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Senior Portraits by

Maggie Medema Photography

The Maggie Medema Photography take on Senior Portraits

Pre-shoot Prep Meeting!

These pictures are a big deal, man. A real big deal. And creating them for you is a responsibility that’s taken seriously around here.

Prior to your session, we’ll have a little pre-shoot prep meeting. If you want to grab calorie-laden coffee beverages and go over details, I’m always game. If it’s easier, we can chat by phone or email. In any case, we’ll cover some important bits of businesses:

In the near future, these will be the images you share with friends, with family, what you use to announce that You.Have.Done.It. Let the graduation parties begin! And PS – Don’t you look freaking fabulous?! In the not-so-near future, these are the images you’ll stumble upon and share with your spouse or the friends you made post-high school. A version of you that seems oh-so-familiar, yet already far away. You’ll probably snicker at your trendy outfit, or laugh over a memory of battling with your parent over how to do your hair. And in the farther-off future – the one I shoot for – the one that requires you to really put on your 30-year-goggles… You’ll dust off these images and be flooded with memories, with nostalgia, with pride for how far you’ve come, maybe you’ll even be prepping for your own child’s senior portraits (and Lord help you with that mountain of emotion). So trust me. This is about way more than having the best outfit. This is about closing out a chapter. A big, long, amazing chapter. Let’s do it right.

You can show me your outfit selections (emailing me photos is fine!). We’ll talk about how they will photograph and what types of locations they’ll look best in. Based on your outfits and location preferences, we’ll pick a few spots and make a game plan for session day. We’ll talk about how comfortable you do or do not feel in front of the camera, if there is anything that makes you feel self-conscious and so on. That way I can be sure to have your back while posing you and shooting and editing your images.

What am I gonna wear?! This may be the most fun part of a senior photo sessions! Your goal here needs to be presenting me with a genuine version of yourself. Remember those 30 year goggles I mentioned… Yeah, you’re gonna want to recognize yourself.

Add in hats, scarves, jewelry, belts and great shoes to make your outfit look more complete.

That said – this ain’t the day to look sexy. Gorgeous? Yes. Feminine? Yes. Sassy? Yes. But not sexy. And here’s why…

If you’re rocking a high-contrast outfit (say white jeans and navy top) be aware that when photographed, the lighter areas will appear most prominent. Make that work for you.

Like I said, these photos are about ending a chapter of your life – and that chapter has been about your childhood, your school days, growing into the woman you are today. We are not closing a chapter about how fabulous your booty looks in shorty-shorts. On the same note – we simply don’t do sexy poses during senior photo sessions. (Mom’s breathe sigh of relief here.)

Easy on the tanning. The more color you add, the more you take away from the natural highlights and shadows of your face (which will ultimately result in your face looking fuller in photos). If you look slightly orange in person, you will look certainly orange in your images. As for tan lines – avoid getting them or be prepared to hide them, because they won’t be removed in photoshop.

Here’s a few tips on creating your senior look: Select a variety of looks that capture different sides of your personality – something casual, something pretty or feminine, something sporty – whatever looks like you.

Bring a brush/comb, hair ties and pins, etc to quickly change up your look.

Pinterest is great for styling ideas. But be careful not to dress yourself up to look like someone else.

Woe is the gal with too much dark eyeliner. Looks good on date night – makes you look like you lost a UFC fight in photos. Choose a light shade and apply lightly.

Careful when selecting shorts. See how they look from all angles. Sit, stand and squat down in them. Pick undergarments carefully – try on your outfits with your undergarments ahead of time and head outside in the bright sunlight to make sure nothing shows through. If any part of your outfit makes your body conscious – nix it, now.

Pretty up those finger nails – they will show!

Prior to the shoot, organize your outfits on hangers, attaching any accessories to the hanger.

Ditto on shadow choices. Medium shades are great. Easy on the sparkly shades, they can glow. Feel free to bring along your makeup, lipgloss and some q-tips, etc for making quick touch ups. That way if you make up is coming across to strong or not strong enough in camera, we can fix it.


A few words about prints

Your finished photos will be available about 3 weeks after your session. They will be presented to you in a password-protected online gallery. From this gallery, you will be able to instantly download the high-res files of your images as well as the print release that gives you permission to make prints.

You must make prints of these images. I will sue you if you do not. Okay, I won’t sue you. But I should. Yes, you will have the digital files on your computer or your phone or whatever. That is not sufficient.

Before your photos are finished, we recommend making a few lists to prepare for ordering (you can pass this task to the parents):

Remember 8 tracks? Beta tapes? VHS?

Determine where in your home you will want framed images or canvas to hang. This will help determine what orientation and size prints you need.

The harsh reality is that technology dies. Tangible proof of the life you’ve lived is invaluable – to you and to the people who will love you in the future.

List family and friends to whom you will want to provide prints and in what sizes.

Prints. Albums. These do not die. They don’t become obsolete.

Determine how many graduation announcements you will need.

That’s why people rush to save their albums in a fire or sift through rubble after a tornado searching for photos. Because they matter – for always.

Write up language that you would like to have included on your announcements.

You will have a release allowing you to make your own prints. You are also welcome to order professional prints via your online gallery. Our professional prints are printed on archival quality photo paper, have a gorgeous linen texture, and are mounted on substrate to make them last even longer, without bends or tears. Yes, they come at a higher cost and I’m a big fan of keeping things in budget. So you might consider making your own prints for things like standard slip-in photo albums or sharing with friends and then select a few keepsake images to have professionally printed.

Senior Portrait Collections Base Collection $375 1.5 hour session (about 60 images) Finished image files (full-resolution) and print release Medium Collection $500 2 hour session (about 70 images) Finished image files (full-resolution) and print release Choice of: 4x4 linen-bound album 8x8 photo-cover album 2 accordion albums Pst…8x8 albums can be designed as a “year book” with space for friends and grad party guests to write notes!

15% off print and product orders Large Collection $650 2 hour session (about 70 images) Finished image files (full-resolution) and print release Choice of: 4x4 linen-bound album 8x8 photo-cover album 2 accordion albums Set of 50 graduation announcements (5x7, double sided, includes envelopes) 16x24 gallery wrap canvas

Add On Prints & Products Prints (additional sizes available) 4x6 $8 11x14 $30 5x7 $10 16x20 $45 8x10 $15 4 wallets $8 Albums 4x4 linen-bound album: $135 mounted photographic pages. layflat pages. archival quality. 20-pages. 8x8 photo-covered album: $135 press printed linen pages. custom photo-wrap cover. 20-pages. 2 duplicate accordian albums: $135 4”x8’. 7 panels. linen or pearl pages. grandparents love these. Gallery-Wrap Canvas (additional sizes and clusters available) 11x14 $75 16x24 $95

20% off print and product orders Package selection to be made prior to session date. $375 due at time of session. Balance due within 30 days of session. Cash, check and credit accepted.

Graduation Announcements/Invitations: $125 Set of 50 5x7 flat cards. Double-sided. Includes envelopes. Custom design include in price. Additional sets of 25: $25

Maggie Medema Photography Senior Portraits  
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