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trustworthiness. The world was changing. These were years in which there was a desire to leave the past behind. People sold historic buildings to live in new apartments. Beatles were sold for Danish furniture”. It took until the Seventies and Eighties with the rebirth of collecting before it was possible to repropose the competition. The first attempt in 1986 was not successful. It became a success in 1995 and since then it has been a must in the automobile world. ‘”The event takes place every year during the last weekend in April. We succeeded in keeping the quality of the cars very high and in including concept cars, a creative line that has engineers and designers searching for future vehicles. Every year there is a parade of 55 vintage automobiles, 15 concept cars, and 250 accredited journalists from all over the world. The Villa d’Este ad comments that the event is on the international calendar. During the exhibition, it is thought that articles with images of the Villa d’Este Elegance Competition are read by 50 million readers all over the world. The impact of the event is enormous”. Some of the car owners who exhibit their cars are extravagant guests. Helmut Newton was one of the most daring and well known photographers of the Twentieth Century. In January 2004, he died on Sunset Boulevard when he had a heart attack behind the wheel of his Cadillac. The Villa d’Este has been putting on the event since 2004, when the BMW group, which was already a sponsor, took over its organization. Since the Nineties, the Competition has become better and better. Today the program is divided between a day at the Villa d’Este Grand Hotel and one at the Villa Erba. The exhibition at the Villa d’Este has about 50 vintage cars built between the Twenties and the Seventies, subdivided into homogeneous categories. The jury, made up of eminent conoisseurs from the


automobile world, awards the ‘Best of Show’ prize, offered by the BMW group to the automobile that more than any other expresses beauty, passion and uniqueness. The public’s applause and votes for the cars that are part of the competition decide the winner of the most traditional and sought after prize: The Villa d’Este Gold Cup. In 2002, the Villa d’Este Elegance Competition introduced a new prize for concept cars and prototypes based on design ideas, some of which will be introduced in future production. Droulers concludes: “We are now thinking of an event that will be linked to wine, but it is still too early to speak about it”.

Sopra, un’immagine dell’ultima edizione del concorso (foto Sergio Baricci) Above, a last edition concourse image

Magic Lake summer 2008  
Magic Lake summer 2008  

Magic Lake #10