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Your Questions About Depression Quiz

Robert asks…

depression/suicide online quiz,tell if you need professional help? Is there a free online quiz that assesses depression/suicidal thoughts that can tell you if you need professional help or not?

answers: If you feel you have such a problem talk to your doctor,or an adult you trust such as a counselor,teacher,pastor or older brother or sister.But talk to someone.Depression is more than just being depressed,it makes you physically ill,also near crippling joint pain,stomach problems,etc.This can all be corrected with medication,don’t be ashamed millions of us are on”the pill”and proud of it,I have a wonderful family,a fantastic job,I travel,all the things I couldn’t do or have before I owe to my doctor,he is my best friend now,and I will be forever grateful.But you have to make that 1st.step,do it now. GOOD LUCK!


Mary asks…

What do you think of this? Depression Quiz Results…? I was reading through other questions and an answer suggested that someone take a depression quiz to see if you shoul take medication, I then went found and took the quiz and my results were Mild to Moderate Depression, its third from Severe Depression! I’m a NORMAL person with ups and downs and challages like everyone else..I dont need medication…Has the world gone “Depression” crazy??

answers: Yes, the world is more interested in artificial happiness, so as to avoid conflict and reality. However, there are some situations in which people truly can’t function and need help. The overdiagnosis of depression is a disservice to the people who truly have it.

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Your Questions About Depression Quiz  
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