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Name Magdalena Aron Address Derby, UK Phone +44/7929397058 eMail Blog Portfolio Site

1989 Born 11 June in Brasov, Romania 2004-2008 Hans Mattise Teutsch Collage of Arts, Romania Main subject: Clay Modelling Technician. Other Subjects: Drawing, Visualisation & Art History. 2008 One year training in drawing for Product Design. With Professor Bogdan Motoc, Head of Art & Design Department at UNARTE, Bucharest. 2009-2010 University Of Derby, United Kingdom One-year specialization in Computer Games Modelling And Animation. Main subjects: 3D Modelling, Modelling & Texturing and Games history. 2010-2012 University of Derby, United Kingdom Graduate with a BA(Hons) degree in Visual Communication with specialization in Animation. 2013 Registered Freelance Artist with DBS/CRB Check

WORK EXPERIENCE 2016 - Present Software Instructor - “Creative Studios” Derby Develop lesson plans and deliver Adobe Creative (Photoshop, Illustrator) software training for various product design firms. 2013 - Present Clay Instructor - “Jumping Clay” Derby Promote and develop audience for a new creative business through the use of a polymer based clay that incorporates silver-nanotechnology (with anti-microbial properties). Our start-up team used the franchise of “Jumping Clay” and developed new methodologies to boost children’s creativity, intelligence and artistic sense. Through modelling we stimulate the enhancements of children’s abilities, develop their personalities and create new experiences that expand their spatial recognition while learning simple concepts. 2013 - Present Art Teacher - “The Seasons Art Class” Derby Offer one to one/group assistance to insure smooth run of the class and teaching plan. Prepare materials to boost up the learning process. Develop long run relation with our students and engage them in further events. Update social media content.

WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 - Present Animator - Wide Sky Designs, Nottingham Designing engaging visuals for interactive platforms in museums and The National Heritage. Liaise with the programmer team and the art director to develop high standard projects. Clients include Caerphilly Castle in Wales, Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve and Peak District National Park.

TECHNICAL SKILLS Clay Modelling Excellent knowledge Photoshop Excellent knowledge After Effects Excellent knowledge

2012 Exhibitor - “New Designer Exhibition” London Chosen by the University of Derby academics to exhibit my work among the most talented creative UK Graduates and to represent faculty of Art & Design.

Illustrator Good knowledge

2012 “Derby Sketching Club” Derby Web administrator, updating the club’s program and Facebook page as well as answering club’s emails.

Cinema 4D Good knowledge

2011 “Boxframe Animation Studio” Derby Motion graphics winter placement in the studio. My task was to create the official motion graphics intro for the studio’s website.

Autodesk Maya Good knowledge

3D Printing Good Understanding Laser Engraving Good Understanding


Polymer selective laser sintering (SLS) project,

During my final universitary year I made the first contact with Additive Manufacturing (AM). SLS is a technique that uses a laser as the power source to sinter powdered material (nylon or polyamide) and aim at points in space defined by a 3D model. My model “The Greek Parthenon� was part of my CAD animation project and it was displayed next to the projection screen at the graduation show in Derby and later in London at the New Designer Exhibition.


Laser engraved business cards

In this personal project, I’ve mixed technology with a vector based software and my artistic licence to create an object hard to revolutionise: the business card. By employing a laser cutter and wood panels I explored various geometries and I intend to continue my work on this idea. I like wood as a concept, its intricate (nano) composite structure is slowly rediscovered by engineers all over the world especially the prototype sector.


Electric car pen/ink sketches

The experience gained through my product design training taught me a way of thinking. Sketching is the universal language of artists/designers and any study starts with a set of heavy sketching. Preparing ideas for an Electric Car Design contest, I have created these pen and ink sketches exploring proportions and practicality. Good planning means less chances to fail.


Electric car CAD design

While working on this CAD concept I familiarised myself with the essential design ideas that are required to make a battery electric vehicle (BEV) feasible. Furthermore, by employing a dedicated “life in the city� aspect and functionality I developed my understanding on the importance of an iterative and exploratory approach while developing a vehicle.


Car Design Clay Model

Visual study of car design inspired by the amazing lightweight carbon fibre 2015 Aston Martin’s Vulcan. The exquisite aerodynamics of this car made it difficult to model certain design aspects that were representative for this model. It’s unexpected but nevertheless classic proportions makes it a wonderful subject to explore.


Clay modelling based on human shape

“My ceramic technician graduation project, was based on the following quote “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” by Leonardo da Vinci. The structures icreated out of this air drying clay explore the human shape as a masterpiece of engineering: the perfection of an ear on a huge segmented scale, ligaments and brain cells.


Exploring facial expression through clay

I have a huge passion for portraiture and to better understand the anatomy of the face I’ve created these 3 clay models. The reference photos for this project were one and the same portrait model working form 360 degrees photographs. The muscles and the shape of the face changes dramatically and through the eye of an animator these changes add movement and realism to a sculpture.


Exploring facial expression through hydrocolloid impression

Further to my clay modelling project based on facial expression I have created some plaster casts using a high-quality Impression material called alginate. Alginate is a natural polysaccharide made of brown algae on dry weight basis with dietary fibre proprieties. The process of face casting can be difficult when trying to capture facial expressions, but the result was absolutely fascinating for me.


Pencil study for product development

As part of my product design training, we were often asked to understand and visualise a product in its initial stage. I used to create drawings like this before ever touching on a CAD program and the purpose of these type of drawings was obvious after we were trained to familiarise ourselves with 3D programs such as 3D Max, Autodesc Maya and later Cinema 4D.


Pencil/watercolour vintage barber hand clipper study

Since childhood, I had a fascination to dismantle everything from toys, radios, clocks and see what hides inside them. My family is formed of artists and engineers and through time I have manage to create a bridge between the two fields and move my curiosity to paper. Before Photoshop, I used to create sketches as the one illustrated here with pencil and watercolors and explore objects visually rather than physically.


Pencil study Jaguar XK120

Along XK8, Jaguar XK120 is a sports car that I love and admire. Beyond its pure breed estethics this car which was Jaguar’s first sports car since the 1940 and it shows that with limited technological resources our predecessors managed to create innovational breakthroughs in design and functionality. The combination of organic and geometric shapes use in perfect harmony are the essence of product design.


Pencil study Alfa Romeo 6C

I like to visually contemplate the cars created decades ago as I consider them masterpieces of technology and esthetics. They also make me remember that with limited technological resources our predecessors managed to create innovational breakthroughs in design and functionality. The combination of organic and geometric shapes use in perfect harmony are the essence of design.


Polymer clay model for animation project

After exploring CAD design and digital art I felt an urge to go back to traditional art and I was lucky to be offered the opportunity to teaching primary pupils clay modelling skills. The above project is an example of polymer clay sculpture I’ve created to educate children about the use of clay modelling for story telling and stimulate their imagination to write and develop their own stories and characters for animation.


Interactive table for Caerphilly Castle, Wales

This multi touch table charts the restoration works funded and driven by the Bute family since they took ownership over Caerphilly Castle. My role was to reconstruct the castle using CGI, to crate display graphics and animations and all the artwork relating to the development & history of the castle. The content is accessed through a number of game interactions each of which are intrinsically linked to the history of the castle.


Animated Infomercial for Visitor Centre

Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, owned and managed by Bournemouth Borough Council. As part of the newly open “Visitor Centre� I have created an animated time frame infomercial. My role was to render the development of the geology of the area, the ravages of natural and man-made erosion, and the efforts made to safeguard the landscape over more than 65 million years of geological development.


Motion Graphic Intro for Boxframe Animation Studio

During my placement at “Boxframe�, a local animation studio, I have been tasked to do an experimental intro. The creative director has given me their 2D logo (top middle) which I transcend into 3D (bottom) for compositing purpose. The seven seconds intro was a combination of broken elements, liquids and a chaotic sound track. All those effects will form the Boxframe logo:


CAD Mapping Portrait Project

Part of the university brief, I have been asked to illustrate the impact of my work and my creative mind on the market after graduation. The above piece is an answer to the question “how do you see yourself as part of the industry?� My main source of inspiration for my print were the fractal structures. It is said that in a fractal system one single distinct element can influence the rest of the system in the same way as human cells interact with each other.


Business Development for Derby Sketching Club, Derby

As Visual Communicator and art lover, I have joined my local artist community group and been a member there for over 7 years. The group, formed mainly of retired engineers from Rolls Royce was lacking popularity among younger generations. My contribution to the club was to establish the visual identity and online presence. I have created a new image, a website and I have supported members to exhibit their work through an online gallery.



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