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Your Questions About Stress Factory

Lisa asks‌

How is the Stress Factory in NJ? Have you ever been to the stress factory in NJ? If so how is it? I hope to go there soon.

answers: What is the stress factory?

James asks‌

Why do Cubans go through extra stress to become doctors when


their pay is the same as Cuban factory workers? BBC said in Cuba’s socialist system a doctor gets about the same pay as a factory worker. Assume they’re not hoping to emigrate and have no religious views or belief in an afterlife. Why do they- and those in other high stress occupations- go through so much extra stress without financial reward?

answers: I disagree with your premise that there is a lot of extra stress by simply being a doctor. Doctors in the US have plenty of stress as do any professionals where you will be accountable for what you do that is right or wrong. In Cuba there isn’t anything like the same level of accountability. If a doctor screws up, “oh well, what are you going to do about it? Sue Me? Why? I make the same as a factory woker.” With no responsibility comes no reward.

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Your Questions About Stress Factory