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Doctoral Student Graduating Class Summer and Fall, 2010

Brett Tempest, Ph.D. Infrastructure and Environmental Systems

Connie Johnston, Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Carol Stivender, Ph.D. Public Policy

Cheryl Lutz, Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Thank you ‌for mentoring,

Amy Hawn Nelson, Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction

Steven Eddy, Ph.D. Special Education

Kristin Daley, Ph.D. Health Psychology

‌for supporting,

Heather Gordon, Ph.D. Organizational Science

Galen Smith III, Ph.D. Public Policy

Lindsay Baran, Ph.D. Business Administration

Matthew Campbell , Ph.D. Information Technology

‌for encouraging,

Sylvia Boysworth, Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Elijah Onsomu, Ph.D. Health Services Research

Shahab Chitchian, Ph.D. Optical Science & Engineering

Yi-Chen Chuang, Ph.D. Optical Science & Engineering

John Schenk, Ph.D. Optical Science & Engineering

April Mustain, Ph.D. Special Education

Elizabeth Tait, Ph.D. Health Services Research

…and for making it all possible.

Tammatha Clodfelter, Ph.D. Public Policy

LaWanda Williams, Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Welcome to our community of scholars.

Congratulations Class of 2010!

UNC Charlotte Fall 2010 Ph.D. Grads  
UNC Charlotte Fall 2010 Ph.D. Grads  

UNC Charlotte Fall 2010 Ph.D. Graduates