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10 best ways to utilize Magento extensions for your ecommerce website Magento Extensions – For Extended Ease An extension of any particular platform is supposed to add to the core power and it’s applicable for Magento too. Just in this case it makes the best of ecommerce sites perform better. With more than 6400 Magento Extensions available for use the benefits are huge. This makes it more essential to know how to pick the best one for your business type and their functionality unique selling point. A small view in Google trends does show that the plugins for Magento has witnessed a steep downfall in the popularity meter lately whereas extensions are growing in the same part. This makes it clearer as to which way to make the move while planning your ecommerce portal using Magento. If you are serious business owner considering the use of extension is must, as it not just makes your site much more functional than just having it hosted on the basic settings of Magento but also gives you scope of customization.

Few more Things to Know About An eCommerce platforms using Magento solves many issues using apt extensions like storing more products that defined by default, adding character to the description part and also listing various prices based on offers for a single product displayed on the store. This makes the possibilities endless and hence developers advocate the usage of them. The majority of the extensions are available in Magento Connect. Why I need them? Well, if you wish to save time and do multitasking and save lots of time then making use of extension is mandatory. These extensions not only let you concentrate on business innovations, but also turn your business operation faster. This is done through faster functionality implementation. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in online business and if you deliver that you are ruling. With right extension you retain more people in your store and turn them into buyers. Magento web development India – Magento Authority guides you with the right name and perfect placement based on your business structure and need. A very major point to note is that Magento extensions are PHP and MySQL database compliant.

Tips for Utilizing Magento Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store Be ready to optimize your store with the best of extensions available. Below some of the major names are discussed about for your understanding. 1. Simple checkout: A complex checkout often makes user leave the shopping in the middle and this is one of the most costly mistake that one should avoid while planning a portal. One Step Checkout extension solves this issue as all the information regarding checkout are presented by it in a single page. This adds to the conversion rate. 2. Customize the shipping rates: An online store often needs a variation in shipping cost based on location and method. This can be implemented using WebShopApps extension. Depending on various parameters like destination, weight etc it generates a CSV and chares the customers accordingly. Also overriding rates from FedEx, etc is easy task for it. 3. Emails are conversation starters: Follow up email is an extension that never lets you miss any client as it sends automated clients to those who have just joined your portal via registration, wishes on birthday and even sends notification about pending products in wish-list and many more. 4. Social Share is the power Word of mouth is best way to reach the consumer base and social media is the best way to attain that. Use Zizio Social Power Share extension for adding social sharing buttons in your portal adjacent to every product. 5. Easy Product Import If someone knows what it is to be like having a huge database filled with products, the pain of importing more is known to him. To eradicate it use Custom Bulk Product Import extension. It’s easy to use and takes much lesser time.

6. Use Ajax Cart Reloading a page for adding a new product in basket wastes lot of time; this can be saved using Ajax Cart preview extension. 7. Show in map Building trust is what is most tough in business, people generally trusts a name that has a official address and Store Locator extension shows the exact location in map for them. 8. Modern Search To add to the dimension of search most of the entrepreneurs uses the Blast Lucene Search extension. 9. Detailed Reports For taking critical business decisions one must employ Advanced Reports extension as it generates graphical reports regarding sales, profit and many more important parts of the business. 10. Flexible editing option While editing many products at a single time one needs lots of time, use of Extended Product Grid w/ Editor saves one from this pain. There many interesting extensions to make your Magento website such a wonderful ecommerce platform. Let us hand-hold and coach you with all the required info. We are simply an email away!

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Magento Web Development India - Magento Authority guides you with the right name and perfect placement based on your business structure and need....