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Magical Insurrections: A Background Look

Included here are: Character descriptions, the back story, How Magic Works and a partial outline of the screenplay Magical Insurrections. (Audience participation is encouraged!) Rath Avens: CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS Without Insurrection - No Magic / Without Magic - No Victory FEARS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES FLAWS HOPES RAPS DREAMS

Marcel Bouazizi : Is immediate, desperate and focused. Kill the rich and let the worms sort them out. We live in a world that has always been controlled by evil, defined by evil and headed for more evil... I think that anyone with power (beauty, money, talents, skills, song, knowing...) who does not fight the concentrations of power is worse than evil – worse than Hitler... or even America. He is Beyond the Coming Insurrection. He gives a hardcore rap all of time... Strategy/ Tactics. Marcel is “to the Death!” & “all revolutions failed to be violent enough! Doubt and ignorance always trump the obvious...” His fears are losing his friends or discovering they are traitors or treacherous or just dumb. His strengths are: extreme loyalty to a small group, bravery, decisiveness and straight talk. His weaknesses are: insecurity of how others view him ...and his war-focus. Personal Background: Young Moroccan or Algerian. Part or all Black possible. This depends on other characters and their mix... Adopted by a French family after his parent were disappeared by the government. Ostracized by politics, rich family dysfunctional syndromes... and so he left home at 15... He lost his girlfriends to money and politics... Loyal to Tristen when others have doubted him... willing to die (even anxious to die if it fits into something meaningful...). Like Air – like Fire. Preoccupied but sincere and friendly. At times a leader, though not ambitious at all... He is just focused on priorities and the Cause... the Need (s) …. Marcel's father was the Last seer we know of... Iranian Kurd and always in trouble on the borders... Marcel is not a SEER . But he says that he learned to figure out things – like the future by thinking things through and feeling out the scene. We used to tease him that he was a peripheral prophet... Mischa (Arafel/Ari's seer-Aunt) was his father's friend... Maybe much more.. too. Quotes from Movie or Marccel's life: Those resisting occupation are beyond morality and must only consider effectiveness. And since nothing has been effective against this lunacy they call civilization then anything goes – indeed anything and everything must be tried over and over until it works, until we get it right, until we find a way to really hurt the Lunatic bosses. WE LIVE IN AN OCCUPIED WORLD... IT is not occupied by Corporations or by US MILITARIES. It is occupied by a totality of events and evil tendencies. One that empowers Nazi ideals (feelings, directions, evils... motives). This Occupied World is dominated by a force that is more determined to obliterate all resistance and all possibilities or options than any force ever imagined in all of history. We have waited and tried all of the avenues short of full-on Violent Resistance. All of these efforts have failed... every test... So, we still live in an Occupied World – more occupied and one with less hope than was ever feared... possible... Escape the box! My Demands / Your Demands: We study anything novel. We look for cracks in the prison consciousness. We tweak ideas and new fads. The Insurrection that Comes had the right trajectory:

No demands means the uncopromising demand for a rupture, for an irreversible insurrection. And so it is OK to demand that rupture. We are all in a hostage and reverse Stockholm syndrome. So just like the hostage takers can demand food or water, we can demand free hot dogs at the parks on Saturdays, or sprinklers for the kids... Absurd but not senseless. Morality: People have the mistaken idea that we are working for a glorious revolution. That might be a nice situation to be in, but it no longer reflects an option in this world. Our only role at this point in time is an anti-Nazi Occupation Resistance ( A N O R ) . A Liberation War of total resistance to the occupation of powerful and foreign occupation troops... seems to be coalescing around the planet, across cultures and onward... precipitously, It seems... MARCEL RAP: Don't quite understand how THE yups and so many people got it wrong. We didn't want to create communes – we had no choice. Its like the Army where they teach you to care about and be willing to die for your unit. We had to get people into communes not only for strength and effectiveness, but also to give them something to care about... “

Ari (Arafel) Fomorion ::: Medium-term oriented, intelligently paced and a broad view. New Age and Magic – but balanced like some New Age folks. A practiced pro–oriented caring soul. In the end Ari agrees with Marcel the ultra-radical. They all start to agree more about TIME, its importance and bearing and what has failed and what they must do… She realizes that they have no choices... Even Marcel grows afraid later when he gets up to the tower... They talk once or twice and are friends. Marcel doesn't thrust her at first but slowly. And she sees that he is very loyal... protective. Personal: Sweet, cute, but tough... serious but not oppressive. Red hair or light brown 20 years old... but really she is a HUNDRED OR SO YEARS OLD ... PLUS... Her father died to hide Tristen. But he hid him too well... even from Tristen himself... His spell hid too much from Ari too. (See How Magic Worlds on the role of the Sister of The Dark).

Tristen L'Cuilean: : : DREAMS LOVE (s) The Seed Spell The Slowness... Doubts... Wanting to Please Instead of Having to Lead... and Chose! After his change he is Infinite-oriented, he has no sense off flow (extremely slow and then lightening fast), infinite inward and outward (and at the junction of both). All things in correct balance. He compliments Marcel's morality rap at times... Personal: Aloof, spacey, kind, honest, childlike... so sincere he is spooky... fluctuates and you know something will happen, something is unstable... He remembers being a boy (we see it...) Raking hay... and a girl... (Arafel) running across a field. The storm blowing in ...and the sparrows (Pigeons, swallows...or?) rushing under the eaves high up on the barn. Tristen has an owl. Perhaps it had visited him earlier in life ... and . Occaissional dialog about and with Owl... This could be a DOOLAH owl OR ARI? “ He's scary and has a bit of evil about him, but he knows me... he has tried to aid me at times...

Once when I was lost, but I ignored him or was afraid – I misunderstood. Now I know the I of Owl and what he means to me... And Owl and I are one... ( could also be a bear or wolf or saber tooth or a house cat with magic.... ?) Key to Tristen is that the unfolding spell allows Tristen to become more human than Sidhe. This makes his wishes broader and more informed against the Lord of Magic Chaos. The pure original Sidhe were sometimes blunt or cruel, lacking an understanding of human foibles... Tristen slips off to the world of Magic when he is scared, uncertain or rushed into wishing recklessly. THE KEY IS Tristen's amnesia and his change into a Sidhe. BUT there are 3 or 4 possible backgrounds. Either he is very old and had no powers except a thirst for life and seeing things happen... Then he disappeared (diff than # 3? What age is he in this scenario? ) He was BORN. And a baby Sidhe arose ((or a 12 year-old (like a 3 year old?)). Ari and her father/clan had to go and find him, help him and watch him evolve. He was born in 1945, but he grew up slowly like a wizard. Then he disappeared. (and then Ari finds him as the movie starts? ( FORK) ). *** Ari has been looking for him... forever... Or he arose in 1982 (? ) when Reagan moved to put nuclear missiles (short-range) into Germany.

MISC CHARACTERS GANG I (Relevants) Starts out as like 12 people counting Tristen, Marcel, Chala, goes down to like five at the tower... ending only three not counting Tristen and Marcel... GANG TWO ( Bad) Mostly skinheads and a few blacks... Pookah Horse - jet-black with blazing eyes. A magical creature doomed to kill humans usually in the water... but this one cannot kill Tristen because he is not quite human and he can't kill Ari because Tristen forbids it... even though this means the Pookahs doom too. Also known as Each-Uisge. They are similar to the Kelpie, but far more dangerous. They inhabit lochs and seas and will eat their victims after tearing them into pieces, except for the liver, which they leave. If they are ridden inland, they are safe to ride, but if they catch the slightest whiff of the sea air... Appears as a straggly boy at times.. The Evil - Ariel, the girl (The Wizard's daughter), bound and kidnapped by an evil gang who had a wizard backed by a Fallen, a Demon named Nazereth. SUBPLOTS (?) Growing up – what happened... Love now and THEN. IDEA THAT SHE WAS ALL OF HIS LOVERS... THE POOKAH AND WHAT GOES ON OR GOES WRONG IN THE IN=BETWEEN OR THE MAGIC PLACE... OR OTHER MULTIVERSES. MARCEL AND THE OTHER BAD GANG CONFLICT AND RESOLURTION ? ( MICHCA'S STORY to be added... ) She died when the Shadow – we call it The Whim of Chaos – pushed a tornado into our farm. My father protected me but everyone else died. ...But the shadow is following me wherever I go ...Just like my shadow, but it's everyone's shadow and even the dead's... It's not my shadow ...It's not my shadow ...It's not my shadow (IDEA THAT OUR OWN SHADOW CAN POROTECT US FROM OTHER Shadows or Weak Demons and UNATTACHED, HAUNTING, OR MALIGN shadows.... Ari is screaming this after she cannot take it anymore... all of the Shadows trying to attach to Tristen that she is stopping and holding on to... And then she kills again and breathes in the smoke (spirit/energy )

of some gang or people she and Tristen have killed or stunned... In Magic Insurrection there is a dark force or it may be only a reflection of their doubts (doubles) or insecurities... another possibility or addition could be Ari's bad karma from borrowing... clashes... or it could be a semi-neutral CHAOS - who resents their boldness... or all of these things creating a maze of wishes and counter wishes... Chaos is like a predator. It hunts the weak, the sick, the old, the diseased, Chaos creates a tension that makes the weak weaker, makes rejection or abandonment more likely... It weeds out undesirable things and animals. It exists and strives in all of us. God is everything but only a force at the contraction and expansion (BANG) – In between these times the power of God lies in people and what they create is the manifestation of God Power and truth... alas... we have no God as we have destroyed and desecrated everything we can. Who is the evil then ? a general guided by a snake or a shadow... Possibly no clear enemy – Justa deadly and diseased world where insurgents stand hostile within. Demons are former wizards eaten up by sorcery and they often flee from one multiverse to another. NEED more development of The Shadow – of the use, direction or intent of The Evil...) inception seems like more psychology is needed. They finally decide to play with people's emotions – to make them feel – imagine scenes of everyone crying when the Sidhe wishes them to care – or to believe in a better world – or to hate those who steal hope – or … like inception. The climax or after …. the shadows attach to her: She perceives the evil as a metaphor or an art: a spinning vacuum with a center and no periphery or vice verse... like p 160-163 - of Singing A boiling hate with no escape from itself or anything else from it... (? was dif) Sisters of The Dark ? Rumor has it that the Sisters were leading Healers from California who freaked out once they realized that their slowing things down had caused evil and inhibited Magic. But they could not accept or let go of their responsibilities and so they added to the spell that was designed to hide Tristen. The Healer Sister's became the Sisters of The Dark when they killed Ari's father as he resisted their spells and designs. The children in the movie are Doolas or Doolhas ( unaffected by magic) and also shape shifters or one of them is. Owl rests on a Doolahs arm .. a symbol... they are LITTLE ELIDHU THOUGHTS or SUBDREAMS. Tristen is sad at first because he always thought of Owl as his special friend or mentor... perhaps he was... They come to help Marcel – at Tamarra's bidding (a scene of her calling to them?) They help Marcel get inside and buy some time for the others who remain outside attacked by shadows and worse... THE COLLECTIVE WISH... A Communal Conjuring toward (or against) the Path of Least Resistance and yet balanced against a type of Entropy. It's like wishes. They both seek the worn or torn apart (Part) – THE WEAKNESS, the cracks... the lines joining the old and the new.... And it is there that IT (Evil, Chaos, Wishes) begins the tear (ing / teardrops from your eyes...) at the sore spot in your Life / Personality / Trauma \ Stories. Original Version: %20Prnt%20NOV%20%208%20%20MAGI%20%20BACKGRND.pdf


Gestures Can Become Magic

Gestures start a flow pattern that begins to affect all things... until the moment comes when the gesture carries a wish to the Fork of Possibilities... Some call this pivot point the The Least Resistance moment...

This is where wishes are dangerous because it is hard to tell where the path of least resistance might lie and which wishes might stand in the way... If you send a lightening bolt at your enemy he may deflect the killing power onto your less powerful friend. `````````There is magic, there is Wizardry, there is Sorcery. They are not the same. Wizardry is what most people imagine as Magic. Wizards very rarely can perform Real Magic... Only Elementals or Sidhe can do that at will. Just remember that if we say Magic and its is not done by a Sidhe we probably mean wizardry. Sorcery is what Wizards can do to give themselves more power until they are consumed by Demons or by other Sorcerers. In order to approach Real Magic a wizard must know all of the contexts that surround him and the target of his wishes. To go beneath something like a world's context (historical, modern and future direction) one has to know it and know it without thinking, saying or writing too. It's like a picture tells a million words. And it must include a structure, a methodology and a view that explains the most that is possible – and the future. It's not necessary for this view of context to be perfect, but it must capture enough to ascertain a clear direction. When you get good at this non-thinking with knowing, when you get close, then you can go beneath the context – the facade and the structures – of the world. Under the radar, there is a place where magic can work. Beneath, before and beyond the context that defines and creates the everyday world is another world: the Realm of the Elementals. Context is always the first lie that we tell ourselves. To accept the real context of your place in the world is an almost impossible step for most Western people or the rich. In a society with a real (deeper!) culture or in a group of serious people who care and want to be honest (like in an affinity group), then it is possible for everyone to feel and to know without words - even w/o saying - what their own context is, as well as, their place or situation in the greater context of the world. The whole group has to be somewhat aware of their own and the greater context and also the dance of all the various factors and potentials. Part of this is to know your friends' (of the Commune) preferences and their likely willingness to die or go to jail in order to protect a watershed or a river or to occupy a building... until demands are met or ...beyond. There are two ways to craft a wise or powerful wish: youthful innocence and wishing with rare sincerity, or a very clear, simple and focused wish that avoids other wishes and complications. Most people do not believe in wishes and so it is rare for them to have any wish power. Their doubts and confusion set them to wishing vaguely for less or for more than they want – or more than they have the power to manifest. Wishes start off strong and true among the gifted children, but of course no one notices because they mostly wish for love, for family peace or for food or treats – simple and normal things they are, but they are also the wishes that keep love and traditions alive. As the Death Culture of this world gains power over children's thoughts and wishes, most people wish away their childish beliefs – their attuneness with nature and their innocent love. The trick is to hold on to your innocence and your belief until you can know what you really want and what your powers are. Then you can wish little things (health for someone you love, doubt among those who are bullies) the more specific the better. With confidence from small successes and your path of power cleared up a bit, you can begin to craft your wishes in a pattern that will bring you to the big wish. Once or twice in your life you can wish up something that has real and far-reaching power – even something that may go against the nature of things and change fate. There is some danger in this for it is usually irreversible.

These wishes are best saved for desperate times, like we are in now, because at these times the veil between the worlds is thinner and many wishes are voided by circumstance. Big wishes can attract attention from other wizards, sorcerers and other things of the dark that you would rather not know about, and which you could never face. With good intentions and coming from a pure heart you need not fear too greatly and you can concentrate on directing the wish with true aim and compassion. The bond linking magic and happiness is beyond morality. Magical Happiness testifies to a higher ethics. Happiness has a paradoxical relationship with its subject. Someone who is happy cannot know that he is; the subject of happiness is not a subject per se and does not obtain the form of consciousness or of a conscience, not even a good one. Only someone who is enchanted can say “I” with a smile, and the only happiness that is truly deserved is the one we could never dream of deserving. There is no other happiness than the feeling of being capable of magic. If we call life by its right name, it comes forth, because “that is the essence of magic, which does not create but summons. Magic begins at its inception from the Song of the Elementals and thus begins and sometimes ends with the science of secret names. Each thing, each being, has in addition to its manifest name, another, hidden name to which it cannot fail to respond. Magic is a gesture, a breaking free from names. Wishes and spells aim at the weak points. It is a local or regional effect. Distance matters. Many factors affect a spell: other spells, age, wisdom, craft and innocent focus. Specific and direct is most reliable. It's easy to nudge a boulder downhill, to make it rain when there are clouds, to increase a medium wind... to make things do what they want to do. Love – et all are possible but fickle. A wizard can lend another wizard, and perhaps even a Sidhe, his strength or even all of his knowledge – though usually this is only possible at death or fading away. For potency most wishes or grand designs need help, blood, sweat, troops, hope, wise guides and faith and faithful. Those who believe in their cause just need a push, a bit of magic and mystery, to make them do things they would not ordinarily do or believe in. Most wizards have either been used for evil or themselves become evil (greed, carelessness, hunger for greater power). It is always dangerous to want more than you have – or to borrow from unknown forces. Twisting lies insinuated by false leaders and directed by wizards have ruled most of the world for a thousand years. Only their personal differences and hunger for supremacy have kept these evil powers from fully enslaving all life. But the Great Shadow the source of darkness and evil in all of us – is always drawing from the little evils and building and saving his forces and powers... waiting for a day, a year, for when the time is right. It's a simple matter for a wizard within the seat of power to spread strategic lies and to cause good ideas to be discredited... permanently. Much of the see-saw of history is a battle between wizards on opposing aides. They protect evil leaders and they steal people's power and goodness in order to pervert and confuse all challengers. Small lies or white lies are not very evil, but they do allow a doorway to higher powers and greater evils. One can't go against nature or not much or not directly. A heart is easy to stop – a metal power line pole is hard to destroy. A wood pole you can make burn – in fact fire is always easy. A rock above a highway or a power pole can be made to move. One can push things in a natural direction – like to make a tree grow bigger, or get sick and crumble... or the same with a powerline pole or even a rock. But you cannot easily create a rock or a shirt out of thin air. Or not without consequences... All magic has been weakened and threatened with extinction by the destruction of nature and the sad and evil-directed human descent into mundane, idiocy and loss of meaning in their hearts.

There has always been great magic at work in the world - it has until now all been evil magic or if there was good magic its existence and mark has been erased from consciousness and artifact. The modern world wars are wars against civilians and against nature. The Sidhe people came from the other side (The Gray Lands of the North) in 1940 to help the French and the spirits of the forests to fight the Nazis. If one does not fight Evil when they have a chance, then they are Evil... or they lead to and often become evil. The Magic of Tricks must be used to reach a greater possibility of general happiness... or a sustainable Happiness for the most people. This may require harming many ordinary or passive people as one rids the world of Great Evils and transitions. This is really the greatest of mysteries. Magic tells us how to think carefully, how to direct our thoughts, and Magic requires that we think about the consequences of our wishes and actions in order to avoid massive collateral injuries or the wish fulfilling in a bad way. Insurgents do not care much about whether harm or bad Karma comes back at them – they are already dead... as far as those concerns go. And Magic makes us think about what others are wishing or wishing at us and our wishes... We have to learn to sense when wishes of our enemies or even friends are directly opposed to ours – and what the Insurgency needs... One has to learn how to go around or over those counter wishes... Magic teaches us how to use what we have and how to draw on our strengths while protecting (warding) our weaknesses. The Morality in Magic teaches consequences, how things are connected, how our words and actions will come back on us or onto others that we love if we are inconsistent and hypocritical... Not knowing what you want –or not caring what you wish - is a dangerous reckless evil … Where does evil get power – the dark side or our fears ? PROBLEMS WITH WISHES: If you wish a rock to move it may require a HURRICANE to move it. If you wish it to roll downhill that is more likely and safer! If you wish for a girlfriend then her current boyfriend may be run over by a car or… her protective gangster father may follow her and kill YOU... Any wish has uncertainty built into it... So, most times it is wise to only wish for simple basic things: like Heath for friends, Confusion for enemies... Things move or change in the direction that they want to or are inclined toward... The flood seeks the lowest ground,... The idea is to learn to think things or wishes through and pay attention if you are hoping, desiring or really wishing for something. Don't fool yourself... too much... Be sure, have few and small doubts and think clearly... Be innocent. Wish as little harm as necessary... Wishing for Visions or Knowing is harmless if you do not put much stock in it. – like a Bannicks and oracles mislead many a fool. So, you wish to know where a friend or an enemy is at. You get a vision that may be identifiable IN SPACE OR TIME, BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW IF YOUR FRIEND IS ABOUT TO LEAVE THAT PLACE. Do not fear dreams and visions though there is not always truth in them. Even animals dream. The dream time is when the magic comes and restores us – patches up our sanity and invigorates imagination... Say you are a Sidhe or a powerful wizard. Perhaps you W i s h f o r a l l machines to slow d o w n … What might happen?

When Tristen changes toward a Sidhe and then switches back, he can see wishes unfolding He can tell them about some of the wishes when he changes back. Then they figure out how to use Sidhe visioning powers in Marcel – who has seer blood or potential. Then Tristen sees the visions in Marcel's mind and he can project them or tell them to Ari... From this they devise Wish Ideas. Multiverse Dependency Fairies, The Sidhe, were created by the dreams of the Elementals. Nature was involved and Life... These all lent power to a human design pattern meant to evolve – to create its survival or game – to evolve or possibly to devolve – what ever works... Sidhe Magic: Inherent, in the person's nature, unfolding, broad scale and canceling contrary wishes and most magics. It connects related or good wishes. It is innocent and yet terrible (awesome). Sidhe Magic is rare and has grown rarer over time with each generation and each cycle. It is rumored to be capable of channeling the wishes of all loving or good or desperate trapped souls... It has been weakened and threatened with extinction by the destruction of nature and the sad and evil directed human descent into mundane, idiocy and loss of meaning (purpose, humanity, altruism... etc.) Sidhe wishes are far reaching and more powerful than even the greatest wizard can hope for. A wizard might construct a window or a tunnel pathway to Elemental powers. But he does so by constructing a unique context and avoiding the general temporarily... This can only be a local and brief effect, but it can trigger a powerful wish OR resolve several strong wishes that have been lingering and building up expectation... This trick is not very controllable OR specific unless it is used to kill just one person. Beyond Wizardry is Real magic or Sidhe magic. This is the kind of power that enters the context from below the apparent reality. It appears at the base. It can enter into the hearts or even the heart- of-hearts of a billion people to share, speak and feel with them and at them. With herbs and burning things used in spells, it's not so much what you burn or do as the thought that you put into it. Chaos is like a predator. It hunts the weak, the sick, the old, and the diseased. Chaos creates a tension that makes the weak weaker, makes rejection or abandonment more likely... It weeds out undesirable things and animals. It exists and strives in all of us. One cannot be against Chaos... for one reason because it is part of you. Its a force of Nature... it happens. And like any weapon or tool... concept strategy (they are all the same in a magical sense...) they can be used for evil or they can be used consciously and subconsciously for a path to greater wellness and sustainable universality. With Chaos nature it is best to accept it and understand its origins and direction and then you can deflect it's course around you or just get the hell out of the way! God is everything, but only a force at the contraction and expansion (BANG). In between these times the power of God lies in people and what they create is their manifestation of God Power and truth... alas... we have no God as we have destroyed and desecrated everything we can. Demons are former wizards eaten up by sorcery and they often flee from one multiverse to another. Magic things hunt for symbols or symbolic things - combos of symbols - like birds flying or birds flying through a window or a doorway, a strange lightening or a animal out of place.

Two children in the movie are Dooulas (unaffected by magic) and maybe also shape shifters or one of them is. Owl on a boys' arm... a symbol of... And this scares Tristen for he thought of Owl as his own. Dooulas are LITTLE ELIDHU THOUGHTS or SUB-DREAMS when they try to imagine the childhoods that they never had.. Another Magical Character is THE PLACE _ ANIMA LOCI: (And also as a doom or some places are doomed to have recurring wars - Kil Wish) US is doomed... or NO Its EU ! The soul of a place, specifically in Nature. Several cultures believe that natural forms such as wells and lakes as well as mountains, stone menhirs, and monoliths are sacred and venerable spots where the Numinous Divine resides and that it is possible for humans to make contact with this Anima Loci. Also called: geomantie, lithopunktur, erdheilung, heilung der erde, marko pogacnik, landschaftsheilung, steinsetzung, symbol. ALFREKA: A term that describes land that has been physically and spiritually desecrated and been ridden of the Anima Loci whether from maleficent acts of a mundane, human nature or from deliberate magical on-lays. .......... The first phase of the critical metaphysicians’ activity can be considered complete. Its dominant trait was experimentation. In general we expected nothing to come of our actions except for us alone. It was most often about interrupting the predictable course of behaviors at a selected point in social space-time, of creating situations where the truth of our era would be forced to unveil itself. ( Beginning narration of movie or later dialog?) If you want to hold a burning ember – a coal – in your hand, it is easier to wish the air to move fast enough to cool your hand rather than to wish against nature or for more than you have. If you wish against nature or for too much more than you are capable of then demons appear,... to offer you more power at a price … Magic works by a certain luck and sometimes it fails by lack of that luck. What we individually deserve isn't as much as what we collectively merit. That's a profound secret which few understand. Truth was taken captive a hundred or more years earlier. Power destroys the past. To grow hidden in the Shadows power must destroy the past and distort all of its treasures of alternative ideals that stand in judgment of the present.

Background: A Magical Insurrection Screenplay Road Show Idea (Or a short book) Tell a Mutli Media Story about Bomb Antarctica and Magic Insurrection : to recruit, raise money and spread words... Like the way the movie could begin: A Story teller and a circle of kids, youth and animals... Pookaahs, Sprites... et al. Hedgehogs too! A girl (Ari I guess) says: Welcome my friends I am so glad you could come... I am going to take

you to another world not the future exactly but something like it – a place of terror and a place of hope in mystery. In a few years the Great Awakening will begin... This will not be the Awakening of the New Age or global culturalism. It will be the Awakening of Those Who Must Fight. Sabotage and even uprisings will tear bits of the US and Canada away from the Vain Empyre. All across the Southern Two Thirds of the world there will be mass-supported defiance of the Empyre. Some places, especially those in proximity to the Empyre, will be brutally destroyed. The world economy will contract as a permanent recession takes hold. In Europe the governments build walls around the neighborhoods of the poor – mostly immigrant - communities. A new sense of Anarchist action grows as they take over the drug trade and wipe out organized crime in many areas. The alliance with the New Anarcho-Islamic movement makes the Anarchists a formidable force. They save their money to buy a few nuclear bombs and steal a few others. The bombs will be used to blast loose huge sections of the Antarctic ice shelves. Sea transport is disrupted for decades. Ocean currents change and huge ice sheets and glaciers tumble into the ocean as their buttresses – the ice shelves disappear. Sea levels rise four feet in a few years. This near complete disruption of shipping causes the already weakened global economy to collapse in many places... The Empyre loses more power. Empyre continues to launch punitive and terror campaigns against areas it fears or desires. Oh, yeah the Anarchists and their allies also destroy the Panama Canal and sink a dozen large ships in Suez. Thousands of sea borne explosive mines are scattered around the remaining shipping routes. Many Middle Eastern countries or their peoples ally themselves with the Anarcho-Islam takeover of cities in Europe. But the Empyre is still only weakened, its people are loyal because they and everything they ever believed in are so terribly threatened. A relative peace will prevail in some newly liberated places for a few years, but everyone knows that his will not last and collapse and wars are spreading across South Asia and India... In these years millions maybe billions of young people will learn what has happened to the world as Evil grew and they will learn how very strong and amazing that they can be together united in struggle. Tension and rumors of war take their toll slowly and even though many will be happy and reveling their victory over insanity... others – elders and veterans - will remind them of the dangers... The steady stream of refugees from the East, the South and from the perversions of the Vain Empyre will be constant reminders.

The attacks from the Empyre will come as expected, but they will not be what had been planned for. They will come with treachery from within our leaders, our allies and the attacks will release poisons and disease that will spread many places... At last the Sidhe arises, the guardian left by his ancestors in 1946, before they vanished into the far North. The Sidhe at last! The Elves return, if briefly. Why the Sidhe didn't just kill Hitler? Things seemed so simple then. But the reality by 1944 was that if they killed Hitler, the USSR would have taken most of Europe... and then US would have nuked Russia... Each area of the world has its nice things: customs, traditions, quirks. Now, many of these add things evil to the mix. They were once functional (ex...New Age USA, Unions EU... clans, ethnics, religion, corruption regimes, fake and sometimes even real Islam... ?) but now they are barriers, roadblock/bottlenecks. These things are all like wishes. And they have lies built into them... We all do. Lies which are very hard to overcome in a short and chaotic period of time... Even when you have a good sense of how the world should be and what must be dome to get there... it is hard to be objective – or aware and subjective. And so, we cannot judge or hardly even think things through to a point where they might make sense – where we might glimpse our direction. It is even hard to determine which actions are at opposite extremes – evil and positive... Everything gets in our way – our valuations of style over content, function over beauty, useful versus the expense (s)... Tristen (when Sidhe) is Outside of time and so he can go back and fix things. The Magic Pond is also outside of time or variable. Like The Naming, it is outside a or multiple of times... But he will lose his friends and they him? Tristen doesn't know who he is. This draws out until the Tower/Roof when he changes or Arises as Sidhe? The story of Arafel's Wizard Quest for Tristen's and His Coming Into Power as a Sidhe. They experiment with powerful wishes trying to unwind the world from evil, trying to awaken people without killing too many and in the end shaping a simple and yet world-shaking collective wish within a wish... Inception on a grand scale... The wide world had seen great change in five years. The Northwest of North America had rebelled and held its ground The Book Kil Wish). Then a few years later Southern California and most of Baja had freed their prisoners and used them to win victory and a measure of desperate freedom (Screenplay Kil. Serenity). Rebellions brewed in the Southern Hemisphere and after the anarchists and their Islamic allies in Europe bombed Antarctica and shut down most trade,then revolution and real insurrection seized most of the South (Screenplay Kil. Chaos and Bomb Antarctica). The Empyre still stood. Forty Six states and one neutral remained with the US government. Most of Canada was a puppet and half of the Mexican population had died of a mysterious GMO disease. The US was a big food exporter and used this as well as its weapons to silence opposition globally... kind of. Much of southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula had gone rebel. Pockets of resistance were strong and tolerated in Germany. The rest of Europe was with the Empyre or claimed neutrality. Numerous resistance groups operated there, but the people were afraid. Without having to think about it most people knew – everywhere – that the Empyre would soon 'lash out at all resistance in the most brutal way. At such times in history strange things begin to happen. Cults, prophesy and art often expand. Many people are susceptible to new ideas, the hope of change and any strong or charismatic leader... Reality began to bend backward. Anything became possible including an acceleration toward Evil.

When the Sidhe left France in 1945, they left behind a seed – a powerful magic from their own being... a child to be... THE GUARDIAN. (Awoken too soon! Or wrongly or? Their magic failing?) The appearance of the Sidhe was imminent to those who knew of such things. It is rumored that magical beings have walked the Earth before. At the Times of the Floods, the 1918 flu epidemic and then in 1943 in France to help the Resistance, they were there. There have been many cycles of the human struggle and some of the wise think they will continue. But they could surely be wrong. Everything about the time that we lived pointed to a moment when the balance shifts one way or the other. Magic had been dying out. As greed and the destruction of nature, urbanization and sprawl grew insanely, the spirit of the land and the people withered and changed. It's the time of the Desert. Now, all things dry up, as the rain of waters and problems washes out our nutrients. Some kind of miracle or apocalypse was near. A young wizard's daughter, who looked 17 but was actually over 100 years old searches for a Boy, a wizard who could change fates. She finds him, and he is a Sidhe. They are one of the magical beings who visit planets. But the girl's father – the last of the great wizards – had placed a spell of hiding upon the boy (possibly when he was wrongly awoken by events in 1980 or 86 – Reagan/Soviet threats/collapse). This last desperate spell had been too strong. Even the wizard's daughter had terrible difficulty finding traces of the boy – the Lost one. Our story begins with Ariel, the girl (The Wizard's daughter), bound and kidnapped by an evil gang who had a wizard backed by a Fallen, a Demon named Nazereth. I Am Not Your Wish I am a little revolutionary. I'm Not your Blue Fairy. I am not your possession. I'm not the Wish that you wish I was. I've got my own obsession. It's about the Revolution. I'm the one that can't escape. The possession you can't take. I am a revolution... We start with a Whisper and then we grow. With the fire of spirit everyone knows... I don't need a reason. I'm not Fuckin kidding. We are of the Light... Come travel it. You know... the Dark is pissed. The World has been torn inside out slowly... Arafel's Story Hi my name is Arafel. Here in the Resistance Underground I am mostly known as Ariel the Bandit Girl... or Ari for short. I know this guy, I've been following him for almost a hundred years. We grew up together in Romania... a long time ago before the big war in Europe. I felt sorry for Tristen, because he didn't have wizards for parents. His adopted parents and mine were part of a clan, a commune, that knew about magic and the Rise of the Sidhe Magic to come. Tristen was the Sidhe Returned as we called him, but something wasn't right. My father was like the greatest wizard in centuries and he was worried. I know you have heard the stories of how wizards worry about every little wish and even hopes and intentions. Everything was right about Tristen, but everything was wrong. He didn't remember his ancestors and he had absolutely no power even at nine years of age. That's when we moved to Kansas in the US of A's. The great War was going badly for poor people... and wizards can only push things that tend to want to move. It's much easier to make it rain when its cloudy. It hard to wish hate and war would just end.

So, I practiced helping the corn grow in Kansas. (They were born in 1920 and the year of the book is 2020. SO they were 20 when WWII started and they went to Kansas.) Wizard children grow differently. They are much smarter at a young age than most children, but around eleven years they nearly stop growing or maturing in appearance. I was 13 for three years I think. That was 86 years ago and I still look barely 30 years old. Tristen looks like 22 at the most. I hear he hasn't aged in 70 years. We had to move at times and our clan slowly died off (Shadow helped?). Finally we had to teach Tristen all that we could about magic and The Sidhe nature. He didn't believe us until we did some magic and then it all made sense. At the end of the war when the US of A's used and tested many nuclear weapons, a tilt, we call it a global premonition dawned. My aunt Michca was the greatest seer we had left … and she told this story: ( MICHCA'S STORY to be added... ) She died when the Shadow – we call it The Whim of Chaos – pushed a tornado into our farm. My father protected me but everyone else died. Now that we knew the future we had to act. My father prepared a great spell. Nothing like it had ever been tried... or at least noting like it had ever worked. (Skips...) We had to leave Kansas and look for clan members in California and Croatia. The second night that we got to the cabin, my father completed the spell. Greasy smoke lingered around the fire... I will always remember that time. It felt like I was a little girl in many ways... In some ways wizards never grow up... or else they would loose their magic... But they do grow old eventually and get bitter or book-absorbed trying to write down every wish that they ever did... Tedious, don't you think... The year was 1986, the Year of The Devil we call it. But there isn't really a Devil. There are Demons and Shadows. And there are sorcerers and there is CHOAS. Chaos is not evil, no more than Winter is an evil Elemental for bringing the cold. The seasons and even forces like gravity and light are Elementals. So is the earth, the water, fire and the atmosphere. But these Powers are divided up so that they need each other in order to survive or to enjoy diversity. Chaos has all of the powers of the Elementals in his own hands. He is constrained in the use of his powers as all wishes are, or so we hoped. Oh yeah, The Year of the Devil when George Bush Sr. took over the real power in the White House as Ronald Reagan faded away the Hero of Capitalism over Sovietism. His election and the rise of his son were predicted and confirmed the Call. Our story begins…

O U T L I N E: : : A MAGICAL INSURRECTION INTRO I. GANG ACTIONS CREDITS: Landscapes... Tristen's Gang - The Relevants - does things: a hit, a robbery, a search... blowing up bridges and aircraft.... Just bits of action and scenes of the new world as movie starts. II. ARAFEL strapped and blindfolded to a chair tells the story about her life... New and Old ways of magic, resistance, and the Sidhe Prophesy. A girl plays guitar Flamenco . Shots of Bits of magic and events done by Ari. III. Ari is Kidnapped. Police shoot a net over her... Then a rival security police–connected gang steals her away... She is blindfolded and her ears plugged in a dark room... Her

voice says: “This is not the beginning off my story and its not the end... end...and she shows the Seed. ACT ONE

(Weeks Later... ) Repeats at the

IV. The Relevants snatch bits of food for their pockets and flash nervous grins as they leave the safe house. Marcel hands out maps and notes to a few of them. Tristen is asleep and Marcel Wakes him up. The Relevants are doing an ambush to try and capture some traitors or rival gang members so they can trade them for other hostages. V. Tristen gets a weird feeling as they sneak down an alley. VI. Tristen, a girl and Marcel hide out at a corner with radios, scanner devices and they wait to backup an ambush or to cover the retreat if things go wrong. Another girl is up the street watching and looks back at them twice. The call comes for backup just as Tristen spaces out like he has done before. Marcel doesn't want to leave him. But Tristen insists... VII. Marcel and a few others head up the alley.... Visions and binocular views of different places... VIII. Tristen recovers enough to walk. He has a vision (eyes of a rat). He heads off to find Ari on his own... with some help from Tamara... an acolyte of Ari's. Who collapses as Tristen gets to her and she says: Lord Sidhe! ACT TWO IX. Tristen discovers Ari in the chair and visions and fears swamp him for a minute. Anger grows too and then the straps to the chair and other restraints are just gone... A flash of the Shadow or Evil... X. Tristen brings Ari out of the basement dungeon. Just as they see Tamara she crumples over again and crashes to the ground. Tristen says: No, no. Do not die on me... young one” XI. The Relevants find the people they were trying to trade for. They just appear... like out of thin air. This disrupts the attack and there is fierce fighting... the Relevants take their friends and one hostage and barley get away with a few wounded. A RUNNING GUN BATTLE FADES OUT... XII. Ari says she can walk on her own and so Tristen carries Tamara back toward the safehouse on his own... Once Tristen is getting tired and Ari touches his forehead and he feels better and Tamarra is lighter... XIV. The Relevants hit a pharmacy to get medical supplies and the owner is nice to them... Owner says anything for the good gangs... better than those other ones... Tristen, Tamarra and Ari return just as there is another ambush against the Relevants... Tristen hands Tamarra to some guys and tells them to guard her with their lives and he looks fierce. XV. Second ambush and a chase. Tristen and Ari are separated from the group. ACT THREE XVI. Trsiten and Ari get to safehouse. People are wounded... They give Tristen funny looks. At first no one pays attention. No one except Marcel can hardly remember seeing Ari. She is shielding herself... Marcel falls for Tamara – cares for her and protects her... He even says that she can hear him... XVII. The Healing (by Tristen), Marcel confronts Ari about her purpose... XVIII. Ari tells the background story... After Ari joins the group they become a magnet for evil and ambushes and snipers... mad dogs. She tells them that it is not safe at the safehouse. They turn to Tristen and he agrees... We have to go... They flee and are forced to the Tower of the Winds...

XIX. They drive and to avoid a road block ambush they ditch the car and then hike, run, hide. On the hike Tristen accidentally knocks Ari off a dock or a rock into the water. He goes to grab her or to dive in and then they disappear through the Gray place into an in between magic place. The Pookah saves them. Then it becomes a sunny day somewhere else... scary but sweet... a dock and a stranger (?) helps her... (a flash back between real world and the gray/magical. ACT FOUR XX. The Lake – magical forest – of the Gray? Danger and the Pookah. And the idea of the Tower superimposed on an urban landscape... The roof–top switches between each of these - Just before or after her she asks him: Tristen what would you wish to fix the world... to make it work? XXI. Key drama as magic breaks out from the Dark and from Tristan? Some are killed.... they flee with the body and Marcel... And then Tristen and Ari appear at the Tower as a small battle flares and they kill some and get inside with Tamarra, but Marcel remains outside and barely survives the shootout – WHERE does Marcel/the remnant of the Relevants hide for a few pages ��� the wishes... etc.. ? Somewhere soon they realize that what is keeping the others out of the Tower is Tristen's own wish for safety... Maybe it is the Doolahs who confirm this... He tries to amend the wish, and Ari tries to protect those outside... But Tristen cannot overcome his own wish... He can't wish to be unsafe, he could wish that friends can come in but that is vague... (Maybe Tristen cannot wish specific?) XXII. The ruins of now and of the future surround them... Demons or shadows attack and Ari drives them off with help from Tristen (his arm on her shoulder and a stick to one demon's head.) ACT FIVE XXIV. The Room and the Roof... The Wishes... Experiments... Sidhe vision... volunteers... ACT SIX (Crude visions go by as she talks) Signs were appearing around the world: birds and fish died by the millions, diseases spread and many people began to have the visions... Think about gestures and the flow and then drawing or painting to bring the wish out better... and smoke??? Early Chernovog p 50 or 70 At some point they write wishes down with chalk or charcoal on a wall or floor. Ari finds him some volunteers because the Sidhe said he could not kill innocents at will for no clear reason... So he reluctantly experimented on the volunteers. Some died or had their brains fried. Double wish within a wish? (This could go with several or return later!) ACT SEVEN He remembers wishes he made that came true... Think up times that he first wishes in the rescue Ari explains that for a wizard to go for so long requires her to drain and even kill people or plants – and that affects her too – she starts to fade or become a shadow even if she is righteous... (more) (And then later... like the next movie - they can transport places instantly together.) Near end they try just wishing power, strength and telepathy to all those who fight under the banner of The Coming Insurrection. BE MORE CREATIVE... Use patterns... Tristen gives everyone young – or all those who still have innocence and some measure of purity the Sidhe powers... they are happy and take over everything. ( Fortress Eye Time describing a wish literally taking shape – threads of fire and some twist around...) They wish together kneeling down like they are

praying. They wish people would value the simple and the free things in life... simple living, food, exercise, love, health to slow down... to have time to think... Wish safety for the world, that the plants and animals are well, and then there are dangerous wishes like that things or a person would be like they used to be – it can work right but usually ends wrong. Sasha does it in Chernovog or Yvgenie – partly because he can remember Peytr and who and how he was so well. A Grand Wish to change the context??? THE FINAL WISH of resolution or … The final dream wish that repeats and fits with all of the other wishes... (Somehow) (collective Conjuring or?) I wish that every one had the power to wish and that they wished that the Coming Insurrection was loved.. embraced... endorsed... applied... OR A WISH WITHIN a dream within a wish... grand scale. Or a wish within her father's wish? Collective Conjuring (like the Wildryns Wish) is the Last Wish.. XXVII. The Final Confrontation – The Trick and the Sacrifice... Draw diagrams or outlines with diagrams and ideas on separate pieces of paper and then kind of shuffle them around TO THINK OF EVENTS – TIMING AND ALL OF The GESTURES NEED PATTTERNSSSSS … They wish that everyone would see/feel the way that things OUGHT to be... And then how they could have been. People walk around in a daze – then smiley and then they start to kill themselves – hanging, walks off bridges and into cars. Or he gives Sidhe powers out to all of the young and those with innocent hearts... Desperate idea for the last Wish - to wish that things were as they were before... start over a year before ? Or 10 only now they will have the book Winds II or Tristen will still remember because he is beyond time... But there could be multiverse dislocation problems and what of the dead??/ Compassion is the wish: Full-on Compassion – the kind where the deepest love mixes with seeming cruelty. It is a dangerous but necessary risk (like the act of compassion itself!) to send out such a wish with the power of A Sidhe – and to occur within a dream state... They'll say its clever if it works... maybe masterful and wise... It's like a doctor – dear Sidhe, I love. Its like what a witch doctor performs: you have to plant the wish into everyone's mind... so they will get it right and know or feel what to do... Like a surgeon who has to amputate. Or when you have to clean out an infection in a dirty wound, one has to cut innocent flesh, one has to take undamaged life. Except this is much more difficult because it is an infection of the Heart – and the magic in the heart. A disease affecting billions of people who do not really know what is going on – or what is causing all of this pain and confusion – the lingering spells of the death Merchants - the bad wizards gone to sorcery and demons... It's like any tribe or group that finds itself at war – or hunted. (well maybe not the Chechens who must bury their dead... even when the enemy will use this against them) You have to leave the old, the sick, the slow and the injured behind to die – you have to kill them... to live and to buy time for those who can fight the best to escape and prepare for the next attack....

In a True Tribe or a group operating in the realm of True Love.... those who are abandoned.... they feel no fear or animosity. They feel honored to be sacrificed.... they know their duty and the difficult sacrifice that those who must chose to leave them behind must make... The abandoned wounded and the old will usually fight against the pursuers to gain yet more time for the warriors and the Future to escape.... Ari: So I tell you to wish for all people to know all of this: Anything short of Direct Resistance and risking it all is of no use to anyone except the selfish and the Dark... which are the same (but not the way most people think – or even if you are not very selfish... the way the world forces even the good people to be, also adds evil, adds narrowness and escapism...). Its inevitable... Action / Reaction.... ACT EIGHT Tamarra and Ari play in the water in their dream... NOTE: We are not going to release all of the wishes in the movie. We want it to be a surprise and a shocker... and we want to hear your wishes and how you think they could come true – and what could go wrong... Imagination anyone? Synopsis Draft Link:

Background Notes MagiclaI Insurrection