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Maggie McDonnell Will PORTFOLIO UNC Charlotte 2016

Contents Introduction Intro to Design Computational Practice Asheville Brewhall Build Project ROME_Italy PRAGUE_Czech Republic WELLINGTON_New Zealand Theatre Minor Resume

At the conclusion of the Fall 2015 semester I completed my 4 Year Bachelor of Art in Architecture degree at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. Within this portfolio, I reflect on what has developed my ability to design in a way that is responsive, site specific, and engaging. My passion for problem solving through physical making and broadening my perspective by traveling have greatly helped in my journey to better myself, both as a young designer and a global citizen. I believe that these qualities, as well as my work both in and out of studio, show my dedication and appreciate for this profession and its many facets.

Maggie McDonnell Will


Intro to Design Spring 2011-Fall 2012 Balmer//Cambell Form. Path. Void.

I earned my Bachelors of Art in Architecture from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. This work is from my first year in the 4 year program where we first began to critically investigate form, path and void. As this was a model intensive project, I took this opportunity to use the materials on hand in a variety of ways. I found using materials in ways other than their most obvious use was more successful than adding together a conglomeration of odds and ends. In addition to learning about 3 dimensional space in first year, I deconstructed still life drawings and denoted varying paths with watercolor.

Computational Practice Spring 2013-Fall 2015 Senske//Ault Human Scale. Collaboration.

While at UNCC, I’ve had access to an array of programs that have advanced my understanding of computational design. The top of the page depicts a study of movement and human scale based on a film of a dance. The project on the bottom and left shows the process behind my part in a collaborative wall structure made from panels deigned in Rhino with Grasshopper and a number of other programs used to created a script. I was given a gracious opportunity to see the Martha Graham Dance Company preform in Charlotte. I took this chance to closely study how the human figure moves and creates space. After diagramming a series of film slides and then overlaying these lines in Rhino, I lofted the structure. After minor reorganization, I created a wooden laser cut model. Despite numerous possible uses for this module, I adapted the forms to serve as a shelving device in a library, with space for books and a small bench on the front, and a more generous seat on the reverse.

Ground Floor Plan 1/8”=1’

Asheville Brewhall Spring 2013 Beorkrem Path. Process. Perception. After a site trip to Asheville, NC our studio began working on a brewery program of sorts. This particular brewer was required to have a main brewhall and also have accommodation for 6 visiting brewmasters to serve as a sort of beer institute where like-minded people could learn from one another. The river site aided in the diagrammatic representation of my brewery. After my next spread, my full explanation into this representation is explained.

Asheville Brewhall - Writing Sample Spring 2013 Makas Path. Process. Perception. The brewing process uses gravity to bring to fruition its creation. Through a series of specialized drums and devices, fluid streams through piping and ends its journey in a fermentation tank, more sizable than the other brewing components. My project exemplifies these notions in both form in function through path, procession, and perception. My proposed brewhall sits along the bank of the French Broad River just outside of downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The design embodies the very functionality of beer making and surrounds the visitor with the immersive understanding of the process. The complex is comprised of seven structures, six apartments for brew masters in residence, and brewhall at the southernmost point of the site. These structures are connected by a series of pathways meant to gently persuade guests to visit each apartment before reaching the end of their journey at the brewhall. Just like a new brew, visitors follow the pull of fluid, the ever-present river, from one apartment to the next until reaching the terminus of a tank. The vertical ridges that dominate the polycarbonate outer skin of the facade echo the rigidity of industrial processes housed within. Like the fermentation tanks it contains, the exterior of the main building is clad in metal and plastic embodying the mechanical nature of the brewing process. Juxtaposed to the pristineness of the skin, the interior is a combination of wood and warmth: a perfect incubator for the creation of lagers and laughter . As visitors enter the building, the ceiling slopes downward to greet them from a height of three stories to two. A series fermentation tanks line the walls while a cascade of brewery components are suspended from the mezzanine like huge Christmas ornaments . While more traditional breweries are flat and use mechanized systems to move product, this brewery utilizes passive techniques to illustrate its product. It is gravity driven thereby allows nature to assist in the production. The pull and flow of both beer and people to fulfillment is the driving force of the complex.

Build Project

Spring 2013 Freedom by Design//Nelson Observation. Reaction. Production.

I worked at the Chantilly Montessori School and in collaboration with School of Architecture (S.o.A.) students, faculty, and other AIAS FBD members. Together we designed and constructed an outdoor classroom for elementary school children. I was in charge of the group building and designing the flower beds.

ROME_ Italy Summer 2014 Frakes//Hochhalter Datum. Layer. Capture.

I spent six weeks during the summer of 2014 living in Rome. While there, I was enrolled in two courses: digital photography and The City as Memory (a history topic). Rome was an incredible city study and reflect on in writings, collage and photography. For my final assignment in the history course, I cataloged all of Rome’s ancient temples. I complied this research into large maps depicting their position and relation to the city in Classical Era and again in the Renaissance.

PRAGUE_ Czech Republic Fall 2014 Igor Need. Biomimicry. Sustainability.

I had the opportunity to study at the Prague Institute alongside NCSU students and learned much from the new dynamic I entered. We were not given a specific program for this studio class. Instead we had to distill what the neighborhood we called home for 3 months needed. My partner Anya Aikman and I, designed a garden market. This market would have the capacity to grow the produce in season to engage the community while utilizing rain runoff from the fabric roofs to water the crops.

WELLINGTON_ New Zealand Spring 2015 Wood Elevation. Incline. Inclusion.

While in New Zealand, our studio investigated the central downtown and made interventions to liven the street. This project demonstrates an analysis through the use of diagrams and illustrations providing information on a CBD of Wellington. Where an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of this given site will be explored in order to create an appropriate to create a better space for it’s occupants. This space needs strong intervention that connects the individual businessman along the main streets to their destinations while also creating a revitalizing outdoor space. A space like this need to be accessible to all parties. With a fully handicap accessible system, cyclist and walkers with strollers will also be able to fully enjoy the space.

Theatre Minor Ongoing Fillmore//Burch Apparatus. Tensile. In the time I do not have dedicated to studio, I’ve sought to work on projects I also enjoy. Currently perusing a minor in Theatre, I have been involved in the design and construction of lighting, scenic, props and costumes. In my past work experience, I acted as an industrial marine fabricator. I was tasked with patterning and constructing a variety of fabric structures, most with marine applications.

Maggie McDonnell Will

c. 617.894.4687

Education University of North Carolina at Charlotte Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Minor in Theatre The Woodward School for Girls - College Preparatory

Charlotte, North Carolina Quincy, Massachusetts

Honors and Awards Industrial Fabricators Association International Marine Fabricators Scholarship Recipient Dean’s List Arts and Architecture Honors Program National Honor Society Nation Society of Collegiate Scholars Study Abroad Photography Exhibition - 2nd Place EnergyPath Scholarship - week long conference in Scranton, PA with in depth introduction to Passive House Design, Net Zero and other sustainable strategies in the building sector

Involvement American Institute of Architecture Students South Quad Conference Attendee AIAS // Freedom by Design U. S. Green Building Counsel Students University of North Carolina at Charlotte Women’s Rugby Team Charlotte Outdoor Gaming


34 States 23 Countries 4 Continents

9618 Vinca Circle Apt. D Charlotte, NC 28213

Leadership + Service + Sustainability American Institute of Architecture Students Freedom by Design Chief of Public Relations Initiated new member drive, and publicity for all events and build projects Historian Developed fund raising opportunities and managed marketing, advertising, and cataloged events Build Projects / Tree Planting Organizer, design charette coordinator, demolition, construction, volunteer Streamlined Weatherization Improvements For Tomorrow Volunteer for low-income residential weatherization project School of Architecture Admissions Interview assistant and tour guide for freshman candidates AIAS Student Mentoring Program Mentor to 1st year architecture students Charlotte Outdoor Gaming Chief of Publicity - Moderated committee tasked with raising funds and producing advertisements Campus Recreation Sports Co-Recreation Softball Captain UNCC Women’s Rugby Division II

Relevant Skills Drafting // Auto Cad / Rhinoceros / Revit / Analog Graphics // Creative Cloud Microsoft Office Daylight // Climate Consultant/Revit Model // (Digital) Rhinoceros 3D / (Analog) Precise craft with physical models / Experience with laser cutter and wood shop machinery Photography // Canon Rebel T3

Work Experience UNCC Housing and Res Life Tech Assistant Custom Marine Canvas Marine Fabricator - Product patterning, design, construction, and installation

Maggie Will - Portfolio 2016  

This architectural portfolio showcases projects done both in and out of studio from August 2011 through February 2016

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