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RiproSoft project

Modular software for epidemiolofy and nation wide QA Report notification. Minimal ISS guide lines and requisites: Records classification with district and regional unique codification • Guided data entry with cross-matched coherence control • Prints and layouts controlled flow authorised • Programmable Reference cohort for statistic manipulation • Data Exports facilities • Supervised deletion of records • Automatic control for double cases and followups • Local managenent of database of physician and workers • Automatic preparation of encrypted floppy with conventional cryptography for posting data • Local backups of data archive for scientific and cardfile secretariat • Basic aggregation tools according geographical, regional indicators and population ranks

Additional features of RiproSoft • • • • • • •

Public and private exchangeable datapack among scientific community ISO accreditation criteria compliancly (security, traceability, authority databank management) Local and distributed cumulative graphics statistics Iconographical assisted interaction for naive operators with no skill on informatics back-office Rules based expert system and critical control points integrity automation maintenance of secretariat and scientific clinical records on silent-processing bi-diretional remote monitoring of disctrict repertoire via automated e-mail protocol on internet

RiproSoft what “is not” facts sheet is not…

indeed …


Knowledgebase for medical decision aid

Commercial program

Modular scientific platform

Informatic skill demanding

No technical knowledge needed for use

Context help

Semantically indexed workflow

Menu based interaction

Ontological topics navigation and control

Programmed statistics tools

Graphics and hierarchical guide to calculation

Tool for Quality Control

Tool for multicentre audit Quality Assurance

Program flexibility and system adaptability RiproSoft: allows dynamical profiling to law evolution needs

Program interactive frontend

Friendly and intuitive user interaction ImmediateVisual interactivity with Data for data representation and Non-inertial visualisation

Features of data entry assistance • • • • •

graphical tables interactive images icons guidance for numbers calendars scheduler for dates and timing physician knowhow habits

Clinical Expert System : Data analysis Simple interactive medical decision aid

Programmable Criteria panel

Theory and Info of the model

System RiproSoft Modules

MKS - expert phase’s supervision Phase 1


Interview Couple Anamnesis



Phase 2


Phase 3

timeline Exams and legal prescription

Authentication and validation levels




Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7



I.U.I. Critical Control Points are innerly and transparently handled by the heuristic engine as the interaction with phisician proceed ahead to dynamically prepare subsequent steps

Phase 8

Phase 9 Phase 10

Icon-graph steps

Couple’s acceptance interview Female and Male demography profiles Pre-conceptional and legal exams Pre-cycle anamnesis Stimulation monitoring

Authentication and validation levels

Phase 1

Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Phase 7

Oocytes, embrious and transfer tail Pragnancy follow-up Medical staff

Phase 8

Phase 9 Phase 10

Neonatal follow-up

Time’s evaluation ART techniques resources and duration ART procedures tracking For CCP and additional costs

DI : date of interview DR : date of e-registration FVD : date first visit at the centre DINT : ART intervention DLART : enrollment ART list SPS : start pregnacy Search PPT: positive pregnancy test

TOWL: time on waiting list TTD : time to diagnosis TTP: time to pregnancy TTD TOWL









Medical knowledge store Epidemiological and Stochastical knowledge of previous case indicator For medical decision aid Special case report for Exceptional costs

Medical knowledge is saved in terms of “experience index� for the future decision in ART activities such as transfer, GIFT, insemination etc.

Stored internal meta-analysis

Query Assistant and Interactive Datamining

Natural language interpreter for written search and speculative inferences on databank

Query Assistant : Interactive Grid‌ you can: Select unit visualisation

Grid prints

record personal data profiles Export data Recall data

Riprosoft visualisation tools

Pareto charts

For SPC and KB representation

Distributions tests

Daisy chart indicators

Geo- normalised indicators

Cluster dendrograms

Inside RiproSoft software Where do you go? Data mining

Data entry

Dismission letter

Data analisys

Group reports Stat Reports


RiproSoft project RiproSoft project Additional features of RiproSoft Additional features of RiproSoft Records classification with district a...

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