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1. Born in Galveston and raised in Houston and Dallas TX. 2. I started singing at the age of 6. Writing music at the age of 10. But i got serious about rap at the age of 12. 3. I've released 2 hot mix tapes.. ive actually released one twice. i dropped my first mix tapee real talk twice, But the second really set me on my feet. 4. I actually own 2 labels. Yung Soulja Ent. and i co own 2 Trill Ent. I'm not signed to paper World Records, But i do all of my business through that label. 5. Well first off i have to say Jesus. He made this possible for me and he is who i want to be like. Just like anyone else in the hip hop world, Tupac. His realness on the mic cannot be touched. Notorious Big. his lyrical level is the best and i strive to reach greatness like them. Lil Wayne is another, just for the fact he does what no one else does. He is different and brings his own swag. Micheal Jackson. he is a pure entertainer and i want to entertain, not just be an artist.Jay -Z. he has changed the game himself. Also my grandpa. He taught me to be me and stand for what i believe in. R.I.P. to him. Big Man T. aka Thomas Petteway. He is my mentor/ big brother that has my back who goes hard no matter what he touches. Big ups to him. last but not least my parents. For being there and showing the path i need to go. 6. To be honest, I really don't know. of course i have the dream of making it big, but to me money and fortune i believe can ruin me since i never had it. I just don't wanna forget where i come from and stay real to me. If i can do that and have a major record deal, then lets do it. 7. Ive done about about 10 shows. Different stuff like talents show and contest but some where just local and people wanted to see me perform but nothing major. 8. They can look me up on my space at or Also they can check out and find my mix tapes there also. 9. My new mix tape, ha its funny i have 3. I'm dropping a new mix tape with my label 2 Trill Ent. I am ready to drop one with Big man T called set it off. And im working on a solo called Angels&Demons. I believe im actually doing one with Big Man T and Xtraodinary called 3 headed monster. Plus in also working on actually albums with Big Man T. 2 Trill Ent. and a solo. 10. SHOUTOUTS!! ha ha. well First off shout out to Jay Johnson. RIP man i miss you. matter fact to all my friends and family who passed. Big ups to Big Man T. this man has opened door after door for me and i thank him greatly. Yung N aka Nick Lasane. 2 Trill ENT til we DI-E. Shout out to my wifey Denae Biggers. thats my biggest fan love that girl to death. Shout to my FAM!!!! lil ryan, tyler, domi, my peeps aunt tasha tony, cree ,deron, pastor man all of em. Mike Bryant thats my cousin that i swear is my brother love him to death he always got my back. to my sisters Siana and Siara cheerio and coco puff!! i love her too even though were not blood it wouldn't make us closer. That gurl Vatsana thanks for being real All my homies!! Chris, Dana, Ahnre, DJ, Tamika, Jenai, Serena, Shelby, vivien, my girl Zee, and Zhane'! !My church!! i know the expecting me to do it big. What up Allen TX?? ha ETBU! whats up. AND SHOUT OUT TO YOU HATERS!!! IM DOING ME BABY!! ha ha ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF: YUNG SOULJA



Well, I was born in Houston TX. But my parents raised me with my family on Galveston Island. 2. WHEN DID U GET INTO MUSIC? See, there's a story behind that...In the early nineties as a pre-teen I started writing poetry, short stories and play scripts. This and reading heavily was how I occupied my time while avoiding heavy gang activity that was running pretty rampant at that time. In 2001while attending and reciting poetry at yet another "spoken word" forum, I was approached by a local rapper who was also attending the forum. He commented that my poetry was pretty deep and that I should consider reciting my poems to music. I gave it some thought, contacted a local music producer, gave it a shot and my life has been awesome ever since. So I guess, yeah 2001 was when I got into music. 3. HOW MANY CD'S AND MIX TAPES HAVE U RELEASED? I haven't released any full fledged Cd's, but I did drop one Mixtape called "HATE INTERVENTION". I have featured on several local Mixtapes though.'s - SIN ISLAND 2 QUILA' Ro's - REALITY CHECK & QUILLA' RO's - ISLAND HOPE NO PLEX's - BIG THANGS NO PLEX's - HOT LIKE FIRE NO PLEX's - WORD ON THE STREETS 4. ARE U SIGNED OR DO U HAVE YOUR OWN LABEL? I'm not currently sighed to any particular label, nor do I have one of my own. What I can say is that I'm working with the best group of guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with (1-21-10 productions). Their currently working on my first Legitimate album and I'm loving the direction it's taking. I don't want to do any serious name dropping so all I'm going to say is "Watch out...I'm Coming!



My life influences are definitely my Mother (Cheryl Johnson) a local activist and Father (Louis Simpson Jr.) a baptist Minister. My literary influences consist of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and a slew of other speakers and writers. My musical influences are The fugees, Gill Scott Heron, Tupac Shakur and nas. I also have an ear for ROCK and Classical Music. 6. WHAT ARE U LOOKING FOR INDIE SUCCESS OR MAJOR? I think major success would be a big deal. I mean, I cant imagine anyone who wouldn't want to do it major. But I'm sure God will present me with the best opportunity for myself and my family. 7. HOW MANY SHOWS HAVE YOU DONE? I've performed in a dozens of times in a number of venues. The most memorable being in 2004 in the GRAND OPERA HOUSE and 2006 in the Balinese Room(Which was totally destroyed during Hurricane Ike) . 8. WERE CAN THE READERS HEAR YOUR MUSIC? You can hear my music on You can also follow me on twitter... LOU_12110@twitter



So far my next project is leaning toward being a self titled album called "L.O.U.". It's my name yes, but it's also a self thought up Acronym for "Lost Our Unity". A little wake-up call for our Brothers and sisters who just cant seem to keep it together. I want this record to be a constant reminder of what can and can't happen if we don't "L.O.U." (Loose Our Unity) 10. ANY SHOUT OUTS? I would definitely like to give a shot out to my mans Thomas Petteway for making this interview possible. I also want to give thanks and mad-props to the whole 1-21-10 productions camp (Gene, Big Dog, X-PHAQTOR, Shaylen, Da'Golden child & Karo). My boy Instant Money. Both E's (E.S. & E.Graham) Witch Dokta Quilla'Ro The Whole camp And all my realest who recorded, performed and supported me over the years...You know who you are. PEACE! INTERVIEW BY: JOE JACK