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Sopra, la strada che porta da Boffalora al rifugio Venini - Cornelio. Il monte al centro è il Galbiga Above, the street from the Boffalora to the Venini - Cornelio Hut. The mountain in the middle is the Galbiga


Perlana. One spectacular sight is the Orrido del Tufo, a gorge cut into the mountain by a stream behind the sanctuary. The route winds through a thick wood. After you get to the Preda hut, you’re still two hours away from Boffalora. You turn left. The track is rough but has two concrete strips either side to make the driving easier for off-road vehicles; at the fork (615 m) you go left. The walk continues through the wood. There’s a wide stretch to the left, then you go through a small gate and skirt round a fence. The path is very steep up to the Carola hut ahead of a group of houses, which is the locality of Cassina (770 m). Now the walk becomes less strenuous, but only as far as the next curve when it is once more very hard to climb. First you come across three shelters on the right opposite a grassy clearing (895 m); shortly after two ruins, other shelters and some meadows in sight of other buildings before which you reach a junction (1000 m). A signpost indicates the Boffalora shelter 50 minutes along the middle track. Straight after the first houses, you have to take the right-hand fork. You’ll come to a

shooting hide – an ideal point to enjoy the view of the mountains and lake below (1035 m). The track is now less steep and its paved surface is partly covered with grass and earth. Once beyond two little old huts (in a sorry state) on your right, you begin to make out the Alpe Boffalora shelters. The little road, now no more than a mule track, now goes round the north side of the Cima della Duaria (1447 m); on the right across the valley you can make out the Venini shelter (1576 m) between Mounts Galbiga (1698 m) and Tremezzo (1700 m). Along the way you come across the remains of various buidings. At last you reach the first houses of the Alpe Boffalora (1265 m). Opposite a small tarn is the road up to Pigra and on the right the shelter. To get back it’s a gentle amble down to Pigra to the cable-car down to Argegno, and then you can return to Como by boat.


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