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Membersof the Magic City Equalityboard admirethe rainbowflag after it wasflown from the Minot City Hall on September2, 2020.

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TheseColor Will s ShineBr ight The Minot Pride Festival is over, but Pride in itself certainly is not. Frankly, it never ends. The LGBTQ2S+ community has learned over the past month that work still needs to be done to make Minot a more inclusive city for the community. It also brought out a large number of strong allies who are prepared to stand up for us ? and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Now that the festival has ended and all of the glitter has been swept up (except for that hint of glitter you'll likely find in the carpets in January), Magic City Equality can return to its focus in advocacy. For our trans community, we are happy to announce the addition of Vincent Vetter to our board as our trans liaison! (You can read more about him on page 3.) Magic City Equality hopes to offer more help and assistance to the community. During our community meeting on September 28, we hope to gain input and insight on what you want to see in the community. We also have a lot of events planned for October; please check page 12 for more information. We welcome any suggestions, concerns, and/or comments you may have to improve things in the community. We hear you and we see you! The Magic City Equality Board

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If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to Magic City Equality. We are here to answer questions and offer solutions. We can be reached though our social media, by phone at 701-369-3468, or email us on our website at www.magiccityequality.com

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Thir dAnnualSummitToBeHeld Join Dakota OutRight, North Dakota Human Rights Coalition, Red River Rainbow Seniors, Pride Collective, Williston Rainbow Rendezvous, Magic City Equality, the Equality Federation, the Human Rights and American Campaign, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the ACLU, and the Trevor Project for the third annual North Dakota LGBTQ+ Summit. The Summit will be held October 2-4, 2020 through Zoom, due to concerns with COVID-19. The event includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and more to get members of North Dakota's LGBTQ+ community more involved. Topics include: "Transition in the Military," LGBTQ+ youth mental health and suicidality, the political climate, "Transitioning with the Family," and more. Panelists and guest speakers include: Ming Wong, Supervising Helpline Attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights; Troy Stevenson, The Trevor Project; Alexandria Holder, an LGBTQ+ Military Advocate; and Joshua Boschee, North Dakota House of Representatives. For more information, or to register, please visit www.ndlgbtqsummit.com.

Regist rat ion closes on September 30. Magic City Equality is a proud sponsor of the ND LGBTQ+ Summit.

The speakers at the third annual ND LGBTQ+ Summit include: (top left) Ming Wong, Supervising Helpline Attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights; (top right) Troy Stevenson, The Trevor Project; (bottom left) TSgt . Alexandria Holder, an LGBTQ+ Military Advocate; and (bottom right) Rep. Joshua Boschee, North Dakota House of Representatives.

MagicCit yEqualitWelcomes y Addit ion t oBoar d Magic City Equality is proud to announce an addition to our board of directors. Vincent Vet ter will serve as our Trans Liaison. In this capacity, Vincent will will help in advocating trans rights in the region, as well as assist those looking for information on transitioning (healthcare services, etc.) and re-establishing the TransAction program, which will resume meetings this November! He was introduced as a new board member at the Pride drag show on September 5, where Vincent ? as Vincent Moore ? performed. He has not been a stranger to the stage, performing with Magic City Equality, as well as with the Misfits of Minot (you may have seen him as Eddie in the most recent production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on September 26), where he serves as their vice president. Vincent can be reached at magiccityequality@gmail.com for questions and concerns.

Vincent Vet t er Tr ans Liaison

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A BigThankYout oOurSuppor t er s Magic City Equality would like to thank those who made contributions to us, either in the form of volunteering or donations to projects and endeavors, during the month of September, as well as to our Friends of Magic Cit y Equalit y. If you would like to make a donation to Magic City Equality, please visit www.magiccityequality.com/sponsorship for more information.

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Are you a local business and you identify as an LGBTQ2S+-affirming business? Now is your chance to show Magic City that you stand as a strong ally! For a $5 donation, your business can receive a Magic City Equality Supportive Business window cling for your business. This window cling will let customers know that you are a supporter of Magic City Equality and the LGBTQ2S+ community. With your donation, your business will also be listed on our website as an LGBTQ2S+-affirming business. If you would like to receive a Magic City Equality

Supportive Business window cling, please contact us on Facebook, or by email at: magiccityequality@gmail.com.

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Placing an order on Amazon? Through Amazon Smile, with every Amazon purchase you make, a donation is made to Magic City Equality! When you log on to Amazon, choose "Magic City Equality" as your charity of choice.

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PHOTOS: (1) Attendees at Pride in the Streets enjoy the food and fare. (2) An attendee at Pride in the Streets signs a thank you card to Mayor Shaun Sipma. (3) Alice and the Mad Hatter ? er, Kara Fiyera and Raven Knight ? called out numbers during the all-age drag bingo event held at Primo Restaurant, located at Grand Hotel. (4) Friends gather under the neon lights and (5) share a few laughts at at the Rainbow Mardi Gras. (6) "The flag that made history" at The Spot for Rainbow Mardi Gras.

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AnEqualitUpdat y e What were we up to in September? SEPTEMBER 2 ? The rainbow flag was raised at Minot City Hall in what turned out to be an emotional evening for all. Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma, Minot City alderwoman Carrie Evans, and Representative Rut h Buffalo all spoke to the assembled crowd which were forced indoors in the city council chambers due to the rain. However, the rain let up enough for the flag to be hoisted into the air, where it flew with Pride until the following day. (It should be pointed out that a much larger flag was put up, due to an oversight on the dimensions. This was quickly replaced with a standard sized flag.) Magic City Equality was happy to report that the flag was not disturbed. SEPTEMBER 3-6 ? The Minot Pride Festival 2020 was held, and many people came out to help celebrate Pride in the Magic City!

Project, which works to improve the lives of LGBT cancer survivors and those at risk through education, training, and advocation. (You can read more about this in the sidebar below.) SEPTEMBER 21 ? The Minot City Council held its City Council Meeting. Several members of the LGBTQ2S+ community came to offer support for the city council after the city council meeting on September 8, where several people attended to voice anti-LGBTQ2S+ sentiments. Co-executive director Jorden Laducer was among those who addressed the City Council. Magic City Equality would like to thank those who came forward to speak on behalf and support of the LGBTQ2S+ community: Tamara Allard, Riley Held (who drove fourteen hours roundtrip to speak), Sabrina Hermann, Asher Hoffart h, Deb Hoffart h, Daniel Nicholas, Keli Rosselli-Sullivan, Christopher Scot t , Cindy Springstead, and Shaunanne Tangney, as well as those who came out to show support.

SEPTEMBER 13 ? Magic City Equality set up their tent, as well as "the flag that made history," at the Minot Out of the Darkness Walk, which was held at Oak Park. The walk was held to help raise funds and awareness of suicide prevention. Information on the SEPTEMBER 22 ? Minot State University's Campus statistics of suicide in the LGBTQ2S+ community was Pride organization held Pride Week at the college available, as well as ways on how to be an ally. (Being during the week of September 21-25. A rainbow flag an ally to a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community can was flown at the college, with Magic City Equality make a difference!) executive co-director Shannon Krueger among the at the event. Magic City Equality is proud to partner speakers with the National LGBT Cancer Project. SEPTEMBER 16 ? Magic City Equality joined a group of North Dakota-based organizations to help advocate SEPTEMBER 26 ? It's just a jump to the left! Magic the banning of conversion therapy in the state. City Equality presented the Misfits of Minot in a live, shadowcast performance of the Rocky Horror Picture SEPTEMBER 18 ? Magic City Equality signed a Show at The Spot. pledge to be a partner with the National LGBT Cancer

Nat ional LGBT Cancer Pr oject Seek ing Sur vey Responses Magic City Equality is putting the call out for all members of the LGBTQ2S+ community (18 years and older and currently living in the United States) who are cancer survivors to complete a survey for the National LGBT Cancer Project. The project's mission is to "advocate for the needs of LGBTQI cancer survivors and to educate researchers, law makers, and healthcare providers on how to create welcoming and safe environments for LGBTQI patients." The results of this survey will help them show what needs to be changed and will provide useful advice to both patients and healthcare providers! The survey takes about 30 minutes and all answers are anonymous. If you have questions about the survey, please send them an e-mail at: outsurvey@cancer-network.org or call The National LGBT Cancer Network at (212) 675-2633.

Magic City Equality is proud to partner with the National LGBT Cancer Project.

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BullyForYou...or NotForYou

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, now is as ever a better time to discuss the importance of bullying prevention, especially in the LGBTQ2S+ community. Youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, or Two Spirit ? or even those perceived to be ? are at an increased risk of being bullied. The 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that more LGB youth report having been bullied on school property (33 percent) and cyberbullied (27.1 percent) over the past year than their heterosexual peers (17.1 and 13.3 percent, respectively). Ten percent of LGB students (as opposed to 6.1 percent of their heterosexual peers) reported not going to school because of safety concerns. According to the Trevor Project's National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health 2020 report, a survey including 40,000 LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13 and 24 across the United States, one in three LGBTQ youth reported that they had been physically threatened or harmed in their lifetime due to their LGBTQ identity. GLSEN's 2017 National School Climate Survey shows LGBTQ students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation (59.5 percent) or gender expression (44.6 percent), are verbally harassed in school based on their sexual orientation (70.1 percent) or gender expression (59.1 percent), and have heard homophobic remarks from teachers/school staff about their sexual orientation (56.6 percent) or gender expression (71 percent)

Cr eat ing A Safe Envir onment for LGBTQ Yout h It is important to build a safe environment for all youth, whether or not they are LGBTQ2S+. All youth can thrive when they feel supported. Parents, schools, and communities can all play a role in helping youth feel physically and emotionally safe: -

Build strong connections with LGBTQ youth to demonstrate acceptance and keep the lines of communication open. Often, LGBTQ youth feel rejected. It is important for them to know that their families, friends, schools, and communities support them.


Accept LBGTQ youth as they are, regardless of how they identify, reveal, or conceal their sexual identity.


Protect all youth?s privacy. Be careful not to

disclose or discuss sexual identity issues with parents or anyone else, without the young person?s prior permission, unless there is an immediate threat to their safety or well-being. -

Provide interpersonal support to students by providing a safe place to talk about their sexual identity and navigate decisions about disclosing or concealing it with others.


Establish a safe environment at school. Schools can send a message that no one should be treated differently because of who they are or are perceived to be. Add sexual orientation and gender identity protection to school anti-discrimination policies.


Create Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs). GSAs help create safer schools. Schools must allow these groups if they have other ?non-curricular? clubs or groups.


Conduct social-emotional learning activities in school to foster peer-relationships and help students develop empathy.

What Can Magic Cit y Equalit y Do? Magic City Equality is endeavoring to help make area schools safe for LGBTQ2S+ youth, including: -

Creating Gay-Straight Alliances in schools that do not have them or helping to maintain existing GSA's in area schools.


Supporting LGBTQ2S+ youth who are helping to make change in their schools by actively campaigning for adding clauses to their respectively schools' anti-discrimination policies to include clauses that protect sexual orientation and gender identity.


Offering resources to teachers who wish to provide a safe space for their LGBTQ2S+ students.

If you are a student, parent, teacher, or a school official who would like to learn more about how Magic City Equality can help make your school a safer space for LGBTQ2S+ youth (or if you have ideas on other ways), please contact Christopher Dix, co-executive director of Magic City Equality, at vicepresident@magiccityequality.com.

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Let t er of s Suppor "Let t : it Fly" In the September 11, 2020, issue of the Minot Daily bible that you claim to use against the LGBTQ+ News, the editorial "City was right to fly rainbow flag" community, I an gladly offer 40+ that show why they appeared, much to the delight of the LGBTQ2S+ should be accepted per your same bible! It is not your community. place to judge ones lifestyle. That is ONLYGOD's. The following day, in the weekend issue, there were For those who argued that Mr. Sipma has opened four letters to the editor, two of which were in relation doors, you are correct, and hallelujah to that!!! I more to the raising of the rainbow flag; both of which were in than welcome and support a Mayor who is willing to favor and called out those who expressed a negative open doors that bring about eqality for its citizens and opinion about it. The following week, there were six community. I will also welcome other flags that letters to the editor, four of which were in relation to the celebrate other minorities as well, and before you ask, flag; this time, two were in support and two were there is a big difference between what is a minority and against. (The letters were written by Michael and Mary what is a secular group such as ANTIFA. Ellen Huff, both of Minot. Mr. Huff's letter pleads with I also would like to ask those of you who want to bring the city to flag the Confederate flag "as a memorial to religion into the discussion, how many of you would all the Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil have and issue if the Mayor were to ignore the separation War," as well as the Jewish and Christian flags, as well of Church and State and put up a Baha'i (Nine Pointed as "the Gadsden flag" [You may know this better as the Star), Christianity (Cross), Buddhism (Dharma Wheel), "Don't Tread On Me" flag ? MCE], while Ms. Huff's letter Earth Religions (Three Godess symbol), Islam (Crescent called out the Minot Daily News for their editorial as the and Star), Native Religions (Sweet Grass in a Smudge editor's "opinion speaks not for the majority." "Fight for Hunduism The headline for the editorial in the Minot Daily News on September 11, 2020,Bowl), which applauded the(Aum), flying of Daoism the flag. (Tai symbol of Peace), sexual freedom in your own bedroom and cease using Sikhism (Khanda), Judaism (Chai symbol within the Star God's Word out of context," she said. She also of David) ... I could go on ... or is it only YOURreligion you suggested that Mayor Sipma should read up about flag would be tolerant of? etiquette. Mr. Mayor, you made the right decision and I want to The letters that were in support are as follows: again thank you for that. It is a shame that so much HATE and push for INDIFFERENCE still exists in our September 12 beautful little community. I may not have any dog in Stop t he hate this fight, as I myself am not LGBTQ+ nor is anyone in Miranda Heisler, Minot: my immediate family that I am aware of, but I am happy to know that should anyone I know or love be born that I would like the chance to give a HUGE thank you to way, that there are still those who stand up for what is Mayor Sipma for making the decision to fly the LGBTQ+ right and let them know they are an EQUAL and flag over city hall. As mayor, it is your job to try to bring RESPECTED part in our community. TOLERANCE, UNITY, and EQUALITY to our citizens Let me say this again for those who couldn't even get voices. It is to try to eliminate HATE and bigotry as well the letters correct, it is LGBTQ+, yes +, this stands for as to show that the minorities in our city are Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer and the + is for all other CELEBRATED. sexual preferences that fall inbetween. Meaning ALL I have to say that I was absolutely disgusted with the EQUAL, ALL INCLUDED. STOP THE HATE. individuals that chose to speak at the city ocuncil Thank you. meeting on Tuesday, September 8th. Yes, those individuals certainly have a right to their opinion as well as to practice whichever religious beliefs they so choose; however, BIGOTRY, PREJUDICE, and RELIGIOUS discussion have no place at a government meeting. There is a reason there is a separation of Church and State. For those who chose to say they are not BIGOTS, I highly recommend that you read the definition of the word repeatedly and then tell me how this is not what you are doing? Let me assist you: Bigot ry: non, intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. Prejudice: noun, preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior derived from unfounded opinions. Celebrating a minority and showing that they are welcome and equal in our community is not going to affect your life in any way, except to show that you have read your bible and understand that God is about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. All those who chose to spout off about religion clearly need to reread the very bible you claim to be representing. For your ONE verse in the

"Celebrating a minority and showing that they arewelcome and equal inour community isnot going to affect your life in any way, except to show that you have read your bible and understand that God isabout LOVEandACCEPTANCE." Miranda Heisler, Minot

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September 12 The meaning of hate Tawny Cale, Minot Air Force Base:

public acceptance. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated when the Turtle Mountain tribal government became the first indigenous sovereign nation in North Dakota to sanction same-sex marriage. An unfortunate and saddening event occurred this past week during a City Council meeting in Minot. Several citizens expressed damaging views toward memebers of the LGBTQ community in respond to the flying of the Pride flag.

Anger: an-ger /'aNGr?r/ noun a strong feeling of annouyance, displeasure, or hostility. "I hate being accused of hate," one attendee of Minot's September 8th City Council meeting stated has he stood there wearing his MAGA hat and openly speaking out against our LGBTQ2S+ relatives. "OUR Freedoms are being taken away," lamented another man. "An abomination to God" and "Satan's flag" claimed others in regards to the rainbow flag that was flown over City Hall last week. "See how angry she is?" they scoffed and scorned once Alderwoman Evans was pushed to her brink and reacted. "You're not a very smart person," somebody even had the audacity to say to Mayor Sipma. Why, when being baited and spoken to condescendingly, do we have to take the high road? While we agree that the Pride flag should have never Especially after being told," No one hates you; it's your been larger than the U.S. flag, this inadvertent error was lifestyle." quickly corrected. The raising of the pride flag was accomplished by The hatred that has since been directed towards the going through the proper channels and procedures. You LGBTQ community in Minot is unacceptable. Our friends could say it was done "the right way," yet the attacks family in the community deserve kindness The headline for the editorial in the Minot Daily News on September 11, 2020,and which applauded the LGBTQ flying of the flag. are claiming it's all wrong. A tactic and belief commonly just like every other North Dakotan. LGBTQ people taken by those who disagree with protest in general simply want to live their lives in a community that claiming that "racism doesn't exist" or "I'm not bigoted, respects and accepts them. That's all anyone wants but..." from the place they call home. I wonder if the people who kept stating that "there Temporarily flying a flag to represent kindness does should be no other flag on that pole except the NOT harm anyone. American flag" are ok with our North Dakota state flag being up there. After all, all states matter. *** September 19 Tawny is also military liaison for Magic City Equality . Thanks For Standing Up Eileen Dolan Gillund *** September 19 I just wanted to say "nice job" on the editorial backing No harm in flying Pride flag the Minot City Council for flying the Rainbow Flag. Barry Nelson, North Dakota Human Rights Coalition As a teacher at the Alternative school, we serve many students that do not feel they belong at the 'regular North Dakota Human Rights Coalition states schools' because of their sexual orientation. The fact unequiocally its support of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, that our City Council and Daily Newspaper public back bisexual, transgender, queer) community in Minot and them is huge! Thank you for standing up to the hate throughout North Dakota. Proudly we partner with and bigory in our community. Magic City Equality and were a sponsor of their recently completed Pride event. We cheered and were *** encouraged and inspired by the flying of the Pride flag Magic City Equality encourages the community and in front of Minot City Hall. We wish to commend city allies to continue writing letters to the editor, as well as leaders in Minot for their position of inclusion and speaking out against hate, bigotry, and discrimination.

"Our friends and family in the LGBTQcommunity deserve kindness just likeevery other NorthDakotan." Barry Nelson, NorthDakota Human Rights Coalition

Jelly Br acelet sAr e Now In Get your Magic City Equality jelly bracelet now for $2. We are also working on getting more of our Equality shirts from Pride in sizes small to 3XL. (If you would like to order a shirt in a special size, such as youth sizes or bigger than 3XL, please let us know.)

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Domest ic Violence Af fect All s Many may think of domestic violence as a "husband-and-wife" issue. However, domestic violence is something that exists everywhere ? even in the LGBTQ2S+ community. In most cases, domestic violence affects more people in the LGBTQ2S+ community than their heterosexual peers:

TheLGBTNational HelpCenter 1-888-843-4564 National YouthTalkline 1-800-246-7743

- 43.8 percent of lesbians and 61.1 percent of bisexual women and 26 percent of gay men and 37.3 percent of bisexual men have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime, as opposed to 35 percent of heterosexual women and complexity a survivor faces in leaving or getting safe in 29 percent of heterosexual men. an LGBTQ2S+ relationship. - In a study of male same-sex relationships, only 26 Magic City Equality believes that domestic violence, percent of men called the police for assistance no matter the gender or sexuality of the perpetrator, is after experiencing near-lethal violence. wrong. If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic - Transgender victims are more likely to experience violence, we encourage you to seek assistance (for intimate partner violence in public, compared to The headline for the editorial in the Minot Daily News on September 11, 2020, which applauded the flying of the flag. yourself or for others). those who do not identify as transgender. Locally, the Domest ic - Bisexual victims are more likely to experience Violence Crisis Center, sexual violence, compared to people who do not located in Minot, offers identify as bisexual. programs and services for - LGBTQ victims on public assistance are more likely survivors and victims of to experience intimate partner violence compared domestic violence, focusing on to those not on public assistance. domestic violence, sexual assault, children's support, The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects protection order assistance, (NCAVP) estimates that nearly one in ten LGBTQ and mental health services. All survivors of intimate partner violence has experienced services are free. sexual assault from those partners. Additionally, Among those programs is an online group to help around half of transgender people and bisexual women members of the LGBTQ2S+ community deal with will experience sexual violence at some point in their domestic violence. lifetimes. This group will be started soon. If you are interested Regardless of the nature of the relationship (be it in this group, please call the DVCC office at heterosexual or homosexual), the abuser uses the same 701-852-2258 or contact katelynn@dvccminot.org. tactics ? physical, sexual or emotional abuse, financial control, isolation and more ? to gain power and control. However, abusive partners in LGBTQ2S+ relationships Sources: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), also reinforce their tactics that maintain power and National Domestic Violence Hotline. control with societal factors that compound the

TheNational DomesticViolenceHotline 1-800-799-7233 (text LOVEISto22522)

Tact ics of PowerandCont r ol - ?Outing? a partner?s sexual orientation or gender identity. Abusive partners in LGBTQ relationships may threaten to ?out?victims to family members, employers, community members and others. - Saying that no one will help the victim because s/he is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, or that for this reason, the partner ?deserves? the abuse. - Justifying the abuse with the notion that a partner is not ?really? lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (i.e. the victim may once have had/may still have relationships, or express a gender identity, inconsistent with the abuser?s

definitions of these terms). This can be used both as a tool in verbal and emotional abuse as well as to further the isolation of a victim from the community. - Monopolizing support resources through an abusive partner?s manipulation of friends and family supports and generating sympathy and trust in order to cut off these resources to the victim. This is a particular issue to members of the LGBTQ community where they may be fewer specific resources, neighborhoods or social outlets. - Portraying the violence as mutual and even consensual, or as an expression of masculinity or some other ?desirable? trait.

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Calendar of Event s October is ... LGBT History Month | Domestic Violence Awareness Month | National Bullying Prevention Month OCTOBER 2-4 ? The third annual ND LGBTQ+ Summit will be held virtually. Registration closes on September 30. For more information, please turn to page 3. OCTOBER 11 ? Youth Outreach and Upreach, our youth (under 21) peer group program, will be coming back to Minot. The meeting will be held from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m., on Zoom. The theme for this meeting is "Coming Out." Register online at: www.magiccityequality.com/youthoutreachupreach OCTOBER 25 ? Do you know your LGBTQ2S+ Trivia? Come celebrate LGBT History Month with some good ol' fashioned fun at The Blue Rider (118-1st Ave SE, Minot), starting at 4:30 p.m. This event will be 21+. OCTOBER 31 ? Join us for "Night of the Living Queens, Part II: Queens of the Apocalypse," our Halloween drag show, on October 31 at the Grand Hotel. 16+. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. For more information or to RSVP, visit the Facebook event.

Be sure to watch our calendar on our website for updated information.

Nat ional andInt er nat ional Obser vances OCTOBER 11 ? National Coming Out Day is an annual awareness day to support LGBTQ+ people. First celebrated in the United States in 1988, the initial idea was grounded in the feminist and gay liberation spirit of the personal being political, and the emphasis on the most basic form of activism being coming out to family, friends, and colleagues, and living life as an openly lesbian or gay person. The foundational belief is that homophobia thrives in an atmosphere of silence and ignorance, and that once people know that they have loved ones who are lesbian or gay, they are far less likely to maintain homophobic or oppressive views OCTOBER 15 ? National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day is observed to increase awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Hispanic/Latinx population in the United States. OCTOBER 15 ? Spirit Day is a means of speaking out against bullying and standing with LGBTQ+ youth, who disproportionately face bullying and harassment because of their identities. OCTOBER 21 ? International Pronouns Day is a day that seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace. Referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is basic to human dignity. #pronounsmat ter OCTOBER 25-31 ? Ace Week (formerly Asexual Awareness Week) is an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness and expanding education of asexuality, the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. OCTOBER 26 ? Intersex Awareness Day is an internationally observed awareness day designed to highlight human rights issues faced by intersex people. (Intersex people are individuals born with any of several variations in sex characteristics that, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies."

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EQUALITY - Issue No. 3 - October 2020  

Learn more about Magic City Equality and what we've done during the past month, as well as what we have planned for the future.

EQUALITY - Issue No. 3 - October 2020  

Learn more about Magic City Equality and what we've done during the past month, as well as what we have planned for the future.