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14 The interview will be held at the company site, a hotel suite, an airport lounge, or even by telephone. You must arrive on time (but no more than a few minutes early). If you are being interviewed by telephone, make sure that you have your materials on hand. If you don’t, get the name and telephone number of the interviewer and call back promptly. Whether you’re being interviewed on site or by telephone, don’t volunteer information you haven’t been asked for. The Next Step After the screening interview (and perhaps other preliminary interviews), you’ll have a meeting with the hiring manager. This person makes the final decision, and this interview is the most unpredictable. The interviewer usually has no formal training in interviewing, may ask the wrong questions, and may be vague. The hiring manager is casting around for enough information to make the decision. The manager may be

Never offer only your fingertips, causing a weak, limp handshake.

The handshake should only last about 3 seconds.


Remember that the interviewer wants to know more than your past employment record or your grades and courses in school.

He or she wants to get a feeling for your personality, your train ability, your potential for success.

So, you shouldn’t dwell too long on your past experiences or make repeated references to past achievements. The interviewer heard you the first time.

Starts and stops crisply.

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