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14 Although business casual dress is widely practiced, classic business dress is gaining in respect and popularity. The fact remains that we perform better “in uniform,� so it’s a good idea to dress up a notch rather than dress down. Corporate America is gradually accepting body piercing and tattoos, but very gradually. If you want

wardrobe and what you should wear on given occasions. Check out the side bar bullets for some variables you would be wise to consider. When it comes to dressing, your accessories are every bit as important as the basic outfit. Pay careful attention to details such as shoes and jewelry. Sometimes the little things are what people notice the most and remember the longest.


a tattoo and piercings to express yourself, consider getting them on places that can be easily covered. Only you can decide whether to risk exposing them in your work culture. Check the human resources to find resources to find out if there are any company policies on the matters.

> Regional variations. Take climate and geography into account.

> Business environment. Think about the type of company you work for and the kind of work you do.

> Type of position.

Consider what you want your outfit to say about you.

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