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Welcome riders to the Progressive Suspension catalog. For our 2011 edition we highlight the technology built into our products. We are riders. We understand that while style has a place it’s what’s inside that counts the most when the riding begins. Progressive Suspension, long established as the leader in ride control products for the motorcycle industry develops technology to match the needs of you, the riding enthusiast. For 2011 we ask what your riding plans are for this year. Got plans for an adventure ride to a far away place, maybe two-up long distance touring or maybe canyon carving your favorite piece of serpentine highway. If it’s any of the above or simply cruising to the local pub to enjoy your favorite beverage we have the products to match your needs and enrich your ride. New product highlights for 2011 include our new 970 series high performance shock. Our 970 is inspired by racers and filled with technology to meet the demands of high performance riding. For 2011 we’ve expanded the applications of our popular front fork performance mono tube kits. Also for 2011 the 465 Series high performance mono shock can be ordered with Remote Adjustable Preload system to easily set proper ride height. We spend our days developing spring rates, designing damper pistons and low friction seals, creating damping curves with never ending testing in the lab and on the road. It’s what we do. We are riders. So make your riding plans and choose Progressive Suspension products to accompany you on your journey. Long or short as the journey may be, we want to help you enjoy the ride.

Ride More David Shirley President


Dampers used in Progressive Suspension products result from countless hours of design time followed by extensive lab performance and durability testing on sophisticated test equipment. Final assembly requires tight tolerance parts assembled with gas and oil on purpose built assembly equipment. 100% Final inspections are performed on an in-line dynamometer to insure products you buy meet strictest performance standards.



Straight Rate Spring

The spring is wound steel and is defined by its rate

Progressive Rate Spring

Rate is a measurement of the force required to compress the spring and is typically expressed in lbs per inch

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 60lbs

A straight rate spring with a 100 lbs/inch rate will require 100 lbs to compress it one inch. Each subsequent inch of compression would require an additional 100lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 75lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 120lbs

By utilizing varied spacing spring coils, the initial rate may be 100lbs/inch, but each subsequent inch of movement would require more than an additional 100 pounds of force The progressive advantage is a spring that is supple enough to soak up small bumps, yet firm enough to handle a big hit

Shock Preload Adjusters

All of Progressive Suspension’s shocks are Preload Adjustable Preload adjustability allows the user to easily tune the shocks for their specific combination of bike and rider weight By compressing or uncompressing the spring a small amount with the pre-load adjuster, shocks can be tuned to suit the conditions

Minimum Preload applied

Full Preload applied

In addition, most PSI shocks are also offered in Heavy Duty applications, recommended for bikes that are operated at or near the manufacturer’s maximum load rating over 50% of the time

A great question, but perhaps, “What fits my bike AND my riding style?” would be a better query. Over 10,000 miles on your current shocks? Just need an inexpensive replacement? Maybe you’re riding big miles two-up? Perhaps a height adjustment to help balance out a shorter inseam? Several of our shock Series’ are likely to fit your bike. Only one is right for you. For specific part numbers take a look at the “What Fits My Ride?” link on our site.

* Low Cost Replacement

* Greater tuning options

* High Performance Dampers

Dissipates energy and helps the spring absorb impacts

* Standard & Heavy Duty Versions

* Better Handling and Bump Absorbtion

* Best For Two-Up Riding

The energy of motion is dissipated in the form of heat

* Available with Stylized covers

* Increased Ride Quality

* Guaranteed for life!


Damping rate or stiffness of the damper is matched to the stiffness or rate of the spring

High Pressure Gas Internal Floating Piston Oil Main Damping Piston

Many designs available but typically comprised of a piston being forced through a damping fluid such as hydraulic oil. Illustration to the left shows typical construction of a high pressure gas monotube type shock

Scan the QR code or go to for a step by step video covering suspension setup.



High Pressure Gas Monotube Threaded Preload Adjuster Deflective Disc Damping

I.A.S. (Inertia Active System) separates wheel movement from chassis movement High Pressure Gas Charged for consistant damping performance

Hard Anodized Internal Coating

Progressive Rate Main springs specifically designed for touring

Adjustable Compression Damping

Limited lifetime warranty on I.A.S. Dampers

Limited Lifetime Warranty and Rebuildable

Delivers the same ride height as 12” shocks, while retaining the full droop travel of 13” shocks

Dyna & XR1200 Applications (more soon!)

NEW FOR 2011. Inspired by racers, riders and those

Built around our “best in class” IAS damper technology,

that demand more of their bikes than weekend coffee

and wrapped in a state of the art set of springs that allows

runs. The built in the USA 970 Series shocks combine a

your bagger to sit lower than stock, but retain the full

high pressure gas monotube design with deflective disc

down travel of a factory set up! The 940 Series combines a

damping routed through two unique circuits and adjustable for compression damping via an easily accessible knob. Tune to your riding style and pin the throttle.

progressive rate main spring with a flat wire compensator spring that compresses under the weight of the bike, but readily extends when needed to allow for full droop travel. The result is a bike with a 1” lowered height that rides better than a stocker!





I.A.S. (Inertia Active System) separates wheel movement from chassis movement

High Pressure Gas Charged Monotube for consistant damping performance

High Pressure Gas Charged for consistant damping performance

Progressive Rate Springs available in Standard or Heavy Duty rates

Progressive Rate Springs available in Standard or Heavy Duty rates

Chrome covers with Chrome springs or Contrast Cut Black anodized with black springs

Chrome covers - Chrome springs or Black covers -Black Springs

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty on I.A.S. Dampers

Available in lengths from 11.0 inch to 13 inch

Available in 11.0 inch to 13.5 inch lengths

We have once again upped the ante with the street rod Every product line has a “best of the best� and the PSI 440 Series shocks are just that. We wrap our proven progressive rate spring around a state of the art damper and top (and bottom!) it off with machined aluminum end caps. A top mount threaded preload adjuster allows for fine tuning with a simple twist of the cap and the 440 Series is available in 2 finishes and multiple spring rates as well as the ideal stock or lowered length for your bike.

styled 430 series of shocks. Utilizing a high pressure gas mono tube design with deflective disk damping to insure high performance ride control, the 430 Series can also be mounted rod up or rod down, depending on your application. Threaded pre-load adjusters allow for tool-less adjustment, and effortless tuning of ride quality. First of their kind, machined aluminum spring perches are complimented by smooth lines and a polished chrome body.





Flame (Chrome Spring)

Flame (Black Spring)


All steel double wall damper with multistage velocity sensitive damping

Billet Aluminum End Caps-Hidden Hardware Chrome Spring Can

5-Position cam style preload adjuster Chrome or Black Spring (Flame Only) High Pressure Gas Charged for consistant damping performance

5 Position Preload Adjuster

Standard or Heavy-Duty progressive rate springs in either chrome or black

Multi-Stage Velocity Sensitive Damper High Pressure Gas Charged for consistant damping performance

Optional full Chrome or Black covers on select applications

Simply the best value shock on the market today. The 412s

The 812 Series of shocks are the ultimate fusion of

proven, durable design means they will be an improvement

form and function. We’ve taken our road-proven

to your motorcycle’s suspension performance. The double-

multi-stage velocity sensitive damper system and

wall steel body construction with nitrogen charged, multi-

five position preload adjuster and combined them

staged velocity sensitive valving gives you smooth,

with flowing machined aluminum end caps and

consistent damping. A five position cam style preload adjuster lets you dial in your ride whether you’re a light

aggressively styled spring cans. The result is a shock

rider or heavy hitter. Standard or Heavy-Duty, and lengths

that changes the look of shocks as we know them

from 11” to 14.2”, there is sure to be a 412 that’s right for you and your bike.



Baloney Cut

Double Cut

without sacrificing the performance that we demand. Five unique versions to fit the look of your bike.




Integrated Air & Coil Shock

2 INCHES of ride height adjustment

Independent Firmness & Height Adjustments

Preload Adjustable

High Pressure Gas Charged monotube for consistant damping performance

Dual Coil Shock system High Pressure Gas Charged Monotube for consistant damping performance

Compressor Kits sold separately Softail Applications

1989 thru 2011 Softail Applications

By combining state of the art Dampers with dual air chambers, Progressive Suspension has created Our shock system for the venerable Softail style chassis

the ultimate rear suspension for Softail models. The

is exclusively available as an adjustable ride height

Airtail is the result of years of R&D and represents the

version. Progressive Suspension was the first to introduce

pinnacle of high performance and tunable suspension.

aftermarket shocks for the most popular frame design ever produced and we continue to refine our work. Two inches of ride height adjustment as well as adjustable for spring preload to accommodate varying loads and rider weights, all wrapped in a chrome shroud.

Utilizing both a coil and air shock allows the Airtail to ride like traditional high-end shocks while still allowing for extensive height and spring rate tuning. The dual air chambers permit the rider to adjust ride height INDEPENDENT of suspension firmness. This translates to the ideal ride height, without any sort of compromise in ride quality.





Chrome Air Chamber

Allows on-the-fly adjustment

Multi-Stage velocity Sensitive Damper

Simple install

Unique internal bumper, cushions even the hardest hits

Easy to connect “Push Air Fittings”

Up to 2.5” of Height Adjustment on most Touring models

Easy to connect electrical “Bullet Connectors”

Optional Easy to Install Compressor (mounts in saddlebag)

Adding a compressor to allow on-the-fly adjustment to your suspension can become a complex challenge. By combining a machined aluminum air chamber, velocity

Modern baggers have used up any available space

sensitive, multi-stage valving and an internal progressive

to stash the compressor and install used to require

rate coil spring, we’ve once again elevated air suspension

removal of a number of parts. Not anymore. The

to a new level. The clean and simple, full chrome body

AirDragger Compressor mounts in the rearmost void

mounts to all late model touring bikes and is powered by a clever compressor unit that simply mounts into the back of a saddlebag. Effortless installation, up to 2.5” of on-thefly height adjustment and an economical price is a hard to

of your left saddlebag (in that angled space nothing else seems to fit in!). A single air line and power are then plumbed in and both include quick releases to allow easy removeal of the bag.

beat combination!




Custom Tuned Multistage Damper

Five position cam style preload adjuster

Precision machined aircraft grade aluminum air chamber

Standard or Heavy-duty progressive rate springs in chrome or black (sold separately)

Replaceable air & oil seals

12 Series shocks are dampers only. Progressive Suspension springs can be mated for a customized ride

Standard air fitting is adaptable to most stock air fill systems Standard dust boot for additional protection against the elements Rebuildable

13 Series twin shocks for off road applications - dampers only. PS springs can be mated for a customized ride 14 Series twin shocks for vintage applications are dampers only. PS springs can be mated for a customized ride

The “Original� Air Shock features a machined aluminum air chamber for perfect sealing surfaces, heavy duty springs, air adjustability and velocity sensitive, multi-stage

With shock and fork spring fitments all the way back to

valving. The 416 Series is the perfect choice for the touring

1949, Progressive Suspension likely has the suspension

rider who carries a varied load. Air lines and fittings are

setup you need for your restoration, AHRMA racer or

easily installed. An optional adapter kit is available for most touring bikes to tap into the stock air fill system (fill valve or air compressor).

vintage machine. The 12, 13 & 14 Series shocks are sold as damper sets and can be mated to a number of springs to properly tune for your application. For the best information, check out the search utility on





High Pressure Gas Monotube – Ultimate performance 5 position rebound adjuster – Adjust to changing conditions and riding styles Threaded body allows for fine adjustments in sag Aluminum Body/Components - Light weight & stylish Hard anodized finish – Durable and corrosion resistant

All of the features of the Standard 465 Series monoshock PLUS the new R.A.P. System (Remote Adjustable Preload) Easily tuned to your weight and riding style Applications for most popular monoshock bikes, including Road Star, KLR650 and V-Strom.

Also available for long swingarm Sportbikes Rebuildable Damper Stock as well as 1” lower versions

The 465 Series represents state of the art high pressure gas monotube shock design. It utilizes a large 46mm bore and deflective disc piston for precise damping. The beefy 16mm hard chrome shaft rides on custom viton seals for low friction and leak free life. The 465 is custom tuned for each application and is completely optimized for each bike, from the damping and spring rate all the way down to the jounce bumper.



NEW FOR 2011. The Remote Adjustable Preload allows for easy tuning of the ride height and suspension sag with a simple turn of the RAP machined aluminum knob. Utilizing a hydraulic preload adjuster, the RAP system is buttery smooth and allows quick adjustment for changing loads, passengers and terrain. Includes bracketry where required.



Progressive rate springs for a comfortable ride and improved load stability. Five position spring pre-load adjustment Velocity sensitive damping for a smoother ride Gas charged for damping consistency Equipped with shock “Sox” to help keep springs and adjusters clean

Available in Standard or Heavy Duty spring rates Twin tube, high pressure nitrogen charged damper Easy to tune via threaded preload adjusters Beefy 16mm Shaft Reduces rear end bucking! Rhino and RZR applications

High performance UTV suspension does not have The 512 Series was the first aftermarket shock made specifically

to mean a high price tag! Our latest effort is sure

for Utility ATV’s. They have undergone extensive R&D to provide

proof of this sort of thinking. The 425 Series

the finest possible suspension for your workhorse vehicle. We use

shocks are aimed at the user who has added a

improved spring rates for heavier load stability and handling over rough terrain as well as increased length for more travel and ground clearance. The 512 Series comes with an adjustable spring preload to accommodate different loads (i.e. mounting a plow or carrying a hay

rear cage and seating, is hauling heavy loads or who simply wants a better performing suspension without having to break the bank.

bale). Also included is our Shock “Sox” to help keep dirt and mud out of the spring and to keep the adjusters clean.





Improved Resistance to Front brake dive

Simple DROP-INTM Installation!

Improved front end stability & Cornering

Up to 2� of Height reduction

Improved Bottoming Control

No Special Tools Required

Limited Lifetime Warranty The VERY BEST in HD Touring (AND NOW SOFTAIL!) suspension performance!

Forget everything you know about lowering

NEW FOR 2011. Kit converts dual Damper rod, AND

motorcycle front ends, Progressive Suspension has

Damper rod / Cartridge forks to true high performance

just completely changed the game! Our new DROP-

Monotube Cartridge Forks!

IN fork Lowering Kits have transformed a once messy, and time consuming install into a cake walk. Pull up to two inches out of the front end of your

This kit contains a pair of high performance, Gas

bike without the hassle of disassembling the forks

charged Mono-tube fork cartridges complete with a set of our famous fork springs. This kit is a direct

can be done with basic tools. Shorter springs and

internal component replacement for all FLH/FLT models

Progressive’s new secondary compensation spring

from 1984-2011 and 2000-2011 Softail Models. No

make short work of the formerly complicated act

modification to forks is required.



or even changing out the oil and the whole process

* WARNING! Installing a lowering kit WILL decrease initial ground clearance. The motorcycle will be lower to the ground and care should be taken to avoid bottoming, especially over bumps or in turns. To maintain proper balanced geometry, we recommend lowering the motorcycle in the rear the same amount as the front.

of lowering your front end



NEW FOR 2011 - Available in Heavy Duty Spring Rates


Progressive Rate

MultiStage Velocity Sensitive Damping

Stock height or Lowered

Dual Wall Construction

Lowered height kits included 1” & 2” drop parts

1989 thru 2011 Applications

Precision wound - Lifetime warranty

The ‘Original’ Progressive Rate Fork Springs soak up the small road bumps, yet are firm enough to absorb the molar-rattling ones. Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front end “dive” during braking, yet still provide excellent ride comfort. Better yet, we warranty our fork springs for life! Progressive Rate Fork Springs have several advantages over straight rate springs. A straight rate spring only offers linear resistance to compression and is a compromise. For example, if you have a 20lb straight rate spring, it will take 20lbs of force to compress the spring one inch. It will take 20 more lbs of force to compress it the next inch, and so on, until the end of the travel. A Progressive Rate Spring has the advantage of a rising rate resistance to compression. For example, a 15lb - 25lb Progressive Rate Spring will take 15lbs to compress it the first inch, 17lbs more the next inch, and so on, until the end of the travel, taking 25lbs more to compress it the last inch. The benefit of this is that the spring can be soft enough at the start of the travel to offer a “plush” ride, yet be firm enough at the end of the travel to soak up the big bumps.


to high performance suspension components. Not by us though! We’ve been happily building a replacement shock for years!

Designed to reduce front end bounce, dive

and the inherent softness of the stock setup. MultiStage Velocity Sensitive Damping increases cornering stability, as well as ride quality. The Springer front end has never worked so well!

BEST Straight Rate Spring


The beloved Springer is often overlooked when it comes

Progressive Rate Spring

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 60lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 90lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 110lbs

1 inch 100lbs

1 inch 140lbs


Simple Install Forged Steel Construction 1993 thru 2008 HD Touring Models


Does NOT impact ground clearance

30-5046C (‘89-’99, Chrome) 30-5048C (‘00-’11, Chrome)* Economical lowering Kits available for all Softails

Precision Rod End Bearings

*Except 07 FXSTD, 05-10 FLSTN, 09-10 FLSTSB, 2010 FLSTFB & 2010 FLSTSE

SHOCK LIGHTS for 412 & 812 Series Shocks PSI Shock Lights are comprised of a flush mount LED that follows the contour of the stylized 812 shock cap. Subtle design is unobtrusive and blends nicely into the shock cap. Powerful LED array can be wired into brake or turn signal system.

Inexpensive & easy to install solution to handling challenges inherent in touring models. Compact design does not hang below the frame or impede ground clearance. Motor/ swingarm assembly stays aligned with chassis while avoiding the introduction of unnecessary vibration to the rider.

SWAYBAR ADJUSTER BLOCKS FOR POLARIS RZR A simple and affordable solution to cure the RZR’s tendency to UNDER STEER in and SNAP OVER STEER out of corners. Installs in minutes and instantly improves the cornering ability of your RZR. Billet aluminum block includes hardware and three swaybar mounting positions, allow for fine tuning of handling characteristics.

MINI GAUGE PUMPS A handy source of air pressure for adjusting pressure in your forks and air shocks. Comes complete with flexible hose and integral gauge GP3-30 • 0-30psi GP3-100 • 0-100psi

GP3-60 • 0-60psi GP3-300 • 0-300psi

PASSENGER GRAB HANDLE FOR RHINOS Ever spend any time as a passenger in a UTV? Ever wish there was something solid to hang on to? We did too, so we created our own grab handle! Coated to match the OEM colors, the Progressive Grab Handle is constructed of steel tube and ties firmly into the factory cage. 27

33-1000 - MSRP USD $99.95


TRK-2 Includes a 16 gram CO2 cartridge (standard on our other kits is a 12 gram cartridge). Complete with both plugs and patches for tube and tubeless type tires. All this enclosed in a durable nylon pouch. FOL-1 Allows you to make accurate fluid level adjustments to your fork oil. Has easy to read calibration marks and sliding marker.

FOL-2 This tool is the quickest and most accurate way to set the oil in each fork leg. Designed for the professional or do-it-yourselfer. Works on most forks.

TRK-2 Kit

STANDARD SHOCK TOOL 32-5508 Fits many single and twin shocks. Takes the hassle out of changing springs.

SAFETY WIRE SW-360 .032in SW-361 .025in (shown) The finest stainless steel safety wire available. Comes in 1lb cans SAFETY WIRE STARTER KIT SWW-400 • (shown to left) SWW-401 • Safety wire and winder only. SWW-506 • Washers only, 6mm (18 pieces) SWW-508 • Washers only, 8mm (18 pieces) SWW-510 • Washers only, 10mm (18 pieces) Kit uses stainless washers and wire to make safety wiring a “no-drilling” operation.

SPRING COMPRESSOR 32-5507 Assembly/Disassembly tool for Softails.


SPRING COMPRESSOR Assembly/Disassembly tool for GoldWing Shocks

RPK-3 Kit

TIRE REPAIR REFILLS RPT-1 (Not shown) Replacement patches. RC-2 (Not shown) Threaded CO2 cartridges - 16g RCN-3 (Not shown) Non-threaded CO2 cartridges - 12g RPK-3 (Shown at right) Replacement plugs and cement.

TRCL-2 Kit

TRC-2 Kit

TRC-2 for tube type tires TRCL-2 for tubeless tires Compact kit in rigid plastic box, complete with patches or plugs, glue, adapter hose & CO2 cartridges.

PRELOAD WRENCHES SW-1700 This adjustable spring preload spanner fits most adjusters found on single shocks. SW-783 Compact size & 3/8” drive


SW-784 For use with a 3/8” ratchet. Works on any OE or Progressive Softail shock. Advantages: Used with a ratchet, easier to use than the stock OEM tool (and inexpensive too!)


Where do I get more information?

What fits my bike?

Where do I find a dealer?

6911 Marlin Circle, La Palma, CA 90623 - USA Literature - 877.690.7411 Warranty / Techline - 714.523.8700 Fax - 714.523.3220

Harley Davidson is a registered Trademark of the Harley Davidson Motor Company Inc., Milwaukee, WI. Progressive Suspension is not affiliated with Harley Davidson速or any other motorcycle manufacturer. COPYRIGHT 2011 PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION LLC


Progressive Suspension 2011 Catalog  

Progressive Suspension 2011 Catalog

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