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Are you ready to make your move? As a member of the United States Air Force you understand the military way of life and moving is part of that way of life. Relocating your family and home can be challenging to say the least and even stressful at times. But, being prepared can truly go a long a way in making your transition smooth for you and your family. There are several resources available to you and we urge you to ask questions, conduct research and gather as much information relating to your move as possible. If you have any questions, please call the A&FRC at (580) 213-6330. Please visit:

Smooth Move Workshops We have designed a short 2 hour brief workshop to assist you in answering all of your questions in relation to your move. For instance, will you do a DITY move? What about child care? How are the schools in your next area? Where will you live, or what will you do with your current home? What about your spouses employment? We encourage not only you but your spouse to join the Airman and Family Readiness Center for this briefing held the 3rd Monday of every month. Even if you have moved before, there are some new benefits that may assist you.

Quick Tips for PCS and Moving There is so many to do’s when relocating and sometimes you are not sure where to start. These tips can help:

them during this time. Check with you’re A&FRC for special programs for military children that are moving.

Visit TMO on Base. You will need to visit with TMO (Transportation) to decide how and when you are going to move. It is important for you to understand your different options when moving. (580) 213-7185

Create a PCS expense log and receipt folder. It is not only important to do this to keep to your budget but also important as some expenses may be reimbursable or tax deductible.

Sign Up for Plan My Move. Visit, locate the “plan my move” icon and register your move. This program will create a customized plan for your move, to include checklists, calendars and contacts. Research New Base and Community. Go to and locate your new bases installation guide. This guide will give all the information you will need about your new base to include housing, jobs, demographics, contact numbers, weather info, childcare and much more. Spouse Employment? The average time to regain employment is 6 to 12 months. Contact the A&FRC at (580) 213-6330 to begin the search for new employment at your next base. The sooner we start the job search process the easier it will be on your family. Moving Overseas? Make sure you have your passports and your families passports as soon as you receive your orders if moving overseas. Contact Keith Christopherson at (580) 213-6468. Medical: Get copies of your medical records, refill prescriptions , make appointments & update vaccinations. Visit the DEERS Web Site at or call (800) 538-9552 to inform them of your move. DITY Move: Do It Yourself Moving Program offers you the choice upon approval to move your goods from your current location to your next location. If you choose this option you will get paid 95% of what the government would have paid a professional company to move you. Contact you TMO office for more information.

Homeowners and Homebuyers: Find a realtor to sell or rent you current home. To find housing at your next location go to Organize Personal Records. Make a list of the personal records you will hand carry, such as birth certificates, ID’s medical records etc . . .military Homefront offers a great hand carry checklist on the plan my move portion. Visit Your Voting Office: Investigate absentee voting procedures by calling your local voting office at: (580) 213-6550 Education, School and Children: If you are moving with children contact the school liaison to assist in enrolling your child at their next base, gathering local school information and more. (580) 213-6330

Official Sites and Contacts

Childcare. If you have children you may receive up to 20 hours of free PCS childcare at your next location. You will need their birth certificate, shot records and orders and a sign up form to receive the child care. Contact (580) 213-6330


Sponsor. Get a sponsor for your family and children. It will make the adjustment easier at your new location and assist your children in getting connected. You may request a sponsor at (plan my move) or contact the A&FRC at (580) 213-6330.

Military Home Finding Choice

Money Matters. Make a budget, write it down and stick to it. If you need a budget planner go to or visit the A&FRC center at (580) 213-6330. For more information contact your installation’s family service center, log into or Military OneSource (1-800-342-9647).

Mail Service. As soon as you receive your orders you should find out if your unit has special recommendation for forwarding mail. You can do so by contacting your sponsor as well. Consider Your Children. Talk to your children about the upcoming move. Moving is a big change for children and it is important to communicate with If your need any assistance relating to relocation please contact your local Airman and Family Readiness Center at (580) 213-6330 or email

Military OneSource

Air Force Community

Unofficial Sites Career One Stop Contacts: TMO: Housing: Legal: Voting: Education: A&FRC MLFC: Family Care Plan: Finance: Tricare: Passports:

213-7185 213-7438 213-7404 213-7403 213-6323 213-6330 478-6449 213-7323 213-5071 234-2519 213-6468

Good Bye Party Bash! VIP Event!

Coping With the Move: Help your children through transition When parents or caregivers think about stress in children's lives, moving to another neighborhood is not the first thing that comes to mind. But changing homes, schools, and friends can be very stressful.

Please joins us for a free evening of food and fun! These special events for our military youth on the move. Event held in June, August, November 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Airman & Family Readiness Center Call (580) 213-6330 to find out when the next event is or for more information.

A&FRC (580) 213-6330 for more detailed information.

It may take children months to adjust after a move. For many children and adolescents, giving up the familiar—friends, favorite places, and routines—can be difficult. As parents focus on coordinating the moving process, some children react negatively to the decrease in attention. Children may experience anxiety and grief before, during, and after a move. There are resources at your library, school, online and through health services to assist your child during this time. Contact

Some Tips to Assist in the Transition Involve children in the move as early and as much as possible.

 Look for warning signs of children not adjusting well. Seek help early.

Try to maintain daily routines. Help children make new friends and get them involved in their new communities. Together you and your child visit:

 Be patient with children and empathize with their feelings.  Do something special for your child that includes their friends before the move.

 Create a scrapbook, or memoir together with your child. Place photos or sayings about special friends, places and people in the book.


 Visit new schools to see if orientation programs are available for newcomers.

 Have them keep in touch with old friends through letters, online resources, email or phone calls.





Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) (580) 213-6330 Chaplain (580) 213-7211 Mental Health (580) 213-7419 Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC) (580) 478-6449

Vance AFB Workshops Designed to Assist with Relocation SMOOTH MOVE It is held the 3rd Monday of every month 9am—11am

Guest Speakers Include: TMO, Education, School Liaison, Finance, Housing, MFLC, Tricare, Spouse Employment, and Relocation. This workshop is designed to be a one stop shop to answer many of your questions and brief you as to all the services available. Spouses are encouraged to attend. This 2 hour briefing will play a major role in preparing you for your move.

10 Steps to a Federal Resume This workshop will not only explain the complicated federal resume process, but will assist any employment seeker with developing a civilian resume, career planning and will explain spousal preference in the military. This workshop will give you the opportunity to ask questions about federal employment. Our career consultants can also assist in finding employment at your next location. Call the A&FRC to find out when the next workshop is or to schedule a one—on appointment. A&FRC In today's economy it takes 6 to 12 months to regain employment, so start today before you relocate!

HOMEBUYERS This workshop covers such as issues as budgeting, determining how much of a house you an afford, building or repairing your credit, debt to income rations, as well as the mortgage lending process. This workshop will give you the opportunity to ask questions and find out what it will take to become a homeowner.

OneOnOne Assistance Have questions and need help but cannot make any of the workshops? You can schedule a one-on -one consult with a Airman and Family Readiness Center trained consultant and we will assist you in getting the answers you need to make your move as smooth as it can be. We can also assist your family members in various areas that may assist them in the transition as well. Call us or stop by today. Bldg 314 / (580) 213-6330

Plan My Move for Military Members  

Thi sresource is targeted for military members and thier families moving or pcs'ing.