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Sopra, una delle cabine per i trattamenti della Tspa. A destra, la vasca idromassaggio Above one of Tspa massage room. Right the whirpool bath

Tspa Tremezzo Palace A World of Well-being in the Infinity Pool Imagine sinking into an indoor swimming pool heated to 33°C, then opening your eyes and just seeing the waters of Lake Como before you in one of its most evocative spots... A bathe with a privileged view of Villa Melzi, Bellagio and its promontory. Unique sensations which can only be experienced in Tremezzo Palace’s Tspa. In its first holiday season this exclusive 5-star Midlake wellness area is just waiting to be discovered as it offers international hotel guests a very recherché added attraction. The spa strategist and spa manager Mariacristina


Paris – a real personality in the wellness sector – takes us for an unforgettable experience. Two crystal doors open beneath one of the terraces that rises slopes up to the main body of the hotel and, before our very eyes enclosed by walls of rough onyx, a world of stones, lights and muffled sounds opens up like the rippling waters of a mountain brook. Great attention has been paid to every little detail, with the tasteful class typical of Tremezzo Palace. One’s introduction to this little Garden of Eden of well-being begins in the refined welcoming changing rooms and spacious shower cubicles. It was all designed by Ruggero Venelli and Cecilia Kramer of the firm ‘Venelli & Kramer’; two successful architects, the former from Como and the latter from Chile. Before opening his firm in 1994, Venelli worked with Renzo Piano in Genova and Sir Norman Foster in London. We’re ready to go into the swimming pools: two parallel pools connected by an evocative arched passageway; one is right in front of the lake, the other is set in a sort of artificial cavern. Both offer six different types of Jacuzzi; cascading blades of water massage the cervical area, jets of water and oxygen bubbles released from the mosaic pool bottom stimulate the soles of the feet. Sporty types can even try swimming against the flow after selecting what force they want. But it’s the ‘infinity pool’ effect in the outer pool that seems to go straight into the lake which is mind-blowing. The spa’s management and the dynamic hotel manager Elena de Santis are also planning ‘relaxing in-pool massage’ sessions, treatment which would be absolutely exclusive to Tremezzo Palace. And after some active bathing in the infinity pool, what about chilling out a bit in the lounge on a couch to relax you even more...? On a sunny day the glass partitions providing shelter from the wind vanish and the front pool area turns into an exclusive solarium as well. So Tspa operators are always on hand for preselected types of treatment and will accompany us directly to our cubicles. Guests can choose from among the

numerous St Barth line therapies and the ayurvedic option. The St Barth line born in the Caribbean on the island of Saint Barthélemy supplies exclusive products to prestigious spas. Unique cosmetics which at Tspa are mixed with fresh produce, from papaya to yoghurt. Treatments last from a minimum of 20 minutes for the ‘Dream Bath’ to a maximum of 90 minutes for face and body treatments. We tried the ‘St Barth Softness’, a peeling pack with combined massage. All natural ingredients: coconut oil, fresh papaya, yoghurt and Caribbean sand. The operator brought in the products on a tray complete with a scented candle and skillfully prepared the regenerative skin massage before our very eyes. After the application of the preparation, well-being was total. The other Tspa massage line concerns ayurvedic treatments, the fruit of experience of one of the most ancient and evolved holistic massage cultures. A masseur trained in India mixed specific natural oils with a refined manual technique to energise and relax, and expel toxins from body and mind. For a total wellness session in total privacy, hotel management advises guests to do down to the Tspa half an hour early and spend quarter of an hour in the pool Jacuzzi or the outside Jacuzzi, and the other quarter of an hour in the relaxation area. Lying on a couch in the bright area with its view over the lake is an absolute ‘must’ after cubicle treatments too. The Tspa in the Grand Hotel Tremezzo Palace is open every day 10am - 8pm; treatments may be booked according to demand also on the part of nonresidents. There is no admission to children, even if accompanied by adults. For the most demanding this is a chance not to be missed. After closing time Tspa can be booked for dinner for two at the poolside; oysters, lobsters and Champagne in a unique setting. Certain mega VIPs coming to Tremezzo Palace have exchanged their wedding vows here – an unforgettable gesture of love in the heated swimming pool, with only the lake, the sky and the


Magic Lake summer 2008  
Magic Lake summer 2008  

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