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Senior’s Catalog of Creative Projects Art is not just about craftsmanship, but rather about the feelings and memories we all have within us. Seniors of course have a wealth of life experiences to draw from, and to share with others.

The business practice from the Smiling Shamrock Creative House when working with seniors is; working with total patience and art instruction every step of the way; thereby giving seniors a feeling of accomplishment that they may not often experience. I have learned the value of patience when working with seniors and have experienced how art can promote the recall of memories, which makes the whole experience therapeutic and interesting for both the resident and myself. Also, classes can be customized to the individual person, or to the needs of a group within a Senior Facility. Peggy Callahan Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

3D Birds Papier Mache’ Birds are created and painted to any species of bird you wish. This project needs drying time and can take up to 3 hours to complete. This is not a difficult projcct.

2D Yellow Bird with Flowers Flower Bird is created with Papier Mache’ and can be painted any color to match your decore. A hook is installed on the back for hanging. This project needs drying time and can take up to 2 hours to complete.

Peggy Callahan,


Clay Owl - wall hanger 2 session class, 1.5 hr per day. The first day is working with the clay on a flat surface to form the owl’s body (sculpted/folded into shape). The second day the owl is painted and a clear glaze is applied.

Robin on Canvas The artist will get step by step help on creating this Bird on Canvas project. It is 8 inches high and we will attach the hanging sticks after the canvas is dry. This project will take 2.0 hours to complete. Below is a door hanger telling people if you are awake or sleeping. It is a felt material project using glue to assemble. Pieces for project can be precut or not. This project is 1 to 1.5 hours.

Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

Village Planter 2 session class, 1.5 hr per day. The first day is painting the house and any extra’s that are added, like fencing, knomes, etc. The second session is putting together the planter and the plants.

Peggy Callahan,


Button Art - on canvas 2.5 to 3 hr class. Designing the layout and painting the tree and back ground in acrylics. After this is dry the buttons are then glued into place for a finished design that can be hung on the wall.

Rock Painting - Surprisingly Fun! The Rock’s design can be as detailed as the artistic ability of the painter. There will be a variety of designs to choose from, or they can free hand a design. River rock is what is used because of the flatness and the smoothness of the surface. Class is 1.5 to 2 hrs long.

Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

Acrylic Painting Lessons on canvas This is a 3 hr class. You will have an instructor teaching one painting design and help you with step by step instructions. If your strong point is not drawing, templates will be provided. The finished product will be on 11 x 14 inch canvas, ready to hang. You can choose a painting from the following three pages listed.

1. Green parakeet

2 Van Goghs Regatta

3. White Poppy

4 Red Poppies

Peggy Callahan,


5. Blue Love Bird

6. Three Red Flowers

7. Lightning Bug

8 Red Tulip 9. Fall Harvest

10. Blue Humming Bird 11 Blue Zebra 12. Yellow Giraffe Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

13. Four Foot Bass

14. Green Yellow Parrot

15. Red Daisty

16. Colorful Sky with Birds Singing Peggy Callahan,



Fun Door or Wall Embellishments. Select one Project for the entire group to work on. Wreath projects could be made 5 inches wide to hang on a door knob or 11 inches to be hung on a door or wall hook. Some wreaths are created on styrophome rings or on a rounded wire. More seasonal or holiday ideas are available, just ask. Wreaths are a 2.0 - 2.5 hours project and all come with a ribbon tie for hanging.

Hand tie Wreath with Initial

Painted Poppies Wreath

Halloween Tie Wreath

Paper Flower wreath

Painted Butterflies Wreath

Any Color Hand Tie Wreath

Bird in Bushes Wreath

Orange Cutout Leaves Wreath

Cut Out Leaves Wreath Less Challenging Project

All Wreaths above can also be converted to a 5 inch door-knob hanger.

Cutout Black Orange Fall Leaves Wreath Oth e Des r Holida igns y Ava ilabl e.

Paper Variety Flower Poppies Yoyo Ties for Owl Doorknob Doorknob Door knob Doorknob Hanger 5” Hanger 5” Hanger 5” Hanger 5” Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

Door Signs or Hang on Your Wall! There are many shapes to choose from - circles to stars, squares and special holiday shapes. Everyone can paint whatever colors they like and whatever saying or name can be painted on it. So really, all signs come out custom made! 1.5 hours project and all projects come with a ribbon tie for hanging.

Quick & Easy Door knob signs This is a project where they can create one or three. Can be used on their door to say they are out eating, or donot disturb, etc. This project can take 1 to 1.5 hours depending on how many they create for themselves. Material is a type of foam rubber and there is glueing involved.

Peggy Callahan,


Your Painted Tea-Cup Planter There will be 1 white tea cup and 1 plate to paint with glass painting paints and pens. All materials from ceramics to dirt to plants will be provided. This class is a 1.5 to 2 hour project.

Colorful Butterfly Painting on Paper - This is a very good beginners class! This project will be 8 x 10 and tempera paints and black glue will be used (for outlining). It gives the artist more control in painting within the lines. memorable design. This class is a 1 to 1.5 hour class. Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

Mosaic Art Select either 1 heart or 2 coasters for the group to work on. Hearts are 6 inches, coasters are 3.5 x 3.5. All materials from ceramic, to glass, to beads to lettering provided to create a memorable design. This class is a 2 hour class. The project will still be fragile and not completely dried by the end of class, and will need to sit over night before use. Hearts will hang on wall.

Peggy Callahan,


1 Giant Paper Flower Tissue Paper is used and petals and leaves are cut out and assembled on a strong wire for sturdiness. Class is 1.5 hours to assemble 1 flower.

1 Dinner Mat & 1 Coaster Creating your own design to rest your plate and glass on. You will be painting with acrylic paint any design you would like directly on canvas. When dry, the canvas will be sprayed with a clear gloss coat to seal in the paint and make your design water proof. This project could take 2.0 hours.

Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

Easing Alzheimer’s Symptoms With Art Art can also be an important creative outlet for a person with Alzheimer’s disease, allowing them to express themselves in a non-verbal way. Positive Attributes from Participation in Art Projects: Promote Social Interaction Maximize Functional Performance Provide a Stimulating Activity Increase Self Esteem Normalize Lifestyle Promotes Coordination and Strength Minimize Anxiety and Mood Swings Focus Attention on the Activity Promote Pleasure and Enjoyment These are a few samples of projects that can be worked on individually or as a group. Also free form painting from a person’s memory is encouraged.

Please contact me to discuss an Alzheimer’s Art program at your facility! Peggy Callahan,


The Smiling Shamrock Creative House also teaches creative classes to children of all ages. This allows a special opportunity for grandchildren to visit their grandparents at your facility, to work with them on a creative project. Just ask to see the various children’s classes we have available.

Please contact me to discuss an Art program that fits the needs specific to your Senior facility!

Peggy Callahan Smiling Shamrock Creative House 212 N River Rd., Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847-421-1616, Peggy Callahan, 212 N. River Rd. Fox River Grove, IL 60021 847.421.1616

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