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MG 1/ 2016


MG 1/ 2016

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Issue No:1 January 2016

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Goddess Rising

Welcome to Magical Goddess Magazine!


Awakened Friendships

Kati Kelo is guiding people into finding their passion, purpose, joy and natural abundance. She is also an artist, a designer, and a single mother to a five year old daughter.


Introduction to Magical Goddess


7 Feng Shui Tips for Making New Friends


OMGOD – Tarek Bliss Bibi


The Secrets of OBE sex?


I’m Not Your Friend – I’m Your MOTHER.


Befriend your inner child.



Friendships through time and space.

Raquel Spencer - Living From the Heart


KALI – The Misunderstood Goddess


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A Promised Life


What does it mean to be friends with nature?


Letting Go and Letting Love


Joseph – The Great Dane


From Loneliness to Solitude


Plugging into Animal Wisdom


7 Steps For Growing Out Of Loneliness and Becoming Your Own Best Friend.


Magical Alphabet A



MG 1/ 2016



Kati Kelo Creator & Editor

This magazine is a tribute, a celebration, a gift of expansion for all of us Goddesses. It’s about empowering the divine within us, and creating a life of magical flow. If anyone had told me a year ago, that one day I would be calling my self a Goddess, I would’ve laughed at them. I thought, I was the least Goddess like person, I’ve ever known. But, here I am. I had no idea, what it really meant, being a Goddess. My journey began by a little passing innocent wonder; I wonder what it would be like to be a real Goddess, like Mother Earth? And boy, it’s been a year of adventure, with deeply rich birthing pains and equally blissful moments of total ecstasy. Healings of the divine feminine and masculine aspects. Connecting with the primal forces of creation, goddesses, archetypes and spirit animals, amongst many other things. I’m sure there will be enough material for a whole book in this year of my life.

What is a Goddess? For me the word Goddess means an awakened female representation of the divine oneness. Goddess is a woman who is willing to know who she really is. She knows her value, her unique gifts of creation, actively engaging, and being present to all aspects of herself. Embracing everything as it is. In any given moment, surrendering to her highest potential. She is all the love


in her universe, a wholeness, a vast sea of inspiration, wisdom, magnificence. Never apologetic, but always true to herself. Ever-expanding flow of life and love. She knows her darkness and her light, fearlessly loving it all, even her fears.

Why do I think it’s vital for every woman to connect with the divine within? As we all might have heard the old saying, you can only truly change your self. More is true. Once we truly connect with the divine within, we will come to a point, where we begin to see there is nothing to change and everything to love. As we reach the divine harmony, we don’t only ever free ourselves, but the rest of our universe follows us into the higher frequencies. We liberate our mothers from their wounds, their mothers, and the sons of the mothers to be. A whole line of ancestors and future generations are freed from the old limitations and patterns. We become the agents of change. If we truly want to liberate the feminine, if we truly want equality in the world, there is no more powerful work than the work each woman can do within herself. The fight is never outside, and the harmony comes into being by embodying it.

MG 1/ 2016

The quickest way to self love is being present to Owning the power yourself, just like you It’s not about educating the men, would be, for a crying baby, it’s not about forcing to be heard or seen, it’s not about fiercely that knows no words. fighting the outside structures. – Would you judge a baby It’s about owning the divine power for it’s pain or hunger? that has always been there. Know-

This means surrendering to the unknown, to uncertainty, only then we are aligned with the true nature of life, and magic becomes possible. You can not expand and stay the same, or hold on to the past, even your own beliefs about it. It’s about time, for us women, to begin empowering ourselves and each other. Free our friendships into infinite possibilities of magic they can be. Whatever you don’t allow your self to receive, you can’t gift to others either.

ing it, so much so that it becomes the truth for us, one woman by one. Whatever we fight against, is like admitting it exist. Oneness knows no separation.

Why have I chosen the friendship theme for this first issue? No matter how far we think we are on our journey, unfortunately there is still a lot of old baggage to let go of, especially in our relationships. We are humans, and therefore partially animal-like, in some aspects. Our lives are pretty much relational experiences, and it takes a bit of time to find the oneness behind it all, seeing the “other” as a reflection of our own inner stages. Our relationships have been, for so long, about gaining status, popularity, respect and position, that the shift doesn’t happen over night, it requires very much of a conscious effort.

Be your own best friend In order to live in friendly universe of kindness, love and support, we have to become friends with ourselves first. We need to become friends with everything we are. We are the birds flying free in the sky, we are the deep vast ocean, we are the scent of the flowers, we are the stars and the lights of the universe. We are the divine sparkle in our lovers eyes. The heartbeat of the mother, we are one with everything that is.

Magic is about embodying the I AM presense. It’s about taking all that away, that you chose to put in between you and the crying baby.

Becoming the space of infinite possibilities When did we actually decided, that we needed to have, a set of opinions about anyone, ourselves or anything. What real safety do we get from labeling and boxing the world around? If our personality or ego, is nothing more than a chosen point of view, based on our perceptions of the past experiences, what does it do for us to hold on to it? – It can only create illusionary limitations. What if we had no need to control, change, win, or get anything from anyone or even from our selves. What magical possibilities of expansions our relationships would become? What new opportunities could we create, if we were the safest place for ourselves? Life is about expansion, and the easiest, most harmonious place to be is in a constant flow of expansion.

We all have heard at least one miraculous heroine story, about some woman, who against all odds found liberation and her passion, regardless of her circumstances, her place of birth or any other disability. This magazine is about those women, who are willing to step into their autenthic power and surrender to the divine flow. That woman, the Goddess, is within all of us. She is the only one who can liberate herself, into the magic she really is. Enjoy Your Goddess journey! With all my love, Kati Kelo


MG 1/ 2016

I see you.

You are more than enough. You have all that it takes. I believe in you. The universe has your back. Open up your heart, so much love wants to pour in. You are so powerful. You are here for so much more. You are so loved. You are so taken care of. The world is waiting for you to step up, to shine brighter then before, to be yourself fully. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being here. Reach out to a friend who has been there. Each one teach another, and the cycle continues, till we have have won. TAREK BIBI

MG 1/ 2016



MG 1/ 2016


Just as the waves, frequencies, and energies of potential flow into this current time-space position in the new year, the collective feminine energy senses a new carrier wave of empowerment and creative possibility. What could be so novel about this breath of courage and balance that flows into our beingness? We reach into the ethers and easily grasp a new idea, a new endeavor, a new voice, a new support system, a new sense of personal strength – but the real source wells up from within our very selves, our souls, as a fountain of eternal creativity, renewal, and expansion. She has laid dormant, calmly allowing and observing the evolution of humanity as it swayed with continual shifts in collective agreements and attitudes of indifference, subservience, cultural exploration/exploitation, conflict, and control. However, the time for active awareness, re-alignment, reclamation, respect, and resolution is nigh. She has the support of her inner and outer universe now as she awakens and claims her ability to create (and co-create with fellow rising goddesses) a beautiful existence flowing with new ideals for compassion, love, joy, harmony, and acceptance perfectly balanced


with power and wisdom. She heralds in the new paradigm of personal recognition and power of intention as these set the stage for new creation. She joins with fellow goddesses to rise above the chaos and distraction to resolve, reclaim, and re-create the world to shine in its beautiful magnificence as it was originally intended. Let us dance the new voice of creation together! Shawnna is a fellow explorer on the path of deeper understanding and enlightenment, and she enjoys immersing herself in continual learning, expansion, and awareness. Through meditation, core exploration, and energetic optimization, she gently inspires and compassionately assists others to explore their innate gifts and talents as they intentionally re-align and re-ignite their zest for life with an empowered and balanced body, mind, and spirit. Build a loving connection with her at

MG 1/ 2016


FRIENDSHIPS For many people who are either genetically of higher frequency* or whose vibrations shift or “awaken” throughout life, friendships can be tricky. Sometimes, when friends or family members are not also of higher frequency or in the awakening process, the relationships can suffer tremendously. We have found that those involved in this type of struggle do well if they re-define the dynamics, priorities, and even benefits of various friendships and other relationships during these times. As part of this process, it is not uncommon for people to completely change or even break away from long-standing friendships because the vibrations no longer resonate, or become incompatible.

many incarnations before it. Soul mate relationships are extremely supportive and significant, and can be either long-term or short-term during an incarnation. In many cases, the connections or friendships that people seem to manifest are with others who are going through, or who have just gone through, trials, tribulations, dramas, or traumas similar to their own. It’s as though they attract or find one another just in time to help each other with genuineness, sincerity, and experience. So, even though some friendships and relationships may fade during periods of awakening or intense growth, other very pivotal and powerful ones come forward and blossom even more.

On the flip side, soul mate connections often come forward or strengthen during these periods of personal growth, shifts, and change. A soul mate can constitute any type of relationship (friend, family member, intimate partner, mentor, etc.), but someone whose energies are familiar and part of your “soul group” in this life, and often in

Max and Lana



MG 1/ 2016



Jennifer Altieri

And so the struggle begins. If you find yourself questioning and wondering if you are parenting correctly the good news is that you are aware. Usually parents who are far off the path of healthy parenting decisions are not questioning their choices. You my friend are bringing conscious attention to the age old dilemma of finding where the healthy boundary is.

MG 1/ 2016

To start with, there is no one, clear cut correct answer. There is a clear cut incorrect answer, but let’s start with some healthy guide lines. The most important factor to remember is that this will vary because each child is different. It doesn’t matter how many children you raise, each relationship is unique and will depend on the child.

1. 2. 3.

Read your child’s clues. Some children will come right out and tell you and others you will have to read the clues. Are you smothering or does your child enjoy spending time with you and confiding in you? Remember to be the co-pilot not the pilot. Be a good listener. When a child feels like they are heard and understood, it goes a long way in the parent child relationship. Together you can find solutions and form agreements.


Show faith in your child’s abilities to handle situations.


Let go when appropriate. I know this is a scary one for a lot of parents. If you have been practicing numbers 1-4 you will be ready to let go when the time is right. Feel free to start will small steps on this if it makes you feel better.


Set a good example of how you want your child to behave.


Here is the number one unhealthy boundary. Like I said above, it is clear cut. If a parent has crossed this boundary or thinks of crossing it they are doing their child a disservice.

When you have the opportunity to develop a positive, healthy relationship with your child that follows the healthy guide lines 1-6 above, you are a friend to your child without abandoning your role as a parent. This is an ideal situation. So yes, not only can you be a friend and a mother, done correctly it is encouraged. Good news. It’s never too late to start to build the ideal healthy parent child relationship.

Jennifer Altieri is a mom of two teenagers, Author of “WHY ARE YOU YELLING? A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice”, Certified Positive Discipline Educator, Master Practitioner of NLP Life Coach, Founder of Hope Inrheart Life Coaching. To contact

Do not ever condone behavior that is unhealthy or illegal.


MG 1/ 2016



Can you remember a childhood moment when you felt free, all powerful and joyous? Can you recall those days when every day was a magical adventure to be discovered? I hope you can, and even if you can’t, it is possible to start creating those moments right now, no matter how old you think you are.

How is that possible? It is actually not that hard, it’s what you really are made of: magic, joy, love and light, constant wonder and expansion. What do kids do we don’t? They live in the constant state of wonder. At the beginning, we don’t have the learned patterns, we are free to wonder, what is this, what is that? It’s a free space of wonder without any expectations. We discover, instead of trying to bend the reality into being something we want it to be. Of course this doesn’t last very long, and we adopt to the rules, like all social animals do. No one tells us, that the key to

a happy life lies in that child like being. Well, Jesus does, but have we listened?

“Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of God belongs to people like these.” Luke 18:16 That innocent being needed to be preserved, but instead she or he gets covered up with all kinds of nonsense, we then try to free ourselves from for the rest of our lives. We begin to seek


healing for the childhood wounds, but it feels like a very long and painful road. What if there was an easier way, more natural way? What if we stopped trying so much to heal the child within, but became friends with it? What if that part of us knows more than we do, that it doesn’t need healing but loving attention and freedom to express? What if we allowed that natural wonder back into our lives? What if all it would require for that child to actually begin to cooperate with us, is respect and space? Agknowledgment and our uncontidional presence?

MG 1/ 2016

WHAT DO KIDS DO WE DON’T? Live in the moment Kids don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future, because they are to busy living in the now. Ever wonder why kids don’t grasp the concept of time? Because they are right, it doesn’t exist in the timeless now. First thing in the morning, before you get out of the bed, just ask yourself a question, what amazing adventures are waiting for me today?

Are aware of their environment WITH ALL THEIR SENSES Kids listen to the sounds, watch things, nature, people, without thinking. They experience the sensations in every moment, the scents, textures, sounds and how things feel through their whole beingness. Become aware of different sensations. Stand on the floor or on the ground, preferably bare feet. How does the earth feel, or the space you are in?

Children ask questions, without limitations. Living in the question is by far the fastest way to joy. Learn to ask empowering questions. Let go of the what’s wrong with me, why can’t I do this and that, and turn everyone of those questions around. What is right with me? How can I do this? Show me what brings me most joy today?

Allow yourself to have your tantrums, and be the space of uncontional love for them. Most of the tantrums come from the lack of loving presence, both kids and adults. Find a safe place for you to get into, and experience the moods if you feel like it. Let it come out and get over it.

enjoy the movement

A healthy child is unstoppable engine of constant joyful movement. Have you chosen to stop enjoying moving your body around, and testing the limits of your body? I wonder what it would do for you if you started to enjoy moving your body like a child again?

Kids don’t judge, until it is taught to them. When ever you feel like reacting to the environment, just get centered into your heart and start observing without thinking. Stay quiet and hold your space of observation. I’ve found this to be the most effective way of disarming anyone. Watch people shift in front of your eyes like magic. It can lead to uncontrollable laughter attacks.

imagine the impossible, and everything in between


Have tantrums and get over it

Observe without judgement

Kids are masters of vivid imagining, experiencing with all of their senses and emotions. Try it. Have a daydream time every day.

just do it get uncontrollable laughter attacks Laughter is a natural part of a child’s everyday life. What makes you laugh? Be irrisposible with “your good”, don’t withold anything positive. Pay the compliments, dance on the streets, escape your family for a massage. Let the world around you take care of it self. After all you are here to experince and enjoy it all, not to control it. Trust your life’s own divine flow, and experience everything with gratitude. Everything will always be taken care of. You are a child of God.

Experiment with new

Kids are always curious about anything new. What can you do today you haven’t done before? Taste new foods, sing in the shower, read a book. Let your impulses guide you. Create what ever you feel like creating. Just do it without thinking, get wild with it!


What ever crazy idea kids get into their heads, they don’t wait, but do anything in their power to try it out. They don’t care what the end result will be, at least it is fun and something to laugh about. Give it, or anything a go. Life happens in the process.

What did you enjoy doing as a kid and stopped doing it, because you thought you needed to grow up? Observe what happens when your inner child begins to trust in you more when you become friends with him or her and it is safe for her to express. What if that’s all it takes, to become that empty pure state of wonder again for you to enter that kingdom of heaven, right now? Kati Kelo

MG 1/ 2016

Create a Life of Divine Flow 14

MG 1/ 2016



MG 1/ 2016


Satu Lindgren

THROUGH TIME AND SPACE You don’t have to physically be in the same place with your friends, because friendships can last through time, space and places…

I have always been a bit restless. I don’t like staying in one place too long, and this has totally escalated in the past few years. Moving from one country to another all the time is a amazing, beautiful thing that creates my life the way I desire it to be. But it also makes all my friendships not-so-usual. How do you create friendships when you are not physically around for more than few months? Can you feel connected even if you do not meet for a very long time? Of course I could just have new friends in each place where I live, and meeting new people is definitely great, but at the same time I also love to have people around me who know me and I know them, and have known for a long time. And when you meet and get to know someone amazing, you don’t want that to be just for a few months. So how to stay connected? Maiju and I met in high school, during the first days. We became really good friends pretty soon, and were hanging out together a lot. Some of our teachers did not recognise us from

each other, I was called Maiju and she was called Satu… But after high school there was a time during which we didn’t talk much. We were both working in different places, different cities. Then Maiju moved to study further away. It is so funny to think of that now, how far away it felt though it was only about an hour’s drive. She was living with her boyfriend and hanging out with their friends. I was still working, and wondering what to do with my life, and then I started my yoga teacher training course. When Maiju finished her studies she moved back to where she had lived before. But at this point I moved to Scotland to study at an university. We were sometimes talking in Facebook, mainly just catching up what is happening quickly. At this point I almost felt like I had lost all my friends that I had during school. It was sort of sad, but at the same time I did not think about it so much because I had so much going on in my life. I would say that after school everyone needed


some time away from everything that had been so far to create something completely new. After few years I was starting to get connected to my “old” friends again, and I our time separately had just made our friendships stronger and better. I quit my university course, and moved back to Finland for a while. Suddenly we were living in the same city. Maiju was working, I was wondering what am I doing. We started seeing quite often, talking and drinking tea for hours. Six hours felt like nothing! We both were creating big changes in our lives, so it was great to have someone to talk with. And it was like having an old friend back again, even though we both had changed a lot. Sometimes you need to “take a break” and grow in your own directions, to be reunited later on again like there has been no time in between. In this case we both (and the world) had changed a lot, and then we sort of found each other again, like new friends but still old friends, somehow so much better.

MG 1/ 2016

What if there is no such thing as perfect friendship, but instead relationships and connections between people that creates more for everyone? If you feel like you have lost your friend, please don’t go into wrongness of it. It might well be that you are better off separately for a while now, but you can never know when you will be reunited again. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to give space and time, for people, relationships, things, everything. Sometimes you have to let go of friends just to meet them later on in your path. These days you can find Maiju in Belgium (after living in Jersey), and I am just preparing for my move to Spain after living in Scotland. Now that we are living in different countries, I might even say that distance has made our friendship stronger. We don’t say “See you later” anymore; instead we say “See you somewhere”. We stay in touch via Facebook and Skype. We have met in Jersey and in Scotland, and next time will probably be in Belgium or France, or who knows where! Sometimes we don’t talk for weeks. Sometimes we Skype for five hours. And if there were no technol-

ogy like Facebook or Skype, this would probably be completely different. Technology and social media are changing our relational realities, and there is so much complaining about that. But for me it is such a huge contribution, and it works amazingly. It simply is just about how you use it. Perfect friendship does not have to mean that you chat everyday, or anything else either. What if there is no such thing as perfect friendship, but instead relationships and connections between people that creates more for everyone? If you let go of the idea of perfect friendship (or any other kind of relationship) you can actually start taking a look at what truly would work you, what would be fun, expansive, caring, nurturing, and then create that. In the end it is about what works for you. Friendships like this one, no matter how untraditional they sometimes are, work for me. Of course there are moments when I feel a bit lonely because everyone is in different countries and busy with their


lives. But at the same time, no matter how far from each other we physically are on this planet, I know that we are just a Facebook message or Skype call away. Moving from country to country has completely transformed the way I see friendships, and has allowed me to find out what works for me. It allows me to meet and connect with more amazing people. To create more weird, wonderful friendships through time, places and space! Satu Lindgren is a Creator of Change and Adventurer who sees life as the adventure of living. She is a Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, who desires to give everyone tools to get rid of limitations and to create the life that truly works for them. This photographer, writer and dance lover explores what else is possible while getting completely out of control. Satu is originally from Finland, calls Scotland her true home and lives in Spain currently. Get more at

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By Oge Aboh

MG 1/ 2016

Befriending your ex may hold some treasure to your true evolutionary process! For most people, it is quite unlikely that they would consider this as an option, let alone re-establishing any form of relationship with an ex-husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. For the most part, this could be a whole new journey of rediscovering a platonic relationship centered on authenticity. Of course this would not be for everybody, since each person makes their decision based on their level of comfort. Oftentimes, the reason why people go their separate ways results from the fear and unwilliness to delve into their own ‘growing edges’ that seek integration. For others the reason for break up may arise from unfulfilled dreams, abusive relationship, or unhealthy turns that life could take.

I had to allow myself go through the crucible of my painful experiences to enable me heal. I remember many years ago, I went through situational depression that left me wondering if I could ever regain my fun-loving self. I wished so badly to get back to being me. The thought of taking medication was even scarier, because of all the possible side effects. Moreso, the fear of depending on any form of medication to be functional repulsed me the most. The only reason that made me committed to taking my prescribed medication was the hope and possibility of feeling better and regaining my vibrant self. Nonetheless, I weaned myself off the medication as soon as I was able to utilize other non-

If we are able to tune into the rhythmic dance of life, we will realize that in every turmoil lies a hidden stillness. chemical therapeutic measures to get myself back on track. I had to allow myself go through the crucible of my painful experiences to enable me heal. Part of the process required me to return to the environment that held so much negative memories, with the intention of facing my fears and working through them. I remember boarding the plane to return to the United States with a gnawing feeling of deep loneliness and sense of disconnection. Beyond these feelings, I perceived God nudging me to move forward and make something out of life. I was tempted to quit on numerous ocassion, but my determined spirit propelled me to achieving complete emotional health. My journey to recovery from depression mirrors the same invitation that the Universe extends to each of us when things go sour and don’t turn out as anticipated. If we are able to tune into the rhythmic dance of life, we will realize that in every turmoil lies a hidden stillness. “Befriending your ex” could mean different things to different people. For one person it could mean re-establishing some form of friendship with the intention of revisiting the ‘growing edges’ to heal. For another it could be simply recalling various experiences encountered while in the relationship, and working yourself through the process of healing. Oftentimes, the storms of life are the loudest way the Universe use to propel us to the next level of our evolution. As human beings


we often love to settle where we feel comfortable and find all the reasons why we feel justified to stay that way. Our ego also does a good job by giving us a false sense of security that make us resistant to change; thereby interpreting any form of change as a threat to our wellbeing.

When we are not able to face our monsters, we are more likely to externalize our issues and blame other people for our mistakes, playing the victim.

Even though the thought of the other partner may give us a nagging feeling of despise, the whole idea of “befriending your ex” is a way of getting people to revisit some of those issues that created problems in their past relationships and allow healing to take place. This not only creates avenue for self knowledge but also gives us an opportunity to grow and learn a better way of being. When we are not able to face our monsters, we are more likely to externalize our issues and blame other people for our mistakes, playing the victim. This reinforces powerlessness, and may result in some of the same issues manifesting in our subsequent relationships, preventing us from experiencing a true way of being. OGE ABOH info:; email: creativeinspirationsusa@, Tweeter: ogeee22;

MG 1/ 2016

A PROMISED LIFE – by Vicki Herschman

My Promised Adventure began with a precocious little feline named Puddy Cat; a cancer of the jaw diagnosis coupled with an uncompassionate vet guided me to discover the Promised Land: my heart was slowly leaving New York, becoming more and more disillusioned with the metropolitan area; my values had shifted towards a more community oriented lifestyle and the so called distractions of city life no longer appealed to me. I began to search different communities along, well, what I call, “the special train coast,” the Metro North train line that provides the best commute known to mankind. The cat’s health, however, was my main concern, and a friend suggested a vet practice in South Salem, NY that specialized in these concerns. So Puddy and I boarded that special train and began our journey to the Promised Land, Katonah, NY. We made our initial journey to our glorious adventure and took a taxi to the doctor’s office. The minute my feet landed on their fertile ground I knew that I had found my Promised Land. The vets cared for Puddy for the next year and a half. He lived the best quality of life and so full of himself that he wanted to live forever. Sadly, he made his transition and I thanked him immensely for my new beginning. During that time span, my job was downsized and eventually, I was eliminated from the company. I was somewhat elated; since it no longer aligned with my values and I needed to move on to a better place. So silly me, I thought it would take only a few months to gain employment; two years later; hundreds of interviews, job applications, and Linked In connections, nothing seemed to click. I then began the process of submitting housing applications to the Promised Land, hoping that I had to try a different route. Suddenly, calls and emails were flooded with Promised Hope regarding the move and decided to take a leap of faith. I was in the Promised Land in no time; embracing the community I had longed for many years.


But the Promised Life swiftly vanished;for I was hit several times by a driver as I was returning books to my beloved library. I fell backwards, hitting my head several times on the pavement. I was gratefully blessed as a friend said, for that was my new beginning. A mild concussion and sciatica conditions resulted in severe loss of balance issues: a simple walk down the main street resulted in too many falls; fear of getting off and on the “special train,” and climbing the stairs became an hazardous journey. My employment search was limited by the local #19 bus line. I could no longer take care of myself and my beloved new home. I decided to leave the Promised Land; my family insisted, after bouts of jealousy and deceit, that their Land was the only Land where I should lay my roots down. My gut told me to stay put and see whether I can receive any addition help; but I decided to take a leap of faith, hoping everyone had changed their tunes. My family’s Promised Land became very unpromising in about 2 minutes; between the extremely humid weather, their heavy cigarette smoking and chronic verbal abuse; I decided to head to a promised clergy’s hope that there would be a warm welcome into their new community. There were promises of a wonderful roommate, a congenial community, and aligned spiritual values. Instead, their clergy had ostracized me for not earning

MG 1/ 2016


the required $100,000 net worth and was subsequently placed in transitional housing in one of the roughest areas of town. Suddenly old friends disappeared and I was left to my own devices. The director of this program wasn’t too keen on a Caucasian Jewish woman appearing at her door; it was a very tough 60 day job program; conveniently designed not to help those college graduates succeed in the workforce. There was very little support for people in my age and education level and sadly, was asked to leave in the program, in the pouring rain, with no hope and no future. A trusted friend in the city also promised a bright future but sadly the same results followed…. So you may ask: Why would a college graduate with 20+ year office management background live in these situations? Well, I dialed for dollars through my I phone contact book, had “close friends” face book everyone and anyone for a room and job opportunities and nothing seemed to happen. I tried to dream about a room with a view with friends, comrades, trying different Promised Lands; hoping for some lucky break. But I think these so called pals were simply “yessing” me; secretly praying that I would vanish rather than to offer any hope or help. Suddenly, friends disappeared from the radar; noting that their lives were just too “filled” with work, community, and internet sightings, whatever their excuse…..they fell off the earth and didn’t want to

help the cause. For those whom I thought I could trust and speak the truth, many simply judged and walked away, hoping that they wouldn’t catch the disease. Frankly, these friends, many whom I had helped in their personal trials and transitions, suddenly flew the coup. I was left alone; in despair, facing a very lonely new beginning. Too many broken promises left another night sitting alone in Starbucks, wondering whether I would ever return to my Promised Life. So as I attempted to embrace another fall city day; the metropolitan area was experiencing an unusually warm weather on a Saturday afternoon, I observed other travelers walk along the battered city streets and enjoy the appearance of a cool spring day. The pedestrians were texting, tweeting, and screaming into the cell phones, the common place among the New York City crowd. I attempted to listen, once again, to a meditation tape amongst the traffic, the never-ending city noise, and began to cry; for the $1.07 in the checking account couldn’t equate the support that I needed to return to my Promised Land. This past year was filled with transitions; somewhat sad, somewhat glad, and at the end of the year, I examined unhappiest year of my life. It was a time of my greatest sadness; to see that I needed to say goodbye to those “trusted people, places, and things that no longer served my highest purpose,”: to let go of past regressions, past mistakes, and so called past failures but most importantly, my “trusted” community whom no longer served my authentic self. I sit on a curb on 108th Street and Broadway, once again trying to play with the I Phone headphones and begin to cry; for first time mourned the unbearable pain and grief of these countless


MG 1/ 2016

A PROMISED LIFE – by Vicki Herschman


losses; the demise of my immediate family who could no longer understand that I deserved my own life, my die hard Big City friends who thought that “I was just simply running away to the country,” to the trusted clergy who quietly whispered that an unemployed person simply meant that you were invaluable human being. I was no longer welcomed into their quaint town. They only understood the value of the hundred dollar bill and that symbolism equated with one’s worth as a community member. Although their religion fiercely honored integrity, strength, honesty, and just plain “old fashioned community values that were bound by the Torah laws”, the hundred dollar bill eventually won hands down. My family daily abused me by noting that I was a failure, loser, and frankly, I only deserved their measly crumbs. Their snobbism nearly pushed me over the edge. So again, I returned to my hometown, to brush off the cobwebs and find a way back to the Promised Land. My gut reaction was to head for the hills but I decided to give it another try; maybe things had changed…. My authentic soul roared the minute my feet landed in Grand Central. Another mistake but I couldn’t turn back at that point, I had to move forward to my next stage in life; to make peace with my past and move forward to the Promised Land. And so today, as I sit and wipe another tear, as I feel the gut wrenching sense that another pal was “too busy” to talk: I remember “friends” who offered their love and friendships; what I assumed was unconditional support resulted in abusive endings, many “endearing promises,” or just plain goodbyes. For the shame/blame game began the minute I said: I deserve; not my family,


not my friend’s, not my neighbor’s lives and I only created another lonely afternoon in New York City. I realized that the continuous cycle had finally disintegrated into the past, where it belonged; because I have to accept that we can’t change people, for we can only change ourselves. For one to live an authentic life meant releasing the need to repeat destructive childhood relationships, including unavailable men, unavailable people, just an unavailable life; and as I embark my new journey; somewhat shaky at times, but with a sense of purpose, knowing that I continue to embrace my new loving community and family; things will eventually fall into place. Most importantly, I realized that I needed to create my own family, people in my life who valued me as me, and the journey to discover that I am a valuable friend, partner, and community member. I tell the tale because I wish everyone to have a new beginning. We deserve the Promised Life; it takes courage, patience, strength, hope, and frankly a loving community to guide you to your paths. I only ask that you appreciate and savor each stage of the journey; don’t just worry about attaining the goal; it will come, even better than you had even imagined it. Believe dear ones, for every day can be a glorious adventure. The only word is courage; believe in your dreams.

Find your passion, purpose and joy &

MG 1/ 2016



Magic starts to happen when you are aligned with your purpose, passion and joy. Are you ready for more fullfilled life ? Are you ready to step into your natural flow of abundance, joy and love? You are the creator of your life’s experiences, why not create something that actually makes you happy? Free your self from the past limititations and discover the real Magical Goddess of you. You are an infinite being, a magnificent Goddess waiting to be awakened and everything you need to built a life of your dreams is already within you. Are you ready to be connected with the Goddess powers around us and with your own divine forces of creation? What else can you create for yourself and for all of us?

Create a Life of23Divine Flow

MG 1/ 2016

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MG 1/ 2016

LETTING GO AND LETTING LOVE For only after forgiveness can we begin to heal and prosper.

LeNae Goolsby, JD

bitterness from the thoughtless and even malicious words or acts of another has zero affect on the offender, but may result in tremendous adverse health effects for us. Why would we ever knowingly do this to ourselves? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for happiness, health and peace. Forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships, greater spiritual and psychological wellbeing, less anxiety, stress and hostility, lower blood pressure, fewer symptoms of depression, stronger immune system, improved heart health, and higher self-esteem.”

A couple of years ago I shared a FaceBook post encouraging us all to forgive those who have hurt or offended us in order that we may begin a new day afresh. I received several comments from people who genuinely would like to forgive, but that they did not know how or even why they should bother doing so. I understand that for many of us the knee-jerk response to an offense is to put up our defenses and/ or lash out in kind. Very few of us default into an attitude of grace, compassion, or understanding when someone has dared to hurt or offend us. I would submit, however, this may be due in large part to a misunderstanding of what forgiveness is and why it is so important for us to begin to consciously practice.

If you are interested in extending forgiveness but have no idea where to begin, the following is a mini-process that may help get your started on the right track.

Many people believe that forgiveness is the equivalent of granting our offender a pardon, a free pass, that to just let it go is somehow excuse, if not condone, the action or behavior. But this is not at all the case. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” Forgiveness is a constant attitude that begins which making the CHOICE to forgive. It’s really just that simple. What may be so difficult is making that choice in light of the hurt and pain, and I get it, I really do (been there, done that, repeatedly). But, if we can step into a place where we observe the offending act, observe the resulting emotional pain, and then consciously choose to release the pain and then release the offender, we are actually showing ourselves a huge act of self-love. Extending forgiveness has nothing to do with the offender and has everything to do with who you are what you choose to experience in your life.


“Forgiveness is a reflection of loving yourself enough to move on.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli Gritting our teeth and clenching our fists in order to so tightly hold on to the resulting pain, anger and


Steps to Letting Go & Letting Love:


Set the intention to forgive by declaring, “Today I choose to forgive .”


Take three deep breaths in and out.


Visualize yourself holding all the pain, anger, bitterness and resentment in your cupped hands. Visualize these dense emotions transforming into little yellow butterflies and when you are ready, see yourself lifting your hands in the air and releasing all the butterflies.

MG 1/ 2016

Create a Life of Divine Flow


MG 1/ 2016




MG 1/ 2016



When I lay on my bed and close my eyes, and listen to the sounds of the world around me, it gradually happens, the sounds of silence turn into music.

Symphonies, angelic choirs, beautiful melodies, sung by pure voices. Sometimes, I hear whole songs with lyrics. I hear music from all genres, even the greatest rock

ballads, interpreted by female, male and children’s voices, that always sound just angelic. The music in the sauna of our summer cottage is truly beautiful. I don’t know

how long I’ve had this ability to hear the symphonies of

life around us, but that is just one of the greatest things I’ve become more aware of since I turned within and embraced my loneliness.

MG 1/ 2016

It’s been over a year and a half since I separated from my long time partner and the father of my child. That time I really felt the loneliness to the core of my being. It wasn’t as if I couldn’t be friends with our mutual friends or with him, but I realized that there was a deeper loneliness within me. A longing that has always been with me and never left. No matter how much I was in love it would be there, like there was an invisible barrier between me and the rest of the world. No one could ever get into my heart. I was always the outsider, no matter how many friends I seemed to have. This time I knew it very clearly. I had to be with that loneliness and not try to run away from it or hide it in a superficial social life. I began to isolate myself from the world and really got into the core of my loneliness. I had already quit my business, so there was no obligations to be present to anyone, but my daughter. It was because of her I chose to do this work. I felt disconnected from her in the same way as I did with anyone else. I just could not accept that for my child. when I began the inner work there were times I felt even lonelier than before. I changed and no longer felt so connected with the people from my past. There were times I would cry for a whole day, just wanting to share something, that I had experienced, but there was no one there. Sometimes, I was so desperate just for a hug, that I thought of going out to the streets and begin hugging strangers. At really low moments, I was ready to give up, what was the point in this life locked up in the prison of my own misery and no one was there to care, no one would even notice if I disappeared. Those times I felt like my daughter saved my life. There were times I felt I had gone totally mad with everything happening in the energetic level, and nothing showing up in the real world. Yet, I felt like I had to stay with it, and I did.

my past lives. But, I realized that the core of my loneliness was actually a longing for a deeper connection with my own divine being, with god and the oneness. Longing for love, but longing to be loved by myself, accepted by myself as I was. I had been blinded by the illusion, and by everything that I had picked up on the way. I had abandoned my spirit, my own heart. I was very much connected with my higher self as a child and had many spiritual experiences. But, now I was searching for the cure from the outside world, something that would fix the wrongness of me, something that would heal me, so I can open my heart and be free of all the fear. But, the opening of the heart happened to my self, from myself from the divine within and it is beginning to shine and open up to the world around. It wasn’t the world around or the people around me I was disconnected from, it was myself and the truth of what I am, that I had been disconnected from. I found my way to oneness through my own heart. That connection is always expanding, always loving and supporting, always there. There is no need to look for it, it is, and it is only waiting for me to open my heart to it more and more in every moment, and as I do so everything becomes that love I’ve longed for, even the darkness. As I look back now and think of my despair, it makes my heart sing with joy and gratitude. It truly is all love, after all. The best thing is, that now I really enjoy my own company.

Who knows, maybe there is someone who can hear the same music as me? Maybe, there is someone who can even play it out loud for

Gradually, I began to enjoy my own company more and more. I began to build a new life, little by little, started to create again, connected with everything I’d ignored before. I started asking questions like, what do I really want for myself? It was as if I never allowed myself to know who I am, and now I had no way around it. What did I even know about myself?

me? Now, I am open to

receive it, like I am open to receive all that I am.

In oneness, I am always safe, loved and never

During this Journey I revealed many fears and issues that stemmed from my childhood, even from



7 STEPS MG 1/ 2016


1. Accept & Surrender

3. Observe Without Judgement

Stop trying and start surrendering. This is a good advice with anything you want to change in your life. Just stop trying to find your way out of your loneliness and start being with it. By accepting the current situation, you claim your own creative powers back. There is a reason why you have created the space you’re in right now, no matter how painful or unfair it might feel like. If you reconize this, you gift your self the opportunity to create something different. Despite the pain, you can intend to choose to find out why you have created it. Begin by asking: Why have I created this? What expansion of conscioussness is possible for me in this space? If it helps you you might want to distance yourself from the situation, and think if you were a God what might you be trying to teach yourself with it? Then let the questions go. The answers will come to you through different channels, and insights, through out your daily activities, just pay attention.

and Be Grateful

Notice all of the things that begin coming up as you ask and imagine. Is there spaces where you’ve been following someone else, rather than your own heart? Where are you trying to be something? Is there some patterns that keep repeating themselves in your relationships? Notice those things that come up that you feel like are stopping you from being all that you want to be? Observe everything that is coming up without judgements. Instead of judging yourself or others, be grateful for all the insights you might get. Everything is working for your highest good, always. We didn’t come here with our problems, we picked them up from here, so there is no need to blame anyone for them. You can be grateful, that you have the chance to bring everything to the light and love of your being, for your self and others.

2. Connect With Your Heart

and Become Your Own Best Friend

Start being your own best friend. Ask questions and get to know yourself: Who am I really? What do I really like and want for myself? What do I like doing, what gives me joy? If you are not sure what turns you on, just ask the universe: Show me what would give me the most joy and what would I really, really like? What kind of relationships would make me happy? What kind of people I really want to connect with? Become that person for yourself. Go into your heart and ask how would I treat myself, how would I be and what would I do with myself if I was my best friend? Begin to try new things, find out what you like just for yourself. In all areas of your life, from your clothes, to the way you like to be touched. What would it feel like if someone treated you just the way you liked it? Imagine it and feel it all. Imagine yourself being surrounded by beautiful people with whom you can be yourself fully and feel loved and safe. Try to really feel what it would be like and make it a practice to connect with those feelings every day.


Once you learn to stay connected with your own heart center, you will begin to understand that all the love coming to you from the world around, is just reflection of your own love.

MG 1/ 2016

Loneliness is an increasing phenomena, partially because of the modern technologies and the new ways of communicating. Be of contribution with your physical and heart centered presense, nothing can replace our need for intimacy and human touch.

4. Be With The Pain

6. Take actions.

Don’t try to avoid the pain. If you get into a lonely sad moment Once you’ve identified what you really like, start or into an issue that is coming up, stop and be with the pain. creating more time for actually doing those things. It’s ok to cry, but when that happens, go within your body and Do more of anything that gives you joy. Surround try to feel the energy of the pain. Once you locate it hold it like your self with as much of what you like, music, it was a baby without trying to get rid of good food, treat your self with gifts and it, just be present to it within your body. When you are ejoying experiences that make you feel good. Be You can ask if it liked to tell you where open to the moment and the guidance your own complany, around you. Be spontanious, do things its coming from, and how can you help. Dwelling in tears and emotions can also most likely someone differently. Most importantly, get out there. be a form of avoiding to connect with the Join online groups, get a new hobby, find else will enjoy it too. actual cause. The sadness and tears are out what exiting things are available in your just sympthoms that are there to tell you own area, volunteer on a cause you feel that something is out of balance. Once you passionate about. Create opprtunities for your self. connect with the energy of it, it will begin to shift Don’t wait to be invited, step out of the victimhood and you’ll begin to see the truth behind your emotions. and organize your own parties and meetings with friends. Make an effort to call and visit your friends, they could be waiting for you too. Ask a new person for a cup of coffee first. Be the icebreaker and the warm welcome. Drop the expectations you’ve put


upon other people and on your self.

7. Be open for the magic.

The main reason our relationships fail is because we are hoping that they somehow can fill the empty spaces within us. Those spaces we haven’t yet learned to love. Think about it, how many expectations have you tried to fill, for all your life, and how many of them were not yours you begin with? Choose to relate to people with not expectations, not trying to get anything from others, not even your ideal friendship, instead be present to them as they are. Be present to the highest of you and be present to the highest of others and you create a space for anyone to be of their best and you begin to draw different people around you. Be as honest as you can, you don’t need to try to impress or win anyone over. When you become the open friendly space, you begin to relate to people differently and they feel safe and loved around you and you feel safer and loved around them. Once you begin to be more and more internally supported by your own being you are able to respect your choices and boundaries, it becomes easier to say no when you want to say no.

Be open to receive in ways you didn’t expect, be open to receive people and events you wouldn’t before. What else is there right now to connect with than people? We can not change without being and doing something differently. See beyond the appearances and keep on asking how can I love my self more? What else is possible? What is right with me?

Just remember, you are infinitely loved. If you feel lonely, you are just temporarily disconnected from what you really are. 31

MG 1/ 2016


Kathryn Weber

TIPS FOR MAKING NEW FRIENDS One of the greatest joys in life is friendship. It’s one of the aspirations of feng shui – the gift and wealth of having friends and enjoying an active social life. This area is reflected in the south sector of the house. This sector also refers to the fame and recognition area of the home, as well as your reputation and family name. Having friends to do fun things with, share your troubles with and who you enjoy being with truly is a gift. But what happens when your social life has dwindled and you find that you don’t have as many friends as you once had, or maybe you’d like to find people who you enjoy spending time with? Besides love and money, feng shui can also help you activate your home for creating a lively social life and attracting new friends! There’s a lot of questions about where to begin in feng shui to bring friendship luck to your life. Use these tips to help you build your social network or just have a friend to enjoy an afternoon outing with.



Picture your friends. One of the strongest ways to attract new friends and widen your social circle is to hang pictures of yourself with friends and at social gatherings in the south corner of your home and office. Find some pictures of yourself in groups and with friends and hang those up! Social settings. To encourage more friendships and social interaction, place pictures of happy groups of people or pictures of social scenes. Eliminate pictures of solitary objects and people. These can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.




Activate the south. When you want to encourage new friend luck, the south is the sector to activate. Add red colors here or an image of birds, especially the phoenix. If you don’t have a phoenix, a rooster makes a fine substitute. The plumage on the phoenix represents others acknowledging and recognizing your unique qualities and abilities – perfect for attracting new friends. Brighten your life. A brightly lit south corner will help create more yang energy that brings you to the attention of new people and social circles. A sparkling chandelier, a lava lamp, or other light such as twinkle lights in a plant all are great activators for activating new friendships – especially when placed in the south and southwest corners.

MG 1/ 2016

Feng shui expert, Kathryn Weber, writes the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine with weekly tips and information on using feng shui for greater prosperity, happy relationships, and a more abundant life. Sign up for her FREE 4 week e-course, “28 Days to Prosperity” at



Activate your personal growth direction. Attracting friends can also be accomplished by activating your personal growth direction according to your kua number. You can also activate your personal peach blossom number. This direction is most often used for love, but you can use it to attract new friends. For more information how to do this, visit Katie’s website at Try going online and joining meetup groups, join a book club at your local library or bookstore, enroll in an evening class or join a group that bikes, hikes, or does charitable activity. This ensures you do your part of the trinity of luck – your man luck. Feng shui is your earth luck and your man luck – the actions you take – will be compounding by your feng shui.


Declutter. One of the best ways to open space for new things and changes that you want in your life is simply to declutter. Tackle that corner of the porch that’s filled with cobwebs and junk, the corner behind your desk, the closets and drawers you use most frequently and get rid of old clothes.

Get out there. Now that you’ve decluttered, activated and brightened up your social life and friendship sectors, do your part, too. That means being more active and putting yourself out where you will meet new friends.


MG 1/ 2016

MG 1/ 2016


There are beautiful, sexy, hot, spiritual and single men out there, looking for us Goddesses, just as much as we might be looking for them. One of them is Tarek Bliss Bibi, a healer, a rap artist and a divine activator. Magical Goddess found out what his points of views about love relationships are.


MG 1/ 2016



What is your ideal goddess like? My ideal goddess is a rainbow warrior. She is sensitive, heart based, spiritual, connected and living her passion. She is independent and knows who she is and what she is here to do. She is ambitious. A go getter, she lives her life fully, loves herself and is in touch with her inner child. She is nurturing, nourishing and supportive. She honors her hearts decisions. She is willing to die for what she believes in. Her life is filled with passion and adventure. She is a leader and enjoys learning new things and is constantly evolving herself. She expresses herself fully. She is sexy, fun and brilliant. She is whole and complete. Beautiful, inside out.

Who are you? I am a regular guy living my dreams as a healer, and a conscious rap artist. Some of my super powers include being a divine activator. I have a gift to inspire others to manifest their desires, easily, powerfully and sometimes instantly, whether it be their soul mate, more money, their life purpose, new job, or healing a health problem. Their wish is my command. My other super power is the ability to write inspired and passionate rap songs from the heart, also adding healing frequencies to them. Plus, I can make the sunshine when its gloomy. Are you single? I am single but in a relationship with the divine, my soul family, with the ocean, the trees, nature, mother earth and I rise in love with those I come across, with their essence. I am learning the importance of self love, and the importance of waiting till the perfect one comes along instead of settling for less.

What would a perfect love relationship be for you?

We always express our thoughts and feelings openly. We balance our lives. We take time for oursleves. We keep doing the things we love doing outside of the relatioship. We use the relationship to grow and evolve while having fun. We are always learning new things and implementing them. We have all areas balanced. We inspire others to be more healthy. We call each other on our shit. We remain in gratitude and in our hearts. We accept all parts of each other.

Do you dream of ďŹ nding the one, your soulmate or twin flame? Every day. I did a past life reading and I was told my loved one died in my arms and I’ve been looking for her ever since. But, I let that go. I have shifted in this area. It is more about connecting with my soul tribe, friends and family and experiencing all my desires through them and there are many ways to experience intimacy, love, support, you can find that in infinite ways. I am learning to live my life fully and am comitted to loving myself so much, that nothing else matters. Every relationship that comes to my way teaches me. To me friendship first is more important and if I do connect with someone it is for the right reasons. When we are fullfilled with our own lives we are able to add to each other instead of feeling like we are filling the holes in each others souls.

(Doesn’t that sound like a rap song?)


MG 1/ 2016

What turns you on? • Confidence • Independence • Empowerment • Someone who is whole and complete. • Openness, rawness, transparency. • Playfulness • Humor • Being yourself fully, whatever that is. What turns you off? • When connecting with someone becomes a venting session, when people are not in the moment and are just reliving their past negative experiences. • Lack of love, empathy, connection. • Someone who seems cold. • Women who smoke or don’t live a healthy life.

Is there a difference between men and women in love? Yes, as much as I feel we are all one, we are very different, maybe not on a soul level but on the human level. I feel we could be different, but then again, a woman can be more in her masculine and a man can be more in his feminine. I guess the goal is to balance our inner masculine and feminine, so we can attract someone equally balanced.

What do you love about yourself the most? I love my inner child, my giving heart, my sincere care for others. I love my smile, my eyes. I love my ambition, my achievements, me making the world a better place, my mind, the use of my gifts to empower others, my rawness, my empathy, free thinking, creating adveturous miraculous experiences.

what does sex and making love mean to you? Sex is holy, sacred, intimate and the ultimate expression of love to me. Sex needs to be with the right person, as we are exchanging your essence with each other. Sex is a way of getting out of any walls, masks and expressing your divinity with each other, healing, giving and receiving love. Sex is about connecting with the divine, experiencing oneness, expiriencing the ultimate connection. Sex is a great chance to explore all parts of ourselves and learn more about ourselves on a deeper level. I honor all parts of myself, and if the animal side of me comes through I play with it as well. Sometimes, I feel I don’t always have the opportunity to express my playful side, silly side, aggressive side, childlike side and making love is a safe space for all those sides of me to be expressed. I love setting intentions before making love, and I love sending the orgasmic energy to the world, creating peace in our lives and in the lives of all beings.

Is there anything you would like to change or develope in you? Yes loads. Do you have a few hours? :) I feel like I am a pleasure addict. When life is not super fun and orgasmic I exhaust to all pleasures to reach that high, whether its food, music, movies... If I don’t feel continuosly exited and alive I get low. I always want to know and get my desires straight away. I would like to experience more freedom and more structure in my life. What advice would you give for the Goddesses looking for the perfect love? Love yourself so much that nothing else matters, go within focus on yourself. Rise in love with yourself. Create a super awesome fun life for yourself. Be the love you wish to receive from the world and do what makes you feel fulfilled.


MG 1/ 2016



Ask a person if they’ve ever heard of OBE sex, and you’ll probably get a look of confusion. People rarely talk about sex as it is, add the second layer of energy and you’ve kicked sex into the stratosphere, almost guaranteeing its discussion over the whispers of a late night chat. OBE sex does not want to stay in the closet – it wishes to be set free to explore and tantalize.

OBE sex or Out of Body Ecstasy is a form of energy enhancement, sexual play, and sexual satisfaction that involves the use of your mind, your energy fields, and your senses. No physical parts merge, touch or copulate in any manner during an OBE sex experience. Your mind in conjunction with the astral energy field can make a telepathic connection with another human (telepathic sex); your astral energy body separates from your physical body during REM (dream sex), or your astral energy body can separate from your physical body while you are awake and conscious (astral sex). Whether or not you are in a relationship or single, OBE can enhance your physical sex life by providing your senses with the stimuli needed to cause arousal and even orgasmic release. During OBE your physical body can feel the touch of your sexual partner, can smell their scent, hear their voice, and taste their body. How can this help to enhance your sex life? It is a known fact that healthy sex lives translate into a healthier, happier physical exis-


tence as it works to lower blood pressure, lose weight and is a good workout for your heart -- not to mention that it energizes your energy fields to attract good things to you. OBE turns you on and tunes you into your sexuality. Upon waking from your vivid dream, returning from an astral adventure or coming out of your daydream connection, if you have a partner they can enjoy the benefits of your exploration. If you do not have a partner, it can help you find one while giving your body a much needed orgasmic release. Not all encounters result in an orgasm. However, your physical body would be so turned on that you will have to DO SOMETHING to experience a sexual release. It is important to note here that during an OBE encounter, that “sex” does not have to occur. You can merge your energy fields and enjoy one another by desiring, loving, and energizing. It is your energy, and you can do whatever you wish to do with it. No two people experience something the same way, and this includes OBE sex.

MG 1/ 2016

Want to give it a try? Telepathic sex is the easiest out of the three methods to activate and remember.

5 Simple Steps to Excite and Tease Your Partner w/ Telepathic Foreplay/Sex


2. 3. 4. 5.

Close your eyes and imagine your partner (if you do not have a partner, imagine someone you’d like to be with that is not a celebrity) standing or sitting in front of you with a connective white light all around them and you. The white light is a protective energy to keep the two of you safe from outside energies wanting to interfere. Keep your focus imagining your partner (how he or she looks, what he or she is wearing, what he or she might smell like) until he or she is VIVID in your mind. Note if you feel something different (tingling, pressure, tickles, etc..) in either your sacral (2 in below belly button), solar plexus (2 in above belly button), heart (center of chest), or throat chakra. Somewhere on your body should feel different. Imagine kissing your partner, or running your hands across his chest, teasing her nipples, etc‌ for a couple of minutes. Stop imagining them in front of you. The first time you try it, keep it simple. Kiss or touch your partner. The next time kiss and touch your partner. The third time kiss, touch, and fondle. Savor each small step.


Out of body ecstasy can be experienced by old and young alike: couples, singles, and the disabled or physically impaired. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to expand the borders of your comfort zone.

Allie Theiss is a lover of good beer, animals, and Harrison Ford. Taking the scenic route through her life she previously held the jobs, of a pet sitter, gourmet dog treats baker, professional intuitive reader, and sex coach/educator. The author of eight books, a drawer of unproduced screenplays, and a handful of produced erotic audio, Allie is always writing & exploring. To learn more about Allie, please visit To read more on OBE sex visit

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Life is meant to be a dance, a flow of synchronicity that leads you on a path or journey for your soul’s enlightenment. The real magic of life happens when your heart and mind are aligned. When your heart and mind are in sync, you live from a deeper level of authenticity. Consciously living from your heart shifts your inner and outer realities and your life moves into a higher frequency and expression. It’s like when you get out of your own way and things just line up. I remember one time when I was invited to visit a women I had met briefly during one of my travels. All logic questioned why I should go visit her, but my intuition and my heart kept saying yes. It turned out to be one of the most magical experiences, as I surrendered and followed my heart. I ended up being invited to a closed native american sacred ceremony being held in the middle of nowhere. Had I not followed my heart, I would have missed the entire event. It was a pivotal point in my awakening.

verses the life you should live or that society says is appropriate. The soul longs for the connection to the Divine and your heart is your pathway there. Your heart chakra is actually the portal to your Divine Essence. It is the way in which your soul’s desires and energy connect into this physical world. There are many different phrases and expressions used identifying the heart. You hear people say “that was heartfelt” or “that touched my heart” which begins to help you tap into the emotion of what the heart feels like. We’ve all experienced being in our heart in times of deep emotion, but do you feel your heart when you’re making daily mundane decisions? Do you tap into your heart to live from that place of knowing each and every day?

We have been taught and conditioned from such an early age that our mind is superior, it is what helps you lead a productive and safe life. Which is true to some level. Without logic, without sound decisions, life can be very challenging.

Living authentically means tapping into the depth of your soul’s knowing, or as some refer to as your Higher Self. One of the keys to staying connected to your Higher Self is staying centered in your heart!

However, when your mind is connected to your heart, the decisions you make are so much more authentic and aligned to the life you want to live,

Many people are out of touch with their heart, so much so that most don’t even know how to really feel or connect at that level.


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Another quick technique is to gather your conscious mind into a beautiful net of Light. Do this by sweeping your body and energy fields as if you where in water. The net gathering up all your thoughts, then bring them into an elevator. Watch the elevator doors close and notice you are currently on the tenth floor. Push the elevator button to the first floor and ride the elevator down into your heart. Watch the doors open and allow your conscious mind to flood the center of your heart. If you need to, start again and ride the elevator down into your heart. Ride it as many times as you need to feel the connection. Believe me it gets easier and easier with practice. Do either of these techniques multiple times a day. Be the observer and notice when you are “in your head” instead of your heart. When you find yourself being analytical and in your head, activate the magnet and bring your consciousness into your heart again. As simple as this seems, you would be surprised how quickly most people revert to the habit of making decision only from the logical mind. Learning to connect both logic and heart is key for operating from your heart space every day. Every decision you make is important, not just the ones you think are “big”. Your life will flow with so much more ease and grace when you operate from your heart space.

Here are a couple of quick techniques to help you connect your mind with your heart. These techniques can be used anywhere, anytime to bring you quickly back into your heart space.

As we move into higher states of consciousness, your ability to manifest the life you desire is greatly amplified when your thoughts come from your heart space and are naturally aligned with your higher wisdom and true essence. So I encourage you to keep your conscious mind operating from your heart and watch your life unfold in a whole new way.

Locate your conscious mind. Where is it right now? What area of your body do you find yourself “analyzing” these words? Most likely in your head region (like 99% of the human population). Take a couple of moments and really locate where you are thinking from within your body. Then open your heart chakra and imagine a beautiful white magnet in the center. Once you imagine, sense or feel your conscious mind activate the magnet and pull your conscious mind into your heart. It can happen in a instant!

RAQUEL SPENCER is considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders. Raquel works within the Quantum Field of Light and Sound, bringing through energetic activations which clear, upgrade and align your Divine vehicle of Light, i.e. your physical and energetic bodies. She states “You are a bioelectrical, biochemical super computer of Light.” For more information, visit:

Allow your consciousness to expand and anchor in your heart. Breathe with ease and confidence. Feel yourself thinking from your heart.


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How I connected with my KALI

Kati Kelo

One big step on my Goddess journey was connecting with my inner Kali. At time I was really batteling with my frustrations. I was getting impatient with how long everything seemed to take for me. How I kept on finding issues after issues coming up to be cleared. No matter how spiritual I had become, there were still many moments where I would loose my patience and react to things and feel anxious or irritated. I asked the universe what should I do? How can I let go of my ego, and relax more, and control my reactions? I sat down and tried to listen. Within seconds, I literally heard a voice in my head. It said: You have to get to know your inner Kali. I thought, wait a minute isn’t that some dark and evil being, what am I getting my self into? Later as I talked about my experiences, I realized many others had some dark ideas about this wild liberating Goddess.

For me this getting to know the deities and the archetypal reperesentations of the different sides of the goddesses, has been a very personal process. I have never studied about any of them before. I really have no idea what they are until they come to me, and I want to keep it that way. I have learned to love the process, because then when I do research afterwards it usually confirms everything I have been learning. It has helped me to trust my knowing


more and to trust the knowing that we all are one and everyone of us can have access to any information if we just ask. What I learned from Kali was that I have always been surpressing my negative emotions and anger. I had done just like many of us “nice girls” with the “bad” shadow do. Always sucked my anger in, trying to avoid conflict, because I had judged my negative emotions as bad, even evil

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and very wrong. Of course this had let the anger building up inside and then I would expload in ways that surprised me as much as anyone else around, or it would be channelled into some kind of self destructive behaviour, even causing illness in my body. Creating those feelings of being evil and bad over and over again. There were many times I would actually bang my head on the wall by accident. Gifting my self an instant punishment for being such a bad girl. Despite of all the liberation going on, I still had no means of how to constructively express and understand my anger, anxiety or frustration. I began painting my Kali and as I painted I could feel being surrounded by her spirit teaching me, guiding me energetically in the process of integration with that angry untamed part of me. I understood that the negative emotions are powerful transformational forces, when understood and expressed in truth they can become very powerful tools for taking action. At that time I was having Kundalini awakening experiences, and I saw there a connection with Kali and those primal forces of creation. The wild liberated pure life force, that can destroy everything that is no longer serving my highest good.

Kali demands respect and honesty, she will destroy everything that is false and liberates from the illusion.

My Kali began to surrender to the ecstatic pure sexual creative flow of life and love. I understood that every negative emotion and reaction is a result of me ignoring the inner whisper for taking actions and making the changes for real. If I surrender to those inner creative impulses and act upon my guidance, that force of life begings to work with me and through me, rather than agains me. I learned to ask when the anger or any other negative emotion surfaces, what changes I am desiring for myself am I ignoring now? What actions I am not taking, that I truly want to take? Where am I choosing to give my own power to choose away? Where am I not being honest and accepting things I no longer want in my life?

Kali has definitely made me see many of the places I was giving my power away, where I was still waiting to be saved by someone or something outside of me, instead of standing on my own feet in my own power, and in the end surrendering to the divine flow of creation. Kali demands respect, honesty, she will destroy everything that is false and liberates from the illusion. She taught me to begin taking steps to find my autenthic personal way of expression. Turning inward and lighting up all those things I’ve adopted from my surroundings. Where I was trying to become something I thought I needed to become, rather than knowing who I really was. She is one of the highest and purest forces of creation when integrated she can make changes easy and nothing can stand in the way of her truth. That is what Kali is for me. She guided me into taking Taiji lessons to unite with my inner warrior in a balanced and harmonious way. There is just something so powerful in the way she is represented with her tounge out, standing firmly on her ground. Just like in Taiji, you learn to stand and harmonize with the heart and the power of the mother.

In order for something new to be born, the old must be destroyed.

In my painting Kali has integrated and surredered to her god no longer needing the weapons, but become one with the force of life. The ego has been destroyed.


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Grace Graeling – energy artist from the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire UK During my life I’ve experienced my creativity in different careers, like Goldsmith, Interior Designer, Property Developer, VIP Chef, Sound Therapist, Energy Healer, and Energy Painter.

I began painting Energy Paintings because there was a difficult time in my life, and I needed to create, from a very Spartan situation, while my house contents were in a container for some months. This renewed creativity felt really important and enabled my life to


move forward. Somebody posted one of my Energy Paintings on Facebook, and things have taken off from there. I have now begun to do all sorts of Energy Paintings, including personal Energy Paintings, with optional Personal Crystal Bowl Mp3.

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osmosis of love

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How do they work? Everything in Life has it’s own Frequency. When this Frequency becomes unbalanced, (usually through stress in some form) things go off, people become ill. If these original Frequencies are reexperienced, often enough, then things revert back to their original state. It is a very ancient Science. Colour is also experienced as a frequency, so the Colours in the Energy Paintings are very effective for this.


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Honor the Goddess that gifts us life, nourishes us, and loves us unconditionally. We are parts of her body. Her beauty is our beauty. We are in her heart. Connect with her heart daily and let our mother love and support you.

Create a Life of Divine Flow

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Friendship Feng Shui



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There is a loving presence within you that has the capacity to hold any state in this gentle awareness without acting out the pattern that you may be habituated to. Your capacity and willingness to hold yourself in loving kindness makes a huge difference in our world. 48

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Ellen Sevigny

You know that feeling when you are first falling in love? Maybe it’s been a while for some of you, but think back. Maybe you got butterflies in your stomach every time you heard the crunch of gravel as his car pulled into the driveway. Maybe you opened more doors, said thank you more often, and actually cleaned your house before she arrived because you actually had to invite her over. The pounding of our hearts in the early stages of love are fleeting, but they hold a universal experience of heightened sensual awareness that can be of great benefit in our lives if translated to fit other circumstances. Imagine if you could use the power of your loving attention to shape the world you live in to reflect your values. I am here to tell you that you can, and you probably already do and know how. The foundational principle of Yoga in Your Park, the outdoor yoga studio seeded in parks across the USA, founded by me, Ellen Sevigny, is that loving attention is profoundly healing not only for the human body, but for relationships, and for the earth. Yoga in Your Park can’t claim to have invented, but only adopted, this idea from Buddhism and put it to practical use. There is a Buddhist word, maitri, which means love or loving kindness (Sourced from Naropa University and Chogyam Trungpa Rincpoche). The root word of the word maitri means friend. All that needs to happen to become friends with any state of mind, emotion, or being is to rest your loving attention on it. In my world, attention is a huge part of love. It is through my sensory and energetic attention that I experience giving and receiving love.

When I hold an experience as if it is my manfriend telling me a delightful story, my attention becomes the vehicle for love. There is a loving presence within you that has the capacity to hold any state in this gentle awareness without acting out the pattern that you may be habituated to. Your capacity and willingness to hold yourself in loving kindness makes a huge difference in our world. Do you know how? Human beings appear to be both the cause AND at the effect of the environment. For example, you tend pick up the mannerisms and habits of those you spend time with. Your friends will tend to adopt yours too. The same idea applies to nature. If you are friends with nature, meaning you go out, experience and set your attention on both human created and naturally created environments, as you open to them, you invite their wisdom into your being. You can use your loving awareness to exchange with the mountain this afternoon. You can let the fluid determination of a stream into your consciousness by seeing the smoothed shape of the rocks, hearing the rush of the water, and feeling the coolness of the water on your skin. You can let yourself


pick up the mannerisms of the wild world. In the morning, you can contemplate if the sound of your voice can literally touch sunlight. In the evening, you can feel the air on your skin, and allow the darkness to hold you. This is what is means to me to befriend our planet. It means to notice, to send loving intention towards, and to align the next action with the value of love. If the earth is your friend, what will you do when you notice the wind caressing your neck, or maybe even bothering you with its force? How will you respond to the tree that smells like vanilla and whose bark feels like rusted armor? What is one thing you can do today, right now even, to express your love. Is it attention? Is it action? Your choice! In grace and gratitude, love, Miss Ellen P. Sevigny, advocate for a new environmentalism Ellen Sevigny, founder of Yoga in Your Park. A compassionate coach, and fierce advocate of a new environmental activism based in loving kindness rather than fear, guilt and shame. She is a Master of Contemplative Psychotherapy (Naropa University) and was trained in the art of yoga at a the Nosara Yoga Institute.

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Yoga in Your Park is the premier social enterprise outdoor yoga studio hosted in the most beautiful classroom‌.on earth! Our teachers are located in parks across the USA – Use your pass for classes nationwide.

Get the Yoga in Your Park app to sign up, learn about your teacher, get precise directions to locations, get updates regarding your class, and join in all the fun. Go to for more information. No classes in your area yet? Send your yogi friends to to get them connected.

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Download a free copy of Tarek’s rap album @ From stress to feeling blessed Meditation and Holistic Coaching that commune the mind, body & spirit to a state of peace, balance and awareness. • Personal development • Stress management • Wellness • Spiritual development


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On rare occasions when we are truly lucky, we experience a deep connection with someone that transcends past relationships, teaches us life lessons, and transforms us into a better person. I am one of those lucky humans who enjoyed this special connection with a tremendous Great Dane named

JOSEPH. After volunteering with Great Dane rescue for nearly a decade, I had the pleasure of fostering Joseph in April of 2010. Over the years, I had sheltered numerous foster dogs and helped them on their journey of rehabilitation and finding their permanent homes. Little did I know when he came to me that I would adopt this special boy and become his permanent home. Near death when the rescue found him in a rural shelter, the hospital worked diligently but could make no promises whether he would survive. In fact, it was somewhat miraculous he ever made it out of the hospital. Completely emaciated with a fever over 106 F, a wound to his leg that had swollen so much the skin had split, and an eye bulging out of its socket, he was too weak to even stand on admission to the hospital. The shelter had failed to provide even so little as pain medication. The veterinarians believed the leg wound to be the result of a poisonous spider bite left untreated or a strangulation injury from a chain. They could not say whether the leg would survive or require amputation. His right eye, already dead and nonfunctional, had to be removed. Throughout his transport to the hospital and treatment by the staff, he was tender, loving and thankful to all working on him. Once stabilized over the course of several days, Joseph was allowed to go home with me to fully recover.


Calley gerber

From the moment he came into my life, Joseph was the most gentle, wonderful soul I had ever encountered. With a special affinity for kittens, the veterinary staff would bring them to visit him when he was in the hospital to cheer him up. At home he befriended squirrels in the backyard and never met a person or animal that wasn’t a friend. His abundant love taught me much about my interactions with others‌ to find common ground and see our connection with everyone and everything rather than look for differences and distrust, to share joy because it makes the world a better place, and to free your heart to love for that is what we are meant to do. As an animal attorney, and before that a prosecutor, I regularly saw the unpleasant side of people. I had a distrust and distaste for their poor treatment of others who could not defend themselves. My heart, while wide open to animals, remained shuttered to most people on anything more than a superficial level. Joseph changed all of that. Now, not only do I work to champion animals, but I also help people realize their potential, find their joy, and live their inspired lives. I know we are all connected. To my sweet, beloved Joseph, I love you more than I can ever put into words. You left this Earth far too soon, but I am a better person for the brief years we had together. You remain with me and live on in my heart and actions.

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Calley gerber is the founding attorney of Gerber Animal Law Center, a North Carolina law firm dedicated to the protection of animals and their legal rights. She represent individual clients as well as animal welfare organizations in actions to protect and defend the interests and rights of animals and their guardians. To learn more visit


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PLUGGING INTO ANIMAL WISDOM “So important are animals to our spiritual lives that we do not merely use animal imagery to embody religious themes; rather we discover spiritual value through animals”. Christopher Manes


Toni Laoulach

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Today when I see a moth, there is no fear but rather a delight and reminder of this sacred experience and how it taught me to open up and connect to my light and to that of the God/Divine.

Throughout history and still today, Indigenous cultures have accessed the essence of animals and integrated them into spiritual values. Animals provide Indigenous communities with valuable teachings and keys to greater consciousness. This deep reverence towards animals is sourced from an awareness of non-separation, from a reality of interconnectedness. I have always felt a connection to animals, since I can remember I was around animals e.g. dogs, chickens, rabbits and birds. It felt like a natural and precious connection which I have always cherished. Over the years this connection has evolved, with a spiritual awakening 8 years ago deepening the connection. The catalyst was a talk by Scott Alexander King on Animal Dreaming where he asked what animals we were drawn to and what animals we feared. At the time I feared moths, the big dark bogon moths. The sheer sight of a moth would send me screaming out of the room. I was fine with snakes, spiders and other animals, but a moth would put me in a state of hysteria. After the talk, I approached Scott to explore the meaning of my fear

of moths. What I learnt was; that a moth’s constant purpose was to fly to the light and that on some level I was fearful of my own light and connection to God/ Divine. Wow, how could such a small animal bring forth such a powerful message? I left the talk intuitively knowing more was to be unearthed.

ring. I observed, breathed and started communicating; telling it that I was no longer fearful and that it was welcomed. Within a couple of minutes the moth flew off and was taken with the water down the drain, cleansed away. I left the shower in awe of this powerful experience, feeling lighter and freer.

The next few months I observed my relationship with moths as I also experienced a more spiritual life emerging. On one occasion I had a visit or should I say a test while at a dinner party, sighting a moth on the wall. I recall the inner battle of whether to run or stay put in my chair. I courageously stayed in my chair, breathing deeply with eyes fixated at it, ensuring it didn’t move. My last and powerful visit from a moth came during a shower. Yes my beloved came to visit me in the shower - to literally connect, to my body, at my most vulnerable time of the day; naked and in a confined space. My immediate response was to brush it off, but as it landed back on me I decided to accept its presence and surrender.

Today when I see a moth, there is no fear but rather a delight and reminder of this sacred experience and how it taught me to open up and connect to my light and to that of the God/Divine. There are many other stories where animals have been powerful instruments to my evolution, teaching me the power to “know thyself” but more importantly to love and accept thyself. What animals do you fear or are you drawn to? The wisdom of animals is all around you, waiting for your connection. Are you plugged in?

It was then that I understood the deeper purpose; that acceptance, integration and graduation was occur-


Toni is a Meditation & Holistic Coach that weaves aspects of the natural world into her sessions. Her love and inspiration is the external natural world and allowing it to be a transformative vehicle to marry with the internal natural world. Toni is also part of a wildlife organisation in Sydney, Australia.

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THE MAGICAL ALPHABETH What is it in you, that makes you so adorable my Goddess friend? Get Oge’s inspirational poem book now from Amazon.

“Coming into my own is a book filled with insprational songs of the heart and reminds us that we are part of that Force greater than our experiences. Even though we might see separation and suffering as part of human reality, they sure point us to asking the deep questions about human existence. “ Oge Aboh, the author of “Coming into my Own”, is a mother, and the youngest of eight children of Jacob and Patricia Aboh, from Nigeria. Most of Oge’s work has centered around service to people in various capacities, as a Counselor, Spiritual Guide, and clinical Nurse. Follow Oge’s blog @

How do you use words? Everything is energy including the way we speak and how we use words. Words have power to create. God(dess) is in the little details of our lives. How many powerful words can you come up that begin with the letter A? I wonder how might you feel after doing that for a while?

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Become a better friend a quick check list: LISTEN – Are you really present for another? GIVE – What can you gift for another? RECEIVE – What you can’t receive, you can’t give. GIVE SPACE – We all need our own space, no drama about it. EXPECT – Nothing. END JUDGEMENT – We can only judge ourselves. STOP BEING RIGHT – Is there really a need for that? ASK FOR HELP – Asking for help is a gift of giving for another. BE LOVE (D)

Magical Goddess has chosen the word for A to be



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BOOKS FOR GODDESSES Embraced by the divine The emerging woman’s gateway to power, passion and purpose. Michell Mayr and Friends. If you feel like you could do with some encouragement and support, you just have to read this book. It is filled with touching real life stories of true goddesses. How they won their inner and outer battles and came through into love, and found their passion and purpose. I cried many times reading this. This book gifted me with a lot more trust in my own life. If these women can do it, so can I. There is nothing more uplifting, than reading insightful real life stories of women who have overcome their massive challenges. This book will definitely give you hope and inspiration.

She travels light – a novel Raquel Spencer Are you ready to put your adventure gear on, because in this book multidimensional cellular light activator Raquel Spencer is taking us into a wild ride with her, beyond this reality, into timeless expedition. This book is a captivating and exiting journey into expanded consioussness. I couldn’t stop reading it. I could feel the energy and the activations through this book. This is an eye opener for new perspectives on our lives on earth. I can’t wait for the next book. It says it’s a novel on the cover, but really it’s a true story of a great cosmic being, who assists us in awakening and bringing more light into our lives and bodies. (a novel, with a small letter a. I’m only getting it now.)


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Worth the Love Empowerment Coaching LeNae’s Worth the Love Empowerment Coaching is all about partnering with you to uncover and rediscover your true worth, value and creative power. For the woman or man who desires an inspired & intuitively charged life experience,a life of grace, ease, abundance and flow, LeNae is your personal guide. LeNae Goolsby Intuitive Empowerment Coach From lawyer turned leading intuitive empowerment coach and syndicated writer LeNae Goolsby, comes comprehensive coaching programs designed to harness your power within to manifest a more beautiful, confident & loving life without.

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Magical Goddess 1/2016  

Magical Goddess is a magazine for empowered women, spiritual warriors and awakened goddesses around the globe. This first issue is all about...

Magical Goddess 1/2016  

Magical Goddess is a magazine for empowered women, spiritual warriors and awakened goddesses around the globe. This first issue is all about...