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Your Questions About Meditation Cushion

Laura asks…

Where in the Tokyo area can I buy a Buddhist Zen meditation cushion? i am visiting Japan for the summer and my sister really wants me to bring or ship her a Buddhist Meditation cushion. I have looked for one everywhere I’ve been but I can’t find one for sale, not even in the temples I’ve been to. Please help!

answers: A Zen cushion should be readily available at any Buddhist supply store. There’s a neighborhood that’s full of Buddhist supply stores in Taito ward near Ueno. It’s also near the Kappabashi street that’s all restaurant supply stores. Kappabashi is good for souvenirs since they have a couple of stores that sells restaurant wax samples to the public. I don’t know if your sister knows the proper sitting posture for Zen, but just for completeness, it isn’t Indian style. The Zen posture is lotus style, where your feet are placed on top of legs, not under them like with Indian style. The sole of your feet should be visible and facing up.


Lisa asks‌

Where can I get buckwheat husks to stuff my meditation cushion? Do I need to treat or prepare the husks before using them? what are some other lightweight but stable alternatives? Hey Steve Z. Bite me.

answers: Try a health food store

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Your Questions About Meditation Cushion  
Your Questions About Meditation Cushion