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A destra, Luciano e Laura Fiume (con il marito Paolo Ruocco) nel soggiorno dell’appartamento all’interno dell’ex filanda. Sotto, Salvatore Fiume nel 1953 e l’interno dell’esposizione Right, Luciano and Laura Fiume, (with her husband Paolo Ruocco),

in the living room of the apartment inside the ex-spinnery. Below, Salvatore Fiume in 1953 and an exhibition interior

INFO Per informazioni e per prenotare visite guidate For information and to book conducted visits Fondazione Salvatore Fiume, via Alessandro Verza 68, Canzo (CO). Telefono 031.681230; fax 031.672528;; sito Internet:


works, as well as keeping the mill’s remarkable artistic heritage alive (which in the meantime has been revamped and ‘sorted out’) and has, among all her other commitments, also made a major contribution to setting up exhibitions in Italy of her father’s work. Currently on in the Auditorium-Parco of the Musica di Roma (20th June-31st July 2008) is the exhibition ‘Mito e classicità alle soglie della metafisica’, embracing a span of production from the late 1930s up until 1992 with a collection of 86 works including paintings, designs, etchings, illustrations and sculptures. It’s an opportunity to highlight and study in depth some of Salvatore Fiume’s more original ideas: the

Città di Statue and the Isole di Statue (1947-1996), the Ipotesi (1983-1989), and the sculptures called Casualità Archeologiche and Ricostruzioni Mussali (1992- 1994). Nowadays the whole mill which is now a trust called the ‘Fondazione Salvatore Fiume’ is in effect an extraordinary and fascinating museum also open for conducted visits requiring prior booking (easily reached by car, you can also get there on a Ferrovia Nord train – get off at Asso station, not far from the Mill). This last transformation in its function was a brainchild of the FAI who suggested opening to the public for the Giornata di Primavera on 26th March 2005.


Magic Lake summer 2008  
Magic Lake summer 2008  

Magic Lake #10