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Margaret Tabor ArtEd 130 Objective 4 Reflection

Throughout the course we were to demonstrate a basic understanding of major theories of children’s graphic and artistic development. I feel this objective has been achieved and can be seen through my case study and learner characteristics presentation. I feel those assignments had set me up to better understand how to best serve my students’ development. The learner characteristics presentation helped me learn about what to expect when teaching a certain age group. It helped show what these students are going through socially and emotionally, and where they are in their development. For example, my partner and I focused on 12-13 year-olds. These students are going through a crisis of realism, have fine motor skills, and learn best aurally and kinesthetically. In my case study, I was able to take what snother group had done for learner characteristics presentation and apply it to the students I was working with. It was because of the learner characteristic assignment that I felt prepared with those students.

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Objective4 reflection  
Objective4 reflection