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MAGE – New Energy For A New World®


Dad, how long will the sun last?

Delivered daily, free and forever The sun’s energy is reliable, renewable and abundant. EVERY MINUTE, enough sunlight falls on our earth to meet the whole world’s energy demands for one entire year! Add to this MAGE SOLAR’s sophisticated photovoltaic (PV) technology and you are ready to harness this FREE energy for yourself. America is truly blessed by the sun: there is hardly another country in the world with better sun radiation to power a photovoltaic system. Clearly, utilizing renewable solar energy is more than just an environmentally friendly move. A well planned PV system provides you with a significant economical gain. It also gives you the freedom and independence you have always wanted from the ever increasing electric power bill. How long will the sun keep shining? We’ll tell you: about four and a half billion years, or for about another 180 million generations.

Solar radiation per year in US kWh/m2/Year 1200 - 1300 1400 - 1500 1600 - 1700 1800 - 1900 2000 - 2100 2200 - 2300 2400 - 2500




Is it difficult? No, I’ll show you.

Solar is as easy as 1,2,3


Your MAGE SOLAR速 panels absorb the sunlight and converts it into direct current (DC). This will happen even on cloudy days. The generated electricity is forwarded through wiring to a transformer, called the inverter.


The inverter then transforms the DC current into an alternating energy (AC), the kind of electricity used by your household appliances and the utility grid. You are now powering your home by the sun!


The solar electrical system is connected to the utility grid through your meter. When your home generates more power than it can use, your meter will actually spin backwards. This extra energy goes to the power company allowing you night time credits .


Solar panels absorb sunlight and covert it to DC electricity


This energy is forwarded to the inverter where the DC electricity is converted into AC electricity


The meter provides data about the energy produced, used or sent to the utility

Benefits for generations to come

Solar Power - a smart choice for you, your finances and the environment Generating energy from clean, renewable resources, like the sun, is a sound environmental decision. Solar power also offers huge economic advantages: from conserving the earth’s natural resources and drastically reducing pollution, to doing your part in stimulating the economy. Choosing solar energy is not only cost-effective, it is one of the smartest, most environmentally-friendly decisions you will ever make. Economical Benefits for Solar: • Significant reduction, if not elimination of your electric bills • Protection from continuous electric rate hikes • Benefit from government incentives that reduce the purchase costs of your new solar system • Reduction of our dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels • Further economic stimulation of the fastest growing industry in America - solar projects create clean energy jobs • Adds considerable resale value to your home Environmental Benefits of Solar: • Renewable, clean and non-polluting • Free of global warming contributing CO2 emissions; unlike oil, gas and coal

80% for 3

More power output guaranteed

30 years:

The MAGE Advantage Combine a German engineered product with a US-based production facility and what you get is a match made in solar photovoltaic heaven. As a result, MAGE Powertec Plus速 panels offer you a GREATER VALUE in every aspect of solar PV measure: Efficiency, Strength, Material Warranty, Nominal Power Output & Tolerances as well as Total Power Output! +5 Watts Positive Tolerances: Not only do we guarantee that nominal power is ALWAYS obtained, typically, nominal power results will be EXCEEDED. 10 Year Product Warranty: The MAGE SOLAR速 product warranty surpasses industry standards. In short, you will have a hard time finding a better warranty. 90% Nominal Power Guarantee for 12 Years: When you choose MAGE SOLAR速, you can count on your system to produce at least 90% of its nominal power output for 12 years - guaranteed. 80% FOR 30 YEARS: You can depend on your system producing 80% of its nominal power for 30 years. Think about it: three full decades of reassurance! All combined, only MAGE POWERTEC PLUS速 PV modules offer you what is known in the industry as the MAGE Advantage:

Lowest Cost of Guaranteed Energy Yield!


Watts positive tolerances


year product WARRANTY


year 90% power Guarantee


year 80% power Guarantee

Maximum quality without compromise

The MAGE Benefits • • • • • • • •

High quality, German engineered Extreme high wind and hail impact resistant High snow load resistant Salt-mist tested and rated for coastal applications Ammonia and corrosive gas resistant tested Delivers no less than nominal power rating and typically more Guaranteed power acquisition and performance for three decades Faster payback and higher return

The MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY - Where PV Integrators Learn the Trade MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY, located at the corporate campus of MAGE SOLAR USA, is a premier educational arena for professionals of all levels and occupations in the expanding PV-market. Contractors, electricians, roofers, HVAC specialists as well as sales and marketing managers choose MSA classes for the opportunity to reposition their business within this fast growing industry. In addition, MSA has also established an active and highly respected educational outreach program for homeowners, schools and other organizations. The academy boasts over 10,000 sqf of state-of-the-art educational technology and is integrated into a solar technology park that offers students insights into a variety of the latest advancements in the solar industry. Impressive indoor/outdoor training and simulation areas allow for ample hands-on training year round. MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY course offerings range from two to five day intense seminars. /


3 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Solar Integrator! 1. Does your preferred product have a guaranteed 30 year nominal power output which can withstand the test of time?

Mage Powertec Plus® panels have a guaranteed 30 year nominal power output which gives you a faster payback, higher overall return on investment and lower cost in power acquisition.

2. Buy American - will your preferred manufacturer stand behind its product? The Mage brand name stands for over 35 years of global presence, a state-of-the-art USA based production facility, an excellent 30 year nominal power guarantee and a 10 year product warranty. 3. Is your preferred designed foruser my specific We’re product wanting the end to askneeds? our integrator for our products.

® What “loaded” questions should we ask that will influence reader to request products. MAGE SOLAR panels are high quality, top-of-the-line German engineeredthe solar modules that haveour been designed

to resist extreme wind and hail conditions and carry heavy snow loads. Furthermore, depending on your specific application, MAGE SOLAR® also offers salt-mist tested panels for coastal applications as well as panels that have been designed and tested for ammonia and corrosive gas resistance.


MAGE – New Energy For A New World®


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MAGE SOLAR End User Brochure  

MAGE SOLAR End User Brochure