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Authentic Manhood

Manhood Promises as We Stand at the Starting Line

Session 1

I. 5 of the presuppositions A.

The first is this: _____________________________________


Secondly, I ______________________________________________

• Anthropologist Margaret Mead said these words as she spanned human history in different cultures and different societies, “The central problem of every society is to define appropriate roles for its men.”

C. Thirdly, I believe ____________________________________________ 1. Psychologist Rollo May picked up on this a generation ago. He made this profound statement back in the 1950s: “The clearest picture of an empty life is the suburban man who gets up at the same hour every weekday morning, takes the same train to work in the city, performs the same tasks at the office, lunches at the same places, leaves the same tip for the waitress, comes home on the same train each night, spends a two-week vacation at the shore every summer which he does not enjoy, goes to church but does not really know why he goes, and moves through a routine, mechanical existence, year after year, until he finally retires at age 65 and very soon thereafter dies of heart failure, possibly brought on by repressed anger. Though, I always have the suspicion that he died from boredom.”

D. I believe there is no lofty ______________________of manhood today that’s compelling to men—the kind of manhood that calls men up. E. I believe the _______________________ has helpful insights to all of the above—to all of the other four presuppositions, the Word has time-tested wisdom in it. So these are my 5 presuppositions: 1. Manhood is in a state of ______________________; 2. Confused men create major ___________________; 3. Confused men settle for ______________________; 4. There is no lofty ____________________________ of manhood calling us up.


_______________ has helpful insights to all of the above.

III. Historical roots of our present crisis in masculinity. A.

The first, is the __________________ Revolution that occurred at the beginning of the 20th Century.

B. The second major event was _____________________, which further added to the disconnection between fathers and sons.


And then came a third, sweeping event in the 1970s – what I’ll call ________________________.

IV. Promises on the front end for those of you who finish this adventure A.

First of all, you’ll have a clear ____________________ of manhood.


Secondly, you will make some significant personal ____________________ about yourself.


You will make some new _________________ here who are pursuing a common goal.

D. And then the last thing is that you will have your own personalized ____________________ for achieving authentic manhood.

Authentic Manhood

Session 2 Why Men are so confused II. Every Man has a suitcase that he carries around with him

III. Men are in a state of ____________________________. IV. Why are men in this state of confusion A. ___________________________________

B. ___________________________________

C. ___________________________________

D. ___________________________________

Prov. 29:18

V. Authentic Manhood Revolves Around Three Critical Issues

A. __________________________________________

VI. I want to tell you about five wounds that could be in your suitcase. A.______________________________________________

A. _____________________________________________

B. ____________________________________________

C. ____________________________________________

D. ___________________________________________

VII. For a man to become and Authentic Man: A. He must come to grips with his _________________, unlock his suitcase, and ________________________ with some wounds. A. He must establish a clear and compelling _____________ and ____________________ to direct his future.

B. C. D.

Authentic manhood comes by creating a ____________ workable plan for our lives. The sweetness of it will be stepping into ________________ manhood!

Authentic Manhood

Session 3 The Absent Father Wound VIII.

The Absent Father Wound

A. There is an incredible _______________ that a son is looking for in his dad. B. There is a kind of _____________________that a son wants from his dad. C. There is a certain father _________________ that a son is looking for from dad. D. If a father does not paint a picture about life with __________________, ________________, and _________________, then a son is left to himself 1. He will begin to _______________ into himself 2. His soul will ____________________ 3. He becomes ____________________, no _______________________, no _______________________ _________ in his life. David Blankenhorn said, “As a father, the good family man is not perfect, but he is good enough not to be replaced.� A son who is living next to his dad, who is living a life of honor and has convictions about life and can communicate in ways other than I said so is a dad! Prov.17:6 E. As a dad, we get a unique advantage when a son is born

F. If a dad will take advantage of this natural inclination towards him and bless his son, you will have a son of substance. If not, then at some point in his life he will have to deal with the wound of a absent father.

IX. The Absent Father Wound

A. Definition: 1. An on going psychological, social, or spiritual deficit that would ordinarily would be met in a healthy relationship with dad that was not and now must be overcome by other means.


Write three phrases that would describe your dad.


Describe our relationship with your dad.

X. The Absent Father Wound results in: A. _______________________________________ Eph. 6:4

Col. 3:21

B. 1.

The Second Absent Father Wound results in __________________ or __________________________. Anger __________________ pain.


Addictions ______________________ the pain.


The Third Absent Father Wound results in sense of ______________________________.


The Fourth Absent Father Wound results in ____________________________.

XI. What every son wants and needs from His Father: A. __________________________________ with his dad, which results in experiences that build great memories.


Every son needs ____________________ with ________________ answers.


Sons want ______________________ through _____________________.


Lastly, a son needs to see Dad’s ___________________________.

Matt. 3:16-17

Men’s Fraternity

Session 4

Facing The Father Wound XII. We are, to some degree, _________________ of our past. XIII. We are in some ways _______________________by our past, until we consciously and willfully choose to break that __________________. A.

The good news is that you do not have to live under that control any longer.

XIV. Past ___________________ often have a powerful, controlling effect over our lives.

XV. The definition of the Father wound:

A. An on going psychological, social or spiritual deficit that is primary meant with the father, but it was not and now must be overcome by other means. Lance Moreal, a writer for Time Magazine, wrote, “The damage caused by the absent fathers may be severe and may last a lifetime. Sons need their fathers. Today, in a feminist culture, manhood is being minimized, pushed to the margins, to the point that a father is not even needed. If this happens, you are creating people who are crippled. This will cast a shadow over kids’ lives for a lifetime.” Mal. 4:6

XVI. Six Proactive Remedies for the absent Father Wound: A. ______________________________________________ B. Here is how to touch this wound responsibly. 1. Choosing to ________________________________ Heb. 12:9-10 Heb. 12:1 2.

The second way is choosing to believe_____________________.

Rom. 12:19-21 C. ______________________________________________________________

D. ______________________________________________________________

E. _____________________________________________________________

F. ____________________________________________________________ 2Cor. 3:5

G. ___________________________________________________________

Men’s Fraternity

Session 5 The Overly-Bonded-With Mother Wound

XVII. A bookend of the absent father wound

A. The most urgent domestic challenge facing the United State is the _______________________ as a vital social role for men. B. What every dad should give his son: 1. A ___________________ cause that goes beyond the self. 2. A __________________ vision that goes beyond success to significance. 3. A ___________________that builds honorable convictions. XVIII. Examining the mother wound A. If dad was gone or not involved, who comes rushing in __________________________ “Other than dad, no one has influenced more the person you are today than your mother. The way she has handled your needs as a child has shaped your worldview, your relationships, your marriage, your career, your self-image, and your life. What we learn in our relationship with our mother deeply affects every area of our adult life now.” B. 1.

Tendencies are: To ____________________ against mom as well as women that are authorities over them.


To over _______________.


A definition for the Overly-Bonded-With Mother Wound

D. 1.

Other Characteristics This wound is very _________________.

2. It is not a wound of abuse, neglect, or absenteeism, but a wound disguised as ______________________________. 3.

It is not a wound of _____________________________________.

a) (1)

I looks like love, but it feels as you get older and older like ____________. It is so powerful that it can _________________________.

4. a)

Sources of this wound It begins with an ______________________________.

b) (1)

It is inflicted by: __________________________________.


Next source of this wound is ___________________________.


The next source is ____________________________________.

Gen. 2:24 (5)

The final source is________________________________.

XIX. This wound can create a feminized man.

Authentic Manhood

Session 6 Further Clarification of the Mother Wound

XX. Mother and Sons A. 1.

Clarification on how mom create wounds. It is not ____________________________ inflicted.

B. 1.

Two Significant breaks between mother and son: ________________________ bond and postpartum blues.


The next break is an _________________________ bond and post-power blues.

Three words identify this man who becomes overly passive in regards to women, because of his relationship with mom - the soft male. 3. Thirdly, sons can become overly ______________________________ in regard to women, if they have been threatened by mom.

In its extreme form, it leads to domestic violence, abuse, rape. Rape is a guy who is so threatened by women that this is his way of getting even—but it has roots that go way back in that regard to mom. C.

Jesus and His mother

1. Luke 2:43-50 Jesus went missing. Luke 2:42 Luke 2:48 Luke 2:49 a.

Jesus said that He must __________________________ with His Father.

2. John 2:1-4 Jesus was invited to a wedding. John 2:2-3 John 2:4


Matthew 12:46-50 - Later in Jesus’ ministry

Matt. 12:46 Matt. 12:48-49 John 19:26-27

XXI. Two Wrong Response to the Wound: A.

Men become overly _____________________ in regards to women.


Men become overly ______________________ in regards to women.


If not passive or dominant, then what?

A. Somewhere men need to be instructed in manly __________________________that inspire manly _____________________, not passivity. B. Somewhere men need to learn a form of manly leadership that is neither dominant or abusive, but _____ __________________________________________________________. 1. Young women need to learn that leadership is _______________________ to young men. C.

Just where they can learn this is the _____________________________.

XXIII. 7 suggestions for you for healing this wound. 1. Understanding that breaking mom’s over-involvement is good for ____________ and _____________! 2. Recognize that your ultimate goal is to become a man whose vision is fixed on what _____________ thinks – not on what ______________ thinks. 3. _______________ complaining or struggling with mom. 4. Communicate your _______________. 5. Use the ________________ in your life to report back to for clarity, encouragement and accountability. 6. If you are married – listen closely, guys - tell your _____________ you’ve got an over-involved mom in your life. 7. Finally, in some cases your efforts to establish a healthy relationship with mom will result in a time of _______________________ punishment. “Dear Mom, I want to be honest with my feelings about you, so I will throw away my natural timidity and say what I think. Many aspects of your recent letter to me are like the worst aspects of our adult, mother/son relationship for the past 20 years. Two words come to mind to describe this relationship: domination and manipulation. I feel like any time I resist your dominant will, then your response is manipulative, particularly to induce the emotion of guilt in me. Oftentimes in the past, this has worked, although to no one’s satisfaction. Hopefully, we can now break this cycle.

I will continue to honor you as my mother, but I cannot fulfill your needs in any area. We can acknowledge this without going to the extreme of a totally cut-off relationship. I suggest to you that if you find our relationship very painful, then your expectations from it are not proper. I had asked that we may have a right relationship as a mother to son before the Lord. Please recognize that as a grown man I must follow the call to be a man; no longer tied to his mother. I must follow the Biblical command to leave my parents’ home and to cleave to my wife, and please don’t use emotional manipulation techniques on me in the future, for I am planning to resist it from now on. This letter is from me—not from my wife. I plan to let Betty read it before I send it, but only you and I can be accountable for our relationship. Betty is neither the cause nor the solution to our relational problems, and she never has been, although in the past you have blamed her as the cause. This will no doubt be a slow-moving struggle, but it’s time to work on a new kind of relationship between us. I love you and I await your reply.” That’s pretty good, isn’t it? Here’s his mom’s reply: “Dear Son, Maybe there is no legal means for you to get rid of me as your mother, or as Betty’s mother-in-law, but I can sure try to make it easier for you to be free of me emotionally. I hereby grant you permission to forget that I exist, ever was, or ever will be a part of your life or the lives of your children. I realize that is the way it is anyway, but just in case you occasionally feel burdened with the fact that I actually do exist, and you have to put up with me, I want to remove that obstacle for you. I’ll admit that I am not doing this just for you and the kids as I am truly weary of the hostility and rejection, as well as the shattered hopes and dreams I had for us. I have waited so long for us to be friends – that kind of friends that I believe we once were. It’s not easy to say good-bye to such an important part of my life. But you have really left me no choice. With all the love I’ll hold in my heart for you both, Your ex-mom P.S. I know how Jesus felt when He spoke in Matthew 23, ‘O, how I have longed to gather you together as a hen gathers a chick under her wings, but you were not willing.’”

Authentic Manhood

Session 7 Disconnected From Other Men and Mentors

XXIV. Definition of this wound A. A _________________, _____________________, and _________________ deficit that results in men going it alone.

XXV. Every man ___________________ from the company of other __________. A.

Men need other men ____________________ him on

B. Men without other men cheering him will be _____________________ and will start to look for cheers in some dangerous places.


What we have become is a __________________ American Male.

Chuck Miller writes: “I’m tired, blessed, but alone. One year, we saw a ten-fold increase in business, and that is exciting, but I’m tired because I feel alone. Yes, I have a wife who is very supportive, but there are no men supporting me. When I read in Exodus 17 about Moses being lifted up by other men like Aaron and Hur, two friends. God, I need some Aarons and Hurs in my life to join me.” C. There Are Significant Downsides To Isolation (having no other men in your life.) 1. One develops over time a ____________________ perspective on life. a) On of the worst things that a man can do is __________________ only with Himself. b) A ______________________ of men will help a man get a real sense of what he is and how he is coming across Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist, wrote, “Women, it’s true, make human beings, but only men can make men.” Prov. 27:17 2. a) b)

Secondly, a significant downside to isolation is what I call _______________ living. No __________________ in a man’s life. A man left to himself with live in realms of _____________________ and ________________________

________. 3. Thirdly the loss of motivation for the ___________________areas of life.


Lastly, there is a loss of ________________________________________.


What Scriptures say about friendships:

Heb. 10:24 The word “stir” is the Greek word paroxusmos. E. 1.

What you can do to encourage another man? Reach _________________ to other men.

2. 3.

________________________ a man to meet regularly. Do not just meet, but enjoy ______________________ together.

4. Get real and share your heart and be ___________________ and _______________________ challenging. a) Four A’s in relationship between men: (1) A________________________ (2) A________________________ (3) A________________________ (4) A________________________

Authentic Manhood

Session 8 The Importance of Having A Mentor In Your Life

XXVI. Every Man Benefits from the company of a ____________________ or other men giving meaningful input to their life.


A mentor is someone that is going to be a _________________________ in your life.


From Dad to whom?

C. 1. 2. 3.

Mentors can come in all shapes and sizes: __________________________ mentor __________________________ mentor __________________________mentor

D. 1.

Characteristic of A Mentor One who________________________________ with you.


Secondly, he is one who primarily _______________________________.

3. Thirdly, he is one who seeks to______________________ the development of your gifts, while also seeking to protect you from costly mistakes. 4. E.

Fourth, he is one who ______________________________ in you. Is mentoring different than discipleship?

F. 1. 2. 3. 4.

What does a mentor bring to the table?

XXVII. The Bible is a book filled with mentors and mentoring. A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Some examples

B. 1. 2.

Some Scriptures to sample Ex. 18:13-19 1 Thess. 2

XXVIII. The Marks of a Mentor 9 (from Howard Hendricks book As Iron Sharpens Iron) A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I.

XXIX. The Impact Of Mentoring A.

On the Mentor

XXX. Four things that you can do if you need, but lack a mentor. A.

______________________________________ for wisdom


God and ________________ courageously


Don’t get discouraged if you are ________________________


Get a _______________________ together and then go ask him.

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you happiness for a day go fishing. If you what happiness for a year win the lottery. If you happiness for a life time help someone else succeed.

Authentic Manhood

Session 9 The Depravity Wound XXXI. Nurture vs. Nature Wound.

Rom. 7:14-20 (The Message)

XXXII. Born To Win? XXXIII. Half truths for why we’re losing: A.

Some say we are losing because of poor _____________________.


Some say we are losing because others are to _______________________.


Some say that we are losing because of a lack ____________________________.


Some say we are losing because _________________________________________.


Finally, some say we are losing because of defective _________________________.

XXXIV. The Hidden Truth Behind All Of Life’s Trouble A.

We are all cursed with a condition known as ________________________________.

B. Definition - We are all ________________and ________________creatures, at _________________ by nature with our creator.


Three statements that describes this total depravity:


I am ___________________ from God and under His ________________________.

Rom. 5:12 2.

I have inherited a ____________________nature that no human agency can ______________.

Psa. 51:5 3.

My _____________________ nature corrupts my life with _________________.

D. 1.

Two Implications of this fundamental flaw: Total depravity requires a _______________________________.

2. Secondly _____________________ my _____________________ is the essential ___________________ in finding a _________________________ relationship with the living God.

Authentic Manhood

Session 10

The Good News Solution To The Depravity Wound

XXXV. Two Perspectives / Two Wounded Hearts 2 Cor. 5:17 From the left my story. In your outline, there are three things that I came to terms with. A. I didn’t ____________ much; but I knew that __________________. B. I didn’t have much __________ what I did have I put in ____________________. C. I didn’t ________________ much at first outwardly; but something ____________________changed inside of me.

Titus 3:3-7

XXXVI. From the very far right … Old Saint Nic’s story, and it is found in John:3. John 3:1 John 3:2-3 John 3:4-5 John 3:5-10


“from above” - A _________________________________rebirth.

John 1:12 John 1:13


“must” - That the real thing is An ______________________________ rebirth.


Thirdly, notice the word “You.” The real thing - A _____________________ rebirth.

Authentic Manhood

Session 11 The Search for Self Worth/Self Esteem

Pt. 1 Believing The Lie

XXXVII. The Goal of _______________________. A. 1.

To understand salvation, we must look at the _______________________. Remember that God is a God of purpose and creates everything with a purpose.

B. 1. 2.

Why are we _______________? God chose to make man to have an eternal love _________________ with Him. Man was made to be loved with an infinite love by it’s _________________.

C. Man saw that he was ___________________ than all the animals. 1. When man was naming the animals he saw that there was a ________________ between him and the highest primate. 2. Unlike them, he: a) Existed to enjoy ____________________ with God. b) Had _______________ choice, for which he was responsible. c) Man knew that he was the _____________ of the Creator’s love. 3. The creator made it known that man was to _____________ with the creator in the ________________ of the planet. a) He was to be the ______________ of creation, _________________ to God. D. 1. 2. 3.

All of this was man’s by _________________. Man lived in it without a ___________________. Man never thought about God loving him more _____________ than _________________. Man did not wonder if had __________________ his right to walk in that ___________________.


Man was a human ________________


The Temptation and Fall

A. The __________________ 1. satan lied to __________________, believed his own _____________ and convinced other spirits that the _________________ was true. 2. satan depicted God as ____________________ them, holding them back from their fullest ____________________. 3. The lie starts by satan telling them that their completion as humans would be found _______________ of God. B. This would mean: 1. They would have all ______________, all _________________ and _____________________ in themselves 2. They would be ________________-____________________. 3. It was not a call to ____________________, God would still be there, but they would be _____________ ____________________ of him. Rom. 1:25 John 8:44

XXXIX. Man In _________________. A. Adam and Eve are _____________________of who they have become. 1. They ___________________ themselves in the presence of each other. 2. They _______________ in the trees when God comes to visit. B. God asks Adam some questions that reveals Adam’s _________________ about _____________________. GEN 3:9-10 1. Adam has lost his sense of __________________ 2. He is now ___________________ himself, not on _________________, but his ___________________ actions. 3. Adam’s sense of worthlessness is two-fold: a) He is __________________ and _____________________ it. b) Adam’s actions are saying _______________________________________________, and I know that __ ________________________________, and will _________________________________ to your rage.” Luke15:4

Authentic Manhood

Session 12 Man’s Reaction To His Shame

XL. After the Fall A. The first item was to handle the painful feelings of ______________ and ________________________. 1. They made a covering and ____________________. Gen. 3:7 a) Adam and Eve brought all their _______________________ powers to bear on finding a way to adequately ____________________ their nakedness. b) They had totally lost their sense of ________________ and sought the perfect ____________________ that would make them _____________________________ to God and to each other! c) They were saying that no one could ________________ them or ____________________________ them, certainly not God. 2. This was the first crude attempt to ____________________ man’s shame of being a ______________________ mortal. a) Adam and Eve were no longer human beings living _________ from a relationship with God but b) Human doings, living on the ________________, masking their _________________and ________________________ inner selves with ____________________________. 3. In seeking to purge himself of shame before God, man began to use other __________________________. a) Adam took his own sense of abandonment and rejection and hurled them at his _________________. b) He looked for relief from his sense of _________________________ by trying to make her look even more _________________________. Gen. 3:12 c) Adam was saying that God gave him a ________________ human d) He was trying to disassociate himself with his ________________ and his __________________. Luke 18:11 Rom. 1:25 e) Trying to fill the void of God’s unconditional love by turning to others and created things is the fruit of ___________________. Jer. 2:13

XLI. God’s Response A. The questions that God asks man: 1. ________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________ B. These are expressions of: 1. __________________________ 2. __________________________ C. This gives a great picture of God’s ________________________________ love, not based upon what they have ________________ or will ________, but on ____________________ He is and what He will

____________. Gen. 3:15 D. God speaks of the _______________________________ E. What Jesus did F. What the Gospel does

Authentic Manhood

Session 13 The Cost of Independence XLII.

The New Testament

A. When man came from the Garden. 1. He believed that he could and should be as _________________, and his ____________________ was founded upon this belief. B. The New Testament describes man ____________________ of God as the _______________ Adam. Those that believe the lie and act on that lie. 1. Believing this lie man is now determined to meet all of his _____________ needs outside of the faith dependence upon __________. C. Now man seeks his sense of being loved from other ____________. 1. Performance in life becomes identity. 2. Instead of performance as what I do it becomes _______________ 3. A human doing is someone that defines his _________________ / ___________________ based on performance and expectancy from others. D. There comes a point when this emptiness has not filled the pain. 1. The human race has then mentality of “ I’m looking for love, but will settle for______________________ ___________� b. Until your inner relationship to God is dealt with, you may change from unacceptable to a more socially acceptable way of finding a substitute for meaning. c. Love comes from God not from people. E.

Another part of the Lie, is that we think we are supposed to be _____________________.

Mat. 7:3

E. The devil promised that we would be all ____________________, that we could answer every problem in the human race. 1John 4:7-8 1.

Look this love comes from God __________________ people.


This love is spontaneous, not driven by the _____________ to be loved in return.


This love depends upon God _________________ us.

F. This knowledge brings dramatic change. 1. We no longer expect from ________________, the unconditional love that only comes from _____________________.

Authentic Manhood

Session 14 The Web of Denial XLIII. The Domain of Darkness

A. In his original sin, man brought his entire existence under the authority of the __________ . B. This lie became the domain of darkness, and man lives their by his own choice. John 3:18-19 C. 1. D. 1. a) (1) (2)

Spiritually speaking man has become ____________________. Man living in ________________ truths There are two kinds of shame. Good shame; ______________________________________. When we turn back to God: Our ________________________ is swallowed up in His love Our ________________________ is swallowed up in His strength


Because of this shame it leads us right into a life of ______________________.

XLIV. The First Denial Gen. 3:7-13 A. 1. 2. 3.

After the rebellion Adam and his wife had an urgent need to ___________________ themselves. In response to God question of love “Adam where are you and what have you done�? Adam does come out, but all he does is _____________________.


The Second Denial

Gen. 4:1-9 A.

The denial of __________________

As long as we are looking to other human beings for love and acceptance and identity, then we spend my life hiding my true self from them!

XLVI. The Effects of Denial

A. _______________________ 1. In order to easy the pain of our sinful shame and our sense of worthlessness, we escape into ____________________ and ______________________ Psa 32:3-4

XLVII. The Answer A.

Jesus identified Himself as the _________________ in a world living a lie.

John 14:6 1. 2. a) b)

Jesus manifested the _____________, and the _______________ of the Father. He showed us that: The Father is ______________________ love He is seeking our highest _______________ and fullest _____________ as humans, which is living in

relationship and union with him. c) Knowing the very worst about humanity He communicated that He _________ them. B. 1. 2. 3. 4.

We come into the light. By knowledge the _______________ about ______________ and the truth about God. We are to obey the gospel, submitting ourselves as rebels to the ________________ love. Salvation is not a one time event, but it is a ___________________ that initiates a process.

Authentic Manhood

Session 15 The Search For Love XLVIII. When we say “I have come to Christ”, who has really come to Christ? A.

We must understand who that _________________ is that came to Christ.

Ex. 20:4-5 B. 1.

The word “iniquity” means _______________ or ________________. It describes _____________ as it affects generations.


You stand at the end of a branch.


The Ideal Family


Factors that contribute to feelings of being un-loved and unworthy.

XLIX. How We Grow Into Adults A. A child searching for love that only God can give will take _________________ that is available as they move into adulthood. 1. 2.

They get this ___________________ mentality. We start searching for unattainable goals, trying to gain self-worth by ______________.

B. 1. 2.

What we bring from the _______________ leads us into our _______________. I will never ... I will never ...

L. A. 1.

What Is The Answer? Many people ask why … God said that He would never leave us or forsake us.

Luke 4:18


Jesus’ death was the _______________, unconditional love from the father.

Psa. 22:6-8

Isa. 53:3 -5

LI. We see the unconditional love of God. A. All of our ________________________ are part of the outworking of the lie. B. We are saved from rebellion and the dark past, not by our _______________ at self-atonement, but by _____________________ His salvation. C. We then put to death the human _____________ and begin a new person of human _________. D. The Holy Spirit brings to us the reason for our creation, which to ____________ with God’s own love.


This love is given not out of an eye of ________________, but out of compassion for the person we love.

Authentic Manhood

Session 16 Healing the Hurts

LII. See the lie as it really is—a lie.

A. Now that we have seen the lie for what it is and we turn our lives back to a ________________________ __________ upon God.

Luke 23:34

LIII. New Testament application

A. The writers of the letters of the New Testament moves into an _____________________ of the God center love. 1. The purpose was to gives us tools to deal with all the things in which we brought with us into the Eph. 4:17-32 1. a) 2. us. 3. 4.

“Put away” ____________________________________________ ____________________ ________________________________ becomes the heart causing us to brood over the wrong done to The fact that Paul is telling believers to put __________________________ out of their lives. Why do we want to get _______________________?

LIV. How do we forgive A.

The Life of Joseph gives us a biblical model of a forgiving person.

1. Joseph was abused, and his childhood was filled with _____________________________. 2. His early revelations of God’s purpose ______________________ the gap between himself and his brothers 3. He is sold and ends up a _____________________ house and becomes chief administrator.

LV. How do we go about ________________________ those that have hurt us. A.

We must ____________________ think we can forgive by our own will power.

Col. 1:11 B. This scriptures gives us three words that describe the almighty power of God that is unleashed to the human and when this unleashed within us we obtain: 1. ____________________and _____________________ - You will be able to go through whatever anybody can do to you or any circumstance you are in. 2. ____________________________________- Love that keeps on forgiving and keeps the position of forgiveness toward the person that has hurt you.

3. a) b)

God has given us the power in which to choose to __________________________. Col. 1:11 the word “power” is used It is the word “Dunamis” and it used to described the power of the _______________________.

John 16:13 C. D.

Many are afraid to _____________________. How Joseph goes about forgiving his brothers.

Gen. 50:19-20

E. 1. a)

Forgiveness is: Forgiveness is _______________________ a person into the hands of God, for Him to do what He wills. The forgiveness means to ____________________ or __________________ away.


Jesus died for their sins as well.

1Pet. 2:21-23


Forgiveness is _____________ forgetting.

2. a)

Why did God allow it in the first place. Because of the ____________________, we live in a twisted, rebellious world


God shows his power by _______________________________ His love.

No matter the abuse and hurts you have gone through God was with you and you have gotten the victory and God has won because you have heard this word and learned how to deal with hurt and pain.

LVI. It is now time to bring our thinking up-to-date. A. 1. 2.

Make a list of everyone who has hurt you and release them to God. You are ________________ longer responsible for making them pay.

Authentic Manhood

Session 17 Filling The Void

LVII. Outside of __________________ in Jesus, our identity has been blurred by the ___________. A.

We ____________________ ourselves with out performance.


We __________________.


We __________________ for others.


In Christ

Phil. 4:13

LVIII. The nature of Christ’s love 1John 4:7 -10 A. 1. 2. B. 1. a) b) (1) (2) (3)

What does this English word Love mean? Generally, we are speaking of the _____________________ love of the lie. Another, I loved because I need for you to love be back so that I can feel _______________. The New-Testament uses a word that the Greeks defined as a weak kind of love ____________. Agape is the very ______________________ of God, God is love. In everything that God is, He is ________________. If He is love, then we can not think of love has something that He ________________. It is His very ________________! It is His very _________________! Love is the way God ________________!

C. If God is love, than there can be no other _______________________ love except that which originates in Him as a source. 1John 4:7 1.

The word “Of ” ______________________________.

2. God’s love is not: a) Born out of His _______________ of us to be complete an empty part of Himself. b) God’s love is not______________________ for us. c) Is not a response to our ________________, or to any ______________________________we have accomplished. d) Is not based upon our intense dedication to __________________ better. e) Is not based on His knowledge that someday we will be _________________ enough to be loved.

LIX. God is not seeking anything for__________________________ .

A. His love for us. 1. Seeks our _____________ and our fullest _______________ and ________________ as humans, that we lost in the fall

2. 3.

This love seeks to make us happy as we are living in the _____________: This love wants to bring new ________________________ to us.


Becoming a Christian is more than receiving pardon for _________________.

John 13:34 -35 1Thess. 4:9

LX. Notice Paul’s method of determining a believer Eph. 1:15 Col. 1:4 1John 3:14 A. God’s supernatural love to a believer 1. To be fully alive in the ____________, ____________, and _______________ many times in body we must understand this love from God. 2. It is opposite of the ________________ love of the lie.

LXI. What does Agape look like in a believer A. 1. 2. 3. 4.

It is without ________________ or _________________, truly a free choice It does not ________________ it’s own It does not need to be ______________ or _________________ it’s objects. It does not act out of ______________or __________________ or abandonment. It does not arise out of ____________________

B. 1.

Agape looks a lot like _________________ He was not compelled by outside forces, but ________________ choose.

John 10:15 2. Agape love will never do for someone else what they should be doing for _____________. 3. Agape understands each person is responsible for their own decisions and _____________. 4. Agape love forces the self-destructing person to __________________ his lifestyle 5. Love is from God, and so lives truth. Love therefore, will not close it’s eyes to __________ in order to make everyone happy. 6. Agape is not _____________, but respects the wishes of those who may have problems. 7. Agape does not need to be ____________________. 1Cor. 13:4 -8


What is toxic love?

A. It is ______________ and capable of __________________ if it does not get it’s way. 1. It is ______________, _______________, _________________ and in turn wants to have exclusive attention 2. It’s a) It is pushy b) It s__________________ c) It is irritable, angry and harbors bitterness d) It does not face the _____________. e) It will always ______________.

LXIII. What shall we do?

Authentic Manhood

Session 19 Looking from within - to looking forward

LXIV. We now start to look forward A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In the first half we stated our presuppositions: _______________________ is in a state of ________________. __________________ men create major ___________________. __________________ men settle for less. There is no lofty __________________ of manhood that is compelling to men today. The ____________ has the insight and answers to all the above.

2 Tim. 3:16-17

LXV. A. B. C. D.

The Promises:

You will have a clear ____________________________________ of manhood You will make some significant personal ________________________ about yourself. You will make new _______________________ who are pursuing a common goal. You will have a personalized __________________________ to achieving authentic manhood.

LXVI. Two Ways Of Living life involving These Wounds

A. Problematic Masculinity 1. An ______________________ is made. I came into this world and everything is __________ and everything has been _____________________ upon me. 2. So you bury the __________________. 3. As you grow older is starts to __________________ out. 4. There is now a problem _____________ that has become ___________________. 5. The result, problematic manhood will __________________ away. B. The Way of Authentic Manhood 1. We now know that we are not innocent anymore and the ________________ is me. 2. We are __________________ from God and we have issues that we must deal with no matter our environment. 3. When we are ___________________, we no longer use __________________ to cover up bad behavior. 4. But we look inside ourselves to examine our _____________, then we repent if need be and turn to Jesus for help.

LXVII. Advantages of this New Authentic Masculinity

A. Christ in man and then man begins to move in the energy of that ____________________________. B. Instead of being ____________________ by the wounds of the past, this new man in Christ __________________ them, and then embraces these knew truths. C. This new man accepts _______________________________ for his life. LXVIII. Rather than ignoring the masculinity of Jesus Christ, this new authentic man is eager to purse a ________________ masculinity found in Jesus Christ. A. This new man __________________ himself to make hard choices and as he does this new man emerges. 1. Jesus said to men around Him, _______________________. 2. When a man does this, he will be different. 3. When an authentic man makes that kind of decision, excuses of the past are no longer ____________________. 4. That is what Christianity and authentic masculinity is all about.

Authentic Manhood

Session 20 Genesis and Manhood Pt. 1 LXIX. The Genesis myth.

A. Myth is not synonymous with _______________________ 1. Webster’s Dictionary defines a myth as: a) Myth is any real or fictions story that appeals to the consciences of people by embodying ideas or realities. B. Writers of the scriptures constantly appeal back to ___________________. 1. Genesis sets up the __________________ structures between men and women and why the church is social ordered the way it is today. 2. So these first three chapters embodies ____________ and ____________ of all of humanity. C. Real myth explains and measures our ____________________ . 1. The key word here _______________. 2. The myth of Genesis explains and measures _________________ in its original ideal, how it was intended and it measures it in terms as _____________________, how it places itself out as man has lost his way. 3. His nature is ______________, he is ________________________ from God.

LXX. A. 1. 2. 3. 4.

What Does Genesis Say About Manhood?

Overview of the first three chapters Chapter one is your _______________ angel Chapter two, you are __________________ in on one part of the picture Chapter three, you are getting a _____________ up. So, we go from big, to small, to _____________.

B. Chapter 1, verses 26 and 27. 1. From the very start of scriptures that there is a _________________ of God. 2. Gen 1:27 God created man in His own ____________________. a) That God is one in essence but ________________________ in personality. C. God makes the man and the women in the image of His own ___________________ features. 1. Creating them in His image, that they were ___________________ endowed with that image, and _________________ valuable. 2. That is very important, because after the fall man has put down woman as being ____________________. 3. He created them in His own likeness, and then gave them this _______________rulership. Gen. 1:28 D. Partners of creation who have been equaled breathed into with the life and the essence of the ________________ of God. 1Pet. 3:7 1. 2. 3. 4. E.

Notice what God called them?___________________. Why did call them ______________________? Why when God came to earth in flesh as ___________________. Why when picking the leaders of the Church their were _______________ men. Chapters 2 and 3 God now moves from wide angle to a close up.

1. The first thing that you notice is Adam was created _________________. Gen. 2:7 a) First often times speaks of ___________________. b) Why was Adam created first? (1) By the male being created first, it meant that it meant something about the _________________ structures that was going to occur between a man and a women. (2) Adam need to understand that it would be a very ____________________ position. 2.

Adam is given an _________________________ with responsibility before Eve is created.

Gen 2:15 a) God gave Adam this vocation and put him to work, and he gave him ___________________________, which was gardening and God gave him a will to __________________ , which was not to eat of that one fruit. 3. Adam is _______________________ by God with the responsibility of leading with His _____________________. Gen. 2:16


Adam _________________ the animals, a signal of his ________________ over creation.

Gen. 2:19-20 F. Adam is given a ___________________________ a phrase that defines the core social identity for both the man and the women. Gen. 2:18 1. Look at the phrase, “comparable, or suitable for him�: a) The differences in male and female are not just _________________. b) They are intensely ___________________. 2. a)

God says that He is going to make a helper. If the woman is the ______________, what does that mean the______________ is?

Authentic Manhood

Session 21 Genesis and Manhood – Pt. 2 LXXI. Manhood insights from Genesis 2-3 Gen. 2:22-23 A.

Adam has a whisper of ______________________in that he is allowed to give her, her name.


This helps them to know how to _________________ to one another.

LXXII. It is the man who is told to leave and __________________ a new household. Gen, 2:24-25 A. It is the ____________ that is to break away from the _________________ unit and then goes and gets women and starts a new household. B. When a man leaves his family, he is________________________ leadership and a woman is waiting for leadership. LXXIII. Genesis chapter three. We are moving out of the pre-fall into the fall. A. The temptation seeks to ____________________ God’s original social and spiritual order. Gen. 3:1-5 B. C.

What is wrong with this story? Where does satan go to attack the first family? _____________________


satan talks to the ______________ not the ___________________.

LXXIV. God holds _________________, not Eve accountable for this transgression. Gen. 3:8-9 A.

Who did God call to? _______________________. Where are you?

Gen. 3:12-13

Gen. 3:17 B.

Adam did not responsibly ________________, but ___________________ listened.

C. To Eve God says it is because you have eaten that I am going to curse you and your ________________________. Gen. 3:16 Gen. 4:5-7

LXXV. Adam’s judgment of death falls not just on him, but also on all those under his leadership. Rom. 5:16-18 A.

Adam, not Eve, is _______________________ with the fall of humanity.

Rom. 5:12-20

LXXVI. Adam renames his wife as a continued sign of his ___________________________ after the fall. Gen. 3:20-21 A. The Genesis mountain says that man is male and created by God with a __________________________ _____________. B.

This man’s difference is not just physical but in his ____________________ and his creation as a man.

• Our calling - if it takes us scraping off all the skin on our knuckles to climb that Genesis mountain so that we can get to the place that we start to look like the leader that God created us to be.

Authentic Manhood

Session 22 Biblical Defenition of Manhood Pt.1 I. Core Contributions of Men and Women from History and The Scriptures: A. 1.

Women are the _________________of life. Where this core contribution is _________________, society prospers.

1 Tim. 2:14-15


Men are the bearers of ________________. As men ______ so goes society.

1. Genesis told us that man was created with a unique ____________ and _____________________ in mind. 2. Defection from this leadership spells trouble not just for man, but also for ___________________________.

II. Two Men/Two Masculine identities A.

Adam and Jesus Christ

1 Cor. 15:44-49 B.

They are the leaders of two distinct ____________________________.


The first Adam represents:


The second Adam represents:


How do these two masculine destinies play out practically, today?

Adam Focus on what a man ______.

Jesus Focus on what a man _______.

In _________ with other men.

Concerned with ___________________ with other men.

Focus on __________ power.

Focus on transcended ______________.

Out for ___________reward.

Focused on _______________ rewards.

To be a ___________.

To be ___________________.

III. The four defining difference between Adam and Jesus: A.

The first Adam fell into passivity; the second Adam ___________________.

Gen. 3:6


The only one that can pull us out of this passive state of mind is _____________.

A real man rejects passivity and accepts the social and spiritual leadership. This is real masculinity.

Authentic Manhood

Session 23 A Biblical Defenition of Manhood Pt. 2 I. Four defining differences between Adam and Christ:

A. The last Adam fell into ___________________; the second Adam ___________________________. B. The first Adam disregarded his responsibilities; the second Adam _________________________and he lived them out. 1. Adams responsibilities were: a. b. c.

II. What about the second Adams responsibilities.

a. A will to ________________. Psa. 40:7-8 (Messianic Prophecy of Jesus) b. He had a __________________ to do. John 17:4 c. Jesus had a ________________________ to love. 3. What causes a young man to accept social and spiritual responsibility? a. When it is clear from a young age that the primary responsibility of the well being of others __________ _________________________. b. Young men have been ___________________from an early age by the men in their lives to recognize what their responsibilities are and how to assume them. c. The _______________________of the heart causes a desire to want these responsibilities. C. The third defining difference is—The first Adam abandoned his post of leadership; the second Adam chose to ________________________________. 1. Men were created to _______________, but it takes _________________! 2. Jesus did three things in His leadership. a. He gave ______________. b. He gave ______________. c. He made _______________________ for those around Him. 3. To be a courageous leader, every man must master one significant obstacle: _______________________ _________. a. You cannot define reality by _____________ but __________________. D. 1. 2.

The first Adam sought a greater reward; the second Adam ________________. The first Adam was not __________with the life that God was promising him. The second Adam knew if he ____________ the course He would get God’s best, the greater reward.

C. 1. 2. 3. 4. .

Second Adam living. Expecting the greater reward. Jesus - Hebrews 12:1-2 David - Psalm 27:13 Moses - Hebrews 11:24-26 Paul - 2 Timothy 4:7-8

III. So what is a real man cut from a biblical mold? •

A real man is one that:

A. Rejects ____________________. B. He accepts ____________________________. C. He leads ______________________ over feelings, by giving life to those around him, by giving direction, protection and provision. D. Expects the greater ______________, Gods ____________________.

Authentic Manhood

Session 24 A Man And His Women Pt.1 LXXVII. A fisher man 2,000 years ago made this profound statement: 1Pet. 3:7 A.

This phrase “.... in an understanding way” literally means according to __________________________.


This speaks of ______________ __________________.

B. 1.

“... Grant her honor.” This speaks to ________________ and _________________.


Number one need of a women is to know that she is ___________________.


A women can not get enough appreciation for her ________________.


Acts 3:7 b “ as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered” (NASB)


This speaks of ________________ ___________________.


When women do not feel equal they feel that have to be the ___________________ as men.

LXXVIII. Three Models of Marriage: A. 1. 2.

Top Down ____________________ Marriage. In this position he is the ___________ of his home. Leadership style is being a _____________.

3. 4. a.

His goal is ________________ benefits and they are for himself. The effect on the marriage is: There is a _____________ and a _______________.

B. 5. 6. 7. 8. a.

The second one is called the ___________________ Identical Marriage. In this model the husband is to be a ____________________. Leadership style is ___________________. Goal in mind is ___________________. The effects on the marriage is: It is a difficult __________________and sometimes it has hard __________.

LXXIX. The third model is the _____________ by ________________ biblical marriage. A. B. 9. 10. 11. 12. a.

The guy who has the traditional glasses on sees what word? _____________ The guy who understand spiritual life see what word? _________________ The husbands position is to be the ____________. The leadership style that speaks to __________________ and _______________. The goal in mind is __________________. The effects of the marriage should be: that it is _______________ that it is _____________that there is ______________.

LXXX. Defining Core

A. It is a small but essential ingredient of every marriage that must not be compromised, neglected or ignored if a marriage is to succeed over all. B. Core Roles 1. A marriage is a _______________________relationship. 2. To people that are ______________________ living in such a way as to the ________________ benefit of both and to do that they both have to play two _____________________ roles. C. Core Responses: 3. One thing ____________. 4. One thing ______________ must do to . D. Core Concerns 5. There are number of ____________ that your wife has that will never change and you must know what they are. 6. There are a number of things you have in your life that will _________ change that your wife must meet in you.

LXXXI. Core Roles A. • B.

The husbands core role is his ______________________. In a marriage leadership is defined as blended opposites The core role for a women is the ___________________.

• 1. C. 1.

Paul instructions: Helper here means the servant ______________________. This word helper is used of four people in scriptures: God the __________________________

2. God the __________________________ 3. God the __________________________ 4. __________________________ “Husband, live with your wife in an understanding way.”

Authentic Manhood

Session 25 A Man and His Women Pt. 2 I. A brief review:

A. Our key verse and a very wise statement. 1Pet. 3:7 B. Our Three Models of Marriage 1. Top Down _________________________ 2. 50-50 _____________________________ 3. Side-by-Side __________________________ II. Marriage from a Biblical stand point we need to look a three core issues. • Core • It is a small but essential ingredient of every marriage that must not be compromised, neglect or ignored if a marriage is to succeed over all. A. Core Roles .... That _____________ gives a husband and a wife in Marriage. 1. God calls the wife a _______________________. a) This title that stress ___________, ____________and _________for the members for ones family. Prov. 31:10-12 Prov. 31:27 -29 2. The man/husband is called to be _____________. a) This is a title of honor that stress _____________________, _______________________, _____________________, and direction for the members of his family. B. Core Responses ... that _____________________ your mates role. 1. For the wife, she needs a response from her husband of _________________ and ________________________. 1Pet.. 3:7 Prov. 31:28 2. For the husband to fulfill his leadership role he needs from her, ________________________. a) Submission dose not mean a ______________________person. b) Submission is not a man’s to ____________________ from his wife. c) Submission is not mean an _____________________ of wrong doing. Col. 3:18 C. Core Concerns ... That meet your mates deepest _______________________. 1. To the wife towards her husband:

a) b) c) d)

____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

II. Meeting the deep needs of a women: a) (1) (a) (2) (a) (3) (a) b) (1) (a) (2) (a) (3) (a) to. c) (1) (a) (2) (a) (b) d) (1) (a) (2) (a) (3) (a)

_______________________________ Must do: Regularly _______________ your wife. Can do: Develop a common _______________ area together. Display some courage: Plan a special just for you ________________ , yearly. ______________________ Must do: Tell her you are ____________________to for life. Can do: Establish ________________________ disciplines. Display some courage: Seek to provide _____________________ so that your wife does not have to work, if she does not want ______________________ Must do: Regularly tell how much you ________________ and how __________________________ she is to you. Can do: Surprise your wife with a ________________________ of praise. Lavish your wife with special ___________________. _______________________________ Must do: Regularly_______________________________. Can do: Learn to say ____________________________. Display some courage: On special occasions let your wife _____________________ why you love her.

III. Why we need to teach and proclaim the side by side biblical model of marriage: A. B. other. C. D. E. F.

It ___________________a man and a women for what they do best. It ___________________a man and a women to complement each other rather than compete with each It __________________an environment that is ___________for the healthy development of children. It becomes the ________________we can train our children from an early age to embrace. It ________________God’s word and is ____________________ by Him. It _________________ and _______________________society as a whole.

Authentic Manhood

Session 26 25 Ways to be a Servant Leader I. 25 Ways to Be a Servant-Leader: 1. A servant-leader includes his wife in ______________________the future. 2. A servant-leader accepts ________________________________ for his family. 3. A servant-leader is willing to say ______________ and _______________to his family. 4. A servant-leader discusses _________________________responsibilities with his wife and makes sure they are ________________________distributed. 5. A servant-leader seeks the consultation of his wife on all ________________________decisions. 6. A servant-leader ___________________ with commitments he has made to his wife. 7. A servant-leader anticipates the different ___________________ his marriage will pass through. 8. A servant-leader anticipates the ____________________________ his children will pass through. 9. A servant-leader _______________________tells his wife what he _________________________. 10. A servant-leader provides ______________________ for his family’s basic ________________. 11. A servant-leader deals with _________________ so he can __________________________ with his wife and family. 12. A servant-leader ___________________with his wife on a regular basis. 13. A servant-leader ______________________meaningful family_____________. 14. A servant-leader _______________________for the family on a regular basis. 15. A servant-leader takes the time to give his children _____________ _________________about life, which in turn gives them confidence with their peers. 16. A servant-leader ___________________the ___________________of the home and anticipates any pressure points. 17. A servant-leader keeps his family ________________________ sound and out of harmful _________________________. 18. A servant-leader makes sure he and his wife have drawn up a _____________and arranged a wellconceived plan for their ___________________ in case of ___________. 19. A servant-leader lets his wife and children into the _____________of his life. 20. A servant-leader ______________________his wife often in public. 21. A servant-leader explains _________________to each child in a way that gives them a wholesome perspective. 22. A servant-leader encourages his wife to _______________ as an individual. 23. A servant-leader takes the lead in establishing with his wife sound, biblically-supportable family ____________________. 24. A servant-leader ____________________________ a small group of men who are dedicated to ___________________their skills as a man, husband, and father. 25. A servant-leader provides __________________________for his wife to pursue her own personal ______________________.

Authentic Manhood

Session 27 Fathers and Sons LXXXII. The Power of Dad: A. 1.

Three models of Parenting: The ___________________ parent.


The ____________________ parent.


________________________ parenting.

B. 1.

Dad is Destiny His presence or lack of it has no rival when it comes to shaping the formative beginnings of child life.

Prov. 17:6 • 7. 8. 9.

Every son needs to hear three things from his dad over the length of his lifetime. Son, I ____________ you. Son, I am ________________ of you. Son, you are good at ________________.

Even Jesus needed to hear that.

LXXXIII. The Three Ingredients of Strategic Fatherhood: A.

The ___________ = The dig is ______________________________.


The ___________ = The Set is_______________________________.


The ___________ = The Spike is ____________________________.

LXXXIV. 5 Characteristics of A Memorable Ceremonies. A.

Memorable ceremonies are ____________________.


Memorable ceremonies ascribe ________________________________.


Memorable ceremonies always ________________________________.


Memorable ceremonies involve _______________________________.


Memorable ceremonies always empower ________________________.

LXXXV. Ceremonies that Robert Lewis Used: A. •

The “Page” Ceremony of puberty Dobson tapes “Preparing for Adolescence.” A 7-tape series


The “Squire” ceremony of leaving home.


The “Knight” Ceremony of college Graduation


The ‘Oath” Ceremony of Marriage.

Authentic Manhood

Session 28 A Man And His Life Journey LXXXVI. The Life Cycle Map A. 1. B. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Seasons of a Man’s Life (Daniel Levinson, Ballantine Books, 1978) They found that men follow a common life cycle with the same basic seasonal characteristics. An Overview 0-22 - __________________________________________stage. 17-45 - _________________________________________stage 40-65 - _________________________________________stage 60 - ? - _________________________________________stage

LXXXVII. of a year. 1. 2. 3. 4. A. 1. a) 1. 2. 3.

You could associate them with the four seasons

___________________________where a man is growing. ___________________________where a man is hot. ___________________________where a man’s life is full of color. ___________________________where a man’s life is declining and finishing. The Four Seasons and Transitions: Spring - 0-22 - ___________________ & ____________________ stage Transition takes place. Summer - 17-45 - ___________________________ stage Fall - 40-65 - _________________________ Adulthood stage 60 - ? - ____________________________ stage

LXXXVIII. The Life Stages Map •

The Masculine Journey (Robert Hicks, NavPress, 1993)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A.

Adam: The ________________________ - 0-20 stage of masculinity. Zakar: The ______________________- 13 - 25 - stage of masculinity. Gibbor: The _____________________- 20 - 40 - stage of masculinity. Enosh: The ______________________- 40 - 50 - stage of masculinity. Ish: The _________________________- 50 - 60 - stage of masculinity. Zaken: The ______________________- 60 + - stage of masculinity. The Six Life Stages

B. 1.

Adam: The Creational - 0-20 stage of masculinity. Gifts and talents.

2. Two question that must be answered in this stage to move successfully to the next stage. a) __________________________________ b) __________________________________ Prov. 22:6 C. The Phallic Stage - Zakar - (13-25) 1. Sexual energy 1Thess. 4:3 D. Gibbor: _______________________________ (20-40) Prov. 20:29 1. 2. 3.

A drive to _____________________ oneself. The goal in this stage is to establish yourself as a ________ in the world and fight for it. The goal in this stage of life is to __________________.


Enosh: The _______________________ - 40 - 50 - stage of masculinity.

1. This is the stage of powerful _____________________. 2. This is the season of ___________________________. F. Ish: The _______________________ - 50 - 60 - stage of masculinity. 1. This stage reflects a man because he has made the right ____________________ is now the ruler of his own soul. G. Zaken: The ____________________ - 60 + - stage of masculinity. 1. This man moves of ______________________ stage and becomes a standard barrier. Prov. 20:29

LXXXIX. The Last Map Is Your Manhood Plan Map:

Authentic Manhood  

a manual by Kenny price