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Margaret Tabor ArtEd 130 Reflection Objective 2

In this section, we are to demonstrate a basic understanding of current art curricula and teaching practices in art education with an emphasis on issues based and integrated approaches. I feel that I have met this objective exemplified through different assignments in this course. I feel that I am walking away from this course with a better idea of how to plan art lessons. Through the resource evaluation assignment, I could see what a well written lesson plan looked like and some of the thinking that goes into planning these art lessons. I was able to see how social, cognitive, and physical development played an important role in making successful lesson plans. If the lesson plan is too challenging or not challenging enough for where the student is developmentally, the student will not be able to get anything out of the lesson. The resource evaluation assignment made me take a closer look at art lesson plans and see how to make a successful one. The integrated lesson plan assignment let me apply what I have learned into creating my own lesson plan. This displayed how much planning and forethought goes into creating an art

lesson plan. It also exhibited how to incorporate art lessons with other subjects as well. In my integrated lesson plan, we tied our main lesson to a language arts lesson on haikus. This assignment let me create my own lesson plan and apply the different readings and the resource evaluation.

Objective2 reflection