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iPad is far superior to a Smartphone for showing off snapshots and home movies. Getting photos onto the device isn't too hard. But getting your home movies onto the iPad so you can share them is not nearly as easy, I've been poking around with different ways to get the videos taken with Flip video cameras onto the iPad. And the effect comes like this: Firstly, Because of I think iTunes would do the job, since it will play any video on my PC. I connect the flip video files to the computer and put it on the desktop, when I Launch iTunes and do this: "File"->"Add File to Library", it play the flip file with ".mp4" extension well, but when sync it my iPad, it failed. What is wrong with the iTunes? Secondly, flip Video's accompanying software Flip Share: it can export flip video to WMV files, WMV movie also cannot be accepted by iPad directly, you will need to transfer Flip.wmv formats video to MP4 for importing to iPad. What causes that? I'm so confused and try to find the answer through the Internet. Following is best explaining to my above situation: iPad doesn't support the mp4 videos from the flip camera. Because Flip cameras produce H.264/AAC files in an MP4 wrapper while other use advanced profile MPEG-4 in an AVI rapper. Let's deal with that now, there are several apps for converting flip video to a format the iPad can digest, I'm currently using Flip Video to iPad Converter and let's show you how to transfer Flip Video to iPad and Play Flip HD videos on iPad here below: Step1. Download the Flip Video to iPad Converter. Install and run it. Step2. Upload Flip video files into PC: My Computer->Devices with Removable Storage>FLIPVIDEO (H:)->DCIM->VIDEO->Desktop Step 3. Output Settings. Click "Profile" drop-down list to alter an iPad video format as your output video format Step 4. Press "Convert" button to start your Flip video to iPad video conversion.

How to transfer Flip Video to iPad and playback flip video on iPad?  

Flip video to iPad Converter help convert Flip to iPad MP4, get Flip cameras videos onto iPad.

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