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Your Questions About Stress Relievers

David asks…

Stress relievers? cigarettes have all those extra harmful chemicals such as house cleaners, rat poison, acid, blood, and so on, but cigars dont. Does that make them healthier? Im not a smoker, but when I’m really depressed or stressed out I’ll have one. They both calm me down right away, but Black&Mild burns my tongue. Which ones are safer, cigerettes or black&mild? Also, what are some alternative stress relievers? I’m not looking for answers like yoga or hiking, I’ve tried everything and I need something that doesn’t require training or months to perfect. ..I need something that can calm me down in a matter of minutes.

answers: Masturbation is a wonderful stress reliever


Ruth asks…

Stress Relievers?? It seems that nothing is really going my way this summer and it’s making me really stressed out and then I end up snapping at my friends and making them not like me. If anyone can think of a good stress reliever that will help me remain calm and still have fun, PLEASE help me because I really can’t risk losing any friends seeing as they’re my life! It is also best if the relievers are things I can do at home anytime I need to and I don’t need to go out and buy anything…

answers: Try deep breathing exercises. Meditate. Go for a long walk. Jog. Read a book. Sing along with your favorite songs. Singing does two things (more probably). It makes you take deep breathes to get through the line and you hear the emotion in your own voice. You are talking to yourself through the song. I sing, by myself, (who else could stand it?) and it seems to help a lot. I hum to myself when I am around others and they think I’m cheerful, little do they know I’m giving myself therapy LOL!

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Your Questions About Stress Relievers