reliable and success proven partners, most of whom are the very best in their field of hunting and have become personal friends over the years. No matter if a traditional tented African safari or a demanding mountain hunt in Central Asia is your next wish, we are happy to organize for you and find the most suitable partner for you to make your dreams come true. In addition to our worldwide activities we have positioned Germany as a big game destination in Europe and offer top-quality hunts in private as well as state-owned estates throughout the country. Our guests come from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia and the United States. We concentrate on trophy and driven hunts for red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and mouflon as well as wild boar, chamois and roe deer. All these species are freely roaming in Germany and neighboring countries,



Owner: Kai-Uwe KĂźhl Manager: Kai-Uwe KĂźhl

such as Hungary, Poland, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Belarus and Turkey. In particular, driven wild boar hunts have increasingly turned out to be very popular, so this has become one of our expertises. Whether we hunt them free roaming or in enclosures of never less than 800 hectares, the fascination for the species attracts several hundred guests every year to come out with us. German hunting traditions connote ethical hunting. All our hunts in Germany are personally attended by us, so we are approachable to serve your needs. We offer high quality hunts on red stag, fallow deer, mouflon, tusker, chamois, ibex, sika deer and roe bucks. Our trophy hunts are individually planned and conducted for the single hunter, whereas our driven hunts are tailor-made for groups from 8 to 25 hunters. Driven hunts are normally organized over two days and comprise two to three drives per day.

K&K Premium Jagd GmbH Mettmanner StraĂ&#x;e 25 40699 Erkrath Germany Tel.: Fax:

+49 (211) 544 131 91 +49 (211) 544 131 71

Corporate events have become a speciality, so we offer driven hunts or wing shooting on noble estates and arrange dinner parties and evenings in castles. The historic rooms of these privately owned houses have their own atmosphere, and our partners are happy to welcome our guests into their homes - that is unique.



The Angling Club Lax-á Greenland Lax-á, founded in 1987, provides fishing-and hunting tours around the world with its main operation and offices in Iceland. Our latest destination is Greenland, a true hunting, fishing and wilderness paradise. The vast nature offers endless fishing opportunities in various rivers and lakes and the hunting opportunities are impressive with the choice of hunting caribou, arctic hare, musk ox, seal marine bird and more. We are proud to present a brand new hunting-and fishing camp on the South West Coast of Greenland and exclusive hunting rights for Caribou hunting in an area of 500 square kilometres. Our camp is a unique destination, truly a rare luxury in the wilderness of Greenland. The permanent full service outdoor camp resides in the unspoiled nature of Greenland.  It consists of twelve cabins (twin bed cabins) arranged in a circle around a dining lodge where verandas and walking paths connect the houses. The camp has running water, WC, showers, sauna, BBQ and a fully equipped kitchen. Full service is provided at the camp.   Our hunting grounds for Caribou Hunting offer a great number of very good trophy bulls. Our one of a kind program has become popular and is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst our clients. The guides are extremely experienced local hunting experts and our hunters have been returning full of praises for what they have experienced.



Owner: Arni Baldurson Manager: Arni Baldurson

The Sea Run Arctic Char Fishing from the camp is amazing! Because of the enormous and unspoiled territory, many of the fishing areas are hardly fished at all and some rivers have not been fished – ever. The size of the fish is 1-7 lbs and the there is plenty of it. Sea angling is also very accessible and a great fun. There is plenty to do and see from Lax-á camp and easy to combine diverse activities and sightseeing with the hunting and the fishing. Take sightseeing by boat or a helicopter and experience the magnificent beauty of Greenland´s coast line, explore the glaciers and the icebergs, visit old Viking ruins, small settlements, museums, local towns, get to know the locals etc. Lax-á Camp is the perfect base for all this. Guests fly to Narsarsuaq and are transported by boats or helicopters to the Lax-á Camp. Full board and lodging, transportation and guides are provided during the stay.

Lax-á Akurhvarf 16 203 Kópavogur Iceland tel: +354 557 6100 fax: +354 557 6108

The booking process is easy. Simply drop us a line via e-mail: or give us a call and our highly professional Lax-á team will be happy to assist in any way. LAX-Á For the best in fishing and shooting / Invest in your soul!



Le Domaine de l’Ortolo

Corsica, France

“Chasse, Pêche en mer, Pêche en rivière, Golf, Equitation” At the southern tip of Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, lies an immense estate in the heart of a valley carved by the Ortolo River. Its name is Murtoli, a secret destination whispered about by those in the know. This unique setting has a poetic air, with two thousand hectares of completely wild brush-covered terrain where flora and fauna have been left to thrive untouched. The Murtoli Estate offers many inviting coves and an endless white sand beach that stretches over a dozen kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, a true paradise. An Exceptional Hunting Ground The Ortolo Estate offers an exceptional hunting ground boasting two thousand hectares of well-preserved ecosystem with a widely varying landscape featuring mountains, forests and brush interspersed with prairies and swampland. Some fields are farmed and sown with grain, providing welcome feed for wild game, and the olive groves are kept invitingly free of undergrowth. Here, visitors can hunt alone or accompanied by the game keeper Jean-François and his team. Although the estate provides dogs, shotguns and rifles, there is also a kennel to accommodate our canine guests.



Owner: Paul Canarelli Manager: Paul Canarelli

“Hunting, Big Game Fishing, Freshwater fishing, Golf, Horse Riding” The Estate welcomes visitors for the hunting season, approximately six months of the year from September to the end of February. Wild boar is the big game here and is hunted in the traditional beating method, with a pack of hounds and beaters, or from a hide early in the season. Small game, like partridge, pheasant and hare live on the grounds, which are also a choice landing spot for migratory birds such as thrush, woodcock, doves and ducks, depending on the season. Fishing for the Most Avid Sportsman At the Murtoli Estate, fishermen can also pursue their passion, with fishing opportunities many sportsmen only dream of. In May and June, coastal net fishing is offered for tuna, such as amberjack, leerfish and “domti.” Those who prefer line fishing can catch sizable “pajots,” sargo bream and sand steenbras, which can be grilled for a tasty meal, or like “dentis” are used as bait for deeper sea fishing. On the coast, there are spear fishing or surf casting excursions for catching sea bream or sea bass.

Le domaine de l’Ortolo 20100 Sartène France Tel: +33 495 71 69 24 Fax: +33 495 77 00 32 a4fr ente?tedelettreok:A4FR




In August, September and October, join us for the big game fishing season,with Captains Henri & Fabrice aboard the 36-foot Bertram or 22-foot Boston whealer fully equipped fishing boats, for deep sea fishing allowed only at competition time and for deep sea net fishing to bring in the largest catches..



Les Colverts de Sabournac France “Unique in Europe, Sabournac is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for 25 years in the tradition of the great English driven shoots. This hunt both surprises and appeals hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards. These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choked guns are used. With new accommodations in the estate to settle more teals, you should have still more opportunities to shoot some of these diabolic birds. Sabournac offers only high quality, exclusive hunting organized and customized to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from September 1 to January 31 and can be booked for a single party of 2 to 8 specially skillful hunters. As a “Browning Partner Lodges”, several guns such as the A5, the Maxus, the Cynergy, the B525 and the B725, are available on the estate. This free service provides an opportunity to shoot with top-quality shotguns, as well as to avoid the hassle of travelling by air with a gun. Winchester cartridges are available on site for 12, 16 and 20 bore guns. Also depending of our stock you can test free the new Winchester “Blind Side” cartridges. The estate is 60 km East from Toulouse International Airport with direct flights from most European capitals and 25 km from Castres-Mazamet airport where all private planes can land.  At 3 km of Sabournac, you can stay at a private house (max 5 hunters) or fairly close you can stay at the “Chateau de la Pomarede”, renowned for its delicate and creative cuisine (1 star Michelin).  Sabournac is located at the center of the Toulouse-Carcassonne-Albi triangle. Many daily excursions can be organized including a visit to Andorra (fishing, heli-skiing, shopping…) or wild boars hunting.”



Les Colverts de Sabournac France 9th october 2012: Merci beaucoup pour cette incroyable experience ! Meeting you, your family, your team and the dogs was exciting and a great day full of hundred of ducks ! Your choice of accomodation fantastic and your food absolutely delicious… We will come again - watch out! Thank you. Salem & Amr Tarik (Saudi Arabia) 27th december 2012: La familia Olazábal te da las gracias por dos dias inolvidables. Como siempre ha sido una journada maravillosa y la organización fantastica. José María Olazábal (Spain)

Owner: Benoit Royer Manager: Antoine Royer Les Colverts de Sabournac Sabournac 81700 Puylaurens France Tel: +33 563 750 455 Mobile:+33 688 778 579

18th september 2013: Thank you Antoine and Benoit for this great day. As always it was a uge pleasure to shoot at Sabournac and enjoy the great ducks. We’ll be back ! Kings regards, Laurent Huwart (Belgium) PS : This is the reason why you are part of Magic Safari Lodges.

20th september 2013: Mr Ahmed Al Dhaheri, Saeed Al Mazrooi, Sabah Al Shamsi come to this wonderful hunt. The day was amazing experience, and we will definetly come back another time soon. We thank Mr Ben, Antony and the family for being great host. King Regards. (UAE / Dubai)


12th october 2013: Antoine, Hélène & Benoit, the most wonderful day ! Dereck Jarman (Great Britain) The day was spectacular! your warmth and hospitality have made unforgettable what was surely a memorable shoot. Thank you very much and we are already looking forward to next year. Hal, William and James Frost (Great Britain)



Domaine de Montchevreuil France Situé dans le Vexin français à seulement 50km au nord de Paris, le Domaine de Montchevreuil, riche en histoire, vous ouvre ses portes à la découverte d’une faune diversifiée aussi bien en petit gibier qu’en grands animaux tels que cerfs, daims, mouflons et chevreuils. Fort de plusieurs générations d’expérience, les chasses du Domaine de Montchevreuil ont su depuis toujours être reconnues pour leurs battues de haut vol aux faisans vénérés. D’une superficie d’environ 200 ha clos de murs, le territoire est composé de forêts de feuillus, de plaines et de cultures à gibier, le tout dans un environnement très vallonné promettant aux plus adroits de superbes coups de fusils. Vous chasserez le grand gibier à l’approche avec les propriétaires des lieux qui se feront un plaisir de vous faire découvrir l’histoire de ce Domaine. Anne-Sophie et Alexandre vous y recevront dans une ambiance chaleureuse et familiale. La présence d’un chef de renom au Domaine nous permet de vous offrir une cuisine du terroir recherchée et raffinée exclusivement composée de produits frais, digne des plus grands restaurants. Après la chasse, cinq chambres, une suite et deux pavillons sont également à votre disposition, si vous désirez vous reposer et/ou découvrir au cours d’un week-end : les cours de cuisine, les cours d’œnologie ou allier chasse du petit gibier et approche du grand gibier.



Domaine de Montchevreuil France

Owner: Anne-Sophie Richet-Coulon et Alexandre Grabowski

Located in the French Vexin just 50km north from Paris, the Domaine de Montchevreuil boasts both small game and big game hunting for species such as fallow deer and mouflon. 

Manager: Anne-Sophie Richet-Coulon et Alexandre Grabowski

With several generations of experience, the Domaine de Montchevreuil hunts have long been recognised for their driven, high-flying Reeves pheasants. Covering an area of about 200 ha fenced by wall, the area consists of deciduous forests, plains and game crops, all in a very hilly area which attract the most skilful, superb gunshots. 

Château de Montchevreuil 60240 Fresneaux-Montchevreuil France

You will be stalking big game with the owners who will be happy to help you discover the history of this area. Anne-Sophie and Alexander will welcome you in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The presence of a renowned chef at the Domaine allows us to offer local cuisine composed exclusively of fresh ingredients, worthy of the finest restaurants. 

Tel. : +336 60 97 59 16 +336 89 16 96 18

After the hunt, five junior suites, one suite and two small houses are available if you want to relax and / or discover during a weekend cooking classes, wine tasting courses or combine hunting small game and big game stalking.



Orchape France Since 1958, ORCHAPE has been organizing international hunting trip all over the world. With more than 5 decades of experience, it is recognized to be one of the most exclusive sporting agencies in Europe. Based out of Paris, our team caters to a demanding clientele looking for emotions, unforgettable souvenirs and need to fulfill their dreams. Whether one wants a big game hunt in Africa or a woodcock and snipe shoot on a private island in Scotland we are dedicated to make your dreams come true. Although we do have an emphasis on European countries, we have an extended network of local hunting organization with which we work. Starting with Ireland where we began in 1958, ORCHAPE sends people to more than 20 countries every year to hunt big game as well as small game. Here is a list of countries we work with: Ireland, Scotland, England, Poland, Spain, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Chad, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Hungary, Argentina, Alaska, Turkey, France, Bulgaria… In 2007, ORCHAPE teamed up with BROWNING to offer a unique partnership to supply hunters with shotguns and rifles when they travel. The concept of “BROWNING PARTNER LODGES” came to fruition to answer the need of clients to avoid hassle when they travel.



Owner: Mr Yves Forestier Manager: Augustin Motte

Thanks to BROWNING, ORCHAPE’s clients have access to B525 shot guns and XBolt rifle when they travel in Argentina, Spain, Chad, Burkina Faso and France. Because each hunt is a journey and not only a trip, we strive to satisfy our client’s need with professionalism and discretion. From booking a hunt to organizing the logistic of each trip, we offer clients the service they need to complete a successful hunt. ORCHAPE also runs a business and high standard tourism agency called ORTOUR: ORTOUR is the perfect partner for ORCHAPE to organize everything around hunting: from sightseeing to hunt/ golf combo or honeymoon and private plane charter. More than just travel agencies ORCHAPE and ORTOUR take you to the ultimate level of client services, discovery, sensations and dreams.

Orchape 4, Rue d’Armaillé 75017 Paris France Tel: +33 1 40 55 40 40 Fax: +33 1 47 63 07 64

Our motto in French is: “La Nature, des Hommes, des Passions, des territoires” which literally translates: “Nature, mankind, passions and territories”. The entire ORCHAPE team invites you to discover what international hunting is all about !



Scandinavian Prohunters Sweden Scandinavian Prohunters is arranging hunts throughout Sweden for a variety of species. We are proud to say we have access to the best, professionally managed areas. Sweden is a large country with a huge diversity of game, offering great hunting as well as beautiful scenery. In the soft agricultural country of southern Sweden we offer hunts for Roebuck, Moose, Red deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Ducks and Geese. These hunts also feature great accommodations, making it a perfect hunting holiday. For those that prefer the wilderness and a more rugged hunt, we can arrange a hunt in northern Sweden for Moose and Capercaille. In our neighboring country of Norway we offer hunts for European Rein deer and in Denmark Red deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer and driven Pheasants. There is a great variety of species that can be combined, so the choice is yours. Sweden is rich in history, great sightseeing, and of course, wonderful shopping for the non-hunters. The hunting, sightseeing, and shopping opportunities all feature great accommodations, which can even be upgraded to a Castle, or old Manor houses. Most couples choose to stay after the hunt to explore the country on their own. The infrastructure of Sweden is first class, and crime is virtually non-existent---AND, everyone speaks English, making it much easier to travel. Moose Hunting: Traditional Swedish moose hunting with a Moose Dog is a great experience. After locating the moose, the dog will hold the animal at bay until the hunter arrives. This is a hunt for people who appreciate a true “Fair Chase� hunt. You can choose to hunt one-on-one, or hunt in a group.



Owner: Stefan Bengtsson Manager: Sofia Hammarskjöld

Roebuck Stalking: Sweden is world famous for its Big Beautiful Roebuck. We have the best areas that are situated in the Southern part of Sweden in Skane. Reindeer in Norway: In the Norwegian highlands we are hunting the majestic Reindeer. Combining a beautiful trophy in fantastic landscape accommodated in charming cottages in the highland makes this a favorite. Other Species: We have several areas in Sweden where we offer hunts on Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Boar, Mouflon, European Bison, and Beaver. Driven Hunts: There is a long tradition of driven hunts in Sweden. These hunts are very well organized, and safety is a top priority. Driven hunts can be Wild Boar hunts only, or a mixture of Moose, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, and Wild Boar.

Scandinavian ProHunters          Storgatan 28 59837 Vimmerby Sweden

Tel: +46 470 33445

Goose Hunting: Geese are always difficult to hunt, but there is no bag limit, and on a good day, it is spectacular! Goose shooting at Barseback is regarded as the best there is! Ducks: Our duck hunts feature high quality and a high volume of birds. Our main area for hunting these birds is the Bjorkvik Estate, regarded as one of the best areas in Europe for high quality wing shooting. We arrange hunts of 200 birds and more. Mixed hunts: Morning Geese flight mid day Partridges over pointing dog evening stalk on Roebucks or why not end the day with a evening flight on Ducks. We are offering the group a perfect mixture of hunts.



Soto Real Andalucia, Spain Spain has always had a peculiar attraction for hunters. It of course has two very unique ways of hunting namely the “ojeo” driven partridge and the “monteria” driven big game. Andalucia has long been the el dorado of partridge shooters, providing some of the world’s finest shooting, in breathtaking scenery of hills and valleys. In contrast with the more northern hunting areas, Seville boasts a reputation of ever sunny skies and mild temperatures the whole hunting season long. Taking the sun at his post, with these “Spanish grouses” all around you is a pleasure for any hunter. The informal yet traditional atmosphere, punctuated by the convivial Spanish hospitality, makes these outings a daylong fiesta. Put Soto Real, the exclusive hunting resort and retreat in these surroundings and a Magic Safari Lodge is born. But, what really triggers everyone’s imagination is that you can walk around in short sleeves in winter, enjoying your days out hunting while friends or associates back home are shivering in the cold. Your only thought then is: “this is magic”.



Owner: Classified Manager: Guy van Onsem

Nature around Soto Real could not be more tempting! A true sportsman will appreciate the swift flight of the red-legged partridges driven from the hills by the majestic Andalusian horses over an armada of a dozen pair gunned shooters. Spain is rated as one of Europe’s last hunting paradises and the abundant nature of Soto Real offers most exciting opportunities for the shooting sportsman. The 5.000 acre shooting grounds are bordered on one side by the delta of the Guadalquivir and on the other by the Sierra Grazalema. Red-legged partridges are amongst the most challenging birds in Europe and our driven partridge shoots are an absolute delight! The mild Spanish climate almost always guarantees clear blue skies and warming sun. The breathtaking views of the Andalusian countryside and the beauty of the typical red partridge make the picture complete. Season starts early October to end only mid March

Hotel Cortijo Soto Real Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34 955 869 200 Fax: +34 955 869 202




Soto Real Andalucia, Spain Wonderful outdoor cocktails, lunches prepared in the countryside by our chef and a beautiful presentation of the bag of the day will contribute to make your stay at Soto Real an unforgettable synergetic experience. Depending on the time of year, Soto Real offers many other shooting possibilities. From July till the end of September, quail and rabbits walk up shooting over dogs is organized for small groups. During the normal hunting season, hares and partridges can further fill up your bag and towards the end of the season flights of thrush represent a particular attraction. The main cortijo has this very special feel of a wonderful country house. Each room designed and decorated in a delightful blend of traditional Andalusian and old Moresque style, has an en suite luxury bathroom, intimate salon and private terrace. Soto Real does not attempt to present an image or make a statement. The aim is to provide guests with quiet comfort and discreet service, which will enable them to relax and draw from surroundings and to restore the senses that modern life tends to crush. The perception of luxury also has a touch of elegance: decoration is luxurious yet without ostentation, fantasy in all sobriety giving total tranquility.



Owner: Classified Manager: Guy van Onsem

Soto Real is also perfect for couples and families, for a long weekend or a short week. It is within easy driving distance of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the towns of Jerez, Sevilla and Cordoba and the surrounding white villages - all available as chauffeur-driven excursions. In the cortijo itself there are opportunities for horse and carriage riding, fitness, sauna, as well as a beautycenter, tennis and clay shooting, all organized by professional staff. Big game also abounds in the forested hills with species such as the red- and fallow deer, roe, mouflon and not forgetting the much-coveted wild boar. Hunting them in Monteria style, driven by dogs “podencos and mastines�, holds the greatest fascination for anyone, given both the skills and the ancient rites involved. Stalking the Spanish Ibex is a challenge for the fittest as the mountains around Ronda can take their toll.

Hotel Cortijo Soto Real Ctr.Las Cabezas-Villamartin Km 13 41730 Las Cabezas te San Guan (Sevilla) Spain Tel: +34 955 869 200 Fax: +34 955 869 202




West Highland Hunting


No other country has a richer or more wonderful hunting history than Scotland. Traditional methods of hill stalking and hunting game have not changed for centuries and are continued to this day. This offers guests some of the most inspiring and unique hunting experiences in the most breathtaking locations anywhere in the world. West Highland Hunting provides the most premium hunting experiences available anywhere in Scotland. Utilising a number of the most spectacular sporting estates together with their traditional cottage or castle accommodation, a hunting trip to Scotland will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable of your life. One of the main estates West Highland Hunting manages is the world famous and remote Ardnamurchan. Located on the Scottish west coast, Ardnamurchan is a 50 square mile peninsula in Lochaber noted for being completely unspoilt and undisturbed by man. As Britain’s most westerly point nestled among dramatic coastal and mountain scenery, it offers unrivalled sporting opportunities and some of the largest wild red stags in Scotland. There are 13 self-catering dwellings to choose from, incorporating everything from traditional Highland cottages to the impressive and luxurious Glenborrodale Castle which sleeps 32 people.



Owner: Ardnamurchan Estates Manager:  Niall Rowantree

West Highland Hunting is run by Head Stalker and Sporting Manager Niall Rowantree who has over 30 years experience as a stalker and deer manager and has managed the Ardnamurchan herd for over 20 years. Niall is well known for welcoming clients and saying goodbye to great friends. Every year clients of West Highland Hunting successfully take many trophy class wild Scottish red stags of SCI record book quality. There are also opportunities to hunt feral goats, roebuck, sika, fallow and the exotic Père David deer. Due to hunting seasons in Scotland, it is possible to stalk at least one species all year round. All of the estates that West Highland Hunting manage are carefully balanced to maintain and enhance biodiversity in accordance with best practice and the deer’s welfare. For the more experienced hunter, unguided hunts are available. The thrill of guiding your own Scottish adventure in a clearly defined area is a challenge any hunter will relish. This sort of hunting is offered to individuals who have the necessary experience and hunting qualifications from their home country.

West Highland Hunting Ardnamurchan Estates Mingary Steading Kilchoan Argyll, PH36 4LH United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1972 510270  Fax:  +44 (0) 1972 510370 Affiliation:

West Highland Hunting also offers world-class wildfowling and rough shooting for species such as woodcock. The Scottish Highland’s saltings and coastline ring to the clamour of wild geese and the whistling of duck wings as they hurtle overhead. In the glow of evening and at the first flush of dawn, these are experiences that will never be forgotten.



WildHunting Company Turkey WildHunting in Turkey is owned and managed by the Ekenler Family and currently run by two brothers, Kürşat and Temir. They are both extremely keen young hunters and have hunted extensively throughout Turkey and abroad.  The Ekenler family has been landowners in Tarsus, Cukurova area for more than 300 years. Hunting is a family tradition, proudly passed from father to son and finally to us. We have always had a passion for the wild; This has been supported by their father who took Temir and Kürşat with him to many hunts all over the world. With some of the world’s finest species on our doorstep, we have naturally concentrated on big game hunting. WildHunting offers a total of 6 speacies of big game, which are natively found only on Turkish hunting land, this makes the hunting unique! 1) Anatolian Bezoar Ibex 2) Anatolian Konya Sheep 3) Anatolian Chamois 4) Anatolian Red Deer        5) Anatolian Urfa Gazelle      6) Anatolian Wild Boar   Our family has controlled the shooting in large areas of the Taurus Mountains for generations. We therefore operate as a private family hunting estate, rather than an agent buying from different concessions all over the region. As a result, we have controlled, conserved and developed our areas in a manner that we believe to be unique in the whole country. This approach is key to our way of maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.  Anatolian Bezoar Ibex:  is a very popular big game of our mountains and has a very special reputation amongst hunters from around the World and a very challenging and special hunt for us. We have managed to



Owner: classified Managers: Kursat Ekenler & Temir Ekenler

protect and control the game by careful selective shooting and are proud to say that we have some of Turkey’s finest trophy Ibex hunting – with trophies that most can only dream about. We have averaged 44’’(110cm) over the past hunting years and harvest more than a few trophies between 48’’ – 52’’(120-130cm). We have also been living this dream of ethical, sporting hunting, conserving both the game and our wonderful natural environment, for ourselves, our clients and our guests, now and in the future.   Anatolian Wild Boar: is the most common big game and a very exciting hunt for our hunting guests; since Turkey produces the biggest boars in the World with body size exceeding 200-250kg and tusks measuring between 24-30cm. We have been organizing and carrying out hunts for our guests, with a very experienced and trained team for over 20 years. 

Vahşiav Ltd. Adana asfalti uzeri 6 km 33401 Tarsus Turkey Tel: +90 532 614 55 99 Fax: +90 324 616 33 02

We do not over promise, over sell or over hunt. Our family reputation is far too important for that. This experience, applied to the management of our home estates, equips us to provide you with the hunting trip of a lifetime. OUR EXTENSIVE WORLDWIDE HUNTING EXPERIENCE MEANS THAT; WE SEE THE TRIP FROM A CLIENTS EYES, WHICH WE THINK IS VITAL!   Please visit our website and write Temir or Kursat an e-mail to start exploring your next hunting adventure with WildHunting in TURKEY!


HUNTING IN STYLE Laksen offers a complete range of clothes and accessories for women and men for all kinds of hunting and shooting activity. The collection comprises a wide selection of elegantly styled tweed garments made from the finest Scottish Sporting Tweed – as well as a range of specialised waterproof clothes for stalking and other kinds of field sports. The collection also comprises high quality footwear and a variety of accessories such as ties, socks, gloves, bags, etc. To order our new exclusive product catalogue, or for information about nearest dealer, please contact us on or telephone +45 87 42 10 00.

Laksen is a registered trade mark property of Morehouse Ltd. Read more at or

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Pacific Lodges Australian Buffalo Hunters Cardrona Safaris Treetops Lodge

Australia New Zealand New Zealand

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Australian Buffalo Hunters Australia Australian Buffalo Hunters – Classic Safaris Australia’s No 1 Buffalo Hunting. Every hunter in 2013 said this is awesome, some said it’s the world’s best kept secret…. where else can you hunt on foot and see up to a hundred Water Buffalo each day, sometimes more. Andy Zacharias of Texas did a drive through 2 adjoining concessions and we counted 427 Buffalo..!! These numbers give you the opportunity to pass up great trophies until you get exactly what you are after… plus many hunters shoot 2 or 3 trophy Buffalo, or more. Australia’s No 1 Banteng Hunting The only place in the world to legally hunt wild Banteng, a beautiful and tough animal. Our Banteng hunts are conducted in northern Arnhem land on Australia’s best NLC licensed area, with the largest numbers, and thus plenty of monster Bulls.. Previously hunters have had to shoot the first mature Banteng bull they saw.. yet with us you can observe many Bulls until taking an excellent large old Banteng trophy. Dangerous Game Hunting At Its Best Every year I see amazing things in the wild, this year a hunter stopped a charge when following up a wounded bull, another bull was protecting it and charged over the ridge, his 416 Rigby solid went through the nose into the brain and saved them. I also saw a wide old bull charge a large wounded Bull and smash him 3 times and broke its back… unbelievable power in these animals. Definitely a 375 H&H bullet must be well placed, and better still are the hard hitting 416, 404, 458, 470 and 500 calibers.



Owner: Graham Williams Manager: Graham Williams

Arnhem Land Is True Genuine Wilderness We specialize in Australia’s best dangerous game hunting safaris, with 4x highly productive concessions in Aboriginal owned central Arnhem land wilderness. Many large herds of Buffalo, some Scrub Bull (wild ox) and occasional Wild Boar. We only offer ethical and traditional rifle and bow hunting on foot, over scenic terrain of grassy plains, rolling hills, streams and rivers in fertile valleys producing excellent 90-105 SCI Buffalo bulls, and unique wide bulls to 1.3m (50”) spread because of the open Savana.

Australian Buffalo Hunters PO Box 996 Mandurah 6210 Australia Tel: +61 427 577 435

Classic Tented Safari Camps Run like an old African expedition, our camps are always moved to be close to herds of wild buffalo. Large canvas tents, canvas bag showers, flushing camp toilets, bunk beds, safari chairs, wood tables, great meals and drinks. Not a luxury Tanzania camp with extra staff. But real hunters will enjoy an excellent safari camp and true remote adventure. Best season: June, July, August, September. Affiliations:

Excellent Service We provide honest, reliable and professional service. We also assist with fishing charters and other hunts for Rusa, Axis and Red deer in other states. A proud Member of many clubs, and dedicated Life Member of IPHA, SSAA and SCI. I personally invite you to experience Australia’s best dangerous game hunting. See you this season. Graham Williams, Professional Hunter.



Cardrona Safaris New Zealand The stags are big, the scenery immense, the hospitality endless. The pristine game habitats of our family-owned operation in the South Island of New Zealand are renowned for producing the biggest stags in the country. It’s here Top 10’s are harvested. It’s here numerous world records have been set. It’s here you’ll reach the peaks of trophy hunting excellence. We ensure you can range far and wide to gain that once-in-a-lifetime trophy. To complement our privately owned hunting areas we have long term lease agreements with large local landholders. Besides world-class Red Stags we also offer quality hunts for Tahr, Chamois, Fallow, Elk, Goat, Ram, Boar, Whitetail, Sika, Sambar and Rusa. These big game species are complemented by small game (rabbit, hare, wallaby, possum) and, time permitting, wing shooting. We provide a home for one of the largest privately owned trophy red deer herds in the South Pacific. Thanks to decades of carefully focused game management the quality of a Cardrona Safaris red stag is unbeatable. This is how we’ve gained considerable acclaim for producing world class trophies, with stags scoring in excess of 600 SCI and 20 kg of antler. A trophy this big provides our hunters with a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience – it’s an exceptional time that you’ll never forget.


New Zealand

Owner: Duncan Fraser Manager: Duncan Fraser

We take pride in providing eye-catching heads with sizable mass, great width and strong scoring points. We know that the attraction of a trophy is according to individual tastes and therefore have a wide variety of animals to suit all preferences. Our team will help guide you to your target with the ‘spot and stalk’ style of hunting. The approach is always one of exceeding expectations - be it with the service before and after, the hunting experience and the final trophy. Our country is renowned for breathtaking beauty, friendly locals and the incredible range of activities and adventures on offer to its visitors. Within driving distance of our hunting areas there’s truly something for everyone – from laidback sightseeing to adrenaline-fueled exploits. This makes New Zealand the ideal hunting holiday destination for the whole family.

Cardrona Safaris New Zealand Mt Cecil Station 135 Stanleys Road Hunter, 7971 New Zealand Tel: +64 274271009


We provide a world-class standard of service that’s at the same time laid back and friendly – everyone feels at home when hunting with our family. Quite simply, we offer New Zealand’s ultimate hunting experience. It’s one we look forward to sharing with you.Owner & Manager



Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Experience New Zealand The first fingers of fire light up the grey eastern sky. Over the 1,000 hectare expanse of the Treetops Estate, skeins of mist roll away with the approaching dawn. The moan of a rutting stag pierces the chill morning air. Silhouetted on a vantage point, you can see him, one of the magnificent trophy animals that draw sports enthusiasts to Treetops from around the globe. A little later the sun has warmed the air and the mist has cleared. As you set off, gun broken over your arm, you’ve scarcely walked for five minutes before the dogs suddenly point and the cover explodes as two monster pheasants leap into the air. Red deer and pheasant are only two of the many game species that flourish in New Zealand’s premier sports trophy reserve. Wapiti (elk),red, sika, sambar, rusa and fallow deer are all managed on the estate along with one of New Zealand’s finest herds of wild rams and wild boar. There is also a healthy population of duck, for whom no less than six wetlands, ranging in size from 0.6 to 2.5 hectares, have been created over the last fifteen years. Many guests who have achieved a prize red stag trophy swap their rifle for a trout rod and head for one of Treetops’ several ponds. Set amongst one of New Zealand’s finest rainbow and brown trout fishing regions, Treetops offers anglers fishing right in its own 1,000 hectares of private land. The clear, cold highly oxygenated waters of its spring fed streams nourish a population of rainbow, brook and brown trout.


New Zealand

Owner: Alma & John Sax Estate Manager: Dave Robinson

Treetops also offers anglers daily guided fishing ventures, whether it be by 4WD or helicopter into some of the country’s most beautiful native forest streams and lakes, for which the region is world renown. The highly successful development of Treetops as a premier sports destination has been based on a commitment to good game management, says owner John Sax. “We recognized early on that game management is effectively eco management, and that it necessitates the implementation of a conservation policy and a sustainable harvest regime. Good game management looks at what can be put back in to the environment. The never ending question is ‘how can we make this environment better for man and wildlife for a better tomorrow?’” The lush look of the property is also the result of years of effort, including planting of over 70,000 trees. “One of the key factors affecting the sustainability of wild life is the timing, quality and quantity of the food supply” says Sax. “You can’t sustain a population if the total feed supply is only there for a couple of months a year.” Working in close co-operation with government and private agencies, the Estate was planted in a range of crops preferred by game species to provide continuous year round feed. Quick growing and maturing species like shadbash, chokeberries and catoniastas initially held the fort. After 15 years, longer term planting such as oaks, cherries and elders are now maturing.

Treetops 351 Kearoa Road RD1, Horohoro Rotorua New Zealand Tel: +64 7 333 2066 Fax: +64 7 333 2065




Treetops Lodge and Wilderness Experience New Zealand Pockets of virgin native bush throughout the estate, including some spectacular stands of tawa trees, have been carefully preserved. Care has also been taken to retain cover and food sources favoured by protected native species such as the kereru (native pigeon) and fern bird. Undesirables like possums, ferrets, rats, cats and rabbits are kept out of the estate by an ongoing trapping and hunting programme carried out by the Estate staff. Inside the estate, deer are eco managed by offering them crops like red clover and swedes, which they much prefer to native forest vegetation. Wild pigs are controlled using a similar strategy. And yes, wild venison and pork appear regularly on the Treetops menu. The temperate climate of northern New Zealand has also helped Treetops produce some of the finest trophies in the world, says John Sax. “the lush vegetation growth found at Treetops is one of the key factors in the growth of many of our large stags. The habitat at Treetops is arguably New Zealand’s finest and has also ensured that it has one of the highest deer densities of any reserve in New Zealand and thus a wide range of animals to choose from. Treetops has the enviable record of having achieved a 100% success rate to date in successfully guiding clients to a trophy stag of their choosing�.


New Zealand

Owner: Alma & John Sax Estate Manager: Dave Robinson

“We are also proud of the fact that all red stags taken at Treetops are of SCI record book quality. Most of our clients are seeking a good representative quality stag which is typically 20+ points and approximately 40 inches or so in length. The majority of animals harvested score at least 320 SCI but each year we guide hunters onto Gold Medal, Diamond and Diamond ++ of 450 SCI plus. Due to the geographic location of Treetops in a tranquil, secluded valley, hunting conditions remain comfortable throughout the season, which runs from the rut in late March until the end of August� for most deer species and continues on until late October for Rusa and into early December for Samba. Treetops offers a selection of personalised packages for discerning hunters with the benefit of exclusive use of our hunting Estate. There is also the option for tahr and chamois alpine hunts in the Southern Alps.

Treetops 351 Kearoa Road RD1, Horohoro Rotorua New Zealand Tel: +64 7 333 2066 Fax: +64 7 333 2065

Treetops Lodge is the ultimate in world-class luxury accommodation situated in the Rotorua region, the heart of New Zealand native forest, thermal wonderland, trout fishing mecca and cultural capital of New Zealand. Affiliations:


Johannsen Express Rifles mini, short, medium, magnum Reproductions of The Legendary Mauser Magnum Action Johannsen Actions and Bolt Action Rifles are Made in Germany and are the result of an ideal synthesis of CAD and CNC technology and traditional gunsmithing techniques. The exclusive use of high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail make it possible to duplicate the precision of the original ´98 action, which earned the confidence of millions of hunters worldwide. Johannsen Bolt Action Rifles feature unsurpassed quality and precision. That means hunters can count on these rifles for unexcelled reliability and consistently high performance even under less than ideal conditions.

Model “Safari” Johannsen-Magnum-Action, double square bridge, no thumb cut, adjustable trigger, 3-pos. Dakota style safety, low bolt handle, Express front sight and express rear sight with 2 leaves, strait stock “English Style”. Standard caliber: .375H&H, .416 Rigby other calibers on request (.17 Hornet - .505 Gibbs)

REIMER JOHANNSEN GMBH Gun and Rifle Maker Haart 49 · D-24534 Neumünster E-Mail: ·


North America Lodges

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Vancouver Island Hunts

Canada Canada

p.170 p.174

North America

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Quebec Canada Home to the very best elk hunting in the world and some of the best red deer found anywhere. It is not only the trophy quality that places this hunting area as one of the best in the world but also the experience. The large team working here makes sure that your stay becomes a memorable experience. From the fine cuisine prepared by the chef accompanied by wine selected by a world renowned sommelier, to the completely renovated lodge Laurentian spares no expense to take the absolute best care of their guests. The rolling hills of dense forest interspersed with meadows and water makes the hunting area a magical place. The vast majority of the hunting is done by stalking but when the weather does not collaborate there are blinds strategically placed throughout the property. The hunting takes place starting from the middle of August and runs through the end of November. Hunters can expect to see a number of mature animals each day and will be guaranteed a number of opportunities at



Owner: Classified

trophy animals. A trophy is a very personal concept unique to each hunter and at Laurentian there is a wide range in scores from solid representative animals scoring over 350 SCI to the next world record trophy of a lifetime. There are some animals considered management quality each year that are great for hunters that want to bring a child to share in this wonderful passion of hunting.

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Inc. PO Box 40 Arundel Quebec J0T 1A0 Canada

They can create special packages for family hunting vacations that are very easily made part of a longer stay in Canada with an immense number of other attractions and quality accommodation options available in the area.

Tel: +1 8196879111 Fax: +18193401508

A typical hunt takes place over 4 days and 3 nights. This together with a location less than 2 hours driving time from Montreal International Airport makes it ideal for those who are time poor and require certainty around trophy and travel. Yet when you are with the team at Laurentian the outside world feels a million miles away, nevertheless all modern communications are catered for with internet/wifi and cell phone capability.

European Office:


North America

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Quebec Canada Berceau des plus grands Wapitis du monde, de cerfs Elaphes records mais aussi de Bisons Laurentian est une alternative à certaines expéditions physiques et hasardeuses pour récolter des espèces prestigieuses. L’équipe, très compétente, du domaine veille au bien–être de chaque client via un réceptif de grande qualité et une chasse à l’approche dans un endroit magique avec une alternance de collines, de lacs, de marécages et de forêts denses. Il est également possible d’affuter dans des miradors disposés stratégiquement. La chasse commence à la mi-Août et se termine à la fin Novembre avec la neige. Le chasseur doit s’attendre à voir plusieurs mâles matures durant chaque journée. Cette abondance permet de répondre aux attentes de chacun car l’esthétisme d’un trophée est une notion très personnelle comme le cerf d’une vie.



Owner: Classified

A Laurentian, il est possible de récolter des animaux représentatif (au delà de 350 points SCI) jusqu’au nouveau record du monde. Certains cerfs Elaphes font partie d’un tir de sélection proposé aux jeunes accompagnants pour partager la passion de leur père.

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Inc. PO Box 40 Arundel Quebec J0T 1A0 Canada

Une chasse typique dure 4 jours/3 nuits, avec moins de 2 heures de voiture depuis l’aéroport de Montréal, ce qui est parfait pour les clients très occupés qui voyagent beaucoup, avec peu de temps pour réussir leur chasse. Des carabines sont disponibles sur place, pour voyager léger et ainsi profiter d’une extension touristique pour profiter en famille des nombreux atouts de la région.

Tel: +1 8196879111 Fax: +18193401508

A Laurentian, vous vous sentez apaisé, vraiment loin du monde moderne même si Wi-Fi et réseau pour les portables sont là pour vous rattraper.

European Office:


North America

Vancouver Island Hunts Canada

island hunts


Spring and Fall Hunts on Vancouver Island: Spot-and-stalk hunts for Black Bear and Roosevelt Elk   Our 7800 square kilometer exclusive hunting territory is located along the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island.  The area has over 50 grizzly-free salmon river valleys where the Black Bear feed in the Fall.  The Black Bear hunting here is unsurpassed due to superior genetics and the densest populations of Black Bear per square kilometer of anywhere in North America.  There are no other locations that have better success rates, sizes or ages of bears harvested. Vancouver Island is also well-known as the premier destination for pure Roosevelt Elk.  We consistently produce record book bulls. We also offer Coastal Wolf as an add-on animal for a trophy fee on early Spring Black bear hunts, as well as Sitka Deer on the Fall hunts. A second Black Bear may be taken on a trophy fee basis.   We limit the number of hunters we book to ensure that every hunter has the best possible hunting experience.  On the Spring Black Bear hunts we prefer to book just two hunters per hunt date who will take two bears each, but we will take a maximum of four hunters per hunt date if requested.  In the Fall we only take one or two hunters per hunt date.  Roosevelt Elk hunts are limited to two hunters per season.


Owner & Manager : Lorna and Eric Mikkelson

We use a combination of custom-designed boats and quads to access the many beaches and logging roads within our guide territory.  Camp accommodations may be provided in either our live-aboard boat or a rustic log cabin lodge, or some combination of both, depending on where we are hunting.   It is this combination of excellent equipment, comfortable camps, superior animals and professional services that enables us to maximize our hunters’ opportunities while providing a true wilderness hunting experience.   Seasons:  5 day 1:1 hunts for Spring Black Bear, Coastal Wolf - April 1- May 20                                      10 day 1:1 hunts for Roosevelt Elk, Sitka Deer - October 10 - 20                                       5 day 1:1 hunts for Fall Black Bear, Sitka Deer - October 21- November 5   To Get Here:  Clients fly into Vancouver International the day before the hunt starts and then take a 30 minute commuter flight over to Comox Airport on Vancouver Island.  We pick clients up at Comox Airport and take them to a hotel for the night.  The next morning we drive them to the hunting area on the west coast of the Island to begin the hunt.  Alternatively, clients may choose to rent a vehicle at Vancouver International and take the ferry service across to Vancouver Island.

NWT Outfitters Ltd. & Vancouver Island Hunts Ltd. 3018 Kensington Crescent Courtenay, B.C. V9N 8Z8 Canada Tel: +1 250 8970 057 Fax: +1 250 8970 054 Affiliations:


Ries can only be sold to permit holders. 2013

Designed to SucceeD

Designed with a clear mission in mind: successful shooting. Combined to enhance your success: ruthenium and leather.

14849_BLA_ANZ_R8_Prof_Succ_Ruthenium_245x195_EN.indd 1

Professional sUccess

13.09.13 10:12



ProfiHunt Prohunt Concierge

Russia USA

p.178 p.180


Profihunt Russia ProfiHunt Ltd is one of the top Russian outfitters. We’ve been organizing international hunting trips all over the world since 1989. ProfiHunt has both the Hunting and the Fishing Departments ready to serve your individual needs. Whether you would like to enjoy traditional Russian spring Capercaillie hunt or to go for the Big Game adventure – we are ready to welcome you. The vast variety of our hunting destinations include Kamchatka, Caucasian Mountains and Siberia in Russia; Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan; Pakistan, Turkey and Mongolia. We operate in the best areas and work with best local partners and guides. Our professional team will provide an unforgettable hunting experience for your Russian and Asian trips. We will meet you upon arrival at the airport, help with all the customs formalities and make sure your hunt goes smoothly and brings great results. Our services include visa invitations, gun permits and necessary international veterinary certificates. Our camps vary from the comfortable base lodges and traditional Asian houses to the spike camps used to hunt particular animal or area. Depending on the specifics of the destination, helicopter, jeep or horseback transportation to the camp can be organized.



Owner: classified Manager: Artem Veselov

Russia: Experience the adventure of hunting the giant Kamchatka Bear and Moose; harvest the variety of Russian Snow Sheep, such as Kamchatka Bighorn; conquer Caucasian Mountains pursuing the magnificent Turs and graceful Chamois. We also have licenses available for different Bear species including Eurasian Brown Bear, Amur, Siberian and Mideastern Bear. The traditional Russian fowl hunt and exciting Siberian Roe deer hunt are also very popular. Additionally Russia has the great opportunity of King Salmon and Taimen fishing. Azerbaijan: this destination is the most famous among the Dagestan Tur hunters. Tajikistan: This country offers excellent Marco Polo Argali hunt with a 100% success. Mid-Asian Ibex as additional trophy is also available. Kyrgyzstan: Great opportunity for the real mountain hunt for Marco Polo and Hume Argali, and Mid-Asian Ibex. Kazakhstan: Combine your classical spot-and-stalk hunt for Mid-Asian Ibex and Maral hunt during the rut.

Profihunt Shmitovskiy proezd 16/1, Moscow 123100 Russia Tel.: +7 495 980 02 70 Mobile: +7 926 453 55 44 Fax: +7 495 980 04 80 Affiliations:

Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkey etc: We offer vast variety of Asian Sheep and Ibex trophy hunts. Welcome to the beautiful savage scenery destinations of Russia and Asia. Enjoy your real fair chase experience with ProfiHunt !



Pro Hunt Concierge Ltd.


Professional Hunt Planning Service The ProHunt Concierge is your professional, turn-key source for hassle-free adventuring. We specialize in the consulting, booking, planning, logistics, and complete handling of international hunting excursions. Our detail-oriented approach ensures the utmost precision in the process of handling the logistics and preparations associated with your hunt.

VIP Hunt Planning Service For the hunter who has everything but time. Think of us as your general contractor in the hunting industry. You provide us with your “trophy wish list” or goals for hunting, and we will facilitate the selection of outfitter, book your hunt/adventure, handle all travel and lodging, sort out permits (guns, trophies), coordinate all paperwork with the outfitter, arrange trophy import to home country, and even organize side-trips to combine with your hunt such as an island vacation or photographic safari. You simply enjoy the finished product: a trip professionally constructed specifically for you! Our rates and packages are individually based on the level of attention and assistance you require, and we offer our VIP clients an opportunity to receive a substantial discount or return on your hunting investment.

PHC Services include… • •


Hunt consultation and booking Arranging air and ground transportation and lodging en route and at destination


Owner and Manager: Amy Martin Shaffer

• • • • • • • • •

Organizing firearm permits and ground transfer services Assistance with completing and submitting CITES applications and other import/export documents Enrollment in medical/security evacuation and trip insurance programs Placement with trophy import agencies/specialists, taxidermists and tanneries Personal preparations and recommendations for health and safety, gear, firearm/ammo, and communications in field Contracting professional videographers, photographers, or interpreters Liaising with outfitter to provide hunt-related information and itineraries Handling of hunt invoices and trophy fees with Outfitter “Disaster relief” – locating and importation of “lost” trophies

The ProHunt Concierge Ltd. PO Box 518 Craig, Colorado 81626 USA Tel: +1 970 629 5086 Fax: +1 970 712 5446

Endorsed Hunts If you enjoy planning your own hunt, but need help finding a reliable outfitter, we can help! PHC has compiled a comprehensive list of outfitters we trust to provide excellent service and opportunity to any of our hunting clients. We have either hunted with these outfitters personally, or have learned about them from a trusted source or comrade in the industry. PHC does not hold marketing contracts, trades, or obligations with any of these outfitters.


No games. No gimmicks. Just hunting. Let us handle the details…all you should have to worry about is making your shot count!


The innovation for the hunting and outdoor industry! Available at leading specialist dealerships. Order our Catalogue now: Tel. +49 (0)211 92 44 124 or OUTFOX is a registered trademark of OUTFOX GmbH & Co.KG

CLOSER TO THE GAME. AND YOU ARE INVISIBLE! The hunting outfit that combines optical and odour camouflage! Order our catalogue now! SUCCESSFUL in an unbeatable combination: Our patented “Realtree® AP™ Tarndruck” plus ERGOTARN odour filter! Now hunters can remain undetected both visually and in terms of scent like never before, allowing them to get significantly closer to their game.

OUTFOX blocks ticks: With the innovative TICK-LOCK® solution, ticks don’t have a chance in the new OUTFOX trousers. The TICK-LOCK® is a sheath sewn into the interior of the knee that is secured under the heel when pulling on the trousers.



Sporting Services

Hunt & Fish Diary Stéphane Alsac Aneas Ardennes Productions Armurerie Jeannot Bonhams Château lafitte Chris Clemes John Field Game Fair en Loir et Cher Gut Grambow Hunting Lodge Jean Pierre Gerard Jumfil Lodge Collection Manu Laplace 1515 Paris Shooting Club Marcello Pettineo Pro Hunters Red Line Salon de la Chasse de Rambouillet

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Modern Sporting Guns, Rifles & Vintage Firearms Knightsbridge, London Bonhams sales of Sporting Guns include the finest of British and Continental firearms, as well as a variety of shooting accessories, books and related items.

1. A fine Sinclair-engraved .375 H&H Mag Belted Rimless) sidelock ejector rifle by J. Purdey, no. 28998 with extra .300 (H&H Mag Belted Rimless) barrels Sold for £49,250

Forthcoming Sales for 2014 Wednesday 2 April Wednesday 30 July Wednesday 3 December To consign items for sale, or for further information about buying or selling at Bonhams please contact: Patrick Hawes +44 (0) 20 7393 3815 +44 (0) 7818 684 869 mobile Catalogues +44 (0) 1666 502 200

2. A fine 12-bore (2¾in) over-and-under sidelock ejector gun by J. Purdey & Sons, no. 26590 The whole in its brassmounted oak and leather case with canvas cover. Sold for £43,250 3. A fine pair of 12-bore self-opening sidelock ejector guns by J. Purdey & Sons, no. 24108/9 Sold for £49,250





1970 Juliette Mengin achète la propriété crée en 1763 par Raymond Lafitte. Elle fut aussitôt séduite par la situation stratégique de la propriété ainsi que sa vue surplombant la vallée de la Garonne. En 1991, son fils Max Mengin repris le Château Lafitte et grace à son expérience internationale il put donner un nouvel essor commercial au vin. Après avoir fini ses études d’œnologie, Philippe Mengin, petit fils de Juliette, passe de nombreuses années à parcourir le monde afin d’aquérir une connaissance appronfondie du commerce des vins à l’export. A ce jour le vin est distribué pour 95% en direct à l’export et profite d’une réputation reconnue dans le Monde entier.




The Very Finest Traditional Fly Rods & Reels Third Generation Rod Builders


ur third generation rod and reel makers put their years of experience into practice at our workshops every day. From the hand turning of our classic fly reels to the planing of the fine tapers of our bamboo fly rods, our craftsmen take pride in each task they complete. This combination of attention to detail and classic styling is part of our mission to create England’s finest fly rods and fly reels.

For more information, visit



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John Field Advanced clothing technology for your comfort in all weather conditions

Shooting Waistcoat

Day Packbag

Thermal Jacket

Dry wax Lightweight - Water Repellent

Tear and abrasion resistant Waterproof - Lightweight

Extremely light & warm Packed in a small bag - +32 (0) 51 42 37 05 - Seyntexlaan 1 - 8700 Tielt - Belgium magic_safari_lodge_02.indd 3

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Le pLus grand saLon de La chasse Munitions - Armes - Optiques - Chiens - Taxidermie - Voyages - Vêtements - Coutellerie - Archerie - Pêche - Aménagement du territoire - Automobiles

the biggest hunting show in france

Ammunitions - Arms - Optics - Dogs - Taxidermy - Travels - Clothes - Cutlery - Archery - Fishing - Landscaping - Cars

Photos : Fotolia, loisirsloirevalley,, B. Berbessou, Ph. Aillery.








13 14 15 J U I N

June 2014

2 0 1 4

Retrouvez nous sur

Larivière Organisation - 12, rue Mozart - 92587 Clichy cedex - tél. : 00 33 (0) 1 41 40 31 55 -





ÉSERVATIONS S A 01R41 40 35 14 N I M ED I 14 JU

L’abus d’aLcooL est dangereux pour La santé, à consommer avec modération.



fast lane to your hunting licence

Fulfill your hunting dreams‌ and get your hunting licence at one of the most renowned and popular hunting schools in Germany. Top success rates are proofing the efficiency of our individual and modern training concept.

15 years of experience: Gut Grambow offers a unique combination of agricultural and forestry business as well as hunting education. Gut Grambow is surrounded by own hunting grounds with a size of more than 2.000 hectares.

Gut Grambow . Lange Strasse 16 . 19071 Grambow . Germany . T: +49 385 66 66 422 . Unbenannt-4 1


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if you are looking for ...

... something very special

bulleT PouCH by ReY PaVoN

Hull aMMuNiTioN ClassiC Double Rifle by Krieghoff WooDeN CRoW Call by faulks, lousiana

ToasT RaCK by Romeo Miracoli, Milano

VaCuuM boTTle by stanley, seattle

buDaPesTeR ZaPaTo by ReY PaVoN, spain








silVeR PlaTeD RouND TRaY PaRTRiDge by Romeo Miracoli, Milano

H Unbenannt-3 1

Outstanding products - proven in our dayto-day-business. Bespoken service - we won‘t recommend a product, which we haven‘t tested ourselves. Best prices - for exclusive brands and insider tips. Discover gut grambow fieldsports online! 09.10.13 17:23





J-P Gerard-Simon S.A. Rue W. Churchill n° 26 / 4624 Romsée /Belgium Tel : +32 43 55 09 16 / Fax : +32 43 58 55 78 Cell : +32 475 45 29 10


Made in France Designer since 1956 Large-sizes & Customized

Clothes • Accessories • Shoes • Boots • Baggages

200, route de Lyon 69390 Vernaison - France Tél. 33 (0)4 78 46 10 01




Manu LAPLACE - 4 rue Camille Joubert - 63300 THIERS FRANCE T. 33 (0)4 73 51 44 93 -

His workshop provides a perfect showcase of his exceptional creativity, and his knives, reputed for their incomparable quality, are sought after, world over. • Photos : Jean-Luc MANDON - Studio Gibert

Manu Laplace is a young creator, descending from five generations of knife makers. He finds his inspiration in such diverse crafts as watchmaking, fine woodworking, jewelry making as well as knife making. Each of his knives is a work of art entirely crafted by hand.





Marcello Pettineo is an unclassifiable artist and graphic designer. The “Marcello spiritâ€? is recognized and appreciated by the most elitist firms such as Holland & Holland, Leica, the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, Verney-Carron, and much more‌ Each original work is printed in a limited edition series of 15 copies, which are numbered and signed by the artist. / +33(0)6 60 61 62 92


Where to go?

The Professionals Choice of Clothings and Equipments for both Ladies and Men | 220

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Clothes for every occasion

Extreme Hunts

Active Hunts

Driven Hunts



Shop online H채rkila | Chevalier | Courteney | Badlands | NomadUK

Prohunters, Storgatan 28, SE-598 37 Vimmerby, Sweden Annons magic safaris.indd 2

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Intl. Forwarders & Logistic Services nv/sa


Service is our business, proud to serve you ! Welcome to red\line Since 1995 our customers all over the world have relied on the expertise of the red\line Team to provide real world solutions to complex logistical problems. Red\Line have enjoyed a year on year growth and with our commitment to the future, offering logistics planning and solutions to fully satisfy the expanding service requirements of our clients.

Your worldwide trophy partner Working together, red\line offer a powerful network to connect Europe with the world. May it be the movement of your trophies from the far end of this world or moving them domestically, we have the means and expertise to offer you the most efficient solution. Our experienced professionals are trained to guide you through the complexities of global shipping. Our services are complete and comprehensive including modern procurement, production and distribution logistics and can combine them with our range of freight forwarding services to a global solution concept.

The customer comes first Our customers are as individual as our services and come from many industries. Together red\line with his partners are strong enough to meet the demands of complex logistics services worldwide, but also flexible enough to offer individualized solutions. Therefore, we are also the ideal partner for small and medium sized companies operating in this special niche market. Our close relationship with our customers is your gain.

Game trophy protocol Together with our dedicated partners we take care of your Game Trophy Protocol from A – Z. Veterinary conditions and health certificates in both origin & destination countries Assistance with permit applications Customs clearance formalities CITES formalities Safety packaging Secure transport & warehousing Door-to-door delivery of your trophies

Our strengths at a glance Global network of experienced trophy shipping agents Project management Domestic, transborder and international service Warehousing and distribution for clients Aircraft charters Consulting

Brussels Airport Building 721 / 1st Floor / PO Box 3 / B-1931 Brucargo / Belgium / Tel: +32 2 254 89 90 Fax: +32 2 254 89 99 / /






Du 04 au 07 avril 2014 Parc des exPositions Île aumône - allée des Îles éric tabarly 78200 Mantes-la-Jolie l

Autoroute A13 sortie N°11 l / +33 (0)1 39 12 60 55 224

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S’équiper Partager Voyager


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Gringo’s Design

Visual Identity

photographie - identity - graphic design - webdesign - animation - print

Huwart’s Magic Safari Lodges Laurent Huwart / Ville au bois 1 / 4920 Aywaille / Belgium /


Artwork credit I had the great pleasure to collaborate in this new edition of Magic Safari Lodges, which has given me the opportunity to present my work in this unique guide. You can find all my works of art on my website where they are available for sale. The originals are printed in limited edition of 30 prints, numbered and signed by the artist. Marcello Pettineo

SPORTING xp MAGIC SAFARI LODGES 25x20cm:Mise en page 1



Page 1

MCMLXXVII Tel:+33 9 54 71 30 22 Art Credit Cover & 1st page pictures

Prestigious Bespoke Firearms

s n u g t o h S Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici Special thanks

Gregory Huwart, Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici, Marcello Pettineo, Sophie Delarge and our son Arthur Huwart Gringo’s Design and all people that contributed to this

Rif les

2014 edition

Graphic Design Gringo’s Design Oudeleeuwenrui 32-2 2000 Antwerp / Belgium Tel: +32 485 720 220 /

All information contained in Magic Safari Lodges is intended to be complete, correct and accurate. But while the publishers endeavor to fulfill these requirements to the highest level, they receive the information from its references and advertisers 600 NE •of577 • 500 NE •contained 470 NE therein. As a result, the publisher disclaims all liability for any consequences arising from information that does not meet these standards. in good faith and cannot warrant the completeness, correctness and accuracy anyNE information CAL. 12 - 16 - 20 - 28 - 410 450 3”1/4 • 450/400 NE • 375 of HH Magic Safari Lodges would be very pleased and would appreciate that readers inform the publishers any inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information. The publishers find it very important that readers fuel the continual improvement of the 8x57JRS 9,3x74R • 444 Marlin Magic Safari Lodges. Any copying of Magic Safari Lodges is strictly prohibited and •unlawful. 7x65R • 30R Blaser...

Exciting Hunting and Fishing Destinations

Profile for Magic Safari Lodges

Magic Safari Lodges  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2014

Magic Safari Lodges  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2014