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Final Cut Pro is a professional editing tool widely used all over the world. The software allows users to clip and capture video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited, processed, and output to a wide variety of formats. Flip video as a high compression camcorder format is extra popular due to their size and ease of use (plug directly into a computer via built-in USB drive). Suppose you have a Flip camcorder and want to make amazing movies with Final Cut Pro, but you get that Flip cams record video to H.264 is just a delivery format and does not edit well in Final Cut Pro. Therefore, to encode Flip footage to a format which works better with Final Cut Pro is necessary. Luckily some smart guys developed the Flip footage encoder and Mac Flip Video Converter is just the one we need. Following shows just several simple steps to finish the Flip video deliver to Final Cut Pro. Download the Mac Flip video Converter and launch it, then follow steps as below: Step 1: Add Flip videos Click the "Add File" button to add the flip videos you want to edit in Final Cut Pro to Mac Flip Converter. Step 2: Select a Final Cut Pro supported output format Click the Profile drop-up list and select Step3: Convert flip video to Final Cut Pro Click the "Start" button on the lower right of the interface to start converting flip video to Final Cut Pro. How to import converted videos to Final cut pro. Step 1: Launch Final Cut Pro and you can see the layout of the Final Cut Pro Interface->Find the file in the resources list for the project.->Drag the file into the Timeline and then save the project. Step 2: Edit video and audio timing Choose the razor blade tool in your menu, and click the times that you want to split it. Step 3: Export video Click on File and point to Export, then you will see a list of options of how you can export the edited file. If you want to know step-by-step demonstration about import Flip video to Final Cut Pro please visit

How to convert Flip video footage for editing in Final Cut Pro  

Mac Flip Converter enables you to import Flip video to Final Cut Pro and do further editing in Final Cut Pro.

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