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Your Questions About Depression Test

Ruth asks‌

depression test? i’m 14 yrs old and for th past 3 weeks i have been taking depression tests over and over. it says i have depression and i should see i doctor. should i trust that?

answers: Im 14 too, and i was 13 when they diagnosed me with depression, see the thing is, if you think your depressed, then most likely you are, your the one who knows most, and if you think you are or could be then yes you should see a doctor, or just a school counselor or something first, if your not comfortable talking to a doctor, and if your actually okay with talking to your parents about it then that would be good too. I know that i never talked to my parents about it, but the guidance counselor at my school called them, because i was doing some self destructive things and never talked to anyone about it and the counselor at school found out, then i had to go to a psychotherapist and she just gave me this questionarre thing and it just asked the normal depression questions, and that was the only test she did to diagnose me. But if you think your depressed then somehow talk to someone, because if you hide it and wait like i did, it just gets worse, and worse, and worse, and dangerous, because i was close to ending my life, were 14, we shouldnt be thinking that, and if you actually depressed it could get to that point for you if its not already. Trust yourself, you cant lie to yourself. You can hide, but not lie. Another thing i want to add is that depression is also something that is misdiagnosed alot. Like in my case i actually didnt have depression, i have bipolar, i was just in the depressed side of it, but when the depression meds didnt work, they changed my diagnosis, and the meds im on now work. Bipolar is alot like depression, and is alot of the time not diagnosed before depression, if you have also been happier than normal happy then thats a first sign of bipolar, so if you do have depression, make sure you watch out for other symptoms, and if the meds dont work, bipolar is a possibity too. But either way, the sooner you get diagnosed and treated


the better, really, because either one of those things can mess up your life, or end it, not good… So if you think you have a problem get it checked out, and you will be better off than most, because you can still lead a normal life if treated.

Sandra asks…

Depression test???? Has anyone ever been tested 4 depression? {i only want answers from ppl who have been}…cuz im gonna b tested 4 it and i was wondering what should i expect? is it like just u answer questions or something????

answers: Yea… Er… Been tested multiple times actually – and unfortunately “passed” every time and ended up on some stupid medication. They’ll probably ask you some verbal questions then just give you a piece of paper with a few questions on to fill out. Nothing major, just how you’re sleeping, eating etc..

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Your Questions About Depression Test  
Your Questions About Depression Test