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before sitting down

a lipstick trail is the red badge of discourtesy. Take precautions before you reach the table. This is also the time to visit the restroom for hair repair and other finishing touches. Remember to greet everyone before sitting down. Gentlemen must rise to greet latecomers. A server will draw the chair for you. Enter from the left.


OF discourtesy

dining etiquette




After you are seated, wait for your host to make the first napkin move. When the host places the napkin on his or her lap, the guest should follow suit. Similarly, at the end of the meal, the host should be the first to place the napkin on the table to signal that the meal is over, having made certain that everyone at the table is finished. Large dinner napkins should remain folded in half and placed across your lap with fold facing your waist. Never “flap� the napkin to unfold it.

Everything Etiquette  

Redesign of an etiquette book.

Everything Etiquette  

Redesign of an etiquette book.