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> How long the company has been in business.

> It’s general reputation. > The reputation the company has for

working conditions and environment. Before your interview, you should also find out everything you can about yourself. Take a long, honest look at yourself and be prepared to talk about your traits. One way to help with this process is to make a list of important points about yourself, including...

> Your level of education > How much and what and what kind of volunteer work you’ve done.

> Any honors and awards that you’ve received.

> Your interests and hobbies > Why you want to work for this company > The abilities you can bring to the company.

THE INTERVIEW In general, you should dress conservatively for interviews. However, dress can vary dramatically from company to company. Khakis and docksiders might be the standard at one place, where as wing tips and doublebreasted suits are typical of another. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask

Wear a tie to dress up your

outfit. Stick

to solids

or minimal patterns to look


CAUTION: Skirts and trousers should not be so tight that they convey a message of sexiness. Miniskirts and exposed cleavage are not appropriate business attire for women, just as tight “muscle” shirts or shirts that expose the chest are inappropriate for men.

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