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Cycle routes The Skagaholm Route Skagaholm – Sisse hage – Rutehall – JA Ranch Start and finish at the beautiful and historically interesting Traryd Heritage Park and Zoo. Traryd’s fortlets in the heritage park are small fortifications. In the zoo you can see original species of farm animals of yesteryear. The route leads on to Skagaholm and the Sisse hage pasture, where there are remains from both the Iron Age and the Middle Ages. There is also a fine swimming pool. The route continues to Rutehall, an erratic boulder from the Ice Age that has since broken in half, exposing unusual fracture surfaces. At Lake Hinnerydssjön, there is an attractive swimming area and fishing pier (fishing licence required). Close by is the JA Ranch & Lodging guesthouse.

42 km

Start at the Traryd Heritage Park and Zoo – south past Traryd church – right – right at Bölminge 123 – Ingershult – Skararp – right at Skagaholm, Sisse hage, Gravhögar and a nice bathing area. Back past Södergård – right at Tommaryd 3 – Tommaryd – right, immediately left to Rutehall – then back, left towards Hinneryd – Hinneryd – left at Strömsnäsbruk – fine bathing area and fishing jetty – continue to Strömsnäsbruk – Gunghult – right at JA Ranch & Lodging, continue to Strömsnäsbruk – right at Hamphult 4, Öshult – left at Hamphult 3 – Hamphult – left at Bökhult 3 – left, right on main road to – över E4 – the moose sculpture Älgen – left to Traryd – left in the roundabout to Traryd church – the Tranan crane sculpture – right up the hill to Traryd church – Traryd Hembygdspark Heritage Park and Zoo.

The Altaböke Route Ulvsbäcks Prästgård – Altaböke fågelsjö – Stockhultsgården 42 km Quite a long route, mostly on asphalted roads, through woods and villages. After visiting the Ulvsbäck rectory, dating back to the 17th century, the route will take you past Sliteborg B & B. It then carries on to the Altaböke bird lake where there is a fine observation tower. You can cycle almost all the way down to the lake. This is where numerous bird species come to breed, and large flocks pass through in spring and autumn. The route then passes the Teboden tea house in Stockhult, a perfect place for a stop.

Start at the station – north on R1– straight ahead at the roundabout – at the end of the houses right towards Sparbankshallen –north on the old, narrow road – right – left below the hill –right on R1 – left over the railway – immediately left –right on Hinnerydsvägen, across the bridge – left at Ulvsbäck 1– Ulvsbäcks Prästgård rectory – continue north through sharp curve –right at Tannsjö 7 – Yttre Gällareböke –Norra Haghult – Sliteborg Bed & Breakfast, – right at Altaböke 1 – Altaböke bird lake and bird tower – by bike you can almost cycle down to the lake, follow the signs – back to Tannsjövägen, drive north –Tannsjö – left at Västra Tannsjö 1 – right in Västra Tannsjö – left at Svenshult 2 – left at Grysshult 2 – left – left at Stockhult 5 – Högahyltan –Fälleshult – left on the asphalt road – left at Bergshult 1, Teboden 2 – left at Teboden in Stockhult – back, left – Hyltan – right at Tånneryd 4 – Tånneryd – left towards Markaryd – after the bridge 1st forest road to left – right – right over the railway – right on R1 – left at Exhult 3, Hualtet 1 – right towards Kapellet – left – Sparbankshallen.

The Hannabad Route Hylte – Hannabad – Markaryd church A pleasant route through forests and along a lake. There is fine bathing spot with a sandy beach at Lake Hyltesjön. Hannabadsåsen Nature Reserve is a wonderful beech forest for walks and at a number of places alongside Lake Hannabadssjön there are attractive bathing beaches.

29 km

Start at the station in the centre of Markaryd – south on R1 – right at the roundabout – second left towards Hannabad – right on Hyltevägen – right on Hannabadsvägen – left at Hylte 1– left at Hylte – Hylte – pleasant bathing spot at Lake Hyltesjön – right on Healtsvägen – right at Hannabad 2 – right over the bridge – right at Hannabadsåsen – old mill with mill pond on right hand side – Hannabadsåsen Nature Reserve – left at t-junction – continue along asphalt road for a while – right at Tormansbygd 2 – right on asphalt road – left at Boda 1 – Boda – right after yellow house – straight on to Koddeböke – right at T-junction – Holma – right on asphalt road – left at Tuthult 2 – Tuthult – Åmot – right at Markaryd 3 on cycle path – after Markaryd church right towards Markaryd – at roundabout left over viaduct – right at next roundabout – station.


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c/o Markaryd Magasin 2018 (sve + eng)  

Välkommen till vårt Markaryd! Här finns mycket att upptäcka: mysiga caféer, restauranger, härlig natur och andra upplevelser värda en omväg!...

c/o Markaryd Magasin 2018 (sve + eng)  

Välkommen till vårt Markaryd! Här finns mycket att upptäcka: mysiga caféer, restauranger, härlig natur och andra upplevelser värda en omväg!...