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I`m Margarita Supe, I`m 25 years old, I was born in 1988, September 14. I`m from in Ambato. My parents are Juan Supe and Mercedes Guaman , I have one brothers one sisters, I have daugther .

My Daugther is Daniela Belen Guangasi Supe, she is one years old

My first brother is Edisson, he is 36 years old, He has one Child and his Wife Is Guadalupe, They live in the USA . My second Sister Myriam , She has two daugthers and her husband is Jaime, they live in USA .

I studied “Juan fco Montalvo” high school , I really liked the high school because I meet good people, For example my best friends

My hobbies is: play with my daughter and go to the park

I like traveling with my daughter east Ecuadorian especially the coca city

My favourite food is rice with shrimp, I also really chocolate

Now I study Accounting in Tecnical University Of Ambato, I really liked This career is very interesting And nice. In the future have my own auditing firm

I loves animals, specially to dogs Because is beautibul and very loving I have one dog in my house , my dog is Loki ,he is very affectionate.

Margarita supe  


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