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Yes, this is all about McDonald’s Etiquette! At the other end of the spectrum, MICKEY DEE’S has etiquette too. Informal does not mean sloppy. Here are some key points for handling them with grace:

01. Only use a fork and knife if it strictly needs one, McChickens and McDouble’s are called “hand”burgers for a reason. 02. An Orange Hi-C is fantastic with a McDouble and a side salad. 03. Watch the sound. Make sure you chew with your mouth closed and don’t slurp.

04. A diet coke is best with a McChicken and a small fry. Add a apple pie for some sugar. 05. Keep your playing field clean. Those little packets of mustard, ketchup, sugar, and so on. 06. Try a Frappuccino with McDonald’s gourmet oatmeal filled with fresh fruit.

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