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magdalena waczkowska

e-mail/ phone/737075921 address/Blekingsborgsgatan 9 lgh 0904 21463 Malmö




The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design Major: Industrial design 2009- 2012 Wrocław, Poland Bachelor degree in industrial design

Systems thinking and development, user centered research, visualisation and communication skills, working to a brief and budget. Knows how to multi-task and work with tight deadlins.

Polish- mother tongue English- fluent Swedish- basic. Currently I’m attending SFI course D


Painting, photography, architecture, traveling, ancient civilisations, new technologies, social media

EXPERIENCE Freelance designer 2012 Designed couple of baby products: cots, cribs, toddlers beds, safety gates, napkin dispensers. Conceptualizing through sketches, 3D modelling and prototyping. Designed packing and assembling instruction sheets. One of product was successfully introduced on the market, rest is in progress.

Rhino, Keyshot, Autodesk Showcase, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Draft Sight


how to



traditional cot and keep it

at the same time?

RESEARCH The goal of this project was to refresh traditional cot, extend its life and keep it safe at the same time (product follows BS-716 part1 & 2). Market is flooded with boring, the same colors cots so to stand out I decided to focus on proportions of individual elements and I was trying to find colors which will be suitable for the most of contemporary interiors. The materials used are solid birch wood painted with acrylic paint.

ideation/ prototyping Main clue at this stage was to pick right colors. Colors which will be attractive for people, suitable to the most of contemporary interiors, proper for child and will stand out from other cots. We decided to conduct a survey and ask potential customer: What

selected propositions?

do they think about

finalization - easy to fit screws, - 2 mattress base level, - strengthened breathable MDF base, - removing one side easily extend life up to 3 years old, - easy to build >15min - made of sustainable and high quality materials, - complies with BS EN 716 part 1&2 up to 6 month old

6 to 18 month old

18 month to 3 years old


Final colors selection. Decision was made after conducting a survey among potential clients. Target group was low and middle class, people waiting for a baby or having baby younger than 12 months.

FINALIZATION Exploded view

Instruction of assembly


Designers clock

problem statement Objective was to design and make a prototype of “designers clock� basing on given mechanism. Clock should reflect our interests and be product which we as designer and person would like to have in our homes. I was always fascinated by polish folk culture, nature, modern atchitecture and organic shapes and in my design I wanted to combain these elements.



PROTOTYPING Prototype was made from foamed PVC.


Bike stand

PROBLEM STATEMENT Objective was to design a bicycle stand meeting following requirements: - bicycle stand should be permanently fixed to the ground, - minimum height ok, 0,65mm and mm length 1m, - bicycle should fixed to the stand by frame and minimum 1 wheel.

RESEARCH What is available on the market?


validation Material: hot dip galvanized steel