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Place your entree in front of you and use the container as your plate.


Your drink should be placed to the right of your entree at the top section of your tray.


The french fries should be placed on their side on a napkin. Gently shake them to access each fry with etiquette.


Keep your tray clean, DO NOT get messy when using it as a side plate for dipping your fries in ketchup.


Use napkins to clean your face after consuming your entree and french fries.

Be respectful and clean up after yourself by depositing your trash and putting your Tray away.

CAUTION: Wearing a suit and tie is not a smart idea when consuming grease and using multiple condiments. This could end in a messy lunch break and cause for inappropriate etiquette.

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Everything Etiquette  

Redesign of an etiquette book.

Everything Etiquette  

Redesign of an etiquette book.