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IMM. So were are you from? M. I'm from the East side of Detroit, MI home of the wicket shit. IMM. What year did you start rapping? M. I started writing in 1985. Took it serious after a few battles didn't know how to write an actual song for a minute, till i got with some older cats on the East side, Letaz of Def, who helped me with the demo I gave to Esham in 1990. IMM. How was it coming up in Detroit? M. The D will make or break you. You got East side, West side, Southwest, and the North end. I came up on the east and West side constantly moving from house to house, never stayed in one school for more than a year till I got to high school. Saw too much growing up shit from age 7, that gave me a different perspective of life that led me to need an avenue to express myself, which was rap music. IMM. When did u drop your first album? M. My first shit dropped in 1992. IMM. Which one was that? M. That was Natas, Me, TNT and Esham, Life After Death. IMM. How many songs you record a day? M. I'm constantly writing, these days I'm banging shit out daily, even if its just a verse or a hook. IMM. So tell me about the movement is it your label also? M. Toxsic started with the website. It's a way for me to bang out shit constantly in between Reel Life releases. IMM. So what's the name of your new record again? M. My new record is called "LastTemptationOfChrist". IMM. How is it doing? M. Being that its not in every store, its doing better than expected as an online and digital release, thx to day one fans. IMM. Any plans on u and poe doing any more music together? M. I'm hella proud of the Rokgod album we did, shit is crazy. You never know bout the future, or maybe it was just lightning in a bottle. IMM. Ok, being a day one fan myself tell us when will we see another Natas album with the three legends? M. The fans deserve it, hope it happens, but can't say, I'm ready. IMM. So what are you jammin in your deck or ipod? M. It's a never ending rotation, I'm on everything, I barely listen for the enjoyment of it, I study everybody. IMM. How many years have you been in this rap game? M. I been in this bitch for a lifetime, signed with ReelLife in 1990, so you do the math. IMM. How many albums have you dropped? M. I dropped 14 or 15 albums and still no greatest hits, its coming soon. IMM. I seen on u dropped a mixtape tell us more about it? M. The mixtape "Mastacard" is an idea Esham had for an album, but since we like to give the people a lot of content at a steady pace, he decided on the mixtape. IMM. So what's new for Mastamind? M. The greatest hits shit. I got another album half done. Its time to tour. IMM. Are you looking for any artists? M. I'm always looking for the next best. Its a lot of rappers doing some wicket shit, but to turn my head they have to stand out in some way, whether its the sound, the look or the feel. IMM. Anything new for our readers to look out for? M. Look for new remixes, unreleased, exclusive shit on And I'll be coming to a hood near you soon. IMM. Shout outs? M. Shout to everybody keeping the wicket shit alive, the fans and the rappers. To the members for putting they orders in. To Detroit, for driving me crazy enough to spit this AcidRap shit, NevaDie!

IMM. Were are you from? W. Madison,Tennessee IMM. How did you get into music? W. Well i got into music by myself basically by recording at home using a cheap ass computer mike and two speakers. The sound quality was horrible I started promoting myself from there been doing this for 4 years now. IMM. What's your stage name? W. WICKED IMM. Who are you influences? W. Any body Killa he's one of my hero's and He's representing for us native Americans like me. IMM. Describe your style? W. A mixture of Horror mixed with gangster raps sprinkled with rhymes that turn the chicks on IMM. How long have you been doing music? W. 4 years almost 5 IMM. How many cd's have you released? W. one IMM. What label are you on? W. not on a label officially hoping to be on one soon though unsigned IMM. Who in the music game are you feeling right now? W. ABK and Tech n9ne IMM. Anything for our viewers to checkout? W. it has links to my store where you can get my cd and shirts for cheappppp IMM. Shout outs W. To all my homies in Nashville and everywhere else INDEMUZIKMAGAZINE.NET

holding it down much love n respect


IMM. So were are you from? Piff: Born in Brooklyn but Raised in FLUSHING, QUEENS. REIGN: Originals from the Midwest (PA,OHIO,KANSAS, CHICAGO) but when i was 13 i moved out here and been here in FLUSHING THE LAST TEN EARS.(QUEENS) IMM. What year did you start rapping? REIGN: Well we it was a hobby in junior high and high school, battling everyday on the block cracking jokes and spitting for the girls but after high school I Realized from all are friends the talent that ME and (PIFF) had. So we came together to make a group. This happen about 08 where we took it serious and started doing shows. IMM. I see you have a group what's the name? YEAH.. we a duo Called Rideout163 and the name came from the music we make.. that"Rideout Music" that music that when your driving it just has your had knocking and have you feeling good. you might even get a speeding ticket listening to us (hahaah) IF we listening to a beat and we cant rideout to it in the studio we throw it away. IMM. How long have ya'll been together? PIFF: WE known each other for 11 years since we were kids. When Reign first move to Queens NY i lived across the street from him, so when i met him i showed him the ropes of NY (lol) … its been nothing but love since we first met because Reign is a bout his money and making the best moves for the both of us. Not just with music but with business and life in general. We Rideout for each other to the end, Reign: Piffs my brother are families no each other when my mother moved to PA with my sis for a little while i stayed with Piff and his family till i got my own apartment and life situated. IMM. How did you come up with your stage name? PIFF: Its self explanatory I love being "LIFTED" and laid back and it just puts me in a zone when im written,since a youngin lol and Its POTENT just like my rhymes when im written and killing them 16s and them hooks lol. AKA PICTURE. PERFECT. REIGN: Well for me my Middle name is, "RAYNE" and when i was really young SA guy that use to date my mother told me "it would be cool if your middle name was SPELLED 'REIGN" like you reign over the world. I never forgot what he said and when i was in my senior year in HS when i was starting to figure out what i wanted to do i wanted that to be my NAME because i felt like i move like a boss and I like to REIGN over the WORLD lol…(IM a humble person) thats just my alter ego. IMM. How many songs you record a day? Reign: When it comes to music we are studio rats but were so picky with are music is that, its not about how many we record a day its about the QUALITY over QUANTITY. WE only believe in making hits and good music, we don't throw nothing just out there. We want to show the world we take this serious. WE have about 500 songs recorded but most of them you ll never here because when we go back and listen to them we want to record more artist like them and we can sell it to them. We keep songs on deck just in case the. Thats why when you here are mix tapes you don't have to skip anything you just Rideout to them from start to finish. IMM. So what's the name of your new release? Its called 6 SPEED ft VADO ( CAMRONS ARTIST FROM HARLEM). We pushing the single really hard right now. Its getting a lot of great views from everybody. Its all about that right now. When you here it drop it makes you just want to do a buck 50 on the highway "ITS SERIOUS" lol - REIGN … in this business you have to stay focus and keep pushing your single to the world….

IMM. How is it doing? Its doing great cant complain but can be doing better if you asking me whats the name of it lol….REIGN IMM. How many albums have you dropped? NONE we dropped 2 mix tapes one called ' THE COMMENCEMENT" the other called "RO MIX VOL 1 Halloween Edition" – PIFF IMM. What do you bring different to the music game? Creativity, hard working , great PERFORMERS and willing to look outside and work with any type of ratios. WE are the type of artist to give back to are fans email them text them we like to know who supports us. when you meet us its straight love no hate. i don't care who you are WE were brought up to show respect to others. In are music we get cocky and everything but we humble dudes and love to give back to the community. - reign IMM. What label are you on? We are unsigned at the moment we have a few things on the table, but we want to keep grinding and doing are thing and getting are name out there. We not signing nothing unless we all on the same page.- Piff IMM. So what are you jammin in your deck or ipod? PIFF: I'mm I'mmm rocking out to some WIz, KhalifiFrench KhalifiFrenchccMontanana Montanana and the usually guys any thing that keeps my attention .. Reign: write now… im rocking out to the competition lol. Im listening to everybody thats hot right now in the streets and on radio. Looking at what they did to get to where they are.. not just hip hop but r&b rock esc esc…. my ipod is loaded with everything it keeps my mind creative. I cant just listen to one type of music… thats what makes us RIdeout163 "it just isn't a name its a lifestyle" and my ipod reflects that with the different artist in it. IMM. Anything new for our readers to look out for? Yeah if anyone ever wants to ask us something hit us up on twitter @ Rideout163 also we are in the new XXL magazine page 83 they did a write up on us. Keep supporting and downloading are single 6 speed off itunes if you haven't. Its hitting hard and join the fan page at . and download are mix tapes they online and are FREE. IMM. Were can viewers go to checkout your music? On are website at google us also Rideout163 we everywhere are mix tapes are free. but support and cop that single 6 SPEED. IMM. Any shout outs? Shout out to all the up and coming hard working artist who are doing there thing and are not giving up. Work hard pays off… look at us We won are first AWARD last year at the UMA *undergroundmusic awards). Also like to give a shout out to JESSE Attkins. and mostly are FANS. WE LOVE YOU and appreciate you following are gurney to the top.- Rideeeeeeeeeeeout163