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MAGE SOLAR - Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime! Though the sun is 4.5 billion years old, the idea of using its energy is still in its infancy. Even when the MAGE GROUP began producing the first components of solar units in 1994, renewable energy was still at the pioneering stage. Since that time the solar industry has developed into a global growth market. In fact, it is now a driving force of the world economy, with annual growth rates soaring to more than 30 percent. MAGE SOLAR® leads the way in the dynamic and exciting photovoltaic arena, and ours is the name that symbolizes success. We have an unyielding commitment to innovative engineering and a never-ending dedication to establishing the highest quality standards possible. All of which is backed by an incomparable support team with vast international experience. We belive this is why our growth rate was more than twice the speed of the industry average last year. We trust our substantial growth is also due in part to the strong foundation of subsidiaries we’ve established throughout the world. These allow us to remain on the forefront of technology, always exploring new possibilities wherever they may be. We expect the U.S. solar market to enjoy rapid growth in the coming years and it has now become the primary focus of MAGE SOLAR®. That’s also why we have established a module production facility that will supply the North American market starting mid-year 2011. Although we take great pride in our extensive global network, we realize we must always rely on our local partners to tell the MAGE SOLAR® story to new customers and convey our core values – to guarantee top-quality products and installation along with the most comprehensive and professional advice. Make today the day you become part of the MAGE SOLAR® team, and soon you’ll realize that the sky really is your only limit. Here’s to your success.

Joe Thomas President MAGE SOLAR USA, LLC

financial solutions As with any business, partnerships and relationships are a key to success. In order to better serve our customers, MAGE SOLAR® is pleased to announce 3 new financing options to qualified integrators and customers. Whether your installation is residential or commercial, you will now have additional options to assist you with our new Financial Solutions!


DESCRIPTION Unsecured, up to $35K with 6 mo. refinance available using tax rebate or refund Secured, up to 30 years with home refinancing


Commercial Lease


30-60-90 day options


features German engineered

Highest quality

North American headquarters

Established in 2009 to service the North American market

North American and International Certifications

Third party verification of modules and rated values

North American production facility

Modules available Q-2, 2011

High-wind resistant

Standard and high wind application compliant

Salt-mist tested

Rated for coastal applications

Ammonia and corrosive gas resistants tested

Specifically suitable for agricultural applications

Anodized frame

Long-term protection against the elements

+5 watt tolerance

No less than nominal power and up to +5 watt additional power

10 year material warranty

One of the best in the industry

12 year nominal power guarantee – 90%

Guaranteed power acquisition

30 year nominal power guarantee – 80%

Guaranteed performance for three decades

Lower cost of guaranteed energy yield

Faster payback and higher return on investment




Solar Parks

MAGE SOLAR® offers excellent solutions to offset the high electrical usage generated by most commercial facilities.

MAGE SOLAR® provides outstanding solutions to optimize the large roof arrays that are available on many agricultural buildings.

MAGE SOLAR® works with the homeowner and integrator to optimize the design for best power acquisition over the life of the system.

MAGE SOLAR® has international experience in the design and successful implementation of large utility scale solar parks.


Education & Training

MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY offers photovoltaic training from entry level to advanced. Classes include in-depth training coupled with hands-on labs. At MSA you will receive top of the line training that will prepare you to enter the exciting world of solar power or further enhance the skills that you currently have. MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY is proud to partner with Heart of Georgia Technical College. A dynamic partnership that benefits our students: Succesful PV 101 graduates have the opportunity to take the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam offered by HTGC. Jointly, we are commited to providing quality in renewable energy training and technology.

MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY – by professionals, for professionals. +1 (877) 3 1 1 6243 +1 (478) 609 6750



"I would put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that." ~THOMAS EDISON 1931

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Integrator Brochure  

MAGE SOLAR's brochure for integrators with features and benefits of our MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules.