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MG 2/2016

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SELF-LOVE Issue No:2 March 2016

MG 2/2016

Welcome to Magical Goddess Magazine! Kati Kelo is guiding people into finding their passion, purpose, joy and natural abundance. She is also an artist, a designer, and a single mother to a five year old daughter.

Issue No:2 March 2016

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The Return Of Ultimate Goddess EnergyTo Planet Earth

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The Art Of Receiving

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Why The Love Of Your Life May Blossom Later In Life




7 Steps To Become a SEX GODDESS


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A MEDITATION For Balancing The Feminine And The Masculine Within




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How Not To Get Your Heart Shattered Into A Million Pieces Chasing Or Waiting For The Wrong Guy





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Kindness Back Into Your Life. HAPPY FOR NO REASON?




46 Jania Aebi Discovered Her Purpose At The Age Of 75



How To Find Your True Love

MG 2/2016


Kati Kelo Founder & Creator

Eskimos have hundreds of words describing snow, because it is such an important part of their lives. Why do we only have a couple of words (or one) describing the most powerful thing in the world, that has been secretly running the show throughout history? In ancient cultures there were more words for describing love. We are all familiar with the Greek words Agape and Eros. But Greeks had other words for love too, such as: Philia, meaning loyalty to friends. Storge, meaning the natural love we have for our children. Xenia, a frienship between a host and a guest, where the guest was expected to pay for the hospitality only with gratitude.

love? Is some love truer than another, do we have special soulmates we are meant be with and why does it take so long to find them? These are the kind of subjects we are pondering in this issue, dedicated to love. I am very grateful to have a whole magazine full of wisdom from experts, God’s and Goddesses, who have spent some time understanding love and are willing to enlighten us with their discoveries.

There are plenty of defininitions of love in Hinduism, and other eastern traditions and religions. Most of the traditions separate the love of God, pure love, sexual love, romantic love, and love between friends and family. But no matter how much we try to define love with words it still remains a mystery, in terms of how it really runs the show.

For me love is. It is an isness, we can call it God, or the Universe. Love is everything, and everything is love. Our human hunger for love arises from our desire for ever-deepening connection with our surroundings, others, ourselves and ultimately the divine within and without. Our desire for love and pleasure is like a driver that pushes us to seek for connections and experiences with those connections. First with others, then with ourselves and ultimately we might begin seeking an experience of oneness with source. But, when we reach the ultimate connection with everything and oneness, the human emotion we consider to be love disappears and turns into an experience of harmony; the empti-

Is love something definable by logic or by our limited worldly expressions? Is love just a chemical reaction in our brain and bodies. Are we looking for love and being in love in order to get high? What does it mean when people talk about self love, unconditional love, conditional love? What is true


MG 2/2016

ove is ness and fulfilment all at once. For me it feels like ‘love’ is experienced differently in different realms and dimensions of being, and if we are willing to go all the way, surrendering to the call of oneness, we are able to experience the ultimate connection with all that is. It can be easy to accept the idea, that love is everything, but implementing it into our daily realities can be a more complicated process. How does knowing everything is love effect my life? Surely all the crap we are facing is not coming from love? We have all been there: we are humans. It just can’t all be love. But it is, it really is. Why is it so hard to see it then? Because, love requires mastery, and knowing is always just the beginning of the journey. The journey to love unfolds in action. It unfolds in every bit of kindness we have for ourselves and others. It unfolds when we are pursuing our dreams and passions. One step at a time. Recognising the purity of our beingness behind everything. That pure being is here to take care of you. That being is willing and capable of loving you, like nothing and

no one ever before, because that being is the Goddess and God, patiently loving all of you, even if you can’t see it. That being, the Goddess is very close, she is within you. Open your heart to the Goddess within and let her love you, let her show you what it is like to be unconditional love. Let her show you what it is like to be love in everything. She knows how to gift you everything you desire and more. She knows exactly what she came here for and how to do it. If you don’t know how to connect with the Goddess within, just ask the universe; “Show me the gift of love that I am? Show me the Goddess within me? Show me what it is like to let her love lead the way?” You are love, we are love, we are one. We came here to love everything that comes into our lives between our first and last breath. Let your Goddess love you and take care of you. Goddess Blessings, Kati Kelo


MG 2/2016


We are living in the most profound times of our entire history as a race. There is a new wind blowing and a new sun shining announcing a new era and bringing forth long lost principles that are now more crucial to our existence then ever before. This new energy entering our realm is that of the Goddess. It is the return of a Goddess who has been denied, hidden, discriminated, disgraced and completely wiped out of our history, education, knowledge and finally consciousness. This was a plan bearing a great purpose in mind. Without Goddess energy we are misbalanced and without balance we are disempowered, limited, restricted and more importantly controllable. The new dawn is the return of the ultimate Goddess to our planet which was once guided in peace by female power. Divine Goddess energy carries the female principles of wisdom, compassion, peace, patience and unconditional love. After eons of time that male energy ruled over all and nearly destroyed this planet, the age of light has arrived to literally shed its light into a place where darkness has reigned for a very long period of time. This time is all about the Goddess and the great ascension of Gaia.

ing of its beginning. Earth resonates with a vibrational frequency of a 3rd dimensional reality which is a very dense and very low vibratory level that was established through all the disharmony, violence and destruction that is a result from eons of harsh ego male dominance. Gaia rises and must ascend out of this density of pain, hate and anger to guarantee her own survival and with her all sentient life has the ability and the opportunity to ascend with our Mother. SHE IS passing the astral realm of the 4th dimension to ascending into the 5th dimensional reality which we know of as heaven on earth. We are not going anywhere physically as the 5th dimension is Now Here but energetically we ascend and match the frequency of the 5th dimension. The key to ascension is love. Pure, unconditional love. The source of this love is the sacred, divine female Goddess energy.

The Goddess Gaia is our Mother Nature and SHE IS the mother to all that exists on planet earth and as we start to acknowledge, honor, respect and love her truthfully and unconditionally we awaken the Goddess each within ourselves and bring her back into our consciousness and hearts. We all are her children, we all carry her energy within and regardless of our gender, we must balance both our feminine and masculine polarities to become whole within ourselves again. The earth as we know it is going to die, a new world will be born and we are witnessing the dawn-

To gain access to this Goddess power we must awaken her through acknowledging her. Love, nourish, respect and honor the Goddess within yourself, regardless of your gender. Listen to her needs and wishes. This is utmost important in these times where we have forgotten that our creation evolved out of the love of the sacred female Mother Goddess Gaia, Sophia Gaia who gave up her being as a great Aeon to become the Mother Goddess of the earth. The Goddess in me honors the Goddess in you.


MG 2/ 2/2016 2016

MG 2/2016

SHARE YOUR LOVE – The joy and many benefits of expressing and sharing your love with the world –


This can be fun when you start to practice and experience how good expressing love makes you feel. Be curious, make it a habit and create game to come up with new exciting ways to express your love. Maybe you can invite your friends for dinner and brainstorm new ideas together? It will soon be so fun and rewarding you will want to do it all the time. Yes, it will become second nature. By expressing your love more regularly in life, you will reap many benefits. Among them: you will feel great and experience more love for yourself, you will heal your inner child with the love you give yourself, you will feel more alive when taking risks expressing love to friends, family and strangers, improving your relationships and your health and immune system will receive a boost.

Many people feel joy and love when their heart-center starts opening up. Yet many hesitate or resist to show or express this love to the world. Even though there will be abundant benefits and rewards through expressing the love you feel inside your beautiful heart chakra. So, muster up the courage to express all the wonderful feelings you feel from your heart center. How can you do that? It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can make it fun, playful and easy. Know you have a golden opportunity to use your god given creativity in the most uplifting way. Start experiencing the love and joy you feel in small ways more often in you life. It starts with a clear intention. Every morning in meditation you can set the intention for the day to open up your heart and express/share your love in every situation possible.

What you give to others you give to yourself as we are all connected in this field of love, grace and oneness. The love you give freely will come back to you as wonderful miracles, new opportunities, spiritual growth and all kinds of abundance, healing, creativity and more experience of love, peace and joy.

After intention comes awareness. As you go about your day be aware of the many possibilities that come to you to open your heart and express love in your own unique way. You have been given a beautiful voice so use it. Every moment offers an opportunity to express our love to the world. A nice compliment to a stranger, a warm hug to your spouse, a thank you with a smile to the taxi driver, small words of encouragement, listening to others from the heart and accepting them exactly as they are with compassion are a few examples. You can also send blessings to others, wish them love, peace and happiness. Play with visualizing and sending balls of light or whatever feels right to you.

So get ready for wonderful new surprises when you start to challenge yourself and your friends to express more love in your own unique ways every moment every day. And remember to give and express love for yourself and your inner child as well, to your parents for giving you this life, your ancestors, angels, spirit guides and helpers. Thank the universe and your Divine for giving you this gift of expressing all the love you have in your heart and your life freely and experience the


MG 2/2016

joy of living with an open heart. Appreciate, use and cherish this beautiful gift as much as possible. When you do you will impact the universe in a powerful way and help raise the vibration in the world. Thank your inner goddess for helping you open your heart to give, express and receive more love in every moment each day. Yes! Dare to express your beautiful love goddess you already are! Every breath and moment is sacred and we don’t know how long we will live on this wonderful planet, so take every opportunity to be and

live as an expression of love. Who would you like to be remembered as when you take your last breath? As an inspiring love goddess, who lived the best, most fulfilling life possible as an expression of love in all its unique, beautiful forms? I work as a spiritual life coach, angel therapist and wellness coach in Sweden. I offer coaching and readings through skype and email. My mission is to help people live happy and joyful lives with open hearts and to help them deepen their contact with the Divine. I warmly welcome you to contact me:


MG 2/2016


MG 2/2016


Everytime we enter a new relationship we are forced to face our own vulnerability, and sometimes we feel like we have done it enough times. It is much easier to built up expectations no one can actually meet, so we can stay in the safety of our comfort zone. Even when our hearts are really crying and wanting so much to share our lives with a special other. We all want to love and be loved, touched, seen, heard and appreciated throughout our lives. Our desire for intimacy and a loving special relationship is a basic human need and for the most of us that desire doesn’t diminish or lessen by age. These days it is very common to be single and still looking for that special relationship at an older age. What difference does the age make in finding love or falling in love? Is it true that it just gets better when you are older and are more balanced within. Surely, but to get there it might be a little more difficult for us when we get older. The older we get, the more baggage we have had time to accumulate from


our past relationships. We know very well what we want and even better what we don’t want. Our past pains and pleasures have shaped our subconsciousness and we have formulated a set of requirements for our future partners and relationships we might not even be aware of. Our decisions become colored by the things we want to avoid or attract, rather than being free in meeting others in a neutral open ground. The one that comes into our lives will have to fit pefectly into the existing stage of our play. But, any expectations we have for another automatically blinds us from anything else, and a lot of times prevents us seeing something totally new and unknown, that could actually be the greatest gift for us.

MG 2/2016

There is no age limit to our growth. What happens when we get older, is that we tend to put everything on the timeline of our future, not allowing ourselves to be the free space we really are, because the end is getting closer and closer.

We might also fear that we are running out of time, and therefore we don’t have the time to make the “wrong” choices again. Sometimes, our desire for security comes with the price of giving up the whole idea of a love relationship, and setteling into living alone, or in loose relationships with no real commitment. We don’t need the extra hassle, have the time or the energy for the complications of it all. After a divorce or a break up we might begin to explore our newly found freedom, dating and “reliving our youth”, without giving ourselves the time to deal with the break up and all the issues related to it. The dating game becomes a continum of the disconnectness we felt with our ex partners, leaving us even more disappointed, and we give up. We can’t and won’t commit into one relationship. Even when our heart truly longs for a deeper and more intimate connection with an other, and ultimately with ourselves. Then, when and if we do fall in love, it can be an little embarassing realization to suddenly feel like a teenager with all the insecurities again at the age of 50, when you thought you had it all together. Suddenly we have to go through all of our insecurities and the

doubts. Do we feel the same way, and if we want the same things? How do we fit these lives and habits together? We may really struggle with the expectations we have, and even more so with our judgements about those expectations. We were supposed to have learned the secrets of unconditional love, yet we still have all these insecurities, expectations and desires. This is one of the spaces where the spiritual seeker in us can also easily go into denial, instead of fully experiencing and being present to our emotions we escape into the “truth”. Sometimes, the more “awakened” we are, the easier it is to disguise our fears of having an intimate relationship with another into our spritual seeking. It’s important to be honest with ourselves. Am I using “spiritual” excuses for not facing my fears of intimacy? Is there a part of me that is trying to deny my human desires to be intimately sharing my life with another? How do we really free ourseves from the expectations into unconditional love and into true intimacy regardless of our age? First of all, we need to honor the human in us, it is natural for a human being to desire to be in a loving relationship. There is no wrongness in


it and we need to unconditonally love that part of us that has put conditions on love. One way to shift our minds from our expectations into more freedom, is to gift ourselves the freedom to be the undefinable infinite space that we truly are. There is no age limit to our growth. What happens when we get older is that we tend to put everything on the timeline of our future, not allowing ourselves to be the free space we really are, because the end is getting closer and closer. The truth is, our lives can do 180° at any age. Our personalities, age and human selves are nothing but illusionary constructions based on our previous experiences, and we have new experiences every day. If we drop the long list of internal and external qualities for the prospective partners and take each person as they come along, we become open for the highest, yet unknown possiblities for us. We have the opportunity to recreate ourselves anew everyday and in every moment, throughout our lives, if we allow ourselves to. It is never too late. From this point of view every encounter with another is an adventure into the unknown within ourselves. We don’t

MG 2/2016

What excuses of age are you using not allowing your self to embrace your love life with the true curiosity and passion of your ageless heart?

know what it will do to us, how it will affect on us, or how will it change us. But, isn’t it interesting to see what it is about, what it does for us, and what emotions it awakens in us? How does it expand us? What if we could just be present to that unknown encounter with another, without any needs to define it or ourselves in it? When our safety is not based on us or our relationships staying the same, every moment becomes a new possibility to choose to love again. What if the only commitment you ever make is to see through the highest possibility of every relationship, where ever it might take you? Regardless of our age, to be able to fully surrender to love requires us to be open to possible heartache. Even though, the love that we are and have, can never be taken away or added to us, and even when the outside world is just a reflection of our own love, a relationship with an other always contains the element of insecurity. We never know where our paths will lead us. The secret of how to peacefully learn to live with the inevitable and ageless insecurity of our relationships, is acknowleging and understanding the

gifts of vulnerability in a relationship. How often do we ask a question, “what if this person is going to gift me the heartache of my life, that enables me to evolve beyond my wildest dreams? “ I would say never. You might say, now that is a silly question. But, in truth, it is the worst case scenario of any relationship. What if every failed relationship and the pain caused by it really is an opportunity of a lifetime to expand in consciousness and in our ability love ourselves more, would we fear of experiencing it, or would we have fear to committing into it? In the end our fear of having our heart broken is just a fear of our own feelings. What can our own feelings ever do to us, but to make us want grow and seek for something better? What if we had no fear of our own feelings? It is so much easier for us to remember how painful something was, than it is to remember how we got over the pain. What if the greatest love relationships of our lives are always born in the unknown realms we have no access to before we are willing to step into that total mystery of encountering an other one? A one that intrigues us, a one that expands us, a one that awakens our desires and what if we never had to leave that mysterious


adventure again, what if that one always stayed a mystery, just like you? What if the secret to finding more love than ever before lies in our ability to drop all of our expectations on what it should look like? What if the end result of everything is always just expansion of our consciuosness? What excuses would you still have to not allow yourself to open up to new possibilities of love and committing into an intimate love relationship? There is no greater space to practice self love than an intimate relationship with another. I know many who say they are completely content without a partner and we should be. But, I also know most of them have some negative expectations of what a partner might bring to their lives. What excuses of age are you using for not allowing yourself to embrace your love life with the true curiosity and passion of your ageless heart? You already know, your heart can never be truly broken and you create all the love in your universe anyway, right? Why not enjoy it all the way. Kati Kelo

MG 2/2016

THE ART OF RECEIVING Many women dream of relating to a man capable of meeting all their needs. But would they be able to say YES to such a man? How well developed is modern women’s ability to receive?

From ancient times humanity has been built and developed upon women being capable of receiving, accepting and containing. (Just think of how a child is made by the feminine receiving and accepting the masculine offering when creating a fetus). Nursing, caring and encouraging are also great feminine qualities, but as nursing and caring still seem to be highly valued and practiced in society, I would like to draw your attention toward the way receiving and accepting is practiced today. To get you pointed in the right direction, let me start by telling you a little story from way back. Actually all the way to the end of the 990’s. Meet the great Viking King of Norway at the time, Olav Trygvasson and his wife, a Danish Princess called Tyre. Olav has been seen as one of the most important men in Norwegian history. According to the sagas, he was very handsome, smart, brave and excellent at sports and battle games, kind and generous to his friends, but firm and even cruel towards his enemies. He apears to have been loving and sincere in his relationships and the sagas mention he grieved heavily on loosing his first wife after three years of marriage. Then he meets Tyre, a beautiful woman who has fled from her new husband – the King of Wends (south


Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen

of the Baltic sea), claiming he was both very old and a heathen, and that she had been forced to wed him against her will by her brother Svein, the King of Denmark. Olav feels sorry for her, finds her attractive and offers to marry her. And here a fairytale would have ended with them living happily ever after. Not so with Olav and Tyre. Tyre wants Olav to prove his love for her. She wants him to go back to the King of Wends to collect some property she feels she still owns down there. Olav has plenty of assets for them both to share so she is not short of anything but in the Viking age it is normal for a woman to have her own assets to rule and control, so maybe her demand is not so unreasonable; who knows? One day, due to having been arguing and quarreling along these lines, Olav goes off to town. At the market he catches sight of Angelica stalks (which look like celery stalks, but have a sweeter taste and very popular in those days), and as these are seen as an aphrodisiac (a token of love in Norway), he buys some to take home to his wife, thinking this might open her heart and save their relationship. But when he returns home, Tyre being a foreigner, looks at his gift with disgust and refuses to receive them claiming she had expected better gifts from him. She even calls him a coward, claiming he does not dare to travel to visit the

MG 2/2016

But when he returns home with his Angelica, Tyre being a foreigner, looks at his gift with disgust and refuses to receive them claiming she had expected better gifts from him.

King of Wend and get back her possessions. And with these actions she prevents herself from the possibility of living happily ever after with her husband. Dispite his most trusted friends warning him against doing so, Olav sees no other option than to travel to see the King of Wend. He manages to get hold of Tyre’s possessions, but on his way home, he sails into an ambush and gets outnumbered by his enemies in the Battle at Svolder. He leaped over board as the last man standing and was never seen again. And what about Tyre? Nobody knows. With the two of them not having a child together, her name has not been mentioned again. But we can be quite sure she did not receive her much longed for possessions, as they will have disappeared into the hands of the battle winners. If I could, I would have loved to ask Tyre if she thinks it was worth it? Or something like this: “If you could do it all over again, would you have acted differently?� What I CAN do is ask you? Are there situations in your life where your pride, or ignorance, or possessiveness, or want of attention, has tempted you to refuse

to accept something that might actually, (if you were to be honest and not just scared or resentful) really and honestly have been a token of someones affection and love towards you? And if so, was it worth it? Did it have the desired outcome? And would you have acted differently if you could do it all over again? I believe, we as women have developed a great tendency of denying ourselves the right to receive affection, love and even pleasure. These are things we, according to ancient feminine wisdom, should be both specially equipped for but also really need to be open to recieve, in order to fully thrive and blossom in our everyday life, both professionally and personally. I believe taking back those qualities is the best way of bringing LOVE into any relationship. I also believe that by doing so, we will be able to contribute, not only to spreading peace in our homes, but in the whole world. Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen is a transformative storyteller, A Clinical Nutritionist, nutritional therapist, and homeopath practitioner. She lives on an organic farm where animals, vegetables, and herbs are her fellow co-creators of a holistic lifestyle.


MG 2/2016

EVERLASTING LOVE When we are unhappy in a relationship it is easy for us to blame our partners for it. How they are not giving us the attenttion, support, time and love we need. I have made the mistake many times in my past relationships. Given my own power away, by expecting the other person to love me instead of loving myself more. That created nothing but more of that particular need. That need pushes the other even further apart, because in our subconscious we know, we can never fulfill those holes in an other person, even if we wanted to. It creates almost an anger-like reaction, because we love them, yet we know our love is never going to be enough for the other to feel complete and happy. We create our experiences, and the more we need something, the more need it creates for us. The ‘others’ have no option but to reflect the needs we have created for ourselves. Our love is never coming from outside of us. If you think of the beginning of a relationship, what was different then? You were exited about being loved and being in love, and you created more of that love. You gave your love freely and it was flowing both ways. Then life happened, kids, no more excitement, you took on roles in each other’s shadow play. Eventually, there is not much space or freedom for growth. Any changes are interpreted as threads to the unit you’ve built together.

The key to sustained love and freedom in a relationship is to commit to always being whole and complete within. Always loving yourself first and coming from that love. Gifting yourself and the other the freedom to change. Our egos fear change, but true love never fades, and if it’s allowed to be free you are most likely to fall in love over and over again, with the new you. It might not be so easy for us humans to reach such a state of freedom and self-love, but by practising loving yourself every day you will get there. Loving yourself means being present to all of you, all of those things you don’t like about yourself, all the emotions and reactions you are facing in your life. Just hearing them, seeing them without judgement. Being with the one who is in pain, sad or angry, just being there for you, not expecting that it is your partner’s job. What freedom and ease of love does this create for you and your partner, knowing you are not responsible for each other’s happiness, but are just able to share your love and life with each other? Kati Kelo


MG 2/2016

If you feel down, think of ways to uplift yourself and watch others joining your fun.


MG 2/2016



When it comes to Love we are all ready to proclaim that we long for more, that we can’t wait to be swept away by the romance and thrills of it all. We have been indoctrinated by the “happy ever after” fairytale expectations, yet the reality of Love falls well short of what chick lit novels and glitzy brochures would have you believe. Yes your heart will be lifted, expanded beyond anything you thought possible… Yes you will want to celebrate with the whole world about that person that gives a sense to your whole life… But Love, deep real Love will not stop there. It will want to claim you whole and the more light it will shine onto your life, the more your shadows will become visible. What you may have spent years covering up or trying to forget, or not even realised consciously, will rise so inexorably that there will be nowhere to hide. That’s when Love becomes tough Love. Your rawness and heightened sensitivity will bring you face to face with those parts of you that you have disowned in the name of wanting to be loved. Now that you have found love, those aspects of you will want integrating again. At these times you have a choice. You can embrace unconditionally all these challenges as gifts that Love brings into your life, or you can resist Love. This defiance can be cleverly disguised, for instance putting the blame on your partner for what does not feel right inside of you. Let’s consider an example. Julia grew up in a strict family set up where the children had to conform to their parents’ expectations. As a

consequence she lacked self confidence and always looked to the outside world for validation. She met Tom at work in familiar surroundings when he came to deliver some goods. Tom fell for her understated beauty and managed to get pass her shyness to quickly establish a loving relationship. After revelling for a while in this connection, Julia started to feel very insecure whenever she was not together with Tom. She imagined him meeting other women just like he’d met her. Her growing jealousy put a strain on their relationship and led her to seek help, since she knew she loved Tom deeply.

Through my years of Totality Therapy and Tantra practice I have come to realise that there is only Love and our resistance to it. Over a series of sessions with Julia we established how Love was calling her to balance the relationship by reclaiming her confidence and sovereignty. This was a call for growth right back from childhood, which she bravely embraced. Julia was then able to be with Tom from a richer, fuller


perspective which enriched their love further. Through my years of Totality Therapy and Tantra practice I have come to realise that there is only Love and our resistance to it. Every hurdle is a gift. Every struggle can be seen as an invitation to find what the lesson is that we need to integrate in order to open up further to Love and its magical unfolding in our life. All you have to do is say YES to it fully, sometimes with a little help, and Love will open its wings to you and carry you on. Living your life as Love embodied is the most precious gift your can give yourself and your partner. (Note: names have been altered for confidentiality purposes) About the author: Kalyani runs her practice in the North of England with deep integrity. Her gift is to help men and women release what stands in the way of more aliveneness, and embrace their energy, including their sexual energy, as a gateway into the sacred and their own realisation as divine beings. She weaves a heartfelt offering of love, compassion and presence that opens the way to alchemical transformation and blissful states of being.

MG 2/2016

When it comes to Love we are all ready to proclaim that we long for more, that we can’t wait to be swept away by the romance and thrills of it all. We have been indoctrinated by the “happy ever after” fairytale expectations, yet the reality of Love falls well short of what chick lit novels and glitzy brochures would have you believe.


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MG 2/2016 Relationships are hard, and we need practice! Whether long-term or short-term; complicated or easy; complex or more basic; very deep or less connected, every relationship offers valuable lessons, contrasts, and opportunities for growth. The more experiences you have in those relationships and maintaining them, the more you learn about yourself—and the traits, qualities, frequencies, and attributes in others that fit you best. Your experiences become a “reference library” of sorts so that you are more clear about: what you NEED versus what you want or used to want; what you are willing to sacrifice or tolerate and what you won’t; and what you will need to do to grow the relationship so that both partners can thrive and evolve as a cohesive unit, not just as individuals. For this reason, many of us do not find “the one” until much later in our journey. However, even if a relationship is more temporary or finite, it can be an extremely meaningful, valuable, powerful, and pivotal part of your life, heart, and path. Deep soul connections break down the ego and that process requires a lot of maturity-- on every level! The deeper the connection between partners, the more likely one or both parties will be overwhelmed by the experience and “run” from it, attempt to sabotage it, and/or try to replace it with a relationship that feels more familiar, secure, or controllable. This “runner phase” can

The deeper the connection between partners, the more likely one or both parties will be overwhelmed by the experience and “run” from it.

What is truly happening for both partners during that difficult time is that you are “awakening” even more, quieting the ego, and discovering or re-discovering your authentic self. last for months, years, or even decades. No person or ego likes “feeling vulnerable,” and soul connections, especially twin flame relationships, involve a huge amount of fear, vulnerability, and uncertainty in the earlier phases of the union. As a result, it takes very patient, steadfast, strong, and mature partners to: understand that process; not take it personally; and move forward in other aspects of life—even when their own egos may be feeling bruised, battered, and exhausted. Clearly, the more you have experienced challenges, growth spurts, heartaches, and turning points in life before the relationship, the less likely you will feel defeated, unworthy, and hopeless in the more painful moments. After all, what is truly happening for both partners during that difficult time is that you are “awakening” even more, quieting the ego, and discovering or re-discovering your authentic self. Your time, energy, efforts, and attention are often needed elsewhere, especially in the first half or more of your life. The time, energy, and attention necessary to maintain, nurture, and grow very deep soul connections, especially a twin flame partnership, often come at the expense of other previously important priorities, relationships, roles, or endeavors. As a result, when that relationship thrives, your family ties, children, finances, career, aesthetics, health, or a previously cherished sense of autonomy, identity, or control may weaken, suffer, and/ or take a downturn. There are numerous instances when the world around a partner requires his or her focus more than the soul partner does—or a partner needs personal health, finances, or


family relationships to move forward more than he or she needs the deep soul relationship to be active at that moment in time.

If your gifts are meant to be directed elsewhere, your deep soul relationship may be put on the back burner awhile, but the time lines are truly meant to serve you both and those in your circle. As you mature, progress in life, and are likely less vested in so many people, constructs, lessons, and projects, you have more energy to give to that soul connection. Trust that you are being guided for your highest good and THE highest good. If your soul relationship constitutes your life purpose, it may feel unusual, unconventional, or even frowned upon in certain contexts, but there is reason and there is value in that life purpose. On the flip side, if your gifts are meant to be directed elsewhere, your deep soul relationship may be put on the back burner awhile, but the time lines are truly meant to serve you both and those in your circle. So, embrace the direction or purpose you are being shown, even if it’s different than what you had imagined, dreamed, or coveted before that time. If you have not united permanently with the love of your life, please don’t be discouraged. Your life has big and important plans for you; “the best is yet to come.” By Max and Lana

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Burning Within Your magnificent eyes that bespeak the sorrows and adventures of a lifetime Look into me Glistening pools of gentle rapture beckon to me from their dark, mysterious depths Gazing so deeply into you, I see myself Standing in courage and Truth Where I cannot hide behind any veils of illusion When I look into those cathedral windows of your soul To witness your Spirit through them, shining and pure as an angel’s heartbeat

Spirit enthroned in form Let these immense Passions fly Give them wings To soar to the heavens, beyond the boundaries of time and space To ecstasies untold This Love is the stuff of Legend, the songs of Troubadours from centuries past

A soul so strong yet gentle So potent and beautiful My breath gives pause My heart beats out the rhythms of my soul Desiring to dance this dance with you

I breathe in the warmth of your lips as they touch mine for the first time Moving with mine My breath becomes yours Until you move within my heart, body and Soul Entering the Divine Dance of Creation I am Thine, Beloved It is into your heart & soul that I surrender Living in the thunderous rapture of Sacred Unity in this embrace.

My eyes play over your beautiful form The curve of spine Roundness of buttock Angle of your jaw My body responds in a kaleidoscopic array of passions Animal and Divine I burn for you like the heart of the sun blazes in the blackness of the heavens Desiring on all levels, to know your touch in every fiber of my being In the deepest corners of my heart Travelling together through the gateways of my soul Into Infinite passions and adventures that only True Beloveds may enter into

– Anja Miraclewalker Sagan, 2016

Come and end this separation Quench these wildfires that burn With the immaculate beauty of your glorious


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As we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with our three boys around the table with us, I realize what an exponential gift LOVE truly is if we’re willing to receive and be it. I got so much more than I ever could have expected. I chose one man and I got four. Every single day I get to love and to be loved infinitely. I repeatedly get to grow and expand as a human being and constantly learn how to embody the unconditional love I came her to be. When we met with Thomas 13 years ago, we both vibrantly felt that something amazing was possible. We were excited, intrigued and aroused by the possibility of creating a relationship as two leaders, as equals, as two seekers of greater possibilities beyond the ordinary living and loving. We somehow knew right from the beginning that a phenomenal relationship not only was a possibility, but we also were acutely aware that we both had the willingness and the capacity to create something truly different. We felt strongly that this finally was the time and place to actualize what we’d both known for so long ... Today, 12 years of marriage and three kids later (not to mention all the ups, downs, drama, trauma, tornados, reworks, moments of joy and despair and everything in between...), I feel fortunate to still share this knowing and my life with him. As we reflected on our lives, tasted the NOW and shared our desires for the future, we came up with 6 Keys To A Delicious Relationship that we want to keep in mind in creating ever expanding juiciness, yumminess, growth, ease and joy in our relationship. Wanted to share them here as they might inspire or maybe spark up an interesting conversation between YOU and your partner too.


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The quality of your sex life is a great indication of how the rest of your life and relationship is going. Sex is a great playground to play, explore, connect, express your desires, learn to gift and receive and together gain a greater understanding what deep intimacy is. It is shared interest that includes the bodies and greatly contributes to your aliveness. Keep it alive and ever changing, keep learning about yourself, about the other and the infinite possibilities together whether you are in the mood for a playful quickie, a dose of daily vitality or making love for hours in a five star gourmet mood.


Always own ALL of what you say to or about the other. We often project our own thoughts, feelings, fears and desires on the other. The children’s saying « The one who says is himself » couldn’t be truer. Never choose blame, shame, regret or guilt. What you need or require of the other, is what you actually desire of yourself.


Practice your willingness to be wrong! Cultivate your self awareness. Don’t try to prove, justify, convince, force or push on the other what you think must be right. Curiously question, wonder, observe, listen. Ask yourself when reacting « Is this really my best option ? ». Do the necessary work to change if you notice a repeated chronic sense of victimhood or righteousness showing up from your unconscious. Ask yourself: Do I want to be right or happy ?


« Everything that doesn’t get expressed, gets impressed, suppressed and depressed… ». Learn to become a space of expression for the other. Listen ! Like REALLY listen. Don’t interrupt. Listen curiously, truly curiously what the other person says. Ask questions to learn who the other truly is and how they function WITHOUT projecting, concluding or judging the other. Did I already say listen … Share and express your dreams, deep desires and questions with VULNERABILITY without any expectation of the other and without trying to be or appear perfect.


Be willing to be the garden of no judgement and a space for growth for each other. Allow, trust, admire and be patient with the change, the becoming and the growth of the other (and yourself). Welcome the supposed imperfections as being part of the process and CELEBRATE the magic happening before your very eyes !


For yourself, for the other, for being alive. Gratitude opens your heart, cleans your eyes, clears your ears and helps you to see, perceive, hear and receive what REALLY is.

What are the infinite possibilities NOW ?


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According to Urban Dictionary, a goddess is 1. any sort of God, deity, or anything that is worshipped and is female. In a second definition offered, a goddess is 2. A woman who is so beautiful, brilliant, and wholesome that she is simply not like any other women on Earth and therefore possesses some sort of uncommon spiritual element that while is cannot be solidly defined it is clearly present. The second definition blew me away: “not like any other women on Earth�. Even if any of you are uncomfortable with calling yourself a goddess, surely, you can appreciate being regarded as a unique individual who stands out without trying.


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Get clear on “why” – You’re not going to be able to own being a sex goddess if you aren’t clear what it means to you and why it is important. What might being a sex goddess bring to you? What gifts would you bestow those around you, and to bigger extent, the world?

your inner << Claiming sex goddess


Get narrower – Which sex goddess do you resonate with - Kali, Kuan Yin, Marilyn Monroe, Mui Lan? Who pops into your head? There isn’t a right or wrong in this - perhaps your inner sex goddess is a mix between modern-day superhero and ancient wisdom geisha, and that’s alright too.


Get dressed – Once you’ve discovered your type, you can begin claiming the part through your dressing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in this – a few beautiful items that help channel your persona is all it takes. It could be a piece of fabric, accessory or fragrance. This has to feel good to you.


Get out – Being a sex goddess is more than looking the part but owning the being. Bring your inner sex goddess out on a date – dress, walk and be the part. Where would she go? What would she say? The more comfortable you are with owning her, the easier it will be in the bedroom.


Get educated – A sex goddess would acknowledge that there is much to learn from life, others and, even the internet. To be truly comfortable in the bedroom, she would have to acquire the information, knowledge and skills to be confident in interacting with her partners. She would not hesitate in attending classes or coaching if needed.


Get intimate – Most sexologists will tell you that the best way to learn how to be sexual is by yourself. When you know what you need, want and desire sexually, this is when you are better able to give authentic consent and also establish boundaries. If you don’t self-pleasure, perhaps you should. If you don’t have an orgasm, perhaps you like to learn how to have one by yourself first.


Get playful – A sex goddess realizes that perfection is a myth, and that better is all about practice. She is open-minded enough to learn, curious enough to ask, and self-assured enough to laugh it off when things don’t go exactly as expected during sex.

You can be anything you want to be, if you only believe. Remember you are a goddess and let the comments of any naysayers roll off your back. Be happy with who you are and who you are with. Be happy because the world needs goddess who shine. Dr. Martha Tara Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and relationship coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. She is the author of the books Love, Sex and Everything In-Between, and Orgasmic Yoga. She is also the host of the weekly radio show Eros Evolution on OMTimes Radio. For more, visit or email


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Body of Love What would it do for us if we began thinking of this life as an adventure of a spirit into a body, cabable of feeling and having sensations, not possible in any other form? It is only through this body we are cabable of feeling fear and love as the opposites. It is only in through this body we have the opportunity to experience a touch of a lover, the ecstacy and the pleasure of the illusionary separation. Why not to make the most out of it and enjoy the adventure? – Magical Goddess –


MG 2/2016

I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LOVE MYSELF We have all heard (about a million times) the key to everything lies in our ability to love ourselves. There was a time in my life when I was ready to punch someone if I heard it one more time. I had no idea what it meant to love myself. I had tried repeating “I love you” in front of the mirror, to my heart, to my body, but that didn’t work. I did not feel any different. I was told I should go into a moment in my life when I felt really good and loved, to go into my heart and feel the love of the eternal spirit through my heart. To imagine how it would feel, if I was truly and completely loved as I am? Yeah right. I might get into a temporary high, only to wake up in my misery, feeling even worse. I had no idea what it meant to love myself. I had no idea how to respect and honor me; or how to be kind to myself. I used to envy everyone who had the privilege of having preserved the natural sweetness and their innocent loving nature. I hated the softness and beauty of those who were kind and caring. It felt like faking to me. I just couldn’t believe it was for real, that’s how far I was in the cynical cold world of mine. I was sure any sweet being was faking it in order to protect themselves and

kati kelo

Just like most of us, I thought loving myself meant living in a constant state of bliss and happiness. It meant being that innocent loving angelic being, spreading kindness and love all around, being completely confident and fully shining my light. I felt a total failure in my attempts to get there.

can’t take this frustration any more.” I felt I was just going to explode with all the negative emotions I was going through. I began to state out loud everything that I truly felt and cried more whilst doing it. After doing this for an hour or so, I noticed a difference in me. The crying had become more sincere, as if I was crying for the one who never felt safe enough to express all those emotions. I felt for her, I realized I’ve never really listened to her pain. I felt an opening in me. I felt kindness for myself for the first time in years.

It was not that long ago, when I was so deep in my misery and fed up with all the trying to love: I just snapped. I could hear myself; “I hate my life, I hate all of this, I just don’t know how to love myself, I don’t know what it takes to love this victim out of me?” I prayed and cried. I screamed “I have the right to be angry about all this, I am so tried, I am so angry and I just

I realized how much judgement I’d put into my negative emotions and thoughts. There is nothing wrong with them. We have just been conditioned that our negative thoughts and emotions mean the opposite of kindness and therefore they have to be avoided or we need to get rid of them, by using affirmations/afformations and all kinds of healing. It is true our nega-

in reality they were only using their “sweetness” for their own advantage. I was sure they were hiding their true misery. There was no way anyone could just be so sweet, innocent and purely loving to themselves and others.


MG 2/2016

tive thoughts and emotions can cause harm to ourselves and to others when we suppress them so they just surface randomly. But, if they are embraced, accepted and heard by ourselves, they will deliver the truth of their purpose: which is to awaken us to the greater being that is trying to emerge, the being that we have always been. After trying to love myself and everything about my life for so long, I finally got to a point where I had to admit the truth of it. I had no idea how to love myself or any of the misery I was in. As soon as I opened up to the truth of not knowing, something magical happened. The guilt of not knowing and being unable to love it all lifted. It was not my fault I didn’t know how. I actually felt love for the one who didn’t know how to love. It is natural for all of us to want something better for ourselves, and in truth we are capable of creating anything we

want in life. We all are infinite beings containing every possible choice we can think of. What ever we can dream of has actually already been created in the field of infinite possibilities. It’s just a matter of us aligning with the frequencies of those infinite choices. Of course, as I realized this, I began trying to create something better for myself, all exited about the infinite possibilities. But I kept wondering why wasn’t it working? Until, I woke up to the truth. Why would an infinite being, that has always had infinite choices to choose from, have chosen this moment I am in right now? Wouldn’t this be the highest choice for me to be in right now? Why would I want to get rid of this choice, why would I want to change any of it? I might not know why I am in this moment, but there is a part of me that does. That part of me has created this choice out of all the infinite choices for me. I might not see or know the perfection of this moment, but at least I can honor the creator in me by surrendering to this choice.


How was this helpful you might wonder? By honoring the ultimate creator within me, I honoured the truth of me. When we realize the space we are in is the ultimate perfection we have created for ourselves, we embrace our true freedom. Once we have no need to change anything; we no longer need the things we wanted to change. The cycle has been fulfilled, we are welcoming the next state of our evolution. Sometimes it requires us to be the ones who spend the two years in solitude, or in our misery, instead of taking the advice from someone who has gone through it before us. Often we seek for the cure from teachers, gurus, programs and then get even more disappointed. No one can know your path, you are the one who has to live it. We can take the very long route of trying to solve the reasons and the wrongness of our past. But, the reasons of how we got there are actually far less important than the honest realization of where

MG 2/2016

we are. We can listen to the advice and wisdom of others, but we have to live through our own transformation, that is the whole reason for us being here. Gift yourself the time and space you need. It is easy to get blinded by the ideas of receiving instant wealth, happiness and love when someone is offering them to you, as if you were battling against time. Seeking instant gratification can actually become the biggest block on your naturally unfolding path. Your time is always divinely perfect. It is OK not to know how to love yourself or all parts of your life. Not knowing how, is the open invitation for the universe to step in and fill in the empty spaces. It is not your job to know the how’s. Admitting you don’t know is surrendering to the divine. It’s easier to understand this in a context of trying to manifest money or abundance, but it is a principal that works on anything, including self love.

When you surrender to the truth of not knowing the how’s, that is when you begin to embrace everything that comes into your life with gratitude. It is not practising being grateful, but actually embodied gratefulness, the truth of you. Until, the next stage of evolution calls you, making you feel a bit uncomfortable again, but as you begin to see how this is the natural process of the expanding consciousness, you learn to welcome that uncomfortableness with gratitude, kindness and love. The more present you are in your heart, mind and body to your true feelings and emotions in every moment the more you teach yourself not to be afraid of them. Whatever we are willing to gift our full attention and presence to, no longer needs to cry out for it. I think I understand the meaning of the statement; the truth will set us free. Honoring your truth, what ever it is for you in any given moment is one of the most powerful tools of trans-


formation. It is surprising how raw, pure honesty can actually activate the opening of the heart into more and more love. Imagine a mother, who receives her child running to her in pain. She might not know what has caused his or her pain, she might not know how she can help that child, but she can and will hold him or her in her loving presence. Just like you can hold your whole life in that same space allowing it all to be as it is. That is the essence of true Goddess love in action. From that Goddess point of view you have already arrived at your destination, which is being present in this very moment of your life, regardless of how it makes you feel. Our emotions are just the drivers of our evolution, not the destination of it. In oneness there are no emotions, we chose to come here to experience them. kati kelo

Ignite the Magic of You Drifting for such a long time, not knowing what I was meant to do with my life. Being so scared and scarred by my past. I know so well what it is like. To be depressed, stuck in unsupportive relationships, lacking meaning and direction. Giving up and settling for a life that feels like a nightmare compared to those innocent beautiful dreams of a girl, who thought she could be and do anything she wanted to.

But, there was a reason for it all. Just like there is a reason for all your troubles and issues. They are the very rich and fertile soil your unique purpose and passion requires for it’s successful growth. Your life is filled with clues and signs of a greater mission. Messages of divine love only you are capable of interpreting for the benefit of the whole of humanity. It is my passion to guide you to find your purpose. It is my calling to show you how to build a new life for you, based on your authentic expression, joy and self-love. It is my highest pleasure to share with you the gifts of magic and healing I have been gifted by my guides and by the whole universe. It is my greatest joy to see us women growing into the empowered Goddesses we all truly are. Living your passion in the divine flow of love with ease and grace. What would you choose for you right now, if you knew anything was still possible? I only have one requirement for my private clients: you need to be committed to yourself and have a burning desire for a better life. Blessings to your Goddess journey, Kati Kelo GIFT YOURSELF A FREE DISCOVERY SESSION WITH MAGICAL GODDESS Booking is simple, just click on this page and you will get to the calender link. Make an appointment and start a new journey... with love at it’s center

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3. CHOOSE TO LOVE EVERYTHING IN YOU AND IN YOUR LIFE Our intentions set the stage for our creations. Despite the fact you might not know how or what it takes for you to fully love yourself, set the intention of doing so. Do these processes with the circumstances of your life, and with anything that bothers you in your life. Make your own statements, that feel honest and true for you. Center in your heart, and you can place your hands on your heart, whilst making these statements.

1. STATE YOUR PAINFUL TRUTH The Universe honors your truth. If your life is miserable, you have every right to be angry, sad and in pain.

“I might not know how to love myself fully and completely, but I choose to love myself anyway.”

Take anything you don’t like about your life right now and allow yourself to fully express it. State out loud all the misery you are in and don’t save your words. Allow your pain to be heard by you. “I have every right to be feeling this way. I don’t need to love this, I don’t need to accept it. I have every right to hate it, I have every right in the whole universe to want this pain to go away. I don’t need to love any of it, because it really sucks.” This is a really liberating exercise. You might start to cry, just allow the tears to come. A big part of the process of learning to love yourself is learning to be a safe presence to all of our emotions. There is no wrongness in your hate and anger. They are just natural reactions to painful events and circumstances, making you desire something better for yourself.

2. ADMIT THE TRUTH OF NOT KNOWING HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF It’s OK not to know how to love yourself. Not knowing how is the open invitation for the universe to step in, and fill in the empty spaces. It is not your job to know the hows. See what unfolds for you when you admit and openly state out loud the truth of not knowing how to love yourself and any of the qualities you don’t like about yourself and anything in your current life. How does it make you feel. Make a list of everything you don’t know how to love - about yourself or your life - and speak it directly to your own heart.


“I choose to love everything about me and my life, because I know it is chosen and created by the highest divine will in me, and I trust it is here for my highest good, even if I did not know why or how to love it all.” “I surrender and allow the divine within me to guide me and to show me how to love all of me, and so it is.”

4. CULTIVATE THE INNOCENCE OF YOU When you practice speaking your truth to yourself you will start to notice the natural kindness, love and innocence waking up in your heart. This is the time for you to cultivate the innocence, by offering a safe place for love and kindness to express and strengthen. Center in your heart. Imagine all of your consciousness gathering into the center of your heart. Place your hands on your heart, and speak to the innocence of you. Again, use your own language. “I’m sorry you haven’t been able to shine in this world. I’m sorry you have felt unsafe in this world. I’m sorry you had to hide from me and the world. It is safe for you to express the love and the kindness that you are. It is safe for you to shine. It is safe for you to come out to play. I am with you. I love you. I am one with you and everything that is.”

MG 2/2016

7. EXPANDING YOUR LOVE 5. RECEIVE YOUR LOVE THROUGHOUT YOUR WHOLE UNIVERSE Receiving your own love through your universe is actually the act of you giving your love to the world around you. Any lack of love you experience is just you not being able to receive your own love. It is your own love that shines through everything back to you. When ever you feel rejected and not loved, there is a part of you, you still haven’t been able to love. The key to receiving your love fully through your universe is to allow your love the freedom to deliver the best reflection of it for you and be free of any outcome. You might think, what you desire is the best for you, but the universe always knows better. It will always try to deliver you the best of the best. You just have to trust that and deal with the resistance. Attachment is just a form of resistance to receiving.

6. EXPRESS YOUR LOVE IN THE WORLD In order to activate the love and embodying it into your everyday life, you will have to start expressing it, through the means of the world around you. Without expression, your love can stay hidden even from yourself. Just keep asking the universe every morning when you wake up. “How can I express this love that I am in this world today?” “Today, I choose to allow the love of the Goddess and God work through and as me, for the highest good of all, and so it is.”

Center in your heart and connect with that pure love and light that is you. Feel the presence of that love and the oneness that you are. Take your time. Allow that love to spread throughout your body. Imagine it diffusing into every single molecule and particle of your body, let it spread into all of your bodies, and energy-fields. Let it expand to your surroundings, filling your home, gradually growing and penetrating through everything, in and through all the particles of your universe, let it fill all the spaces in between the particles. Soaking all the people in your life and in the world in that love. Let it be liquid like substance that can penetrate through the whole matrix of your existence to infinity. Transforming everything, shining and filling everything up with your love. You can say this: “I am one with everything and I now allow the divine within to shine its love into every particle of my universe and me receiving and seeing that love all around allows me to experience the love that I am.”

The personality you think you are, the one who is experiencing your pain, was only formed based on the sum of the experiences you have been through. By loving all of you, you gift yourself the freedom to choose something else. If you reach the total space of freedom of attachment to your past, present and future experiences, you get to choose and reconstruct who you are in any given moment. What would it be like to live in that space? kati kelo

Be open to your guidance and follow it through.


MG 2/2016


Everyone is talking about how love and happiness will only come to you when you start to love yourself. But when you do just that, people look at you like you had grown three heads and a tail. It’s almost like they don’t believe that it’s possible. Many people see love as happiness and happiness as love. You need to love someone, and to have a relationship with them, because only then you can truly be happy. Ultimate form of happiness is love, and a relationship. From my point of view, these expectations are very strange. How many truly happy, loving relationships have you seen during your life? When I started to be really, really happy, people started to ask me who I have fallen in love with. It was quite confusing at first, and when I tried to say that no, I have not fallen in love with anyone, I am just HAPPY, I could see that most people didn’t believe it. It’s not always easy to be full of love and happiness without any reason in this reality. It’s what everyone claims to be looking for, but when someone actually finds it, they are considered somehow wrong, or weird (or drunk). Being happy and full of love is seen as something desirable but at the same time impossible and unreal.

Being happy without being in love with someone and not having a relationship? Is that possible? Is it even allowed? In a way I could say that yes, I had fallen in love. I had fallen in love with this world, with this life, with being alive! With having my life like this, with me showing up in my life. With me. But for me it is about gratitude, being grateful for everything (and everyone), not about love. And what is love? What does it even mean? The word love has probably more definitions than any other word. We all have different ideas and points of view about it. If I say “I love you” what does it mean to you? It is highly possible that for you it means something completely different than for me. Stop letting others steal your joy (or love without any reason) because they think it is wrong, impossible or unreal. Be the unreal, happy, grateful being you truly can be! Whatever it means for you, whichever way it shows up.


MG 2/2016

Satu Lindgren is a Creator of Change and Adventurer who sees life as the adventure of living. She is a Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, who desires to give everyone tools to get rid of limitations and to create the life that truly works for them. This photographer, writer and dance lover explores what else is possible while getting completely out of control. Satu is originally from Finland, calls Scotland her true home and lives in Spain currently. Get more at

I am all my joy, love and happiness, there are no other reasons outside of me.


MG 2/2016

Eileen Downes Total Self Wellness Coach True Essence Fitness & Wellbeing, Inc.

LETTING GO OF THE NEED TO IMPROVE Recently I tuned into Deepak Chopra’s live podcast on Facebook and he said something that resonated with me at the soul level. He stated, “The cause of insecurity is the search for security.” He even called this search an addiction. I grew up in a home with alcohol addiction and it became my personal experience as an adult. Addiction has many faces but the cause is the dissonance between you and a belief that you don’t have something that you desire and you anesthetize with your addiction to fill that void. My addiction brought me to my knees and forced me to tap into that void and discover the truth. I made the healthy yet hard decision to stop drinking and journeyed on a path of selflove, self-care and self-discovery. This path led me to a career in fitness and into a movement to help other women find their true power by way of fitness and mindfulness practices. As a wellness coach for women, it is my business to learn what their deepest needs and desires are so that I can serve their highest vision. One common thread the women I serve share is the desire to feel loved and accepted. I know from my own experience that you cannot find that in any person, place or thing. To feel loved and accepted is an inside job and the only requirement is your willingness to surrender to the truth. You must first let go of the need to improve, fix, heal or change yourself in order to


feel loved and accepted. Think of this process of surrender as an inner workout using resistance training. The workout begins with letting go of the resistance and letting your higher Self do the lifting. Resistance is your friend and when we use it as a tool for growth and expansion, change naturally occurs. The more you turn within to workout the false concepts, ideas and beliefs you’ve been holding onto that are rooted in fear, the more grounded in truth you become. Surrendering this control is not an easy process as it requires courage and commitment. Pray this prayer, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” This prayer can be translated into heart-centered declarations like, “I am willing to let go of the past,” “I am willing to surrender to the highest idea for my life,” and “I am willing to serve only the truth!” Here are four healthy ways to begin each day and move you in the direction of loving and embracing all parts of you.

MG 2/2016

EXERCISE the inner muscle of self-love Give Thanks Make it your habit to wake up everyday with gratitude. When you make gratitude a daily practice, the out picturing of your life will change automatically. Hydrate & Stretch Drink a glass of water and follow up with a full body stretch. The water will hydrate your body and cleanse your organs and the stretch will prepare you for a more open and receptive day. Express Yourself Every morning greet yourself like you would your best friend. Look into a mirror and say, “I see you, I love you and I care for you.” Ask yourself: How can I be more loving and caring to you today? How can I support your highest good? Asking these empowering questions sends you on a quest to loving and accepting yourself more deeply. The answer is always within you, so end the search and go within. Meditate Assume a comfortable position and sit tall through your spine. Bring your attention to the breath. You may choose a mantra to keep you focused on your breath such as a simple word like peace, love, acceptance. Allow your breath to flow naturally as you mindfully follow its rhythm. When your mind wanders, which it will, gently bring it back to the breath. A daily meditation practice will benefit your life exponentially. Finally, to feel loved and accepted is to love and accept not only all parts of you, but to also love and accept all parts of others. Start with yourself and let this be your living affirmation/intention. “No matter what is happening right now, I completely love and accept myself.” As you grow stronger and build this inner muscle of self-love and acceptance, you can begin to express that more naturally to others.


MG 2/2016

SELF-LOVE SUCH AN AMAZING CONCEPT FOR JUST TWO SMALL WORDS The foundation of awakening is to reconnect with our Divine Essence. Our essence – the truth of who we are – is love. In this day and age, it is easy to get caught up in the materialistic and outer world. So much of the sense of who we are is reflected in the outer world. We identify with what we do for a living, where we live, our community (married, single, parent, pets), our passions, our activities, etc. All of that plays into our self-identity. At the basic core though, in essence, we are all Light and we are all Love. Learning to reconnect and embody love – or more accurately self-love – is key. The age-old saying of “you have to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else” holds truth. Society, however, has tainted or twisted that idea. You might have the impression that self-love is a selfish act, something that shows an inflated ego or a grandiose idea of oneself. It is time to shift those perceptions and allow for a much deeper experience of self-love. When you love something or someone, you place a high level of value on that special ‘being’ or thing. You are expanding your sense of connection, allowing a stronger focus and increased attention. So the dilemma is, how much value to hold for your own self. Do you put your needs first, or do you put others first? Understandably, as a parent, for example, it is important to prioritize caring for those who are yet unable to care for themselves. Making sure your children, or even your favorite pets, are supported, nourished and have what they need to thrive is required in such a role.


However, after perhaps years of putting others and other factors first, the pattern of putting your own needs behind others has become your norm. You overlook the importance of thinking about your own needs. And when you do, often guilt shows up. Have you ever felt guilty about taking a nap in the middle of the day or spending money on something for yourself that you don’t need, but really want? Do you value yourself enough to justify actions which support or nurture you on a personal level? Of course, there is a responsibility to live within one’s means, but shifting your perceptions around taking care of, or even pampering, yourself is a necessary step in moving towards more self-love. Are you thinking – ‘what does spending money on myself have to do with self-love? Self-love is something within myself.’ Certainly true. But how you “treat” yourself in your outer world is a reflection of your level of self-love.

MG 2/2016 RAQUEL SPENCER is considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders. Raquel works within the Quantum Field of Light and Sound, bringing through energetic activations which clear, upgrade and align your Divine vehicle of Light, i.e. your physical and energetic bodies. She states “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical super computer of Light.” For more information, visit:

There were times I would feel guilty for sleeping the afternoon away on a weekend, as if I had wasted my time, not recognizing the value of allowing my body to rest and heal without judgement. And how many things I didn’t try because I was afraid I would fail or not be good enough to succeed. The soul needs to express. That expression comes in many forms, many of which may have been suppressed, denied or ignored for years. When you really start to get connected to your inner self, those desires to express in new ways begin to surface.

Do you take care of your physical body by devoting time for proper exercise or movement each day? Do you expend the extra time and money to prepare high quality foods for your body? Do you indulge, once in a while, in an afternoon of napping, reading or watching a good movie - just because you feel like it? Or do the demands of others always take precedence? Years ago, when still learning to honor and love myself, I would go out to dinner with friends and only consider the least expensive menu item rather than the possibility of what I wished for in that moment to feed my body and soul. It seems like a simple thing, but it was a form of not loving myself, of feeling limited and ignoring my wants and desires. Seriously, in the reality of things, spending five dollars more on what I really wanted would not have broken the bank. And it would have gone a long way in honoring myself. Those actions and decisions just reinforced that I was not worth the extra few dollars.

Do you value exploring your creative nature enough to make the time …or do you have doubts about your abilities to do ‘xyz’? Is there self-judgement, do you come up with a list of excuses why you couldn’t possibly do what your inner voice is prompting you to do?

Self-love is about being authentic and expressing yourself in the world. It’s about honoring all aspects of yourself, the creative part, the part that needs alone time and pampering, the part that wants to connect to others and be seen, and everything in between. I encourage you to watch your self talk, your inner voice, and notice when you are being “less than” honoring to yourself. Notice when you are putting others first. Is it just habit, rather than necessity? Once you do, you can begin to change the patterns you’ve developed, little by little, one action at a time. Once you start to value yourself more, you will see it clearly, and you will be amazed how quickly the universe will support you honoring YOU. Self-love is a beautiful way of being authentically you.


I wish upon you cause your the brightest star shining bright at night illuminate the skies a goddess in disguise but we barely recognize all we see are scars and we believed in all those lies but how long do we climb falling every time gotta get back up but cause now its time to rise now its time to shine now we realize open up your eyes u r the spark of the divine has anyone ever told you that you are miracle letting go of the old you become more mystical a body in the spiritual you are magical an old soul who has been here many time before a portal to heavens door a truth that we ignored its known but never told what are you holding back for breakthrough all those glass doors i know we feel like actors but be yourself and send fear running through the back doors I am resilient I am persistent spirit is insisting to keep me uplifted I am so gifted I am so bliss filled Let go of resistance don’t get it twisted I know who I am I’ve come from afar away galaxy and I’ve come to play my part in sync in harmony like the strum of a guitar another part of me we are one and not apart life is a movie and your the star actor you are the master right a new chapter fill it laughter, no need plasters led your wounds breathe and they will heal faster trying make sense of all of this nonsense my heart is my guide intuition my compass take allot around see angels among us we are infinite so nothing can stop us


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Detroit Michigan during the sixties was such an exciting time. The Motown Era was in full bloom and good music was everywhere. Being a child I absorbed it all. My mom played piano and her brother was a professional musician who played trumpet. So naturally I began playing the piano at an early age. I would imitate songs I heard on the radio and eventually I began writing my own. But soon I noticed that whenever I spoke about being a singer or an entertainer I was met with criticism and warnings of a life of hardship from my mom. “Your voice isn’t strong enough, I can’t understand what you’re saying.” She would say. I felt discouraged. My uncle became my biggest supporter. He gave me music books and bought my first piano. Fast forward many years. I met a bass player in my first year of college, fell in love and got married. We both dropped out of college and we began writing songs together. My husband believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my musical dreams. Eight years of marriage and two children later we divorced. Being a single parent was the hardest thing I ever did. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. But God sent me many human angels to help me through and after ten years He sent a real angel. I actually saw it, over my bed. I was stunned but I had asked for exactly this and my prayer had been answered. After seeing this amazing sight I was guided to move out of Detroit. By this time I had gone back to college and graduated with honors. I

felt confident and ready to take on the world. With my children, who were then fourteen and nine, I moved to North Carolina. My daughter, who was the oldest, was against the move from the start. I thought she would change her mind. But after three months of being unhappy I decided to let her go back to Detroit with her dad. Two months later her brother joined them and I was alone for the first time in my life. I must have sat on the couch for three months. After being a single parent for ten years I had no idea what to do with myself. Finally I woke up to the fact that I had time, time to do whatever I wanted. I had written many songs over the years, songs that were eating me alive, dying to get out. Finally I had time to pursue what I loved. Being a student of spirituality since I was twelve, I decided to enter a talent show at a Unity church. Their ecstatic reaction was to hire me to sing my songs for Sunday services. After many years of singing at several Unity churches and frequent requests for CDs that didn’t exist yet, I decided to pre-sell orders to finance my CD. Upon completing my first CD “A Musical Messenger” it received high praise including a testimonial from the esteemed Dr. Maya Angelou who invited me to New York. Upon hearing me sing “A Living Example” she said “DeeJazz is unique and impressive.”


MG 2/2016

Six years later I released my second CD “Music of Life”. The following year I created my stage production “A Chorus in Miracles” (ACIM) based on eleven of my songs, featuring musicians, actors, dancers and singers. We performed ACIM in Raleigh, NC and Detroit, MI. The production focuses on realizing your dreams by knowing you are a spiritual being, accepting your power to create your life, loving yourself and others, and celebrating every moment of life. In 2014 I received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Black Women in Jazz and I opened for Iyanla Vanzant in Detroit singing my song “Joy Ridin’ Journey”. However after nearly four decades of pursuing what I love I must admit that the journey is not always joyful. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. The trick is to enjoy the journey no matter what. Learn to appreciate life itself and to always find something to be grateful for.


MG 2/2016

JANIA AEBI DISCOVERED HER PURPOSE AT THE AGE OF 75 “I studied, and read, and prayed and meditated and thought I had finally reached my life’s purpose, at the age of 75.”


MG 2/2016

What if I told you that your present circumstances don’t matter if you’re willing to make them not matter? Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future, which is bright, shiny, everything you want it to be and more, if you’re willing to take steps towards it.

Your destiny is tapping you on the shoulder again and again to make itself known to you. Your job is opening up to understanding and then implementing, the clues it gives you. I worked for an import/export company in West Africa, had a husband and a son and led what is called a privileged life. Without any warning, one day it all collapsed: my husband was killed in a plane crash; I had to leave the country within a month; decide on where to go to live; my bank account was blocked; I had to deal with the police, lawyers, the Embassy; not to mention the grief, the aloneness, no family, and having to be strong for my 13-year old son. I landed in my husband’s country where I had never lived - it was logical, since I was now Swiss – even if I didn’t understand the language! I turned to spirituality for support – not religion, but connection to God, Source, Divinity, whatever you want to call it. Many years passed, and then my son was hit by a car in Egypt and died. Africa had given me the best years of my life, and the most challenging experiences. Now I had lost everyone I loved, had no more hope, no more direction to my life and even spirituality was not enough. I knew the only place I could find peace and the strength to not let despair overwhelm me, was within. The circumstances of my son’s accident were such that I had to search for the real reasons why things happen, the real underlying nature and purpose of

life – since the human reasons are so often not even true. So I studied, and read, and prayed and meditated and thought I had finally reached my life’s purpose, at the age of 75. Peace and harmony; a connection with Spirit. Well, NO! That was not the agenda of Spirit! One day, for no reason, my right foot started swelling, turning red, then a shade of purple; was very painful and soon, I could no longer even stand. The skin looked like it would burst with the slightest pressure. Antibiotics didn’t work. I became really frightened of losing my leg. Sitting one evening in meditation, asking God for illumination – for the reasons for this – two people dropped into my awareness together. The image of two shamans, who had told me on two separate occasions, a couple of years apart, that I was a healer. That, to me, was laughable – I had been in import/export all my life, had no knowledge or contact with healing of any sort. Didn’t want to, either! But with that image came the absolute knowing that this was now my purpose – not doing it was the reason for my condition. And those words shot through me: “If You want me to do this, I will. But You have to bring me everything I need, because I don’t even know where to start.”It was an absolute firm commitment such as I had never experienced before and with that, a sense of peace, of “all is well” came over me in spite of the pain and


the added disquiet of having committed to something I had no clue how to accomplish. I went to bed more peaceful than in quite a while. In the morning, the pain was almost gone, the swelling was half-way down and the next day the leg looked, and felt, as if it had never had the slightest problem. And in the next week, the first step of what I had to do was brought to me on a platter – and this time, I accepted it and acted on it. You don’t have to wait until pain or disease appear, like I did. If you don’t know your purpose, ask Spirit, sincerely, and listen to Its guidance. I had been given guidance twice over, explicitly: “You are a healer!”, but it seemed ridiculous and impossible to my human mind. And yet, 7 years later as a healer, the life I have is so much happier and more fulfilling than I could ever have dreamed. Yours can be, as well. If you’re willing!

JANIA AEBI I work with clients 1 on 1, on the basis of a 3-month or 6-month program. I like to give a free healing assessment, so that both the client, and myself, can determine whether we are a good fit for each other. You will find a place to apply for the Free Healing Assessment on the front page of my website.

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MY LOVING GREETINGS FROM EGYPT, THE HOME OF MY SOUL All my life I have had an urge to come here and visit this land. But it took years and decades before I was allowed to go. My guides just told me, every time I tried to make a trip here, it is not the right time yet. I had to wait till December 2010 until I was ready and there were the right ladies with me.

We were 12 women from Finland. Some of us knew each other before,a some did not, but we had the same mission… to go and release some of the goddess energies, which have been buried a long long time ago, when the energies changed in Egypt. I have been living all around the world, finding my roots - roots of my soul - the places I have recognized as my old homes in different reincarnations. Just a month before this trip to Egypt came possible, I was sitting in my home and all of the sudden I was taken out from my body to Pleiades – my origin. There I was told I have the possibility to stay there from now on, just leave my body and stay at home ( ooh how much I have been asking for this, wanting the get home from this Planet Earth). I was told I had finished the things I came to do on Earth. I was given a lot of information at that time. The next thing I remembered was, I was back on my couch - crying like mad woman. I had made a decision to come back to Earth and was crying over this decision all day. Finally, I realised the information I got had made me refuse this opportunity to go ‘home’. There are things to do and be involved with. After this, the opportunity came to travel to Egypt and since I put my feet on the ground of Luxor, I knew


I had come to the home of my soul in human body. I had been here “the first time I took the human form” and everything in me recognized the energy here. My whole body responded to this feeling of arriving home. On the first trip with these ladies from Finland we went through the memory lane, we remembered one by one the promises we had made in our previous lives here. We unlocked those energy blocks with guidance from 22 Egyptian goddesses – the strongest one was Goddess Isis. We were staying in Luxor in the hotel Isis. Our trip was magical - like the trips here can be when you allow the energy to guide you. When you have time just to sit down and listen to what Egypt can tell you and allow it to open up in you the sacred information. I feel that, because it has such an ancient energy , it will open up things from deep within your deepest memories and help to heal them and/or start using your hidden gifts. For me Luxor is the Power place, and I have been in many during my travels, but it never felt like this. Since that first trip, I have moved here and I been able to feel and join in the shift that is happening here. In many ways I can see that the women of Egypt are the power for change. They are hungry for it. I am

MG 2/2016

Isis is the Goddess of Women

Who does not only protect women in childbirth and in marriage, but she is the feminist who said “I make the power of women equal to the power of men.”

helping them, in my small way by giving them work, supporting them in their lives and showing them there are other possibilities. I have a Suraya spa in Luxor and I also have massage places in many of the Nile boats. Massage therapist as a work for the local women is not appreciated because of many reasons. Those women who have ended up in this field of work have had many crisis in their lives. I have heard so many stories and have seen their lives very closely. I want to show these women, the work they do is highly appreciated and it is a good profession with good conditions. They do not have to be ashamed of it or listen to what the people are saying, because of the traditions and because they do not have any idea what is happening in the Spa. I can see how clever these women are, how powerful and how they want to learn if they have chance. And this is scary for some people, who has always lived by traditions. But change is the only way to move on and it is happening now. I feel that after the revolution of 2011, the Goddesses of Egypt are rising again. They had been most powerful a long long time ago, before Pharaoh times, which were more masculine times.

Now the beautiful Goddesses are waking up again, bringing the balance here. Goddess Isis is one of the leading Goddesses. With her eternal love and wisdom the hidden secrets are found. It is said President Sisi is carrying the Goddess Isis energy in him ( Sisi = Isis ) which is showing us masculine and feminine energies are working together. It is now time for that. Isis is the Goddess of Women, who does not only protect women in childbirth and in marriage but she is the feminist who said “I make the power of women equal to the power of men.” In these times of huge energy shifts, happening everywhere in the world and to everybody, we are on our way to finding this balance of energies from ourselves. We are not only females or males, we are both. Finding a peace within us, the world will find peace also.

Kirsi Voutilainen suraya.spaLuxor/ 49

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Isis is one of the most powerful deities of Egyptian mythology because of her magical skills. Her worship has lasted to the present day. There are dozens of books available written on the magic of Isis. Isis is considered to be the great mother Goddess personification of the complete female, goddess of children, goddess of medicine and wisdom, the embodiment of the nature and magic. “The one who is all�. For me the story of Isis intriguing because it seems to resonate so well with the awakening of the femine power in the world, taking place now. In the story; Isis tricked the uncaring all governing God Ra, by creating a poisonous snake to bite him in order to heal him, and to become the most powerful Goddess of all. Giving her a chance to use her powers for the benefit of the people, teaching women reading, wisdom and practical skills and how to tame men.

Kati Kelo


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MOTHER’S LOVE Our usually VERY sunny Noa (7) sometimes goes into this weird space where he is not quite himself anymore.

Instead of separating myself from him and the situation, I looked at him with all the LOVE I could possible tap into and asked if he wanted a hug.

Instead of being present in the now, he starts projecting the future, is obsessed by the screen and thinks that people make fun of him when they laugh... He’s not really behind his eyes and suddenly acts like a victim ...

He melted into my arms and when I told him I love and will always love ALL of him, every part, even the “unlovable” ones that are not “him”, he relaxed and cried even more. When I told him I’ll love him whatever he does and chooses and that I’ll do my damn best to always let him know that he has choice to BE (or not) the wondeful, happy, shiny, sparkling Noa that he truly is AND the doubtful, problem seeking, turned off version of him too if he chooses to, he gently whispered to me through his tears : “Thank you. Thank you for loving everything in me. That’s the way ...”

I used to think I wanted to teach him how to deal with that and change it. I wanted him to be able to change the situation on his own, so that he wouldn’t be dependent on me or something from the outside (interesting conclusion I unconsciously projected in him...). I wanted to empower him. I taught him easy practical tools. He learned the tools, he changed the situation and became himself again in minutes. He was really grateful for having the tools and often thanked me for teaching them. But not only did I notice that I thought there was something “wrong” when he wasn’t being himself and now realize I actually created a sort of a separation from him in those moments all while wanting to empower him. I also noticed that our deal DID work, but it still seemed somehow “unnatural” to him, so I’ve kept asking questions about me, him, these situations and kept wondering what it would take for even more ease, joy and softness in those moments. Tonight, it “happened” again and this time it was different. I was different !

And I realized once more what a gift these angels are and how they guide me to the best version of myself. I cannot give something I don’t have and learning to love EVERYTHING in them, teaches me to love all of ME, even the unlovable parts that I already thought I loved. Living and growing with them gives me the inconcievable, rare and unique possibility to BE and GIFT all the LOVE I’ve come here to be. They inspire me and teach me 24/7 how to go beyond the limited “egoistic” me. To not only be in allowance of everything without judging anything as good or bad, but to actually LOVE everything fully open, including myself, and embrace and embody the infinite caring and being of love that I truly am. That we ALL truly are . Henrika Tonder Henrika is a master in fully embodied presence and facilitates consciousness everywhere she goes. She works as a holistic health coach, hypnotherapist, intuitive healer and a supermother of three boys. She is an expert in conscious living and loving and inspires many by truly walking her talk.


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As I was drawn to learn more about the goddess Isis. I found this beautifully illustrated book, Magic of Isis, written by Alana Fairchild, a Soul Whisperer and a Spiritual Teacher from Australia.

This magical book is based on the creative power of our words. It contains powerful incantations, intentions of magic. They are meant to be used as tools for healing and creation. By repeating them we connect to Isis and get clarity for different aspects of our journeys. I have now began using them and I’m very exited to see what will unfold for me.

“  The wisdom of Isis is drawn from the power of the heart. Her lessons and guidance for us are many, but at the core of each lesson is love. Here strength comes from her passion, a love so deep and devoted that she never let anything get in her way...Those who feel a strong attraction to the energy of Isis in this lifetime are ofteh initiates or studets of hers from other lifetimes. An attraction tends to occur at time when we are learning that love is a power that can overcome all other forces.“ *

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in this this life has been the understanding, that we can have access to any information or knowledge we desire if we just learn to ask for it. We all can connect to goddesses, deities and any wisdom, because we are one with everything. Sometimes that guidance comes in a very concrete form, for me a lot of guidance comes through books like this, inspiring me to try new actions. I would like to invite you to join me into a journey to Magic of Isis. This book is available on Amazon.

*MAGIC OF ISIS A Powerful Book of Incantations And Prayers Words: ©2013 Alana Fairchild Isis Oracle Published by Blue Angel Publishing Art: ©2013 Jimmy Manton Isis Oracle Published by Blue Angel Publishing

I fell in love with this book, not only because of the illustrations, but also because I like wisdom in action, concrete advices on how we can start practising new things.

Kati Kelo,


MG 2/2016

“Love aligns itself with the flow of life, and the cycles of nature, and in doing so, becomes one with the ultimate power of creation.� Magic of Isis

ART from the book magic of isis: by Jimmy Manton


MG 2/2016


Sit in a quiet place of your own. Breath in and out deeply a few times, and as you breath in let the light of the Universe fill you and when you breath out let out all unnecessary burden.

love to this image. Speak with it in your own words, tell it you love it and appreciate it, and say anything that comes into your mind. Have a little chat with your masculine side, to get to know each other. Notice any changes in the image. When you feel like you are finished and at peace, let this image stay for a while.

When you feel at peace, breath down to your feet touching the ground. Contact the Mother Earth, let your roots find their way to the centre of the heart of Mother Earth. When you breath in let the energy of the Mother Earth rise and fill you up. When you feel you are filled with this energy, let it be.

Then you can move to your left side and visualize an image that represents your female energy. Send your love to it and have a little chat with it in your own way. When you feel at peace with it, let this image stay for a while before connecting with your center.

Then again, breath in and out and reach with your breathing to our Divine Father. Let the energy of the Divine Father to fill you up, like rain or liquid light. When you feel you are filled with the divine energy of the Father, let the energies of the Divine Mother and Father mix within the wholeness in you. After this, visualize on your right hand side an image that represents your male energy. It can be anything, just let the image come without analyzing it. If you feel like it, observe it for a little while. After observing, send your


Then it is time to let these male and female energies connect with each other. You can pull the palms of your hands together and let them touch each other. Feel the amazing energy, that arises when you have them together at peace and in love. Sit for a while and let the energies emerge in peace and find their balance within you.

MG 2/2016

GODDESS LOVE BATH Kirsi Voutilainen from Suraya Spa in Luxor, gifted us Goddesses a luscious recipe for a love bath. This Goddess love bath envigorates your sensuality, refreshens and opens you up to the pleasures of love. Enjoy it with yourself or with someone special to arouse your loving mood. INGREDIENTS: 1 table spoon of Coconut Oil 2 table spoons of Epsom Salt One drop of: Ylang ylang, Rose Lemon Balm


MG 2/2016



WAYS TO REV UP YOUR ROMANCE A central Feng Shui tenet is that marital or romantic happiness is critical component of a happy, well-lived life. And if you’ve had marital or romantic unhappiness, you know how true that can be. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on a solid romantic footing. By Kathryn Weber A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. 1. Look around. Is your bedroom a gender-neutral bedroom design that appeals to the both of you? Remember, men traditionally don’t like floral designs and if your bedroom is flowery, then your man could be experiencing resentment every time he enters the room. Likewise, if you’ve yielded to your man’s furnishing taste you, too, may also grow resentful. What to do? Well, start from scratch, and if you can, clear out everything from the room (just like they do on those TV room makeover shows). Then look at the paint, drapes, carpet, etc. to see if these need changing. A good starting point is to look at the walls. If you are considering painting, select a restful, neutral color, such as those of the color of skin, i.e., beige, taupe, brown, or rose.


2. The bed is where it’s at. Bed placement is extremely important especially if the bed is placed on the same wall as the bedroom door. This will bring serious disagreements for the couple. The bed should also not face a bathroom, see a toilet, share the same wall as a toilet, or be directly opposite a door. It’s also best if the bed doesn’t face a closet or bookshelves of some kind. Also, be sure to give yourself some support. Beds that have no headboard or are placed against a window give the couple little support. And when it comes to your bed, it is always a good idea to have a bed that belongs only to you and your mate. Beds used in previous relationships bring the energy of those former relationships into your love life. Remember, in your house, the bed is the No. 1 symbol of your union. Make it a nice one with luxurious pillows and comforters or spreads.

MG 2/2016

Feng shui expert, Kathryn Weber, writes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine with weekly tips and information on using feng shui for greater prosperity, happy relationships, and a more abundant life. Sign up for her FREE 4 week e-course, “28 Days to Prosperity” at

8. Decorate sparingly. Decorating the room correctly is important. Look at all the elements here to get more ideas about appropriate decorating for your romantic retreat. Plants, water, and flowers: Take all plants, flowers, and water features out of the bedroom. The Chinese say that “rice sticks together when it is warm,” imparting the wisdom of keeping the bedroom romantic. Artwork and pictures: Does yours inspire passion or love? What do the items on your dresser or the art on your wall say about your love life?

3. Look Up. Got a ceiling fan whirring above your bed? Lots of us do. This could be cooling you down… literally and romantically. Ceiling fans above the bed disrupt your body’s chi (energy) — and your romantic chi. You also might avoid turning on the fan for a week and see what happens… you might find your romance energy has a chance to build up. 4. Look down. Do you have all kinds of junk stashed under your bed? Maybe you have dust-bunnies the size of Dallas lurking under there. Clear it out and place a crystal sphere at the foot of the bed. These are believed to enhance relationships. Or, if you have an amethyst geode, place it at the foot of the bed. These are also believed to be marriage enhancers. Get the spheres at design stores, and get geodes at nature stores, gem shops, or gem and mineral shows.

9. Houston, we have a problem. Is your room is good working order? Is the carpet coming up or do the windows stick? Your room must function well on all levels. This includes making sure the door opens and closes correctly – and locks, too! Oil creaky door hinges. Privacy is also important for couples. Having a lock – and using it, too – sends a strong signal that your romantic life is important, yours alone, and private. This also means making sure you have privacy measures, too. Blinds or other curtains to cover the windows should be working… and used.

5. Remove electronics. Tablets, cell phones and computers don’t belong in the bedroom. Get an old fashioned alarm clock instead of using your phone for an alarm. 6. Change your sheets. Adorn your bed only with new sheets and keep them reserved only for yourselves. Feng shui teachers say that pink sheets are the best choice because they have the “fire” from the color red but are in a more sentimental shade of red.

10. Create your own love shrine. Put a picture of the two of you, a dish with a rose quartz crystal or clear quartz crystal, a heart figurine, a candle, or a small lamp in the southwest corner of your bedroom. Dedicate this area for this purpose. Keep the lamp turned on at least 3 hours each day so that it can shine on the crystal.

7. Remove mirrors. Mirrors placed across from the bed or that can be seen from the bed can “divide” the couple and create insomnia. Mirrors should be kept in the bathroom or hallway and out of the bedroom.


MG 2/2016

“I stand together with my beloved Divine, goddess near the ocean. The sun is raising and I let myself totally surrender to this precious and magnificent moment. I kiss my angel passionately and feel how my heart opens up. I feel safe and can totally relax into her arms, let myself be taken and swept away by the love of life, by my Divine, my soul mate. She is everything I have ever dreamed of and much more: A beautiful goddess surrounded with a loving, radiance that opens up my heart and makes my heart smile. I can feel her and I can feel my Divine kissing from inside my heart. And I think: This most be the highest for of love! My heart belongs forever to you: My Divine goddess!” I love you! *:) happy Thank you! Fredrik Grönqvist


MG 2/2016


MG 2/2016




MG 2/2016

OMG How does it get any better than this? Our beautiful God Tarek gifted us Goddesses with some tips on finding love.

Tarek’s tips :

How to Find your true love

1. GET CLEAR WITH YOUR DESIRES Its important to get clear of what you desire in a relationship and then stick to it, don’t settle for less, till you experience it. You might not get it right away but the wheels are starting to turn. Keep the momentum going. Remember to check in with your heart for each connection as sometimes our survival kicks in and we settle for less. 2. LET THE UNIVERSE KNOW YOUR DESIRES I feel the most important thing to do is to start by sending a strong signal to the universe letting it know you are serious and desire the most fulfilling relationship with a significant other while focusing on the qualities you desire. “I am feeling loved, supported, heard, acknowledged, I am having fun, I am feeling free, I am growing with this person.” Start acting like you are ready it and open to receiving it. 3. BECOME THE PARTNER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR This could mean eating healthier, creating space for it, time for it, going out to networking events, gatherings, dates. Also for guys to be more in their balls and not always in their hearts, and for women to be in their hearts instead of their balls. Yes as a women you can be the boss, you can be in command, you can do everything on your own, but part of being in your feminine is to learn to receive and allow the man to take care of you, to do things for you, to fulfill his role. We love being great providers, it is built into our DNA, but ask for it. You have the power to turn men into super heroes by believing in us and ispiring us. In return we just want to love and be loved.

5. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE IS No matter who comes in, all our programming gets activated and they actually get in the way of the perfect relationship. We start to play out mom and/or dad, so its important we catch these blind spots and/or ask our partner to call us on out stuff so that we can grow and heal in the relationship. Express to each other what your love language is. Go to 5 Laguages of Love @ http:// and find out what yours is and ask them about theirs, so that you can receive it your way and give it to them in their language so both feel loved. For example: growing up, my dad showed his love with acts of service for me, but I never felt loved because my language is touch and I dont remember getting hugged or being told I love you. My mom’s love laguage is gifts. I am not materialistic, so my way of sharing love with her was to pray for her daily and send some loving energy, but she did not feel loved because I did not buy her gifts. Since we learned each others love languages, they now tell me they love me, and I buy them gifts and we all feel loved. 6. GO OUT THERE Let your intuition guide you. Change your facebook picture to shine your essence more. Put out a post to the universe saying; I am open to love. 7. THE MORE LOVE YOU ARE, THE MORE IT KEEPS GROWING AND FLOWING. Keep sending love to those you love.

4. DON’T LOOSE YOUR SELF It is important to not loose ourselves. Keep your power, your sense of selves, your friends and hobbies.


MG 2/2016

TRUE LOVE CAN NEVER HURT US In the past, when we were heartbroken, it was because we were looking for the other person to give us validation, to love us in a way we did not know how to love ourselves. Our hearts were closed to ourselves and so we manifested our vibrational match - a partner who was also not loving themselves so were unavailable to give or recieve love. But we took it as a rejection as if it were confirmation that we were “unloveable” or unworthy of love. WE believed that about ourselves and it’s because WE believed it we experienced pain. The other person just highlighted our belief. This is a vital understanding we must reach because this is how the universe uses mirrors to help us try and make internal shifts into more self-love. It was everything that was NOT love that hurt us. In the beginning we felt good in their presence because they were validating us in some way and it made us feel a false sense of wholeness. But it was an illusion. We were not whole and it was not their job to complete us, but rather it was their job to disappoint us so we could see how we were looking outwards for a love that must be found within. That was their job - we were meant to get hurt to show us that we were not in the vibration of self love. Such is the role of karma. Had we believed ourselves worthy of love, then the breakdown of the relationship and any projected blame onto us would not have been so painful because we would have understood that the universe was working to clear our path for something better to come along and making a space for us to be alone so we could work on our self-love. If we loved ourselves we would not have taken it personally or as a supposed indication of a lack of worth. True love is only reached through clearing out everything


that is not love. That means believing in our own selfworth, in knowing we are ALWAYS worthy of love and trusting that painful situations are only indications of our false negative beliefs. Illusions create pain. Therefore if you are in pain, it’s because you are under the illusion that you are somehow separated from love. Love can never hurt us, only our illusions against it do. Love is the path of truth, the path of clearing out the illusions and pain. True love, firstly found within, makes us realise that whatever happens in our life which we percieve to be bad is never personal, it never takes anything away from us because we already have everything within ourselves. Yes there will be ups and downs and we will feel hurt at times, but it won’t be because of love and it won’t be because of the other person. Every time we feel hurt it is an indication of an area where were are not wholly believing in our divinity and are instead living in self-critical illusions. We will get hurt when we are expecting the other person to be this or that in order to validate us in the areas we are not loving ourselves. When we are so afraid of getting hurt in love, it’s because we are under the illusion that it was love that got us hurt in the first place when it was not. That hurt happpened so you could break your heart open for real love to emerge. You had to learn this lesson to know the difference. When we are afraid of getting hurt again it means we still aren’t whole within. When we are whole within, we know nothing can truly hurt us because we aren’t seeking that outward validation - we simply realise it wasn’t meant to be if it ends, or the other person is simply projecting their

MG 2/2016

You need to trust that no matter what happens externally, it will all be happening to awaken you further so you can take back more and more of your personal power through self-love.

own pain. People only ever hurt us in the way that someone else has hurt them in their past. They are trying to resolve it within themselves. Instead of taking it personally, we must understand it’s all about highlighting areas where we need to love ourselves more. We are in control of our own emotions through our beliefs about ourselves. How to Trust the Universe Being afraid of getting hurt is really just being afraid of someone highlighting to you the negative illusions you already believe about yourself, but taking them as confirmations instead of just illuminations. It’s also a fear based on not trusting the universe because you will believe that bad things happen to you as a way of the universe shoing you that you are “unworthy”. That’s why recognising pain simply as a highlighter to make you more aware of yourself is vital. Without that understanding it can feel like the universe is against you. “But what if I decide to trust the universe and I still get hurt?” Well, it means you are holding onto expectations of what you think you need externally to make you happy and secure. You need to trust that no matter what happens externally, it will all be happening to awaken you further so you can take back more and more of your personal power through self-love. Love is the ultimate power. The world becomes far less scary and we can finally begin to feel safe when we truly understand that our emotional pain is ALL down to our own minds, therefore WE are in 100% control. Pain is NEVER caused by external circumstances - it is ALWAYS caused by our REACTIONS

to our thoughts, how we CHOOSE to interpret things. Our own thoughts and beliefs determine how we feel, no matter what externally may have triggered it. Our feelings are ALWAYS our own responsibility. We have ALL the power. Use your pain as the tool it is meant to be, to help you wake up and grow into your truth and make better choices for yourself through your positive beliefs. It might not be easy to pinpoint certain hidden pain origins but delve a bit deeper and you will soon discover them and where they come from. Then the idea of no guarantees and change can actually become exciting - it can become a challenge to test how strong we are within our own inner security. It can be an endless opportunity for transformation. Do I trust? Am I bold? How much more can I strengthen myself through supposed adversities? How much more can I love myself? Then we can actually feel GOOD when someone projects their pain onto us in the form of blame because we will recognise how we are no longer taking it personally, how it no longer affects us and we will feel STRONG and know that we are in control. We will be safe surrounded by our indestructible forcefield of self-love. Believe in yourself. Our minds have the ability to take us from the illusions of powerless to 100% powerful. From instability to 100% stable. From out of control to 100% in control of our safety, security, ourself, our life. All it takes is to choose how you want to live your life. With all my love, Karen Burness, Soul Connection Psychic,


MG 2/2016


By Alyssa Lobit


Rule Number One: Love yourself, first. There’s a reason this is the first rule. There’s also a reason I’ll write about it last -- because that’s where it currently lies in your priorities. So when you get done reading this list, move Rule Number Five here. Rule Number Two: Don’t back-peddle. Own your position. You want a committed, exclusive relationship that has the potential to lead to a lifelong partnership. No re-negging. No being a pushover to “see” if things change. Boundaries. Have ‘em. Respect ‘em. Maintain ‘em. He doesn’t want a relationship? NEXT! And really, no discussion. No seeing where it goes. Pe-mothafuckinriod. Next. Rule Number Three: Don’t twist resistance into some “mirror” of your own unworthiness. If he does something you take issue with, don’t put that shit back on yourself like you’re not being compassionate enough, like you need to compromise or give more. Respect yourself. Own your worth AND your goodness. No, you’re not perfect. That doesn’t mean you’re not good and need to take every opportunity to “be a better person.” He doesn’t respond or otherwise engages with you on his timeline only? Kindly -- and yes, kindly -- let him know


that doesn’t feel good and that in order for things to continue, the lines of communication must be open and flow both ways. And then enact Rule Number Two. As in, don’t turn it into “I knooow, I’m so needy and I’m really working on not being needy, so this is the Universe giving me a chance to be not-needy, so how can I keep showing up? How can I be better for you?” Nah, this is the Universe giving you the chance to transmute what, through self-judgment, you’ve come to define as being “needy,” into honoring your needs. Needs will turn into neediness if you ignore them. But only if you ignore them. This new engagement is an opportunity for you to honor your needs. Not “be better” than the last shit-show (which, incidentally, was only a shit-show because you didn’t follow these Rules). Trust that you’re already a better person -- a good enough person -- because you’ve spent most of your life introspecting, becoming selfaware. You know what your shit is. You know what your buttons are. But before those buttons became giant oozing sores, they were once your basic, valid needs. You ignored them and they festered into incredibly sensitive, volatile buttons. Get back to your basic needs. Honor them from the getgo. Because guess what? Resistance isn’t a sign that you need to change or be better, it’s not a sign of “your shit” showing up as an opportunity to be healed or cleared. It’s a red flag that it’s not a fit. Which leads us to...

MG 2/2016

Rule Number Four: Pay attention. From the beginning and every step along the way. Those red flags are red for a reason. Don’t gloss over them. Don’t get lost in the mindfuck that the flags are only there because you haven’t worked it out in your own consciousness and this is a chance to have more compassion and understanding for others (See Rule Number Three). We don’t have hurtful experiences so that we can learn how to NOT trust others, but so that we can learn to trust ourselves, first. We do this when we pay attention to things that are said, but more importantly, actions that are taken. Or, you know, inaction. Behavior. All of it. Not just turning the microscope onto yourself so you can thoroughly examine how you fucked something up and did that thing you do when you get stressed or scared. What is the other person saying and doing? PAY ATTENTION. Don’t back-peddle. Don’t get it twisted. Which brings us back to... Rule Number Five: Love yourself, first. For some reason you have thought that putting yourself and your needs before others is selfish, unenlightened. And that is because you have learned from all the Masters and all the books and bibles and aliens and coaches and guides and sages that it isn’t

about you, it’s about Service to others. Empathy. Compassion. Understanding. Giving. You also have this thing in you where it feels better to reach out and apologize than to have some chaotic unease out there, with someone thinking you’re not a good person. This combination is deadly for actually being able to offer real love to anyone else. All those things you’ve read are true, but they skip past the first and most important rule: Love yourself. And yeah, do it first. Not after you’ve loved and understood where someone else has been coming from. Not after you allow someone else’s “less-than” behavior because you can see why they did it and they’re just doing their best. Cut yourself some slack, already. You’re not perfect. You will fuck things up and say things you have to take back, but the point is to do it less and less. How? Love yourself, first. Know yourself, first. Honor yourself, first. Forgive yourself, first. And with all that Awareness you’ve been cultivating over these countless moments, hours, days, months and years: PAY ATTENTION. You’re worth it. They are, too. This is actually how you honor the other, as well. Don’t force them through the meat grinder with you. They are, truly, deep down, a good person. You can see that. See it in yourself, too. This is how. Now move this up to the top where it belongs.


MG 2/2016

LOVE AROUSING CHOCOLATE BALLS I love making food that is both tasty and good for your health. These easy to make rhum-raisin based chocolate truffles not only tastes awesome, but might even put you and your partner in the right mood for LOVE; thanks to the great contents of dark chocolate – a well know Afrodisiac that has lately been found to contain so many great substances, it is now considered a vegetable! The recipe is inspired by my Norwegian colleague at Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen

Love-ly chocolate truffles (free from gluten, milk, soy, maize, nuts & eggs). ½ cup raisins ¼ cup rhum (white or brown) 7 ounces dark chocolate*, broken into smaller pieces. ½ cup of the solid part of full fat coconutmilk** ¼ tsp fine sea salt 1 tsp maple syrup/honey Cocoa powder to cover when finished the raisins in rhum in an air tight 1. Soak container, preferably over night, but even some hours will do, and then run them in your mixer tuning them into mash.

heat up coconut milk 2. Slowly and salt in a small pan. Add the chocolate and let it melt.

in the rhum-raisin mash and 3. Stir maple syrup. Taste it, in case you

would like to add a little bit more of either rhum or maple syrup. I like it the way it is, but then I do not like things to be too sweet.


Let the mixture chill for 2-3 hours in the fridge, until more firm.

out approximately 1 heaped tsp of 5. Take mixture at a time and roll it in your hands to

a round shape. Work quickly to avoid it from melting, (and you might need to wash your hands a couple of times during the process). Roll each piece in cocoa powder and put a side on a plate.

in an air tight container in the fridge, 6. Store if you can manage to keep these tasty treats from being eaten streight a way.

* - choose a chocolate with at least 70 % chocolate content. 80 – 86 % is even better. ** - To make the coconut milk separate, leave it in the fridge over night and use only the solid part if you can. (Using the full fat milk unseparated will also work, but will give you a softer, more sticky result.)


MG 2/2016


MG 2/2016

Men, wonderful men...... You do know, don’t you, that many of us women hide our truth? That we have learnt to be less than we are... ......for many reasons......... Not only hide it from you, but from ourselves too...... You may have noticed that things with your woman are changing, happening, shifting.....? We are being ‘called’ to regain our selves, be true to ourselves, be all of ourselves......

For women can be all things....from love to fear and we can bounce from one to the other in a heartbeat. And we need you. We need you strong, to be the rock to come back to. We need you to seek support for yourselves, to grow. And we need your love, protection, support, respect..... The reward for both men and women will be great....

Communities, children, the world and all life will benefit. Men, stay curious..... stay in love, no matter what she does. We always come back if we know we are accepted just as we are.... ....and we women have much work to do...... The planet needs a load of healing...... Love Xxx Sundy Gilchrist

MG 2/2016


MG 2/2016

DEATH AND RESURRECTION Easter holidays offers us a time of contemplation, a time of death and rebirth; a dying to the old self and being born anew. It is another opportunity to release all that no longer serves us. If we wish to continue our journey across the Rainbow Bridge we cannot take our old baggage with us! This month my thoughts travel to the Holy Land and I would love to share some of my journeys with you. I love the energy of the Middle East, the sights, sounds and smells that are so different to where I live here in the UK, yet they are so familiar! And so it was that I found myself visiting Qumran in 1997, spending time on a Kibbutz near the Essene settlement on the edge of the Dead Sea, receiving teachings sitting in the mountains behind the remains of this site, just as the Essene Brotherhood had done in the time of Jesus. Jesus received teachings from the Essene Masters as part of his training in this barren desert landscape and it was a returning Home. The following year I returned and one morning rose at 4am to climb to the head of the canyon where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, awaiting the sunrise over the Jordanian mountains, then breathing in the magic as it cast its path of light across the Dead Sea. As I sat in the dawn light an angel appeared in front of me. It was very translucent and exquisitely beautiful. I was high up on the edge of the mountain and the angel had its feet on the canyon floor and towered above me. I was spellbound in this wondrous energy. The Archangel infused my heart with Divine Love and tears rolled down my face as an immense love was filling my heart. There


are no words to describe the feeling that is pure Divine Love. I later understood this was the Archangel Gabriel, the Angelic Messenger. Archangel Gabriel now wishes to bring an Easter blessing of Divine Unconditional Love to you all through the vibration of my words which she is infusing with pure divine angelic love and light. Close your eyes and place your hands on your sacred heart in the centre of your chest and imagine now that you are sat on the edge of the mountain with me in Qumran. Take a few moments to breathe into the beautiful energies of the Angels of the Essenes as they surround us. Now feel a beautiful soft energy touch you as Archangel Gabriel fills your sacred heart with an Easter Blessing of Divine Love and Peace, healing old wounds and fully opening the petals of your beautiful radiant heart. May peace be with you and love fill your heart. Pauline Hadley

MG 2/2016

MG 2/2016


THE MAGICAL ALPHABETH How do you use words? Everything is energy including the way we speak and how we use words. Words have the power to create. God(dess) is in the little details of our lives. How many powerful words can you come up with that begin with the letter B ? I wonder how might you feel after doing that for a while?

MG 2/2016

THE DIVINE BEAUTY OF YOU Take a part of your body that you are not so happy with. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine that part of your body being a little puppy, and stroke that part of your body and say to it: “I love you, you are divine perfection in human form, even if I was not able to see it in you. I love you. Thank you.�

Magical Goddess has chosen the word for B to be



MG 2/2016

BOOKS RECOMMENDED FOR GODDESSES Whatever arises love that A Love Revolution That Begins With You Matt Kahn Are you ready for powerful energetic downloads. I have never had such a reading experience before. Even though, I have been guided through books all my life, this was something extraordinary. Matt Kahn’s book literally came into life as I was reading it. I would have an experience and when I carried on with the reading, the meaning of my experiences were explained in the book. The words of this book seem to carry enormous amout of energy and activations. One of my biggest issues in life has been learning to love myself and this book and the journey that went on with it truly got me through to the other side. For me this is the best book I have ever read about awakening into love. The transformation it gifted me is priceless. I am very grateful for this REVOLUTIONARY book showing up in my life.

The Gentlemen’s Club & Salon Des Femmes Conversations about women, men, sex, love, relationships, and becoming a pragmatist of femininity Gary Douglas Another set of revolutionary books. One for him and one for her, and of course I had to read both of them. These books are based on a series of teleclasses Gary Douglas held with a group of men and women (separately). If you would like have a completely new liberating way of seeing your relationships and being in relationships, with yourself and with the other sex, then you just have to read these books, or at least one of them. I love the way Gary explains the functional differences of men and women. Gary shows us how we can liberate ourselves from jugdements and fixed points of views in our relationships and lives. “Relationship is a concept; it’s not a reality.” “It’s a place you can live together in the possiblities...” Reading these books, I defininitely learnt a lot about men and women, and how I am able to create a new way of being in relationships with everything and everyone. A must read for a true Goddess.



Advanced Spiritual Healing Training Become a Certified Spiritual Healer Practitioner Learn how to get fast and miraculous results in your own healing and helping others to heal. This deep certification program contains everything you need to become a thriving professional Spiritual Healer. It gifts you with the most effective tools and techniques, you can confidently begin to use for yourself and in helping others to heal. This course is designed to fit anyone and you don’t need any previous healing experience. This course includes attunements and several empowering tools to help you to take your life to the next level. Here are just some of the things you will learn in this course: How to Release Fears How to Release Toxic Emotions How to Release Any Challenge From the Root Cause Abuse Healing Technique (Emotional, Psychological, Physical, Sexual, Spiritual) Life Purpose Discovery and Clearing Blocks Clearing Negative Beliefs Forgiveness Technique Inner Child Healing Past Lives and Ancestors

Mind Body Healing Chakra Healing Left/Right Brain Balance Balancing Divine Male and Female Energies Connect And Ground to Earth Integrating Empowering Beliefs Technique Prosperity and Abundance Manifestation Process: Manifest Anything Clearing All Blocks to Money Mastery Attunements

For more info email at

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Tarek’s new rap video KARMA is out.

Grandma Gjertrud´s Bedtime Stories Nurturing the Child Within

When Karolines (36) life gets hard, Grandma Gjertrud comes to her rescue. Together they travel back in time, rewriting the past with ancient, feminine wisdom passed down through generations. Healing hearts, creating hope and supporting peace.

Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen is a transformative storyteller who loves to tell stories that entertain and speak to your soul. Her first book ”Grandma Gjertrud´s Bedtime Stories – Nurturing the Child Within” is a nr.1 international bestseller.

Magical goddess/Love

Issue No:2 March 2016



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