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Burning a DVD using AVI's in iDVD "I've read numerous posts here saying that its possible to use AVI files in iDVD to make a DVD, but I can't figure out how to do it. I have a series of AVI files that I want to burn to a DVD that will work on any DVD player but iDVD won't even let me preview them (I just get a blank black screen). I have VisualHub, but I'm not sure what to do. Someone help me out! Thanks" from forums macrumors To burn AVI to DVD on Lion, the iDVD doesn't work and Apple claims to stop its iDVD service on iLife suite on Lion, many users has found there is no iDVD in their Mac Pro Lion.To burn AVI files to DVD Mac, it is DVD Disk not VCD or other kind of DVD files. The most common DVD Disc format is DVD-5, DVD-9. After burn the AVI files to DVD Disk formats, we will require the DVD can be played on common DVD player(LG disc player, VIZIO disc Player, Sony, Philips disc Player), PS2. AVI to DVD Burner for Mac is a advanced choice for you to burn your tons of AVI files to DVD. You can choose to burn AVI to DVD-5, or DVD-9, additionally, you will be amazing at its powerful edit Menu option which enhances you create a perfect DVD disk with unique image background and music ground. Guide on how to burn AVI to DVD on Mac(Lion included): Step 1: Free download and run AVI to DVD Burner for Mac. After main interface being opened, click "Add File" to load AVI files to the DVD Burner.

Step 2: Choose DVD-5 (4.7G) or DVD-9 (8.5G) as the output according your DVD disk specs. Step 3: Edit function. 1. Choose a template. There offer Cartoon Series, Life Series, Nature Series three series. 2. After chose a template, click the template you chose to enter the "Advanced" edit interface. Here you are allowed to edit the DVD Background, Menu Title (DVD Name), Button Style and Frame (Video decoration Frame).

Step 4: Begin to burn AVI files to DVD Lion. Press the "Burn" Button to jump out the following window to choose ISO files or DVD. If choose ISO file, the original video files will be burn to ISO file and save in your Hard Drive of PC. If choose DVD, please inset a New Blank DVD to PC DVD Drive and click "Apply" button, then the DVD burning start, after a short time, you will see the Prompt Dialog Box to show the Burning ended.

How to burn AVI to DVD on Lion  

I've got 100 AVI files and I'd like to burn to DVD, where to find a best AVI to DVD burner for Mac Lion. Here the best AVI to DVD Burner Lio...

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