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GORZÓW IN THE PHOTOS By Class 5c and Mrs Magic June 2011

The Town Hall, Sikorskiego Street

The Spichlerz Museum (City Granary), Fabryczna Street

Lubusz Museum - the secessionist villa of Gustav Schroeder

The Palace – villa of Paucksch, Grodzki Community Center, Wał Okrężny Street

The Theatre of Julius Osterwa, Teatralna Street

Park 111 Shopping Centre

The Town Bus in service

The Boulevard by the Warta River

The Old Town Bridge

The Warta River embankment by night

St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Defensive Wall, Zabytkowa Street

The Witches’ Well, Wełniany Rynek Street

The Park of Roses, in the town centre

The Saint Cross Church, Warszawska Street

Christ The King Church, Woskowa Street

The Church of Agreement, Staromiejski Square

The Bell of Peace. The monument of Polish-German friendship, Grunwaldzki Square

The Fountain in Górczyński Park, Górczyńska Street

The Monument of the Bishop Wilhelm Pluta, near the Cathedral

The Monument of Pope John Paul II, John Paul II Square

The Monument of Edward Jancarz – the speedway legend from Gorzów – near Chrobrego Street

Speedway Stadium in Gorzów

And here our school is being built!

When in my town, you must see...  

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